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WWE: Deception


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Disclaimer: This is a fictional history based on the game Total Extreme Wrestling and should not be miscontrued as actual wrestling news, information, rumors, or results. Any images, logos, banners, avatars used in this forum are copyrighted by the organization they come from.

This is the highest stage of World Wrestling Entertainment. Both brands have been taken over and the question remains...who will decieve the other and reach ultimate success? The deception continues...

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Smackdown Roster (Updated)

Akio [Heel]

Al Snow [Face]

Big Show [Face]

Bill DeMott [Tweener]

Billy Kidman [Heel]

Booker T [Face]

Bubba Ray Dudley [Heel]

Carlito Carribean Cool [Heel]

Charlie Haas [Face]

Chavo Guerrero [Face]

D-Von Dudley [Heel]

Danny Basham [Heel]

Doug Basham [Heel]

Eddie Guerrero [Face]

Funaki [Face]

Hardcore Holly [Face]

Heidenreich [Heel]

John Cena [Face]

John Bradshaw Layfield [Heel]

Josh Matthews [Face]

Kenzo Suzuki [Heel]

Kurt Angle [Heel]

Luther Raines [Heel]

Mark Jindrak [Heel]

Nunzio [Face]

Orlando Jordan [Heel]

Paul London [Face]

Rene Dupree [Heel]

Rey Mysterio [Face]

Rob Van Dam [Face]

Scotty 2 Hotty [Face]

Shannon Moore [Face]

Spike Dudley [Heel]

The Undertaker [Face]

Raw Roster (Updated)

Batista [Heel]

Chris Benoit [Heel]

Chris Jericho [Face]

Chris Nowinski [Heel]

Christian [Heel]

Edge [Heel]

Eugene [Face]

Garrison Cade [Heel]

Gene Snitsky [Heel]

Kane [Tweener]

Lita [Face]

Mark Henry [Heel]

Matt Hardy [Face]

Maven [Face]

Mick Foley [Face]

Molly Holly [Heel]

Randy Orton [Face]

Rhyno [Face]

Ric Flair [Heel]

Rob Conway [Heel]

Rosey [Face]

Shawn Michaels [Face]

Shelton Benjamin [Face]

Steven Richards [Heel]

Sylvian Greiner [Heel]

Tajiri [Face]

The Hurricane [Face]

The Rock [Face]

Triple H [Heel]

Trish Stratus [Heel]

Tyson Tomko [Heel]

Val Venis [Heel]

Victoria [Face]

William Regal [Face]

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Smackdown Preview | November 11, 2004

Smackdown comes from Omaha, Nebraska just 72 hours before Survivor Series! What's gonna happen tonight as each man will be looking to take the advantage for himself!

Tonight, Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman team up to take on Chavo Guerrero and Spike Dudley. All four of these men will be participating in a match at Survivor Series for the Cruiserweight Championship! Will these men be able to set their differences aside to pick up the win? Who will go into Survivor Series with the advantage?

Just three days before he takes on The Undertaker in a singles match, Heidenreich will go face to face with one of Smackdown's veteran superstars. Hardcore Holly. Will Heidenreich get steam going into Survivor Series or will Hardcore manage to cut him down to size?

General Manager Theodore Long has announced a HUGE main event for tonight's show as Team Guerrero and Booker T take on Team Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield! However, Team Guerrero has just three members! Will Eddie Guerrero be able to find a fourth member or will his team go into Survivor Series with a handicap? Which team will walk out the winner?

Confirmed Matches

Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero & Spike Dudley

Heidenreich vs Hardcore Holly

Team Guerrero and Booker T vs Team Angle and JBL

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November 11, 2004

Omaha, Nebraska

[The opening video is shown before cutting to the fans who are going ecstatic in anticipation for the program to begin. We cut to Michael Cole and Tazz at the announcer table]

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Smackdown here in Omaha, Nebraska! We are just 72 hours from Survivor Series, a production brought to you by both Smackdown and Raw brands!

Tazz: I can't wait Cole! We got a great line up of matches this Sunday, including a Classic Survivor Series match with Team Guerrero and Team Angle!

Cole: Don't forget, Tazz, that Team Guerrero is missing one person! Ever since Rey Mysterio was removed from the team and put into the Cruiserweight Championship match, Eddie Guerrero's been looking for a partner!

Tazz: Speaking of Cruiserweight Champion, here comes Spike Dudley!


[spike Dudley comes down to good heel heat from the crowd. He slides into the ring and grabs a microphone.]

Spike: Tonight, I was supposed to have a match with the three men I'm going to be defending this championship against at Survivor Series. Well, seeing as that I am the champion and without me, there would be no Championship Match…I've decided to announce that I will not be in action tonight, since I don't want to risk injuring myself!

[The crowd boos as Spike laughs and starts to climb out of the ring. He is interrupted when Chavo Guerrero's music hits and Chavo comes down into the ring. He gets into the ring and stares down Spike, who laughs. Chavo is knocked down from behind as we see Kidman standing above him!]


Cole: What the hell is wrong with Billy Kidman! He's attacking Chavo Guerrero right in the middle of the ring!

Tazz: Nothing's wrong with him, Cole. He's just trying to get the advantage, and quite frankly, I don't blame him.

Cole: I can't believe this Tazz!

Tazz: What's not to believe? Look! It's Rey Mysterio!


Tag Team Match

Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero and Spike Dudley

This was an awesome opening to the show with all four men doing a great job of pumping up the crowd. There was quite a bit of hostility between the team members, which made sense seeing as it was a heel/face combination. Some innovative double team moves from Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman, which heated up the crowd quite nicely. Ending came when Chavo Guerrero clotheslined Billy Kidman over the top rope, while Spike Dudley hit a stunned Rey Mysterio with the Dudley Dog for the win. **1/2.


Cole: Spike Dudley and Chavo Guerrero picking up the win tonight on Smackdown!

Tazz: But will Spike be able to pick up the win at Survivor Series? I mean, it is everyman for himself!

Cole: I don't know, Tazz.


[backstage we see Team Guerrero standing backstage. The crowd gives them a good pop as Eddie Guerrero begins to speak]

Eddie: Yo Vatos, in just three days we're gonna take on Team Angle at Survivor Series! Now I know that Kurt Angle, Luther Raines, Mark Jindrak, Carlito Carribean Cool are gonna do whatever they can to win, but let me tell you something. Eddie Guerrero did not choose you because you are his friend, Eddie Guerrero chose you because he knows you will give your hardest!

[He walks over to Big Show and pats him on the back]

Eddie: In terms of size and power, no one even comes close to Big Show, here.

