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New Donkey Kong Game

Cactus Drags

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Sorry, I can't remember the name, but I just played the new Donkey Kong Game (the one with the bongos) for GC at Gamestation. It's a fresh take on the whole dancemat genre, and it's really quite amusing. My mate reckons he's getting a GC just so he can play it, but I doubt it'll happen. It'd be great to play multiplayer when pissed. Anyone else played it?

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Use-less game, you'll buy it, have fun and then boom.

It's al gone and now you have a set of useless bongos.

*sigh* Do none of you read Nintendo Official Magazine?

There is another Donkey Kong game coming out which will use the bongo drums as it's controller and it's an adventure game. Many other games manufacturers are considering the idea of using the drums in their games. Reports from NOM indicate that a new Sonic game coming to the GC will use the bongo drums also.

So it won't be a useless peripheral in fact so nuh.

*sticks middle finger up at Apple Shampoo*

I'm not childish... <_<

'cube fanboy eh?

The gimmick will die off soon, and "reports indicating" isn't helping your case. It'd get pretty friggin' annoying to use those bongos to actually control an adventure game. I see 90 percent of all gamers instantly using the normal controller off the bat instead of getting annoyed with the bongos.

Games are meant to be played with controllers is the way I see it. The dance-mats appear cool at first, for an arcade-type appeal, but the best games will never be related to these types of gimmicks.

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