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Sticking it to the McMahon


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April 12, 2001-

“So, what do you think?”

I looked down at my glass of orange juice. Not much of it had been drained in the thirty minutes I’d been listening to Steve talk. He, on the other hand, had been downing beer like it was oxygen, and each sip seemed to make him more and more verbose.

“I don’t know, Steve. It sounds like the riskiest shit in the world, to be perfectly honest.”

His face fell. I didn’t know what to say. The guy had been sacked just over a week ago, and had taken it pretty hard. It wasn’t until he called me this morning and told me to meet him at Red’s that his voice sounded upbeat. Days of “I bust my ass and work with his punk kid” had finally come to close, and here I was, pissing on Steve’s new parade float? But still… Steve Blackman, wrestling promoter? It just seemed destined to fail.

“It’s risky, I’ll give you that,” said Steve. “That’s where you come in. With you on board, this thing gains a whole new dimension.” Well, I was never averse to compliments. I had known Steve for fifteen years, ever since we were both dirt-poor pit fighters with dreams of making it to the big time. Long story short, I found out I wasn’t cut out for any shooting after breaking an arm and a leg in the same match, and I pursued a career in writing instead. And here we were, a decade and a half later- I had six novels under my belt, and he had a lucrative pro wrestling career… until last week.

“You’ve never even mentioned this before,” I said, not wanting to be a nay-sayer, but speaking my mind. It was true; I had spoken to Steve routinely over the years, and he never once expressed an interest in the behind-the-scenes aspect of the business.

“It didn’t hit me until now,” he said. His voice dropped a little. “Listen,” he told me, “I’d be the owner, but I wouldn’t be running the business side of things, some execs would. And I wouldn’t be booking either. You would. I’d be handling some stuff, and wrestling.” I looked in his eyes. He really missed his job already. Plus, he was no youngster. The WWF wouldn’t be rehiring him anytime soon, and WCW and ECW, well, you know the story there.

But the truth was, I had always wanted to get involved in the wrestling business. When I was a kid, when I was writing in college, when I was getting kicked in the face for nothing more than the chance to do it again, pro wrestling was in my heart. Even when I was writing my novels, I watched WCW and dreamed of scripting the storylines. If that hadn’t been the case, turning Steve down would’ve been so much easier.

“I didn’t want to bring this up until after you agreed,” he told me, leaning closer, “I’ve been talking to a couple of other guys who got released, and they’re also trying to get something started up. Dean Malenko and Raven.”

“So they’re co-owners?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “They’re starting up their own companies. But we’re allies. We’re… gonna work together to try and get some notoriety.”

It sounded like an interesting idea, I had to admit. And I had no reason to be worried, as I had plenty of money on which I could fall back. I guess I had just been nervous for Steve’s sake. But hell, with all I’d seen him go through in the past week, it was worth a try.

“Sure,” I said. His face lit up. “Absolutely. I’m in.”

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Vince McMahon, the sole survivor. I couldn't believe it. I certainly couldn't just let it happen.

I'd left WWF on decent terms, citing creative differences as the reason behind my release request. Mr. McMahon didn't hesitate to agree, he knew I was aging and I was offering him a chance to get rid of me without losing money. Nobody knew the real reason I wanted out. Vince McMahon disgusted me. He considers himself a wrestling promoter, a wrestling fan, and at times, even a wrestler. To me, he's nothing more than a con artist. He didn't respect the wrestling traditions...hell, he'd sell out his own mother if it'd make him a buck. And I'm just supposed to sit back and watch him destroy what I was raised on?

My father poured his blood, sweat, and tears in the ring and he earned a lot of respect for it. To me, that's what wrestling is. Vince has a stranglehold on "sports entertainment", but he doesn't know anything about wrestling. Wrestling isn't just what I do, wrestling is what I am and I'm not about to let Vince McMahon take that away from me.

"I know you're feeling upset Dean, but what you're talking about, this could ruin you."

My brother spoke with concern and I knew he was only looking out for me. Joe felt the same way I did, but he was always the one who'd sit down and think things out. Me, I just do what feels right.

"I didn't come for your approval Joe."

"Then why did you come?"

"I came to ask for your help."

He turned off the television, leaning back in the couch, chuckling to himself.

"You remember when we were kids and Jacob Channing told us we had to give him ten dollars or he'd beat us both up? Remember, I went home that night and wrote up maybe twelve different ways that we could make money, trying desperately to come up with the money. But the next day, you walked right up to Jacob Channing and punched him in the stomach."

I smiled, remembering how the bully had bent over, trying to catch his breath while everyone looked on, shocked that the almighty giant had been slain.

"That's how it's always been Dean. If there was a problem, I'd think about how to fix it, but you just...fixed it."

"But this time, I don't know if I can do it on my own Joe."

He sat up on the couch this time, putting his hands on his bent knees, looking me in the eyes.

"I know you don't agree with how Vince McMahon does things. I know that, but opening your own promotion is crazy Dean. The second he hears about it, he's going to throw his money around, take whatever wrestlers you have, and make sure you never work in wrestling again. This is Vince McMahon we're talking about."

It was my turn to sit up. I wanted to make sure Joe knew exactly how serious I was.

"I'm not the only one who feels this way Joe. There's a lot of guys who will do whatever they have to in order to take this sport back. There's other people talking about opening feds. We're gonna help each other, form an alliance, whatever we need to do."

I paused, knowing I had to make it more personal if I was ever going to swing his thoughts.

"You grew up the same way I did, in the wrestling ring. You watched dad bleed, you saw him in pain, you saw what he went through, for the love of wrestling. You know that this is the right thing to do Joe. I've never asked you for anything our entire lives, but I'm asking now. Will you join me in the Revival of Wrestling?"

He paused, putting his head down and closing his eyes. After what seemed like an eternity, he lifted his head.

"Alright...but only on one condition."

"What's that?"

"You make sure we take it right to that son of a bitch."

I couldn't help but laugh and wonder how many people talked about taking down Vince McMahon, then I thought about how many had failed. Wiping the smile off my face, I looked at my brother.

"We're gonna take it to him...or my name isn't Dean Malenko."

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For the immediate attention of Scott Levy:

He didn't even need to read any more of that letter he already knew what it was going to say. Sorry but you're fired, we didn't have anything for you or whatever bullshit excuse they were using during these cuts, back on the outside with again this time however with nowhere else to go. WCW was now owned by Vince and ECW was dead.

Dean and Steve's idea was interesting, starting a federation of their own and so on, it could work... In theory at least. Philadelphia was looking for a new wrestling federation after all.

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RoW Roster

Dean Malenko

user posted image

A man of tradition, who wants nothing more than to bring respect back to wrestling. A very talented wrestler in his own right, it's unknown if he's going to step into the ring himself or strictly stay behind the scenes.

Joe Malenko

Brother of Dean. Joe grew up with the same respect for wrestling that Dean has. He never had much success in wrestling, but he has a decent wrestling mind and will back his brother until the end. Joe will serve as the play by play guy and have a role backstage.

Arn Anderson

user posted image

A close friend and mentor of Dean Malenko's, Arn was the first non-relative to offer his services. Arn will be a color commentator as well as playing a vital role backstage.

Nick Dinsmore

user posted image

A Malenko trainee, Dinsmore was once considered the top prospect for the WWF. They never brought him up to the main roster and after the buyout, decided he was too old to be considered their future. As soon as they released him, Malenko made the call and offered him the deal. At the time, Dinsmore was partnering with Rob Conway, who also got his walking papers, but he didn't wait for a joint deal, he seized the opportunity and signed on immediately.


user posted image

Formerly known as Rob Conway. Conway felt betrayed by Nick Dinsmore when he signed with RoW, not even waiting to see if his partner got an offer. Conway eventually did get an offer but things have changed. He's become a darker individual, almost emotionless, and will probably draw comparisons to Raven.

Chad Collyer

user posted image

Another Malenko trainee. Collyer wrestles a similar style to Malenko, using technical maneuvers to overcome size differences. He considers himself a student of the sport and tries to always learn something from every loss. Very methodical.

Shane Douglas

user posted image

Arguably, the biggest name on the roster, Shane Douglas has long been a critic of Vince McMahon and the established wrestlers. Much like he did with ECW, Shane is prepared to put RoW on his back and single handedly carry them within striking distance of WWF.

Torrie Wilson

user posted image

The beautiful woman by Shane's side. She's strikingly gorgeous and always willing to help her man.

Alex Wright

user posted image

At one point, many considered Wright a good prospect within WCW, but his body never developed and it became hard to take him seriously. He's got decent ability in the ring, but with the look of a 12 year old, will he ever make it?

Shawn Stasiak

user posted image

Exactly the type of guy that Dean Malenko was looking for. A second generation wrestler who understands the old school mentality and realizes that perfecting the basics can turn a decent match into a great one. Stasiak

Devon Storm

user posted image

Nobody is really sure what Storm's capable of. He tends to look like a hybrid wrestler, combining various styles, but doesn't have a superstar style about him. One thing's for sure though, he works harder than anyone and is always willing to put himself on the line.

Ken Shamrock

user posted image

A former Ultimate Fighting Champion, then a former Intercontinental Champion in WWF, then it all went downhill. He tried going back to the UFC, but he didn't find the same success, so he's trying to use RoW to rebound and get his name back on the map. You never know when Shamrock will snap and that unpredictability is a concern.

Big Vito

user posted image

Even though Vito's not a great technical wrestler, Malenko enjoyed his in-ring presence and felt he brought a unique personality to the forefront. The Italian's mafia connections are well known, but now that he's on his own, we'll see how bad this paisan really is.


user posted image

At one point in WCW, Wrath was on a hot streak and the main event looked to be within reach. He never quite got there, but as the lone powerhouse in RoW, he'll be looking to destroy the entire roster.

John Tenta

user posted image

Nobody knows why the man formerly known as Earthquake was signed or what role he'll have, but if nothing else, he brings a veteran viewpoint and a recognizable name.