[He walks over to Rob Van Dam]

Eddie: And no one gets higher than R…V…D! So, Holmes, tonight let us go out their and focus on winning! We have Booker T in our corner and JBL in theirs. Let's show them what Team Guerrero is all about!

RVD: Eddie, we have a small problem, man.

Eddie: I'm listening, Esse!

RVD: We don't have a fourth man. You find someone?

Eddie: I'm looking…I'm looking.

[Eddie looks worried and scratches his chin as RVD and Show leave]


Tazz: Cole, I don't thinK Team Guerrero has a chance at Survivor Series!

Cole: Why do you think that, Tazz?

Tazz: Look at them! It's a 3 on 4 right now! Unless Eddie Guerrero can find a fourth man for his team, he's in some deep trouble.

Cole: You're thinking too negative Tazz! Ladies and Gentlemen, I've just been informed that up next is Heidenreich vs Hardcore Holly!


Singles Match

Hardcore Holly vs Heidenreich

This was nothing more than a less than decent brawl. Hardcore got in some good offense including a great dropkick that sent Heidenreich over the top rope. Heidenreich managed to get back into focus after some shouting from Paul Heyman, who was standing outside the ring. He finished off Hardcore Holly after hitting his Backbreaker. *1/2


Cole: Heidenreich annihialting Hardcore Holly in a matter of minutes!

Tazz: How long did it take for him to annihialte you Cole?

Cole: What're you…Tazz! I told you never to mention that again! I still have nightmares!

Tazz: I'll never forget that, Cole! Never!


[The lights go out and the Gong is heard. The crowd pops as the titantron lights up and we see a dark figure standing in a beam of light. It's quite obvious it's The Undertaker.]

Undertaker: Heidenreich shall be no more come Survivor Series.

[The titantron fades and the lights go off. Heidenreich looks furious in the middle of the ring.]


Tazz: Man, I wouldn't want to mess with The Undertaker or Heidenreich, Cole!

Cole: Neither would I Tazz, but come Survivor Series, we're gonna find out whose the better man.

Tazz: I've got my money on Heidenreich, Cole. He looks like he's ready to tear apart The Undertaker.


[We see Theodore Long in his office speaking with Carlito Carribean Cool]

Long: Look Playa! I'm the General Manager of Smackdown and it's my job to do what's best for this show and it's superstars!

CCC: Giving Carlito Cool a shot at the WWE Championship would be cool!

Long: No it wouldn't be cool. It would be boring. It would be stupid and…

CCC: Eric Bischoff is giving the winning team complete control of Raw! I don't see what's in it for me if Team Carlito wins at Survivor Series!

Long: You've given me an idea, Playa. The winning team at Survivor Series will go on to face each other in two weeks to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Champiionship at Armaggedon!

CCC: Now that's cool, because when Armaggedon comes around, Carlito Carribean Cool will be waiting.


Cole: Did you hear that Tazz?

Tazz: I sure did!

Cole: Theodore Long adding a great stipulation to the Survivor Series match!

TazzNow I don't care who wins!


[Charlie Haas comes down to the ring to a decent pop. He gets into the ring and takes a microphone.]

Haas: Survivor Series is just three days away and I realized something. I, Charlie Haas, the great American wrestler, doesn't have a match! Now, as I was thinking about possible opponents I had another idea. I thought to myself “Why don't I challenge for the United States Championship?” I mean, I am everything that the title represents and more.

[The crowds cheers began to fade.]

Haas: Hell, I represent more than the WWE Championship, does! I should be challenging for that instead! But since Booker T and JBL have their little thing going on and I wouldn't want to be rude and interrupt, I'm gonna wait until I get a chance to challenge for the title. So…will Theodore Long please come out here and give me a chance?

[Theodore Long comes down to the ring to a decent pop. He gets a microphone.]

Long: I understand that you want a shot at the WWE Championship, is that correct?

[Haas nods his head]

Long: Well…the answer is No! I already made my decision about the #1 Contendership and that's final! The winning team at Survivor Series will take part in a #1 Contender's match for the WWE Championshipn.

Haas: That's not fair…

Long: You know what wouldn't be fair, Playa? Me putting you in a handicap match here tonight on Smackdown! But since I'm a fair man, I'm gonna put you in a regular match instead. Up next, it's gonna be Charlie Haas versus Funaki!


Cole: Charlie Haas getting what he deserves!

Tazz: A match with Funaki?

Cole: No, Tazz, a sound scolding from our General Manager.

Tazz: I never remembered Haas when he was this arrogant, Cole.


Singles Match

Charlie Haas vs Funaki

This was a good match for a televised one. The crowd was glad to see Funaki back in the ring. He was a tad rusty, but it barely showed. Haas hit some good moves including a nice German Suplex which allowed him to pick up the win over Funaki. **1/2.


Cole: Haas defeating Funaki!

Tazz: Well…he's determined. I'll give him that.

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are just moments from our mainevent, but first let's go backstage to Josh Matthews who is standing with Team Angle.


[Josh Matthews is backstage surrounded by Team Angle]

Matthews: In just three days, you will be taking on Team Guerrero at Survivor Series. What do you think is your chance of winning?

Angle: Chance of winning? Josh this isn't about chance. This is about fate. This is about fulfilling what was meant to be. You see, this isn't just gonna be defeat. This is gonna be a sweep. We're gonna win three eliminations to none. I mean, Eddie Guerrero hasn't even found his fourth member!

Matthews: With the recent stipulation, which was revealed earlier tonight, what are your thoughts on that?

Luther Raines: Look! We win the match and Kurt Angle here moves on to face the WWE Champion at Armaggedon!

Matthews: Now…

[JBL and Orlando Jordan step onto the scene.]

JBL: How can this interview be conducted without the star of the show? The WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield, me?

Matthews: I…

JBL: Josh, let me tell you something. This match isn't important right now. The thing that's important is me defending the title at Survivor Series against Booker T! I still can't believe how he betrayed me a few weeks back on Smackdown! I thought we were, like he would say, “down with each other.”

[He looks like he is going to break out in tears]

JBL: Well…I can't believe he did that to me, but at Survivor Series I'm gonna show Booker T what happens when someone messes with JBL.

[He leaves as Team Angle soon follows]


Cole: Well, folks. JBL sure sounds confident, but will he be after tonight's match?

Tazz: What's that supposed to mean?

Cole: I just think Team Guerrero and Booker T are gonna win up next.

Tazz: It's a handicap match, Cole! It's a freaking handicap match!


4 vs 5 Tag Team Match

Team Guerrero and Booker T vs Team Angle and JBL w/Orlando Jordan

The crowd was into this match the whole time, except when Luther Raines was wrestling. The match consisted of each man wrestling with his opposing counterpart before making the tag. There was some nice mat work from Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle. All of the wrestlers hit their trademark moves, including Rob Van Dam with a nice dive to the outside onto Luther Raines and Mark Jindrak.

