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WCW 1995


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November 15, 1988

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing back here, kid?”

I felt a hand grasp my shoulder and I spun around quickly. Standing before me, in the bowels of the Nassau Coliseum, was Paul E. Dangerously, best know, at that point, as the man who brought the Original Midnight Express into the NWA to give Jim Cornette’s newer version a run for their money.

“I… um… I’m press,” I said, taking the card out of my wallet. It was a flimsy, poorly laminated affair for which I had paid my friend, Steve, twenty dollars. His father owned some printing equipment for work, and Steve was able to use it while the old man was out of town.

“Sure you are, kid,” Dangerously said, a smile playing along the corners of his mouth. “How old are you?”

“Nineteen,” I said, puffing out my chest.

“You must have misheard me,” said Dangerously, now a little agitated. He raised his voice. “I asked how old you are!”

“Sixteen,” I admitted, looking down towards my shoes.

“That sounds more reasonable,” he said. “Now get the hell out of here. I’m not even going to call security.”

Dangerously turned around and started heading back down the corridor. “Hey,” I shouted. He spun around, a surprised expression on his face. “Is there anything I could do here?” I asked. “Please, Mr. Dangerously. I just need to get my foot in the business. My friends, they all know who to talk to for jobs. They’ve already got contacts. I just want to have a place with the NWA.”

He looked at me, an utterly unreadable expression on his face. “You probably don’t know this,” he began. “But when I was your age, I was sneaking into arenas with a fake press pass, trying to talk to the boys backstage. Only I was a lot better at it than you are.” Dangerously took out his wallet and pulled out a folded-up photograph, which he handed to me. I opened it up and saw Paul E., no older than I was, standing in between Captain Lou Albano and The Grand Wizard. All three of them were grinning ear-to-ear. I looked back up at Dangerously. “I guess what I’m saying is…” he paused. “Do you know how to make coffee?”

“Sure do,” I lied.

“Good,” he said. “I like mine black, with two sugars. Come with me, there are some people I want you to meet.”

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December 30, 1994

The six years after my initial meeting with Paul Heyman proved to be exciting, but ultimately frustrating. I reached greater heights than I would have imagined at first, and yet, new goals arose, and they just seemed more and more out of reach.

After a couple of years as a glorified gofer, I decided I wanted more. It was late 1991 at the time, and Kip Allen Frey was the flavor-of-the-month President of WCW. For all of Kip’s faults (the extent of which have been debated ever since he was in office), he was by and large viewed as a friendly boss who was open to suggestion. With that in mind, I gave him a detailed list of some booking ideas that I had (later, I would be thankful that I hadn’t waited until the much-harsher Bill Watts was President). Frey liked a couple of my ideas, and told me to keep submitting them. I complied, and by 1992, Kip had made me an honorary member of the writing team.

The job wasn’t exactly sunshine and lollipops, though. I wasn’t burning myself with coffee anymore, but I did see the bulk of my ideas trampled upon. Things got worse when Eric Bischoff took control, and you’d better believe things got way worse when Hulk Hogan came to the company. He got his way no matter what, but things backstage got tenser and tenser. In the weeks leading up to the travesty that was Starrcade 1994, the situation truly built up to a head. In fact, I couldn’t count how many times, while walking by the locker room, I’d happen to hear one of the boys remark, “Brutus Fucking Beefcake?!?.”

We knew Starrcade would be a failure before the numbers came it. Hell, we knew it would be a failure before the show even happened. Even if we made some money on the thing, the company had taken a colossal step backwards.

Knowing the state of the company, it occurred to me that anything was possible when I received a message on my voicemail system from Ted Turner. I didn’t know Turner even kept an eye on WCW, let alone knew who I was. Nevertheless, he told me in no uncertain terms that on December 30th, he would be at WCW Headquarters to meet with me. I was surprised he’d even show up here.

But show he did. And as I sat in the board room looking at Turner, Bischoff, and a big, mostly-empty table, I was utterly confused.

“Scott,” Turner began. “I’m glad you could join Eric and myself this afternoon.”

“No problem,” I told him.

“As you know,” he said, “I’m Ted Turner, owner of World Championship Wrestling, among many other things. But what you may not know is that I’m a wrestling fan, too. I am a busy man, but I try to catch all of the WCW programming I can. Bischoff, would you care to hazard a guess as to who my favorite wrestler is?”

“Uh… Hulk Hogan?” asked Bischoff.

“Not quite,” Turner smiled. “I’ve been a big Ric Flair fan for years.”

Bischoff sank into his chair.

Turner continued. “You see, I know wrestling, to an extent. And I don’t need to tell you boys that I know business. Put those two together, and you can see that I haven’t exactly been happy these past several months. Changes need to be made.”

“Exactly,” said Bischoff. “Changes are always being made. This is a dynamic business. One day-”

“Brutus Beefcake never sold a ticket in his life, Eric!” Turner interrupted. “I don’t know why you insist on pulling strings for Hogan, but it stops now! I’ve brought you here to tell you that Scott Fried will now be the head booker of WCW.”

