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NWA-TNA: Flashback

St. Dubb

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"They'll never make it."

If only those nay-sayers could have been there to witness it. It was the moment we had all been waiting for. It was the party we all had hoped we would one day be able to have, and there we were having it. Everyone who was a part of it was there in celebration of an event that no one thought was possible. Thinking back, perhaps some of us even thought it would never happen. There was doubt, but there was always hope.

It was that night.

The night that NWA-TNA: Impact defeated Raw in the ratings.

The critics all said that when we moved from Wednesday nights to Monday nights that we were signing our own death certificate. WWE was on top of the wrestling world; they held a monopoly over the industry. It was a classic tale of David vs. Goliath. Of course, they said the same thing about us when we first started our weekly Pay-Per-View events. However, we managed to make those work long enough to get a television show.

It really felt good to prove the critics wrong...even if it took us five years to do it.

That's right, it had been five years and three months since our first little weekly Pay-Per-View show down in Huntsville, Alabama on June 19, 2002. Now there we were on August 24, 2007 - celebrating the previous night's victory. It had been a close ratings race for the past three months, but Raw continued to stay on top. But it looked like things have changed. TNA was riding a wave of momentum not seen since WWF overtook WCW in the ratings war. Now they had the challenge of holding onto this momentum and riding it to new heights.

But there was no reason to worry about the future...it was a night for celebration. A night for reflection.

"Mike!" a all too familiar voice called out to me from over by the food table. "Tenay, ole boy, how does it feel to be on top again?"

"Hery Jerry, I've never felt better. Thanks for throwing this party here at you're place, it's nice."

"No thanks necessary; this isn't just my night, it's OUR night."

"It sure is Jerry. We've come along way since that first show."

"Yeah, we have. Wow, five years...I can still remember how much Hell I went through gettin' that show together. It won't easy. I wasn't even sure who all was gonna be on the show till a few hours before the gates opened."

"Well, I think it turned out to be unforgettable."

"Thank God...I went through enough stress over that show. You try putting together a roster of both talented wrestlers and also wrestlers that would have some name appeal to get the casual fan. Of course, WWF already had most of them...then choosing who to give the belt to was even more difficult!"

"You're a tough guy Jerry, I probably couldn't have handled it."

"Haha, true enough Mike! I am pretty tough, ain't I? Besides, that week prepared me for the work to come. Tryin' to keep our financial situation stable, working hard as Hell to sign some kind of television deal, putting up with people leaving to go up North..."

"It was a rough beginning, but look where we are now."

"Damn right! And if anyone deserves it, it's us! So grab a glass and have a lil' fun Tenay!"

Jerry Jarrett gave me a pat on the back before he walked off to mingle with the other TNA employees. He was right, we did deserve this. To get to this point we had travel down an extremely long and difficult road.

A road that began all the way back on June 19, 2002.


Author's Note: This story of course takes place in an alternate reality and follows a different path than did TNA back in 2002. So join me as I rewrite the story of TNA and take it to possible fame and fortune.

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Chapter 1 - The Beginning Struggle

When I received a phone call from Jerry Jarrett himself, wanting me to be the play-by-play commentator for TNA's first Pay-Per-View event, I didn't even have to consider the offer. I knew the opportunity being placed in front of me, and I wasn't about to turn it down. I knew that this could be the opportunity to finally give the fans an alternative in the wrestling world, and I wanted to be a part of it. We all knew it wouldn't be easy, however. We couldn't just throw something onto TV and expect the fans to immediately latch onto it. It was going to be a slow and steady progress.

The NWA Title previously held by Dan "The Beast" Severn had been forced vacated because Severn was going to be unable to defend it. So as a result, there would be a 20-man Gauntlet for the Gold to determine the new NWA Heavyweight Champion. This meant that two men start in the ring then in 90-second intervals another man would enter. It is the over-the-top-rope elimination until there would be just two men left. From there, it would become a one-on-one match to determine who the champion was. This was scheduled to be the main event of the first NWA-TNA on PPV.

Just hours before the first event, NWA-TNA owner, Jerry Jarrett, wasn't sure who was going to appear on the first ever NWA-TNA Wednesday Pay-Per-View. He knew he would need at least 20 wrestlers for the Gauntlet for the Gold, but he was going to need them there for other matches as well. Trying to get the perfect combination of known names and undiscovered talent, Jarrett was helped by the fact that the WWE decided to have one of their once-in-a-blue moon mass firings. Luckily, by the time he had finished making calls, he had more than enough talent to start things off right. Here is what the roster looked like prior to the first show.

AJ Styles


Brian Lawler

Brian Lee

Buff Bagwell

Christian York

Devon Storm


Elix Skipper

Glen Gilbertti


Gran Apolo

Jeff Jarrett

Jerry Lynn

Jim Mitchell

Jimmy Yang

Joey Matthews


Kaz Hayashi



Ken Shamrock

Lash LeRoux

Lenny Lane



Michael Shane

Mike Awesome

Paul London


Rick Steiner

Scott Hall

Shannon Moore


Sonny Siaki

Steve Corino

Vampire Warrior

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NWA-TNA Report 6.19.02

Live from Huntsville, AL

And So It Begins...

The first ever edition of Total Nonstop Action on Pay-Per-View opened up with a shot of the live crowd in Huntsville, Alabama. The crowd was modest at best, but they looked rowdy and ready to see what NWA-TNA could throw at them. The pyro shooting from the rather amatuerish stage was also modest. In the center of the ring was who would become known as the voices of TNA, Mike Tenay and Don West. Also in the ring with them was former WCW referee and now senior TNA official, Mark Johnson. He held in his hand, the vacated NWA Heavyweight Title. Once the introductory music stopped and the crowd silenced, Mike Tenay began to speak to the fans.

Mike Tenay: Welcome fans at home and fans here in Huntsville, Alabama to TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION!

The fans responded to Tenay with a decent little cheap pop.

Mike Tenay: I welcome you all to a history making night as we kick things off here in TNA with a bang! I am Mike Tenay and this is Don West, we will be calling the action from ringside tonight. Tonight, this vacant National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Championship Title will be determined in a TWENTY-man GAUNTLET for the gold! What this means is that two men start, and another man will enter in ninety second intervals. Wrestlers can only be eliminated by being lifted up and over the top rope so that both feet touch the floor below. The match continues until only TWO men are left standing. From this point, Senior TNA Official Mark Johnson will enter the ring and signal for the bell to start the ONE-ON-ONE match between the final two competitors. From there, it goes until a winner is decided via pinfall or submission! There must be a winner!

After Tenay had fully explained the rules of the match, the crowd gave another pop to knowing that there must be a winner.


Mike Tenay: And what would a gauntler for the gold be like this without determing who will enter first and last? That's why before the show started, the names of all twenty wrestlers competing in the Gaunlet tonight was put into a hat. From the hat, Mark Johnson pulled out two names. These two wrestlers will go at it NEXT with the winner getting the number twenty spot, and the loser getting that dreaded number one entry! And the two names picked where...

Mark Johnson leaned over and told Don West the names.


Mike Tenay: Well, there you have it...those two are going to...

Tenay was interrupted by the sound of a very familiar voice.

Voice: Now wait just a minute, slapnuts!

That's right, none other than former multitime WCW Heavyweight Champion, "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett walked out with the usual guitar and also armed with a microphone. He walked down the aisle and climbed onto the apron, entering the ring.

Jeff Jarrett: EVERYBODY knows that that drawing was rigged so that I wouldn't have the opportunity to enter that gauntlet last. I'm not blind Tenay, I know EXACTLY what's going on here.

Mike Tenay: Jeff...I don't know what you're talking about, the drawing was completely fair and done by an inpartial party.

Jeff Jarrett: Oooooh no! I can see right through this little ruse. But it's not going to work, you can't keep me from my destiny Tenay. In case you forgot, I AM THE CHOSEN ONE! And rather you, that fat little partner in crime of yours, these fans, or the wrestlers in the back like it or not, I WILL become the NEW NWA Heavyweight Champion. So why don't you choke on that...and just as a little message to anyone who tries to keep that belt from me...

Jarrett dropped the microphone and reared back with his guitar to smash it over the head of referee Mark Johnson, but as he reared back, Ken Shamrock had entered the ring and grabbed the guitar to prevent Jarrett from doing any damage. West and Tenay quickly left the ring as Shamrock hit repeated right hands to Jarrett and then took him to the mat with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. The fans responded with another decent pop as Shamrock screamed and went to lock on the Ankelock to Jarrett.

However, Mike Awesome had arrived and gave a boot right to the side of Shamrock's head to put a stop to that. Jarrett scrambled to his feet as he and Awesome began taking turns hitting Shamrock with punches. They then grabbed Shamrock and sent him into the ropes. They went for a double clothesline, but Shamrock ducked and then took them both down wiht a double clothesline of his own. Jarrett rolled out of the ring, grabbing his guitar, and headed back up the aisle very visibly upset. Mark Johnson called for the bell to start the match.


Gauntlet Do or Die: Winner Enters 20th - Loser Enters 1st

Ken Shamrock vs. Mike Awesome

Ken Shamrock was on fire after Mark Johnson signaled the start of the match. He already had the upperhand after takking both him and Jarrett out prematch, and this followed through to the start of the match. Shamrock kept the larger Awesome down by attacking his legs, which also served to weaken Awesome's leg up for a possible future Anklelock. That moment would come just when Awesome looked like he was getting back into the match. He had fought his way back to his feet and powered Shamrock into the ropes. Shamrock came back off the ropes and Awesome went for a backdrop, but Shamrock countered with a sunset flip, but instead of hooking him for the pin - he grabbed Awesome's ankle and locked on the Anklelock. Awesome screamed out in pain as he frantically crawled and grabbed the bottom rope to make Mark Johnson force Shamrock to break the hold. Shamrock made sure to keep the lock on until the five count, however.

Mark Johnson held Shamrock back as Mike Awesome slowly recovered from the hold. Awesome stumbled over to the corner, when Johnson finally let Shamrock go. Shamrock immediately went after Awesome in the corner, but Awesome lifted his knee to catch Shamrock in the midsection. Awesome took control of the match for the first time and was finally able to use his power to his advantage. Eventually Awesome would hit a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Shamrock before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Awesome came off with the Awesome Splash onto Shamrock. Awesome hooked Shamrock's leg for the pinfall attempt, but much to his surprise - it was only a two count. Awesome went back onto the offensive, hitting Shamrock with a few lariats and a Release German Suplex before he decided it was time to try and end the match again.

Awesome lifted Shamrock up and gave him a boot to the midsection to double him over. Awesome set Shamrock up for the Awesome Bomb, but Shamrock countered it with a head scissor take down! Both men got to their feet at the same time, with Shamrock running at Awesome first. However, Awesome lifted his boot up to meet Shamrock with a big boot to the face. Unfortunately for Awesome, it happened to be with his bad foot, causing him to immediately drop to the mat in pain after hitting Shamrock with the move. Both men were slow to fully regain their composure. Awesome stumbled around...right into a Belly-To-Belly suplex from Shamrock! Shamrock made the cover. One, Two, Three! Ken Shamrock got up and received the only real pop of the match as Mark Johnson lifted his arm up in victory. Which was a pity since it was in actuality a great match. ***¾.

Winner - Ken Shamrock

Overall: 77

Crowd: 65

Match: 89

Mike Tenay: Despite what Jeff Jarrett might want, Ken Shamrock will be entering the Gauntlet last!

Don West: WHAT A MATCH MIKE! You have to like Shamrock's chances now!!

Mike Tenay: The last man certainly gets an advantage, but how much wear will Shamrock have after going through a grueling match with Awesome?

Shamrock left the ring as Mike Awesome was recovering back in the ring. Awesome was very unhappy about losing the match and as a result having to be number one in the Gauntlet. He climbed out of the ring, displaying his frustration by kicking whatever inanimate object he got his eyes on.

Don West: Watch yourself Mike! He might come this way!

Mike Tenay: While we try to keep ourselves safe, let's send it back to our backstage correspondant, Goldylocks.

The Bad Guy's in TNA

The screen switched to backstage where a beautiful blonde bombshell, Goldylocks, was standing with a TNA microphone. After a brief akward moment of nothing happening, Scott Hall wondered onto the shot.

Goldylocks: I'm here with one of the 20 men entering tonight's gauntlet for the gold, none other than the original Bad Boy, Scott Hall.

Scott Hall stood beside Goldylocks and stared into the camera with his toothpick hanging from his mouth. He motioned for the camera to zoom in....and once it did, he flicked the toothpick right to the center of the screen. The camera zoomed out as Hall laughed.

Goldylocks: Scott Hall, with you being in the ring with 19 other wrestlers, what do you think your chances are of walking out as the new NWA Heavyweight Champion?

Scott Hall: .......

There was a long pause as Scott Hall seemed to search for the right words...but suddenly a light of inspiration hit him at the right moment and the words came flowing back to him...

Scott Hall: ....Hey yo.

The crowd gave Hall a loud pop in response to his trademark phrase.

Scott Hall: You want to know what I think MY chances are tonight? Hell, I don't know. But I think the more important question here is...what you think my chances with you are after the show?

Goldylocks didn't respond, she just bit her lip and looked down as she gave an embarassed smile.

Scott Hall: I'll say this much though, I've held every belt there is to hold in wrestling. That is, all except a Heavyweight Title. And the way I see it, the NWA Heavyweight Title is the ultimate goal any wrestler has in his career. So what better way for me to finally get ahold of the gold than for it to be the NWA Title. It's like I always say Goldy, why drink from the shot glass when you can drink from the keg. So tonight after I win that belt, it's gonna be party time Goldy, and you can meet me down there.

Hall scanned Goldylocks up and down one time before giving a smirk and walking off screen. Goldylocks looked perplex.

Goldylocks: Down where?

The screen cut back to the ring. At the announce booth with Don West and Mike Tenay was another NWA Title belt, this one with a large red "X" across it.