The finish saw Kurt Angle hit Rob Van Dam with an Angle Slam before being taken out by The Big Show. Show was clotheslined over by Jindrak and Raines who went over the top rope as well. Eddie Guerrero flew to the outside and took them down. Inside the ring, Booker T ducked a Clothesline from Hell and hit a Bookend on JBL for the win. ***.

Cole: Booker T with the win over JBL!

Tazz: Oh man, I just hope it's not like that on Sunday, Cole!

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, what a night it has been! Don't forget to join us this Sunday at Survivor Series, only on PPV!


OOC: Well...next up is Survivor Series. Look for a Survivor Series preview up later today or tommorow at the latest. Feedback would be appreciated, guys.

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Survivor Series Preview

Smackdown Matches

Fatal Fourway for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio vs Spike Dudley© vs Billy Kidman

Four of the greatest Cruiserweights on Smackdown clash in a battle for the Cruiserweight Championship! All four men have their own agendas and histories with each other and this is sure to make a difference on the outcome of the match. Spike Dudley and Rey Mysterio, whilst having heat between them, will be aiming straight for the title itself. Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman on the other hand, have much bad blood between them and there is nothing that will stop them from hurting one another. Who will walk out of Survivor Series the Cruiserweight Champion and who will walk out the loser?

The Undertaker vs Heidenreich

Ever since making an impact on Smackdown, Heidenreich has been tearing through superstars week after week. Now he looks to face the biggest challenge of his career, The Undertaker. Fists are sure to fly as these two monsters clash in the ring to see whose the better man. Will the Deadman finish off Heidenreich or does Heidenreich have something up his sleeve?

WWE Championship Match

John Bradshaw Layfield© vs Booker T

The world thought they would never see the goodside of Booker T again. Forced into a match and forced to tag with Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam, Booker T managed to realize his true goodness and turned on the WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield! Booker T, looking to become a six time champion, must overcome the odds to defeat JBL! Will he be able to do it or will JBL retain his title once again?

Classic 4v4 Survivor Series Match

Team Guerrero (Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, Big Show, and ???) vs Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Luther Raines, Mark Jindrak, and Carlito Carribean Cool)

This match is based on nothing more than pure hatred for the other team. All members of each team have bad blood between the members of the opposite team. And just last week on Smackdown, Theodore Long made a stipulation that the winning team would have a chance to become the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship! Will Eddie Guerrero be able to find a fourth man or will Team Angle use the handicap to their advantage and pick up the win?


Raw Matches

Women's Championship Match

Trish Stratus© vs Lita

These two women have been building up a hate for each other ever since Trish Stratus began poking fun at the pregnant Lita. However, Lita will be back in the ring for the first time in months to take on the Women's Champion. Will she be able to capture the gold or will Trish retain the title?

Intercontinental Championship Match

Shelton Benjamin© vs Christian

Ever since defeating Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship at Taboo Tuesday, Shelton Benjamin has been on a winning streak. At Survivor Series, the Intercontinental Champion will be defending his title against the self-dubbed Captain Charisma, Christian. After being assaulted last week by Christian, will Benjamin defend his title or will Captain Charisma steal the win and the title?

Classic 4v4 Survivor Series Match

A great match. A great stipulation. Even greater wrestlers. Team Evolution takes on Team Benoit in a Classic Survivor Series match for full control of Raw for one whole month! However, the members of each team will be looking for more than control. They'll be looking for complete domination. Triple H/Orton, Benoit/Edge, Jericho/Snitsky, Maven/Batista. All of these fueds have added up to this helluva match! Which team will walk out the victor and which team will walk out defeated?

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Survivor Series

November 14, 2004

Cleveland, Ohio

[We see a black screen. Images of Team Evolution and Team Benoit appear and fade. Vince McMahon walks in front of the screen.]

McMahon: Tonight, at Survivor Series, two teams will go at it to gain full control of Raw for one month. Whichever team wins, one thing's for sure. It's gonna be one helluva ride.

[He leaves as the crowd pops and we cut the RAW announcer's table.]


JR: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Survivor Series! We are LIVE on PPV here in Cleveland!

King: I can't wait for it to start JR! We got some great matches tonight, including Team Evolution against Team Benoit!

JR: Don't forget that both the Intercontinental Title and the Women's Title will be on the line tonight as Shelton Benjamin takes on Christian and Trish Stratus goes one on one with the returning Lita.

King: And don't forgot about the stipulation on our Classic 4 on 4 Survivor Series match JR! The winning team gets complete control of Raw for one whole month!

JR: That sure is one helluva stipulation King, but let's cut to our Smackdown others to see what's happening on their side of the fence.

Cole: Thanks JR and King. I'm Michael Cole here with Tazz and what can I say, except we are just about as pumped as you guys are!

Tazz: That's right! We have a great night lined up for the folks at home tonight! The Cruiserweight Title is on the line in a Fatal Fourway Matchup!

Cole: We've also got The Undertaker taking on Heidenreich later on tonight.

Tazz: And of course, we've got a Classical 4v4 Matchup between Team Angle and Team Guerrero!

Cole: Aren't you forgetting something, Tazz?

Tazz: What?

Cole: The WWE Championship is on the line as John Bradshaw Layfield defends his title against Booker T!

Tazz: I can't wait Cole!

Cole: Back to you JR and King.

JR: Thanks, Michael. Well, folks our first match of the night is none other than the Women's Championship Match!

King: I hope Trish retains her title, JR! I can't stand Lita!


Women's Championship Match

Lita vs Trish Stratus© w/Tyson Tomko

Both women have an intense staredown with Trish teasing Lita. She imitates sexual actions as if she was Lita, but Lita charges forward and knocks Trish Stratus down! She starts punching her left and right until the referee pulls her off and tells her to calm down. Trish stands up and charges forward into a drop Toe Hold from Lita. Lita picks up Trish and whips her into the ropes. Trish ducks a punch and knocks Lita down with a clothesline. Trish stomps down Lita and starts pulling her hair until the referee tells her to let go.

Lita goes for another punch, but Trish ducks and goes for the Chick Kick! Lita grabs her foot and spins her around before hitting a DDT! The crowd pops big as Lita climbs to the top rope and goes for the Moonsault, but Tomko pushes her off the turnbuckle. The crowd pops again when none other than Matt Hardy runs through the crowd and attacks Tomko from behind! The two of them brawl, while inside the ring, Trish picks up a stunned Lita and hits a quick Stratusfaction for the win! **1/2.

She and Tomko (who has knocked Matt Hardy out on the barrier) head up the ramp with their arms held high.


