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WCW Still Has Fight. . .


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Internet Assault News Report - 03.24.01

WCW Remains For Sale

Reports from this weekend are that World Wrestling Federation Entertainment tried to purchase World Championship Wrestling from Time Warner. It seems that talks have fallen through between the two. WWF wanted the contracts of the big stars like Goldberg & Booker T and felt that WCW would be useless without the big players. There is also rumours that the talks fell through due to issues over licensing and the video library. WWF wanted full access to the library while Ted Turner was hoping to keep the rights to the footage due to it being cheap programming. Whatever the issue may be, it seems clear that the WWF wanted to purchase WCW but that seems to have failed.


Internet Assault News Report - 03.27.01

The End of WCW?

The Season Finale of Nitro ended rather anti-climatically with all things considered. It was great to see Ric Flair and Sting in one last wrestling clash. It appears that Ric Flair may have been hinting at this being his final match. Unfortunately, the show ended without any news to the fate of World Championship Wrestling. The final moments of the show ended with Ric Flair and Sting embracing each other in the ring after a hard fought match, meanwhile other wrestlers started to pile out from the back. It was a very cool visual. At the same time, I can't help but think that WCW has just gone out in a whimper. For sure, their will be no WCW programming next week now that it is off of Turner owned stations. Will we ever see WCW again?


Internet Assault News Report - 04.06.01

Eric Bischoff to Buy WCW?

A few weeks ago, it has appeared that Eric Bischoff had backed out of the bid to buy World Championship Wrestling. It now appears that Eazy E is back in the game again. With WWF more concerned about their new football league and their recent purchase of ECW, WCW doesn't seem to have any other interested buyers other than Eric. The rumour is, that Eric is being funded by a multi media company called Creative Imagination Inc. With this deal, WCW will still be lacking a television network to showcase their workers but it appears Eric will get access to all contracts & the video library. It was these two issues that stopped WWF from purchasing WCW.


Internet Assault News Report - 04.17.01

Report on Eric Bischoff April, 16 WrestleMedia Internest Radio Interview

Eric Bischoff said that the deal to purchase WCW is almost a final sale. The pressure to sell WCW has made Time Warner much more willing to negotiate this time around. Eric is expecting to receive all wrestler contracts including the big names like Goldberg, Booker and Sting. Plus the Eric owned WCW will also have access to the entire old WCW/NWA video library. Eric is also in negotiation to own the Power Plant facility. Eric also admits that at this time there hasn't been any interest in WCW being on any television networks. Eric realizes it is vital for WCW's surivival to have a TV deal in place. As for Creative Imagiantion Inc., they are allowing Eric to have full control of the creative of the company. Apparently, the CII is very excited about the purchase of WCW.

The interview seemed to be very optimistic about WCW remaining in business. Eric is claiming that WCW should be back in action by early summer pending on a TV deal.


Internet Assault News Report - 05.03.01

WCW Is Sold!

Took much longer than planned but WCW is officially off the market. Time Warner has sold WCW to Eric Bischoff & Creative Imagination Inc. Eric owns all WCW/Time Warner wrestler contracts, WCW/NWA video library, the Power Plant and all WCW trademarks. Now, it is a matter of the new WCW securing a television deal. Time Warner has made it clear that they have no interest in WCW being on any of their stations. It is now a question of when, where and how WCW will gain a television deal. Eric Bischoff is said to be very confident, especially since he feels the wrestling market is heading towards another big boom period.


Internet Assault News Report - 06.14.01

Trouble in WCW

We haven't heard a thing about WCW since the purchase last month. We have been lead to believe that all is fine in the land of World Championship Wrestling. That appears to be a lie. It appears that their may be some conflict between Eric Bischoff and his backers in Creative Imagination Inc. Apparently, CII has agreed to have Eric be considered the owner of WCW but does not want Eric to have complete creative control of the company. Up to this point, we were lead to believe that Eric was to have complete control of the company. The financial backers want Eric to be the main overseer but to have a person in place in charge of creative, contracts and day to day. Unfortunately, it appears that Eric Bischoff isn't all that impressed with this current scenerio. This current conflict has to be bad news for WCW considering this is a company that needs to put all its energy into finding a television deal. WCW needs a television deal before the fans start to forget this company still exists.


Internet Assault News Report - 07.01.01

WCW To Be Bought Again?

The disenssion between Eric and Creative Imagination Inc. has lead to rumour that Bischoff wants to have sole ownership of the company. At this stage. almost all the money in WCW is from CII. Due to the disagreement between the two, Eric now wants WCW without CII involvement. One of the key issues, is that the previous WCW sale is still being settled. While talks of Eric getting sole ownerships are being leaked, the deal between CII and Time Warner is still a matter of the ink drying. To be sure, these last few months have to be some of the most absurd events in recent history. This is sillier than anything Vince Russo would have wrote.


Internet Assault News Report - 07.29.01

Peace in WCW

Apparently, the bickering in WCW has come to an end. CII still has money in WCW but Eric is considered the owner of the company. To help Eric out, CII has sent Eric an employee who will handle creative and day to day operations. This person will work under Eric and all his decisions can be vetoed by Eric. The fact that Eric has complete veto power seems to be what has quieted the bickering. As for the new employee, his name is Markolous Krump. Never heard of him.


Internet Assault News Report - 08.20.01

WCW Opens Deep South Wrestling

Remember when Eric promised WCW to be back on the air by the summer? Is it on some mystery channel that no one seems to get? Despite no television deal, WCW does appear to still be in operation. Markolous Krump and Eric Bischoff have apparently signed a deal to open up a Georgia based regional promotion called Deep South Wrestling. It will be used as a developmental wrestling federation much like OVW is to the WWF.


Internet Assault News Report - 09.11.01

Arn Anderson Assigned Head Booker of DSW

At this point in time, more seem to be happening in Deep South Wrestling than in WCW. Just today, it has been announced that Arn Anderson has been assigned head booker of DSW. The word is, much of WCW's younger talent is to be sent down to Deep South Wrestling. At this point in time, I'd think the wrestlers would just be happy to have some work.


Internet Assault News Report - 09.13.01

Halloween Havoc Announced!

It has been reported by several PPV Distrubutors that WCW has arranged for Halloween Havoc to air on PPV. The announced date is Sunday October 27th. The Havoc posters appear to have Booker T & Scott Steiner staring down each other. One could guess, Steiner v. Booker would be the headliner of this PPV. At this time. no venue has been announced for this PPV. Despite this, WCW seems ready to hold their first event since the last ever Nitro in March.

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WCW Halloween Havoc Promotional Video

Orignal Airdate: 09.17.01

[Video opens up to a dark and gloomy cementary. The scene floats around the cementary from tombstone to tombstone. The camera than zooms towards a tombstone which reads: WCW 1990 - 2001. The scene rests there for a few seconds until suddenly a ghastly hand burts from the ground. Seconds later, the scene is filled with explosion.

Scene cuts to a dark room. In the room is a casket and a well dressed gentlemen. This well dressed gentlemen is none other than the Nature Boy Ric Flair.]

RF: The rumours of WCW's demise were very premature. WCW is still the number one wrestling company today. That is going to be proven on the 27th of October when WCW presents Halloween Havoc. That will be the night that another group will also prove that they are still alive and strong. That night will be the return of the Magnificent Seven. We will rule WCW again. WOOOOO!!!!

[Once Flair ends his words, the casket door is shoved open from the inside. Out crawls Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner and his #1 Freak Midajah.]

SS: Booker T, you piece of Texas trash. You will meet the largest arms in all of professional wrestling. I am going to make you scream and holler but not in the way I make my freaks feel. I'm giving you the ultimate lesson in pain. I will be the champion at Halloween Havoc.

RF: Woooo!!! Ric Flair. Scott Steiner. The beautiful Midajah. The magnificent Seven. Booker T, I don't want to be you. Halloween Havoc, will be your swan song. We will rule Halloween Havoc.


[steiner than plants a big kiss on Midajah. The scene than fades out to a graphic that reads the following:

WCW Halloween Havoc:

WCW Lives!!!!!

October 27th, 2001


WCW.com -- 09.20.01

WCW Returns October 27th

WCW is ready to return and provide the solid action fans have expected for years. On October 27th, WCW returns to PPV with the Halloween classic, Halloween Havoc. At this moment, WCW booking committee is trying to put together the ultimate WCW extravaganza. Already signed, is a match for the WCW World Championship when World & United States Champion Booker T will do battle with the man he defeated for the title, Scott Steiner. Plus WCW promises the return of some of the biggest stars of the past. Don't miss this huge event on October 27th. Be sure to check with you PPV Distributor for availability. Keep checking in on WCW.com as the card begins to take shape.

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Internet Assault.com News Report - 09.24.01

Talent in Deep South

As of now, there are no real reports on the upcoming WCW Halloween Havoc PPV. At this point, WCW hasn't even announced the venue or when tickets will be going on sale. Meanwhile, lots of work has been going on in WCW's new developmental league.

As of now the following talents has either been sent down or signed to Deep South Wrestling. It should be noted that these wrestlers are all under WCW contract but at this time with only be working for Deep South Wrestling based out of Georgia.

AJ Styles - was part of the brief Air Raid team

Air Paris - the other half of the brief Air Raid team

Brian Knobbs - one half of the former Nasty Boys team

David Flair - yes, he still has a job

Don Harris - one half of the Harris Twins

Elix Skipper - hmmm, lots of cruisers seem to be getting demoted

Evan Karagias - see what I mean?

Jamie Knoble - former member of Jung Dragons

Jason Jett - had a brief stint with WCW in March

Kaz Hayashi - at least he wasn't released, I guess

Kid Romeo - former Cruiserwieght tag champ - hey, is that title still active?

Kee Wee - hopefully, with a gimmick change

Leia Meow - better known as Kimona Wannalya

Major Gunns - didn't even know she was still with the company

Mark Jindrak - former WCW tag team champ

MI Smooth - former Ice Train shocks all with still having a job

Miss Elizabeth - what is she going to do in developmental?

Paisley - hmmm, lots of cruisers and girls in DSW

Reno - former WCW Hardcore Champion

Ron Harris - better half of the Harris Twins

Stevie Ray - can thank Booker for still having a job

Tammy Sytch - get the feeling there is some excess baggage in WCW?

The Wall - former member of Misfits, not that is something to be proud of

Wayne Debruce - hmmm, not doing the Power Plant????

Yang - former Jung Dragon

It's quite interesting to get a peek on who WCW feels needs to head down to the developmental territory. With the mass amount of cruisers down there, I wonder what that says about the state of the division. Will there even be enough cruiseres left on the main roster to have a workable division? What about the Cruiserweight tag titles? Some very interesting questions to be fielded here.


