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Gwen Stefani - Love, Angel, Music, Baby


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Well, I've heard a leaked version (leaked as in MTV's "The Leak" thing, so it's a legit leak) of the album. It also has been meh so far (only heard the first four tracks, though) with the lead single "What You Waiting For" being the first track. The other two tracks have a rap style (Eve even appears on one of them). The fourth track sounds pretty decent, though and it sounds much better than most pop music, so, here's a link. Click on the main thing on the page and just listen.

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Well, I finally got done listening to the album leak and the album ain't too bad. It really picks up in tracks 4-12. Stefani also really dips into many genres of music very well on the album without betraying her rock/pop fanbase. The album is also heavy on sensuality especially on "Luxurious" and "Crash". So, while I'll let anybody who hasn't listened to it yet judge for themselves, but I expect Stefani fans will not be disappointed with it. I know I wasn't.

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