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September 1st 2006

Just 5 days ago I had marked like a little bitch as Frankie Arnaut managed to win the LAW world title from Vance Nevada. Now here I was sitting in my own office where I was about to open my own promotion. On the other side of the table, well no one. You see I was in this office but the owner wanted no one to know who he was, instead choosing to remain anonymous and only talk to me over the phone. Why? I had no idea but I’d live with it. The tidy $60 000 a month he was paying me more than made up for that.

“OK so what can I help you with today sir?”

“Did you get the assistant I sent you?”

“Yes sir I did. She’s a bit ditzy but we are getting along OK. Thanks to her we’ve got a nice and tidy roster.”

"Read them out to me, 1-by-1 along with the company information.”

“Yes Sir.”

Coastal Wrestling Alliance

Size: Small

Image: 15%

Risk: 100%

Production: 20%

Advertising: 15%

Merchandising: 15%


Aki Mann, 29 Over, Face, Legitimate Athlete

American Dragon, 43 Over, Face, No Gimmick Needed

“Ice Cold” Caprice Coleman, 49 Over, Face, Mysterious

CM Punk, 31 Over, Heel, Punk

Derrick King, 45 Over, Heel, Degenerate

Insane Dragon, 44 Over, Face, Highlight Reel

JC Ice, 37 Over, Heel, Cocky

Jeremy Lopez, 49 Over, Heel, Ice Man

Lance Silva, 21 Over, Heel, Prima Donna

Pepper Parks, 44 Over, Heel, Evil

‘Pure Talent’ James Hearte, 15 Over, Face, Cool

Rob Conway, 50 Over, Face, Bad Ass

the owner agreed and liked the roster. He even gave me his opinion on who should be the next world champion. We then said our goodbyes and hung up. He went off to do whatever he went off to do and for me it was time to move onto the first show. CWA Brave New World

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Whatever takes your mind off of my Hardcore title...LOL.

Seriously though, good luck with this. I can't wait to see the reactions when the bigger feds take Conway.

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CWA Brave New World

CWA Opening

A Hip Hop Beat is the first sound CWA fans hear and out comes JC Ice!!! He struts down to the ring and slides in before grabbing the mike.

JC Ice-“OK so hear I am in the opening segment of CWA. The starts of an era as it were and you’re damn right it’s the start of an era. The start of the JC-Ice-kicking-everybody’s-arse-era. Now I have been sent out here by the board to tell you all that tonight every match is an elimination match. And those people that win their matches tonight move onto next months PPV and where going to find out who the first ever CWA Coastal Champion will be. But you should already know who that is. J to the C to the I-C-E. So bring it On Insane Dragon and I’ll show ya why they call me Ice cause I’m about ta Ice You.”

Ice then drops the mike and waits as Insane Dragon comes out.


JC Ice vs. Insane Dragon

These 2 started off with a little bit of chain wrestling before both started turning to the skies and attempting to knock each other out with high-flying moves. Dragon won both battles but he didn’t win the war as JC ducked the Insanity Spin (springboard hurricarana) turned around kicked him low and then lifted him onto his shoulders and nailed him with the Ghetto Blast (Death Valley Driver) for the 3 count.

Winner: JC Ice

62% 46% 79%

American Dragon vs. CM Punk

Punk started off by trying to take Dragon down to the ground with some submissions but kept having them reversed. Punk then took to the air but STILL Dragon was one step ahead and managed to out fly him. FINALLY Punk started brawling with him, which was the only place he was better at Dragon at. The 2 then had a big brawl but Dragon eventually took out the win thanks to his technical skill when he ducked under a clothesline attempt by Punk and countered with a dragon suplex for the 1…2…3

Winner: American Dragon

58% 38% 79%

Pepper Parks vs. ‘Pure Talent’ James Hearte

This match started off with Hearte beating down Parks with no fear until Parks hid behind the ref. Hearte shoved the ref out of the way and was booted low for his efforts. Parks then took over keeping Hearte down with his mat based offence until Hearte started to make a comeback. But seriously Hearte is 15 Over to Parks 44 so sorry Hearte Parks nailed him with a steel chain while the ref wasn’t looking (miraculous that) and then planted him with the Pepper Spray (Lionsault) for the pin.