Internet Assault News Report - 09.25.01

Killer Kowalski joins Power Plant

I was shocked yesterday when I saw Wayne Debruce head down to the developmentals. I thought he was the Power Plants head trainer. Apparently, Bischoff and Krump want to shake up that area of WCW. A new head trainer was signed earlier this morning in the form of Killer Kowalski. There are rumours that Rocky Johnson, father of the Rock, may also be signed by the end of this week. Some very interesting developments on this front of WCW.


WCW.com - 09.27.01

Goldberg to Return at Havoc!!!

WCW Halloween Havoc is set to be a blockbuster of an event. For the last few weeks, WCW Booking Committee has been working feverishly to sign the biggest stars and matches possible. Proof of that, is the fact that Goldberg is officially signed on to be a part of the WCW Halloween Havoc PPV. His oppenant at this time is still unannounced.

Goldberg did have the chance to leave some comments for WCW.com

'It's going to be so great to finally be in a WCW ring again. I can't wait to be able to perform for my fans again. In January, I thought it was the last time I'd ever be in WCW. It's a new regime and a new beginning. I will start this off right. I just hope I have the chance to be in the ring with a member of the Magnificent Seven. As far as I'm concerned they're all NEXT!'


Internet Assault News Report - 09.27.01

More Trainers signed to Power Plant

WCW Halloween Havoc still has no venue at this point. But the power plant has 3 new trainers joining the staff. Rocky Johnson (father of the Rock), Dominic Denucci (trainer of Shane Douglas and Mick Foley) and Johnny Rodz (trainer of D Von Dudley) are all new trainers at the power plant. WCW is blessed with some legendary wrestlers to train the students at the wrestling school. Lots of potential for some exciting talent to come into WCW for the next few years with these guys training them.


WCW.com -- 09.29.01

WCW Halloween Havoc Update!

Ric Flair is claiming that the Magnificent Seven will be back in full force in WCW. At Halloween Havoc, Flair will have a chance to prove that himself. He is scheduled to be part of a rematch from the last WCW PPV, Greed, Himself and Jeff Jarrett will do battle with Dusty Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes.

Also on the card, expect to see the always exciting tag team champions Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo in action. Plus there will be some high flying cruiserwight excitement when the current Cruiserweight champion Shane Helms defends his title. Don't forget the already signed match with World and US Champion Booker T defending the WCW title against Scott Steiner. Be sure to not miss all the excitement at WCW Halloween Havoc on Sunday, October 27th.


Internet Assault News Report - 10.02.01

Cruiserweight Tag Title Disbanded

In what could be a sign of how the new regime views the cruiserweight division, the WCW Cruiserweight tag titles have been disbanded. A very reliable source, says that the company didn't feel they had the roster to house two Cruiserweight titles. Instead, will just concentrate on the singles title. Of course, they may have had enough talent if they didn't send them all down to Deep South.

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Internet Assault News Report - 10.04.01

Backstage Staff Shake-ups

In front of the camera, very little seems to be happening in WCW at the moment. At this point, we don't even have a confirmed venue for the WCW Halloween Havoc PPV. WCW hasn't put on a wrestling show since the last episode of Nitro back in March. Behind the scenes, WCW has been full of action. In the last few days WCW has had several cut backs and signings for backstage staff. As reported last week, WCW has hired 4 brand new trainers for the Power Plant. As well, WCw has hired 3 new writers in Ed Ferrera (rehired after being released in February), Bill Banks (another one being rehired) and Helen Cuthill. Don't ask me who Cuthill is but WCW seems to be happy with all 3 of these hirings. As well, Kevin Sullivan has been let go by WCW since Eric Bischoff puts much of the creative blame on him.

WCW has also done a spring cleaning of their referee and announcer rosters. As of this writing, David Penzer, Gene Okerlund, Mark Madden, and Pamela Paulshock have all been released on the announcer side. Scott Dickenson and Billy Silverman have been released on the referee side. None of these releases can really be seen as having a major impact. It is doubtful that WWF would have much interest in picking any of them up. At least, it is a sign that WCW is alive even if we haven't seen a signle show out of them.


WCW Halloween Havoc Promotional Video

Orignal Airdate: 10.07.01

[scene cuts into video footage of the closing moments of the WCW Sin PPV match between Goldberg/Wayne DeBruce v. Totally Buff. The scene cuts after showing Goldberg being pinned in the ring. Scene fades to a black.

Goldbergs music is played very lightly in the back.]

VO: They thought that they finally rid WCW of him.

[Video cuts to a close up of Goldberg's face. Goldberg is roaring in the camera.]

VO: They thought wrong!

[Goldberg's theme music is now clearly heard. Several shots of Goldberg spearing and jackhammering people.]

VO: Sunday, October 27th. Halloween Havoc. Magnificant Seven will be next.

[scene cuts to a graphic that reads the following:

WCW Halloween Havoc:

Return of Goldberg

Sunday, October 27th

Call Your Local PPV Distributor


WCW.com - 10.09.01

Sid Will Be At Havoc

WCW Halloween Havoc is already promising to be an unforgettable event. It will mark the return of WCW to PPV since it's last show in March. It will also mark the return of a superstar who has been on the shelf since January On Sunday, October 27th, Sid Vicious will return to the wrestling ring. At this time, Sid's oppenant is unknown but you'd have to guess he would love to get his hands on members of the Magnificent Seven. WCW.com was able to catch a few comments from the Vicious one.

'The master and the ruler of the world has returned. Magnificent Seven you had to know this day would come. You would not be able to keep me down. You cannot withhold the fury and rage of the Master and Ruler of the Universe. Halloween Havoc, I will mark my return. Mark my words, it will be a day the Magnificent Seven will never forget!'


Internet Assault.com News Report - 10.11.01

Exclusive Ring Report Radio Interview with Eric Bischoff

Here is a transcript of a radio interview between Eric Bischoff and Wrestling Insider Donald Gregor that was conducted last night.

DG: Our next guest this evening is the new Owner of WCW Eric Bischoff. Eric, welcome to Ring Report Radio.

EB: Why thank you Don. It's my pleasure to be here.

DG: You are definitely not a new face to World Championship wrestling. You had been the President of WCW for many years. But now, you are the owner of WCW. Is that a wierd feeling?

EB: I am finanncially backed by Creative Imagination Inc. I have their full support. Some of the pressure is off when it isn't all my money that is backed into this thing. At the same time, I feel CII will be much more supportive than Time Warner was. Many times in Time Warner, I felt very handcuffed when I was working their. At times, it made it very detrimental in attempt to run a wrestling company. There was a lot of good times with Time Warner but when it was bad it was really bad. Now here, I have basically full control of the company and don't need to worry about fighting with suits every day.

DG: In the summer, there was word that you and CII were clashing. Mainly, the problem seemed to be CII wanted to put someone in place of doing creative and day to day operations. The word was, you were very opposed to that.

EB: It was a lot of misunderstanding. Most problems come from large miscommunication. We are definitely on the same page now. We are ready to start kicking butt again.

DG: So, you are okay with Markolous Krump being in charge of creative and day to day operations now?

EB: Marko is such a great guy. He has a great mind for the business. I'd almost say he is like the secret weapon for WCW in the same way Russo was considered for WWF in '98. The only difference, the internet seems to have leaked out his presence. I still consider hime a secret weapon because nobody really knows who he is or what he can do.

DG: Do you feel the wrestlers and staff will respect this relative unknown?

EB: The key is that I am still the owner. I still have 100% veto power. I have the last word in what happens in WCW. The staff and wrestlers know my track record. They don't need to worry about Marko. They just need to trust me.

DG: You are sounding pretty confident.

EB: I've done it once before, Don. WCW overtook WWF in the past. We were the number one wreslting company in the country. We were kicking Raw's ass in the ratings every Monday. I totally believe that we will do it again.

DG: Do you think that is smart. To put all your energy in trying to beat the WWF? Shouldn't you just try to concentrate on putting on the best product possible? We've heard you before claim you would bring WCW back on top. You promised this very thing last year with Russo.

EB: First off, the only way to beat WWF is to put the best possible product on. We will be focusing on our company. We won't be worrying about WWF. It is WCW that needs the attention. Right now, we are putting all our energy into making WCW something that the fans will want to tune into again.

As for last year, me and Russo ended up being a power struggle. In retrospect, it was a bad idea. It was bad timing. We both had different ideas of where WCW should be. In the end, he got his way and it's clear he wasn't exactly right.

DG: What makes you think your idea is better? You were in charge of the company in '99 when WWF started to kick you in the ratings.

EB: Fair enough. I was getting burned out at that point. I was getting tired of wrestling with the Turner suits every single week. I couldn't take it anymore. The things Vince has always had the advantage with is that he has no one to answrer to. I never got that priveledge. Until now, where I am the last word in this company. That makes things easier right off the bat.

DG: But what changes are you going to make that ensure WCW is the product people want to see?

EB: I have a lot of plans in place. I am not about to give them all away here. You need to watch the shows. I do promise you that young talent is going to be elevated. We have goals to bring certian wrestlers into the main event scene by the end of 2002. We do have a long term direction for this company. Having a long term plan is very key to success. We have that.

DG: Sunday, October 27th is the date for your first WCW event of the new era. At this time, now venue has been announced. Nor is their any sign of you having a television deal.

EB: Things may not be going as smoothly as we would like at this point. I'll be honest with you. WCW will be holding a PPV on Sunday October 27th. We just have a few matters to sort out first. A few kinks. I'm hoping for a TV deal by November. I expect an announcement of the venue for WCW Halloween Havoc by next week.

DG: There has been some worry that the Cruiserweight division is going to be misused. The Cruiserweight tag titles have been reported to be disbanded and many of the top cruisers are being sent down to developmental. Your comment?

EB: There will be a cruiserweight division in WCW. It will be a very strong division. It is true that I have scrapped the WCW Cruiserweight tag titles. A lot of that, is because I feel WCW just has too many titles at this point. I don't feel at this time WCW needs a a second Cruiser title. As for the developmental, this isn't something people should worry about. We aren't sending them down there to never be heard from again. We are sending them down there because we want to use them. We want them to be the future. I have faith you are looking at the next superstars. At this point, we are trying to improve them and help them reach their potential. Our development league has a lot of talent I'm very excited about. AJ Styles, Jung Dragons, Elix Skipper, Jamie Knoble and so many others that I think will be the future of this company. Some of them. may be called up within the next few months. Exciting stuff in store at Deep South.

DG: I know you are a busy man. You can't stay much longer. I was wondering if we could play some word association?

EB: Wouldn't be a wrestling interview without one. Shoot.

DG: Vince McMahon.

EB: The enemy. My last shot to beat him. To go on a quick side note, this is my last stab at wrestling. If this fails, then this is the end of Eric Bischoff in the wrestling spectrum.

DG: You would not consider working for the WWF?

EB: Mark my words, you will never see Eric Bischoff in a WWF ring. My promise.

DG: Vince Russo

EB: Not as brilliant as he thinks.

