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WWE: When stocks fall...


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Game Details

Game Date: 1st November, 2003

Promotion Name: World Wrestling Entertainment

Owner: V. McMahon

Head Writer: R. Tambling

Promotion Size: Global

Public Image: 65%


WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar

World Heavyweight Champion: Goldberg

WWE Interncontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam

WWE United States Champion: The Big Show

WWE Tag Team Champions: The Basham Brothers

World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boys

WWE Crusierweight Champion: Tajiri

WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

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The V Report for WWE Velocity

Date: Saturday, November 1, 2003

Attendance: 7511

Your hosts are Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott

Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli v. Mike Cruel and Adam Evans

Set to be a squash here. WWE have taken the original approach in naming Mike Cruel, formally Mike Kruel. If anyone impresses its to OVW with them, so hopefully the other two don't squash them. DeMott uses this time to talk about his past experiences with Stamboli and how tough a competitor he was. They had a whole match I think. Forget About It to Kruel at 4:29, and I think I will.

Tajiri v. Shannon Moore (Non-title)

Maybe a chance for Moore here as the match is non title. The two Japanese things are at ringside, despite being in the same fed as him, DeMott has no idea about who Jimmy Yang is (DeMott: He seems familiar, I just don't know his name Matthews: Yes we do, its Akio). Buzzaw Kick at 4:13 wins it for Tajiri. Why not make it a title match, give Moore a bit of credibility, you know? The three of them beat on him after the mat, and Moore flops around like a dead snake.

We go the ring and in a rare Velocity interview where Rhyno is standing. He looks mad. Big bad Rhyno. We find out he has a match against Orlando Jordan later tonight. Exciting. Surprisingly, not that bad, although the crowd seem hot because of the fact that Rhyno has just insulted their home town in a witty way. (DeMott: You may not be familiar with his wit. He's a witty person.) Basically, Rhyno goes on about how he will rip open Jordan's flesh, as rhino would. Nice stuff at the dinner table.

The Basham Brothers v. Jamie Noble & Ultimo Dragon (Non Title)

Another non-title, how sad to see that two title holders are on Velocity. Basham's have to lose it soon. Matthews raves on about how tough the Basham's are, just at the right time where Noble is low blowed by the bald one...That narrows it down. Big surprise as a Powerbomb, which DeMott aptly names the Trashcompactor, from Noble ends Danny Basham's night at 5:03. Doug Basham doesn't look happy, and nobody notices.

Torrie time! This is what I came to see. Torrie says she was in town for the night taking care of business and decided to drop in and see how everyone is doing. Even though she doesn't say it, I don't think she really wanted to see how they are doing. She is now ring-announcer for the main event, and as bland as it is. I ain't complaining.

Rhyno v. Orlando Jordan

Rhyno mad, Rhyno angry. He goes absolutely mad on a surprisingly bulky Jordan with a series of rights and lefts, (Matthews: Loads of fist-i-cuffs from Rhyno DeMott: Fist-i-cuffs, what are you? Seven?) Jordan seems to be able to right back, but receives a nice boot to his face. Quote of the century comes in to play (Matthews: Rhyno seems pretty fired up tonight DeMott: God help him if the poor kid has dandruff aswell.) Gore ends Jordan's night at 7:04 in a pretty good contest. Rhyno celebrates at the end as Matthews and DeMott say good night.

V's word: Very sloppy show here, no real reaction at all expect for Torrie Wilson, and that shows things weren't great. My sources say that Kruel and Evans have received OVW contracts prior to the night, and that Nunzio is an all round good bloke.


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More on Steiner fallout, Ohio Releases, WWE Tough Enough

-After last week not showing up for several house shows, while turning up half an hour late for Raw, we reported the WWE management were unhappy about these incidents. On a follow up, we understand Steiner had a meeting with several WWE personnel, including that of Vince McMahon. We believe Steiner will be release on his contract due to lack of interest, a contract Steiner would be more then happy to get out of.

He wouldn't be the only one. Several Raw brand workers are unhappy with Scott Steiner being on the brand as he is seen as being a distraction. One person described him as 'a lethargic worker, who only cared about getting drunk.' His lack of enthusiasm doesn't seem to go down well with the younger workers, who believe they could do a better job if given the chance.

-In what was expected due to financial losses, the OVW management have cut five workers from their roster. Kenzo Suzuki, Nikita Fink, Lucy, Tank Toland and Travis Bane has been cut for various reasons, mainly making way for more talented and charismatic workers with a bigger upside. Bane had been there for so long without improvement, so he was the first to be notified of his release.

-We understand the WWE will be screening their new Tough Enough, Tough Enough: The Million, as a segment shown weekly on Smackdown. While this will not be immediate, we expect promos to air within the next couple of months, as the actual tryout day is next Tuesday.