"Maniacal" Marc Mero

user posted image

Mero always seems angry with the World and, much like Ken Shamrock, can seemingly snap at anytime. He relies more on pure fighting skills than out wrestling his opponents on the mat and winning never seems to be enough...he'd rather make an example out of the competition.


user posted image

A decent wrestler when he first arrived on the American scene, Konnan's poor conditioning led to his downfall. Always entertaining, if not repetitive, on the mic, Konnan manages to have a strong fan following despite his mediocre abilities.

The Scholar

user posted image

Alan Funk's still trying to live down the Kwee-Wee gimmick, but rather than appearing to be angry, Funk's embracing one of his strengths...his intelligence. The "lectures" that his opponents may recieve pre-match may end up confusing them more than upsetting them.

Scott Norton

user posted image

As age set in, Norton's seen his strength begin to diminish and it probably won't be long before he calls it quits. RoW may be his last chance to leave his mark.

"Sick" Scott Vick

user posted image

He seems to enjoy taking punishment. He doesn't win a lot but never stops trying and never backs down. Prefers taking on the bigger guys and there is no amount of pain he can't handle.

Revival of Wrestling presents:

The Night It All Started, live from Tampa Bay, Florida.

John Tenta/Wrath vs. Scott Norton/Shane Douglas

Konnan/Nick Dinsmore vs. Marc Mero/Devon Storm

Myst/Chad Collyer vs. Ken Shamrock/Shawn Stasiak

Big Vito/The Scholar vs. Scott Vick/Alex Wright

Winners of Tenta/Wrath vs. Norton/Douglas plus Winners of Konnan/Dinsmore vs. Mero/Storm in a fatal fourway match

Winners of Myst/Chad Collyer vs. Shamrock/Stasiak plus Winners of Vito/Scholar vs. Vick/Wright in a fatal fourway match

Winner of each fatal fourway match in a one on one match for the RoW World Championship.

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April 23, 2001-

I hung up the phone. After literally making hundreds of calls over the past week and a half, I had made verbal arrangements with a number of workers. These guys were out of work and looking to make a dent in the industry. Many of them had worked for Vince before, and suffice to say, they didn’t object to working for his competition.

Main Event-

user posted image

Curt Hennig (Heel, 71)

Over the past 15 years, Curt Hennig has cemented his status as a legend, making a mark in the AWA, the WWF, and WCW. Now, he seeks to protect his reputation as “perfect” by making a mark in the UWWU. Will he win championship gold, as he has done so many times before? Only time will tell.

user posted image

D’Lo Brown (Face, 67)

In the late 1990s, wrestling experienced a popularity renaissance, the effects of which are still felt today. During that time, one of the most exciting new talents to emerge was D’Lo Brown. Now in the UWWU, D’Lo is looking to carve his place in wrestling history.

user posted image

Dustin Rhodes (Face, 74)

The son of the legendary “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Dustin has left his own unique mark on the business, effectively stepping out of the shadow of his father. This tough Texan has held gold in the WWF and WCW, and the UWWU can’t be too far behind.

user posted image

Scorpio (Face, 67)

A multi-federation, multi-continental superstar, Scorpio returns to full-time United States wrestling for the first time in several years as a member of the UWWU roster. Does arguably the most innovative wrestler of the early-to-mid 90s still have enough gas in his tank to get the job done?

user posted image

Steve Corino (Heel, 70)

Steve Corino was on top of the world as ECW World Champion, but in a matter of weeks, his lost his title and saw the promotion close. Not one to take things lying down, Corino is more than happy to take his special blend of personality, technique, and viciousness to the UWWU.

Upper Midcard-

user posted image

Bam Bam Bigelow (Heel, 65)

What title belts are to other wrestlers, pain is to Bam Bam Bigelow. “The Beast from the East” has been a destructive force for over 15 years, annihilating anything that stands in his way. No matter which wrestlers compete for the UWWU, they would all do well to keep one eye out for Bigelow.

user posted image

Chris Candido (Heel, 65)

Journeyman Chris Candido is only 29 years of age, but he has been an active wrestler for a decade and a half. In that time, he has established himself as one of the most underrated talents in the entire industry. In the UWWU, he will be looking to get the respect he has deserved for so long.

user posted image

La Parka (Face, 59)

One of the strangest characters in recent pro wrestling history has also managed to gain one of the biggest followings. This mysterious luchadore is very talented, but is more popular for his dance moves and his propensity to swing steel chairs. There is little doubt that he will find his niche among UWWU fans.

user posted image

Nova (Face, 60)

“The Innovator of Offense” developed from a comedy character into a serious wrestler in ECW, but his talent was always evident. Nevertheless, it seems as though success has eluded him. Will he grab the proverbial brass ring now that he’s a part of the UWWU?

user posted image

Steve Blackman (Face, 60)

Steve Blackman may be the owner of the UWWU, but on the roster, he’s just another competitor looking to make it to the top. Will his martial arts skill and toughness take him there? Or will he be wearing a target on his back as the UWWU’s top dog?

user posted image

Vampiro (Heel, 61)

This odd, often sinister middleweight was one of the most intriguing aspects of WCW during its final months. With an unorthodox style and a deadly mean streak, Vampiro may be the sleeper candidate to dominate the UWWU for now.


user posted image

AJ Styles (Face, 49)

WCW fans maybe remember AJ Styles as one half of Air Raid, the exciting young cruiserweight tandem that burst onto the scene shortly before the company was bought out. In the UWWU, Styles will be going it alone in his quest to achieve pro wrestling greatness.

user posted image

Brock Lesnar (Face, 49)

Brock Lesnar is notable not only for his intimidating presence, not only for his standout OVW tag team with Shelton Benjamin, but for his amateur wrestling skill, as well; he is a former NCAA and NJCAA wrestling champion. Time will tell if his amateur success translates into professional success, as it has for other notables in the industry.

user posted image

Christopher Daniels (Heel, 49)

As much as Christopher Daniels is shrouded in mystery, his credentials are crystal clear. Daniels was a standout in west coast independent promotion APW, the winner of the 2000 ECWA Super 8 tournament, and a member of the WCW roster. With his employment in the UWWU, it is clear that his career is just beginning.

user posted image

Julio Fantastico (Heel, 49)

Apart from a stint in ECW last year and an appearance at 1999’s Heroes of Wrestling Pay-Per-View, Julio Fantastico is an unknown commodity in the eyes of the fans. Fantastico wouldn’t have it any other way, as he is more than willing to seize the opportunity and make a splash in the UWWU.

user posted image

Mr. Aguila (Face, 45)

As Essa Rios, this high flyer captured the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship. As Mr. Aguila, he has wrestled throughout Mexico, putting on exciting matches with some of the country’s top stars. Undoubtedly, he will have several opportunities to wow the crowds at UWWU events.

user posted image

Shelton Benjamin (Face, 45)

A former tag team partner of Brock Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin is considered by industry insiders to be one of the top young athletes in the entire world of professional wrestling. Though he has yet to establish himself in the business, it is clear that the UWWU has captured lightning in a bottle with Benjamin.

Lower Midcard-

user posted image

The Colorado Kid (Heel, 35)

Brash. Arrogant. Cocky. NWA Champion. All of these terms apply to The Colorado Kid, one of the top young guns in recent NWA memory. Whether the fans cheer him or boo him, his name always seems to be on their lips. With the skills he possesses, he is sure to draw attention in the UWWU.

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I like the fact the photos are representative of what they looked like back then. A small matter but shows your putting more than a tad of effort into this, which is always cool :) And I like the Conway name change, though announcing it on a show in promo may of been a better idea, but still tis a nice touch.

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user posted image


It's time, it's time, IT'S VADER TIME. Perhaps the world's best known big man will be looking to run roughshot over all comers in tne Extreme Wrestling Alliance. Having won World Titles on three different continents and destroying opponents on even more, Vader is a man not to get on the wrong side. Vader may be entering the twlight of his career but this behemoth is still a man to be scared of.

user posted image

Tommy Dreamer w/Beulah

'The Innovator of Violence' returns home to Philadelhia after having spent far too long in New York. The Philly fan favourite will be accompanied by wife Beulah when he returns to continue to add to his hardcore legacy.

user posted image

Stevie Richards

Long time fans will know never to underestimate this comedic wrestler, Stevie may act like a goof at times but he can get it done in the ring, having had only moderate success in the big three, Stevie comes to the EWA looking to live up to the hype and cement himself as a main player.

user posted image

Abdullah The Butcher

When you think of the origins of hardcore wrestling, you have to think of Abdullah The Butcher. Abby has fought and bled on six continents for more than thirty years, he has victories over legends such as Andre The Giant and Bruiser Brody under his belt and he looks to continue to prove why he is the original and best when it comes to hardcore wrestling here in the EWA.

user posted image

Masato Tanaka

A Japanese sensation, Masato Tanaka's last stint in Philadelphia is fondly remembered by fans and they will be looking for more of the same from the man with the iron skull. Will Tanaka's combination of hardcore antics and smooth Japanese wrestling see him shoot to the top in the EWA?

user posted image

Simon Diamond

Simon... Has a problem. Simon returns to Philadelphia once again to find himself surrounded by hardcore wrestlers, will Simon's in-ring talents be enough to keep him above water? Or will Simon be a sitting duck for those of a more extreme nature?

user posted image

CW Anderson

'The Enforcer' is a man who never backs down from a challenge, returning to Philadelphia to once again make a name for himself, CW Anderson is determined to put himself on the map at anyone's expense.

user posted image


The homicidal, suicidal, genocidal maniac is back with avengeance and will be looking to leave a path of destruction in his wake. Philadelphian fans will already know what to expect from this Indian, the rest of the world will just have to wait and see what the nephew of The Iron Sheik has in store for the EWA roster.

user posted image

The Messiah

The next generation of hardcore wrestlers is led by the man known as The Messiah, in the home of hardcore will The Messiah be able to make a name for himself?

user posted image

Disco Inferno

Yeah... He's just here to make up the numbers.

The Rest Of The Roster

Scotty Anton

Mike Sullivan

Chris Harvard

Ron Waterman

Billy Reil

Homeless Jimmy



David Flair

Tammy Sytch

Chet Jablonski

Dean Jablonski

Cassidy O'Reilly

Chase Stevens

Mitch Paradise


Mikey Henderson




Main Event

Battle of the Legends

Hardcore Rules

Abdullah The Butcher Vs. Vader

In what will sure be a bloody and bitter battle, Abdullah The Butcher and Vader take each other on under Hardcore Rules. What will happen when these two behemoths collide in Philadelphia?