JR: Trish Stratus retaining her Women's Title against Lita! It was all because of that damned Tomko!

King: It was all fair JR! Matt Hardy tried to help Lita, but he just couldn't get the job done, that's all.

JR: I still think this is pathetic!

King: Instead of whining like a little kid in front of the viewers at home, why don't you give the mic over to Michael Cole and Tazz over at Smackdown!

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, what a match that was for the Women's Championship. We saw former Smackdown superstar Matt Hardy trying to save his girlfriend, but to no avail.

Tazz: Instead of being an idiot and promoting Raw, Cole, why don't you promote Smackdown's match up next!

Cole: Folks, up next is the match that many have been waiting for. The Undertaker goes one on one with Heidenreich!


[We go backstage to where Paul Heyman and Heidenreich are standing.]

Heyman: Now look Heidenreich, we can win this match, but you got to listen to me. I know The Undertaker and I know that he will do whatever it takes to win this match. He is a powerful man, Heidenreich. So here is what we're gonna do.

[He whispers something to Heidenreich]

Heyman: Alright, let's go.


Cole: I wonder what that's all about.

Tazz: Shh! Here he comes Cole!


Singles Match

Heidenreich vs The Undertaker

Hendenreich looks at The Undertaker before charging forward. The Undertaker knocks him down with a Boot before picking him up and slamming him into the turnbuckle. Heidenreich stumbles around into a Tombstone Piledriver! Heidenreich manages to slide off Undertaker's back and pushes him into the ropes. The Undertaker turns around and grabs Heidenreich's throat! Chokeslam! He stands in the corner and waits for Heidenreich to stand up, but Paul Heyman jumps onto the apron and starts screaming at The Undertaker. Taker grabs Heyman and throws him into the ring and starts stomping down on him.

Heidenreich stands up and attacks The Undertaker from behind. He whips him into the ropes, but The Undertaker reverses it and picks up Heidenreich for the Tombstone Piledriver! He hits and goes for the pin, but Heyman attacks The Undertaker from behind with a steel chair! The referee calls for DQ and awards the match to The Undertaker. **1/4.

Afterwards, The Undertaker stands up and hits a Tombstone on Paul Heyman before leaving the ring to a good pop.


Cole: Undertaker destroying Heidenreich and Paul Heyman!

Tazz: He won just because Paul Heyman hit him with a chair? That's so stupid, Cole! I can't believe this!

Cole: Tazz, I've just been notified that the Smackdown Classic 4v4 Match is up next!

Tazz: Team Guerrero vs Team Angle! I can't wait!

Cole: I sure hope Eddie Guerrero found their fourth member.


Classic 4v4 Survivor Series Match

Team Guerrero vs Team Angle

[Team Angle comes down first to great heat from the crowd. Team Guerrero comes down and stands outside of the ring hoping to see a fourth man. No one comes out and Team Guerrero gets into the ring.]

Rob Van Dam and Mark Jindrak start things off with some circling around the ring. Rob Van Dam blocks a punch and kicks Jindrak into the corner before hitting him with a Monkey Flip. Jindrak stumbles out holding his stomach as RVD knocks him down with a kick to the head. Rob Van Dam hits a Spinning Leg Drop and goes for the pin, but Carlito Carribean Cool breaks it up. The referee goes to talk with him as Jindrak lowblows Rob Van Dam before whipping him into the ropes. He knocks RVD down with a clothesline before tagging in Carlito Carribean Cool.

Carlito picks up RVD and whips him into the ropes. He knocks him down with a quick Shoulderblock before imitating John Cena and hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle! The crowd boos as Carlito picks up Rob Van Dam and whips him into the ropes. RVD ducks a clothesline and comes back with a Spinning Heel Kick! Both men are down, but RVD manages to tag in The Big Show.

Show drags Carlito back into the middle of the ring before picking him up and knocking him down with a Powerslam! Carlito Carribean Cool is rolling in pain as The Big Show knocks each member of Team Angle off the apron! He turns around to a fighting Carlito Cool, but whips the newcomer into the turnbuckle. Carlito stumbles around straight into a Chokeslam! Big Show goes for the pin and gets the 1…2…3!

Carlito Carribean Cool is Eliminated!

Luther Raines gets into the ring and stops before The Big Show. He tags in Mark Jindrak who tags him back. This goes on until The Big Show grabs both men and throws them down. He hits them with a double clothesline before tagging in Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero picks up Luther Raines and whips him into the ropes. Raines runs into a dropkick and rolls outside of the ring. He grabs a chair as Mark Jindrak and Kurt Angle distract the referee! He slides into the ring, but Rob Van Dam climbs to the top rope and hits a Missile Dropkick straight into the chair! The crowd pops as the Make-Shift VanTerminator sends Raines down to the mat! Eddie Guerrero picks him up and hits the Three Amigos! He climbs to the top rope and signals for the Frog Splash, but Kurt Angle pushes him off the turnbuckle. The crowd boos as Angle tags himself into the match and goes straight for Eddie Guerrero's ankle.

Angle locks on the Angle Lock and drags Eddie Guerrero into the middle of the ring! Eddie crawls towards the rope and manages to grab it! Angle is forced to let go, but he drags Eddie Guerrero back into the middle of the ring and locks on the Angle Lock again! Eddie manages to roll and kick Angle down. He manages to make the tag to Rob Van Dam just before Angle can grab him again.

RVD and Angle grapple up and Angle gets RVD in a headlock. Rob Van Dam pushes Angle into the ropes and takes him down with a kick to the face. Rob Van Dam bounces off the ropes and hits a Rolling Thunder before going for the pin. Angle manages to kick out at two. RVD picks up Angle tries to kick him again, but grabs his foot and translates the move into an Angle Lock! Rob Van Dam, stuck in an awkward position, cannot move and is forced to tap!

Rob Van Dam is Eliminated!

Angle taunts the crowd and challenges Eddie Guerrero to get back into the ring. Eddie climbs in and the two of them circle the ring a few times. Angle charges and is tripped onto the rope. Eddie Guerrero tags in Show who clears the house. He grabs Angle and goes for a Chokeslam, but Kurt Angle reverses it and hits an Angle Slam! He goes for the pin and gets a 1…2…3!

The Big Show is Eliminated!

Eddie Guerrero cannot believe that he is the last person on his team. He gets into the ring as Kurt Angle tags in Mark Jindrak. Jindrak and Eddie Guerrero brawl around for a while until Guerrero rolls up Jindrak from behind for the 1…2…3!

Mark Jindrak is Eliminated!