Don West: Haha! How bout that Scott Hall?!

Mike Tenay: Looks like Scott Hall is focusing more on the afterparty than he is the Gauntlet tonight.

Don West: That's Scott Hall for ya!


Intro to the X-Division

Mike Tenay: As we get ready for the next match fans, allow me to introduce you to the newest addition to the NWA's belt lineage. This is the NWA X Title. The wrestler who holds this belt will be noticed as the elite of the what is going to be known as the X-Division. In other companies, they like to put restrictions on things such as cruiserweight belts, but not here in TNA. Here, the X-Division isn't going to be about weight limits, it's going to be about NO LIMITS.

Don West: That's right Mike! We're gonna be witnessing some of HIGH FLYIN', DEATH DEFYING, HIGH IMPACT wrestlers in the world go at each other with no restraints! I CAN'T WAIT!

Mike Tenay: Which brings us to our next match up, which will be a six-man tag team match featuring some of the wrestlers you are likely to see in the X-Division!

Six-Man Tag Team Match

Elix Skipper, Michael Shane, and Paul London vs. Kaz Hayashi, Jimmy Yang, and Psychosis

Elix Skipper, Kaz Hayashi, Jimmy Yang, and Psychosis all were familiar to most fans from their WCW days, and if they didn't, Mike Tenay was sure to remind us. However, most fans might not be as familiar with Michael Shane and Paul London. But being "The Professor," Mike Tenay had done his research and informed us that Michael Shane is the cousin of WWE superstar Shawn Michaels and that Paul London was trained by Shawn Michaels. So there you go. The match itself was a spotfest, but since there was no clearly defined face or heel team, the crowd reaction suffered. The match acted as a way to introduce the fans to the X-Division that they would be featured in TNA in the coming weeks and months and even years. The match went back and forth from the opening bell, with referee Rudy Charles having a hard time keeping things under control.

As stated, this match had a high number of spots, including but not limited to: Elix Skipper with a corkscrew bodypress suicida out of the ring onto Hayashi and Yang, Hayashi with a Topè Suicida through Ropes connecting with Paul London, London with a flying frog splash body press onto Pyschosis on the outside, and Psychosis with a flying corkscrew somersault senton in the ring on Michael Shane. The ending came during another chaotic moment when Rudy Charles lost control. All six men were going at it in the ring. Psychosis was purhced on the top turnbuckle and flew off, catching Michael Shane with a head scissors that sent him gliding through the middle ropes and crashing to the floor below. Meanwhile, Hayashi and Yang lifted Elix up onto the top turnbuckle on the other side of the ring. Psychosis got back to his feet, only to bet hit with a spinning heel kick from Paul London. Psychosis hit the mat and rolled out of the ring. It looked like Hayashi and Yang were working on some kind of double team move to Skipper, but London quickly came over and put a stop to that. He hit an enziguri kick to Yang to send him to the mat and then pulled Hayashi out of the corner.

Hayashi fought back on London and then had him set up...and dropped him to the mat with a sitdown Tombstone piledriver! Meanwhile, Yang had got back to his feet; but so had Elix Skipper on the top turnbuckle. Skipper came off the top with a missle dropkick to Yang while Hayashi made the pinfall attempt. One, Two, Thre....Skipper broke it up. Skipper lifted Hayashi up and gave him a back kick to the midsection, then dropped him with the Play of the Day! Skipper made the cover on Hayashi. One, Two, Thre....Psychosis flew in out of nowhere with the Guillotine Legdrop to the back of Skipper's head! Psychosis rolled Skipper over into the cover. One, Two, Three! *** - could have been better without the huge spotfest in the middle and the lack of the crowd involvement hurt this match as well.

Winners - Kay Hayashi, Jimmy Yang, and Psychosis

Overall: 67

Crowd: 51

Match: 84

Don West: I'm still trying to catch my breath! That finish was out of NOWHERE!!

Mike Tenay: This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the X-Division here in TNA!

Don West: You mean I'm gonna have to call stuff like this every week! I'm gonna need a respirator or somethin' Mike!

Mike Tenay: Don, we're just getting started! Let's go back to Goldylocks who is standing by with another one of the competitors in tonight's Gauntlet for the Gold!

Samoan Prince in TNA?

The screen switched backstage again as Goldylock was with Sonny Siaki, who was dressed in very fine and elegant gold clothing. Goldylocks once again looked confused.

Goldylocks: I'm here with Sonny Siaki, who will be in the Gauntlet for the Gold tonight, but...Siaki, what's with the get-up?

Sonny Siaki shot an outraged look right at Goldylocks.

Sonny Siaki: Woman! Don't you know who you are standing before?!

Goldylocks: Uhm, yeah, you're Sonny Siaki.

Sonny Siaki: I'm not just Sonny Siaki, woman! I am PRINCE Siaki. Before you stands GREATNESS!

Goldylocks: PRINCE Siaki?

Prince Siaki: That's right, woman. Why do you stand there with your mouth agape? You should be down on both knees bowing before Prince Siaki of the Samoan Kilika tribe.

Siaki paused and looked at Goldylocks again, as if he was waiting for her to do or say something.

Prince Siaki: WELL Woman, are you going to do it or are you going to continue to disrespect the royalty of the Samoan people?

The bewildered Goldylocks slowly got down and kneeled before Siaki.

Prince Siaki: Much better! Now for the matter at hand. Tonight, I have on purpose and one purpose only and it is to retrieve the gold of the NWA Heavyweight Title and bring it back to Samoa with me. I have made promises to my people, and fail them I shall not. They look up to me, and as well they should - I am a hero. And tonight I get the hero's reward! The NWA Heavyweight Title will be mine! Oh yes, and just in case there are those like this wench who want to defy Samoan royalty, I have come prepared.

Siaki looked off screen before two large Samoans came onto screen and stood behind him.

Prince Siaki: Being the royal figurehead that I am, I can not go around in degradative place like Huntsville, Alabama without the proper protection. My royal bodygaurds - Kimo and Ekmo - are here to ensure that not only I am safe from the dirty hands of the common people, but also that I fulfill my promise to my people. So come along my Island Boys, and let us prepare for the night at hand.

Prince Siaki led Ekmo and Kimo off screen as Golylocks slowly and unsurely got back to her feet before the screen shifted back to the ring.


A Tag Team Taste Test

Mike Tenay: Sonny Siaki has a LOT of nerve.

Don West: Is there even a Kilika tribe in Samoa?

Mike Tenay: I highly doubt it. But fans, we've already been introduced to the X-Division of TNA and the Heavyweight Division is still to come...that leaves just one division left out - and that is the tag team division. Well, for a taste of what our Tag Team Division is going to be like in TNA, look no further than our next match!

Joey Matthews & Christian York w/Alicia vs. The West Hollywood Blondes

What would the two "Teen Idols" of Joey Matthews and Christian York be without a beautiful cheerleader, with the former Ryan Shamrock/Symphany...now simply Alicia...playing the role to perfection. Lenny Lane and Lodi, of course, were the West Hollywood Blondes and they would be playing their usual gay gimmick. This was an excellent tag team match, as the two teams blended very well with each other. Lenny ran into some early trouble when Matthews and York started off hot and in control. Matthews and York were working very well in the opening minutes of the match, taking on Lane with ease. York sent Lenny to the mat with a double leg slam and then tagged in Joey Matthews. Matthews came in and he and his partner lifted Lenny up and took him back to the mat with the Problem Solver, which is a flapjack/DDT combo.

York left the ring while Matthews made the pin attempt. One, Two, Lodi broke the count up. Matthews chased Lodi out of the ring before turning his attention back to Lenny. Matthews would go back onto the offensive on Lenny, with him eventually hitting Lenny with a rana that sent Lenny crawling quickly to his corner where he hugged Lodi's legs tightly through the ropes. Lodi reached down, tagged himself in and consoled his partner. Matthews got up and ran at Lodi looking for a clothesline, but Lodi ducked and then ducked Matthews with a superkick. Lodi took control of the match as the West Hollywood Blondes isolated Matthews. Lenny and Lodi made quick tags and kept Matthews cut off and in their own corner with the illegal man taking any cheapshots that they could. One such instance came as Lodi was the legal man and he sent Matthews into the corner. Lodi came running in right into a raised boot from Matthews. Lodi was sent stumbling out of the corner, but before Matthews could capitalize, Lenny reached in and smacked Matthews right on the butt. Matthews turned around and took a swing at Lenny, but Lenny leaped down off the apron and just smiled up at Matthews. Matthews turned around into a spinkick from Lodi.

The turning point of the match came when Lodi pulled Matthews over to their corner and tagged in Lenny. Lenny grabbed Matthews and climbed to the middle turnbuckle. Lenny went for a Tornado DDT, but Matthews countered it in mid-move with a Northern Lights Suplex. He was unable to make the bridge however, since he was too worn out. Alicia pounded the mat, trying to get the fans behind Matthews and help him make the long crawl over to his partner. Only a handful of fans joined in, but it seemed to be all the motivation Matthews needed, because he made it over and tagged in York. York came in and disposed of Lenny with a dropkick. Lenny rolled back to his feet and this time York decked him with a clothesline. York turned to Lodi and challenged him, but Lodi wanted nothing to do with it. York turned back to Lenny and went back to work on him. The house of fire that was York would eventually follow up his offensive burst with the Southern Cross Bomb onto Lenny. He hooked a leg. One, Two, Thre....Lodi broke the cover up. Matthews immediately came in to get Lodi out of the ring, but referee Mike Posey quickly went over to stop him.

With the referee distracted, Lodi and Lenny double teamed York and planted him with a Double DDT. Lenny left the ring as Lodi clapped his hands together to imitate the sound of a tag. Matthews finally left the ring. Referee Mike Posey turned around and established that he heard a tag between Lenny and Lodi. Lodi made the cover on York. One, Two, Thre...Matthews broke it up. Posey once again turned to get Matthews out of the ring. Lodi went to bounce off the ropes, but Alicia tripped him up. Lodi turned around and Alicia climbed up onto the apron and planted a big kiss right on Lodi, getting the biggest pop of the match. Lodi looked absolutely disgusted and immediately began spitting to try and get the taste out. Alicia jumped down, satisfied, as the disgusted Lodi turned around right into a superkick from Christian York.

York lifted Lodi back up and sent him right back down to the mat with a belly-to-back mat slam. He had Lodi in position and started to climb to the top turnbuckle. Lenny came running around the side of the ring to try and stop York, but Matthews stopped him with a clothesline. York came off the top turnbuckle with the top rope kneedrop known as the Rebel Yelp onto Lodi. York with the cover - One, Two, Three. ***¾ - Great match despite the lack of crowd interest.

Winners - York & Matthews

Overall: 73

Crowd: 55

Match: 91

Mike Tenay: The NWA Championship commitee will have to be impressed by this victory by York & Matthews!

Don West: Wait LOOK OUT!

What Don West was warning us of was the arrival of The New Church to the ring. Reverend Jim Mitchell led the team of Brian Lee and Slash down to the ring as they blindsided York & Matthews after the bell.

Mike Tenay: That's Rev. Jim Mitchell and the New Church, and it looks like they are being opportunistic by taking out the tag competition after they are tired from a great match!

Brian Lee grabbed Joey Matthews and drove him down into the mat with a big chokeslam as Slash worked over Christian York until he could hit the Slash and Burn on him.

Don West: What POWER behind that chokeslam by Brian Lee! UNBELIEVABLE!

Lenny rolled into the ring to try and help his partner up, but once they were both up - they were not spared in the destruction by the New Church. Brian Lee grabbed both Lodi and Lenny with each of his hands...and DOUBLE Chokeslam to the West Hollywood Blondes! Reverend Jim Mitchell just looked on from ringside with a smile.

Mike Tenay: The New Church has certainly sent a message to the rest of TNA's tag teams!

As The New Church stood over the fallen bodies of York & Matthews and The West Hollywood Blondes, the screen switched back to Goldylocks backstage once again.

An Affirmitive Action Movement in TNA?

Goldylocks: The Gauntlet for the Gold is up next, and I just wanted to get a word in with the man who is being forced to go in first, Mike Awe...

Goldylocks was cut off, but not by Mike Awesome. Instead it was by K-Krush.

K-Krush: What do you think you're doin'?!

Goldylocks: I...I...I'm suppose to be interviewing Mike Awesome.

K-Krush: Nu-uh, AIN'T gonna be happenin'. Not tonight blondey. Haven't you ever heard of a little thing called equal representation? And last I check you ain't interviewed no black man tonight.

Goldylocks: Yeah...but...I just interview who they tell me to.

K-Krush: Well you best be tellin' your boss that I won't tolerate this kind of opression here! I knew when I accepted the offer to be a part of the Gauntlet for the Gold that I might have to put up with this stuff. After all, just look where we are. The South, especially Alabama, have been known for...let's face it, they're disrespect to my race. Well, don't you worry because K-Krush is here in TNA to put to break down the racial barrier. And it starts with me winnin' that NWA Heavyweight Title. Now outta my way, I got a belt to win.

K-Krush pushed past Goldylocks and headed off screen. Goldylocks looked relieve to be done with a night of interviews...

Goldylocks: Back to the ring.


The Crowning of a Champion

Mike Tenay: It's finally time for the Gauntlet for the Gold! Let's take it to the ring!

NWA Heavyweight Title Gauntler for the Gold

Entry #1 - Mike Awesome

Mike Awesome came out, still very unhappy about the events that caused him to be in this position. The fans greeted him with boos, but he ignored them and climbed into the ring. He went to the corner of the ring where he pounded on the turnbuckle pad in frustration as he awaited the number two entry.