Asian Fury

2/3 Falls, Table Match

Sabu Vs. Masato Tanaka

Pride will be on the line in this match as Indian Superstar, Sabu takes on Japanese Sensation, Masato Tanaka. These two men are sick and will always take things to the extreme, but which of the two men will succeed in putting their opponent through two tables first?

Open Challenge - Tag Team Match

Simon Diamond and CW Anderson Vs. ???

Simon Diamond and CW Anderson through out an open challenge to any tag team in the Philadelphia area last week and it is as of yet unanswered, will anyone turn up at Resurrection to challenge Diamond and Anderson? Or will they go out and find opponents for themselves?

Hardcore Rules

Stevie Richards Vs. 'Mr. STD' Scotty Anton

The Clap Vs. The Stevie Kick, Riggs Vs. Stevie, there is no love lost between the former member of the American Males and the former leader of the Blue World Order, who will win when these two collide at Resurrection?

Hardcore Rules

Tommy Dreamer w/Beulah Vs. Chris Harvard

Tommy Dreamer will kick off his return to Philadelphia with a match against former WWE wrestler and Harvard graduate, Chris Harvard. Will The Innovator of Violence get the duke over the young, cocky upstart or will Chris have a few tricks up his sleeve to get him past Dreamer?

Hardcore Rules

Homeless Jimmy Vs. The Messiah

It doesn't matter where you've been before, if you haven't proved yourself in Philadelphia, you haven't proved yourself. The Messiah and Homeless Jimmy will be out to show the world why they have been given a shot on the EWA roster and both men will be out to pick up a win in their first match in what should be a hard hitting contest.

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I look forward to the first show from any of you, and I wish you all success. I do, however, think the EWA's roster is a bit off. Why would they sign Tammy Sytch and not Chris Candido? Why is Vader in an ECW-esque environment? How come Raven isn't also a wrestler? And most importantly, what in heaven's name is Chris Harvard doing on any roster in April 2001, before Tough Enough has aired even one episode?

Ah well, I write more about this in my blog (cheap plug). I wish you all the best of luck, and I look forward to seeing who takes Vince down first :)

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Saturday 5th May 2001

Viking Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Attendance: 1,698

Dark Matches

  • Sade d. Trajik via pinfall [450 Splash]

  • Jablonski Brothers d. The Hotshots (Cassidy O'Reilly and Chase Stevens) via pinfall [super Bomb]

  • Ron Waterman d. Billy Reil via pinfall [Water-Bomb]

  • David Flair d. Mikey Henderson via submission [Figure-Four Leglock]

The Show

The opening montage of clips seems to have come from a few smaller preview shows the company has been running in the build up to this show to generate interest in the Philly area, the majority of it doesn't even include a lot of the bigger names on the card.  There is a sick 450 Splash to the outside through a table shown though, apparently its by a guy called Sade, although he hasn't made the main show tonight.  The Hall is pretty full as Philly is out in force for the return of something Extreme to PA, Hat Guy and Sign Guy are even in the front row facing the camera.

Stevie Richards Vs. 'Mr. STD' Scotty Anton

Opening match duty for Stevie tonight, although I'm sure its just to get the crowd going instead of them shitting on some non-ECW guys.  Stevie has an old bWo top on and is seconded by Tammy Lynn Sytch! Stevie and Sunny are warmly received by the crowd.  'Mr. Soon To Deliver' Scotty Anton does not get such a warm reaction as he makes his way to the ring, Anton attacks Stevie before the bell and we are underway.  Anton takes control in the early going, working Stevie over with a Backbreaker and a Side Slam, Anton shows his class by kicking a man when he is down and then going over and mouthing off to Tammy.  Stevie gets up and Back Suplexes Anton down to the canvas to cheers from the crowd, Stevie looks for an early Superkick but Anton ducks and counters with a DDT for a two count.  They head outside for our first trip through the crowd of the evening, Scotty takes the advantage with a huge chairshot to the back of Stevie's head, this is followed up by a few more chairshots to Stevie's back before Anton gloats and showboats for the Philly fans, getting pelted by a plastic beer cup as he does.  Stevie gets back to his feet and ducks an attempted chairshot from Anton, Stevie pokes him in the eye to cheers and 'woooo's from the crowd and then uses the chair to waffle Anton over the head.  Richards drags Anton back to ringside, slamming him head first into the guardrail before throwing him over it onto the concrete.  Anton reverses an attempted Irish Whip into the ringpost and Richards gets a face full of STEEL POST~! Anton beats Richards around ringside before rolling him back inside for a cover and a two count, Anton complains to the referee, which leads to Tammy getting up on the apron and arguing with Anton, Anton swings for Tammy but she just drops down off the apron, Anton swings around straight into a STEVIE KICK! Cover, 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Stevie Richards [44%/31%/58%]

After the match Tammy and Stevie hug in the ring, a small 'bWo' chant breaks out, Anton tries to spoil the party by attacking Stevie and Tammy, Tammy hits a Low Blow of Anton which is capped off by another Stevie Kick from Stevie.  Anton walks to the back upset, complaining to anyone that is in earshot.

Homeless Jimmy Vs. The Messiah

Crowd seem split on whether or not to cheer either of these guys given their places of previous employment.  Jimmy and Messiah take it in their stride and begin the match quickly, Messiah Clotheslines Jimmy over the top rope in virtually the first move of the match and the two men go through the plunder hitting each other with various chairs, garbage cans, canes and whatever else they can find underneath the ring.  We get our first crimson mask of the night as Jimmy gets busted open following a big chairshot to the face from Messiah, Messiah follows up by Piledriving Jimmy on the concrete.  In a sick spot, Messiah places Jimmy's head on the bottom railing of the security railing and then places a chair over the top of Jimmy's head, Messiah takes a few steps back and then delivers a running Double Stomp to Jimmy! First 'Holy Shit!' chant of the night for that one as Homeless Jimmy rolls around on the concrete cradling his head.  Messiah picks up Jimmy and rolls him back inside but he only gets two, Messiah brings in another chair but gets cut off by Jimmy who then proceeds to beat The Messiah down with the chair, Jimmy hits a Double Armed DDT onto the chair, 1... 2.. Kickout from Messiah.   Jimmy scores with a sloppy Neckbreaker and then misses an Elbow Drop, Messiah scores with the Godsmack (TKO), 1... 2... Kickout from Jimmy.  Messiah brings in a few more chairs, along with a garbage bin, Jimmy manages to cut off Messiah once again with a shot to the gut, he places the garbage bin over the top of Messiah trapping him inside, Jimmy climbs to the second rope and comes off with a huge chairshot to the top of the can.  Jimmy sets up two chairs so that they stand facing each other and then places another between the gap in the two chairs, he pulls the garbage bin off of Messiah and looks for a Powerbomb through the set up chair structure, Messiah punches Jimmy in the face as he is lifted up to escape, Jimmy turns around into the Fall From Grace (Burning Hammer) straight through the chairs, cover, 1... 2... 3!

Winner: The Messiah [57%/51%/63%]

Tommy Dreamer Vs. Chris Harvard

The pop for Tommy is... Tommy-like in its awesomeness, there is just something about having 'Man In A Box' playing in the ECW Arena that sends chills down my spine, it is however strange to see Tommy not in an ECW shirt.  Chris Harvard is already in the ring, Harvard was a participant in the yet to be aired series of WWF Tough Enough, the fact that he is here in the EWA probably gives you a good idea of how well he did, apparently he is a Harvard graduate and former football player.  Harvard looks for a handshake before the beginning of the match, Tommy looks out to the crowd and then nails Harvard with a huge right hand to the cheers of the faithful.  This is basically a Tommy squash, Tommy punches and kicks Harvard around for the opening minute, also hitting a few Bodyslams and Hiptoss as it seems that is all Harvard is capable of taking at the moment.  Tommy brings in a chair and completely kills Harvard dead with a devastating shot to the head, Tommy pulls Harvard up and Piledrives him onto the chair to a huge pop from the crowd.  Tommy sticks his arms out by his side as the crowd begin to chant 'EWA', although I'm pretty sure some of them are chanting 'ECW' ... The lights go out, they flash on and off a few times, flickering breifly each time, they come back on fully... ITS RAVEN! Raven is stood behind Tommy doing the same crucifix pose, Tommy turns around... EVENFLOW DDT! Raven drags Chris Harvard on top of Dreamer and then sits in the corner, the referee makes the count, 1... 2... 3! Dreamer's return to Viking Hall has been ruined by Raven!

Winner: Chris Harvard [59%/60%/58%]

Raven pulls himself up and begins to put the boots to Tommy Dreamer, Chris Harvard gets up and begins to do the same but after every few kicks he turns to the fans with a big smile on his face while slapping Raven on the back.  Raven picks up Tommy Dreamer and delivers the Evenflow DDT once again to Tommy, Raven then turns to Chris Harvard and tells him to throw Tommy over the top rope, which he does.  Raven sits back down in the corner and looks out at the crowd, Harvard hands him a microphone and Raven begins to speak.

Raven: Never underestimate the harbinger of sorrow, Tommy, for every time you do it is then that he shall strike.  Did you really think that I would let you return to my playground without so much as word? Did you really think I would let you come in here, like some thief in the night and steal my time in the sun? Because that's what you're doing Tommy, just as always, they're not talking about Raven returning to Philadelphia, they're talking about Tommy, Tommy, TOMMY, TOMMY!!! Philadelphia is not your town and this is not your playground, its mine Tommy and every time you step in here you have to know that, because I do Tommy and I live just waiting for the next time I get to strike you down. **Raven pulls himself up to his feet and walks over to the side of the ring that Tommy stands on the outside of** Its a shame Tommy that it had to happen this way, I like you Tommy, I always have but you've never felt that way you've taken everything from me and now there is nothing left, you took Beulah, you took Kimona, you took The Sandman, you took everything in my life Tommy and left me with nothing and now... Now you come here and try to take Philadelphia away from me, you try to take all this away from me? Its not going to happen Tommy, I can't allow it to happen again **Tommy turns and walks to the back shaking his head** Where are you going Tommy? Tommy, come back! **Turning to Chris Harvard** You see what you've done! You, the small greenhorn that comes here asking me for help... You may be a Harvard graduate but you still have a lot to learn **Raven walks right up to Chris Harvard, boots him in the stomach and nails the EVENFLOW DDT, Raven drops down to his knees and looks Harvard right in the face** ... And your education has just begun.  Quoth the Raven, nevermore.