DG: Hulk Hogan

EB: Legend. Still has lots to offer to wrestling.

DG: Do you think he has something to offer WCW?

EB: He isn't under contract to WCW right now. That isn't to say he won't be.

DG: Kevin Nash

EB: Another guy who still has lots to offer to wrestling. Especially WCW.

DG: Goldberg

EB: Proof that WCW can build their own stars.

DG: Stone Cold Steve Austin.

EB: Made me eat my words. He became a much bigger star than I ever gave him credit for.

DG: Is that an apology?

EB: Closest thing to an apology he can ever expect.

DG: Final one, WCW.

EB: Future number one company in professional wreslting once again.

DG: Thank you for your time Eric.

EB: Thank you. Be sure to catch WCW Halloween Havoc on Sunday, October 27th.


WCW.com - 10.13.01

Battle Royal At WCW Halloween Havoc

WCW Owner Eric Bischoff has declared that a 20 man battle royal will take place at the WCW extravaganza, Halloween Havoc. The winner of the battle royal will be the number one contender to the WCW US Title which is currently held by WCW World Champion Booker T. This match just adds to the amazing excitement that will occur at WCW Halloween Havoc.

Don't forget that already signed for Halloween Havoc is a WCW World Title match between champion Booker T vs. the former champion in Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. Plus wrestling legends collide when Nature Boy Ric Flair teams up with Jeff Jarrett to do battle with Dusty Rhodes and his son Dustin Rhodes. This is a rematch from their exciting encounter at the last WCW PPV, Greed.

Also scheduled to be at WCW Halloween Havoc is the WCW wrestling phenom, Goldberg. It will be the in ring return of Sid Vicious who injured himself at WCW PPV, Sin. Plus the WCW World Tag Team champions Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo will be rocking the house. Speaking of rocking the house, things will rock when Cruiserweight champion Shane Helms defends his gold. What an amazing event it will be. Be sure to contact your local PPV Distributor for availability


Internet Assualt.com News Report - 10.16.01

WCW Halloween Havoc in Limbo?

Despite WCW's constant hype towards the Halloween Havoc PPV, there still is no announced venue for the event. Word is, backstage many wrestlers are very doubtful that the WCW Halloween Havoc PPV will actually become a reality. WCW Halloween Havoc ads can still be found on the Preview channels. WCW.com is claiming that nothing is wrong. WCW wrestlers are beginning to feel that something is very wrong and the reality of a WCW PPV on October 27th, is very unlikely. Maybe the final episode of Nitro was truly WCW's last hurrah?

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Wow, you have a very nice backstory so far, I wont say anything else until I see a show, but you have a very nice start so far.

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Guest Das Bootie

I heard some pretty exciting rumours on the internet that Markolous Krump will be signing The Perfecto to a long term deal. That is definately good news for the WCW, as this guy can definately be on top of the cruiserwieght division in no time. He is an outstanding performer in the ring, and his mic skills kick ass. Not many people have heard about him, but those who know the name know that he is the real deal. Just check out this picture of him!!! stink!!! THIS GUY IS FRICKIN READY!!!!!!

user posted image

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WCW.com - 10.17.01

Official Address from WCW Owner, Eric Bischoff

To Loyal Fans of WCW,

It has been quite the roller coaster ride in these last few months. For a wrestling company, I'll admit we haven't really been offering a lot of wrestling. I can't blame any of you, if you've been getting a little impatient with WCW. I realize that you have been promised several new start up dates since the final WCW show on March 26th. Orignally, WCW had hopes of beginning again in April but then it became more likely that the summer would be the return. I have noticed that the summer is long gone and we are now approaching the end of the year. I will openly admit that things have not been as smooth as I had orignally hoped and expected. WCW still does not have a television deal. I really do understand the importance of having WCW television. WCW is in talks with several prominent television networks. I feel it is safe to say that WCW TV will exist by 2002. I also will understand if you're not quite willing to believe me yet. I will admit that things promised up to this point have not materialized. Please trust me when I say that WCW is alive and it is still kicking. The quality product you remember will be back to entertain you for years and years.

For now, WCW will rely on entertaining you through this web site. WCW.com will offer up several great multimedia events. For example, WCW.com will be presenting a weekly internet talk show called WCW Live. You may remember this show back in '99 and earlier this year. Tony Schiavone & Mike Tenay will be the hosts and many of the top stars will be presented on it. WCW storylines and events will be progressed on this show. I really hope this will be able to tie over the great WCW fans until we reach our official television deal.

WCW.com will also be presenting past WCW shows for the next few weeks. WCW.com will air the last 3 months of Nitro in order to catch you up on what was happening. For a small fee of $6.99, you will be able to order past WCW PPV through WCW.com. Right now, we our offering up the first ever Halloween Havoc from '89. I hope you can enjoy these new features.

Once again, I apologize for the long wait. I thank you for your great patience. Please be sure to daily log on to WCW.com, as we all await the eventual true return of WCW!


Eric Bischoff

Owner of WCW


Internet Assault.com - 10.17.01

Halloween Havoc???

A very candid letter from Eric Bischoff was posted today on WCW.com. Eric openly admitted that WCW is not starting up as quickly as he had expected. He even apoligized for the long delay. The most telling thing about the letter was what was not mentioned. At no point, did Eric address the Halloween Havoc event on October 27th. At this point, I haven't heard if the PPV is still a go or not. With only 10 days left and no venue, it would appear it is very unlikely there will be a PPV. But for $6.99 on WCW.com, you can watch the very first Halloween Havoc - a big sarcastic yeah!


Internet Assault.com - 10.18.01

WCW Wrestlers Getting Restless

Apparently, WCW isn't a very happy place behind the scenes. WCW wrestlers are demanding to know what the current status of WCW is. At this point, the wrestlers don't even know if the company is still going to be running by the end of the month. The wrestlers are booked for WCW Halloween Havoc but it is almost assumed at this point that the PPV is no longer happening. People are beginning to question Eric Bischoff's ability to run the company at this point.

There is some word that wrestlers are even asking for their release. While others are wanting to know the truth about Halloween Havoc. Either way, WCW backstage seems to be a very ugly place.

DSW Update

Deep South Wrestling, the WCW farming league, seems to be in much better shape than their parent promotion. The promotion seems to have all adminstration needs under control and appear to be ready to start running shows. DSW has the Macon Legion Hall booked to run a show in two weeks time. At least, some part of WCW may offer some wrestling this year.


WCW.com - 10.18.01

Tune Into WCW Live Tonight!!!

WCW Live is back on the internet! It promising to be more exciting than ever. Join hosts Mike Tenay & Tony Schiavone for a great hour of wrestling talk. This great WCW internet talk show promises to be better than ever. Tonight's show will have some pretty exciting guests. WCW Owner Eric Bischoff will be addressing the future of WCW events and the plans for his WCW. Plus WCW World & United States champion Booker T will have a face to face meeting with the former champion, Big Poppa Pump. Fireworks will be happening when those two meet up on the set. What an explosive show this promises to be.

Be sure that you have the most up to date streamline video software. You will not want to miss WCW Live!!!

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Guest Das Bootie

An underground internet wrestling site just leaked that WCW will be boosting their skills from behind the mic. Weathered veterans David Mclane and Lee Marshall are apparently going to be taking the lead spots at ringside. Mclane said that it was time for him to rock the wrestling world. He also mentioned that the much awaited 'second season' of WOW would unfortunately never be happening. Bronco Billy was literally pissed.

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Guest Das Bootie

'Who is badder than Non?'


It is believed by many on the rumour circuit that WCW will be closing a deal with none other than The Monstrous Non! He will surely be doling out likeable heaping helpings of pain and discomfort to all opponents that he faces in the ring. All hail Non!

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WCW.com Multimedia Section – 10.18.01

WCW Live

Scene fades onto a graphic that reads:

Booker T v. Scott Steiner

A Championship Saga

A song by a band that has a sound resembling Linkin Park begins to play. The singer sounds especially angry and the tempo is sonic. Each scene cut is going to have the date of the event labeled via a helpful graphic in the left hand corner.

Nitro July 10, 2000: Booker T, his wife and Stevie Ray are in the ring being distracted by Midajah. Scott Steiner emerges from the crowd to lay out both Booker T & Stevie Ray with a baseball bat. Scott Steiner continues to pummel Booker with the bat. Steiner leaves Booker on the mat and threatens Booker’s wife.

Later that evening, Steiner sneak attacks Booker T again. Steiner applies the Steiner Recliner on Booker T. Steiner cinches in the hold while Booker grimaces with pain.

Nitro September 18, 2000: Jarrett and Steiner are laying a beat down on Sting and Booker. Steiner delivers a belly to belly suplex that sends Booker half way across the ring. Sting tries to stop Steiner but is greeted with a guitar over the head by Jarrett. Steiner puts the Steiner Recliner on Booker T. Booker T grimaces in pain from the hold.

Later that night: Booker T gets a hold of a bat and swing for the face of Steiner. The bat connects with Steiner who drops like a ton of bricks. Then, Booker T drags the body of Vince Russo on top of Steiner to allow the referee to count to 3. The camera angles used for this clip don’t make it obvious that the person being dragged is Russo and only people who remember that evening would know who it was.

Nitro September 25, 2000: Booker T tried to exit a steel cage when Steiner emerges to slam the door onto the head of Booker. Booker recovers from the blow and throws a kick at the door to knock Steiner back.

Nitro October 02, 2000: Booker T is peppering Steiner with rights. Then, Booker drops Steiner with a big spin kick. Booker bounces off the ropes and flies at Steiner with a flying forearm. The forearm knocks down both Steiner and the referee. Jarrett than immediately enters the ring with a guitar but Booker goes over to attempt to fight him off.

Later that night, Booker is raising his World Title over his head while Jeff Jarrett lays beaten on the mat. Steiner than enters the ring and takes Booker T out with a lead pipe shot across the chest. An observant viewer will be able to catch Howard Stern Show celebrity, Beetlejuice attacking Jarrett.

Nitro October 09, 2000: Steiner slides into the ring and attacks Booker T with a lead pipe. Steiner lays out Booker T. Steiner goes to retrieve a mic

Steiner:. "Hey Booker T! I don't have a crystal ball and I can't see the foresee the future, but I guarantee you one thing, at Halloween Havoc I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Steiner lays into Booker with another lead pipe shot.

Later in the evening. Booker T rolls into the ring wearing a referee shirt. Steiner notices Booker and charges at Booker with a clothesline. Booker ducks Steiner. Booker retaliates with a super kick that finds Steiner’s head. Steiner stumbles into the waiting arms of Sting who greets Poppa Pump with a Scorpion Death Drop. Sting covers Steiner and Booker lays down the three count.