Entry #2 - Konnan

Former WCW and Mexico's own Konnan was introduced as entry number two. He came down, getting a good reaction from the crowd. He slid into the ring as the bell rang to officially start the Gauntlet. Mike Awesome immediately went for a clothesline to Konnan, but Konnan ducked and then hit rapid fire rights and lefts to Awesome. Konnan had the clear upperhand since Awesome was still worn out from his match earlier against Ken Shamrock. Konnan attempted to Irish Whip Awesome into the corner, but Awesome reversed it and then followed Konnan into the corner with a clothesline. Awesome lifted his boot up and began choking away at Konnan. Awesome then pulled Konnan out of the corner and threw him into the ropes. Off the ropes, Awesome decked Konnan with a lariat just as the countdown began. Awesome finished up the 90 seconds by dropping down and choking Konnan....

Entry #3 - Rick Steiner

Ugh - he actually got a decent pop from the crowd, mostly in the form of "WOOFs". He came in and immediately took Awesome down with a Steinerline. Awesome rolled back over to his feet and Steiner decked him with another Steinerline. Konnan started to pull himself up, but Rick Steiner hit yet another Steinerline - this time on Konnan. Steiner grabbed Awesome by the head and walked with him toward the corner and tried to throw him out, but Awesome blocked it and gave Steiner a back elbow. Awesome lifted Steiner up and sent him to the mat with a bodyslam. Konnan was back up and attacked Awesome. He backed Awesome into the corner and wailed on him until the time expired and the next entrant came out.

Entry #4 - Lash LeRoux

Very minimal pop for LeRoux, who looked to have put on some weight since WCW. LeRoux met the recovering Steiner with a dropkick that staggered Steiner backwards. LeRoux brought a double axe-handle down across Konnan's back and then decked him with a discus clothesline. LeRoux gave Awesome a pair of knife-edge chops in the corner, which Awesome no-sold as LeRoux turned his back to him to celebrate. Awesome charged out of the corner with a stiff lariat to the back of LeRoux's neck. Awesome lifted LeRoux back up and put him into a Gorilla Press...and hurled him out of the ring to the floor.

Elimination #1 - Lash LeRoux (by Awesome)

Awesome turned around and was met with right hands from Rick Steiner. Konnan was up as well and joined in with Steiner. They sent Awesome into the ropes. Awesome broke right through their double clothesline attempt, then bounced off the opposite ropes and leaped into the air catching them both with a double leaping clothesline. Awesome pulled Konnan up and brought him to the ropes and began trying to get him over the top rope, but Konnan latched onto the top rope for dear life as the time expired.

Entry #5 - Jeff Jarrett

The fans greeted "The Chosen One" with boos as he made his way down to the ring with guitar in hand. He dropped the guitar at ringside and slid into the ring. Steiner was up and had stopped Awesome's attempt to eliminate Konnan. However, Jarrett attacked Steiner from behind. Jarrett and Awesome teamed up on Steiner and began to work him over in the corner. Konnan meanwhile rested in the corner. The rest of the interval was spent like this bascially, as Jarrett and Awesome continued to beat on Steiner.

Entry #6 - Gran Apolo

Apolo made his way out with almost no reaction whatsoever. Apolo immediately showed us that he would be playing the role of face as he made the save for Steiner on Jarrett and Awesome. Jarrett and Awesome shared right hands from Apolo, who then took Jarrett to the mat with a clothesline. Apolo lifted Awesome up and dropped him throat first across the top rope. Awesome was left stumbling as Konnan finally came roaring out of the corner and hit a rolling clothesline to deck Awesome. Jarrett pulled himself up using the ropes as Rick Steiner had recovered. Rick Steiner ran full speed at Jeff Jarrett, but Jarrett ducked and backdroped Steiner over the top rope to the floor!

Elimination #2 - Rick Steiner (by Jarrett)

Entry #7 - Jerry Lynn

Just as Rick Steiner was eliminated, the countdown came on and Jerry Lynn entered, becoming the smallest man in the ring. Luckily for him that also made him the fastest. Jarrett immediately went after him, but Lynn ducked Jarrett's clothesline and then hit a jumping side kick to Jarrett. Lynn snapmared Jarrett to the mat and then hit him with a stiff kick to the back. Meanwhile, Gran Apolo and Konnan had hooked Awesome and hit him with a double suplex. Apolo got up and motioned to Konnan that they needed to get him out of the ring. Konnan nodded and they lifted Awesome up and began trying to get him over the top rope.

Entry #8 - K-Krush

K-Krush came out to heat for his comments from earlier. He entered the ring and went right after Jerry Lynn, who had been working on Jarrett. Krush unloaded punches to Lynn and then sent him into the ropes. Krush leapfrogged over Lynn, Lynn bounced off the opposite ropes and ran into a back kick from Krush. Krush spun around and then hit a corkscrew scissors kick to Lynn. Jarrett had got up and went over and stopped Konnan and Apolo from eliminating Awesome. Jarrett grabbed Konnan and started choking him across the top rope. Apolo was about to take on Jarrett when K-Krush came out of nowhere with a slash into the corner on Apolo!

Entry #9 - Devon Storm

Devon Storm came running down to the ring and slid right into the ring, only to get stomped on by K-Krush who was just on a roll in the ring. That is until Jerry Lynn had recovered and went straight for Krush as Krush was stomping on Storm. Lynn spun Krush around and hit him with a boot to the midsection and then drove him head first into the mat with a Tornado DDT. Meanwhile, Jarrett lifted Konnan up and over the top rope, but Konnan landed on the apron, without Jarrett's knowledge. Jarrett went over to work on Apolo in the corner as Mike Awesome was up and had lifted Devon Storm up as well. Mike Awesome gave Devon Storm a kick to the midsection and lifted him up in the air. He ran with Devon Storm and hit him with the Awesome Bomb out of the ring!

Elimination #3 - Devon Storm (by Awesome)

Entry #10 - Scott Hall

(Mike Awesome, Konnan, Jeff Jarrett, Gran Apolo, Jerry Lynn, K-Krush, and Scott Hall)

Scott Hall got the loudest reaction of any of the entrants so far. He took his time walking down to the ring, and circled the ring once before he finally climbed up onto the apron and stepped into the ring. Jeff Jarrett left Apolo in the corner to join Mike Awesome as they both went right for Hall. Konnan was back up and there to even things up as he and Hall exchanged punches with Jarrett and Awesome. Meanwhile, Lynn and Krush were still going at it, both taking turns fighting back and trying to send the other out of the ring. Krush lifted Lynn up onto the top turnbuckle, but Lynn fought him off and then hooked him for another Tornado DDT, this time off the top. However, Krush blocked it and then sent Lynn onto the apron. Krush hooked Lynn and lifted him up into the air and looked like he was going to try to front suplex Lynn out of the ring, but Lynn fought it off and pulled himself down safely into the ring.

Entry #11 - Buff Bagwell

Bagwell got a mixed reaction as he came down to the ring in his old and tired Bagwell gear from WCW. He slid into the ring as Apolo was getting out of the corner and was about to join in the battle, but Bagwell cut him off. Bagwell took it to Apolo with rights and lefts. Meanwhile, Hall had Jarrett isolated in one corner, but in the other corner Mike Awesome was working over Konnan. Awesome backed up and charged into the corner, but Konnan moved and Awesome crashed into the turnbuckle. Awesome stumbled out of the corner into a kick to the midsection from Konnan, followed by a mat slam. Bagwell went for another right hand to Apolo, but Apolo blocked and then took Bagwell down to the mat with a clothesline. Meanwhile, Lynn had Krush hooked for a Cradle Piledriver, but Krush fought it off and backdropped Lynn over the top rope! But Lynn hit the apron and rolled back into the ring.

Entry #12 - Vampire Warrior

Vampire Warrior slowly walked down to the ring to a nonexistant reaction. He climbed into the ring and went after Konnan. He attacked Konnan and then sent him into the ropes. Konnan came off the ropes into a knee lift from Vampire Warrior. Mike Awesome pulled himself up and finally put a stop to Hall over Jarrett. Awesome grabbed Hall by the throat and lifted him up for a chokeslam, but Hall gave Awesome a boot to the midsection. However, Jarrett came out of the corner and took out Hall. Gran Apolo and Buff Bagwell's battle continued as Apolo had Bagwell in the ropes. He started to lift Bagwell out of the ring, but Bagwell clawed Apolo's eyes to put a stop to that. Meanwhile, Konnan and Vampire Warrior were also working each other against the ropes. Konnan had turned the fight around and was now in the process of lifting Vampire Warrior over the top rope, that is until Mike Awesome came over from behind Konnan and pushed him over as well sending both Vampire Warrior and Konnan toppling out of the ring!

Elimination #4 - Vampire Warrior (by Awesome)

Elimination #5 - Konnan (by Awesome)

Entry #13 - Prince Siaki

Siaki walked down to the ring followed by The Island Boys. He took his time, making sure to climb up the ring steps to enter the ring. Siaki refused to enter the ring unless someone held the ropes open for him, which led to Jerry Lynn knocking Siaki off the apron to the floor. Since Siaki never entered the ring, it didn't count, but Siaki did not look too happy. Siaki reached into the ring and grabbed ahold of Jerry Lynn's foot. Lynn struggled to free himself, but it was too late for him as Krush took advantage and hit a leaping calf kick to Lynn to send him over the top rope to the floor.

Elimination #6 - Jerry Lynn (by K-Krush)

Jerry Lynn got up and went right at Siaki, but Kimo and Ekmo put a stop to that as they hit a big double clothesline to Lynn. They then lifted Lynn up and tossed him hard into the gaurd rail. Referees Scott Armstrong and Billy Silverman put a stop to it as Siaki finally climbed into the ring. Jeff Jarrett had left Hall to Awesome and went over and joined Buff Bagwell in working over Apolo. Siaki stood in the corner watching as the other wrestlers were taking it to each other...

Entry #14 - Brian Lawler

Lawler sprinted down the ring and slid in, and decided immediately to get Siaki invovlved in things as he went right at Siaki. On the other side of the ring, Hall escaped an Awesome Bomb attempt by Mike Awesome with a headbutt to Awesome's groin. Awesome was doubled over, but K-Krush came over and hit Hall with a flying forearm shot. Krush hooked Hall and then hit him with sitout front suplex. Meanwhile, Apolo fought back against Bagwell and Jarrett, hitting a pair of back elbows to each. Jarrett got a boot to the midsection from Apolo followed by a sitdown powerbomb. Apolo stumbled out of the corner only to be taken down by a big boot from Mike Awesome. Awesome dropped down to one knee out of exhaustion. Krush left Hall to go and attack Brian Lawler from behind who continued to work over Siaki.

Entry #15 - Glen Gilberti

(Mike Awesome, Jeff Jarrett, Gran Apolo, K-Krush, Scott Hall, Buff Bagwell, Prince Siaki, Brian Lawler, Glen Gilberti)

Glen Gilberti came out to a small mixed reaction. He climbed into the ring and first met the tired Awesome with a right hand, then took Jarrett down with one, then Bagwell with one. However, Jarrett fired back and hit a right of his own to Gilberti. Hall was back up and went for Awesome. He pushed Awesome into the ropes and began trying to get him out of the ring. Meanwhile, Krush went for another sitout front suplex, this time on Lawler, but Lawler blocked it and then hit a snap suplex onto Krush. Lawler then climbed to the top turnbuckle and pulled his goggles down over his eyes as he was going for the Tennessee Jam. However, Siaki was up and shoved Lawler off the top turnbuckle - sending him to the floor below!

Elimination #7 - Brian Lawler (by Prince Siaki)

Gilberti came over and went after Siaki. Siaki ducked Gilberti's right hand and then leveled him with a superkick. Meanwhile, Hall was still struggling with Awesome, but Awesome fought back and nailed Hall right in the side of the face with an elbow. Hall stumbled backwards as Awesome leaned agianst the ropes to support himself. The countdown began....

Entry #16 - AJ Styles

Another one of the smaller men in the Gauntlet, AJ Styles came running down to the ring. He slid into the ring as Hall dropped down onto all four. AJ Styles bounced off the ropes, used Hall's body as a springboard, and caught Mike Awesome with a springboard clothesline that sent both men over the top! Styles landed on the apron and Awesome hit the floor!

Elimination #8 - Mike Awesome (by AJ Styles)

AJ Styles springboarded into the ring and caught K-Krush with a head scissor takedown. Styles bounced off the ropes as it was Jarrett's turn to go after Styles. Styles slid between Jarrett's legs and then sent him to the mat with a legsweep. Styles leaped up and hit a senton splash onto Jarrett. Mike Awesome was back up at ringside and livid about what just happened to him. He shove aside Mike Posey and Scott Armstrong and tried to climb back into the ring, but the officials all joined together to restrain him and get him to the back. As he was leaving, the next entrant was ready to come out.

Entry #17 - Steve Corino

TNA got to experience a little Old School as Steve Corino came walking down to the ring. He slid in and began hitting anything that moved. Styles went down, Siaki, Gilberti, Jarrett, Apolo, then Bagwell. Hall was standing in the corner watching as each person took turns going for Corino, but only getting knocked down. Siaki went back at Corino again and was met with a kick to the midsection followed by a Fisherman Suplex. Apolo attacked Corino while he was getting back up after hitting the suplex. Apolo hit Corino with a knee to the midsection and then set him up for a DDT, but Cornio countered with a Northern Light suplex. Gilberti came in and received an STO from Corino. Hall finally came out of the corner and caught Corino off gaurd and then backed him into the corner with some right hands. K-Krush meanwhile worked over AJ Styles as Jarrett pulled Gran Apolo up and started trying to get him over the top rope.

Entry #18 - Malice

The large Malice, who Mike Tenay noted was formerly The Wall of WCW, came out accompanied by Jim Mitchell. Apparantly Malice is also a member of the New Church to go along with Slash and Brian Lee. Malice slowly walked down to the ring and climbed in, stepping over the top rope. No one in their right mind would go right after Malice when he first stepped into the ring...which is why Glen Gilberti ran right for him. Gilberti ran right into a kick to the midsection. Malice grabbed Gilberti by the throat, lifted him up, and tossed him out of the ring.