We come back from the intermission to find Disco Inferno and Kurrgan dancing in the middle of the ring to the boos and jeers of the fans, seriously they are getting pelted with pretty much everything the fans can lay their hands on.  Disco, however, the trooper that he is continues to bust a move like a legend while Kurrgan just shuffles around.  Simon Says by Drain STH hits and Simon Diamond and CW Anderson make their way out to the ring, Anderson does his one facial expression... Intense, Simon and CW then look at each other and then charge into the ring.

Simon Diamond and CW Anderson Vs. Disco Inferno and Kurrgan

Simon heads straight for Disco while CW takes on Kurrgan, all four men brawl around the ring for a few moments until Anderson scores with a nice looking Spinning Powerslam on Kurrgan.  Anderson then picks up Kurrgan and whips him to the ropes... ANDERSON SPINEBUSTER! Kurrgan rolls out of the ring leaving Disco alone with Anderson and Diamond, one Problem Solver later and this one is over.  Well, that was short.

Winners: Simon Diamond and CW Anderson [64%/60%/69%]

Sabu Vs. Masato Tanaka - Best two out of three falls, Table Match

Yup, here we go.  First man to put his opponent through two different tables is the winner of the match.  Both men come out to big reactions for the Philly fans, which is no surprise, neither man really seems to be playing a heel here, but Sabu seems to be the more over face which would make Tanaka the defacto heel for the evening.  The match starts off pretty badly for the man from India as Tanaka suplexes him out of his boots with a nice Head and Arm Suplex, followed up an Exploder~! Tanaka wastes no time in bringing in the first table of the evening, setting it up resting against one of the turnbuckles.  Tanaka boots Sabu down into another corner and then stomps away on him before running off of the ropes opposite and delivering a huge knee to the face of Sabu!  Sabu gets up and tries to shake it off but gets caught once again by Tanaka, who scores with an impressive Death Valley Driver.  Tanaka makes sure the table is still standing before picking up Sabu and German Suplexing him through the table for the first fall! 1-0 to Tanaka.  Tanaka looks to pick up Sabu again but is cut off by a poke to the eye, Sabu throws Tanaka to the outside and then scores with a suicide dive through the ropes to the floor.  The two men fight around ringside with Sabu dishing out the majority of the punishment, Sabu throws Tanaka over the guardrail and the two men begin to fight through the crowd, Sabu picks up a chair and smashes it over Tanaka's head, who just stands there with a big smile on his face to the cheers of the fans.  Sabu hits Tanaka three more times over the head barely moving the man from Japan, Sabu then hits Tanaka in the stomach with the end of the chair and DDTs Tanaka on the concrete.  Sabu drags Tanaka back to the ringside area and throws him into the STEEL POST~! That crazy Sabu.  Sabu pulls a table out from under the ring and then sets it up in the ring, Tanaka is pulled into the ring by Sabu and laid on top of the table, Sabu stands on the apron, slingshots in, spins around and hits a Slingshot Moonsault on Tanaka driving him through the table to take the second fall! 1-1.  Sabu quickly rolls out of the ring and brings in another table, he sets it up in the middle of the ring but is cut off by a Tanaka low blow before he can attempt to take the final fall, Tanaka throws Sabu to the outside and the two once again begin to brawl around the ring, Tanaka sends Sabu hard into the safety barrier around the ring and then follows that up by delivering a T-Bone Suplex straight into the barrier itself, Tanaka throws Sabu headfirst into the STEEL POST~! and then rolls him into the ring, Tanaka gets up onto the apron but Sabu manages to hit him with a Shoulder to the gut, Sabu Suplexes Tanaka into the ring, Tanaka's leg just grazing the table set up in the ring, Sabu grabs a chair and sets it up in the middle of the ring but Tanaka is back on his feet before Sabu can do anything, Tanaka looks for another Suplex but Sabu manages to block the move and send Tanaka to the corner, Sabu puts Tanaka up on the top turnbuckle and brings him down again with a Top Rope Hurracanrana, Sabu climbs the ropes and comes off with a Legdrop, he picks up Tanaka and places him on top of the table, Sabu uses the set up chair to go for a modified version of the Triple Jump Moonsault.. But Tanaka moves out of the way! Sabu goes through the table, the bell rings and Tanaka is announced as the winner of the match!

Winner: Masato Tanaka [68%/56%/81%]

Sabu goes crazy after the match yelling at the referee and then attacks Tanaka to the cheers of the crowd! He manages to knock Tanaka down and then heads to the top rope with a chair, Sabu nails the ARABIAN FACEBUSTER! And then throws the chair down on the mat, he returns to the back to huge cheers from the Philadelphian crowd.

Abdullah The Butcher Vs. Vader

Main event time.  Abby and Vader both come out to big pops from the Philly crowd, Abby takes control from the opening bell and busts Vader open inside the first minute with a fork to the head, big cheer for that one from the Philly crowd unsurprisingly.  Abby works over Vader with some Forearms and eventually takes Vader down with a Shoulderblock, to say Abby is looking immobile is like saying Terry Funk has bad knees, Abby hits an Elbow Drop but it only gets two.  More fork to the head from Abby and bleeding from Vader, who eventually decides to get into this match by blocking an Abby right and whipping him into the corner.  Big Splash in the corner from Vader is followed up by the 'Who Da Man?' routine, Vader knocks Abby back to the mat with a Clothesline but only gets two.  Vader brings in the plunder, garbage cans, chairs and so on, but Abby gets the fork to the arm of Vader before the 'Mastadon' can attack.  Abby throws Vader out of the ring and the two men fight around ringside, the crowd actually get behind the trading of punches that the two men go through, Abby wins that battle and throws Vader into the safety barrier, a trip into the STEEL POST~! for Vader is followed up by Abby trying to Splash Vader against the post... But Vader moves out of the way and Abby goes into the STEEL POST~! Abby comes up bleeding from the head and thrown into the ring by Vader, Vader hits a few chairshots but Abby once again makes the comeback with the fork, Vader manages to cut him off and whip Abby into the corner, Vader scores with a Big Splash that sends Abby down to the mat.  Vader comes off of the second rope with the Vader Bomb! Cover, 1... 2... 3! This one is over

Winner: Vader [62%/63%/62%]

Picture of the night

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The Extreme Wrestling Alliance cordially invites you to join us at Viking Hall, Philadelphia, PA, on Saturday 2nd June 2001 for a

Symphony of Destruction


The EWA Staff.


Main Event

Hardcore Tag Team Match

Raven and Vader Vs. Abdullah The Butcher and Tommy Dreamer

As we all saw at Resurrection, the enigma known as Raven returned to once again become the thorn in Tommy Dreamer's soul costing Tommy a victory in his highly anticipated return to Philadelphia.  At Symphony of Destruction, Tommy Dreamer will receive his first chance to get back at Raven as he teams with Abdullah The Butcher to take on Raven and Vader.  Vader and Abdullah went through a bloody war in the main event of Resurrection and with Raven and Tommy squaring off in the same ring as well, the carnage is bound to be high, this is one match you do not want to miss.


Last Man Standing

Sabu Vs. Masato Tanaka

Sabu and Tanaka locked horns at Resurrection in an amazing two out of three falls table match, Sabu however was none to happy with the end result and ended up attacking Tanaka after the match and demanding a rematch.  The EAW, never ones to stand in the way of two wrestlers wanting to kick the crap out of each other, have booked a Last Man Standing match up between the 'Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal' Sabu and the man with the iron skull, Masato Tanaka.  Who will win when these two asian warriors go head to head for a second time?

Hardcore Rules

Stevie Richards w/Tammy Vs. Disco Inferno

Stevie Richards and Disco Inferno's first night in the EWA were exact opposites, while Stevie was cheered and adored by the fans, Disco was booed out of the Arena for wanting to dance and entertain.  While Stevie picked up an impressive win over Scotty Anton, Disco was defeated in quick fashion by CW Anderson and Simon Diamond.  So at Symphony of Destruction, Disco will be looking to be making some victory music of his own as he takes on Stevie in a one on one match up to be contested under Hardcore Rules, will Disco's search for approval end in success? Or will Stevie with Tammy at his side continue his winning ways here in the EWA?

David Flair Vs. Billy Reil

To be the man, wooooooo, you gotta beat the man.  If you're a wrestling fan there is no doubt that you will have heard of the name Flair and there is no doubt that you know it is forever linked with talent, world championships and great matches.  David Flair arrives in the EWA looking to continue his father's legacy as 'The New Nature Boy' takes on Billy Reil in what should be an interesting match up.  Will David continue the Flair legacy? Or will Reil show that who you're related to means nothing in this business?

Simon Diamond and CW Anderson Vs. Jablonski Brothers

Following their quick demolition of Disco Inferno and Kurrgan at Resurrection, Simon and CW came to the EWA staff and demanded that we find them some competition for this show.  After scouting the surrounding areas, the Jablonski Brothers, Dean and Chet, are the men we have brought forward for Simon and CW to test themselves against.  Will Simon and CW destroy these contenders as quickly as they did Disco and Kurrgan? Or will the unknown Jablonski Brothers deliver an upset that no one is expecting?

Sade Vs. Trajik Vs. Mitch Paradise

The EWA is all about exposing new talents to our audiences and at Symphony of Destruction we will do exactly that as three cruiserweights take on each other in what should be a high paced, high octane match.  With each man out to make an impact on their debut here in the EWA, will it be the 'Highlight of the night' Sade, 'One Night Stand' Mitch Paradise or the gothic Trajik that'll walk away with their arm raised and their head held high?

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I didn't really think any of the matches were overly long, I mean I doubt the Sabu/Tanaka match is more than thirty lines but I'll think about adding a break in there somewhere, reviews of matches don't usually go that route though, they are just one block of text.