October 11, 2000: Booker is standing in the ring with a mic. Booker: ‘You know I have a little message for Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. You know, Steiner, you can run around the back screaming and crying all you want, but until you meet Booker T at Halloween Havoc, that don't mean nothing. Ya whacked me witch your little pipe, but lemme tellya, Booker T just keeps on gettin' up. So I'm gonna say this to you, Scott Steiner. All the way from down under in Sydney, and I'm gonna say it real slow: when it's all over with, don't hate the playa, hate the game.”

October 23, 2000: Booker T stands in the ring, while Steiner and Midajah stand in the aisle way. The scene starts with Steiner in mid rant.

Steiner: ‘So understand this, at Halloween Havoc, the only reason you're champ now is 'cause you've never wrestled me - at Halloween Havoc, I guarantee I'm gonna beat your ass - I'm gonna knock you're ass out."

Booker responds: "You know, Scott, I know these people wanna see it...so I think - hell with it, let's do it right now!"

Booker rolls out of the ring and beelines for Steiner. They meet in the aisle and trade punches. A brawl ensues between the two enemies.

Scene than fades into a graphic that reads:

WCW World Championship

Scott Steiner challenges Booker T

WCW Halloween Havoc

October 29, 2000

The music has now ended. The scene fades into the very match that the graphic mentioned. Wow, what a coincidence! Match is joined in progress with original commentary team of Tony Schiavone, Stevie Ray and Mark Madden.

Steiner has Booker T pushed up against a corner. Poppa Pump delivers a brutal chop against the chest of Booker. The impact of the chop causes Booker to fall to his knees. Steiner lifts Booker up and delivers another mighty chop. Steiner continues to deal out chops and each chop causes Booker to be knocked to his knees. Steiner decides to change things up and levels Booker against the corner with a stiff forearm. The camera pans in to show the blistering welts forming on Booker’s chest. Steiner throws another forearm but this time it does not connect. Booker blocks the incoming blow and fires back with a forearm of his own. Booker starts to rock Steiner back with each new shot fired. Steiner starts to reel to the centre of the ring. Booker fires more and more shots towards Steiner’s head.

SR: Oh yeah, go get him Booker. Beat that Fruit Booty down!

MM: Shut up, Stevie. Stop being biased. Booker can’t beat Steiner.

SR: He’s rocking him right now!

TS: Ouch! That’ll slow Booker down.

Indeed, Booker appears to be slowed down. Steiner delivered a mule kick to Booker. Booker slouched down to the canvas. Steiner than picks up Booker and Steiner wraps his large arms around the waist of T.

TS: A tremendous belly to belly!

MM: I think Steiner may have Booker here. We could have ourselves a new WCW World Champion!

SR: No way, my brother can kick out of that.

Steiner makes the cover after his huge belly to belly suplex. Steiner hooks the legs while the ref gets into position. The ref begins to make the count. 1……2……2 ½ . . . . Kick out! Steiner is not very happy about it. Steiner gets into the face of referee Nick Patrick and starts to verbally rip into the senior ref. Steiner remembers he has a champion to defeat and puts his focus back on Booker T. Steiner goes back to laying in forearms and chops on Booker. Big Poppa decides to toss Booker off the ropes and attempt to level Booker with a mighty clothesline. Booker has other ideas and ducks under Steiner’s mighty, outstretched hand. Booker bounces off the other ropes and returns to Steiner with a flying forearm. The flying forearm hits Steiner square in the jaw and sends Steiner flying through the ropes.

TS: What a blow by Booker T! He clearly knocked Steiner right out of the ring.

MM: Tony, you idiot. We can see that. We will also see Big Poppa Pump make a come back. This is only a minor set back.

Stevie Ray: Come on, Booker. Kick down this Fruit Booty!

MM: Stop cheerleading!

Steiner rolls back into the ring but is greeted by chops from Booker. The chops cause Steiner to stumble up against the ropes. Booker sends Steiner across the ropes and than levels the returning Steiner with a big spinebuster. Booker eyes the top turnbuckle and gets a knowing look in his face. Booker can sense it is time to finish this match and go home with his World Championship. Booker begins to climb the top rope but he doesn’t get to deliver his planned maneuver.

SR: That nasty Yak just tripped Booker? What she doing down there anyway?

MM: Her name is Midajah, Stevie – she is no Yak. She is Steiner’s #1 Freak.

TS: Whatever you call her, she is a cheat. She just tripped Booker T up.

MM: I didn’t see that.

Despite what Madden may have seen, Midajah did trip Booker while he was on the top turnbuckle. Booker is still on the top turnbuckle but this time, he is crotched up there. Not a position any male wants to be in. Though, Steiner likes exactly where the place Booker is positioned. Steiner starts to scale the corner with thought of evil to be done to Booker. Booker doesn’t like that plan and starts to fire fist onto the head of Steiner. Steiner attempts to rattle off some punches but Booker only blocks them. Booker rains punches a plenty down on Steiner and finally, the blows cause Steiner to fall down unto the ring mat. Midajah tries to rally her man by pounding on the ring apron. The crowd starts buzzing as they sense Booker may have the match wrapped up. Booker slowly gets himself positioned on the top turnbuckle. Booker is still showing effects from the crotching by Midajah. Booker stands upright on the top turnbuckle and waits for Steiner to get to his feet. Steiner stumbles in mid ring making it clear that he isn’t sure where he is. Booker waits until Steiner wanders closer to the champ. Steiner turns around and notices Booker on the top rope but by that time, it is all too late. Booker pushes himself off of the top turnbuckle and flies through the air towards Steiner. Booker’s two feet land solidly on to the chest of the challenger.

TS: A picture perfect missile dropkick by Booker T

SR: It’s over Schiavone. That’s my bro’s finish.

MM: Come on, Poppa. You can still win this thing.

SR: Hey, stop being biased.

The crowd is rapid at this point, as they sense that Booker now has the win. Booker decides to take advantage of this opportunity and cover the downed self professed Big Booty Daddy. Booker hooks the leg of Steiner while Nick Patrick goes to make the count. 1…..2.....2 ½. …..2 ¾. . . . KICSuckT!!!!! Steiner just barely escapes defeat. Booker T shows shock across his face. The crowd lets out a giant gasp at how close Booker’s win was. Other fans let out a big cheer as they thought Booker scored the win. Booker T, feeling completely exhausted, rolls on to his back Both competitors lay on the mat feeling the pounding on their bodies from this brutal title fight. The crowd continues to cheer and holler. Booker feels the energy of his fans. Booker lets out one of the most electrifying moves in all the sport.

MM: Spinaroonie! Spinaroonie! Spinaroonie!

Meanwhile, Steiner rolls over to the rope where his #1 freak awaits him. Midajah rolls a lead pipe over to her man. Steiner clasps the weapon and shields it from the view of Booker. The unaware Booker walks over to Steiner with intent to finish the match. But Steiner has his own plan of ending this battle. Booker T, unknowing of the possession Steiner has, bounces off the rope to prepare for a Harlem side kick. Booker flails his leg towards Steiner who in turn blocks the move via a lead pipe. The blow of the pipe causes the champion to crumple to the ground. This blow also causes the referee to call for a DQ.

SR: That no good, egg sucking. yak slapping, son of a. .

TS: Calm down Stevie.

SR; Calm down, that bastard just hit my brother with a lead pipe. Because he knew he couldn’t win this thing.

MM: He doesn’t appear to be done either!

Steiner decides to share the joy of the lead pipe and give a blow to the gut of Nick Patrick. Patrick crumples to the canvas. Steiner than applies the Steiner Recliner on Booker. Steiner takes the lead pipe and presses it against the throat of Booker T. Steiner tightens the Recliner while using the pipe for extra damage. The white of Booker’s eyes are visible as Booker’s eyes roll back in his sockets. A referee comes from the back, trying to pull Steiner off of Booker. Steiner releases the hold only to whack the ref with the lead pipe. Steiner resumes putting the lead pipe assisted Steiner Recliner on Booker. From the back, another brave ref runs into the ring. He gets into Steiner’s face and demands for him to stop the carnage. Steiner responds by planting the lead pipe into the face of the poor ref. Steiner than decides this lead pipe whacking is much more fun and begins to lay lead pipe blows onto Booker’s chest. Another referee charges into the ring but he also receive the same fate from Steiner. Ref and road agents come piling from the back, but each one receives a nasty lead pipe blow. Finally, Jeff Jarrett comes out to try to talk sense to Steiner. Steiner and Jarrett start to head out of the ring leaving behind a wreckage of bodies.

TS: Steiner has laid waste to our champion. Left behind carnage of several WCW referees. Steiner will be paying a heavy fine for this.

MM: Steiner tonight proved what a dangerous man he is. Booker’s days are numbered.

Scene cuts to another graphic:

Road to Mayhem

Booker T v. Scott Steiner II

A new unknown band begins to play in the background. This group doesn’t sound as much like Linkin Park but appears to be just as angry. The tempo is just as fast and heavy.

Nitro October 30, 2000: Scott Steiner has his large hand around the throat of Mike Sanders. Scott Steiner: ‘You better putta me in that damn title match tonight. I’ll crush your throat in! Huh? I want Booker and I am the champion. He has my title. Huh?’

Sander squeaks out: ‘You’re in’

Later that night, Scott Steiner has Mike Awesome in a Steiner Recliner. Booker T flies off the ropes and connects with an axe kick on top of Scott’s head. Steiner gets knock to the outside of the ring, meanwhile Booker covers Awesome for a 3 count. On the outside, Steiner starts to throw a fit. Big Poppa grabs nearby security and lays several blows on to them. Booker is seen inside the ring trying to motion for Steiner to come back in for a fight. Steiner retreats to the back making sure to hit anyone or anything on his way back.

Nitro November 06, 2000: Ric Flair stands in the ring with Booker T standing beside him. Scott Steiner, along with Midajah, is throwing a fit outside the ring. Ric Flair is in mid conversation: ‘at Mayhem, in the cage, I'm gonna put a straitjacket twelve feet over the ring, and the first man in that match - Booker, you or Steiner - that gets that straitjacket off that rope...you can put it on your opponent and you can beat the hell out of 'em.’

Later same evening, Booker T is shown walking back to the dressing room after a title match. Steiner come charging out and floors Booker T. Steiner throws a flurry of fists and feet on Booker’s body.

Nitro November 13, 2000: Scott Steiner is about to enter the ring but then, Booker T runs from the back to pull Steiner off the ring apron. Booker T than peppers Steiner with right hands..

Later in evening: Booker T has Bryan Clarke in a book end position. Scott Steiner emerges to whack a lead pipe upside Booker’s head. Bryan Clarke and Brian Adams grab Booker to administer the High Times finisher. Clarke pins Booker, while Steiner happily admires his dirty work.

Even Later: Booker T, with a chair in hand, rushes into the ring. Booker T plasters Scott Steiner with a wicked chair shot. Sting comes over to Booker and Booker great him with a chair shot to the head as well. The camera zooms on to the intense face of Booker T.

