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Veronica Mars


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anyone watch this show?

I find myself discovering awesome shows each day. First it was Nip/Tuck, then Resuce Me, then Lost...now Veronica Mars.

Apparently MTV shows the previous week's episode during the afternoon (atleast last week they did). So, I was watching that rerun on MTV, and it said a new episode is on Tuesdays at 8 Central time.

So I tuned in.

And I fucking loved it. IMO, it's a great show. UPN is full of black comedies (which is cool if that's your sorta thing), and this is a refreshing show, I thought. So, any of you that are curious about the show, it's on tonight at 8 Central. I don't know about Eastern times and whatnot.

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Guest Ringmaster

I really like the show. It's the only show I've really given a chance to on UPN (other than SD) and so far it's been awesome. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I've been stalking Kristen Bell ever since she was on Deadwood :shifty:.

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