Elimination #9 - Glen Gilberti (by Malice)

Hall turned around and was caught with a clothesline from Malice. Malice looked to be going for Steve Corino when Buff Bagwell attacked Malice from behind. Malice nosold Bagwell's attack and then sent him stumbling with a back elbow. Bagwell was sent into the ropes and Malice clotheslined him over the top rope. Bagwell hit the apron and climbed back up, but a big boot from Malice sent Bagwell falling to the floor.

Elimination #10 - Buff Bagwell (by Malice)

Jarrett rolled out of the ring under the bottom rope with no one being aware of it. He took a minute to rest at ringside and then grabbed his guitar. Back in the ring, K-Krush had AJ Styles tied up in the ropes, but Styles had a never-say-die attitude and was refusing to get eliminated. Malice grabbed Prince Siaki by the throat and was about to hit him with a chokeslam when Jarrett climbed back into the ring with the guitar and smashed it across Malice's head! Malice dropped to one knee and Jarrett hooked him from behind and hit him with The Stroke!

Entry #19 - Shannon Moore

The recently released from WWE Shannon Moore made his way from the entrance way to a mild "I know you!" pop from the crowd. Moore ran down to the ring and slid in. Moore caught Jarrett from behind with a dropkick, and then went over to help Styles in the corner by attacking K-Krush. Moore gave Krush a kick to the midsection and then dropped him with the Bottoms Up. Hall and Corino were back to going at it in one part of the ring, while Apolo was getting the better of Siaki. Malice was already recovering from Jarrett's attack, but Jarrett was right back on him as he was getting up. Meanwhile, AJ Styles and Shannon Moore lifted Krush up in a front suplex and dropped him out onto the apron. Krush was left staggering. Styles and Moore hit a double dropkick to Krush, sending him off the apron to the floor.

Elimination #11 - K-Krush (by Moore and Styles)

Malice fought Jarrett off and then slammed him to them at with a Chokeslam! Moore and Styles turned their attention to Malice and tried to team up to take him out, but it didn't work. Malice fought both off with stiff right hands. He lifted Moore up and threw him high into the air to the mat with a Gorilla Press. Malice then grabbed Styles and threw him into the corner. Malice ran into the corner with a knee lift to Styles. Malice lifted Styles up and tried to dump him over the top, but Styles was doing everything he could to not go out as the countdown expired and the last man entered.

Entry #20 - Ken Shamrock

(Jeff Jarrett, Gran Apolo, Scott Hall, Prince Siaki, AJ Styles, Steve Corino, Malice, Shannon Moore, and Ken Shamrock)

That's everyone, and Shamrock came in with a lot of energy. Shamrock slid into the ring and looked right at Jarrett. Jarrett was on his knees begging Shamrock off, but Shamrock wasn't having any of it and caught Jarrett with a kick right to the chest and then kneed him right in the face. Corino had turned things around on Hall in the corner and left him to take on Shamrock. Shamrock ducked Corino's right hand and then took him to the mat with a back suplex. Shamrock then went back to work on Jarrett, climbing onto him and unloading rights and lefts to Jarrett's head. Moore got back to his feet as Hall stumbled out of the corner. Moore bounced off the ropes and went at Hall with a cross body, but Hall caught him in Last Call position. Hall walked with Moore and then threw him backwards over the top rope to the floor with the Last Call!

Elimination #12 - Shannon Moore (by Scott Hall)

The officials at ringside immediately checked on Moore who landed hard outside the ring. Meanwhile, Gran Apolo had Prince Siaki on the apron, but Siaki had hooked Apolo by the head and was trying to pull him over with him. Ekmo and Kimo came over and watched on as Siaki and Apolo battled over who was going to be eliminated. Kimo and Ekmo helped push Siaki back under the bottom ropes and in helped Siaki pull Apolo over the top rope. Apolo toppled down to the floor!

Elimination #13 - Gran Apolo (by Siaki)

AJ Styles was still hanging on for dear life when Ken Shamrock came over and hooked Malice from behind and hit him with a Release German Suplex! Hall and Corino were going at it again. Until Shamrock also came over to them and joined in there as well. Malice got back to his feet and Siaki ran and attacked him from behind, to no effect. Malice turned around and Siaki immediately regreted his actions. Malice just lifted Siaki up into a Gorilla Press and walked with him over to the ropes. Malice tossed Siaki down onto Ekmo and Kimo, sending all three men to the floor.

Elimination #14 - Prince Siaki (by Malice)

Jeff Jarrett was back to his feet as AJ Styles was getting back up as well. Jarrett walked into Styles and went for a right hand, but Styles blocked it and sent Jarrett backwards with a right hand of his own. Styles then springboarded off the ropes with a moonsault into an Inverted DDT onto Jarrett! Shamrock and Hall were just about to send Corino out when Malice joined them and hit a clubbing blow to Hall's back to send him to the mat. Corino hit Malice with a pair of kicks to the midsection and then set him up for a DDT, but Malice shoved Corino into the turnbuckle. Shamrock then connected with a pair of right hands to Malice and then took Malice to the mat with an armdrag. Shamrock applied an armbar to Malice, but Malice powered his way up to his feet and broke the hold, sending Shamrock to the mat. AJ Styles had climbed to the top turnbuckle and came off the top with a flying cross body onto Malice, but Malice caught Styles. However, a dropkick from Shamrock to Styles' back sent Malice to the mat.

Shamrock locked on the Anklelock to Malice near the ropes as AJ Styles stepped through the middle ropes out onto the apron. Styles springboarded into the ring with a springboard 450 splash onto Malice's back. Shamrock released the hold and they all lifted Malice up and started to try and get him over the top rope as Corino joined in as well. Jarrett was up and came over as they were all working on Malice. He caught Corino off gaurd and was able to lift him up and over the top rope out of nowhere!

Elimination #15 - Steve Corino (by Jeff Jarrett)

(Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, AJ Styles, Malice, and Ken Shamrock)

Final five time. A low blow to Shamrock from Jarrett doubled Shamrock over. Jarrett then grabbed Shamrock by the head and slammed him into the top turnbuckle. Shamrock stumbled backwards while Jarrett came up behind him and gave him the Stroke! Hall turned and went for Jarrett. Jarrett ducked and caught Hall in a sleeperhold. AJ Styles broke it up with a dropkick to Jarrett's back. Jarrett turned as Styles bounced off the ropes and went for a spinheel kick, but Jarrett ducked and then took Styles to the mat with a big clothesline. Malice was back up and was choking Hall violently on the mat. Malice finally got up and pulled Hall up with him and took him to the ropes where he started trying to send him out of the ring. Meanwhile, Jarrett grabbed Styles by the head and threw him over the top rope. However, Styles held on and skinned the cat back into the ring as Jarrett turned his back to him!

Jarrett turned around as Styles leaped up and tried to hit a rana onto Jarrett, but Jarrett held on to block and lifted Styles back up in powerbomb position. Jarrett attempted to run and powerbomb Styles out of the ring, but Styles reversed it into a rana that sent Jarrett out of the ring to the floor and Styles on the apron! Styles eliminated Jarrett!

Elimination #16 - Jeff Jarrett (by AJ Styles)

Jeff Jarrett couldn't believe what just happened as Styles rolled back into the ring. Shamrock was getting back up to his feet as Styles got back in. Styles ran full speed at Shamrock, but Shamrock caught Styles as he ran in and hit him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex right out of the ring to the floor!

Elimination #17 - AJ Styles (by Ken Shamrock)

Shamrock immediately went over to the corner where Malice was trying to get Hall out of the ring and pounded on Malice from behind. Malice turned around and caught Shamrock with a vicious uppercut. Shamrock stumbled backwards and dropped to one knee, but he got back up and fired back with a right hand to Malice. Malice took the punch and then hit Shamrock with one of his own. However, Hall was on his knees and gave Malice a nice uppercut to the groin. Malice was doubled over and Shamrock and Hall pushed him up against the ropes. They took turns hitting the wobbly Malice with right hands. They then backed up to the opposite side of the ring, ran in, and hit a double clothesline to Malice and that flipped the big man over the top rope to the floor! And that's that...making it Ken Shamrock vs. Scott Hall for the NWA Heavyweight Title! **¾ - Very meh, about what you can expect from a Gauntlet with punching and stalling...there were couple cool spots mostly involving cruiserweights getting tossed out of the ring.

Elimination #18 - Malice (by Shamrock and Hall)

Overall: 67

Crowd: 64

Match: 70

Mike Tenay: Ken Shamrock and Scott Hall now are going to face off for the Heavyweight Title! Hall has been in the match a lot longer than Shamrock has!


NWA Heavyweight Title

Scott Hall vs. Ken Shamrock

Mark Johnson entered the ring as Shamrock and Hall shook hands. They locked up to start the match and it was back and forth to begin. A droptoehold from Shamrock sent Hall to the mat, and Shamrock took control from there on the very tired Hall. The fans finally came alive and were the loudest they had been all night, cheering both men on. Shamrock sent Hall head first into the turnbuckles and then hit him with a bridged German Suplex - One, Two, Hall kicked out. Hall found his window of opportunity after they hit each other with a double clothesline. Both men were slow to get up. Once they were up they began to exchange rights in the center of the ring until Hall got the upperhand and sent Shamrock staggering. Hall grabbed Shamrock and sent him into the turnbuckle. Hall followed him in with a clothesline. Hall then hit several back elbows to Shamrock in the corner before climbing on him and unloading ten punches to Shamrock's head.

Hall continued to work over Shamrock until the tides changed again when Hall went for a chokeslam to Shamrock. Shamrock countered the chokeslam by rolling through into a cross arm breaker on Hall. Mark Johnson was immediately there to check on Hall and see if he wanted to call it quits. Hall wasn't about to give up his shot at the NWA gold, and he fought through the pain. Shamrock saw that Hall wasn't giving up and felt enough damage had been done, so he released the hold. Shamrock stomped on Hall's arm a few times before pulling him up. Shamrock was in control for a few more moments before running to the ropes. However, off the ropes, Hall found his secondwind and caught Shamrock with a boot to the midsection. This time Hall successfully hit the chokeslam to Shamrock. Hall went for the pin. One, Two, kicSuckt by Shamrock.

Shamrock slowly pulled himself up as Hall waited on him. Once Shamrock had used his own energy to get up, Hall moved in and lifted Shamrock up into his arms, then hit him with the Last Call. Hall got up and signaled that it was over for Shamrock. Hall grabbed Shamrock and lifted him up to his feet and set him up for the Edge. The fans were cheering Hall on as he held his arms out in the crucifix to signal the Edge, before lifting him up into it. However, Shamrock countered and rolled through down Hall's back. He rolled Hall up and then applied the Anklelock, which also got a pop from the crowd. Mark Johnson checked in on Hall, but Hall fought his way over and grabbed the bottom ropes.

Before Mark Johnson could force a break, Shamrock gave Hall a big pull and forced him off the ropes. Shamrock pulled Hall all the way back to the center of the ring! Shamrock screamed out to the crowd as he applied more pressure to Hall's ankle. Hall's face showed the pain that he was being put in, but he still wasn't giving up. Hall fought with everything he had in him to make it to the bottom ropes once more. Mark Johnson made the count - One, Two, Three, Four, he forced Shamrock off of Hall. Shamrock looked like he was about to snap with his submission being broken up twice. He grabbed Hall and pulled him to the center of the ring and made a cover. One, Two, Thre....Hall got his shoudler up. Shamrock grabbed Hall's ankle again, but Hall used his other leg to kick Shamrock off. This only infuriated Shamrock more as he moved in on Hall while he was slowly pulling himself up. Shamrock spun Hall around and hooked him for the Belly-To-Belly Suplex, but Hall blocked it and hit a pair of knees to Shamrock's midsection to double him over. Hall quickly hooked Shamrock, lifted him up, and hit THE EDGE! Hall made the pin as the fans counted along - One, Two, Three! ***¼ - Good match despite both men being very tired, gets an extra quarter for being the loudest the fans had been all night.

Winner and NEW NWA Heavyweight Champion - Scott Hall

Overall: 82

Crowd: 81

Match: 83

Mike Tenay: Scott Hall has done it! He has become the NWA Heavyweight Champion!


Scott Hall stumbled to his feet, showing his exhaustion, as Mark Johnson handed him the NWA Heavyweight Title. Hall looked surprised as he was handed the belt and immediately took it and held it up high in celebration.

Mike Tenay: I think somewhere tonight there is going to be a HUGE party!

Don West: I hope we're invited!

Mike Tenay: That's all for this week, tune in next week on TNA for more of this kind of action!

The screen faded out on the scene of Scott Hall celebrating his title victory.

Overall - 74%


Ken Shamrock def. Mike Awesome

Hayashi, Yang, and Psychosis def. Skipper, Shane, and London

York & Matthews def. The West Hollywood Blondes

Scott Hall def. Ken Shamrock in the finals of the Gauntlet for the Gold to become the new NWA Heavyweight Champion

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Awesome, awesome, show man. One of the few shows that I have actually read in full recently, I really enjoyed it. Very realistic, and very well pulled off as an altogether package I feel. Hall is an.....interesting....choice for champion, but it will be good to see if he behaves himself in game, or else, you could be stuffed.

Very good so far, and I look forward to the next show.

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Hmm, very nice concept providing you stick with it. I think somebody else tried this, but the diary flopped before a show was even posted or something. Twas also one of the many ideas I've had batting around in my head at one point or another. Of course, knowing me, I'd have to sim around five years before I actually started writing, but that's besides the point.

A very nice show all around. Your interviews were nice, your matches were of a great standard, and the gauntlet was awesome. And it was a risky decision putting the belt on Scott Hall, although it has potential for an entertaining one. I'm just BEGGING for some sort of "Scott Hall found with 250 kgs of crack" update, or something to that effect.

I'm loving the Prince Siaki gimmick... Push him to the moon.