I was shocked. Not as much as Bischoff, though.

“Eric,” Turner said, “You’re still President of WCW. In fact, I’m fond of some aspects of the job you’ve done. You’ve taken it to the WWF like nobody before you. But when it comes to creative duty, consider yourself outranked by Fried.”

Bischoff glared at me. “Yes, sir,” he said through his teeth.

“Well,” said Turner, “that’s all. I’d better get going, and I know the two of you have some work to do. Good luck!”

Turner shook our hands and left the board room. Bischoff turned to me slowly and put his finger in my face.

“You’ll fall on your ass in no time,” he said. “And don’t think I won’t know what to do when it happens.”

Bischoff left the room and slammed the door, leaving me alone. I was making friends already.

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Thanks for all the support, hope you guys keep reading!


Not twenty minutes later, I got a call on my cell phone. I almost dropped it in the toilet, in fact.

“Hello?” I asked, a little annoyed at the timing of the call.

“Scott Fried?” came Ted Turner’s voice.

“Uh… yeah,” I said.

“This is Ted Turner,” he told me. “Obviously, there’s a lot more I needed to tell you about. I just didn’t want to talk about it at length in front of Eric.”

“Yeah,” I said. Come to think of it, there were a lot things that went unexplained. Like when I started, for instance.

“You’re the big cheese,” said Turner. “You’re gonna be writing the scripts, point blank. You can get impact from whomever, though I don’t suggest asking Bischoff if you want to keep sane. But when push comes to shove, it’s your call.”

“Okay,” I said. This was all very overwhelming.

“You’re gonna start immediately. You’ll be on the road with the boys, and you’ll be writing scripts. There’s a Worldwide taping tonight, and you won’t be able to get there before it starts, so we’re gonna have you fax the script over.”

“Alright,” I told him. Someone would have to teach me how to use a fax machine. Or do it for me.

“That’s pretty much it,” said Ted. “I didn’t pick you randomly, Fried. I’ve been reading your notes and ideas, and I know you’re the right man for the job.”

“Thank you,” I said, genuinely flattered.

“No problem,” he told me. “I look forward to seeing your work.”

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WCW Worldwide

January 1, 1995

Tony Schiavone: Hello, everybody, and welcome to WCW Worldwide! I’m Tony Schiavone, and this is Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, and we’re ready to kick off a whole new year of exciting WCW action!

Bobby Heenan: You said it, Tony, and the real bonus is that 1995 will be the year that the biggest self-serving egomaniac in pro wrestling, Hulk Hogan, finally gets his comeuppance! He got lucky in 1994, but in 1995, the Hulkster goes down!

Tony Schiavone: Well, we’ll see as the year progresses, Brain, but as for now, Hulk Hogan is riding high! Now, let’s go to “Mean” Gene Okerlund, who’s standing backstage with The Blue Bloods before our first match of the year!

Clenched Fists, Upturned Noses

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing backstage with The Blue Bloods, Lord Steven Regal and Earl Robert Eaton.

Gene Okerlund: Mr. Regal, Mr. Eaton, tonight-

Lord Steven Regal: Now wait just a minute there, Okerlund. We’re a minute and a half into the programming of the new year, and already, you’ve seen fit to make two mistakes. You will kindly address us as Lord Regal and Earl Eaton.

Gene Okerlund: Lord… fine. Lord Regal, Earl Eaton, about your match with Stars and Stripes tonight-

Lord Steven Regal: Watch the tone of your voice, friend, as you’re liable to offend me. Stars and Stripes are nothing but a couple of dime-a-dozen wretches. One man hides under a mask, the other ought to.

Earl Robert Eaton: Here, here!

Lord Steven Regal: Thank you, Earl Eaton. The inarguable truth remains: those… children… have no right to enter the ring with gentlemen such as Robert and myself. Their defeat is merely a formality, and the only thing that separates us from the WCW World Tag Team Championship is a match for said belts. Marcus Bagwell and The Patriot, however, present no conceivable roadblock.

Earl Robert Eaton: Stars and Stripes, get ready to meet experience and class.

Overall: 63%

Bobby Heenan: Looks like The Blue Bloods are kicking things off right!

Tony Schiavone: Well, Stars and Stripes are former WCW World Tag Team Champions, so you can bet they’ll have a response!

Bobby Heenan: Probably just “please, stop hurting us!”

