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PS2's in cars

Agent Risktaker

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I know it's possible with the PSOne with the car adapter. I don't think there is one available for the PS2 though. You might be able to get a connector/adapter where you can get the regular power outlet hooked up to something which can fit into a cig lighter type deal. Then you would just need a screen for that, and hope you have a splitter on the cig lighter (or two lighter outlets)

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Guest bruins72

I'm sure if you got one of those DVD in a bag kits that has the portable DVD player, power adapter, and video screen you could hook it right in with all of that.

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Guest The Real Deal

Yes it is possible, a guy that sits out the front of my house has a Ford Focus done up to the b@lls, he has his PS2 in it neatly in the front with a wee TV screen I'll get my wee brother to ask him tomorrow if he sits out there.

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