Winner: Pepper Parks

55% 35% 75%

“Ice Cold” Caprice Coleman vs. Lance Silva

This match started off even before Ice Cold hit the ring as he was nailed with a plancha by Silva on the way down. They then proceeded to do a bit of crowd brawling and as they hadn’t hit the ring it all was fair and square. Coleman gave the crowd their blood fix by copping a Lead Pipe straight to the skull early on. Silva then dragged him back to the ring and rolled him in. Silva covered 1…2… but Coleman kicked out. Silva then picked him up and went for the Silva Sickle (Rock Bottom) but Coleman elbowed his way out waited for Silva to turn around kicked him in the guts bounced off one rope and SCISSOR KICK. That’s the move Coleman calls the Ice Shock. 1…2…3

Winner: “Ice Cold” Caprice Coleman

58% 41% 76%

Jeremy Lopez vs. Aki Mann

This match was over before it even began as the second Mann slid in Lopez nailed him with a super kick and then placed him in a sharpshooter in the centre of the ring. Mann tapped out and Lopez won.

Winner: Jeremy Lopez

53% 41% 66%

Conway speaks!!!

Some Heavy metal music then hits and from the back out walks Rob Conway. He instantly gets a loud pop on entrance and storms down to the ring. He gets in and climbs to the top rope and raises his arms. He gets down and grabs a mike and raises it as the crowd wakes up for the first proper time tonight.

RC-“Now I didn’t come down here to speak to you guys. I came down here to kick arse and right now the arse I want to kick is Derrick Kings. So Kingy get down here right now. I got some news for you.”

Derrick King steps out from the locker room and stares at the ring. Conway smiles.

RC-“OK you don’t want to get in the ring right now you little bitch. So be it guess what? I talked to the CWA Board before this and they confirmed it for me. Our match just became a submission only match so get in here and lets get this match started. Cause I ain’t here to smile and cheer. I’m here to kick arse and chew bubblegum. And I’m all outta gum.”

Conway drops the mike and motions to Derrick to bring it on as the crowd pops loudly.


Rob Conway vs. Derrick King Submission Only Match

Ok MOTN and rightfully so as both men pull the other to bits in their efforts to get a submission. King actually locks in the cloverleaf but when Conway makes the ropes he won’t let go. Eventually the ref physically pulls it apart and King drags Conway back to the center of the ring but Conway kicks King off the cloverleaf. King goes back for it again but gets a kick below the belt for his troubles. Conway then staggers to his feet at the same time as King does. Conway waits King turns around IRON FIST!!! Conway then locks King in a STF and King taps out.

Winner: Rob Conway

66% 43% 82%

Overall = 60%

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WCWE Betrayed

CWA Opening

Last month it had been JC Ice who opened the show. This time the Heavy Metal music hit and the crowd popped loud for the #1 star in CWA. Conway stormed down and slid into the ring again before climbing to the top rope and raising both arms. He climbed back down and grabbed a mike.

RC-“Now last month I beat Derrick King in the middle of the ring in one hell of a fight. This time it’s J-to the C to the I-C-E’s turn. Now JC I am not going to ask for any special match cause I’m just going to kick your arse till it’s black and blue. So why don’t you get on down here and let me show you why I’m the best. I am here to do 2 things tonight, Kick arse and Chew Bubble gum…(crowd joins in) and I’m all outta gum.”


JC Ice vs. Rob Conway CWA Coastal Semi

JC and Rob got this match started off with some HARD left an rights from Conway absolutely drilling Ice. Ice however came back with a spinning heel kick and then proceeded to take to Conway to the ground in an effort to beat the Iron Man. Ice locked Conway in a chin lock which had the crowd getting really behind Rob but when Ice sensed a Conway reversal he simply let go and kicked him in the back a couple of times before picking him up and nailing him with a DDT. 1…2…Kickout. JC picked him up again and went for the Ghetto Blast but Conway rolled off onto the back and pushed him into the ropes off the ropes, Spine Buster. And both men were down. Conway was the first to his feet and as Ice staggered up he waited patiently, Ice turned around, IRON FIST!!! 1…2…3 and Conway advances to the main event.