This is why you are a former King Of The Dome. ;)

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Guest UmpireAJS

I've always enjoyed your works, and this one is no exception. Sound conecpt to start with and very well done first show. A Possible Hall/Jarrett feud sounds excellent to me.

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This looks pretty good so far but I must say that I'm kinda mad because I was going to start a diary just like this. I'LL KILL YOU, Mo'Fo! :P

Anyway, I'll definately be reading because your first show caught my attention with Hall actually winning a World Title. :o

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When asked what the biggest negative of the first show was, Jerry Jarrett always said that the fans inside the arena left much to be desired. Plus the ticket sales in Huntsville, Alabama weren't helping our financial situation. We weren't going to be able to afford to go from arena to arena every week across the country and make money while doing so. We would have been forced to close doors within the first couple months at that rate. What we needed was to settle down into one place where we can establish a core audience that will pack the arena every week.

The decision to move to the fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee was Jerry Jarrett's. He figured, what better place to run his organization than in his own backyard. The arena there was smaller and would allow for better appearance on TV since it would look a lot more crowded. Plus, the fans in Tennessee have always been loyal to Jarrett and would come out and give TNA a chance, which at the time was all we could ask for.

Luckily, the fan response to the first show was mostly positive. The matches on the first show had all been entertaining, and most fans felt like they got their ten dollars worth. Whether or not it would translate into future buys from the fans remained to be seen, but with the fans having to pay every week to see our product, we couldn't afford to have many "off" days. The second show would be just as important as the first, third as important as second, and so on and so forth. The challenge would be creating matches of interest every week without much filler.

The call to give the NWA Heavyweight Title to Scott Hall was a risky one to say the least. Hall had always been known for his problems with substance abuse, and has constantly got him into trouble in every company he had ever worked for. He swore that he had cleaned up and changed his ways, but we had all heard that one before from him. But he was the obvious fan choice in Huntsville, Alabama, as he was definitely was getting the loudest reactions of the night. We had given the ball to Hall to run with, it was up to him not to drop it.

If the theme of the first show was the Gauntlet for the Gold, the theme for the second show was the "fallout" from the Gauntlet. Most of with several of the matches on the show being brought about as a result of what happened during the Gauntlet:

Ken Shamrock & NWA Heavyweight Champion Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett & Mike Awesome

The Gauntlet came down to Ken Shamrock and Scott Hall, but this time they would be joining up to take on the two men both seemed to have the most trouble with at the first show - Jarrett & Awesome. Jarrett and Awesome seemed to form an alliance of sorts at the start of the show and it carried through into the Gauntlet. Shamrock and Hall also showed their mutual respect for each other during the Gauntlet. Both Jarrett and Awesome both were also looking to get back into the title hunt, and what better way than to get the pin over the champion.

Jerry Lynn vs. Prince Siaki

Sonny Siaki had become the persona of Prince Siaki and Jerry Lynn felt his prescense right away at the Gauntlet. Siaki was directly responsible for Lynn being eliminated from the Gauntlet. Lynn was unable to get revenge right after being eliminated, but he would get the opportunity at TNA's second show. But Siaki most likely would not be alone as his two Samoan royal gaurds, Kimo and Ekmo, would in all likely hood be on hand as well.

The New Church vs. York & Matthews

Christian York and Joey Matthews got their TNA careers off to a great start with a victory over the West Hollywood Blondes and made their case for why they should be in contention for whenever the NWA Tag Team Champions would be determined. However, after the match the New Church made a case of their own by destroying both teams. There's no doubt the NWA Championship Committee would be keeping a close eye on this one.


-Kaz Hayashi, Jimmy Yang, and Psychosis vs. Low-Ki, AJ Styles, and Juventud Guerrera

-Brian Lawler vs. K-Krush

-Steve Corno vs. Kid Kash

-And an announcement concerning the TNA X and Tag Team Titles.

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NWA-TNA Report 6.26.02

Live from Nashville, TN

The show started off with clipped highlights from last weeks show focusing on the Gauntlet for the Gold. The final highlight of Scott Hall holding the NWA Heavyweight Title was shown before the screen faded in to the arena where the pyro shot from the same stage as last week. Mike Tenay and Don West were in their position at ringside to greet us this week.

Mike Tenay: Welcome to the second week of Total Nonstop Action! Last week we saw Scott Hall win the NWA Heavyweight Title in the Gauntlet for the Gold.

Don West: And what a Gauntlet it was! It's gonna be hard to top last week!

Mike Tenay: I think we can with the main event of Mike Awesome and Jeff Jarrett taking on the NWA Heavyweight Champion Scott Hall and his partner will be none other than the man he beat in the finals of the Gauntlet - Ken Shamrock.

Don West: You mean they are partners?! How will they be able to coexist after last week?!?

Mike Tenay: I think there is a certain amount of mutual respect that they have for each other. And they each had issues with Jarrett and Awesome in the Gauntlet last week.

Don West: You know it seemed like Awesome and Jarrett were working together good last week...it should be a GREAT match!

Mike Tenay: That's not all we have planned for tonight, we've got a lot of great matches in fallout from the Gauntlet, including the New Church taking on one of the teams they simply destroyed last week, York & Matthews. And don't forget, later on we will have an announcement concerning the vacant NWA Tag Team Titles and NWA X Title.

Jerry Lynn vs. Prince Siaki (w/The Island Boys)

Neither men got much of a reaction from the Nashville fans. Kimo and Ekmo sat on either side of the ropes to allow easy access for their prince to enter the ring. As Jerry Lynn was making his entrance, a replay from the Gauntlet was shown to set up this match.

Siaki refused to enter the ring unless someone held the ropes open for him, which led to Jerry Lynn knocking Siaki off the apron to the floor. Since Siaki never entered the ring, it didn't count, but Siaki did not look too happy. Siaki reached into the ring and grabbed ahold of Jerry Lynn's foot. Lynn struggled to free himself, but it was too late for him as Krush took advantage and hit a leaping calf kick to Lynn to send him over the top rope to the floor.

Elimination #6 - Jerry Lynn (by K-Krush)

Jerry Lynn got up and went right at Siaki, but Kimo and Ekmo put a stop to that as they hit a big double clothesline to Lynn. They then lifted Lynn up and tossed him hard into the gaurd rail. Referees Scott Armstrong and Billy Silverman put a stop to it as Siaki finally climbed into the ring.

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Another good show, J-Dubb. First time I've ever read anything you've written, and I have to say that it's a great read. I always thought TNA squandered a few opportunities early on, and made a few mistakes (making Shamrock champ for a start).

However, you've held my interest over two shows (which is hard to do), and I'll be sure to check in again. I'd like to see Hall and Shamrock as warring tag champs, but I doubt it'll happen. Nevertheless, two great shows, and I'll be checking in again soon ;).

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Guest UmpireAJS

An Excellent show from in-ring perspective,and I am sure the X guys will be gaining tons of overness as the days fly by.Interesting to see the Tournaments next week and the world title match the week after. Although I am all for pushing newer guys,I do not think they are over enough YET to go for the gold yet.But its your game anyway

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NWA-TNA Week 3

Card for NWA-Total Nonstop Action

July 3, 2002


NWA X-Division Title Tournament

Low-Ki vs. Juventud Guerrera

Both of these men made their debut in TNA on Week Two and were on the same six man team. This week they would be squaring off, one-on-one, with a lot on the line. Juventud was a multiple time WCW Cruiserweight champion, and really developed a fan following in WCW during its run. "The Juice" had to be one of the favorites to win the tournament given his experience, but Low-Ki was no rookie. He may not have been as well known at the time as Juvi, atleast not in Nashville and by the casual fan, but he had plenty of experience in such places as Japan. His vicous martial arts kicks were enough to take the breath out of anyone.

AJ Styles vs. Prince Siaki (w/The Island Boys)

AJ Styles has already shown us what he is capable of when he become a big underdog in the Gauntlet, surprising both Mike Awesome and Jeff Jarrett with eliminations. Then in Week Two he showed everyone his X-Division moves in the Six-Man match. Prince Siaki, on the other hand, has shown us that he will go to any lengths to win a match, so expect his Samoan bodygaurds will be at ringside looking to extend a helping hand to their "prince." Siaki promised to bring some gold home to his people, but failed to do so in the Gauntlet - so perhaps the X-Division gold would be the next best thing. In any event, the winner of this match would go on to face the winner of Low-Ki/Juvi later in the show to decide the first X-Division Champion!

NWA Tag Team Titles Tournament

Ken Shamrock & Scott Hall vs. York & Matthews (w/Alicia and Shannon Moore)

Scott Hall was the reigning NWA Heavyweight Champion and Ken Shamrock was his number one contender. The two were set to face off the next week, but for this week they were teaming up in the Tag Team Titles Tournament. But there was a certain amount of mutual respect among the two that allowed them to coexist in defeating Jeff Jarrett & Mike Awesome in Week Two. But would it carry over long enough for them to win the tournament, or would the tensions rise and ultimately cost them? While Jarrett & Awesome were two TNA superstars, York & Matthews had been teaming together for years, while Awesome and Jarrett hadn't. Would that be enough to help them defeat Hall & Shamrock?

The New Church (w/Jim Mitchell) vs. The West Hollywood Blondes

The West Hollywood Blondes did not get off to the start they wanted at the first TNA event, losing to York & Matthews. But they would get a reprieve and a chance to fight for the title anyway...unfortunately for them they would have to do it against the team that had shown its dominance in the first two weeks of TNA. First the New Church had taken out both York & Matthews and West Hollywood Blondes after their tag match on the first show...then the New Church defeated York & Matthews in Week Two. Could they continue their dominance and win the Tag Titles? Or would West Hollywood Blondes show those tag titles an alternate lifestyle? The winner of this match, would of course, later face the winner of Shamrock & Hall vs. York & Matthews to decide the NEW NWA Tag Team Champions.

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NWA-TNA Report 7.03.02

Live from Nashville, TN

The show kicked off with a highlight reel from last week, which featured clips of Hall & Shamrock vs. Jarrett & Awesome, The New Church vs. York & Matthews, the 6-Man X-Division Match, and Jerry Lynn vs. Prince Siaki. From the clips, the TNA intro played and now included clips from the first two shows in the video. The video faded in to the arena where Mike Tenay and Don West were at ringside to greet us.

Mike Tenay: Welcome back to NWA-TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION for a one night only event: TWO TOURNAMENTS - ONE NIGHT!


Mike Tenay: That's right and by the end of the night we will have crowned the first X-Division champ and new NWA Tag Team champions! Let's waste no time and get right to the ring for the first X-Division match!

X-Title Tournament

Low-Ki vs. Juventud Guerrera

No word describes this match other than amazing. These two really put on a show out there even if the fans didn't appreciate it, although they did start to get into the match by the end. They had an exchange early in the match where both men went back and forth with each other. Low-Ki took Juvi to the mat with a rana, causing Juvi to roll back to his feet and both men stood an either side of the ring as the fans gave them some applause for their even exchange. Juvi moved in on Low-Ki, but walked right into one of his stiff martial arts kicks right to the midsection. This gave Low-Ki the advantage that he would hold for the opening minutes of the match. Low-Ki would eventually drive his knee into the side of Juvi's head as he tried to pull himself up, which laid Juvi out as Low-Ki climbed to the top. Before Low-Ki could hit anything, Juvi was back up and leaped up to knock Low-Ki down across the top turnbuckle.

Juvi hit a couple elbows to Low-Ki to ensure that he wasn't going to fight him off, then hit him with a super rana. Juvi slowly rolled over to make a cover, but only got a two count. Juvi rolled of Low-Ki and onto the apron as Low-Ki started to get up to his feet. Juvi came into the ring with a Springboard Somersault Dropkick which got a few "oohs" and "ahhs" from the crowd. Juvi had taken the advantage over in the match. Juvi went for pins with a German suplex and a Dragon Suplex, but each resulted in nothing but nearfalls. Juvi sent Low-Ki into the ropes and went for a spinkick, but Low-Ki ducked and then came off the ropes with Tidal Crush enziguri kick to Juvi. Juvi slowly pulled himself up to his knees as Low-Ki measured him up. Low-Ki nailed Juvi with the Ki Krusher Combo with two kicks to the chest followed by a roundhouse head kick. Low-Ki was back in control and soon would send Juvi into the turnbuckle and then lock Juvi in the Dragon on the ropes.

Referee Mike Posey made Low-Ki break the hold after a four count. When Juvi slowly pulled himself up, Low-Ki hit repeated knife-edge chops to Juvi's chest, the sound of Juvi's flesh getting hit echoed across the arena. Low-Ki hit a kick to Juvi's midsection to double him over, then lifted him up in position for the Ki-Krusher, but instead ran with Juvi into the turnbuckle with the Krush Rush. Low-Ki went for the pin - One, Two, Thr...Juvi just barely got his shoudler up. Low-Ki would continue with his offense on Juvi until Juvi finally rolled out of the ring to try to take a breather. Low-Ki, however, followed him out. From the apron, Low-Ki came off with an apron-dive knee smash to Juvi. Low-Ki took some time picking Juvi up, then attempted to whip him into the gaurd rail, but Juvi reversed it and sent Low-Ki crashing into the railing. Low-Ki stumbled away from the railing into an enziguri from Juvi.

Juvi rolled Low-Ki back into the ring and followed him in. Off the ropes, Juvi drove Low-Ki into the mat with a reverse bulldog. Juvi went for the pin, One, Two, kickout. Juvi was in control of the match now. He hit a few ranas to Low-Ki and then nailed him with a Blockbuster suplex with a bridge. One, Two, Thr...kickout by Low-Ki. The Juice said it was time to end the match as he pulled Low-Ki up to his feet. He lifted Low-Ki up for the Juvi Driver, but Low-Ki countered it and rolled up Juvi! One, Two, Three! After the match, both men got up and shook hands in a sign of respect. ****¼ - Amazing match, with not much fan support, but by the end the fans did give Low-Ki some respect for what he did in the ring. These two worked great together and it showed in the match as it was the entire match flowed smoothly.