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The V Report for WWE Heat

Attendance: 7040

Maven in yet another main event. Can he stop Stevie Richards?

Your hosts are Jonathan Coachman and Al Snow

Lita v. Gail Kim

Molly Holly is guest commentator for this match up. Surprisingly, not all that bad, but still not good enough to get much from me. Holly was laying into Lita, setting up a feud, and eventually had enough of Lita's voice in the ring. Molly rushes in and elbows Lita for the DQ finish at 3:11. Lita fights back against Molly and gets slapped by Gail. Kim is set up for a Litabomb, but instead sees Lita have her nose shattered by the title belt. **

Rob Conway & Rene Dupree /w Sylvain Grenier v. The Hurricane & Rosey /w Jon Heidenreich

Pretty good effort here. A lot fo USA chants from the crowd early, getting Conway and Co. riled up. Not really all that much happened when Rosey was in the ring (That can be expected, right?), but some good bits with the Hurricane and Dupree (Durpee doing the Hurri-poses, before being nailed in the Jatz Crackers) Piledriver from Conway ends The Hurricane's night at 5:32. ** 1/2

We cut backstage where Stevie Night Heat is. Maven walks into his office. Verbal confrontation (Richards: I'm the boss around here Maven: Hey, not all of us wear pink) results in the main event for tonight. Maven v. Richards...Soon.

Sylvain Grenier v. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer is here! Yay! Too bad it didn't last long. Richards took and age to come out, came from behind Grenier and pummelled him with those sticks of his. Crown goes mad. Too bad Grenier wins at 0:28 by DQ. How did it take 28 seconds for the referee to disqualify him? I mean he had a freaking stick in his hand, and you know...Hitting him with it. Not rated, but five stars if it lasted more then 28 seconds.

Video of Goldberg/HHH feud. Advertises a few highlights of the fued so far, Bischoff announcing HHH/Goldberg for Survivor Series. Also, we find out the main event for tomorrow night is Triple H, Randy Orton, Kane and Mark Henry v. Shawn Michaels, The Dudley Boys and Rob Van Dam.

Spike Dudley v. Christopher Nowinski

Please tell me I didn't just see this. Nowinski, face mask and all has just been monstered by Dudley. He cheated on Stephanie McMahon my guess is for this treatment. Dudley Dog ends his night at 4:11, and he only landed three moves. * as Dudley killing someone like that doesn't look right.

Stevie Richards v. Maven

Okay, yes he is meant to be a heel, but some of the comments by Al Snow sounded more then character development (Snow: What a fluke for him to win Tough Enough). Pretty solid match here, they gave them a good while. Richards got some pretty good heat from the crowd, while Maven was surprisingly popular. Ending seemed rushed, even to Snow and Coachman as they were mid commentary when it happened. Dropkick from Maven was caught mid-air with a Steven Kick, and accordingly pinned at 8:12. Show ends. ***

The V Word: Not a bad show, will be interesting to see if the Snow thing was for storyline reasons. Some poor matches, but the main event was good. Crowd clearly hot for the Goldberg/HHH thing, even though I'm not. ** 1/2

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On the previous Raw last year.

John Heidenreich is tagging with Hurricane tonight with his tryout match. Roosevelt comes in and wants a photo with Hurricane and Heidenreich. During the picture, Hurricane asks who Little Johnny is, and Heidenreich whispers it in his ear. After he leaves, Hurricane says that he knows people think he is crazy for wearing a cape, but that guy is off his rocker.

John Heidenreich & The Hurricane vs. La Resistance

As Hurricane was going to give out his mask, Conway jumps him. Hurricane dodges Conway and nails a weird, but cool, underhooked reverse DDT. Dupree tries to catch Hurricane, but he somersault plancha’s Dupree. As Hurricane is coming back in, it looks like he is going for the Overcast, but Conway catches him, Hurricane is caught on the top rope and Conway hits a swinging neckbreaker!!! Conway and Dupree then go back and forth on Hurricane. King: “I saw an auction for a French gun, and it said ‘Never been shot, dropped only once.” HAHA. Hurricane goes for a choke slam, but Dupree fights out only to get a DDT. Heidenreich in, tosses around La Rez, and nails a combo choke slam/Rock Bottom for the win.

Winners – Heidenreich & Hurricane

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Steiner gone from WWE

I have had rumours in my inbox for several days over the future of Scott Steiner, but have been awaiting official confirmation over it. It seems that he has parted ways with the company on a mutual termination, and this was confirmed this morning by my contact inside the Raw lockeroom.