Winner: Rob Conway

63% 48% 79%

‘Pure Talent’ James Hearte vs. Lance Silva

The 2 least over people in my fed and I throw them in the ring together so they can both get some more heat. The result, I achieved what I wanted and managed to get an OK match as well. Hearte started off the match by destroying Silva with his technical holds until Silva managed to duck under an attempted clothesline and kick Hearte low. Silva then used his speed to keep Hearte down until Hearte managed to duck a missile dropkick. Hearte waited until Silva got up and then kicked him in the guts before hooking both the arms and planting him with a Double Under hook Power bomb. That’s the move he calls the Talent Show. Hearte then went for the pin. 1…2…KICK OUT. Hearte calmly lifted Silva up and went for another Talent Show but Silva kicked him low and then nailed Hearte with the Silva Sickle. 1…2…KICKOUT Silva was not letting Hearte get away with that so he then rolled Hearte up and grabbed a handful of tights and THAT was enough for the 3

Winner: Lance Silva

52% 30% 75%

Jeremy Lopez vs. American Dragon CWA Coastal Semi

This match is an early contender for match of the year as both guys threw EVERYTHING they had at each other. Dragon gained an early advantage with his mat based offence but soon Lopez was flying through the air and throwing himself at Dragon. The 2 then had a mix of a highflying and mat based match with neither man able to really gain the advantage. They had a 2 reversal sequence which ended when Lopez reversed an attempted Victory Roll into a Electric Chair Drop. Lopez then hopped up and put Dragon into a single leg crab, which had Dragon crawling for the ropes. Lopez then focused on that 1 knee kicking it and slamming it into the mat. A few more moves based around the knee and then Lopez went for the Sharpshooter but Dragon kicked him off and staggered to his feet.

Dragon then dodged a clothesline from Lopez and slipped behind him. He hooked the arms to go for the dragon suplex but Lopez stomped on his foot and then turned around and dropkicked the bad knee. Dragon went down and then Lopez placed him into an STF. Dragon was close to tapping but Lopez let the hold go before stomping on the knee again. Lopez then went for the sharpshooter again but was kicked off again. This time when Dragon got up Lopez went for a dropkick but Dragon sidestepped it. Lopez staggered to his feet…straight into a dragon suplex!!! 1…2…and Dragon’s knee collapsed breaking the bridge. Lopez then got up and went to the corner and as Dragon staggered up with help from the ropes Lopez smiled. When Dragon was fully up Lopez charged and as Dragon turned around Lopez leapt and connected with the running dropkick that he calls the Lightning Kick. Lopez then dragged Dragon to the middle of the ring and FINALLY got him into the sharpshooter. Dead in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go Dragon tapped and we have a winner.

Winner: Jeremy Lopez

70% 46% 94%

Punk/King vs. Insane/Aki

What do you do when you have 4 guys who don’t have anything to do in the 1 night? Throw them in the ring together in a Tag Match. The match was actually a fairly normal tag match with the heels managing to keep 1 face away from the other this time it was Mann playing Face-in-Peril but that didn’t last long as Mann reversed an attempted Double Arm DDT by King into the Aki Armbar. Punk slid in and broke it up but that brought Dragon in who nailed Punk with the Insanity Spin but was then spun around and ordered out by the ref. Behind the ref’s back Punk slid King a chair and as Mann got up King drilled him with it. King then threw the chair out of the ring, lifted Mann up and nailed him with the Double Arm DDT and then pinned him while Punk kept dragon out. 1…2…3 and Punk\King stole it.

Winners: CM Punk & Derrick King

52% 42% 63%

Pepper Parks vs. Caprice Coleman CWA Coastal Semi

For the second show running Coleman didn’t make it to the ring before being attacked this time Parks ran out from behind and cracked it into his back. Parks then absolutely destroyed Coleman with the chair and then rolled him into the ring. 1…2…KICK OUT. Pepper then went for the Pepper Spray but Coleman put his knees up. Coleman then kips up and as Pepper staggers around Coleman boots him in the midsection. Pepper bends over and Coleman bounces off the ropes ICE SHOCK!!! 1…2…3

Winner: “Ice Cold” Caprice Coleman

65% 48% 83%

Rob Conway vs. Caprice Coleman vs. Jeremy Lopez Elimination CWA Coastal Title

Lopez came down to the ring first and automatically started laying into Coleman with rights before whipping him into the ropes and then dropkicking him. Ice staggered backwards and tumbled through the ropes to the floor. Lopez was about to follow him when the Heavy Metal music hit and Lopez turned and waited as Conway ran to the ring. Conway and Lopez then got into a pretty good match with lots of mat based moves but that ended when Lopez drilled Conway with a dropkick. Lopez then went to put Conway away with the sharpshooter but Conway kicked him off kipped up and went for the Iron Fist. Lopez ducked under rolled him up from behind and grabbed a handful of tights. 1…2…3 and Conway was eliminated. Lopez started celebrating thinking he had won it but from behind Coleman slid into the ring. Lopez turned around and was kicked in the guts. Off the ropes ICE SHOCK!!! 1…2…3 and we have our NEW CWA Coastal Champion. The show finishes with Caprice holding his belt high in the air while standing on the top turnbuckle.