Winner - Low-Ki

Overall: 79

Crowd: 59

Match: 100

Don West: Low-Ki beat Juventud Guerrera! That HAS to be considered an upset, Mike!

Mike Tenay: Juventud is indeed a former WCW Cruiserweight Champion, but let's not take anything way from Low-Ki because he has had plenty of success all over the world. And now he will be fighting for the X-Title later on tonight in the finals!

Attending to Old Business

The screen switched backstage where Goldylocks was standing with "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome. Despite not much success lately, Jeff Jarrett had a smile on his face.

Goldylocks: I'm with Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome, and I'm a bit confused, Jeff. You lost in the Gauntlet, and you lost last week to Scott Hall and Ken Shamrock...so why the smile?

Jeff Jarrett: Let me tell you something blondey, despite all that we've been through in the past two weeks, I'm not lettin' it get me down. After all, I am the CHOSEN ONE around here, and I know that in the end it will all work out for me. One reason I'm smiling is because I can just sit back and relax while Ken Shamrock and Scott Hall destroy each other for that belt...then I can move in and take whatever is left of the winner, which shouldn't be too hard for me, and then I will become the NEW NWA World Champion. Mark my words, Goldy.

Goldylocks: Ok...but what are you doing here tonight if you lost last week, meaning you didn't two didn't get into the tournament?

Jeff Jarrett: It just so happens that THAT is the other reason why you see this big smile on my face, Goldy. Me and Awesome need something to keep ourselves busy while Shamrock and Hall do my dirty work for me, so we've decided we're going to take care of a some old business before we move on to the new business.

Goldylocks: Old business? What do you mean by old business?

Jeff Jarrett: Just sit back and enjoy the show, Goldy. I'm sure even you will be able to figure it out once you see it happening. But let's just say it involves some payback for an injustice that has happened to us lately.

Jarrett showed his guitar to the camera and then looked over at Awesome.

Jeff Jarrett: Come on big man, we've got some tuning up to do.

Jarrett laughed as he walked off screen, with Mike Awesome following him. Goldylocks sent it back to the ring.


Mike Tenay: Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome are up to no good as usual...


Mike Tenay: I have a feeling we won't have to wonder about it for too long.

NWA Tag Team Title Tournament

The New Church (w/Jim Mitchell) vs. West Hollywood Blondes

Before the opening bell rang, Lenny stood in the corner having his shoulders massaged by Lodi. Once the bell rang, Lodi gave Lenny a slap to the butt before he ran full speed out of the corner into Brian Lee, who immediately took Lenny down with a clothesline. This would be a sign of things to come for the Blondes, as this was a match controlled completely by The New Church. Neither Lenny or Lodi could match the power of Brian Lee, and that power advantage made it easy for Slash to do what he wanted with his opponents. At one point after taking a beating from both members of the New Church, Lenny rolled out of the ring to try and save himself, and Lodi met him at ringside with a hug and tried to reinspire Lenny to get back into the ring. While they did this, Slash leaped over the top rope with a crossbody down onto both Blondes.

The Blondes would eventually manage some offense against Slash. Lodi got the blindtag to Lenny. Off the ropes, Slash went for a big boot to Lenny, but Lenny ducked. Slash then turned and was met with a spinkick from Lodi to take Slash down. Lenny and Lodi lifted Slash up. Lenny gave Slash a kiss, which disgusted Slash, causing him to turn around and start spitting, but he turned around into a superkick from Lodi. Referee Rudy Charles got Lenny out of the ring and turned around to see Lodi going for the pin. One, Two, Brian Lee broke it up with a big stomp to Lodi's back. Lee left the ring as Lodi got up and pulled Slash up with him. Lodi attempted an Irish Whip into the ropes, but Slash reversed it. Slash went for a backdrop, but Lodi saw it coming and gave Slash a kick to the face. Lodi then grabbed Slash and dropped him to the mat with a DDT. Lodi rolled over to his corner and tagged in Lenny. Lenny came in and immediately locked on his elevated boston crab that is called the Tiger Tamer.

Slash looked like he might be ready to tap out, but Brian Lee came in and nailed Lenny right square in the face with a big boot to stop that. Lodi entered the ring and went right for Lee, but right into the grip of Lee who lifted Lodi up high into the air and dropped him to the mat with the Chokeslam. Meanwhile, both Lenny and Slash were up, but Slash met Lenny with a kick to the midsection and then hit him with the Slash & Burn. Slash with the cover on Lenny - One, Two, Three. **¼ - Basically a glorified and extended squash match with the Blondes only offense coming there at the end, but it was alright for what it was. Brian Lee is boring in the ring though, but atleast Slash manages to carry the team.

Winners - The New Church

Overall: 65

Crowd: 53

Match: 78

Mike Tenay: The New Church continue their dominance over the tag team division as they move to the finals!

Don West: I don't know who in their right mind would want to face these guys!

Mike Tenay: Our night of tournaments is only beginning, let's keep right on going with the action with the other semi-final match in the X-Title Tournament!

X-Title Tournament

AJ Styles vs. Prince Siaki (w/The Island Boys)

The crowd was starting to get into the show as AJ Styles got a mild face pop, while Prince Siaki got some heel heat as he came to the ring with his royal bodygaurds of Ekmo and Kimo. They held the ropes open for him as he entered, but AJ Styles wasn't going to give Siaki the chance to strike first as he went right for Siaki as he entered the ring. Styles had a spark in him from the get-go as he seemed determined to become the first X-Division Champion. Siaki had trouble keeping up with the extremely quick and nimble Styles as he used his high impact arial offense against the more grounded Siaki. Styles was in control early, hitting Siaki with high impact moves such as a swinging facebuster, running leaping kneedrop, springboard 450 splash, backflip kick, and he set Siaki up for a fallaway slam, then swung him down into a swinging urnage backbreaker. Styles made the pin - One, Two, kickout by Siaki.

Siaki looked overwhelmed by Styles' manic offense as he tried to pull himself up using the ropes. Styles came in and hit a kick to the midsection and then went for a delayed vertical suplex, but Siaki blocked it and then lifted Styles up and hit dropped him with a brainbuster. Siaki slowly got up, as did Styles. Both were up at about the same time. Styles went to bounce off the ropes, but Ekmo grabbed ahold of Style's leg to trip him up. Styles went face first to the mat and Siaki bounced off the ropes and dropped a legdrop down across the back of Styles' head. Referee Scott Armstrong warned The Island Boys at ringside as Siaki took advantage of the distracted ref to give Styles a stomp to the groin. Siaki took control and would eventually go for the pin after a pumphandle overhead suplex onto Styles. One, Two, Thr...Stlyes got his shoulder up.

Siaki's gameplan was to keep Styles from taking to the air, and used more power moves to keep him there. A sitdown powerbomb by Siaki got another two and a half count on Styles. Styles rolled over into a seated position on the mat, which allowed Siaki to bounce off the ropes and hit a running flip neckbreaker onto Styles. Siaki pressed his elbow down into Styles' face in a cover - One, Two, kickout. Siaki stomped away at Styles before pulling him up and throwing him into the ropes. He went for a Samoan Drop onto Styles, but Styles floated over into a swinging DDT onto Siaki! Both men were down as a result. Scott Armstrong began the ten count - One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, AJ Styles kipped up to his feet!

Siaki slowly stumbled up to his feet and got hit with a spinning calf kick to Siaki to send him back to the mat. Siaki was back up and staggering as Styles ran and springboarded off the ropes into a backflip, catching Siaki with an inverted DDT coming down. Styles looked to make a quick pinfall, but Kimo and Ekmo pulled Siaki out of the ring to safety. They tried to wake their prince back up. Armstrong began counting Siaki out as Styles ran off the ropes and leaped over the top rope with a somersault senton down onto all three men! All four men were down on the ground, but Styles was up first and sent Siaki back into the ring. Styles climbed in after him. Styles lifted Siaki up into a Belly-To-Back suplex, but then dropped him down into an Inverted Powerbomb called the Styles Facebuster. Siaki rolled over onto his back as Styles climbed up to the top turnbuckle looking to go for the Spiral Tap, which brought a pop from the crowd.

However, the fans cheers turned to boos as Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome appeared from backstage. Jarrett came down to the ring armed with his guitar, and immediately jumped onto the apron with the guitar. However, Armstrong came over and cut him off on the apron. With Armstrong distracted, Awesome went around the ring and shoved Styles off the top turnbuckle to the mat. Awesome climbed into the ring as Jarrett tossed the guitar to him behind the ref's back. Styles stumbled up to his feet and Awesome sent the guitar crashing around Styles' head. Awesome wasn't done yet as he grabbed Styles before he could hit the mat...and hit him with the Awesome Bomb! Mike Awesome left the ring and walked over behind Jarrett to signal to him that he was done. Jarrett acted like he was giving in to Referee Armstrong, and headed back up the aisle with Awesome. The referee turned around to see Siaki crawling over and making the cover on Styles. One, Two, Three! ***¼ - Unclean finish aside, it was a pretty good match - Styles looks to be getting over with the fans with his wrestling of all things, which is a good sign for the X-Division wrestlers.

Winner - Prine Siaki

Overall: 73

Crowd: 61

Match: 86

Don West: Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome just cost AJ Styles the match!? WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?!?

Mike Tenay: Payback for eliminating them both in the Gauntlet, I'd guess. Looks like we know what they had in mind earlier.


Mike Tenay: Never put anything past those two. And as a result, Siaki goes on to face Low-Ki in the finals for the X-Title.

An OMEGA Triple Threat

The screen switched backstage to Goldylocks who was standing by with York & Matthews, Alicia, and Shannon Moore.

Goldylocks: Last week we saw the team of York & Matthews go down to the New Church, but it was after the match that saw Shannon Moore come out to save York & Matthews from a postmatch beating from The New Church. What is the relationship here?

Alicia: As I'm sure everyone can relate to, it's good to have friends you can count on. In case you didn't know, Christian York, Joey Matthews, and Shannon Moore go way back. They grew up together, they trained together, they're practically all brothers. And all three got their start in a little promotion based out of North Carolina called OMEGA. Since then, Shannon has gone on to wrestle for both WCW and WWE, but he finally was able to catch up with his old OMEGA friends when he came to TNA to wrestle in the Gauntlet for the Gold. On that very night, Christian and Joey ran into some trouble with The New Church after their match, and I knew that in order to be able to stand a chance again the New Church, we were going to have someone to watch our back. Which is why I gave Shannon a call later that week and told him to come to Nashville just incase those New Church freaks tried something. And sure enough, they did.

Alicia paused as the three men standing behind her nodded in agreement with her. York & Matthews gave Moore a pat on the back.

Alicia: You see, we're a family. These three men make up the OMEGA Triad here in TNA, and they're gonna watch each other's backs at all time. And if you mess with one of us, you'll be messing with all of us. This includes the New Church or anyone else. And tonight York & Matthews are going to go out there and win the NWA Tag Team Titles, despite being the smallest guys left in this tournament. But the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Alicia looked back at her guys and then led them off screen...

Goldylocks: Alright back to you, Tenay.


Mike Tenay: York & Matthews better be ready, because they have a tall task just to get to the finals to face The New Church.

Don West: KEN SHAMROCK AND SCOTT HALL to be exact!

NWA Tag Team Title Tournament

Scott Hall & Ken Shamrock vs. York & Matthews (w/Alicia & Shannon Moore)

Christian York and Joey Matthews gave it their all in trying to take down the NWA Champion and the number one contender, and had Alicia and Shannon Moore at ringside cheering them on as they tried their hardest to pull off the mountain of a task. The rest of Nashville, however, was more behind Scott Hall and to a less extent, Ken Shamrock. After being worked over thouroughly from Hall and Shamrock, Joey Matthews hit a jawbreaker out of nowhere onto Shamrock, and then sent him to the mat with an enziguri. Matthews made it over to tag in York. York and Matthews began using momentum as they hit a double dropkick to Shamrock as he pulled himself up. They then lifted Shamrock back to his feet and hit him with the Problem Solver. Matthews finally left the ring thanks to referee Billy Silverman. York went for the pin - One, Two, Thre...kickout by Shamrock. York hit a quick legdrop to Shamrock before he could get to his feet to keep him down.

Shamrock finally got back to his feet and swung a wild right at York, but York ducked and then hit Shamrock with a belly-to-back lift into a flapjack. York rolled Shamrock over and hooked a leg again. One, Two, Thr....Shamrock kicked out again. Meanwhile, Hall wasn't paying much attention as he flirted with Alicia at ringside. York and Matthews continued to play the underdog role against Shamrock until York would eventually hit the Southern Cross Bomb on Shamrock. York was suprised he had Shamrock down, and as got a little too over confident as he climbed to the top turnbuckle, taking his time. He came off the top looking for the Rebel Yelp, but Shamrock rolled out of the way. York was holding his knee on the mat as Ken Shamrock pulled himself up using the ropes and went to his corner.

Once Shamrock got to his corner, he found Hall still flirting with Alicia, and he forcefully turned Hall around to ask him what the deal was. As he did this, York recovered and hit Shamrock from behind with a dropkick, colliding him into Hall. York with the roll up! One, Two, Three....NO! Shamrock just BARELY escaped the rollout before Silverman's hand hit the mat. York tagged Matthews in and they hit Shamrock with the Future Shock double-team powerbomb. York left the ring as Matthews went for the pin on Shamrock...One, Two, Thre...Hall broke it up. Matthews tried to keep Shamrock down for as long as he could, but as he came off the ropes, Shamrock caught him and hit him with a T-Bone suplex. Shamrock rolled to his corner and made the tag to the NWA Champion.