Steiner had been causing a lot of distrest with some of the workers backstage, he was coming across as complacent with his position, and with the ridiculous amount of money he was earning, he knew the WWE would use him anyway.

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The V Report for WWE Raw

Final Teams Announced, 'Johnny' overload

Date: Monday 3 November, 2003

Attendance: 7037

Welcome to the V Report for WWE Raw, your host are Jim Ross and The King

King plugs the main event which is eight man tag, also we find out tonight on who will be in that Survivor Series match on November 16, a week earlier then advertised, meaning this is the second last Raw!

We are immediately backstage where Eric Bischoff is in his office talking on the phone to someone. In comes Steve Austin, who begins to speak and Eric cuts him off. Stone Cold puts his finger on the switch, turning the phone off. A verbal confrontation between the two, mainly involving Stone Cold ripping into Bischoff over his team for tonight. Bischoff disagrees and says Austin will have to wait to find out the rest of the Bisch's team.

We are still backstage where John Heidenreich is backstage with The Hurricane. The Hurricane is asking about who little Johnny is. The conversation goes on for a bit (Heidenreich: He's just this...thing The Hurricane: Whoa, whoa, this is a kid's show to) and Evolution's voices are heard in the background. Batista walks past and just shoves the Hurricane into the wall and laughs. Before he can keep walking, Heidenreich gets into a bit of a shoving match with Evolution. It seems another match is made for later, Batista v. Heidenreich.

Commercial break

Batista /w Ric Flair v. John Heidenreich

It seems this is the match we open with. Heidenreich has nobody along side him and walks down to the ring. No real reaction to Heidereich. Match is pretty sloppy from both people, main spot of it coming as Batista reversed a vertical suplex from Johnny into a facebuster. Batista ends the match off with a Spinebuster at 3:17. * 1/2 for an average match. Flair comes into the ring after to help attack Heidenreich with Batista, but then out run the Hurricane. One shot to Flair is all that comes from him as he is destroyed by a spinebuster.

Commercial break

We are back and now the whole of Evolution are in the ring. Triple H delivers a promo on how he is going to kick Golberg's ass at Survivor Series and claim back what is rightfully his. He goes on about how he is the best in the business, and nobody can take that away from him. He moves onto about how Evolution are the future, and that two weeks ago, Batista proved that by attacking Goldberg. Pretty good interview which drew heat from the crowd.

We are backstage where Trish Stratus and Lita are in their dressing rooms. Lita talks about how much of a bitch that Molly Holly is. Somehow, Molly and Gail Kim rush into the room and begin to attack Stratus and Lita. Molly gets the final laugh over Lita when she pummels her and screams about how at Survivor Series she will destroy her.

Commercial break

La Resistance v. The Hurricane & Rosey

The Hurricane stumbles out for this match after being destroyed earlier. La Rez are pretty dominant early over the injured Hurricane, but when Rosey is tagged in he runs rampant over Grenier. Dupree comes in and beats up on Rosey, prompting USA chants from the crowd (King: What are they chanting USA for, Rosey isn't from the USA). Hurricane receives the Super Tag and comes in, finishing off Dupree with a sort of Big Show Final Cut at 6:12. ** for this. La Rez get engry and start to attack, but Big Johnny appears again and attacks. Hurricane and Heidenreich celebrate as Rosey watches on jealously.

We now get a video hyping two of the matches for Survivor Series with the Survivor Series theme in the background. First half is Kane v. Shane, second half is the Austin v. Bischoff fued, from start to finish.

Commercial break

Wow. We get a replay of Al Snow's commentary on Heat the other night as he ripped into Maven and how he was lucky to win Tough Enough. Movie comes down and Al Snow of all people is in the ring. He rips into Maven further, prompting Maven to come to the ring. The two exchange verbals, and Maven accuses Snow of backstabbing, prompting Nowinski to come down, 'The Real Winner' and set up the next match.

Maven v. Christopher Nowinski

Match that didn't last that long at all. A few spots early from both wrestlers, but they were just punches. Commentators raved on about Al Snow's actions (Ross: God damn, Maven deserved to win that contest King: Nowinski is a Harvard graduate, Maven is a junior high graduate). Snow comes down with a chair when the ref is bumped and whacks Maven. Maven stumbles around while Snow exits the ring, and Nowinski goes for a clothesline. Maven ducks and a Superkick finishes Nowinski at 3:17. **. Snow looks on in disbelief as Maven celebrates.

Commercial break

We come to the contract signing. Austin and Bischoff come to the ring, and lets see what the surprise Bischoff said would come is. Bischoff announces Randy Orton as his final member. THAT'S THE SURPRISE? The two sign the contracts. Austin offers Bischoff a beer, just as a friendly warm up. Bischoff reminds Austin tnhat he can not attack him unless his team wins the match at Survivor Series. Austin says he won't, but he knows someone who will. Shawn Michaels is in the other corner and delivers some SCM.