Angle looks furious as he shouts at Luther Raines to get into the ring. Raines gets into the ring and knocks down Eddie Guerrero with a hard clothesline. He picks him up and sets him up for his finisher, but Eddie Guerrero stops him and hits the DDT. He picks up Raines and goes for the Three Amigos and hits them! The crowd goes wild as Eddie climbs onto the turnbuckle, but boos as Angle comes over to stop him. Eddie manages to knocks Angle down to the ground before leaping off for the Frog Splash! 1…2…3!

Luther Raines is Eliminated!

It's down to Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle as Angle slides into the ring. He begins trash talking with Eddie Guerrero who knocks Angle down with a punch. He stomps down Angle who crawls into the turnbuckle. Guerrero tries to whip Angle, but it's reversed. Angle goes for an Angle Slam, but Eddie Guerrero reverses it into a DDT!

He goes for the pin and gets the 1…2…No! Angle manages to kick out. Both men are down and exhausted when…


The crowd goes wild as Jeff Hardy slides into the ring with a microphone. He helps up Eddie who is stumbling around and barely able to stand.

Jeff: Eddie Guerrero. You were looking for a fourth man on your team for Survivor Series! Well guess what Eddie? There is no fourth man!

Jeff Hardy hits Eddie Guerrero with a quick Twist of Fate before exiting the ring. He reaches the ramp and then looks back at the ring. He takes off his shirt and climbs to the top turnbuckle before leaping off with a Swanton Bomb! The crowd boos him like hell as he drags Angle and covers Eddie Guerrero. 1…2…3! ****.

Eddie Guerrero is Eliminated!


Cole: What the hell! Jeff Hardy interfering on behalf of Team Angle! What the hell is going on here!

Tazz: I don't know Cole! Eddie Guerrero had the match won if it hadn't been for Jeff Hardy!

Cole: I can't even think straight, Tazz. Send it over to Raw.

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen, still to come tonight is Shelton Benjamin taking on Christian in order to defend his Intercontinental Championship!

King: Remember back when Jeff was on Raw, JR?

JR: That isn't important right now King. What is important, however, is that up next Shelton Benjamin defends his Intercontinental Championship against Christian!

King: I think Captain Charisma would make a better champion than Shelton Benjamin.

JR: Let's go back to how it all began.

[A video is shown with clips of Shelton Benjamin winning the title at Taboo Tuesday and how Christian began attacking Shelton Benjamin]

King: Well…after watching that video…I…I still want Christian to win the title!


Intercontinental Championship Match

Christian vs Shelton Benjamin©

Both men get in each other's face and start talking trash to one another. Benjamin pats Christian on the head and laughs. Christian slaps Benjamin, who retaliates with some punches. The two of them exchange some punches before Benjamin whips Christian into the ropes. Christian ducks a clothesline and hits a Crossbody, which Benjamin reverses into a rollup. 1…2…No!

Benjamin charges forward, but Christian moves and rolls up Benjamin from behind. 1…2…No! Both men clash again and Christian gets Shelton Benjamin into a headlock. Benjamin pushes him into the ropes and sends him to the mat with a Flapjack. Christian clutches his stomach and rolls around as Benjamin poses for the crowd. He picks up Christian and whips him into the turnbuckle. He hits a quick Stinger Splash, before going for the T-Bone Suplex! Christian blocks and punches Benjamin into the turnbuckle.

Christian whips Benjamin into the ropes, but Benjamin comes back with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Both men get back up and Benjamin goes for the Dragon Whip! Christian ducks the second kick and goes for the Unprettier, but Benjamin pushes him into the ropes and catches him with a T-Bone Suplex! 1…2…3! ***.

Benjamin celebrates as the crowd goes nuts.


JR: Shelton Benjamin! Shelton Benjamin! He's retained his Intercontinental Championship! He's defeated Christian.

King: It was all luck JR! I still don't believe Shelton Benjamin can beat Christian on his skill. It's just not possible!

JR: Shelton Benjamin has defeated Christian on his own merit, King.

King: Whatever. I just hope Team Evolution beats the hell out of Team Benoit. Can you imagine having Team Benoit run Raw for a whole month?!

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen, what a night it has been for both Smackdown and Raw and we still aren't finished. Michael Cole?

Cole: You are correct JR. What a night it has been, indeed. The Undertaker beat Heidenreich and Team Angle has beaten Team Guerrero.

Tazz: That means that Kurt Angle, Luther Raines, Mark Jindrak, or Carlito Carribean Cool will be in the mainevent at Armageddon!

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, up next the Cruiserweight Title is on the line in a Fatal Fourway Matchup!

Tazz: Ooh, this is gonna be off the chain, Cole! I love watching Cruiserweight action!


Cruiserweight Championship Match

Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio vs Spike Dudley©

All four men stand in opposite corners staring each other down. Kidman and Chavo start brawling while Spike and Rey start brawling. Kidman manages to clothesline Chavo over to the top rope before going over to help Spike. Spike pulls Rey Mysterio against the ropes before whipping him towards Billy Kidman, who tries to go for a BK Bomb, but Rey Mysterio hits him with a Huricanrana! The crowd pops as Kidman slides to the outside dazed.

Spike charges forward, but Rey Mysterio trips him into 619 position! The crowd goes wild as Rey bounces off the ropes and hits the 619! Spike stumbles around as Rey Mysterio bounces off the top rope, but is then pulled down from behind! The crowd boos as Kidman stomps Mysterio down. Chavo comes from behind and attacks Kidman. The two of them brawl around and eventually end up leaving the ring to go backstage!

Rey Mysterio and Spike Dudley continue fighting it out in the middle of the ring, until the referee declares this match a singles match due to Kidman and Chavo leaving the ring area. Spike manages to whip Mysterio into the turnbuckle, but Mysterio moves, sending Spike into the turnbuckle. Spike stumbles around as Rey Mysterio dropkicks him from behind back into 619 Position! He dials it up and hits! 1…2…3! We have a new Cruiserweight Champion! ***1/2.

The crowd starts booing as we see Jeff Hardy run down into the ring. He holds up Rey Mysterio's hand in celebration, but then kicks him and hits him with the Twist of Fate!


Cole: Jeff Hardy hitting a Twist of Fate on our new Cruiserweight Champion! That man has no respect!

Tazz: First it's Team Guerrero then it's Rey Mysterio. I don't mean to be racist or anything, but I just don't think Jeff Hardy likes Mexicans!

Cole: Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, up next is Raw's edition of the Classical Survivor Series match!

JR: That's…

King: Let me do this one JR.

JR: I suppose…

King: I just want to say that Team Evolution is going to win for sure! I mean, look at who've they got! Batista, Gene Snitsky, Edge, and Triple H!