Stars and Stripes (Marcus Alexander Bagwell and The Patriot) versus The Blue Bloods (Lord Steven Regal and Earl Robert Eaton)

Regal faked a lockup to start, then went to the mat and swept Marcus Alexander Bagwell’s legs out from under him. Regal’s edge in experience continued to show, as he held onto Bagwell’s ankle and dragged him over to the Blue Bloods’ corner. Bagwell tried to get up on one foot, but Regal kicked him in the chest, crushing his hopes and his sternum. Regal continued to hold Bagwell’s leg as he tagged Robert Eaton, who climbed up to the top. Eaton jumped off with an elbow to the knee of Bagwell, who screamed in pain. Eaton then lifted Bagwell to his feet, grabbed him by the leg, lifted him up, and brought him down into a kneebreaker. Eaton lifted Bagwell up again and went for the same move, but as he was lifted into the air, Bagwell drove his elbow into Eaton’s forehead. Both men went down, and began slowly crawling to their respective corners. Both Bagwell and Eaton managed to make tags, which led to The Patriot going wild on both members of The Blue Bloods. He clotheslined Regal, then dropkicked Eaton. Regal got back to his feet just in time to receive an Uncle Slam. The Patriot covered Regal, but Eaton made the save. Eaton dragged Regal over to his corner, got on the apron, then gave Regal a blind tag. The referee admonished Eaton as he re-entered the ring, but allowed the tag to stand. Eaton charged The Patriot, but ran into a punch and hit the canvas. The Patriot grabbed Eaton, pulled him to his feet, and quickly administered the Uncle Slam. He then tagged Bagwell, who climbed to the top rope, came off with a splash, and pinned Eaton.

Overall: 71%

Crowd: 68%

Match: 74%

Time: 5:01

Bobby Heenan: Just ridiculous! Is this ref even trying to do his job?

Tony Schiavone: Trying and succeeding, ha ha!

Bobby Heenan: Don’t even start, Schiavone.

The Greatest Wrestler in the World

The screen is completely black. In white lettering, the words “FEW ARE GREAT” appear, then fade away. The words “FEW ARE CHAMPIONS” appear, and fade away. Then, the words “FEW TRULY EXCEL” appear, and once again, they fade away. The screen remains black for a few seconds, then the words “AND YET, ONE MAN REIGNS SUPREME,” appear. They, too, fade away, and finally, the screen is left with one phrase: “THE GREATEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD IS RETURNING TO WCW.”

Overall: 80%

Tony Schiavone: The greatest wrestler in the world? Who could it be?

Bobby Heenan: It’s false advertising! The greatest wrestler in the world is retired, and Flair’s a man of his word!

Tony Schiavone: Hmmm… maybe it is Flair.

Bobby Heenan: It’s not Flair, Schiavone! I just explained that!

Tony Schiavone: But… fine. Whatever. Earlier today, fans, Gene Okerlund caught up with “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Let’s see what Savage had to say.

Taking Sullivan to Task

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing backstage with “Macho Man” Randy Savage in this pre-taped interview.

Gene Okerlund: “Macho Man” Randy Savage, next weekend on WCW Saturday Night, a huge main event has been signed. You will take on Kevin Sullivan in what is sure to be a brutal match! What are your thoughts?

Randy Savage: Mean Gene, the “Macho Man’s” nothing if not a man of his word, and when I do something, I follow through something. I told Hulk Hogan that I’d slap his face or I’d shake his hand. And when push came to shove, Gene, I decided to shake the Hulkster’s hand. And that’s why Sullivan and Avalanche made a big mistake. At Starrcade, they ended up biting off more than they could chew. When I stand with a man, I stand with him for the long haul. Sullivan, bring it on Saturday. Bring everything, oooooh yeah! Me and my elbow are more than happy to get it going!

Gene Okerlund: But what about Avalanche? There is the distinct possibility than he could run interference.

Randy Savage: Then there happens to be the distinct possibility that I could run all over his face! The more, the merrier, Sullivan! Ooooh, yeah!

Overall: 91%

Tony Schiavone: Well, speaking of Sullivan and Avalanche, their teammate in the Three Faces of Fear, The Butcher, is in action next, against Brian Pillman!

Bobby Heenan: The Butcher got shafted at Starrcade, Schiavone! It won’t happen again!

The Butcher versus Brian Pillman

Pillman grappled with The Butcher to start, then grabbed a headlock. The Butcher pushed him off, and when Pillman came back, The Butcher caught him with a punch. Pillman threw a punch of his own, but The Butcher blocked it and kicked him in the gut. Butcher followed up with an uppercut on the doubled-over Pillman, sending him to the mat. The Butcher dropped a knee on Pillman’s face, then covered him, but only got two. The Butcher applied a rear chinlock, draining Pillman’s energy in preparation for the Sleeperhold. However, the crowd got behind Pillman, and after several moments he was able to get to his feet, and then elbow his way out of the hold. He fired off rights and lefts on The Butcher, then nailed a dropkick which sent his opponent reeling back into the ropes. The Butcher bounced back towards Pillman, but the former Hollywood Blonde backdropped his opponent, then scored a two count with a cover. Pillman got to his feet, raised his arms to the audience, lifted The Butcher to his feet, and sent him to the ropes with an Irish Whip. Pillman ran to the opposite set of ropes, bounced back, and launched himself at The Butcher with a crossbody. However, The Butcher had the presence of mind, while running, to roll to the mat, and Brian Pillman sailed over him, eventually landing on the canvas. The Butcher quickly lifted Pillman to a sitting position and slapped on the Sleeperhold. Despite the energy of the crowd, Pillman was unable to retain consciousness. His hand dropped three times and The Butcher was declared the winner.