JR and King run down the Survivor Series card thus far;

Team Austin v. Team Bischoff

World Heavyweight Title Match: Goldberg © v. Triple H

WWE Women's Title Match: Molly Holly © v. Lita

Ambulance Match: Shane McMahon v. Kane


Triple H, Randy Orton, Kane & Mark Henry v. Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam & The Dudley Boys

Shane McMahon is on special comments. D-Von Dudley and Orton start. Back and forth match here which goes on a long time, and if it was a bit better, it would have been watchable. All people get involved, mostly moving to individual biffs. Early on Shane McMahon comes straight into the ring (Lawler: This kid's crazy) and attacks Kane, making the whole ring move into chaos. McMahon and Kane fight through the crowd, making it 4 on 3 to the faces. A bit later on when Bubba Ray Dudley is fighting Mark Hnery, Batista walks down to the ring slowly. He slides and and lays out Bubba Ray with a Spinebuster, does the same to D-Von. HBK leaves his fight on the outside with Triple H and gets given a clothesline off the apron by Batista, straight into the barricade. Batista stand in the ring by himself for a while, before Goldberg's music begins. Batista looks in shock at the ramp, and Triple H slides in beside looking the same way. The sparks begin, but no Goldberg walking through. Instead, to a huge reaction he walks in the back of the ring. Batista turns around and is speared straight into the mat. Triple H goes to attack Goldberg, but walks straight into a SCM from Michaels. Michaels goes up for the elbow drop on 3H and it connects for the victory at 16:11. ***, not enough in ring chemistry. After the match Goldberg and HBK celebrate, and are joined by Shane McMahon who stumbles in with blood over his hands grinning. Raw goes off air.

The V Word: Solid show leading up to Survivor Series, just one Raw left. Unsure about the amount of Heidenreich as his reaction isn't good at all. This Maven/Snow thing show develop, hopefully.

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WWE Injury News, Hiring to Development Territory, Tough Enough Update

Despite getting a big reaction from the crowd, Miss Jackie, also known as Jackie Gayda, had her night end in a cruel way at a Raw house show this past Thursday. As she was ringisde with Rico, who at the time was fighting Rob Van Dam. One spot was when Miss Jackie slid Rico a chair, and then was to come into the ring, only to b ehit by the chair from Van Dam in the legs. Unfortunately, Van Dam's shot seemed a little too hard, and ended up shattering a shin. Gayda is expected to be out of action for a good few months, and Van Dam's position in the WWE gets a bit worse.

With NWA:TNA beginning to rise a bit more, it seems the WWE aren't going to stand back and watch them catch up. In a big blow for the company, rising star Simon Diamond was wooed into a contract in Ohio for development. It is understood wrestlers Low Ki and AJ Styles turned back contract offers aswell.

WWE Tough Enough had its competition narrowed down to the final ten this previous week, all set up for a debut segment on Smackdown in the near future.

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Smackdown Preview from WWE.com

WWE.com reports;


6 July 2003

Survivor Series is just two weeks away, and Smackdown show will make things fall even further into place.

After last weeks match involving Cena/A-Train and Angle/Benoit ended with John Cena fuming, and the A-Train hurt, will John Cena meet up with the A-Train this week?

With the Ten Man Survivor Series match announced, it is now up to Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar to announce the final member of their respective teams of five to take on each other Survivor Series. With Chris Benoit, Hardcore Holly and Bradshaw already announced, who will be that member to face Brock Lesnar, the Big Show, Matt Morgan, Nathan Jones and the member Brock must choose.

Also tonight, with tension brewing, The Big Show will face Chris Benoit in a one on one action, with everyone bar their respective team captains banned from ringside.

Also, in tag team action, Tajiri teams up with Nunzio to go head to head with Jamie Noble and Billy Kidman. Can Tajiri and Noble separate themselves for the sake of this match?

We find out all this and more, explosive wrestling on WWE Smackdown, Thursday night's installment on UPN.

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The V Report for WWE Smackdown!

Will he, Won't he?

Date: 06 November, 2003

Attendance: 7503

-The match last week with John Cena and A-Train against Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit has highlights shown. The main focus is that of John Cena beating up A-Train after the match. On the screen the words, 'Will he, Won't he?' come up as we fade away.

-Opening video and pyro hits and we are here for Smackdown.

