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I need some new tunes.


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Yeah, so I'm looking for some new music to download.

Before you suggest, in my playlist right now are bands like Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamins, Lo Pro, some Velvet Revolver, Trick Daddy- Lets Go, Good Charlotte, etc...

In other words, I'm into the punk-rock-rap stuff. Nu Metal to those that call it that. Now real headbanger stuff. I like the bands with good riffs and beats, but that you can still listen to. Papa Roach- Getting Away With Murder has been in my CD Player since it came out, love it.

With that said, request away. :wub:

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Paidy, I like your taste in music

I recommend Crossfade, Cold is a very good song. Others I recommend are: Chevelle, Seven Wiser, State Of Shock (Canadian Band, kinda hard to get a hold of the album), Shinedown, Smile Empty Soul, SocialBurn, Thornley.

That's some of the stuff that's in my playlist that's similar to that. You have probably heard of most of them, all the others are worth a listen.

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Excellent. How could I forget Chevelle? I have a lot of them, along with Smile Empty Soul and Thornley. I'll look for some of the other ones. :)

EDIT: Thanks Penguin! I now have:

Seven Wiser- Take Me As I Am

Seven Wiser- Sick

State of Shock- Wish I Never Met You

State of Shock- If I Could

Shinedown- Fly From The Inside

Shinedown- 45

Love them all. :kiss:

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Pansy Division is this awesome band who have discovered a really stable and eccentric fan-base. They aren't big and don't get played on the radio, but you should check out some of there songs.

He Whipped My Ass In Tennis




Hockey Hair

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Black Flag seems like a band that would fit your criteria. Check out anything they from First Four Years or Damaged, that's all great.

D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) are a great thrash punk band. Their later stuff moved more into a metal sound, I recommend anything by them. Both their thrash punk/metal sounds were great.

The Cramps...why not? They rule.

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Based on your list, I would suggest My Chemical Romance, which has been in my discman since I bought it last weekend. The CD's called "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge". If you're downloading, then I suggest "Helena", "I'm Not Okay", "Cemetery Drive", "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" and "Thank You For The Venom".

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I reccomend an awesome new song I heard today called:

'Come get some' by Rooster.

Not too sure about anything else, but that song is damn good so try it out  :thumbsup:

If you seriously like that kind of light-rock, try:

Long Beach Dub All Stars- Sunny Hours

I have a feeling, you'll like it. :kiss:

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