But like I said, I'll look into it.


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The Night It All Started

Tampa Bay, Florida

May 12th, 2001

The RoW logo breaks apart, leaving you with an image of a few thousand fans packed into an arena. The ring is black and silver on the banners with a big RoW logo in the center of it all. The camera focuses in ringside on Joe Malenko seated next to Arn Anderson.

Joe Malenko: A big night folks as we welcome you to the debut of the Revival of Wrestling in what will forever be known as The Night It All Started!

Arn Anderson: Joe, I've been in some major feds, I've been in all the major feds, but there's a special feeling around here. It's not about the money, it's about fixing what's wrong with wrestling.

Joe Malenko: You're exactly right about that Double A and it's an absolute pleasure to be seated here next to you.

Arn Anderson: Likewise Joe.

Joe Malenko: We've got four big tag matches followed by two fourway matches, then our grand finale where the World Title will be decided.

Arn Anderson: Why wait anymore then, let's get right to the first match!

John Tenta/Wrath vs. Scott Norton/Shane Douglas

Pre-Match Notes: Tenta got a decent pop and a small "Earthquake" chant, but other than that, the only participant to get cheered was Torrie Wilson as she seduced the crowd with her walk. Wrath started things off against Shane Douglas.

Match: Douglas circled around Wrath, looking like he wanted to hook up, but then slapping Wrath's hands away when they went to. Finally, Shane got Wrath to charge and sidestepped him, kicking him in the back of the knee. Wrath drops down and Douglas takes quick advantage, driving a forearm into the upper back of Wrath, again and again, trying to keep Wrath down on the mat. Shane uses his knee, placing it in the back of Wrath, driving his throat into the second rope, choking him out while Torrie applauds on the outside. Shane backs up and charges, but Wrath moves out of the way and Douglas crotches himself on the middle rope. Wrath up to his feet and lifts Shane in the air, scoop slamming him. Wrath drops down to his knee, hitting Douglas with hard right hands before standing up, yelling to the fans and getting a small pop. Douglas gets back up and Wrath slams him into the mat again, then points to Tenta, the fans reacting to the nostalgia factor. Tenta tags in, but by the time he steps through the ropes, Douglas is making a tag of his own.

Joe Malenko: Now this should be interesting. John Tenta and Scott Norton...

Arn Anderson: It's not gonna be pretty Joe, these are two very, very big men and neither one of them is exactly athletic.

Joe Malenko: So how does one of them gain an advantage?

Arn Anderson: I'm not sure they do Joe.

Norton steps in and him and Tenta walk right up to each other, talking under their breath. Norton raises his hand, wanting a power check. Tenta, at the urging of the crowd, obliges but when he does, Norton kicks him in the midsection, then kicks him one more time before attempting a bodyslam. Norton can't get Tenta off the ground, but tries again, still without luck. Tenta takes his turn now, hammering at Norton, even rocking him with back to back body blows, one from each hand. Norton stumbles back a bit and Tenta lifts him into the air with a bodyslam, the ring shaking when Norton lands. Tenta pulls a page out of the history books, looking around the arena, then backing up into the ropes. He steps forward, then leaps into the air, landing on top of Norton with a big splash! The impact was so great that Douglas nearly fell off the apron! The crowd can't believe what they just saw that, or that the ring's still in one piece. Tenta makes the cover as referee John Cislack slides in for the count, but Norton gets his shoulders up before two. Tenta, already breathing heavily, gets up slowly and tags back out to Wrath.

Joe Malenko: Not exactly the Earthquake of old, aye?

Arn Anderson: Times have changed. Wrath is the new age monster and he's not backing down from Norton.

Joe Malenko: Nope, he's going right at him, lifting Norton off the canvas to his feet.

Wrath pushes Norton back first into the corner, charging in with a big elbow that lifts Norton off the ground. Wrath drives his shoulder into Norton's midsection, then digs down deep and lifts Norton so he's sitting on the top turnbuckle, his feet resting on the second rope. Wrath then climbs up with him, hooking Norton's head.

Joe Malenko: He can't try to superplex him, that would destroy this entire ring!

Arn Anderson: Norton's not used to guys being able to do this to him, I'm not sure if he'd be able to get up from it.

Wrath attempts it, but can't move Norton. He tries again with the same result, then Norton changes it around, shoving Wrath off! Wrath lands hard on the canvas and Norton stands up on the second turnbuckle. The crowd stands in anticipation, then let out a collective gasp when Norton jumps off, landing a huge splash on Wrath from the second turnbuckle! The impact shakes the ring yet again and Norton's unable to stay on top of Wrath, being rolled off instead. John Cislack's in position, but there is no pin, instead he watches Norton tag out to Douglas. Douglas comes in, immediately going for the pin but gets bench pressed off of Wrath. Douglas then starts putting rapid fire boots to Wrath's chest, trying to cause some sort of damage. Douglas drops down for another pin, but again gets bench pressed off. Douglas waits for Wrath to get to his feet, then charges, but Wrath gets his foot up quickly and nearly decapitates Douglas with a big boot. Wrath sends Douglas into the corner, charging in with a massive clothesline, then reaching up and tagging in John Tenta. Wrath watches as Tenta takes a running start and jumps, a whole two inches in the air, with an avalanche that sandwiches Douglas perfectly. Douglas immediately starts coughing from the blow, then falls face first to the mat while Tenta tags Wrath back in.

Joe Malenko: This could be it Double A, he's calling for the Meltdown!

Arn Anderson: He's got Douglas in place for it, but Wrath can't keep looking to the crowd for approval.

Wrath raises his arms to the crowd, getting a louder pop than before, but is caught off guard when Shane Douglas rolls him up! Douglas only gets a two count out of the small package, but as soon as Wrath gets back to his feet, Douglas ducks a clothesline and Wrath takes out John Cislack! Wrath leans over Cislack, trying to get him back to his feet and Douglas charges, trying to take advantage. Wrath sees him coming and slams him with a powerslam! Wrath checks on Cislack again, then turns to Douglas, starting to get up himself. Douglas sees Wrath coming and backs himself into the corner, begging off of Wrath. Wrath cracks his knuckles, preparing for destruction, but doesn't see Torrie come in the ring behind him! Torrie with a lowblow to Wrath and Douglas quickly takes advantage, rolling Wrath up. Torrie grabs Cislack's hand and slaps the mat three times while Tenta tries to get in the ring in time. He doesn't and the timekeeper rings the bell! Cislack looks around, unsure of what happened, but sees Douglas with the pin and sees Torrie in the ring celebrating, so Cislack gets up and raises Douglas' hand in victory!

Winner: Shane Douglas & Scott Norton

Joe Malenko: I'm not sure Cislack is quite sure of what happened, but he's giving it to Douglas and Norton.

Arn Anderson: Torrie making her presence felt early and I'm sure that's something we may as well get used to now Joe.

Joe Malenko: She's definately not just a pretty face.

Arn Anderson: So Douglas and Norton will be in the fourway, as will the winners of our next match, right?

Joe Malenko: Yessir.

Konnan/Nick Dinsmore vs. Marc Mero/Devon Storm

Pre-Match Notes: The other three were already in the ring when Konnan's hip hop music came over the speakers. The next sound you heard was the voice of the former WCW United States champ as he stepped through the curtains with a microphone.

Konnan: Yo yo, lemme speak on dis, od-a-lay! Arriba la raza!

The crowd pops huge for the phrase and Konnan, wearing baggy black jeans and a white tanktop, continues on his way to the ring.

Konnan: Yo yo, my boy Dean-O decided to take wrestling back and stick it to Vinny Mac, so the K-Dawg's here in Tampa Bay, ready to hit tha ring and do this thang my way. Odalay!

Konnan drops the mic and slides into the ring, followed shortly by the bell sounding off.

Match: He stays in the ring, locking up with Marc Mero. Mero sends Konnan off into the ropes, but Konnan avoids a right hand, then knocks Mero down with a clothesline. Mero gets up and another clothesline from Konnan. Make it a trifecta and Mero rolls out of the ring, slapping his hands on the mat in frustration. Mero doesn't have time to re-group, Konnan slides under the bottom rope with a missed baseball slide. Mero's able to connect with a couple of right hands, then lifts Konnan up with an inverted atomic drop before Dinsmore hops off the apron and comes over, grabbing Mero and sending him into the guardrail. Dinsmore with some stiff rights to Mero, but then he turns and Devon Storm is leaping off with a flying crossbody! Dinsmore stumbles backwards into the guardrail himself and the fans are on their feet, loving the excitement of this match. Storm looks out to the crowd, his head cocked to the side, then charges at Dinsmore, clotheslining him up and over the guardrail! Storm goes with him and both men find themselves in the front row!

Joe Malenko: That's why those are the expensive seats, you get to interact with the stars!

Arn Anderson: Devon Storm living up to his reputation. He'll do pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime.

Joe Malenko: Mero's rolled back into the ring, trying to slow things back down.

Arn Anderson: Konnan's in now too, but Mero with a quick boot to the back takes the advantage.

Mero grabs Konnan, lifting him up and bringing him down over his knee with a backbreaker. Mero drops Konnan to the mat and goes for the pin, only getting a one count. Mero stomps away at Konnan, keeping him on the mat, then measures Konnan and delivers a snap legdrop, stands up, and drops another one. Mero doesn't go for the pin, instead tagging in Devon Storm, who had just gotten back to the mat. Storm quickly climbs up to the top turnbuckle, waits for Konnan to get to his feet, then dives right at him with a shoulder tackle, but Konnan sees it coming and changes it into a DDT! Storm gets planted hard, but Konnan's not able to capitalize, barely even able to get up and tag in Dinsmore. Dinsmore comes in but is caught off guard by a shin kick from Storm, who then plants Dinsmore with a double armed DDT! Storm steps to the outside of the ropes, then uses the top rope for leverage, lifting himself up and over the top, landing on Dinsmore's throat with a leg drop! Storm spins off, hopping up to his feet, then pointing to the top turnbuckle. The crowd stands, anticipating what's to come. Storm climbs to the top, but he doesn't see Dinsmore getting up behind him. Storm leaps off with a moonsault, but lands right on Dinsmore's shoulder, who then falls forward, driving Storm into the mat before rolling off towards Konnan.