-Hosts are Michael Cole and Tazz, and tonight we have a sandpit next to the announcers booth

-Bradshaw and Faarooq v. Doug Basham and Danny Basham

Straight into action here in this non title contest after Cole and Tazz brought us into the show. Average match here, but actually not as bad as the wrestlers would suggest. Most of the match is dominated by the Team Angle contestants (Magically Faarooq is now a Team Angle member contrary to WWE.com). The Bashams do their switch at the end, only to be held true by Eddie Guerrero who shoves one back in and Bradshaw ends his night with Clothesline from Hell at 4:11. **, not so shabby. Eddie goes back taunting the Bashams.

Commercial break

-We are now backstage where Eddie comes back into his dressing room fired up. He talks himself up before seing Chavo staring coldly at replays of the previous incident. Aparantly, he is not happy about Eddie making other teams look good, possibly at their expense. Eddie asks why Chavo has been so down lately, and Chavo doesn't respond. Eddie demands to know, Chavo answers with Eddie doesn't care about the family anymore.

-We now get a promo up on the screen with some nice music in the background. The Tough Enough promo comes up, advertising the new Tough Enough which is now set to start on Smackdown soon after Survivior Series. We aren't given a date. Apparantly, Al Snow has been replaced by William Regal as Tough Enough leader. There are to be ten contestants fighting for the million dollar contract.

-Tajiri and Nunzio v. Jamie Noble & Billy Kidman

Very nice TV match here between the two teams. Tazz goes on about how tough Nunzio is (Tazz: Nunzio is one tough S.O.B Cole: I bet his mom wouldn't that Tazz: Hey, she's hairy...) and Nunzio does get a pretty nice share of attacks on Noble and Kidman. Unfortunately for Nunzio, he doesn't take part in the rest of the match after being given a slam by Noble and having to tag himself out. Gets a bit slow toward the end, until Tajiri hits some poison mist on Noble, before finishing Kidman off with a Buzzaw at 5:31. *** because there was hardly any Kidman or Nunzio.Tajiri celebrates with Nunzio much to the crowd's disgust.

Commercial break

-Cole and Tazz now go over the Smackdown side of the Survivor Series card. Newly added Tajiri v. Noble for the Cruiserweight championship, Team Angle v. Team Lesnar and ofcourse the Buried Aive match between McMahon and The Undertaker.

-John Cena v. Rikishi

Cena comes down rapping about the size of Rikishi's ass, all the fat ugly jokes you can handle for a night, just wait for the Cena/Train confrontation, talk about fat jokes there. Piss poor match really, and finished very early as Cena puts a leg up to counter the Banzai Drop. FU wins it at 3:12. * 1/4 for sheer ugh-ness, but at least Cena beat somebody of note, no matter how little that note he has is. We head off into a...

Commercial break

-We are back and the whole of Team Lesnar is in the ring near John Cena. Cena says he don't need no trouble from this group. At this stage Heyman gives a speech about loyalty and honour. Cena asks how it applies to him, to which Heyman asks him to join the group. Crowd getting excited here for a turn. John Cena says he has one word for Heyman. Crowd really hot here...Cena answers with...Okay?! Crowd really pissed as Cena brushes them off. Heyman wants to shake, but gets a punch knuckle to knuckle. Heyman asks for one small thing, to have Cena apologise to A-Train. Out he comes and Cena gives all the fat jokes in the world to him, finishing off with a just playing. He toys around before apologising, letting Train slap him. Train goes for the slap, but then stumbles as Cena moves out of the way. Crowd very indifferent still, but its evident they are angry Cena did not turn.

Commercial break

-Vince McMahon comes down to the ring. He begins his promo on the Undertaker and invites Paul Heyman to the ring. He states again how disappointed he is over Heyman making their match a Buried Alive match, but says he forgives him now that Taker is banned until Survivor Series. Heyman is asked to explain the rules to him, and all the details about the deepness of the grave and the amount of sand get McMahon worried. He then says he isn't worried at all when Heyman asks if something is wrong, instead the Undertaker is here tonight and he is invited to the ring. Instead outcomes a midgit on a tricycle who happens to be dressed like the Undertaker. McMahon proceeds to explain what he'll do to Taker, and then in a wierd thing buries the midgit in the sandbox, proclaiming himself victor already. Wierd stuff, not a great reaction from the crowd either.

Commercial break

-We are backstage and we see Kurt Angle's lockeroom door. It suddenly opens and John Cena walks out with a smirk as a 'Bye' is heard in the background. Brock Lesnar appears in front of him not happy. He asks what Cena was doing, and he responds by saying nothing. Lesnar says he doesn't trust Cena, and is only letting him be in their team because of Paul Heyman. He says that if Cena screws him, there will be hell to pay.

