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You said guess....am I wrong?

Exactly how old are these games, are they spectrum era or just pre-windows?

I've got a bunch of games for my old Amstrad (an Amstrad that didn't have enough room on it to run Windows 3.!), there's some classics, Space Trader, Popcorn, Jill of the Jungle. Old games rule.

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I've recently been playing X-Wing Alliance which, although no X-Wing, TIE Fighter, or even X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, is still a damn good play. I also played some Monkey Island 2 the other day, which I think has to be my favourite of the series.

So let the gaming joy spread forth...

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Oh, so that's what you meant by jammed drawers...

I used to have a whole bunch of great DOS games, some well-known (Wolfenstein 3D, the original BattleTech series), some pretty obscure (the AWESOME Solar Winds), but I've lost many of them. Man, I'd love to play Solar Winds.

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I've been playing X-Wing Alliance a lot lately.

I made me laugh when Rogue Squadron 2 came out on the GameCube as a launch title, people started to hail it as "The Best Star Wars Game Ever", when the whole X-Wing/Tie/XWAlliance series surpasses it by miles.

I wouldn't mind a new Rogue Squadron game though. Just actually make a decent improvment this time...

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Just go to yahoo or google and search for Abandonware.

Loadsa great games to be had there...

Cannon Fodder


Brutal Sports Football

UFO Enemy Unknown

Monkey Island 1 & 2

And some of the real oldies.

I've got a couple of classics on my Amiga, but have got rid of my Amstrad now rather sadly..I had some real old greats like Uridium and all the old football management games...

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