Overall: 65%

Crowd: 69%

Match: 58%

Time: 6:21

Bobby Heenan: This is just a sign of things to come for the Faces of Fear! Savage is next, and Hogan is on the horizon!

Tony Schiavone: Is Savage really next? We’ll find out on Saturday!

Overall: 72%

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Pretty decent show for Worldwide, The Regal/Eaton interview was pretty good. Looks like Savage is already Hogan's ass kisser :D but oh well it's WCW in 95 and every other faces kissed Hogan's ass. I'm looking forward to the "greatest wrestler" in the world showing up. Hopefully it's not someone who was injured at the time like Rick Rude, Ricky Steamboat or Curt Hennig (who was employed by the WWF but in the scenarios he's a free agent). I'm also interested to see how you bring back Flair :D

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WCW Saturday Night

January 7, 1995

Tony Schiavone: Greetings, fans, and welcome to WCW Saturday Night! This is Tony Schiavone beside Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, and Brain, have we got a big night in store or what?

Bobby Heenan: Big night? And Moby Dick was a big fish? This is the first Saturday Night of 1995! This is huge!

Tony Schiavone: We agree on something already! We have a huge main event signed for tonight as Randy Savage makes his WCW debut against a man who’s already proven himself to be an enemy of the Macho Man, Kevin Sullivan!

The Patriot versus Booker T

Booker T charged The Patriot to start, striking him in the chest with a powerful slap. Booker followed up with a punch, but The Patriot blocked a second punch. He retaliated with two forearms, then ran back to the ropes and bounced back with a running forearm, knocking Booker T to the canvas. The Patriot lifted Booker to his feet and whipped him into the ropes. Patriot lowered his head to attempt a back body drop, but that opened up an opportunity for Booker to score a Sunset Flip for two. Both men popped up, and The Patriot took Booker back down with a drop toe hold. The Patriot applied a front facelock, but after a few moments, Booker lifted him up and crotched him on the top rope. While referee Nick Patrick admonished Booker T, Stevie Ray climbed on the apron and pulled The Patriot down to the arena floor. Stevie started pounding away on The Patriot, but Marcus Bagwell charged in and clotheslined Stevie. The Patriot got back to his feet and climbed up to the apron. Booker grabbed him by the head and tried to suplex him in the ring, but The Patriot managed to land on his feet behind Booker. He rolled Booker up from behind, but only got a two count. Both men got up, and The Patriot charged with a clothesline, but Booker ducked and hit Patriot in the chin with a side kick. Booker covered, but only got two. He slapped a chinlock on The Patriot, but The Patriot got to his feet and dropped down, compressing the jaw of Booker T and breaking the hold. The Patriot grabbed Booker and lifted him to his feet, but Booker rammed his knee into The Patriot’s gut. Booker then grabbed him by the head, hooked his arm, and suplexed him directly in the center of the ring. Booker waited for The Patriot to get up, then fired a jumping side kick at him, which found its mark. Booker covered again, but The Patriot still managed to kick out. Booker got frustrated and argued with Nick Patrick a bit before lifting up The Patriot and sending him back to the mat with a side slam. Booker climbed up to the top turnbuckle and jumped off with a knee drop, but The Patriot moved and Booker hit the mat, much to the chagrin of Stevie Ray and Sensational Sherri. The audience clapped for Patriot to get back to his feet, which he and Booker did simultaneously. Booker fired a right hand, but The Patriot blocked it, and once again, fired off punches of his own. He dropkicked Booker as the crowd started to roar. The Patriot lifted Booker up, whipped him to the ropes, and caught him with a spin kick as he came back. Booker got back up and ran at The Patriot, but The Patriot countered with a back drop. He waited for Booker to get back up, then grabbed him and administered the Uncle Slam. The Patriot climbed to the top rope, but Stevie Ray grabbed his foot, preventing him from jumping off. Bagwell came to the rescue again, pulling Stevie off of The Patriot and decking him as Sherri shrieked. Booker got to his feet, but The Patriot came off of the top with the Patriot Missile, catching Booker in the chest. The Patriot then made the cover, and Nick Patrick registered the three count.

Overall: 73%

Crowd: 71%

Match: 75%

Time: 16:21

Tony Schiavone: You have to believe that Stars and Stripes will be looking to get those WCW World Tag Team Titles back from Harlem Heat! Maybe at our next Pay-Per-View event, Clash Of The Champions! That’s right, fans, the Clash is now an annual event, and it’s only available on Pay-Per-View! Call your local cable provider for access to three hours of great wrestling!

Bobby Heenan: Smooth shilling, Schiavone.