-Chris Benoit /w Kurt Angle v. The Big Show /w Brock Lesnar

Tonight's main event. Pretty alright match, but it was all Benoit carrying Show who still looks a bit sore and in need of a break, being US Champ and all. Non title of course. Show dominates early, and I still wonder why Nathan Jones was not in this match instead. Considering he deserves another shot after the great excuse of turning heel last week. 'Bad advice from Taker.' Gee. Well no use crying over spilt milk (Oh god I am hillarious). All the interference possible from the outer two, and the least referee control ever. Match ends as a Chokeslam is reversed into a a crossface. Lesnar causes the disqualification with a chairshot to the back of the head at 8:12. ** as not even Benoit could carry him. After the match there is an attack by Angle and a staredown to boot from all involved as we go off air.

The V Word: Solid show really, but not focussed on the matches at all. Crowd really were fuming over Cena not turning, and Noble/Tajiri will hopefully be a good contest. Still confused over that white promo. Only one show left from both sides before Survivor Series, and already six matches are announced. Thinking ahead, I like it.

Edited by The Flamin Mongrel
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Hirings to Development, Roster Cuts

-It seems a lot more people are being signed to development by the WWE. Today, they announced three new signings, Brittish worker Derrick Neirkirk, a Russian known as The Twelth Man and Shawn Candido. It seems they are willing to fill up the territory, if it means new stars can arrive. Also, we expect three or four to be signed from Tough Enough as per usual.

-With the influx of young talent, the baggage of wrestlers is set to be cut. While, nobody is confirmed to be cut, we expect Rikishi, Chris Kanyon, Steven Richards, Ernest Miller and several development wrestlers to be given their pink slip. Any firing is a fix for TNA aswell.

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The V Report for WWE Velocity

The FBI Show

Date: 08 November 2003

Attendance: 7035

-Small pyros go off and we are here for another WWE Velocity, hosts are Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott

-Nunzio v. Funaki

Solid opener to start with, not so spectacular either. I wonder about the legitimacy of keeping Funaki on the roster, he's just a joke anyway. I get the feeling this could become loser gets fired with the rumoured roster cuts. Styles aren't the same here, Nunzio can't work a high flyer, only a technical match, which Funaki can't do. Sicilian Drop ends Funaki's night at 4:11. ** 1/2 for not being so heart stopping. Nunzio walks to the back proudly. It's Velocity...

Commerical break

-We now get the video package of Thursday's Smackdown where John Cena joined Team Lesnar. I'll refer to my Smackdown report for this video ofcourse:

We are back and the whole of Team Lesnar is in the ring near John Cena. Cena says he don't need no trouble from this group. At this stage Heyman gives a speech about loyalty and honour. Cena asks how it applies to him, to which Heyman asks him to join the group. Crowd getting excited here for a turn. John Cena says he has one word for Heyman. Crowd really hot here...Cena answers with...Okay?! Crowd really pissed as Cena brushes them off. Heyman wants to shake, but gets a punch knuckle to knuckle. Heyman asks for one small thing, to have Cena apologise to A-Train. Out he comes and Cena gives all the fat jokes in the world to him, finishing off with a just playing. He toys around before apologising, letting Train slap him. Train goes for the slap, but then stumbles as Cena moves out of the way. Crowd very indifferent still, but its evident they are angry Cena did not turn.

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The V Report for WWE Heat

Test faces Heidenreich in Match of the Night!?

Date - Sunday, 09 November 2003

Attendance - 7305

-Pyros blow and we are here for another exciting Heat installment. Coach and Snow are at ringside.

-We begin as Snow comes out of his announcer's chair with a microphone. He talks about how Maven is a disrespectful little turd, and so on. Snow decides he will teach him a lesson, and tomorrow night on Raw, Eric Bischoff has allowed a surprise to be delivered to him. Robert (Robair as they say) Conway comes down to the ring. He interupts Snow, and says unfortunately Maven on't be there tomorrow night because he is about to beat him up anyway. Snow smiles and says that he will still give Maven the surprise, whether he is injured or not.

-Maven v. Robert Conway

Hardly an exciting effort between the two, and they really didn't click. Snow talked about what a twat Maven is (Snow: Maven is a twat Coach: What is a twat Snow: Not as bad as a twit Coach: What's a twit? Snow: Worse then a twat.) and how this surprise will be a killer. Please don't be necrophillia. This match is pulled from nowhere from Maven, as he connects with a dropkick for the pin at 3:22. Who wins with a dropkick!? * 3/4. Snow comes in with a chair, and goes to hit Maven. Maven ducks, chair is dropped, and Snow runs to the back with Maven chasing him.

Commercial break

-We are back and with video footage of Goldberg returning and the Triple H interview.