Winner: and CWA Coastal Champion, “Ice Cold” Caprice Coleman

65% 54% 77%

Overall: 61%

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My somewhat ditzy assistant Sophie has told me that we need 2 more workers or we lose PI so CWA fans please welcome:

Billy Fives, 40 Over, Heel, Movie Star

Jo Jo Fantastico, 29 Over, Face, Teen Idol

And in other news Lance Silva has taken a trip into rehab to deal with his alcohol problem at my orders. I had a few plans for Silva but they can be put back until he gets out of rehab. But if you thought THAT was bad news the next piece will blow your socks off…

You ready…

You sure…

OK then….

Here it is…

Something that should of happened a LOOOONNNGGG time ago has happened…

themick saw it coming..

I saw it coming…

Did you see it coming…

If you didn’t you’re a bloody idiot…

Cause NWA: Texas has just stolen ROB CONWAY!!!!….

Rot in hell NWA: TX, rot in hell…

So quite naturally I need another worker to replace Conway. I look around a little, I cry a little, I take six shots of Jack Daniels straight to make me feel better and then I somehow miracously stumble upon…

Tony Jones, 49 Over, Face, Bad Ass

He aint as good as Conway but we'll see how he does here. Next show up will be CWA Brain Damage where I try and pick up the pieces after Conways stealing *sobs in hanky* the main event of Caprice Coleman vs. Jeremy Lopez should keep people interested though.

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Conway getting stolen was a blessing in disguise, methinks...'cuz Roddy Piper was gonna sue somebody if Rob kept stealing his bubblegum line.

Now, stop me if I'm wrong, Ace, but aren't you Scottish? Nothing wrong with it if you are, but bear in mind that most of your workers are not. The Midwest United States-bred Conway would not be using the word "arse" in ANY of his promos...unless you've got him playing an English sympathizer instead of a French one. He'd be saying "ass." May sound like splitting hairs, but small things like that kill the realism quick.

The roster is nice and solid (except for that scrub James Hearte :shifty: ). The second show improved vastly on the first, and good looking out putting the title on Coleman instead of Conway. Not as bad as I guess I was expecting. Keep it up.

Oh, and what are the odds of both LAW's and CWA's owners having assistants named Sophie? :P

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Conway getting stolen was a blessing in disguise, methinks...'cuz Roddy Piper was gonna sue somebody if Rob kept stealing his bubblegum line.

Now, stop me if I'm wrong, Ace, but aren't you Scottish?  Nothing wrong with it if you are, but bear in mind that most of your workers are not.  The Midwest United States-bred Conway would not be using the word "arse" in ANY of his promos...unless you've got him playing an English sympathizer instead of a French one.  He'd be saying "ass."  May sound like splitting hairs, but small things like that kill the realism quick.

The roster is nice and solid (except for that scrub James Hearte  :shifty: ).    The second show improved vastly on the first, and good looking out putting the title on Coleman instead of Conway.  Not as bad as I guess I was expecting.  Keep it up.

Oh, and what are the odds of both LAW's and CWA's owners having assistants named Sophie?   :P

Edited by TheAce
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CWA Brain Damage

And the opening jig this time goes to…

Some rock music plays and from the back out comes “Ice Cold” Caprice Coleman with the CWA Coastal title over his shoulder. He has a pretty serious look on his face even if the crowd of 36 people are cheering him. Coleman gets into the ring and automatically grabs the mike off the road agent at ringside.

IC-“Yo yo Ice Cold is here baby no need to fret the champ is in the hiz-ouse. Now tonight the BoD has told me that I get opening duty so tonight’s main event will see me, Ice Cold, against Jeremy Lopez. I'm gonna assume you ain't related to JLo mainly cause you ain't got the looks and if you are then man you could soon be my brother in law. Owww. But hopefully your not cause i don't beat up family members. and tonight I'm gonna make you as cold…as…Ice.”

Coleman then drops the mike and heads backstage as the crowd still cheers.