The Greatest Wrestler in the World, Part II

The screen is completely black. In white lettering, the words “THE SPORT OF KINGS” appear. They disappear, and are followed by the words “ONLY TRUE CHAMPIONS MAKE THEIR MARK.” They disappear, and the words “ONLY TRUE WARRIORS CHANGE THE LANDSCAPE” follow. They disappear, and are replaced by the words “ONLY TRUE LEGENDS LIVE FOREVER.” Those words also disappear, and the words “YET ONE MAN TRANSCENDS THEM ALL” appear on the screen. Finally, the are replaced by the words “THE GREATEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD IS RETURNING TO WCW.”

Overall: 93%

Bobby Heenan: That’s false advertising! I spoke to Ric Flair over the weekend, and he said he’s not behind this! So whoever is behind this is not the greatest wrestler in the world!

Tony Schiavone: You called Flair to ask him?

Bobby Heenan: Yeah, you miss something?

Tony Schiavone: I thought you were already sure it wasn’t Flair, because he’s retired and he’s a man of his word.

Bobby Heenan: Just call the next match, Schiavone.

Vader versus Brian Knobbs

The two big locked up to begin this non-title match, with the more powerful Vader shoving Knobbs to the mat. Knobbs got back up, then began clapping his hands to get the crowd behind him. They locked up again, and Vader back Knobbs into a corner. He broke the grapple, then threw a right hand, but Knobbs dodged, and fired off punches of his own, backing Vader into the corner. However, Vader charged out and once again shoved Knobbs to the canvas. Vader lifted Knobbs to his feet and whipped him to the ropes. Knobbs came back with a running shoulder, but it barely staggered Vader. Knobbs went to the ropes and bounded back again with a clothesline, but Vader merely roared and flexed as Harley Race clapped at ringside. Once again, Knobbs ran to the ropes, but this time, he left his feet with a jumping clothesline which took Vader to the mat. Knobbs covered, but the U.S. Champion kicked out with authority after the one count. Knobbs lifted Vader up, but Vader buried a fist into the gut of the Nasty Boy, loosening his grip. Vader grabbed Knobbs in a front waistlock, then drove him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Vader covered Brian Knobbs with a lateral press, but he was able to kick out. An angry Vader got to his feet and dropped an elbow, but Knobbs rolled out of the way, got up, and dropped an elbow of his own on Vader. Knobbs lifted Vader to his feet and attempted to whip him, but Vader reversed it and caught Knobbs with a devastating powerslam as he bounced back. After roaring again, Vader lifted Knobbs to his feet and set him up for a Powerbomb. With minimal effort, the monstrous Vader was able to Powerbomb the 300-plus pound Brian Knobbs. The three count afterwards was merely a formality.

Overall: 74%

Crowd: 79%

Match: 63%

Time: 6:54

Tony Schiavone: What domination by the monstrous Vader! And look, fans, Harley Race is entering the ring!

Bobby Heenan: Be quiet! Race is gonna speak, and I wanna listen!

It Just Comes Naturally

Harley Race: Now how do you all like that? My man Vader, the meanest son of a gun on God’s green earth, destroys another no-talent waste of space. Now Vader here is only two weeks into this U.S. Title run, but listen to what Handsome Harley says: this belt ain’t goin’ nowhere. Seal it up, strap it down, bury it, engrave his name into the leather, because there’s not a wrestler in WCW- or anywhere else in the world, for that matter- who has what it takes to take the belt from Vader. Feast your eyes, everybody, because this is a sight you’ll be seeing a lot of- the toughest wrestler in the world with the U.S. Championship!

As Race steps back for the world to behold Vader, a familiar theme song plays over the loudspeakers…

“Well, they call him The Natural…”

The fans go wild as Dustin Rhodes makes his way to the ring in street clothes, a microphone in his hand.

Dustin Rhodes: Now I can sit and listen to a lot. I can listen to you call Vader mean, and I can listen to you call Vader tough. But if you’re gonna suggest that nobody can take that title from Vader… well, that’s something “The Natural” just can’t sit by and take.

Race keeps his calm, but it is evident that he is outraged by Rhodes’s interruption. Vader simply stands still in the center of the ring.

Harley Race: Dustin, maybe you didn’t realize this, but what’s going on right here, right now is the business of World Champions. Good ones, too, which means your daddy ain’t invited, either. Now I know that the Rhodes family is a little thick upstairs, but you can prove to me you’re more than just a dumb hick if you turn around, head back to the locker room, and pretend this never happened. You do that, and I’ll also forget all about this. Hell, if you’re really lucky, maybe Vader will, too.

Dustin Rhodes: Well, heh, heh… looks like you ain’t leaving me much of a choice. Guess there’s only one thing I can do.

Dustin turns around to leave, and Race smiles. However, Dustin spins around, charges, and with lightning-quick speed and all the power he can muster, tackles Vader to the mat. The U.S. Title goes flying to the corner of the ring, and Rhodes showers Vader with rights and lefts. Race pulls Rhodes off of Vader, but Rhodes turns around and decks Race. Rhodes lifts his fist in the air as the crowd cheers for his brave exploits.

Overall: 72%

Bobby Heenan: Well, he’s no Rhodes Scholar.

Tony Schiavone: So I guess that means your money is on Vader?

