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So... Anyone play the bongos?


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Short version: I won some bongos

Long version: Last year Leicester University held a drinking competition, the challenge was to see who could down a yard of ale the fastest, although they didn't use ale they used Carling instead. Anyway, I entered, the first time I did it the judge claimed that I had left some in the bottom of the bulb section and refused to count my entry which was about a minute and a half under what everyone else had done and despite the fact that what was left was all froth. So 45 minutes later after some bantering from my mates I got up and did it again (For those that don't know a yard of ale is about 3¼ pints) and this time didn't leave anything and did it about a minute under everyone else's times and so I won the competition. My prize was a yard of ale glass, however the next the bar manager was fired and he took the yard of ale glass with him, the new bar manager said he'd get me one and was still saying that up until about three weeks ago. Three weeks ago the Uni held a bongo competition sponsered by Bacardi, they gave the Uni three sets of bongos and somehow I managed to convince the bars manager to give me a set of bongos instead of a yard of ale glass, the bongos are worth about £100 while the yard of ale glass is worth about a tenner... And they wonder why they are losing money. So anyway, last night I got my bongos into my room and then I realised, I have no idea how exactly to play them, so I'm guessing they'll just stay in my room and look cool or something.


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I played bongos for a horrible cover of 'Gold' by Spandeau Ballet. It was so rediculous but fun to do. And bongos rawk, the ones I were playing were actually from Africa, one of the head teachers bought it while on holiday, so she was watching very carefully for any damage done to them.

Oh, how I'd love to play with her bongos.

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