Billy Fives vs. Aki Mann

OK so Fives is on his debut and I haven’t let Aki Mann win yet. You even need to ask who’s winning this one??? Anyways the match starts in the aisle as Mann gets sick and tired of Fives delaying entering the ring and flies out and connects on Billy with a plancha. Mann then starts destroying Fives outside the ring with suplex’s, and kicks before eventually rolling Fives back into the ring. Mann then slides in the ring to continue the attack but is met with a kick low. Fives then takes over keeping Mann down with his technical skill and whenever it looks like Aki is coming back Fives takes to the air and keeps him down. Eventually Fives goes to the top and leaps off with a diving clothesline but Mann sidesteps…and takes Fives to the ground into the Aki Armbar. However Fives manages to reach an arm out and grab the ropes. The ref pulls Aki off and Aki gets up and pushes the ref away however while the ref is stumbling way Fives reaches up and nails Aki with an uppercut to the groin. Aki bends over in pain and Fives rolls him up as the ref turns around. 1…2…3 Fives then bails out of the ring as a steamed Aki jumps up and glares at him challenging him to get back in the ring but Billy waves him of saying he don’t want his perfect face ruined.

Winner: Billy Fives

53 41 65

CM Punk vs. ‘Pure Talent’ James Hearte

This match barely began when it was over Hearte started off with some rights to Punk but Punk just no-sold them and drilled him with some STIFF lefts and rights before pushing him into the corner and lifting onto the top turnbuckle. But instead of planting Hearte with a Pepsi Plunge Punk instead chose to superplex him. Punk then locked in the Devil Lock in the centre of the ring for the tap out victory. After the match Punk slid out of the ring and grabbed a chair before sliding in as Hearte stumbled up and PASTING him with it. Punk then drilled Hearte with several chair shots before lifting him up and pedigreeing him onto the chair. Punk then spits on him and storms off.

Winner: CM Punk

58 31 81

Hip Hop music then hits…

And from the back out walks JC Ice to loud boo’s he hops in the ring and grabs the mike.

Ice-“Yo yo yo everybody J-to-the-C-to-the-I-C-E is here so lets hear it for the man who was unfairly eliminated from the title tournament. Eliminated by some idiot who has run away from CWA cause he knew this month I’d be out for revenge well guess what. I was here to kick his arse but since he didn’t show I am now issuing an open challenge to anyone who thinks they can beat me come on out and prepare to be Iced.”

Ice drops the mike and waits…and American Dragon’s music hits!!!


JC Ice vs. American Dragon

This match started off with an AWESOME display of holds and reversals before Dragon slipped behind Ice and went for the German Suplex but Ice mule kicked him and took over with his quick offence. Ice managed to isolate the knee that Lopez isolated last month and worked over it as the crowd slowly started to get on Dragon’s side. Dragon eventually managed to reach the ropes while in a single leg crab and when Ice let go he slid out. Ice followed but the 5 seconds was all Dragon needed to recuperate and he was soon drilling Ice with all the suplexes in his arsenal.

Dragon even nailed the Dragon Suplex but on the outside so it didn’t count. Dragon then threw Ice in the ring and went to follow but was met with a dropkick to the bad knee as he stood up. Ice then took Dragon over to the corner and tripped him up before slipping out of the ring and giving Dragon a Figure 4 around the ring post!!! The ref threatened to disqualify Ice so he let go but the damage had been done. Ice slid back in the ring and dropped a couple of legs and elbows onto the bad knee before taking him to the center of the ring…and locking in the figure 4. Dragon was close to tapping but managed to roll over and reverse it. Ice let go of the hold and backed up and as Dragon staggered to his feet Ice lined him up and as Dragon got to his feet charged and went for the Spinning Heel Kick but Dragon’s knee collapsed and the ref took a bump instead.

Ice got up and looked at the ref and then at dragon who was still staggering to his feet with assistance from the ropes. Ice slid out and grabbed a chair before sliding back in and as Dragon got up went to brain him with it but Dragon saw it coming sidestepped and super kicked Ice down. However this put the pressure back on his bad knee and he collapsed again. Ice and Dragon got up at the same time and this time Dragon went for another superkick but Ice caught the foot tripped him up and placed him in the sharpshooter dead centre of the ring. Nowhere to go Dragon tapped but the ref as still out from the Spinning Heel Kick. Ice let go of the hold to check on the ref and Dragon staggered to his feet. Ice turned around and Dragon went for a clothesline Ice ducked spun around lifted Dragon onto his shoulders and nailed him with a Ghetto Blast. Pin but the ref was STILL out.