Bobby Heenan: Schiavone, if I was a betting man, I’d call up my bookie, Gary, and tell him to put twice the usual on Vader. If I was a betting man.

Champion’s Confidence

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing backstage with WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan.

Gene Okerlund: Hulk Hogan, for months, you have been hounded by Kevin Sullivan and his Faces of Fear. Tonight, however, one of your allies will be in action, as “Macho Man” Randy Savage battles Sullivan himself! What are your thoughts?

Hulk Hogan: Well, you know something, Mean Gene, this old Hulkster’s been around for a long time, but as long as he’s been around, the Macho Man’s been causin’ a stir, dude. Sullivan think he’s bad, and people say he’s crazy, but brother, there’s nobody in WCW willing to get as crazy as the Macho Man! He’s got my back, and brother, you better believe I got his! Hulk Hogan’s got the gold, and Hulkamania ain’t going nowhere! Sullivan, Avalanche, and that backstabbing Butcher can’t touch me and the Macho Man, dude!

Overall: 90%

Bobby Heenan: That’s nonsense! Hogan is only out for himself, and everyone knows it!

Tony Schiavone: How I pity your cynical ways, Brain!

Bobby Heenan: Save your pity for your wife.

Tony Schiavone: Fans, just before we went on the air, we learned that Colonel Robert Parker has made a decision which he promises will be momentous for WCW. Parker has decided that starting tonight, his own bodyguard, the fearsome Meng, will become a full-time in-ring competitor! Will he be as successful at wrestling as he is at protecting Parker? We’ll find out right now!

Meng versus Brian Pillman

Pillman and Meng circled each other to start, but when Pillman went in for a grapple, Meng chopped him in the throat. Pillman turned while clutching his neck, and Meng caught him with a martials arts sidekick between the shoulder blades. Pillman went down, but when Meng covered him, he managed to kick out. Meng lifted Pillman up to a sitting position, then clamped on a trapezius nerve hold. Pillman struggled to his feet, and after a few elbows to Meng’s gut, the hold was broken. Pillman ran to the ropes and came back with a crossbody, sending Meng to the mat and into a cover. Meng kicked out after two, though, as Colonel Parker shouted words of encouragement from ringside. Pillman lifted Meng to his feet and suplexed him, showing remarkable strength for his size. Pillman bent down to lift Meng again, but Meng threw a punch that caught Pillman in the temple, staggering him. Meng got back to his feet with surprising agility and mowed Pillman down with a clothesline. He followed up with a legdrop, then covered Pillman again for a two count. Meng rose and waited for Pillman to get back to his feet, at which point, he threw a palm thrust. However, Pillman sidestepped it and nailed a right hook to Meng’s head. It had limited effects, but Pillman did not stop there. He hit Meng with fists and forearms, nearly taking the big man off of his feet. However, Meng blocked what would prove to be the final punch, then quickly shot his hand under Pillman’s neck. Firmly locked in the Tongan Death Grip, Pillman went down to the mat. Meng kept the hold on until the referee had registered the three count.

Overall: 66%

Crowd: 66%

Match: 67%

Time: 5:52

Tony Schiavone: Well, it appears that the decision to have Meng take on more of an in-ring role was a very good one, indeed!

Bobby Heenan: Schiavone, if Meng was the Big Bad Wolf, the brick house would be a pile of rocks and he’d be eating pork for dinner!

Prophesizing Cruel Fate

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is backstage yet again, though this time, he is standing beside Kevin Sullivan.

Gene Okerlund: Kevin Sullivan, in only moments, you square off with “Macho Man” Randy Savage in Savage’s highly-anticipated first WCW match. What are your thoughts?

Kevin Sullivan: The clock ticks… only a matter of time. Savage himself, being an extension of Hulkamania, is destined for destruction. Destruction. Destruction at the hands of the army- the Faces of Fear. Hulkamania- Hulkamania is Hogan and Savage. Forget what you’ve heard, Gene. Forget all of the hype. Forget the past. Look to the future. Watch and listen. A bubbling blackness arises to overtake that which declares itself good. The end of Hulkamania. In my most wonderful nightmares… the end. An end to all.

Sullivan grins evilly as the camera cuts away.

Overall: 77%

Bobby Heenan: Wouldn’t you be scared if that guy was angry at you, Schiavone?

Tony Schiavone: A fearsome individual is Kevin Sullivan, but the bravery of Hulk Hogan knows no bounds!

Bobby Heenan: Neither does his forehead.

Tony Schiavone: Neither does his- never mind. Fans, it’s time for tonight’s main event: former World Champion “Macho Man” Randy Savage makes his WCW debut against Kevin Sullivan!