We are back and now the whole of Evolution are in the ring. Triple H delivers a promo on how he is going to kick Golberg's ass at Survivor Series and claim back what is rightfully his. He goes on about how he is the best in the business, and nobody can take that away from him. He moves onto about how Evolution are the future, and that two weeks ago, Batista proved that by attacking Goldberg. Pretty good interview which drew heat from the crowd.


Michaels goes to jump off the apron to attack Triple H, but instead Batista clubs him in the back off the head. Triple H waddles into the ring, but then Goldberg's music starts! Crowd goes absolutely nuts as the sparks begin to fly. Nobody cmes through, but everybody but Batista and HHH know Goldberg is right behind. Batista turns and is speared straight into the mat. Triple H goes to attack, but is tapped on the shoulder and given some Sweet Chin Music. An elbow drop ends this one at 16:11. Longish match, but still worthy of ***. Batista and Michaels celebrate, and a bloodied Shane McMahon rolls into the ring smiling as we go off air.


-We find out that the main event is Batista v. Goldberg on Raw

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Raw Preview from WWE.com

WWE.com reports;


9 November 2003

Its the last episode of Raw before WWE Survivor Series, and tonight's Main Event is sure to get the heart racing. In a hate filled match, the Champion Goldberg faces Evolution's Batista in a chance for even more revenge. Because it was two weeks ago when Batista claimed the $100,000 dollar bounty and destroyed Bill Goldberg.

Al Snow proclaimed last night on Heat that he has a surprise Maven will never forget ahead of him. After Maven walked out victorious against Robert Conway, his winning streak is growing, and will what Al Snow puts down be able to stop him ahead of Survivor Series?

The phenominon that is Jon Heidenreich has a fan base growing, namely one Hurricane. Tonight, the two face off against Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier to become the Number One contenders to the tag titles. Will we ever find out who 'Little Johnny' is?

All this and more, on an action packed Raw, Monday night on Spike TV!

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The V Report for WWE Raw

Countdown to Survivor Series

Date: Monday, 10 November 2003

Attendance: 7005

-Opening video and pyros and we are here for another V Report for WWE Raw

-Hosts are Jim Ross and The King

-La Resistance v. Jon Heidenreich & The Hurricane]

Winners are #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles which is currently held by the Dudley Boyz. Average match at best here, but Heidenreich seems to be getting a bit of a reaction now. Hurricane is super over, now would be the time to push him if he was to be pushed. Why is he on Raw? Commentators basically use this match to hype the main event for tonight with Goldberg and Batista, and how this is chance for revenge for Bill Goldberg. Rene Dupree gets a rollup on the Hurricane after gouging him in the eyes, grabs a handful of tights and uses the ropes for leverage for the win at 4:24. ** 1/2, nothing that insulted me. We head to our first...

Commercial break

-Maven v. Matt Hardy

Must be close to that MASSIVE announcement from Al Snow, and that is what JR and Lawler go on about throughout. Not a great match by Hardy's standards, and didn't use his TV time to an advantage, Maven seems to be carrying an injury aswell. Good spot in the middle was Maven going for the dropkick from the top rope and nailing Hardy who was outside. Moonsault finishes Hardy at 5:11. ** 1/4 because Maven really needs an actual finisher. Dropkicks and moonsaults aren't finishers.

-Al Snow now comes down to the ring. He begins to talk to Maven, insulting him and then talking himself up. He then says Maven's recent form has been impressive, but still Snow is better. He then announces a surprise that Eric Bischoff allowed. Maven has a match at Survivor Series against a former WWE (WWF) Tag Team Champion and former WCW Tag Team Champion. He introduces...Brian Adams?! For one night only, Adams will wrestle in the WWE. Snow says Adams will crush every bone in Maven's body. Adams stand behind Snow doing stupid taunts the whole time. JR nearly blows his head off in excitement, when seriously, there is absolutely NOTHING to be excited about.

-We move backstage where The Hurricane, Jon Heidenreich and Rosey are with Eric Bischoff. They are complaining that they were robbed of the match they fought earlier. Biscoff agrees and makes a #1 Contenders rematch for Survivor Series. But seeing it wouldn't be fair to have it on even terms seeing as they did win the match, it is a handicap match, Hurricane and Heidenreich against all of La Resistance. Hurricane and Heidenreich 'dig that' and exit. Rosey walks up to Bischoff. Aparantly he wants to know why Heidenreich gets to tag with the Hurricane when he has been his partner longer. Bischoff hasn't got time for this, and has an announcement. Rosey isn't happy.

Commercial break

-Eric Bischoff is in the ring. He challenges Stone Cold to come down. He offers to give the public a little taste of what they can expect at Survivor Series tonight. He proposes to change the Main Event to a lumberjack match. SCSA agrees and that is that.

