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White Noise , Darkness , and The Amityville Horror


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White noise looks really good especially since Michael keaton is in it . I've always been into the paranormnal so this movie is definetly on my to see list

Darkness looks good as well and I can't wait for the amityville horror remake watched the original and sequel . like them both

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I'm not horribly interested in White Noise at this time...

Darkness looks like it could be okay, but I'm thinking it'll end up like every other movie of its' kind (Darkness Falls/They), and not really be anything new.

The Amityville Horror should be good. Ryan Reynolds will make a good George Lutz.

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Guest raze0811

The concept behind "White Noise" is certainly appealling to my tastes. It's certainly a concept that hasn't been used as the driving force for a horror movie before, although I am frightened that that won't stop the movie from falling into horror movie cliche land.

What I'm curious about is how many people believe in EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, EVP is the theory that white noise (the static on televisions and radios) can carry voices, specifically the voices of the dead, who supposedly can communicate with the living through the white noise. This is what the movie "White Noise" is all about. I'm a bit curious about it. I'm thinking about trying it, if for nothing else than to give myself a big chill, but I need to find a recording device first.

EDIT: I'm not claiming to believe in it, or that I even expect anything to happen, but it would be cool just to mess around with it.

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