Ice went over and checked on the ref again and this time Dragon staggered up slipped behind him and nailed him with a Dragon Suplex. Bridge was held but no ref still. Dragon let go and checked on the ref and Ice kipped up, spun Dragon around and went for another Ghetto Blast but Dragon slipped down the back and locked in the Dragon Sleeper. Ice was tapping and Dragon kept on the hold but from the back out ran Derrick King. King slid in behind Dragon and picked up the chair from earlier. He smacked Dragon in the back with it forcing him to release the hold and then dropped the chair and as Dragon staggered around hooked his arms…Double Arm DDT onto the chair!!! King then threw the chair out of the ring shook the ref and slid out of the ring as Ice draped an arm over Dragon the ref recovered enough to count the pin 1…2…3 and Ice wins this phenomenal match. Post match King slid in to continue the beating but from the back out ran Insane Dragon holding a chair. King saw him coming and hightailed it out of their but Ice wasn’t as lucky getting brained with the chair once before being thrown out of the ring and leaving the 2 dragons in the ring alone.

Winner: JC Ice

72 48 96

Tony Jones vs. Pepper Parks

OK after that phenomenal match we have this match to break it and the main event up. Of course this match was nothing bigger than a squash match but the crowd were still awake from the Ice/Dragon match and so saw an OK match between these 2. Parks dominated this match with his highflying mat based arsenal but seriously I brough in Jones to replace Conway. Do you think he’ll job in his debut? I don’t think so. Jones eventually cuts Parks offence down and drags him to the floor and locks in The Shooter for the submission victory.

Winner: Tony Jones

63 49 78

Caprice Coleman vs. Jeremy Lopez CWA Coastal title

These 2 started off by tying up and going for a test of strength, which the champ won, but then Lopez took Coleman down and stretched him 7 different ways from Sunday. Lopez basically dominated the match not giving Ice Cold any chance to fight back Lopez eventually went for the sharpshooter but was met with a kick to the groin for his efforts. Coleman then kipped up and with Lopez still bent over bounced off the ropes for an Ice Shock but was met with a super kick. Coleman hit the mat and quick as a flash Lopez tied him up in the Sharpshooter. Coleman in the center of the ring looked about to tap but he managed to crawl to the ropes. Lopez dragged him back but yet again Ice Cold crawled to the ropes. This time Lopez had had enough. He let go of the sharpshooter and backed off and as Coleman got up charged and nailed Coleman with the lighting kick. Lopez went for the cover 1…2…KICKOUT Lopez now officially is pissed off and slides out of the ring and grabs a chair. He slides back in and as Coleman gets up brains him with it. Coleman goes down like a sack of potatos and the ref calls for the bell. Lopez ignores him instead choosing to drill Coleman with the chair a few more times as the show ends.

Winner: “Ice Cold” Caprice Coleman by DQ

67 57 78

Overall: 63

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So there I am relaxing and reveling in the fact that I had put on our best show yet. I especially loved the reaction to the Ice/Dragon match if only the crowd were ready for next month. Suddenly "You got Mail" sounds around and I check my email and what do you know. fresh off a 97% match NWA: TX has just stolen American Dragon and JC Ice ruining the rematch but thats not all as also Texas stole Jeremy Lopez ruining my rematch between him and Coleman and just 1 day after signing back Conway I lose the man who was brought in to replace him Tony Jones as well!!! Where’s my Jack Daniels bottle? So after I have taken my 24 shots of JD (6 for each wrestler) and waking up the next day with a migraine I get to signing workers and who I get isn’t that bad:

Cassidy O’Reilly, 42 Over, Face, Angry Young Man

Race Steele, 30 Over, Heel, Old School Heel

Robbie Brookside, 45 Over, Heel, Cocky

Super Dragon, 49 Over, Face, No Gimmick Needed

And in news of the month that actually put a smile on my face, LAW has risen to NATIONAL. Go LAW take down those NWA bastards for stealing my workers go Chase go!!!


OK guys now it's upto you when the next update will be. In order for me to move on SOMEONE has to correctly guess who the ex-LAW superstar is that I signed. First correct guess gets to book a match for the next big show, Featured Attraction so first come on first served. I'll PM the winner when they win. Hint: the Ex-LAW superstar's finisher is used somewhere during Brain Damage. Good Luck.

Edited by TheAce
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OK guys I'm gonna slap a 24 hour time limit on this thing. I want to post the next show tomorrow sometime so if no-one has guessed it by 1:00 PM West Australian time I'm just gonna book the show anyway.

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