Nitro November 20, 2000: Steiner is in the ring doing his usual moon man speak: ‘I'm gonna give you the worst defeat of your career, and I'm gonna put you outta wrestling, too. Booker T, you think about this: I am the man with the largest arms in the world, I am a genetic freak, if you thought I punked your ass at Halloween Havoc, things are gonna be worse, because it's in a cage, and there won't be anybody to save you. At Mayhem, you're...your career's gonna be in jeopardy, and I'm gonna end your reign as world champion.’

Later in evening: Booker T and Steiner are trading blow for blow. Security tries to separate them but neither man can be held back. Both men start to rip into each other.

Scene cuts to following graphic. Music has ended at this point as well.

WCW Mayhem

November 26, 2000

Booker T v. Scott Stiner II

WCW World Championship

Said match is joined in progress with commentary team Tony Schiavone, Stevie Ray and Mark Madden.

Booker T climbs up the turnbuckles and tries to scale a pole that holds a straight jacket. Booker stretches to reach the straight jacket. The jacket is just in reach but Booker never does get the item. Steiner forearms Booker right before he obtains the jacket. Steiner than wraps his arms around Booker and belly to back suplexes the champ off of the turnbuckles. Steiner than retrieves the jacket from the pole. Before Steiner can get back down the turnbuckles, Booker T is there to greet him with a press slam off the top rope. Steiner crashes hard on the mat and lets go of the straight jacket. Booker waits for Steiner to get back to his feet and then, Booker jumps into the air to connect with a sidekick on Steiner. Steiner hits the ground again and seems to be out. Booker T retrieves the jacket and attempts to put it on Steiner. Steiner tries to put up a small amount of fight but eventually the jacket is on Steiner. Booker neglects to secure all the straps on the jacket.

TS: The jacket is secured on Steiner and now Booker can do some damage.

MM: It’s not over. It’s going to take more than this to fall the Big Booty Daddy.

SR: My brother has got things under control.

What Booker does have, is a steel chair he grabbed from ringside. Booker rolls into the ring and readies himself to knock Steiner out. Steiner gets to his feet only to be sent immediately back down to the mat via a Booker chair shot. Steiner rolls to his knees, completely defenseless since he is trapped in the straightjacket. As long as you ignore the fact that Booker never fully did the buckles up. Steiner rests on his knees while Booker winds up and lands another chair shot against Steiner’s head.

MM: This isn’t right! Booker is trying to end the career of Big Poppa Pump.

SR: Turn around is fair play, Madden. This sucka tried to do da same ding to my brutha. Now, his time is up.

TS: Oh my, Booker may have gone over the edge. He is winding up for another chair shot.

Booker indeed does wind up for chair shot number three and he lands the shot right against the small of Steiner’s back. Steiner flops back against the canvas. Booker drops the edge of the chair onto the gut of the Booty Daddy. Booker looks at the weapon he has been using and decides to finally dispose of it. Booker bounces off the rope and leaps in the air for an elbow drop. Unfortunately for Booker, all he hit is the hard canvas of the ring. The battered and bruised Steiner rolls back up to his feet. Steiner starts to pull his arms apart in an attempt to break out of the straight jacket.

MM: Oh my! Steiner is going to rip out of his straightjacket.

TS: What a display of power by Scott Steiner!!!

MM: That is reinforced cloth, Tony. Steiner is tearing through that like it is paper.

Steiner does indeed display his power by tearing his arms free from the straight jacket. Then, Steiner rips the jacket completely off of himself. Booker rolls back to his feet and charger towards Steiner. But Steiner catches Booker in a bear hug. Steiner throws Booker T over his head causing Booker to crash onto the ring floor. Steiner measures up Booker and floors Booker again with a devastating clothesline. Booker is heaved back up by Steiner only to be dropped on his head via a German suplex. Steiner retrieves the fallen chair and crashes the chair onto the open back of Booker. Booker lays on the ground in a battered state. Steiner seizes the opportunity by applying the Steiner Recliner. Booker begins to wear from the application of the hold. Steiner cinches the hold in more and more on Booker T. Booker slowly begins to fade.

SR: Come on, Booker. You can get out of dis.

TS: It doesn’t look like Booker has a whole lot left.

MM: He doesn’t.

The crowd continues to chant the name of Booker T. Booker begins to show life. The champion tries to use his strength to crawl to the nearby ropes. Steiner attempt to pulls the body of Booker back into the middle of the ring. Booker powers more and more towards the bottom rope. Booker breaks his right arm free from the Recliner. Every little bit of remaining energy, Booker grasps for the bottom rope.

TS: Booker got to the ropes. The ref is forcing Steiner to break.

MM: Booker took the coward’s way out. He’s lucky to be still in this thing.

Steiner releases the hold but not before dropping a foot onto Booker’s lower back. Steiner begins to unleash a flurry of forearms onto the back of the champion. The challenger happy with his pounding, then decides to lift up Booker. Steiner puts T in a front facelock and set Booker up for a suplex. Steiner lifts Booker into the air and holds Booker in that position for an extended period. Finally, Steiner takes the champion down to the hard mat. Steiner has a smile on his face, truly believing he has this match finished. Poppa Pump lifts up Booker and throws him hard into the turnbuckles. Steiner charges full speed into the Booker but Booker decides to greet Steiner with a boot. The result is a woozy Steiner wobbling out of the corner. Booker comes firing out of the corner with a spin kick that floors Steiner. Booker gives a raise the roof sign to the crowd and they respond with loud cheers. Booker positions himself to be prepared once Steiner gets back to his feet. Steiner slowly regains his footing and turn around to walk right into a . . .


SR: That’s it, Tony! Booker has this thing won.

TS: That is Booker’s finisher. All he needs is to cover Steiner to retain his title.

Booker does just that. He pins Steiner. The referee jumps in to make the count. 1………………..2…………………2 ½……………..2 ¾……………..KICSuckT!!!

MM: I knew that wasn’t enough to put away Poppa Pump. He is an undefeatable machine.

Booker shows exhaustion all over his face. Not knowing what is left to finish Steiner. Booker rubs his head and begins to show some frustration. Steiner uses the ropes to get back to his feet. But for Steiner, he is quickly to the ground after a big Booker T clothesline. Booker waits for Steiner to rise in order to put him down with another clothesline. Booker is feeling like he is on a roll again and whips off the ropes to deliver a rolling neckbreaker. Booker once again plays to the crowd and they love him for it. Booker bounces off the ropes again and this time lands a picture perfect axe kick across the neck of Steiner. Both men lay on the ground after that maneuver.

MM: Spinaroonie! Spinaroonie! Booker is back up from the spinaroonie.

Booker pumps up the crowd but that is all Steiner needs in order to get ahold of the chair. Booker turns around to get Steiner but it greeted by a wicked chair shot upside the head. The crowd lets out a giant ‘Oooh’. Steiner isn’t done with his chair, yet. Steiner becomes a mad man and starts to unleash a flurry of chair shots on the fallen Booker T. The chair becomes a dented and mangled mess after Steiner is done. Steiner discards the chair and puts Booker back into the Steiner Recliner. This time, poor Booker has very little energy left. Soon, Bookers eyes are closed and his body becomes limp. The referee checks on Booker and starts up a 5 count. But Booker doesn’t respond in anyway.

MM: We got a new champion!!!! Steiner beat Booker. I told you he would do it!

SR: Damn!

TS: After the use of the chair, Steiner has knock Booker into unconsciousness. This thing is done.

MM: History is made!

Midajah jumps into the arms of her man. Steiner lays a big kiss on her. Steiner than rips the title out of the hand of the referee and raises the title high into the air. Firework begin to go off to declare what a monumental moment this all is. Steiner shows his newly won title for all to see. Meanwhile, an unconscious Booker lays on the mat.

The following graphic is shown on the screen.

Final Nitro on TNT

Night of Champions

March 26, 2001

Scott Steiner versus Booker T III

WCW World Championship

The Rubber Match

Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson do the play by play.

Nick Patrick calls for the time keeper to ring the bell. Scott Steiner and Booker T go into a lock up. Booker quickly shifts from a lock up to clutching Steiner into a head lock. Booker puts the squeeze on the head lock and puts some major torque on the hold. Steiner uses some of his old amateur wrestling experience to slip out of the head lock and to bring Booker down to the mat. Booker is able to slide around Steiner and grab the back of Steiner. Steiner uses the skillful technique of a back elbow to break the hold. Booker stumbles back while holding his face. Steiner tries to capitalize on the opening and tries to unleash a mighty right hand. Booker is quick to shake the cobwebs and is able to block the punch. Booker returns with some right hands of his own. Steiner is fazed with several rights to the head. Booker grabs Steiner to throw him off the rope but Steiner uses his strength to reverse the Irish whip. Booker, on his return, is quick enough to duck a Steiner clothesline and return the favour with a spinning heel kick. Booker attempts to score an early victory by going for the pin. 1. . . . 2. . . .KICSuckT!

TS: Steiner isn’t going to go down that easily.

SH: Steiner is the most dominant World Champion is recent history. It’s going to take more than a spin kick to beat him.

TS: Booker looks ready. He just needs to stay aware and focused.

Booker tries to pick up the fallen Steiner but instead, the champion throws a forearm into the gut of Booker. Steiner throws Booker into the corner. Midajah proudly cheers on her man at ringside. Steiner gives a wink to his freak and then, buries a knee into the gut of Booker. Before Booker can crumple to the ground, Steiner holds up the challenger just so Steiner can unleash a brutal chop. Steiner changes things up by unleashing a right hand and then another chop. Steiner continues to unleash a flurry onto the hurt Booker. Steiner finishes the assault with a particularly stiff forearm blow.

TS: Steiner is making a mistake here. He has decided to waste valuable time by yelling at the ringside fans.

SH: Steiner has a temper and it has got the better on him on many occasions. He needs to focus if he will stay on top of Booker.

Steiner can be heard letting out some foul language at a nearby fan. Steiner gets so furious that he almost leaves the ring to attack a fan. Finally, Steiner regains focus and turns back to Booker. Steiner lays into Booker with another forearm. Steiner sends Booker for a ride to the other side of the ring via an Irish whip. Steiner decides it is time to do his bull impersonation and charge full force towards Booker. It has the typical result with Booker lifting up a elbow to slow Steiner down. Steiner staggers out of the corner and is then, almost decapitated with a brutal Booker T clothesline.

TS: WOW! I think Steiner’s head may be in the 4rth row.

SH: Booker is going for the win here.

TS: 1! 2! 3!

SH: No! Steiner just kicked out at the last second. That was very close. I thought we had a new champion.

TS: We will have a new champion, tonight. It is title versus title. It just matters on who wins which title. Can Booker win back the world title?

Booker decides that it is indeed Steiner’s turn to meet the turnbuckles, as Booker whips Steiner across the ring. Booker follows right behind with a lariat. Then, it is time for fan interaction, as the fan can count along while Booker mount Steiner for the ten punches count along. Unfortunately, the fans can only get to 8 because Steiner decides it is about time he powerbombs Booker.