Joe Malenko: Dinsmore with the tag to Konnan and Konnan, trying to get the crowd into it.

Arn Anderson: Time and time again, you'll see Konnan playing to the fans instead of just getting the work done in the ring.

Joe Malenko: Well, without fans, what do you have?

Arn Anderson: Konnan'd probably have a lot more success.

Storm gets to his feet and Konnan runs him over with a clothesline, then leans back against the ropes, waiting. Storm gets up again and Konnan charges again, this time connecting with a rolling clothesline before signalling for the tequila sunrise. As he's trying to get it locked in, Mero steps through the ropes, kicking Konnan in the back. Konnan leaves Storm and goes at Mero. Mero hops off the apron, wanting nothing to do with Konnan. Dinsmore comes around the outside, hitting Mero from the side. Mero reverses an irish whip, sending Dinsmore tumbling into the ringsteps. Mero hops on the apron, where Konnan meets him with a wild right. Mero ducks it and hooks Konnan's arm while Devon Storm attempts a sidekick. Konnan ducks it and Storm nails Mero! Konnan with a facebuster to Storm, then hooks the leg, getting the three count!

Winner: Konnan & Nick Dinsmore

Joe Malenko: A costly error by Storm and Konnan's right there to capitalize.

Arn Anderson: Konnan got lucky that his showboating didn't cost them this match, but I guarantee if he pulls that in the fourway, he's finished.

Joe Malenko: Mero getting to his senses outside and he doesn't seem too happy with Storm.

Arn Anderson: Would you be?

Joe Malenko: Mero's headed to the back, but he's still raising a fuss with Storm.

Arn Anderson: If he focuses all that hostility, he might be a contender sometime.

Myst/Chad Collyer vs. Ken Shamrock/Shawn Stasiak

Pre-Match Notes: Chad Collyer steps into the ring, his eyes locked on Shamrock and Stasiak while the lights dim for the arrival of Myst. The fans turn towards the entranceway, but soon start turning to each other, wondering where exactly he is. Chad Collyer even turns his attention to the aisleway, now showing concern that his partner's not on his way. Collyer turns his entire body towards the entranceway, leaving himself open for attack from Shawn Stasiak.

Match: Stasiak runs Collyer head first into the top turnbuckle, spinning him around in the corner, then kicking him in the midsection until Collyer slumps down to the ground. The onslaught doesn't stop there though. Stasiak keeps putting the boots to Collyer until referee Scott Chen forces him to back off. Stasiak, with a wide smile on his face, turns to Shamrock, who doesn't seem to be as happy with these unfair circumstances. Shamrock tags himself in, then stands back, allowing Collyer to get off the mat. Collyer seems surprised and gets up cautiously, shaking Shamrock's hand very carefully when it was offered. The two lock up and Shamrock takes Collyer down, but Collyer sweeps out the legs of Shamrock, stands, but misses a quick elbow drop. Shamrock grabs Collyer from behind, pulling him to his feet, but before he can use the belly to back suplex, Collyer reverses the stance, then again pulls Shamrock's legs out, driving him facefirst to the mat. Collyer twists his body around, locking in a front facelock and keeping Shamrock on the mat while the crowd applauds the chain wrestling.

Joe Malenko: And that right there is what RoW is all about. I know Dean's smiling in the back at that brilliant display.

Arn Anderson: Shamrock had the opportunity when he came in, but he's let Collyer get the momentum now. Respect is one thing, but winning's still the most important thing.

Joe Malenko: Shamrock wanted to win the right way, and this one's far from over Double A, far from over.

Collyer starts getting back up, but maintains the facelock, standing slowly so as to keep Shamrock in front of him. Collyer throws Shamrock's arm over his neck, then lifts him up for a vertical suplex, instead falling forward with it. Shamrock bounces off the canvas and Collyer gets back to a ready stance, taking Shamrock down with a drop toe hold as soon as Ken stands up, then following that with a quick half boston crab. No sooner does he set it in than Stasiak comes charging through the ropes, kicking Collyer in the chest and knocking him back. Chen tells Stasiak to get out, but Stasiak drags Shamrock with him towards the ropes, tagging himself in as soon as he stepped out. Stasiak steps right back in, missing a right hand and getting side suplexed by Collyer. Collyer never saw the tag made and goes back to attacking Shamrock, standing him up against the ropes. Stasiak turns Collyer around though, kicking him in the midsection, then driving him into the mat with a DDT.

Joe Malenko: Stasiak changing the tide with that one after bringing himself into the match.

Arn Anderson: Stasiak's got the right idea, do what you have to do to win. That's a second generation wrestler for ya.

Joe Malenko: What do you mean?

Arn Anderson: He grew up in the business, he knows that being popular may be fun, but winning's more fun.

Stasiak goes for the cover, but Collyer kicks out. Meanwhile, Shamrock's looking at Collyer with a different look ever since Collyer attacked him after Shamrock had been tagged out. Stasiak with a hard irish whip, sending Collyer into the corner, the impact forcing Collyer back towards the middle of the ring, where Stasiak plants him with a spinebuster. Stasiak backs into the ropes where he's surprised by a smack on the back from Shamrock, who again brings himself into the match. Stasiak asks Shamrock what the hell he's doing and Shamrock just barks for him to get out of the ring. Stasiak doesn't want to mess with Shamrock's temper and watches as Shamrock quickly belly to belly suplexes Collyer, the second he gets to his feet. Collyer gets up, this time a little slower and Shamrock again takes him down with a belly to belly suplex, dropping him firmly on his back. Shamrock lets out his primal scream, then drops to the mat, grabbing Collyer's ankle and twisting the life out of it. Collyer screams out in pain and instantly is tapping the mat, giving up the match.

Winner: Ken Shamrock & Shawn Stasiak

Joe Malenko: Collyer put up a valiant effort, but really, overcoming a two-to-one advantage is a hard thing to do.

Arn Anderson: Especially when you're in there with Shamrock, who is the odds on favorite to walk away with the belt tonight.

Joe Malenko: What's Stasiak doing now?

Post-Match: Stasiak steps through the ropes, looking at Shamrock, who's got his back turned. Stasiak charges at Shamrock, but Shamrock turns just in time and Stasiak drops to the mat, rolling out of the ring.

Big Vito/The Scholar vs. Scott Vick/Alex Wright

Pre-Match: While the other three waited patiently, Scholar took his time getting to the ring, walking slowly and looking around the arena with a smug look, as if unimpressed by those in attendance. Scholar stepped up onto the apron, looking his own partner up and down, then rolled his eyes and motioned for Vito to get out of the ring, telling him that he'd take care of everything.

Match: Vick was set to lock up with The Scholar, but instead pointed at Vito and kept challenging the big italian. Vito steps in the ring and Vick right away cuts him off, swinging with furious right hands, but all it takes is one from Vito, right in the forehead, to knock Vick back. Vick gets back up, charging back at Vito, who again drives him to the ground with a right hand. Vito with a scoop slam to Vick, then looks for a jumping elbow drop, coming down hard on the sternum of Vick. Vito gets up, tagging in The Scholar for the first time. Scholar steps through the ropes, nods his head very gentlemanly to the ref, then puts a boot to Vick's face, followed by three more in rapid succession. The crowd instantly boos Scholar, who looks out and shakes his head in disgust. Vick gets to all fours, trying to get himself up, but a swift kick to the ribs turns him over on his back. Scholar grabs both of Vick's legs and flips over him, bridging out with a pin attempt but only getting a two count. Scholar gets up, but not before Vick rolls over and tags in Alex Wright. Scholar charges Wright, who takes him down with a japanese arm drag, then another, and a third. Scholar gets up again and this time Wright gets perfect extension on a dropkick, knocking Scholar back into the corner. Wright keeps him set up there, then backs to the middle of the ring, turning and charging, leaping into the air with an avalanche, knocking the wind out of Scholar, who falls face first to the mat.

Joe Malenko: Alex Wright bringing excitement into the match.

Arn Anderson: He's not giving Scholar an inch, that's for sure.

Joe Malenko: Wright with a double underhook suplex and he's going for the cover! Oh, so close, almost three.

Arn Anderson: Almost doesn't quite cut it.

Wright backs Scholar into the corner, then drives a forearm into Scholar's chest twice, the impact causing Scholar to bend over. Wright yells back to Vick, then whips Scholar across the ring, towards the opposite corner. Vick pulls himself up and manages to put the top of his foot into the back of Scholar's head as he lands in the corner. Scholar falls straight down on his face and Wright tags in Vick. Vick lifts himself up and over the top rope, coming down hard across Scholar with a legdrop. Vick stands back up, then goes over to Vito, swinging a right hand to him, but Vito ducks it. Vick turns back around and Scholar rolls into his legs, knocking Vick down. Scholar raises his hand up, tagging Vito back into the ring. Vito comes in, stomping away at Vick before picking him up off the mat. Another right hand from Vito, then Vick is sent into the corner, followed closely by a clothesline from Vito. Vito roars out to the crowd, getting an alright pop, then sends Vick into the opposite corner, charging in with another clothesline, but this time, Vick lifts himself up and over Vito, twisting around, then dropkicking Vito in the back of the knees, dropping him to the mat. Vick stands up quickly and delivers a sidekick to the back of Vito's head, jamming it into the second turnbuckle.

Joe Malenko: Innovative use of the turnbuckle, using the second one instead of the top.

Arn Anderson: Vick's full of creative maneuvers, but he has a hard time putting them together.

Joe Malenko: Vick helping Vito to his feet, but wouldn't he have been better off leaving him on the mat?

Arn Anderson: And getting rid of Vito's size advantage? Definately.