-Rob Van Dam © v. Christian

Intercontinental Title. Solid match, one of the better Van Dam matches you will see, but it was Christian carrying it. Notice this is the first title match I've actually reported on? Ouch. I don't see why they would use this match before the PPV, considering it would be better used if somebody didn't have they one-up-man-ship over another so close to the PPV. Anyway, ending comes as Christian taunts a bit, and gets kicked in the head. Van Dam goes rolling thunder, setting up the Frog Splash for the retain at 8:23. *** 1/2 for a very good TV match. Christian gets annoyed after the match, saying he kicked out at two. He runs up the ramp after Van Dam and floors him from behind. He grabs the belt and is screaming that is should be his.

Commercial break

-Shane McMahon comes down to the ring before his match with Kane at Survivor Series. He begins talking about how he attacked Kane last week, and how he won. Sure he was as bloody as an abatoir, but still. He then rolls the footage of how he attacked Kane with a crowbar in the carpark, and then beat him up with a picket. McMahon was obviously beaten up before with all the blood over him, but we don't need to know that. McMahon continues the interview, calling out Kane. But Kane only appears on the TitanTron, right where they will be having their match at Survivor Series. He talks about how behind him is the ambulance Shane will be shoved in. Same sadistic talking here on how much Kane will beat up Shane. Come Sunday, somebody's career will be ruined, and if Kane loses, take it litterally.

-Chris Jericho v. Shawn Michaels

Very solid match here between the two, Jericho beginning off with taunts to Michaels. King talks about their past meetings, namely WrestleMania, where Jericho, the gentleman he is, nailed Michaels in the netheregions post match (King: I like that sort of...edge in him) As I said it was good match, but unfortunately, Ross was talking about our revised Main Event in the middle of it. Oh joy. A low blow from Jericho to Michaels causes the DQ at 7:53. *** although would have been **** if it didn't have a shit finish. I mean, if you HAVE to end a match in DQ, enlighten me to as WHY it has to be a pissy low blow. Why not a chair shot, or a sledgehammer. Come on. Get masculine.

-Molly Holly is backstage being interviewed by Terri. She rips into Lita, and says how she is going to tear through her at Survival Series. Very...I don't know how to put it...default like interview, nothing groundbreaking. They haven't really built the tension for this match much more since three weeks ago. Women's title has to go if they don't care about as much as they do at the moment. Its pointless.

Commercial break

-Goldberg (/w Shawn Michaels, The Dudley Boys, Rob Van Dam & Booker T) v. Batista (/w Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Christian & Mark Henry)

Lumberjack match. Non title. It had to happen. A badly booked match. We start off and Christian and Rob Van Dam continue their fight from before, as do Michaels and Jericho. That leaves three lumberjacks for a match that doesn't last long. All hell breaks loose as Triple H comes straight in soon and gives Goldberg a Pedigree. Usual Survivor Series brawl as Jericho, Van Dam, Michaels and Christian become involved. DQ draw called for at 1:23 with minimal offence. *. Goldberg finishes off the night with a spear on Batista, only to be Pedigreed again. We go off air.

The V Word - Not a bad show, mainly because of two good matches. Main event sucked wang, but it can be expected. I expect Survivor Series to be alright, unfortunately some down points in this show...

  • The World Heavyweight Title match got ZERO TV Time
  • Brian Adams returned
  • Brian Adams returned (I think it deserves two)
That's all from me, see you at Smackdown! Edited by The Flamin Mongrel
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Smackdown Preview from WWE.com

WWE.com reports;


13 November 2003

The final Smackdown! before Survivor Series, and things are reaching boiling point!

The talk of the wrestling world this week has been John Cena aligning himself with Paul Heyman, when everybody believed he was straying over to Team Angle. Tonight, John Cena will have to face Kurt Angle, one on one, ahead of their Survivor Series match up.

Also, in tag team action it is experience against inexperience. The APA take on Team Lesnar's monsters, Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan in a huge contest. Don't write off the APA, they have all the experience in the world.

With Chavo Guerrero holding a bit of hostility toward Eddie, how will that unfold tonight ahead of Survivor Series. It is understood the Basham's can't wait to get their hands on Eddie either after last week's acts.

Also, Buried Alive action is approaching, and after last week being mocked by Vince McMahon, The Undertaker will be live via sattelite from a hotel room in New York, outside the two state radius of Vince McMahon. We get the chance to hear his views before Survivor Series.

Don't miss this and more, the final Smackdown before Survivor Series, UPN on Thursday night.

Edited by The Flamin Mongrel
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Guest gangsta

Awesome diary so far, but just one thing. You wrote Heidenreich & Maven vs. La Resistance in the opening match for RAW, when it was really Heidenreich & Hurricane. Just thought I'd point that out..

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