JR: King, I don't think…

King: I'm not done JR! Also, if Team Evolution is listening, I just want to tell you guys that I'm your biggest fan!


[We cut backstage to where Team Benoit is standing. The crowd pops.]

Benoit: Tonight, we have our chance to get revenge on Evolution! Tonight we are going to make them tap! Tommorow…we get control over Raw for one whole month.

Jericho, Maven, Orton: That's right! Let's do this!

[They start to leave]

Orton: One more thing, guys. Let me have Triple H.


Classic 4v4 Survivor Series Match

Team Benoit vs Team Evolution

[Team Benoit comes down to a HUGE pop. Team Evolution comes down to HUGE heat.]

Maven and Batista start things off at the start. Maven dodges Batista until the big man manages to grab Maven from behind. He lifts him up in Gorilla Press position, but Maven manages to slide down and dropkick Batista, sending him stumbling. The crowd pops as Maven taunts Batista, who charges forward and grabs Maven. He whips him into the ropes, but Maven ducks a clothesline and hits another Dropkick! Maven turns around and plays to the crowd, but when he turns around Batista kicks him in the stomach and hits a Sitout Powerbomb! 1…2…3!

Maven is Eliminated!

Team Benoit decide whose going in next and it's decided that Chris Jericho is going to go in. Jericho grapples with Batista. Batista whips Jericho into the ropes, but Jericho comes back with an Enzurigi! Batista falls to the ground as Jericho goes to jump off the ropes! Lionsault! Batista manages to roll out. Jericho kicks him in the back and tells him to stand up. Batista stands up and hits a clothesline on Jericho. He picks Jericho up and goes for a Powerbomb, but Jericho reverses it into a Huricanran! Batista rolls onto the apron, dazed. He stands up, but Jericho hits a Springboard Dropkick sending Batista to the outside. The crowd goes nuts as Y2J poses and taunts Team Evolution. Triple H gets down and tells Batista to get back into the ring.

Batista gets into the ring charges forward, as Jericho taunts Triple H. Triple H tries to get into the ring, but the referee stops him. Jericho takes advantage and lowblows Batista! He locks on the Walls of Jericho! The crowd goes nuts as Batista taps.

Batista is Eliminated!

Gene Snitsky gets into the ring and knocks Jericho down from behind. He stomps him into the turnbuckle before whipping him into the ropes. He grabs Jericho and hits a Pumphandle Slam! 1…2…Kick Out! Snitsky picks up Jericho and hits him with a Boot to the face. Jericho crawls over to the ropes, where Triple H slams him in the head with a Sledgehammer! The referee doesn't see it and the match continues! Snitsky goes for the pin and gets the 1…2…3!

Chris Jericho is Eliminated!

Chris Benoit gets into the ring and knocks Snitsky down with a forearm. He knocks Triple H and Edge off the apron before turning back around and hitting a German Suplex onto Snitsky. He hits another one. He hits a third one and runs his finger across his throat! The crowd cheers as Benoit climbs to the top rope and dives with the Headbutt! 1…2…No! Edge drags Benoit off Snitsky!

Benoit runs towards Edge, who jumps off the apron. Benoit turns around as Snitsky goes for a clothesline. Benoit counters into a Crippler Crossface! Snitsky has no where to go and no where to hold on! He taps within seconds!

Gene Snitsky is Eliminated!

Chris Benoit stands up and holds his arms in the air, when Edge runs in and hits a quick Spear! He puts his feet on the ropes and gets the 1…2…3!

Chris Benoit is Eliminated!

Benoit cannot believe what just happened! He tries to argue with the referee, but he doesn't listen. Benoit looks pissed as he heads to the back, with Edge laughing at him. Orton gets in and goes for a quick RKO, but Edge pushes him back. Edge bounces off the ropes and goes for a Spear, but Orton reverses it into a DDT! He goes for the pin, but Edge kicks out at 2!

Orton picks up Edge and hits him with a quick Uppercut before hitting Edge with his trademark Backbreaker. Orton goes and knocks Triple H off the apron. He turns around and knocks Edge back down with a punch to the head. Triple H slides back into the ring and tries to attack Orton, but Orton punches him down.

Triple H gets up and charges, but Orton moves and an unsuspecting Edge hits Triple H with a Spear instead! As Triple H rolls around in pain, Orton hits an RKO on Edge for the three!

Edge is Eliminated!

Orton picks up Triple H and hits another RKO on The Game! 1…2…3!

Triple H is Eliminated!

Orton stands up tall with his hands in the air as Triple H rolls to the outside of the ring in pain. ***3/4.


JR: Bawh God! Orton has done it! Orton has won the match for his team!

King: Oh man…Raw is gonna be boring now JR! One whole month of Team Benoit in control.

JR: Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, what a night it has been for Raw and we have one more match remaining. I am gonna give it over to Smackdown now.

Cole: Thanks JR. Ladies and Gentlemen, in just a few moments we'll be seeing Booker T wrestling JBL for the WWE Championship!

Tazz: Man…it's been a night of surprises and nothing is gonna be weird during the match up next.

[A video is shown of Booker T's career and how he has reached the top and then was shot back down]


WWE Championship Match

Booker T vs John Bradshaw Layfield© w/Orlando Jordan

Both men have an intense staredown before circling the ring. A quick grapple and JBL has Booker T in a headlock. He holds it for a few seconds before Booker T pushes him into the ropes. Booker T knocks down JBL with a Sidekick. JBL bounces back up, surprised. He charges forward again, but Booker T knocks him down with another kick.

Things start getting more intense as JBL is hit with a Scoop Slam, followed up with Knees to the Face. The crowd starts up Booker T chants while Orlando Jordan tries to encourage JBL, who stands up dazed. Booker T clotheslines him over the top rope before challenging Orlando Jordan to climb into the ring. OJ jumps onto the apron and is Superkicked off!

Meanwhile, JBL grabs his title and slides into the ring. He swings, but Booker T ducks and hits him with a Bookend! The crowd is going nuts for the determined Booker T. The referee turns around to see Booker T pinning JBL! 1…2…No! Orlando Jordan breaks up the pin. The referee…EJECTS HIM FROM THE RING! The crowd pops HUGE as Orlando Jordan heads backstage, furious.

Inside the ring, Booker T whips JBL into the ropes, ducks a Clothesline from Hell and hits a Scissor Kick! 1…2…3! NEW WWE CHAMPION! **.


Cole: We have a new champion! Booker T has defeated JBL! Booker T!

Tazz: Well…I guess it won't be so bad.

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, both Smackdown and Raw would like to thank the fans for watching this awesome event! Goodnight!