Vick puts Vito backfirst in the corner, then yells something at him before chopping his chest, getting a nice reaction from the crowd. Vick with another chop, but this one just gets Vito fired up. Vito turns him around, throwing Vick in back first and rocking his midsection with multiple right hands, softening up the body. Vito sends Vick into the ropes, stopping him and bringing him down with a powerslam. Vito holds on for the pin, but only gets a two. Vito sends Vick into the corner, where he tags Alex Wright. Vito attacks Wright with right hands, then sends Wright into the ropes. Wright ducks a clothesline, then uses a flying clothesline of his own to knock Vito down. Wright gets back up, waits for Vito, then goes for a dropkick. Vito moves out of the way and Wright lands hard. Wright gets up only to have Vito use a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, nearly splitting Wright's spine in half. Vito pulls Wright to his feet again, then yells out before turning Wright upside down in the air, driving his head straight to the mat with a piledriver. Vito goes for the pin, but still only manages to get a two count. Vito tags in The Scholar, then stands behind Wright, hooking him with a full nelson. Vito lifts him up and down with a seated full nelson slam, leaving Wright sitting in the middle of the ring where The Scholar delivers a shining wizard that knocks him right to the mat.

Joe Malenko: Scholarly Notion! That had to have done it.

Arn Anderson: Vick looks on, but with Vito there, it's all academic.

Winner: Big Vito & The Scholar

Joe Malenko: Vito and The Scholar are moving on to the fatal fourway!

Arn Anderson: Imagine The Scholar as our first champion....

Joe Malenko: Scary, huh?

Arn Anderson: You said it.

Scott Norton vs. Shane Douglas vs. Konnan vs. Nick Dinsmore

Match: Norton and Douglas stood on one side of the ring while Konnan and Dinsmore stood on the other. They started towards each other, but Douglas held back behind Norton, letting him take on the other two. Norton put up a fight but Konnan and Dinsmore both sent him to the ropes. Norton bounced off and ran both men over with a double clothesline. Norton then turned to Douglas, who immediately backed off, trying to apologize for what he did. Norton kept getting closer and closer until Douglas kicked him swiftly below the belt, Norton's eyes going wide while he dropped to the mat, clutching himself. Douglas then turned and got t-boned by Dinsmore, who dropped him right on his head. Douglas rolls to the outside and Dinsmore gives chase. In the ring, Konnan's quick to drop an elbow on Norton, then rolls him over for a pin, hoping to get him out of there quickly, but when Norton benchpresses him off, that dream dies. Konnan backs up while Norton gets to his feet, then goes for a clothesline, but can barely budge Norton. Back on the outside, Douglas has turned things around on Dinsmore, sending him into the guardrail, then kicking him in the midsection. Douglas trades remarks with a fan in the front row, then lifts Dinsmore into the air, crotching him on the guardrail, leaving him there while he turns his attention to the inside where Norton has just delivered a big splash to Konnan. Douglas slides in, but doesn't interrupt the pinfall attempt, watching anxiously as referee Cassidy Black's hand hits the mat three times, Konnan becoming the first person to get eliminated, and rather quickly at that.

Joe Malenko: A quick elimination, but with a man Norton's size, you never know what can happen.

Arn Anderson: He took advantage of a situation and has narrowed the field, but he better be careful.

Joe Malenko: Careful?

Arn Anderson: He doesn't see Shane Douglas creeping up behind him.

Douglas does creep up, knocking Norton in the back and sending him stumbling forward into the corner. Douglas with another shot, then turns Norton around, connecting with a right hand to his jaw, then goes for an irish whip that gets reversed. Norton sends Douglas into the opposite corner, but when he charges, Douglas gets his feet up and knocks Norton backwards. Douglas then lifts himself up to the second turnbuckle and leaps off, taking Norton off his feet with a flying clothesline. Douglas goes for a pin, but Norton's not having it and tosses Douglas off before the two. Norton gets back up but before he can go after Douglas, he sees Dinsmore sliding in and grabs him instead, headbutting him in the forehead, then sending him into the ropes. Norton takes him down with a shoulderblock, then drops a standing big splash to him. Norton doesn't go for the pin because Douglas attacks him from behind again. Norton turns but Douglas is sliding out of the ring again before Norton can grab him. Norton yells at him to get back in there, but then Dinsmore gets to his feet and spins Norton around, connecting with a solid right hand. Dinsmore then hooks Norton, drawing a gasp from the crowd by lifting him into the air, spinning, and dropping him with a belly to belly suplex. Dinsmore looks surprised himself, but quickly makes the cover anyways. It's not enough and Norton again kicks out. By now, Shane's back into the ring with Dinsmore and together, they plant Norton with a double DDT. Dinsmore turns to Douglas, but Shane's trying to play peacemaker and convinces Dinsmore to work with him. They back Norton up into the corner, then lift him so he's sitting on the top turnbuckle. Douglas and Dinsmore both climb up, surprised that the second rope is holding all three of them. They both hook Norton, then drop him back with a massive superplex! Dinsmore rolls over and makes the pin. Cassidy Black makes an easy three count.

Joe Malenko: The ring's still shaking Double A, Norton almost went through it!

Arn Anderson: Ya know, it's not easy to manhandle a man his size but Douglas had the right idea to join forces.

Joe Malenko: We're down to two and in just moments, we're going to have the first man in the main event.

Arn Anderson: Never count the veteran out. Shane's full of magic, and with lovely Torrie on the outside, he'll find a way.

Douglas doesn't even let Dinsmore off the mat, stomping him down with a series of boots. Douglas even drops to the mat, driving right hands into Dinsmore's forehead until Black pulls him off, warning him. Douglas argues with the ref while Torrie chokes Dinsmore from the outside. Torrie lets him go just before Black turns back to Nick. Douglas walks around him slowly, laying Dinsmore out on the mat fully extended, then dropping a knee into his shoulder. Douglas again extends Dinsmore's arm before dropping another knee into his shoulder. Douglas pulls Dinsmore to his feet slowly, kneeing him in the midsection, then lifting him upside down in the air, bringing him down with a shoulderbreaker! Douglas goes for a pin, but Dinsmore kicks out. Douglas sends Dinsmore into the ropes, but Dinsmore reverses it and sends Douglas in. Torrie, not knowing the reversal happened, goes to trip Dinsmore, instead tripping Douglas! Dinsmore drops an elbow to the back of Douglas' head, then another. Dinsmore stands Douglas up, using an european uppercut to set up a northern lights suplex, which he bridges out, only getting a two. Dinsmore and Douglas both get to their feet. Douglas swings a right hand, but Dinsmore ducks it, then drops Douglas on the back of his head with a side suplex. Dinsmore goes for a pin again, but still only gets a two count. Dinsmore signals for the end, then locks in a full nelson...

Joe Malenko: Here comes the dragon suplex, Dinsmore can end it right here and earn himself a chance at the belt!

Arn Anderson: He could, but whoa whoa, what the hell's goin on?

Joe Malenko: The lights have gone out Double A, I can't tell.

The lights fade up a little bit, enough to illuminate the ring, which is filling with smoke. Dinsmore's released Douglas and is looking towards the smoke. As the lights come back on full force, the smoke clears, but nobody's there. Dinsmore has no idea what's going on until he turns and sees Myst bent down on the top turnbuckle. Myst jumps out, taking Dinsmore down with a flying clothesline. Myst then lifts Dinsmore up onto his shoulders, spinning Dinsmore around into a modified DDT (think F5). Myst rolls out of the ring while Cassidy Black looks on, not wanting the match to end on a DQ. He looks to the timekeeper and shrugs his shoulder, but doesn't end the match pre-maturely. Douglas crawls over and lays his arm across Dinsmore, getting the official three count and earning his spot in the main event.

Winner: Shane Douglas

Joe Malenko: Douglas again getting help, but this time, not from Torrie!

Arn Anderson: Not from Torrie at all. Myst, who has a lot of anger towards Nick Dinsmore, made his presence known by costing him a chance at the title!

Joe Malenko: You can bet Dinsmore will want revenge for that.

Arn Anderson: He'll want revenge, but Myst seemingly comes and goes as he pleases Joe, we never know when we'll see him.

Ken Shamrock vs. Shawn Stasiak vs. Big Vito vs. The Scholar

Match: Stasiak, Vito, and The Scholar all looked at Shamrock as he stepped into the ring, knowing he was the favorite to win this match. Shamrock cracked his neck, looking at the three, then took down Scholar with a right hand the second he stepped forward. Stasiak was the next to step up and Shamrock turned and tossed him through the ropes, turned back around and took a right hand from Vito. Shamrock answered that with a right of his own and within moments, Vito and Shamrock were slugging it out, trading rights with each other until Vito finally got the advantage. Vito with a couple back to back rights, then sent Shamrock into the ropes, catching him with a knee, followed by a tilt-a-whirl slam, dropping Shamrock in the middle of the mat. Scholar then caught Vito from behind with a jumping kick. Vito stumbles, but turns around only to recieve a swinging neckbreaker from Scholar. Scholar goes to bounce off the ropes, but Stasiak trips him up, then pulls him to the outside and slides into the ring himself. Stasiak grabs Vito, running him to one corner of the ring, then grabs Shamrock and runs him to the other corner. Stasiak charges, clotheslining Vito in the corner, then pulls him out with an irish whip, sending Vito charging towards Shamrock. Vito sandwiches Shamrock, then turns just in time to get dropkicked by Stasiak. Stasiak goes for a pin on Vito, but the pinfall's broken up by The Scholar coming off the top rope with a splash, landing on Stasiak's back. Scholar gets back to his feet, then runs towards Shamrock in the corner and delivers a jumping knee right to his face. Scholar then turns back around and makes the cover on Stasiak, not getting a three, or even a two. Vito pulls Scholar off, sending him into a corner, then Vito turns towards Shamrock and gets tackled right in the middle of the ring!

Joe Malenko: Shamrock exploded out of nowhere for that one!

Arn Anderson: In a match like this, you've got to keep your eyes open at all times.