SH: What a power move!

TS: He may have knocked Booker clean out!

SH: Steiner is going for the pinfall.

TS: Nick Patrick is in position. 1! 2! NO!

SH: Barely a kick out by Booker.

The fans let out a gasp as they were convinced this would have ended the match. Midajah screams at the ref as she too thought this was the ending. Steiner decides he needs time to rethink his strategy and to buy time; he throws Booker to the outside. Midajah, ever the gracious host, greets Booker to her area of the ringside by delivering a vicious slap. Booker is rattled by the hard slap but soon shakes the cobwebs off. Booker is ready to confront Midajah but Steiner decided it’s time to get back in the game so he drops an axehandle from the ring apron. The blows knock Booker hard to the floor. Steiner goes over to his corner and grabs his trusty lead pipe.

TS: Oh no, Steiner wants to cave Booker’s head in with that lead pipe.

SH: Booker isn’t looking to be in good shape, here.

The crowd is in frenzy as they feel their hero is in big trouble. Steiner winds up with the pipe and unleashes a deadly blow. Booker has time to recover and ducks right before the pipe hits him. Steiner whacks the ring post rather than the head of Booker. The impact of the pipe hitting the post forces Steiner to drop the weapon. Steiner regains control by administering a powerful forearm to the back. Steiner brings Booker back in the ring. Steiner bounces off the ropes to hit Booker with the dreaded Steinerline. Steiner feels it’s time to give his bicep a little kiss. The crowd doesn’t seem to appreciate that. Steiner responds to that by dropping down with a elbow on Booker’s sternum. Now, it’s time for Steiner to be concerned about physical fitness because he starts to do some push ups in the ring. The crowd responds with a very loud ‘Booker T’ chant. Steiner brings Booker over to a corner and drapes both of Booker’s arms over the ropes. This gives Steiner a nice target to hit his brutal chops. Steiner continues with chops on Booker’s chest. Booker decides it’s time for some action himself and start to retaliate with some forearm shots. Steiner doesn’t like this idea and stops the Booker offensive furry with a knee.

TS: Steiner is in complete control at this point.

SH: That is why he is the champ, Tony. He is a very dominant athlete. Booker is feeling the assault.

Steiner follows up the knee with a huge belly to belly suplex. Steiner goes for the cover on Booker. 1. . . . 2. . . .KICSuckT! Or at least, Booker raised his elbow. At this point, Steiner is clearly in the advantage. Steiner pulls back on the arms and puts Booker in a surfboard submission hold. Steiner cinches in the hold and really yanks on the arms. The fans continue to let out a definitive ‘Booker T’ chant. Booker starts rhythmic stomping of his feet to encourage the cheering and chanting from his fans. Steiner continues to add pressure to the submission hold. Booker begins to sense a new wave of energy and starts to power himself back to his feet.

SH: Booker seems to be drawing from the cheers of his fans. He’s got a second wind.

SH: Booker is going to power out of the hold!

Steiner decides that is enough offense from Booker and stops the comeback with a hard knee to the back. Steiner feel it is time to introduce Booker’s head to the top turnbuckle. This isn’t a visit that Booker want, thus the challenger halts the move by putting his foot against the mid turnbuckle. Booker gives Steiner a sharp elbow against the face. Booker has much to give Steiner, mainly, several right hands to the head. Booker begins to feel momentum is back in his favour and the fans start to really get behind the rally. Booker lands several more rights to the head of Steiner. Booker sends Steiner for a ride against the ropes in preparation for a big back body drop.

SH: Steiner stops Booker cold with a forearm across the head!!!

TS: Booker made the critical mistake of dropping his head way too soon. Steiner knew how to counter the back drop.

SH: The champion looks to continue the dominance of this match.

Steiner picks up the dazed Booker and puts him in position for a suplex. Steiner lifts Booker into the air and prepares to drop him onto the hard mat. Booker is able to take the momentum of the lift and flip over to the back of Steiner. Booker takes a giant leap into the air and connects with a dropkick onto the back of Steiner’s head. Steiner flies right into a corner of the ring. Steiner shakes off the blow and comes at Booker with fists ready. Booker is back on a roll and blocks Steiner’s punches. Booker decides it’s time to return the favour and he levels Steiner with several right hands.

TS: Booker is on fire. He is rocking the champion.

SH: Booker is really feeling it, right now. This is his chance to capitalize on this match.

Booker grabs the dazed Steiner and flings him across the ropes. Steiner doesn’t want to play that game and hold onto the ropes rather than bounce back. Booker comes charging in and lands a knee to the gut of Steiner. Steiner crouches over, leaving himself a perfect target for a Booker T scissor kick. That is what happens, Steiner is floored by a scissor kick that got some amazing hang time. Booker is feeling it and plays up to the excited crowd. Booker grabs Steiner and tosses up against the ropes. This time around, Steiner comes bouncing back and he is planted by a powerful flap jack slam. Both men lay on the ground exhausted, but Booker returns to his feet using the most electrifying hold in wrestling. Unfortunately, Madden isn’t on commentary so the spinaroonie doesn’t get called.

TS: Just to think, moments ago we thought that Steiner was set to finish this thing. Through these fans and Booker’s heart, the challenger is back in this thing.

SH: He might win this thing, Tony!

Steiner slowly gets back to a standing position but he may live to regret that. Booker runs at Steiner and jumps into the air with a Harlem sidekick. It’s a great Harlem sidekick. The move pops the crowd even more than earlier. The move also drops Steiner hard back to the ground. Booker looks to the crowd and motions for the Book End.

TS: Booker is signaling for the Book End. He wants to put Steiner away.

SH: Steiner is going to walk right into it!

TS: He’s got Steiner locked in for the Book End!

The resilient Steiner is able to slip out of the Book End and counter with a devastating North Light Suplex. Booker T lands right on his head. It looks like Steiner has the match finished. Poppa Pump goes for the cover and Patrick goes in for the count. 1. . . . 2. . . . 2 ½. . . . . 2 ¾. . . . . Booker lifts the shoulder. The momentum by Booker appears to be dead. Steiner has the fire back in his eyes. Steiner is ready to end this match once and for all. Steiner lifts up the limp body of Booker. Steiner signals for a power bomb. Steiner has Booker in position and hoists the body of Booker right in the air. But Booker has more fight left and he flips right out of the hold. Steiner turns around and Booker has a gift for him.


Booker T makes the cover. 1……….2………….2 ½……………….2 ¾………3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TS: Booker is the new WCW World Heavyweight champion.

SH: We don’t know our company’s future but we know our champion.

TS: That man is Booker T

The crowd is going bonkers. Booker grabs the title out of the hands of Patrick and embraces the title in his arms. Booker has tears in his eyes. This is a moment, he has been waiting 4 months for. He has his title back.

Cut to a graphic:

OneMoreTime!!! Booker T vs. Scott Steiner WCW World Championship

WCW Halloween Havoc

October 27th, 2001

The scene cuts to a suburban street. Four young boys are playing a game of road hockey on, well, the road. The kids seem to be having a great time. All of a sudden, a very large, overweight clown jumps into view and starts to do a robot dance. A voice over accompanies this scene.

VO: Do you like cheesy things?

The kids, who now have had their game disrupted don’t seem too impressed.

B: NO!

VO: Well, if you do than you will love these new WCW Cheesy Snacks!!!! They are so cheesy!

The Clown now pulls a package of cheesy snacks from his pockets. He gives a few snacks to the boys. The boy eats said snacks.

B: MMMMMMMMMMMMM! These snacks are really cheesy.

VO: Yes. Just like this commercial! WCW Cheesy Snacks. They’re really cheesy.

Now, we finally find ourselves in the WCW Live studio. It’s a sight for sore eyes as both Mike Tenay and Tony Schiavone can be seen across from the desk. Both are wearing WCW blazers and look to be at their finest.

TS: Welcome internet fans to WCW Live. You have just witnessed a lengthy video package produced by our fine WCW production crew.

MT: It was detailing the very storied rivalry between Scott Steiner and Booker T. Truth be told, the rivalry started much sooner than last July.

TS: Despite that, what a great package done by our production team and I want to thank them for all that work. It really allows you to see the heat between those two gladiators.

MT: It sure does, Tony. We will have a even better idea of the heat between these two men when they are here in this very studio tonight.

TS: That is right fans. Here tonight, we will be witness to a face to face meeting between Scott Steiner and Booker T. It should be intense.

MT: I think ‘intense’ is an understatement, Tony. These two guys hate each other.

TS: Anyway fans, I once again want to welcome you to WCW Live. I am Tony Schiavone and this is my co-host Iron Mike Tenay. We really have a great show still lined up for you.

MT: We know you enjoyed that video history package but we still have the face to face confrontation.

TS: Plus we have a very special interview with Eric Bischoff. He has promised to address a few issues here tonight. A main topic of discussion will be the upcoming PPV extravaganza, Halloween Havoc.

MT: First things first, Tony, we have a very important person on the phone right now. He is a wrestling legend. His name is synonymous with the legendary Four Horsemen. He is now, the head booker of WCW new developmental territory, Deep South Wrestling.

TS: Arn Anderson, welcome to WCW Live.

AA: Thanks Tony, it is truly a pleasure to be here.

MT: How are things coming along in Deep South Wrestling.

AA: (slight chuckle) Well, they seem to be coming along a little smoother than things in WCW. In all honesty, I’m surprised how easy it has been to get this thing rolling. I am really excited about the prospects of this promotion. I think this is a great thing for the future of wrestling and definitely for WCW. We have the Power Plant and we now have this, Deep South Wrestling. It is going to be a place that a lot of young and great talent will be shaped. And uh, it will be a, um, great place for the fans to watch the up and coming young talent display what they have to offer. In the next few months, I hope there will be a lot more talent coming into the promotion. Right now, we have 25 contracted WCW workers here. Eventually, I hope to get some independent stars as well. For now, our goal is to just establish ourselves.

MT: What will your booking philosophy be down there?

AA: I’m hoping to run a old school Southern promotion. A lot like Mid South wrestling was. Or even, what WCW was before it was called WCW. There will also be some emphasis on characters because a lot of these kids still need to work on that. The main goal of the company – like it’s purpose, is to get these guys ready for prime time. Have them ready for the show. For WCW. That is really the key.

TS: Do you see the chance of conflict with WCW. The chance of us raiding your talent?

AA: You will raid our talent. It is the point of this promotion. So, I can’t be upset about that. I know we exist for the purpose of WCW to have young stars ready for the big time. Or a place for older stars to retool some of their skills. My hope is, we will constantly have new and young talent come in. It’ll be like a revolving door. It will be good. As long as we offer a quality product than the fans will come out. In a way, the fans will be happy when they see these guys get promoted up to the show. Like a graduation.