Hall came in as Matthews stumbled back up to his feet and took him back down with a big right hand. Hall worked over Matthews and would eventually lay him out with a chokeslam. Hall went for the pin: One, Two, Th...York broke it up. Hall went after York, but York caught Hall off gaurd with a drop-toe-hold that sent Hall head first into the turnbuckle. Hall stumbled backwards into a rollup from Matthews - One, Two, Hall escaped. Hall got back up to his feet, but Matthews grabbed him from behind and dropped him to the mat with an Inverted DDT. Matthews stumbled over to the corner where he climbed up as Hall pulled himself up off the mat. Matthews came flying off the top with a crossbody, but Hall caught him.....LAST CALL! The crowd popped as Hall called for The Edge. Hall lifted Matthews up and set him up. York climbed into the ring, but Shamrock cut him off. As Hall laid out Matthews with the Edge, Shamrock hit the Belly-to-belly suplex onto York. They each pinned their respective opponent - One, Two, Three. ***¾ - Good underdog match, and with the tension between Hall and Shamrock you almost thought York & Matthews would pull off the upset.

Winners - Scott Hall & Ken Shamrock

Overall: 77

Crowd: 64

Match: 90

Mike Tenay: Scott Hall & Ken Shamrock will advance to take on The New Church for the NWA Tag Titles! Scott Hall will have the chance to become a double title holder.

Don West: What a match!! I almost thought York and Matthews would pull it off!

Mike Tenay: You do have to give York & Matthews all the credit in the world for giving it their all in this match, but they just came up short this time. I have a feeling they'll be getting another shot at the NWA Tag Titles somewhere down the line.

Don West: And what about that almost-altercation between Shamrock and Hall?! Are they going to be able to coexist long enough to make it through the match with the New Church?!

Mike Tenay: That remains to be seen. But I think Hall will have an easier time keeping his head in the game with no attractive women at ringside for the Tag Team Championship Match. Speaking of attractive women, Goldylocks is backstage with one of the competitors in the finals for the X-Division Title!

Divine Right of the X-Division

The screen shifted back to Golylocks who was with Prince Siaki and his two royal bodygaurds, Ekmo and Kimo. They stood firmly behind their Prince as he stood beside Goldylock with his head cocked upwards.

Goldylocks: Son...I mean, Prince Siaki, in a few short moments you will be going out there with a chance to win the....

Prince Siaki: Halt! Speak no more, woman. Two weeks ago I told the world of a promise I made to my people. The people of the Kilika tribe of Samoa have faith in their Samoan Prince to bring home the gold. The much desired gold that my people have longed for for oh-so many ages now. I told them that they could have faith in their hero to bring home just that...the gold. Did I fail my people? NO! I did no such thing!

Goldylocks: But...you didn't win the Gau...

Prince Siaki: SILENCE! Don't doubt royalty, woman. It's not good for your health. You know what happens to people who doubt the royalty in Samoa?

Goldylocks: W-w-w-what?

The Island Boys slowly moved from behind Siaki to behind Goldylocks.

Prince Siaki: They get delt with accordingly. Now like I said, I did not let my people down. It was a mere setback to my quest...nay, my Pilgramige here in TNA. For tonight, the gods have granted me with another opportunity to fulfil the deepest desires of my people. Such opportunities do not grace normal men. Only men who have been granted divine right like myself ever get two opportunities at such sought after sacriments such as NWA gold. For many, the journey to the top takes years, it takes whole careers. For me, it will take three short weeks because tonight, on the third week of NWA-TNA, I shall reach great heights and win what is destined of me. And with the power of Samoa backing me, the royal blood flowing through my veins, and the favor of the gods granted to me - I SHALL NOT BE DENIED!

Prince Siaki stared at the camera and then finally looked over to the Island Boys and nodded before walking off camera. Goldylocks looked nervously back at The Island Boys who stared down at her before walking off behind their Prince.


Don West: I'm not sure what to think about Prince Siaki...

Mike Tenay: You're not alone their Don. But maybe Low-Ki can kick some sense into him, because that's who he is about to meet in the finals to decide the first X-Champion in NWA-TNA!

X-Division Championship Match

Prince Siaki (w/The Island Boys) vs. Low-Ki

After his amazing match with Juventud earlier in the night, Low-Ki had gained a lot more crowd support. Meanwhile, Prince Siaki continued to get more heel heat from the crowd. Prince Siaki was hesistant to lock-up with the "lowly" Low-Ki, but Low-Ki would eventually force him into one, and take control of the early portion of the match. Low-Ki got Siaki down to the mat and repeatedly drove his knee into the small of Siaki's back. Low-Ki would also get Siaki into the corner and lit him up with some very stiff chops to the chest as The Island Boys looked on worried from ringside. Siaki stumbled out of the corner into a Rolling Koppu Kick from Low-Ki. With Siaki down on the mat, Low-Ki would come off the top with a flying double leg stomp onto Siaki.

Low-Ki looked to be in control until the Island Boys interjected themselves into the match on behalf of their prince. Ekmo distracted Referee Mark Johnson as Low-Ki ran to the ropes, but Kimo grabbed Low-Ki by the legs and pulled him face first to the mat and then brought him out of the ring. He lifted Low-Ki up across his shoulder and then dropped him down so that his head smacked across the apron. He then sent Low-Ki head first into the ringsteps before rolling him back into the ring as Ekmo finished with Mark Johnson. Siaki crawled over and made the pin on Low-Ki. One, Two, kickout. Siaki pulled himself up using the ropes and waited as Low-Ki slowly got up as well. Siaki ran and sent Low-Ki flipping to the mat with a strong lariat. Siaki lifted Low-Ki up and slammed him back to the mat with a simple bodyslam before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Once to the top, he taunted the crowd before coming off the top with a guillotine legdrop to Low-Ki. Siaki went for the pin - One, Two, kickout.

Siaki continued to work over Low-Ki by mostly underhanded dirty moves and keeping him grounded. Things started to swing back Low-Ki's way when Siaki sent him off the ropes and went for a clothesline, but Low-Ki ducked and then nailed Siaki with a very stiff side kick to the midsection. Siaki was doubled over and Low-Ki hit him with a Fisherman's Cradle Lift into Gutbuster Drop. Low-Ki went for the pin - One, Two, Th...Ekmo put Siaki's foot on the bottom rope. Low-Ki kicked the rope near the Island Boys before going back to work on Siaki. After decking Siaki with a Slingshot Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick, Low-Ki climbed to the top turnbuckle. He saw The Island Boys up to no good, so instead of going after Siaki in the ring, Low-Ki came off the top with a Flying Somersault Crossbody Attack Suicida onto both Kimo and Ekmo.

Low-Ki got up and gave Kimo some kicks to the body as he was trying to get up, but Ekmo was up behind Low-Ki and splashed Low-Ki from behind. Referee Mark Johnson had seen enough and ejected The Island Boys from ringside. He climbed out of the ring and began instructing them up the aisle. Meanwhile, Siaki grabbed his royal medallion that he wears around his neck and wrapped it around his fist so the chain of it was around his fist and the actual medallion in his palm. Low-Ki crawled back into the ring. The Island Boys reluctantly gave in to Johnson's orders, but not before Siaki decked Low-Ki in the ring with the medallion! He tucked it into his tights before making the cover on Low-Ki. Mark Johnson slid back into the ring to count. One, Two, Three...NO! Low-Ki got his shoulder up.

Prince Siaki was shocked Low-Ki kicked out, and immediately went for the pin again, this time putting his feet up on the ropes. One, Two, Thre....another kickout. Siaki sent Low-Ki into the ropes and went for a Samoan Drop, but Low-Ki countered and rolled up Siaki. One, Two, Siaki reversed the roll up - One, Two, kickout. Both men got back to their feet and Siaki gave Low-Ki a boot to the midsection then snapped him down to the mat with a DDT. Siaki made the cover. One, Two, Thre...kickout. Siaki slammed the mat in frustration before taking his time to pull Low-Ki up. He went for the Siakilypse, but Low-Ki blocked it and countered with the Ki-Krusher '99! One, Two, Three! **¾ - Bit of a letdown and a disappointment after the first two X-Division matches we saw tonight, looks like these two don't mesh very well in the ring together and as a result it didn't look as good as the X-Division matches we have seen so far.

Winner and X-Division Champion: Low-Ki

Overall: 69

Crowd: 60

Match: 79

Mike Tenay: Low-Ki has just become the first ever X-Division Champion here in NWA-TNA!

Don West: And he deserves it! He had to put up with THREE men in that match!

Mike Tenay: I hope Siaki has a good excuse for his people, because he is NOT leaving Nashville tonight with gold!

Don West: No gold for Samoa this week!

Mike Tenay: Speaking of gold, the main gold will be on the line next week!


Mike Tenay: Tonight they're teammates, but next week it'll be those two, one-on-one for the NWA World Title!

Don West: But will they we be seeing the two NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS fighting each other for the World Title next week?!?!

Mike Tenay: That remains to be seen, so let's go to the ring for tonight's main event to crown the new NWA Tag Team Champions!

Main Event

NWA Tag Team Title Match

Scott Hall & Ken Shamrock vs. The New Church (w/Jim Mitchell)

Hall and Brian Lee started the match off, with Hall mocking Lee before the opening bell. Lee went right after Hall, but Hall ducked and then hit Lee with some rights and lefts. Hall had the big man staggering before he took him down with a clothesline. Hall and Shamrock were looking good early, showing no signs of the tension they displayed in their earlier match. Soon Shamrock would find himself in the ring as Lee made the tag to Slash. Slash came in but was met right away by a a pair of armdrags from Shamrock, before Shamrock forced him down to the mat with an armbar. Shamrock applied a lot of pressure to Slash's arm, causing him lots of pain. Slash was able to fight through the pain and made it to the ropes. Shamrock broke the hold, and was immediately up and stomping on the same arm.

Slash fought his way back up to his feet, but Shamrock continued to pound on the arm once he was up and then dropped Slash to the mat with a single arm DDT. He drug Slash over to the corner by the arm and tagged in Hall. Shamrock held the arm as Hall stomped on it. Hall took over where Shamrock left off with controlling Slash. After a couple nearfalls, Hall tagged Shamrock back into the ring. Shamrock took Slash back to the mat with another armdrag and then locked on an arm scissors onto Slash. Brian Lee entered the ring to try to break it up, but referee Mark Johnson cut him off. While he did, Jim Mitchell reached into the ring to help pull Slash to the ropes. Johnson turned around, saw Slash in the ropes, and made Shamrock release the hold. Shamrock got up and immediately pointed out Jim Mitchell to the ref. Johnson warned Mitchell as Shamrock grabbed Slash and started to pull him up, but with the referee now warning Mitchell, Slash was able to give Shamrock and uppercut to the groin.

Slash made it to the New Church corner and tagged in Lee. Shamrock was slow to get up and Lee met him with a kneelift to the midsection. Shamrock now found himself in trouble as Lee took advantage and overpowered Shamrock. Lee would eventually go for the pin after hitting Shamrock with sidewalk slam. One, Two, Shamrock lifted his shoulder up off the mat. Lee rolled over and began blatantly choking Shamrock on the mat right infront of Mark Johnson. One, Two, Three, Four, Lee released the choke. Lee and Slash tagged in and out, taking turns keeping Shamrock down in order to keep him from tagging in Scott Hall. Lee lifted Shamrock up and gave him the Snake Eyes in the corner. Shamrock stumbled out of the corner into a big clothesline from Lee. Lee grabbed Shamrock in the center of the ring and locked on a rear chinlock.

Lee managed to not only take Shamrock out of the match but the crowd out of the match with the resthold. Johnson checked in on Shamrock, but Shamrock was still responding and soon began to fight his way to his feet. He was up and broke the hold, but Lee clotheslined him right back down to the mat. Lee made a cover, but only got a two count. He then pulled Shamrock back to his feet and went for the big boot, but Shamrock grabbed Lee's leg and pulled him to the mat, locking him in the Anklelock! Slash quickly came in and broke it up, attacking Shamrock and sending him to the mat. Johnson forced Slash out of the ring as Shamrock began to try and make it to the corner to tag in Hall. Lee was up and almost stopped Shamrock, but he was too late and Hall got the tag. Hall came in and ducked a right hand from Lee. Hall hit a pair of chops to Lee and then a pair of right hands to send Lee staggering. Lee stumbled in and swung a wild right hand at Hall, but Hall ducked and then lifted Lee up in the air and to the mat with a back suplex.

Hall began to pull Lee up, but Lee fought Hall off and sent him into the ropes. Coming off the ropes, Hall ducked Lee's clothesline and locked him in a sleeperhold. Hall had the big man reeling in the sleeper, and he looked to be fading out slowly. But Lee found a last minute surge of energy, and ran backwards with Hall into the corner...just where referee Mark Johnson happened to be. The referee ended up sandwiched in the corner as Lee broke the hold. Hall stumbled out of the corner into a kick to the midsection from Lee, then Lee grabbed him for the Chokeslam. Shamrock was back in the ring to put a stop to that as he attacked Lee. Lee and Shamrock began slugging it out as Jim Mitchell handed Slash a chair on the apron.

Slash came into the ring with the chair and went after Hall. Hall ducked a chairshot from Slash, and then gave him a kick to the midsection. Hall pulled the chair from Slash and connected with it across his head. Slash hit the mat as Hall turned his attention to Lee who was getting the better of Shamrock. Hall swung the chair at Lee, but Lee moved and Hall nailed Shamrock across the head with the chair! Hall didn't stop to shrug and immediately turned and nailed Lee with a chairshot. Hall picked up Lee and set him up for the Edge, but as he was, Malice made his way down to ringside. Malice climbed into the ring and stopped Hall with a big boot! Malice then pulled Hall up and dropped him to the mat with a Powerbomb! Jim Mitchell shook Mark Johnson awake in the corner as Malice stepped over the top rope to leave the ring, but not before putting Brian Lee ontop of Hall. Johnson slowly made his way over to the cover...One.......Two.......Three! ** - Overbooked mess there at the end, which didn't help an already pretty dull match.