Shamrock immediately goes for the ankle of Vito, twisting it until he taps the mat desperately, eliminating himself. Scholar charges out of the corner towards Shamrock, but gets interrupted by a drop toe hold from Stasiak. Stasiak grabs Scholar by the back of his head, then drives his face right into the mat. Stasiak does it again before getting up to his feet, looking at Shamrock. The two lock up and Shamrock puts Stasiak in a side headlock. Stasiak, not to be outdone, lifts Shamrock with a side suplex and makes him land on the back of his neck. Stasiak with a gutbuster on Scholar, then goes for a pin, only getting two. Stasiak lifts himself up to the second turnbuckle and as soon as Scholar gets to his feet, Stasiak goes for a double axe handle. Scholar ducks it, then grabs Stasiak and throws him back with a release belly to belly overhead suplex. Scholar gets back up, wiping his hands clean, then recieves a forearm from Shamrock, who sends him into the ropes, sending him high in the air with a back body drop, dropping an elbow into Scholar's chest as soon as he lands. Shamrock doesn't go for a pin, instead pulling Stasiak off the mat and using a vertical suplex to make Stasiak land on top of The Scholar. Shamrock goes for a double pin, but Scholar manages to roll out of it and breaks up the doule pin. Shamrock with a scoop slam to Stasiak, then lifts Scholar into the air, bringing him down with a backbreaker before letting him fall to the mat. Shamrock goes for the pin, but is still unable to get the three. Scholar gets up slowly, not real sure of where he's at, then turns and starts towards Stasiak, who hooks him for a legsweep, then turns it into a reverse russian leg sweep, putting Scholar down face first. Stasiak rolls him over and gets the three count.

Joe Malenko: Stasiak with the Mind Eraser eliminates Scholar and we're down to two.

Arn Anderson: I said it in the other match and I'll say it here, never count the veterans out.

Joe Malenko: Meaning Shamrock?

Arn Anderson: Shamrock's been in major situations like this before, the pressure won't get to him like it might Stasiak.

Joe Malenko: What about Stasiak being a second generation guy? Doesn't that ease the pressure?

Arn Anderson: Not at all. If anything, it adds more pressure.

Stasiak gets to his feet and looks right at Shamrock, both men knowing that only one will make it to the main event. Stasiak charges first, swinging a wild right hand, then fighting off blows from Shamrock. Stasiak sends Shamrock into the ropes, elbowing him in the face, then spinning around and trying to hook him up for the Mind Eraser. Shamrock battles out of it with a back elbow of his own. Another back elbow and Stasiak releases the move. Shamrock then turns and, in a move of pure power, uses his left arm to forcefully clothesline Stasiak to the mat. Stasiak back to his feet and Shamrock grabs him, lifts him into the air, then drops him with a standing belly to belly suplex! Shamrock yells out a primal scream, then immediately goes for the ankle of Stasiak, twisting it, trying to break it, forcing Stasiak to scream in pain before finally slapping the mat repeatedly, begging to be let loose as Ken Shamrock moves onto the main event!

Winner: Ken Shamrock

Joe Malenko: Shamrock and Douglas in the main event, this is what we predicted all along.

Arn Anderson: They were the two favorites and now it's time to see who can emerge. We've come this far, but only one can walk out as the champ.

Shane Douglas vs. Ken Shamrock

Match: Shane watched Shamrock go through his pre-match neck cracking routine, then leaned over, telling Torrie something. Shane then turns back to Shamrock, offering his hand, but Shamrock remains focused on Douglas' eyes. They lock up and Shamrock immediately backs Shane into the corner, Shane putting his hands up innocently, getting Shamrock to back up and allowing himself to poke Shamrock right in the eye, getting a warning from senior official John Choate. Douglas rakes the eyes of Shamrock now, then kicks him in the midsection, walking next to Shamrock, making sure to keep the attack on. Shane yells something in Shamrock's face, then kicks him in the midsection again before hooking him and delivering a vertical suplex. Shane gets up, posing to the crowd, then eyeing Torrie. Shane grabs Shamrock just as he's getting to his feet again, again hooking him with another hanging vertical suplex, Shane bouncing up to his feet, looking extremely confident. Shane steps forward slowly, dropping a knee across Shamrock's forehead, then puts his hands on the mat, lifts himself up into the air, and comes down with a second knee drop to the forehead of Shamrock. Shane with an easy cover on Shamrock, then a genuine look of surprise when Shamrock kicks out forcefully. Shane gets to his feet but doesn't let Shamrock do the same, putting four straight boots into the chest of Shamrock and keeping him firmly on the mat. Shane pulls Shamrock's leg out, extending it, then drives his knee into the inside of Shamrock's knee, trying to hyperextend it. He repeats this two more times and you can see the effect by the look of agony on Shamrock's face. Shane then wraps the knee up with a standing leg lock, pulling on Shamrock's ankle, increasing the pressure on his knee. Shane then extends the knee on the mat, raises himself up in the air again, and again comes down, this time with his own knee to the knee of Shamrock.

Joe Malenko: Douglas looking more methodical than ever. He's isolating Shamrock's knee.

Arn Anderson: Anytime you can pick out one body part and focus on it, you're putting together a gameplan. If a guy can't walk, the chances of him beating you drop drastically.

Joe Malenko: He's showing no signs of stopping either.

Shane watches as Shamrock struggles to get to his feet, using the top rope for help. Douglas from behind kicks Shamrock in the back of the knee, but Shamrock again pulls himself up by the top rope only to get his knee kicked out by Shane again. Shamrock, showing reluctance, pulls himself back to his feet again, this time stopping and turning before Shane can kick him. Shamrock with a hard left hand followed by a quick right hand and Shane steps backwards. Shamrock with a kick to Shane's midsection, then tosses him through the ropes to the outside! Shamrock drops to the mat and rolls outside, still limping quite noticably, but he has Shane backing up. He continues to approach and Shane grabs him by the tights and pulls him head first into the steel pole! Shane stands up with a smirk and points to his head, telling the fans that he outsmarted Shamrock. Shane rolls Shamrock back into the ring, then plants a kiss on Torrie before rolling in himself. Those few seconds allowed Shamrock to get to his feet, although still looking wobbly. Shane hooks Shamrock for another vertical suplex, but Shamrock blocks it. Another attempt, another block. Another attempt, and now a reversal! Shamrock doesn't drop Shane backwards though, he hangs him stomach first over the top rope, knocking the wind out of him. Shamrock then pulls on the top rope and causes Shane to fall into the ring. Shamrock grabs Shane from behind with a neck and shoulder suplex! Douglas sits up, clutching his neck and Shamrock delivers a swift kick right to Shane's chest, knocking him back to the mat and going for a pin, only getting a two. Shamrock pulls Shane to his feet, backing him into the corner and driving forearms into Shane's chest. Shamrock then sends Shane into the opposite corner and charges. Torrie pulls Shane out of the way and Shamrock hits the corner hard!

Joe Malenko: You knew she'd come into play sooner or later Double A.

Arn Anderson: A voluptuous vixen, Torrie always looking out for her man.

Joe Malenko: Shane back into the ring and you get the sense that it's now or never for Douglas.

Arn Anderson: If he gives Shamrock one more chance on offense, I guarantee he'll regret it.

Douglas with a belly to back suplex on Shamrock, then an immediate pin, only getting two. Douglas with a vertical suplex, then another immediate pin, but still only getting two. Douglas lifts Shamrock up and this time delivers a piledriver, putting him headfirst into the mat. Douglas, showing signs of desperation, again goes for an immediate pin and again only gets two. Douglas is in Choate's face, telling him to make the damn three count. Douglas goes for the pin again but still doesn't get the three and now turns to Torrie. Douglas turns back to the ring, backing Shamrock into the ropes with forearms, then sends him towards the opposite ropes where Torrie stands. She's got her heel in her hand, but Shamrock stops himself before he runs into it. Shane tries to knock Shamrock into it, but Shamrock sidesteps Shane and he knocks Torrie off the apron. A primal scream from Shamrock and then a belly to belly suplex. Shane gets up and Shamrock hits him with another belly to belly suplex. A third makes it a trifecta and Shamrock now locks in the anklelock! Shane tries to fight his way out of it, tries to crawl to the ropes, but Shamrock just pulls him back in, twisting the ankle more and more. Finally, Douglas has no other option but to slap the mat, submitting to the pain and giving Ken Shamrock the RoW World Title!

Winner: Ken Shamrock

Joe Malenko: Ken Shamrock's done it, he's become the first Revival of Wrestling World Champion!

Arn Anderson: And now Ken Shamrock becomes the hunted, he's the man everyone's going to go after. Will he be able to survive?

Joe Malenko: Tune in next time to find out!

Scene fades to black.

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Coming off of The Night It All Started, RoW is proud to announce it's second event, held in June. Featuring Ken Shamrock's first title defense, Setting Standards will hopefully set the standard for future RoW shows. The card is as follows:

Ken Shamrock vs. Wrath

How did the decision come down to name Wrath as the number one contender for the RoW World Title?  Is Shane Douglas somehow involved?  Everything will be answered at Setting Standards.

Shane Douglas vs. Nick Dinsmore

Dinsmore feels he would have beat Shane Douglas and gone on to the main event of The Night It All Started with a chance at the title.  Now he's getting the opportunity to show everyone that he can beat Shane Douglas, one on one.

Konnan vs. Shawn Stasiak

Both men were on the rise in WCW and either one can take a big step towards RoW success with a victory. 

"Sick" Scott Vick vs. Big VIto

Vick requested this match up, saying that he wanted to show Vito he was nothing but a big chump.  Vick will do anything, but may have bit off more than he can chew here.

Chad Collyer vs. The Scholar

The Scholar may have been the most impressive worker from The Night It All Started.  He demonstrated aerial ability and showed some good technique.  He'll need that technique when he goes one on one with Dean Malenko's protege, Chad Collyer.

Marc Mero vs. Devon Storm vs. Alex Wright

Wright and Mero have both had their chances while Storm is just beginning to surface.  Storm tries to bust through by beating these two vets, but may find himself a tad overwhelmed.

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Interesting show.

I really hated the finish to the first match, for a company that seems to be going for a pure/traditional style of wrestling a dodgy finish such as that one did nothing for the company, particularly as it was the first match in the compaies history

Joe and Double A sound a little too generic for me, I'm sure after a few shows you'll develop characters and nuances for them but in that show they were rather plain, adding little to the matches barring a gap between the action

I loved the booking of Shamrock, reminds me a lot of how WCW put the US strap on Lance Storm, three clean victories in one night all by submission, gets the wrestler and the move over. Good stuff.

It was an interesting twist on the tournament concept, with the guys in a tag match first before moving on to a fourway and then a singles match, it worked quite well.

I look forward to see where you go from here

You're up Boulder! :P

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