TS: WCW did send down some veterans. What was the purpose of that?

AA: Partly to teach the younger kids. Partly to give DSW some name value. Honestly, to my knowledge, the main reason was to develop them too. To improve them. To get them TV ready. For whatever reason, these guys have got rusty or have missed a step and it’s time for them to get back on track. I hope Deep South can do that for them.

MT: When the Deep South Wrestling roster was announced some people where surprised with who got sent down. Some reasons because they thought it was somebody who WCW could really use. Other reasons because people didn’t even know these people where still with WCW.

AA: All I can say, WCW was a hectic place when Time Warner owned it. There were a lot of people under contract that never appeared on TV. Like Randy’s brother back in ’98. Yeah, we’ve got people here that haven’t been used in ages. Like Elizabeth and Tammy and Knobbs. Eric doesn’t want WCW to be a place where people aren’t contributing. If you have a pay check then you’re going to be working. You will contribute. We want everyone in WCW to be able to benefit. Right now, you want to get some of these older stars in a place where they can start to contribute again. Get them in shape. Get ready. Remind them why they are in the business. As for some younger guys that are down here, they all can improve. Maybe people want them in WCW right now. I think they should be here. I think it will be good for them. They might be good now but we can make them great. Then they will do great things in WCW once WCW has a place for them. The way I see it, they can either be lost in the WCW shuffler or they can shine here in Deep South. They will be back to WCW. Don’t worry.

TS: Anyone bitter that they’ve been ‘demoted’ to Deep South.

AA: A few people didn’t understand. I don’t think people should see this as an insult. Or see this as a bad thing. Being put down here shows that WCW wants to use them. They want them to improve so they can use them effectively. They want these people to improve. There have been a few people who were hurt by the move but it was the right thing for them. I think people are beginning to see that.

MT: Who are your top prospects?

AA: (laughs) All of them. Seriously, I really think all these guys have a chance to contribute. A chance to become something special. I just look forward to seeing what as a group we can do here in Deep South.

TS: When is the first DSW show?

AA: The night before Halloween Havoc. Saturday, October 26. It will be at the Macon Legion Hall. 10 bucks for Adults and 4 bucks for kids. It’s going to be a great show for the whole family. I want to encourage all in the Georgia area to check us out. Show will be headlined by a young star named AJ Styles taking on former WCW Tag Team Champion, Mark Jindrak. It should be special.

TS: Thank you very much for your time, Arn. We look forward to many more future updates on Deep South here on WCW Live.

AA: Thank you for your time. It’s been fun.

TS: Up next fans, we are going to meet with Eric Bischoff. He promises to have some big news concerning WCW.

MT: But first, a quick word from our sponsors.

Scene cuts to a shot of Sean O’Haire jumping off the top turnbuckle and delivering a Seanton Bomb.

VO: The future.

Ric Flair, wearing an Armani suit, is seen strutting in the ring. He lets out a giant ‘WOOO!’

VO: The legends.

Kevin Nash does his classic fist pump in the air.

VO: The warriors

Goldberg does his trademark growl in the ring.

VO: The heroes.

Booker T raises his WCW Championship in the air.

VO: The champions. The will all collide at WCW Halloween Havoc.

Cuts to the following graphic display:

WCW Halloween Havoc Live on PPV October 27, 2001 Be sure to ask your local PPV Distributors about availability. Card subject to change.

Now, back in the WCW Live studios.

TS: Welcome back fans. I just want to add how exciting it is to know that World Championship Wrestling is back. We are here to provide many more years of wrestling entertainment to our loyal fans.

MT: It really is great to be here, Tony. One man we can thank for the reemergence of WCW is our guest. Eric Bischoff.

TS: Without further ado, let’s now bring out the Owner of WCW, Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff, wearing a leather jacket, jeans and t-shirt, saunters out to the WCW Live studio.

EB: Welcome guys. It’s great to be here.

TS: It is great to have you.

MT: The fans have been in eager anticipation of the return of WCW and it now looks like it will begin to be reality.

EB: It’s been a roller coaster, hasn’t it? Back in March, it looked like we saw the last of WCW. Sting versus Flair would be the last ever match in World Championship Wrestling. I’m excited to be able to tell you all that isn’t the case. WCW is back and it will be better than ever.

TS: We are all excited of the return of WCW. There are some rumours on the internet about WCW. I’ve heard many believe that WCW does not have a venue in place for Halloween Havoc. With it 10 days away, that would seem like it is cutting it short.

EB: Of course, everything you read in the internet is true. Right, Tony? If you believe the internet, than I’m the anti-Christ and Chris Beniot is Jesus. Truth is, I’m pretty sure the Bible invalidates those two claims. Truthfully, WCW has had some problems recently. At this point, I wanted to have some television in place. I would have liked to have a show. We don’t. I am still working on that. As for the venue, for a long while Havoc didn’t have a home. Truth is, it has had a venue in place for the last week now. I wanted to wait on the announcement of it until this very night. I want to offer a special deal to our loyal WCW followers. People who are tuning into the show tonight. Because right after this show ends, the WCW Halloween Havoc tickets will be going for sale. A special password is going to be revealed on WCW.com so that you can order your tickets early. For the mass public, tickets are on sale tomorrow morning but for these viewers, you can get the tickets tonight. Who would want to miss the return of WCW?

TS: Where is Havoc going to be?

EB: We will be returning to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada. We love it there and they treat us great. It will be a great night of wrestling. Only a tourist stop like Las Vegas would I be able to get away with last minute ticket sales. It will be a great event.

MT: Wow, Halloween Havoc has a venue. Havoc is a reality.

EB: It always was, I told you to not believe the internet all the time. MGM Grand on October 27th, will be one of the most exciting events in WCW history. It will be our big return to PPV.

TS: When will be the big return to cable?

EB: I’m hoping start of next year. We’ve hit snags. It’s awful. I really have the fingers crossed for a show to become a reality at the start of 2002.

MT: I’m going to be honest, Eric. Not a lot of people trust you. You have ran WCW before. There has been a lot of good but there has been a lot of bad too. Especially the treatment of WCW wrestlers. For example, you tried to run the company out of business when you headed up the NWO. Or when you and Russo formed the New Blood. Or even your vendetta with several wrestlers like Flair or DDP.

EB: I have a shady past. I admit it. This is a new WCW. I am a new Eric Bischoff. I am a changed man. I made a lot of mistakes but I am willing to start correcting them. I am going to make this company a place to be proud of again. There are things I regret that I did here. I’m ready to fix them. My WCW will be a place wrestler will want to work. No longer will I hold the career of some many in my hand just to try to destroy them. Tonight, I want to apologize to the many wrestler whose lives I may have tried to destroy. This Eric Bischoff, is not the one you saw last time.

MT: What changes do you plan on making?

EB: Words are cheap. Let my actions prove my sincerity. Let me show you changes. I just promise you, that this time I will do the right thing.

TS: You seem pretty confident in that.

EB: Lots of soul searching. Lots of thinking. Lots of looking back to the past. I regret what I have done. This WCW will be run by a true man of justice. I am the last word in WCW. The buck will stop with me. I will not tolerate some of the crap that has been pulled here in the past. That is one of the reasons, I’ve reinstated all contracts. For example, Havoc will see the return of Kevin Nash and Goldberg. Two men whose careers where put on the line by the former regime.

TS: We look forward to seeing the changes you prepare to make. Back to Havoc, can you give us any details on matches for the show?

EB: (chuckles) Some of the card has been announced. The booking committee is hard at work to make the best show possible. Let’s just say, some issues from the beginning of the year will be resolved at Halloween Havoc. Besides that, be sure to check WCW.com on a regular basis.

TS: Thank you for your time Eric.

EB: Pleasure was all mine. I just want to thank the fans for supporting me. And my WCW.

TS: Well fans, some very exciting things in store for WCW. Be sure remember to retrieve your password for after this show in order to get early tickets for Halloween Havoc. It should be an amazing event.

MT: One of the big matches at Havoc that is already signed is a rematch between Scott Steiner and Booker T.

TS: We saw the package that detailed the history. Now, we are going to have the face to face interview.

MT: But first, a word from our sponsors.

The scene is a man standing on the side of the highway. His car is smashed up against a tree. He seems very distressed over the situation.

M: I totally wrecked my car. I don’t even have insurance.

VO: No insurance?

M: No, I’m an idiot.

VO: You sure are!

M: So, are you going to give me the number to an accident claim service?

VO: Nope. I’m going to throw a bottle of Sprite Remix at your head.

M: Huh?

A bottle of Sprite Remix bounces off the poor saps head.

M: Ouch!

VO: Drink up. It’s good

Man grabs the bottle and opens it up. He takes a sip.

M: Mmmm. . . that is good. Real good.

VO: Sure is, Sprite Remix! It’s good for dumb people too!

Scene returns to the set of WCW Live. Tony and Mike are sitting at the desk. No one truly knows if they are wearing pants.

TS: Halloween Havoc is just 10 days away. Right now, we have a few great marquee matches signed for the PPV.

MT: We have a 20 man battle royal to determine the number on contender to the US Title which is held by Booker T.

TS: We have a Greed rematch signed as Dusty Rhodes and his son Dustin will do battle with Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett. Flair will undoubtly be looking for revenge after Dusty forced Flair to kiss the butt of a donkey.

MT: Dusty’s Ass!

TS: Let’s not go there. Anyway, another signed match, is our WCW World Championship match. The WCW World champion and US Champion Booker T will

defend against the former World champion Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner.

MT: You saw the video package. It is now time to see the men. The face to face between Booker and Steiner is now.

Harlem Heat theme music blares over the studio. Booker T, with both title slung over his shoulder, makes his way into the studio. Booker looks at the camera and busts out a raise the roof pose. The roof does not raise.

The sirens are then heard in the studio. Out walks Big Poppa Pump but he has company. His #1 Freak Midajah and wrestling legend, Ric Flair accompany Steiner out.

RF: I want to address something right now. Before we start this little debate.

TS: You aren’t even supposed to be here. This is supposed to be between Booker and Steiner.

RF: WOOO! Whereever the true champ goes, I go. He’s Magnificent Seven and we stick together. He was asked to be here tonight and I’m here to support him. Never mind that. There is to a man in the back. Eric Bischoff, you are abuse of power. I hate you. I will always hate you. You will never change. You’re making me fight Dusty and his punks son again. I’ll chop their asses. Then I’ll find you and chop you until you are black and blue. I’m Ric Flair. I’m a 16 time World Champion, pal. I’m a limousine driving, leer jet flying, kiss stealing, party all night long son of a gun! You Bischoff, are nothing. I was the CEO of this company. In March, I ran this company. I will run it again. Hear me Bischoff? Magnificent Seven will call all the shots.

BT: Flair, will you please shut the hell up!

Flair jumps around like a crazy man. He didn’t like that response.