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World Wrestling Entertainment Online Notes

Survivor Series Segment & Match Viewer Ratings

- Women's Championship Match - Trish Stratus vs Lita: 3 out of 5

- Heidenreich Backstage Segment: 3 out of 5

- Heidenreich vs The Undertaker: 3.5 out of 5

- Smackdown Survivor Match: 5 out of 5

- Intercontinental Championship Match - Shelton Benjamin vs Christian: 4 out of 5

- Cruiserweight Championship Match - Spike Dudley vs Rey Mysterio vs Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero: 4 out of 5

- Team Benoit Backstage Segment: 3 out of 5

- Raw Survivor Series Match: 5 out of 5

- WWE Championship Match - JBL vs Booker T: 4 out of 5

Backstage Notes from Survivor Series

- There was said to be quite a bit of heat between Jeff Hardy and the other superstars backstage, due to the fact that he had a small stint with WWE's competition, TNA. However, both The Undertaker and Rob Van Dam were said to have stood up for him when the others would rag on him.

- Both Stephanie and Shane McMahon were backstage at Survivor Series. Both were said to be enjoying themselves amongst the other wrestlers. No word on their return to television was said.

- Overall, people felt the show went off without a hitch, except for the Raw Survivor Series match. It seems that Chris Jericho was injured after the botched Pumphandle Slam from Gene Snitsky. Jericho asked for Triple to eliminate him so soon, as to prevent further injury. He is still expected to appear on Raw tommorow night.

Top 5 Performers from Survivor Series

1. Eddie Guerrero

2. Booker T

3. Kurt Angle

4. Chris Benoit

5. Rey Mysterio

Top 3 Best-Selling WWE Merchandise

1. Eddie Guerrero's "LAT1NO H3AT" T-Shirt

2. Adam Copeland on Edge

3. Randy Orton's "Legend Killer" T-Shirt

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Guest mroniimusha


Damn, that was good. I'm glad Jeff didn't do the sissy thing and join Eddie, because this opens things up for an Eddie/Jeff feud. And you can FEEL the ratings!

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Raw Preview | November 15, 2004

Raw is LIVE in Cleveland, Ohio tonight as we are 24 hours removed from Survivor Series. What a night that was and what a night it's gonna be!

Fresh off a title defense at Survivor Series, Shelton Benjamin will be facing Garrison Cade in a non-title match tonight on Raw! Christian will also be in action tonight as he teams with Tyson Tomko against The Hurricane and Rosey. Which group of wrestlers will come out on top?

The tag team titles are on the line tonight as La Resistance takes on Rabid Mist (Tajiri + Rhyno) in a tag team elimination match! Will the champions succeed in defending their titles or will Rabid Mist prove their worth for the tag team titles?

Last night is a grueling match, Team Benoit defeating Team Evolution. This means one thing, Team Benoit is in charge of Raw for one whole month. What actions will be taken tonight as all eight men are in the building tonight? Find out on Raw!

Confirmed Matches

Shelton Benjamin vs Garrison Cade

Christian and Tyson Tomko vs The Superheros

La Resistance© vs Rabid Mist - Tag Team Championship

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November 15, 2004

Cleveland, Ohio

[We see a package video of the events that unfolded last night at Survivor Series. Then the opening video is played.]

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw here in Cleveland, Ohio! We are just 24 hours removed from what was one of the most historic PPVs in the history of this business. Last night at Survivor Series, Team Benoit defeated Team Evolution to gain full control of Raw for one whole month!

King: I still think that Team Evolution should've won! If Edge hadn't speared Triple H…then Trips would be in charge of Raw right now.

JR: Speaking on Team Evolution…

[The pyros explode and “Slow Chemical” blasts through the loudspeakers. The crowd pops, but no one comes out from the back.]

JR: What in the blue blazes!

King: That was Kane, JR!

JR: Well…if it is Kane, I sure hope he destroys that inhumane creature Gene Snitsky!

King: I'm with you on that one, JR!

JR: Well, what a night it is going to be and we're starting off with a tag team title defense!


Tag Team Championship Match

Rabid Mist vs La Resistance©

[before the match can begin, Chris Jericho comes out to the ring to a huge pop]

Jericho: Last night, Team Benoit defeated Team Evolution in a match that will go down in history as being one of the greatest matches of all time! We gained full control of Raw for one whole month and as our first act…we've decided that this match isn't going to be a normal tag team match! Oh no…it's going to be Tables Elimination Match!

[The crowd pops as Jericho heads backstage.]

This was a good match for the teams involved. The crowd began to get into the match, besides just chanting USA, during the middle. Tajiri was spot-on tonight, even reversing a Powerbomb attempt with the Mist. He was, however, the first one to be eliminated after being hit with La Resistance's double team finisher. Sylvian Greiner was next to go after being suplexed through the table. The ending came when Rhyno hit a Gore on Rob Conway through a table set up in the corner. **1/2.


JR: Rabid Mist has done it! They've finally become the World Tag Team Championships!

King: Only because it was a tables match! If Jericho hadn't announced a tables match, La Resistance would still be the tag team champions!

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen, what a way to start of the evening! Still to come, Shelton Benjamin takes on Garrison Cade in a non-title match.

King: Don't forget about Christian and Tomko taking on The Superheros!


[We cut backstage to where Team Benoit is hanging out. All of them are discussing what to do with their new power.]

Maven: Look…the only way to decide who makes what decisions is to have one person be in full control each week. Four weeks, four of us! Makes sense, doesn't it?

Benoit: He has a point.

Orton: Ok. So whose turn is it this week? I say it should be mine.

Benoit: Yeah, just what makes you say that?

Jericho: Shut up! Listen, since I already made a decision tonight I think I should be in control this week.

[All of them keep arguing until it's decided that Chris Jericho is in control for tonight.]


JR: There's a lot of tension backstage between Team Benoit. I sure hope it's settled.

King: It is settled, JR! Didn't you hear them? Chris Jericho, as much as I hate to say it, is in charge for tonight!

JR: Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, up next Shelton Benjamin goes one on one with Garrison Cade.

King: I sure hope Garrison Cade wins, JR! Shelton Benjamin is a loser!


Singles Match

Garrison Cade vs Shelton Benjamin

This was a semi-good brawl with both differing in their movesets. Benjamin seems to be improving in leaps and bounds, both in terms of in-ring ability and keeping the crowd entertained. Garrison Cade could use a little more work, but he managed to keep up with the IC Champion. Nothing special happened here, with Benjamin finishing off Cade with the Dragonwhip. **1/2.

[shelton Benjamin grabs a microphone from the side]

Benjamin: You're looking at the Intercontinental Champion! Last night, I defended the title against Christian in one of the best matches of my career! Well, being the champion, one would naturally want to keep the title for as long as he can, without wrestling. I'm going to do the exact opposite and next week…if it is alright with Chris Jericho…put the title on the line in an open challenge match!