Randy Savage versus Kevin Sullivan

Randy Savage waved his arm in the air as the bell rang, getting the crowd to clap for him. Once he had worked them into a frenzy, Savage locked up with Sullivan and grabbed a wristlock. Sullivan growled in pain, but worked his way over to the ropes, prompting the referee to force Savage to break the hold. As he did, Sullivan caught him in the chest with a palm thrust, then charged into him with a knee. Savage hit the canvas, and Sullivan pulled him up by the hair. He grabbed Macho Man by the arm and attempted to deliver a short-arm clothesline, but Savage ducked, waited for Sullivan to turn around, and hit him in the gut with a few sharp right hands. Sullivan doubled over, which gave Savage the opportunity to scoop him up and deliver a bodyslam. Macho Man went down to a knee, grabbed Sullivan’s head, and delivered several blows to it with his fist. Savage followed up with a cover, but the ever-tough Sullivan kicked out before the referee could even register a two count. Savage lifted Sullivan up, but Sullivan quickly grabbed Savage around the waist and administered an inverted atomic drop. As the Macho Man stood in pain, Sullivan grabbed him by the head, ran him over to the corner, and slammed him face first into the turnbuckle. As Savage staggered back, Sullivan leveled him with a clothesline. He made the cover, but Savage was able to kick out. Sullivan didn’t lose his cool; rather, he lifted Savage up to a sitting position (again, by the hair) and slapped on a rear chinlock with his meaty arms. Veins bulged out of Sullivan’s forehead as he squeezed the hold, and before long, Savage appeared to be losing consciousness. The referee checked Savage’s hand, and it fell. He lifted it a second time, and once again, it tumbled to the mat. The crowd started screaming for Savage as sweat dripped down Sullivan’s furrowed brow. His hand was lifted a third time… and he kept it up! Savage managed to whack Sullivan in the head with a few hard shots, breaking Sullivan’s grip. Savage got to his feet and once again waved his arm, prompting the crowd to cheer as Sullivan grew red with rage. They locked up once again, but a commotion swept through the crowd. Avalanche had entered the arena, and by the time Savage had Sullivan in a headlock, he had entered the ring. Sullivan pushed Savage off, right into Avalanche, who clobbered him with a clothesline. The referee called for the disqualification, but Sullivan and Avalanche were not done. Avalanche lifted Macho Man up and held him with his arms pinned behind his back as Sullivan smacked Savage’s face and punched his chest and stomach. A “Savage” chant went up among the audience, but their hero continued to get pummeled… until “American Made” sounded over the loudspeaker. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan ran out to the ring to a thunderous ovation, grabbed Sullivan, whipped him to the ropes, and caught him with a big boot as he came back. Avalanche tossed Savage to the mat and stood face to face with The Hulkster. Avalanche threw a punch, but Hogan blocked it, hit a few of his own, and clotheslined the big man over the ropes to the arena floor. As Avalanche watched angrily from ringside, Hogan gave the still-prone Sullivan a Legdrop, and then helped Randy Savage to his feet.

Overall: 80%

Crowd: 87%

Match: 68%

Time: 12:10

Tony Schiavone: Hogan saves the day! Randy Savage has Hulk Hogan’s back, and vice versa!

Bobby Heenan: I don’t believe this! Hulkamania’s gonna die! It’s gonna die even worse now! Hug your friend and your belt, Hogan, because they’re going bye-bye!

Overall: 78%

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WCW Worldwide

January 8, 1995

Tony Schiavone: Hello, fans! It’s time once again for WCW Worldwide! I’m Tony Schiavone, and beside me is Bobby “The Brain” Heenan! Not only is Booker T in action tonight…

Bobby Heenan: Yeah…

Tony Schiavone: Not only is Paul Orndorff taking on Jerry Saggs…

Bobby Heenan: Yeah…

Tony Schiavone: But Johnny B. Badd is defending his Television Title against former champion Robert Eaton!

Bobby Heenan: You’re kidding me!

Tony Schiavone: I am totally serious, Brain!

Bobby Heenan: Well, heck with the delays, let’s get to the ring!

Booker T versus Lance Diamond

Regional grappler Lance Diamond charged Booker T to start, but his bravado was met with a jumping side kick. Booker shouted at the ringside crowd, drawing jeers from the fans. He lifted Lance Diamond to his feet, and Diamond threw a few punches to Booker’s gut, but Booker hit him over the head with a forearm. While Diamond was doubled over, Booker hit him with an Axe Kick. Diamond was barely on the mat before Booker was up on the top turnbuckle. He came off with the Harlem Hangover, and the three count followed.

Overall: 58%

Crowd: 51%

Match: 79%

Time: 1:12

Tony Schiavone: Quite a win by Booker T!

Bobby Heenan: I hope Lance Cubic Zirconium still remembers his way home!

Assertion of Power

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is backstage with Booker T. Booker is still amped up from his match, but is no worse for the wear.

Gene Okerlund Booker T, a very dominant and impressive-

Booker T Shut up! I don’t need you kissing up to me, I know that I eat chump suckas like Lance Diamond for breakfast! Let me tell you this, Gene, and I want all the fans at home to listen up, too. The Patriot got lucky yesterday, you dig that? Lightning strikes every now and then, but it doesn’t strike twice! If that mask-wearing sucka and his pretty-boy friend wanna come get themselves another taste of the Heat, they’re gonna wind up burned. Every damn tag team in WCW better take notice! Harlem Heat, Booker T and Stevie Ray, got these titles now, and they ain’t going anywhere, anytime, and that’s that!