BT: This between me and Steiner. This is about Halloween Havoc. We meet again Steiner. Once again, it’s all about the belt. If I remember right, the last time we met is when I got this belt. (points to his World title). Heck, this other belts I got when I beat your brother’s ass. Two belts. Two Steiner’s with their asses whupped.

SS: Listen up, Booker. You are nothing. That’s my title. I am the real World champion. It was a fluke, Booker. It was the one time you ever pinned me. At Havoc, it won’t happen again. You’re keeping my title warm. Than I’ll be warm when I get with my freak. Midajah and me will be up all night long, celebrating the horizontal way. You will be the one beaten up brutha. Halloween Havoc, I will kill you.

BT: First off, I did beat you before. I pinned your sucka ass for the Television title. Did you see the footage tonight, my win was no fluke. I Book End you and I will Book End you again. And Flair, if you want some than I’ll Book End you too.

RF: I’m Ric Flair, boy. I’m a 16 time World Champion. You don’t talk to me like

that, pal. I ran this company. Steiner is going to run you.

BT: How about I Book End you, 16 times then?

SS: You show respect. He is Ric Flair. I am Scott Steiner. I am a genetic freak and I will destroy you at Havoc. Booker, beg for mercy. Beg for me to let you survive. Maybe I’ll only take the title. Maybe I’ll spare you. I’ll let you live. I won’t cripple you.

BT: How about you save your drama fer yer mamma. Cause at Havoc I want you to come at your best. Bring Flair. Bring Midajah. Definitely bring yourself. I will Book End you. I will Book End your friends. I will be WCW Champion – Sucka!!!!!

SS: I’ve got the whole Magnificent Seven on my side. What you got Booker? How you going to stop me?

BT: Steiner, you stupid gorilla. You know how many people hate you? You know how many people you tried to destroy? Do you realize how many people are coming back? All of them want you. Sid, Nash, Goldberg, DDP. Sting. They’ll be back at Havoc. You got a big bullseye on your chest.

RF: They’re done. Goldberg was retired. Nash was retired. Sid and Sting were crippled. No sweat. They want to come back? Steiner will put them back on the shelf. Magnificent Seven will take them out. End of story. We will rule at Havoc. Bring them all. Magnificent Seven will prevail.

SS: Cause Booker. You bastard. You never know when the Manificent Seven will strike.

With those words, Totally Buff come from the back. Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell lay in blows onto the body of Booker. Buff grabs Booker while Luger lands kicks on his frame.

RF: Told ya Booker. Magnificent Sev. . . what the hell!?!

That would be Goldberg. That would be Goldberg spearing both Luger and Buff through the studio table. Tony and Mike scamper off the set. Steiner comes charging in at Goldberg but Goldberg meets Steiner with a spin kick to the head. Goldberg turns his attention to Flair.

RF: Goldberg! You were retired. You lost in January. You are done. You can’t be here. You son of a. . .

G: I did lose. It was a crock. You know it was a crock. (point to the fallen Totally Buff) They know it was a crock. So did Bischoff. Which is why he reinstated me. I will return at Havoc.

RF: No! I was the CEO of this company. We got rid of you. You are done!

G: Nah. I’m not. I’m going to fall every single member of the Magnificent Seven. They will all feel the wrath of Goldberg.

RF: We will wipe you out, Goldberg. You are done. No more.

G: Here’s the deal, Flair. I’m still pretty sore over losing to these two jokes.(points to Totally Buuf) I want a rematch. This time, it will be a handicap match. If they beat me, then I’ll be relegated to curtain jerker. I’ll never compete for the title again. I’ll never main event. I’ll never have a big pay day. I’ll be stuck wrestling Disco Inferno every night.

RF: If you win?

G: For two years now, I’ve been held back. Everyone in WCW has done what they can to make sure I don’t get my title back. I haven’t had many opportunities to get back my World Title. It’s my title. I want it back. No more BS. If I win, I am the number one contender. I get one more shot at my title. Because that is all I’ll need.

BT: Goldberg, when you beat these clowns then I’ll be more than happy to give you a shot at the title.

Totally Buff and Steiner start to return to their feet.

G: (looks towards Totally Buff) I guess that means you guys – ARE NEXT!!!

Camera fades to the WCW.com logo.

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WCW.com – 10.19.01

More Matches Added To Havoc!!!

WCW.com has been informed some brand new matches added to the WCW Halloween Havoc line-up. Along with the already signed matches, these new additions promise to make Havoc an unforgettable PPV event.

In the beginning of 2001, it was the Magnificent Seven that was causing chaos in WCW. Lead by Scott Steiner, several of WCW’s top superstars were put on the shelf. At Havoc, these scorned wrestlers will be out for revenge. On October 27th, wrestling fans will see the returns of Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, Sting and Sid Vicious. These wrestling greats will teams up to take on Animal, Rick Steiner, Lance Storm, and Mike Awesome. Animal and Steiner are members of the dreaded Magnificent Seven, while Lance and Awesome have been known to do the group’s dirty work. It will be a night that returning superstars will be out for carnage and revenge! Special note, this will be the return match of Sid Vicious who suffered a broken leg in a match that was participated by Animal.

WCW has released 10 of the stars who will participate in the huge 20 man Battle Royal for the #1 Contendership to the US Title. Theses stars will be Shawn Stasiak, Big Vito, Chris Kanyon, Mike Sanders, Crowbar, Terry Funk, Johnny the Bull, Bam Bam Bigelow, Hugh Morrus, and The Cat. WCW promises more names to be announced in the near future. With these wrestlers already announced, the 20 man Battle Royal promises to be explosive.

Eric Bischoff has set up a very special treat for the WCW male fans. WCW will be presenting a WCW Miss Havoc swimsuit competition. The competition will feature the gorgeous WCW women of Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler and Midajah. This will be Wilson’s return after her injury in February.

These brand new additions will only make WCW Halloween Havoc that much more of a can’t miss event!!!


Internet Assault.com News – 10.19.01

Tammy Sytch Causing Tension in DSW

Word is, Tammy Lynn Sytch is not a very happy lady. Before WCW closed shop in March, they had re-signed Tammy and her husband Chris Candido to contracts. Tammy was under the impression she would be getting a major push with the new regime. Those ideas changed when she was shipped down to Deep South. She appears to be very upset with the idea of being sent down to development. She feels that she doesn’t need to be in a farming system and has a lot to offer to WCW. Apparently, she is being quite the disturber in the Deep South locker room. It is to the point that Anderon doesn’t want her with the promotion anymore. Many think, Tammy has the job in order to keep Candido happy. What a switch. Remember when Candido only had a WWF job because of Tammy – then known as Sunny?


WCW.com Multimedia Section – 10.20.01

Exclusive WCW.com Interviews

Promo 1

Big Sexy Kevin Nash is standing in front of a WCW logo. He looks exactly like we remember him from February. He is wearing a ‘Killer’ Kevin Nash t-shirt which is a reminder of that short lived gimmick before he departed. Nash gives out a smirk before addressing the camera.

KN: WCW.com has asked me to give an internet exclusive promo. Big Sexy has never been one to shy away from a camera. I thought, it was about time that the fans got to see my big, sexy face again. Right now, I’m all smiles. I’m all crazy cool. I won’t be that way on the 27th. Oh no. I am going to be a machine. I’m going to be a killer. My victims? The Magnificent Seven and their cronies, Team Canada. Havoc is going to have a body count. Starting with Animal, Ricky the doggy, Lance and Mikey. After I’m done powerbombing them to hell, I’m going after you Big Poppa. We have a score to settle. I’m about ready to finish it.

Kevin Nash stares intensely at the camera

Promo 2

Shawn Stasiak and Stacy Keibler are seen whispering soft nothings to each other. Stasiak then notices the camera is on. Stasiak and Stacy stand straight and proper.

SS: Halloween Havoc. The night that my greatness will finally be witnessed. The night I prove why I am the Mecca of Manhood. The future of this company. Last time you saw me, I was beating that 300 pound sack of crap, Bam Bam Bungalow. Bammy, you are nothing but trailer park trash! At the Havoc, I’m going to finish the job. I’m going to lift your 300 pounds of uselessness and heave you over the top rope. I am going to get what is rightfully mine, the number on contendership to the US Title. It is my destiny. I am the future. I am the Mecca of Manhood.

SK: While my man shows 19 other why he is the very best, I’m going to show two other ladies why I am the sexiest in WCW. I’m going to wear a bathing suit to die for. I will show Midajah and Torrie that compared to me, they are nothing more than flea bitten tramps! Halloween Havoc, I’ll show all the men out there what they are missing out on. They’ll never be able to be happy with their ugly wive – who probably resemble Bammy Bam.

SS: Oh my baby! I love it when you talk down to the trailer trash!

Stasiak sneaks in a kiss before the camera cuts.

Promo 3

World Tag Team champions Sean O’Haire Chuck Palumbo, with World Tag belts slung over their shoulders, pose in front of the camera. Both seem to be dressed in the finest dress clothing.

SO: They call us the future of wrestling. I say, why wait? We are the now of wrestling. We are the World Tag Team champions. 2001 started out to be a big year for us. A huge year. We are ready to have the ending be even bigger. Hallowen Havoc we are ready to prove again that we aren’t just hype. We are going straight to the top of the heap.

CP: At Havoc, we are ready to face any tag team out there. No challenge is too big for us. We’ve beaten Totally Buff, Team Canada, Kronik and any others WCW tossed our way. We are ready for any challenge again. We are the tag team champions. We are on top. We dare any team to try to knock us off.

SO: 2001 was the year that WCW survived. Halloweeen Havoc is when it starts to live again! Me and Chuck will prove we deserve to be the top dogs here!

Sean and Chuck look over at each other and then, give each other a resounding high five.

Promo 4

Dusty and Dustin Rhodes have now found their way into the WCW Promo area. Dusty seems to be jiving and jiggling despite no music. Dustin seems more intense.

Dusty: Oh yeah baby. Oh Flairy – poo. You steel mad about da kissin’ of my ass. You had to pucker up. At Havoc, you will pucker up agayn. When you have ta taste my fisties in your face. Oh Flair, there willa be some mud hole stomping. I’ll be a clubberin’ and blubberin’ all over you. Right my Dustin

Dustin: Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett, we meet again at Havoc. It is the big rematch. This match is going to settle it all. You gave a bad name to the Rhodes family. You deserve all that is coming your way. You will never forget the name of. . . . (inhales) the Rhodes!

Dustin nods his head while Dusty continues to dance to music that isn’t even there.


OCC: I hope WCW Live didn't end up being too much of a chore for you guys to read. I'm thinking in the future, I'll just write WCW Live as if some is reporting on the happenings in it. Once WCW gets a TV deal, WCW Live won't be all that important anyway. I'm just curious how people found the length of the show. What type of length will you want out Havoc? Feedback is appreciated.

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