Winners and NEW NWA Tag Team Champions - The New Church

Overall: 67

Crowd: 63

Match: 72

Mike Tenay: Malice stuck his nose into this match and cost Hall and Shamrock the match!


Brian Lee and Slash were slow to get up and have their hands raised by Mark Johnson. Jim Mitchell entered the ring and shoved Mark Johnson out of the way so that he could give his men the Tag Titles and raise their arms up in victory as Malice watched on from ringside.

Mike Tenay: What an enigma and a monster Malice is. He still thinks he deserves the NWA Title!

Don West: That was one of the promises Jim Mitchell made, and the New Church just fulfilled their other with the Tag Titles! Maybe Scott Hall is next!

Mike Tenay: Unless Shamrock wins the belt next week, which could happen!

The New Church left the ring together as Scott Hall slowly got up, wondering what the Hell just happened. As he was watching The New Church leave, Ken Shamrock finally had recovered. He looked extremely upset as he walked up behind Hall and grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him around. Shamrock yelled at Hall about what happened, as Hall just shoved him away. Shamrock shoved him back...

Mike Tenay: We might have a preview right here! The tension is finally about to break!


Mike Tenay: We'll see you next week for NWA World Title match!

Hall and Shamrock went nose to nose in a staredown as the show went off the air.



Low-Ki def. Juventud Guerrera

The New Church def. The West Hollywood Blondes

Prince Siaki def. AJ Styles

Hall & Shamrock def. York & Matthews

Low-Ki def. Prince Siaki

The New Church def. Hall & Shamrock

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The early days of NWA-Total Nonstop Action were those filled with doubt. Could we even make it past the first couple months? Or even the first couple shows? We had made it three shows so far, and the World Wrestling Entertainment was already trying to put a damper in the company. We weren't even anything closely resembling a threat to their monopoly over wrestling, but they were still showing that they weren't playing around. They made their first stealing of TNA talent.

Luckily for us, it wasn't a talent Jerry Jarrett had plans for at the time. Glen Gilbertti, or as he would become in WWE once again - The Disco Inferno - made one appearance in TNA in the Gauntlet for the Gold. Like I said, there had been no upcoming plans for him, but it as the principle of the matter that counted. Gilbertti was no mat technician or anything, but he was charismatic and could have helped to get over some of the talent Jerry had hoped to make TNA stars such as AJ Styles, Low-Ki, and others. But now all that charisma was sent over to WWE's Smackdown brand.

It was a risk having all the talent on open contracts, leaving them open to go on to the "greener" pastures in the WWE, but our funds were little and written contracts were hard to acquire, especially when most of the wrestlers liked wrestling for other organizations such as Ring of Honor. Jerry Lynn and K-Krush became the first one to sign an exclusive contract to TNA as they were the ones who at the time were becoming increasingly popular with the fans each and every week. Not to mention each was talented in their own rights, and K-Krush, or Ron Killings, was very charismatic as well. It was a big deal to get these two to written contracts, and Jarrett planned to reward them for their loyalty to an organization that was so early in its lifecycle.

But more to come on that...later...

For now, it was the fourth week of Total Nonstop Action, and it was going to be the first World Heavyweight Title defense. The match had been hyped for two weeks in hopes that word would spread and interest would rise. All we had to do now was deliver...

NWA-TNA Week 4

Card for NWA-Total Nonstop Action

July 10, 2002

The First Title Defense

NWA World Heavyweight Title Match

Scott Hall © vs. Ken Shamrock

These two men went down to the wire in the Gauntlet for the Gold, and the first time saw Scott Hall coming away victorious with the belt to become the new NWA Champion. But Shamrock didn't feel like either men gave it their all since they had been so worn down from the Gauntlet, he knew Hall would want a chance to prove himself, while Shamrock himself wanted another chance at the gold. Shamrock's theory worked and Hall accepted Shamrock's challenge two weeks ago. However, last week they were teammates in the NWA Tag Team Title tournament, which saw them make it to the finals before Hall's chairshot went astray and nailed Shamrock. This led to a staredown at the end of the show last week, sending tensions to an all time high heading into this week's main event! Who will walk away the true champion? And don't forget about two other men seeking that NWA Title, Jeff Jarrett and the New Church's Malice. Will they make their prescense felt in this match?

NWA X-Division Title Match

Low-Ki © vs. AJ Styles

Speaking of Jeff Jarrett, he and his newfound friend Mike Awesome got their idea of revenge from the Gauntlet last week when they cost AJ Styles a semi-final match in the X-Division tournament against Prince Siaki. In the interest of fairness, the NWA Championship Committee asked X-Division Champion Low-Ki to make his first title defense against the man who never got a fair chance to go for the belt. Low-Ki agreed, showing that he is a true champion, knowing that he cannot be the best unless he beats all who deserve a shot. If what we've seem from these two so far is a sign of things to come, we can expect an awe-inspiring match from these two X-Division wrestlers.

The OMEGA Triad (w/Alicia) vs. The New Church (w/Jim Mitchell)

The New Church issued their "word" saying that they would reign control over TNA, and last week they were one step closer to fulfilling their prophecy when Brian Lee and Slash became the new NWA Tag Team Champions. This week they team with their monster Malice to take on the group that is still seeking some sort of redemption against the New Church - Joey Matthews, Christian York, and Shannon Moore - or as Alicia refered to them last week, the OMEGA Triad. Well, they get their chance this week in a big six-man tag match. Can The OMEGA Triad survive the onslaught that The New Church has been dishing out as of late?

Jerry Lynn & Gran Apolo vs. Prince Siaki & K-Krush (w/The Island Boys)

Where do we start with this one? It all goes back to the Gauntlet where Prince Siaki was the reason for Jerry Lynn being eliminated by K-Krush. Then two weeks ago when Siaki went one-on-one with Lynn, K-Krush showed up to give Siaki and assisted win. Lynn went into the TNA locker room in search for someone who would be willing to team up with him in order to even up the sides. He had to look no further than Gran Apolo, who also was eliminated by Siaki with the aid of his royal gaurds, The Island Boys. With the sides a bit more fair, can Lynn and Apolo get the victory, or will the Island Boys come into play again and give Siaki and K-Krush another tainted victory?

X-Division Contenders Match

Lash LeRoux vs. Kaz Hayashi

Kaz Hayashi is making his return after having some X-Division success at the Gauntlet in six man tag action, but this time he will be in singles action against Lash LeRoux, who is making his first appearance since the Gauntlet. LeRoux is a former WCW Cruiserweight Champion, but the X-Division is a whole other ballgame. The winner of this match will be in line to receive a title shot NEXT week!

Tag Title Contenders Match

The West Hollywood Blondes vs. Juventud Guerrera & Pyschosis

Lodi and Lenny Lane haven't been setting the world on fire like they had hoped, yet to win a match in TNA competition. Here they find themselves with what could be their last shot at any tag title shot in the near future, can they make the best of it? Meanwhile, Juventud and Pyschosis have both seen victories in six-man X-Division tag action, and their respect for each other has drawn them together in a tag team. The winner of this match will ALSO get their tag title shot against The New Church next week!

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NWA-TNA Report 7.10.02

Live from Nashville, TN

The show started off with highlights from last weeks two tournaments that crowned both new NWA Tag Team Champions and the first ever X-Division champion. Final shots of Low-Ki celebrating with the X-Division title and The New Church standing victorious infront of the entranceway with their newly won Tag Titles were seen before sending us into the TNA intro video. From there, Mike Tenay, Don West, and the Nashville crowd welcomed us to the fourth week of Total Nonstop Action.

Mike Tenay: WELCOME fans to another week of Total Nonstop Action. I'm Mike Tonight, we have a huge main event with Scott Hall making his first NWA World Heavyweight Title defense against none other than the man he defeated in the finals of the Gauntlet for the Gold, Ken Shamrock!


Mike Tenay: You're not alone there, Don. Let's just hope these two can settle things in the ring once and for all without anyone else getting involved.

Don West: Like Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome!

Mike Tenay: Or even the monster Malice, who under the guidance of Jim Mitchell has said that the New Church will dominate TNA.

Don West: I'd hate to see what TNA would look like with The New Church in control!

Mike Tenay: Scott Hall isn't the only one making his first title defense tonight, is he Don?

Don West: NO HE ISN'T! We're gonna see Low-Ki defend the X-Division Title against AJ Styles!!

Mike Tenay: Many believe that AJ Styles was screwed out of the X-Title last week when Jeff Jarrett and Mike Awesome got some "payback" from the Gauntlet. The NWA Championship Committee was not going to sit by and not let AJ Styles get the shot he deserves, so tonight - HE GETS IT!


Mike Tenay: But tonight we will also be determining number one contenders for the X-Title and Tag Titles, starting with our first match of the night!

X-Division Contenders Match

Lash LeRoux vs. Kaz Hayashi

Another pretty crowd dead X-Division match, that was actually pretty good even if one of the competitors, Lash LeRoux, is a bit slower than what the X-Division is trying to be about. LeRoux has put on some weight since his WCW stint, effecting his in-ring performance. But it was back and forth, with LeRoux going for the Whiplash twice, only to have it blocked by Hayashi both times. The first time it was countered with a roll-up, while the second time Hayashi swung around and hit a DDT onto LeRoux. Hayashi went for the pin, only to get a two count. Both men were back up to their feet and would go through another exchange that would end up having LeRoux on the outside as Hayashi came out onto him with a cartwheel plancha that got "Oohs" from the crowd. Hayashi rolled LeRoux back into the ring. LeRoux stumbled up to his feet as Hayashi came back into the ring with a springboard cross body for a two count. Hayashi thought he had things wrapped up with a Dragon Suplex, but LeRoux kicked out of the bridge at two and three quarters. Hayashi sent LeRoux into the ropes, but LeRoux reversed it and went Hayashi in instead. Off the ropes, LeRoux went for a backdrop, but Hayashi reversed it with a sunset flip, but it was LeRoux with the last laugh as he sat down on the sunset flip for the pin - One, Two, Three! *** - short and sweet, although I don't think the right man went over as Lash LeRoux doesn't really fit the X-Division style as he is a bit bulky these days and I doubt could keep up with the AJ Styles' and Low-Ki's.

Winner - Lash LeRoux

Overall: 73

Crowd: 59

Match: 88

Mike Tenay: Lash LeRoux wins and will get an X-Division shot next week!

Don West: But who will the champ be next week?! AJ STYLES OR LOW-KI!?!

Mike Tenay: We'll find out the answer to that one later! But for now, let's take a look back at TWO weeks ago!

A dropkick from Lynn sent Siaki back to the mat. Lynn ran to the ropes, but Kimo reached in and tripped Lynn up. Scott Armstrong immedaitely went over and began warning Kimo. He left the ring and began instructing The Island Boys to leave the ringside area, but as he did K-Krush came out of nowhere and slid into the ring. He caught Lynn by surprise with a leaping calf kick. He then picked Lynn up and hit him with The True Convition (Sitout front suplex). K-Krush then quickly left the ring before Armstrong returned.

Siaki slowly got up as Lynn was trying to pull himself up as well. Lynn stumbled right into Siaki who hit him with the Siakilypse. Siaki made cover - One, Two, Three.

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Guest UmpireAJS

This continues to be gold, but dont push Styles right now,let him spend a few months in the X Division. The OMEGA/New Church thing is excellent too

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NWA-TNA Week 5

Card for NWA-Total Nonstop Action

July 17, 2002


Hall & Shamrock seek Redemption

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Scott Hall's first title defense against "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock was going smoothly until Jeff Jarrett decided he would stick his nose into someone else's business once again. As a result, Shamrock was screwed out of his title shot and Hall unknowingly got a tainted victory, meaning that a true winner between Shamrock and Hall still has yet to be decided. Both Hall and Shamrock are highly upset with Jarrett, and have said they will be seeking redemption against "The Chosen One" this week. What exactly do they have in store for Double J?

Steve Corino vs. Brian Lawler

Steve Corino thinks that he is better than everyone, including the TNA and the Tennessee fans who pay to see NWA-TNA every week. Luckily for them, Brian Lawler stepped up to the plate to defend his home state against Corino's strong words. Corino will now have to put his money where his mouth is if he hopes to prove to everyone that he is the gift to wrestling that he thinks he is. Can Lawler successfully stand up to the King of Old School and keep his and Tennessee's pride?

AJ Styles vs. Mike Awesome

It all started when AJ Styles eliminated Mike Awesome AND Jeff Jarrett from the Gauntlet for the Gold. Since then, Jarrett and Awesome have got their "payback" on Styles by first being the reason he was eliminated in the X-Division Title tournament, and then last week they took some more payback out on him by giving him a beatdown after a grueling match against X-Division Champion Low-Ki. That was the straw that broke the camel's back, as Styles demanded a match against either Jarrett or Awesome this week on Total Non-stop Action. Mike Awesome must have drawn the short straw because he is the one NWA was informed would be taking on Styles this week.

NWA X-Division Title Match

Low-Ki © vs. Lash LeRoux

Low-Ki has been impressing everyone...the NWA and all of it's fans since arriving in TNA in the second week and then winning the X-Division title. He will make his second title defense in as many weeks as he takes on Lash LeRoux, who picked up an impressive victory over Kaz Hayashi last week. Will Low-Ki's impressive performances continue with another win here? Or can former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Lash LeRoux add X-Division Champion to his resumé?

NWA Tag Titles Match

The New Church (w/Reverend Mitchell) vs. Mexico's Most Wanted

Juventud Guerrera and Pyschosis, two superstars of the luchadore world, debuted as a tag team that was dubbed Mexico's Most Wanted, and pulled off a convincing win against the West Hollywood Blondes last week to earn a shot at the tag title belts currently held by The New Church. The New Church have been dominating competition in NWA-TNA since the beginning, until last week when they suffered their first loss in a six-man tag against the OMEGA Triad. They look to get back on the winning track in their title defense, but they had better not underestimate the quickness and skill of Juvi and Pyschosis. If they do, they might as well kiss those belts goodbye!

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