Overall: 79%

Bobby Heenan: Now, is Booker right, or is Booker right?

Tony Schiavone: He may be getting ahead of himself. Stars and Stripes are quite a team.

Bobby Heenan: That wasn’t one of the choices, Schiavone!

Paul Orndorff versus Jerry Saggs

As the bell rang, Paul Orndorff flexed his arms, showing off an impressive physique. In response, Jerry Saggs wiped his hands under his armpits and clapped. Orndorff rushed in for a grapple, but right before Saggs could grab him, Orndorff remembered the recent whereabouts of Saggs’s hands and pulled back. Mr. Wonderful wiped his hands on his stomach, indicating that Saggs should do the same. Instead, Saggs grabbed Orndorff’s face, holding him by the cheeks as he screamed. Finally, Orndorff broke free and ran to the ropes, gagging and gasping for air. The fans laughed, then started clapping as Saggs did the same. Orndorff charged with a grapple again, but at the last second, threw a kick to Saggs’s gut. The Nasty Boy was stunned by it, which allowed Orndorff to take him down with a clothesline. Orndorff dropped an elbow, but Saggs rolled out of the way, popped up, and dropped one on Orndorff. Saggs made the cover, but Paul Orndorff kicked out, got up, and brushed himself off. They locked up, and, much to Orndorff’s dismay, Saggs grabbed a headlock. Orndorff struggled to get out, finally pushing Saggs off. Saggs went to the ropes, and Orndorff went down to the mat to trip Saggs up. However, Jerry Saggs had the presence of mind to drop a knee across the back of Orndorff’s head. Saggs got up and hit a fist drop, then rolled Orndorff over and covered him. Mr. Wonderful kicked out, and got up slowly. Saggs went for a running knee, but Orndorff sidestepped it. Saggs bounced into the ropes, allowing Orndorff to roll him up from behind. Though Saggs was surprised, nothing about Orndorff’s cover was illegal as the three count was registered.

Overall: 54%

Crowd: 65%

Match: 55%

Time: 5:33

Bobby Heenan: I bet you thought those antics were funny, Schiavone.

Tony Schiavone: I enjoyed them, yes.

Bobby Heenan: That says it all. Pure lowest common denominator!

The Greatest Wrestler in the World, Part III

Clips of various wrestlers play in succession. First, we see Hulk Hogan giving Ric Flair a Legdrop. Then, we see Ric Flair coming off the top turnbuckle onto Harley Race at Starrcade 1983. After that, Sting is shown flying into the corner, delivering a Stinger Splash to Vader. The screen fades to black, and in white letters, the words “CLOSE, BUT NO CIGAR” appear. They fade away, and are replaced by the words “THE GREATEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD IS RETURNING TO WCW.”

Overall: 80%

Tony Schiavone: Hmmm, I guess it’s not Flair, after all!

Bobby Heenan: That’s what I told you a week ago! Clean the bacon grease out of your ears!

WCW Television Championship Match: Johnny B. Badd © versus Earl Robert Eaton

As always, Johnny B. Badd came to the ring armed with his Badd Blaster. From the turnbuckle, he shot it into the audience, showering them with confetti. His opponent, Earl Robert Eaton, was the complete opposite. He came to the ring stoically, with no semblance of glitz or glamour. The match started with a lockup, with Eaton getting a wristlock out of it. Badd reversed into his own wristlock, but Eaton did the same. Badd rolled out of the wristlock, then took Eaton to the mat with a drop toe hold. Johnny B. Badd grabbed a headlock, but Eaton managed to roll Badd over into a cover. The TV Champion kicked out, got up, and nailed Eaton in the chest with a dropkick. Eaton got back up, but Badd took him down with an armdrag. Badd kept Eaton in an armlock, but the Blue Blood grabbed the rope, forcing a break. Badd was on fire, though, as he grabbed Eaton by the head and delivered a hanging vertical suplex. Badd floated over into the cover, but Eaton kicked out. Undaunted, Badd tried to slap on a sleeper, but Eaton dodged, went around behind Badd, and gave him a belly to back suplex. Eaton covered Badd while Steven Regal held Badd’s feet down from ringside, but the referee saw the interference and stopped the count. Badd got to his feet while the referee was dealing with Steven Regal. Eaton charged him, but Badd countered with a backdrop. Eaton slowly got to his feet as Johnny B. Badd started dancing. When Eaton staggered over to Badd, he caught him with the Kiss That Don’t Miss. Badd made the cover as the referee turned towards the action, so the three count was made.

Overall: 62%

Crowd: 63%

Match: 76%

Time: 4:26

Tony Schiavone: Johnny B. Badd is still the Television Champion, despite Regal’s attempted interference!

Bobby Heenan: Luck! Pure dumb, glittery luck!

Overall: 65%

Edited by Boulder
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