[He leaves to the cheers from the crowd]


King: Did you hear that JR?! Shelton Benjamin is putting his title on the line next week in an open challenge! I wonder who's gonna be his opponent!

JR: I heard that King. It's quite honorable what this man is doing to keep the fans entertained.

King: Well, I just hope someone like Christian takes the title back from him. He doesn't make a good champion.

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen, I've just received news that Todd Grisham is standing backstage with Team Evolution.

King: I don't think they'll be too happy, JR.


[Todd Grisham is standing backstage surrounded by Team Evolution. All of them look furious.]

Grisham: Last night at Survivor Series, Team Benoit defeated you guys, giving them full control of Raw…and…

HHH: First of all, Team Benoit did not beat us! We would've won if it hadn't been for Edge, here!

Edge: Look…

[He tries to get into Triple H's face, but Batista stops him.]

HHH: Second…they do not have full control of Raw, because I am going to the Board of Director's and telling them what happened at Survivor Series!

Voice: No…you're not going anywhere right now.

[All of them turn around and see Chris Jericho.]

Jericho: You're not going anywhere, because tonight, the whole bunch of you assclowns are in a match.

HHH: What the hell are you talking about?

Jericho: Tonight…it's going to be Triple H, Batista, and Edge taking on Chris Benoit, Maven and Randy Orton!

[The crowd goes ecstatic.]

Jericho: As for you Gene Snitsky…well let's just say that next week, I have an opponent for you. Tonight, however, go ahead and have the night off.

[He leaves, as the heels look furious. Batista slaps down Todd Grisham.]


JR: What a mainevent signed by Chris Jericho! Triple H, Batista, and Edge taking on Chris Benoit, Randy Orton and Maven!

King: When will the travesty stop! Triple H is the World Heavyweight Champion! They can't make him wrestle tonight!

JR: They can make him do anything, King! They're in charge of Raw tonight!


Tag Team Match

The Superheros vs Christian and Tyson Tomko

This match was both good and bad at the same time. The good parts were when Christian and The Hurricane were in the ring. The bad was when the other two were wrestling. The final minutes of the match saw The Hurricane go for a Shining Wizard on Tomko just to have it reversed into a Powerbomb for the win. **.


JR: The power of Tomko! The Hurricane didn't stand a chance against that monster!

King: Oh, keep quiet JR! You knew Christian and Tomko would've won no matter what. That's why they call him the Problem Solver.

JR: Whatever, King.


[We see The Hurricane and Rosey backstage.]

Hurricane: Superhero Rosey, I don't understand how the Shining Wizard failed me. There is just one explanation.

Rosey: No! It can't be!

Hurricane: My super powers are fading! This means one thing…

Rosey: But Superhero Hurricane, you cannot just…

Hurricane: I must…farewell good Roosevelt and might the great power of the cape guide you from here on.

Rosey: Hurricane!

[Rosey falls to his knees and screams at the ceiling, while The Hurricane picks up his bags and leaves]


JR: Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, still to come later tonight is our mainevent. Triple H, Edge, and Batista taking on Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, and Maven!

King: I hate Chris Jericho! How can he put The Game in a match, tonight!

[Evolution's music hits and out come Batista and Triple H. Both of them look furious.]

King: Look JR! Stand up and show some respect! It's Triple H!


[Triple H gets into the ring and grabs a microphone.]

HHH: Tonight, I've been put in a tag team match against Chris Benoit, Maven, and…Randy Orton (pop). Well…I refuse to do anything that Chris Jericho tells me to do. I am the World Heavyweight Champion and the only reason Chris Jericho has that kind of power is because Edge…being the selfish bastard that he is…did not allow me to finish the job myself. He knew that I would be able to win and he couldn't accept that! If Edge knew what was right for him, he would've left me alone, then right now we would be in control of Raw!

[He pauses as the crowd boos]

HHH: So…screw Edge and screw Jericho! We're out of here!

[He gets out of the ring and starts to head up the ramp, but Team Benoit steps onto the top of the ramp. HHH looks furious as he heads back into the ring.]


JR: Well, looks like our match is going to begin now King!

King: I just hope Triple H and Co. win!


Tag Team Match

Triple H, Edge, and Batista vs Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, and Maven

This was a nice little match with each man showcasing his skills. The crowd was hot for Maven and his dropkick moveset. Benoit and Triple H had some nice exchanges in the ring with Benoit reversing a Pedigree before hittng the Headbutt onto Triple H. Orton and Triple H avoided each other the entire match and the crowd showed their displeasure.

The ending came when Edge almost speared Triple H again, but stopped himself. This allowed Maven to roll him up from behind for the three count.


King: What the heck is going on here?! Maven pinning Edge?!

JR: That Maven is going to go on to great things one day, King. Great things.


[As the heels head back up the ramp, Team Benoit gets into the ring.]

Maven: Next week on Raw, I have full control over the superstars and what happens on Raw. So, I'm going to book a match for next week right now! It's going to be Triple H defending his World Heavyweight Title against me, Maven!

[Chris Jericho grabs the microphone.]

Jericho: Maven, I don't think the fans want to see the two of you go at it…

[The fans boo]

Jericho: Unless it's inside a Steel Cage!

[The fans cheer loud as Maven smiles and pats Jericho on the back.]


JR: Mah Gawd! Triple H and Maven inside a Steel Cage next week! Folks don't forget to tune in next week to see this historic event! Goodnight!


OOC: o_O. I guess I got it up sooner than I thought I would. Feedback is appreciated as usual. Also, the whole thing about one team member controlling each week...that's what the WWE is doing, but I found out after I had already did it for this diary. Just letting people know that I didn't rip it off the WWE ;)

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Next Interactive PPV

There are tons of rumors floating around backstage and online that the WWE is planning on holding another interactive show, this time for the Smackdown brand. Our sources tell us that this is confirmed and the show will be titled "Wired Wednesday." No date nor location has been confirmed, but expect it to be much more interactive than Taboo Tuesday.

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Smackdown Preview | November 18, 2004

Just four days removed from Survivor Series, Smackdown comes from Dayton, Ohio! What will happen in the fallout from one of the most memorable events of all time?

In a rematch from one of the greatest Cruiserweight Matches of all time, Spike Dudley takes on Rey Mysterio in an attempt to regain the Cruiserweight Title. Will "The Boss" be able to capture the coveted Cruiserweight Title or will Mr.619 hold onto the belt for a little longer?

In what was one of the most shocking returns, Jeff Hardy returned to the ring and assisted Team Angle in defeating Team Guerrero! Tonight, the Charismatic Enigma takes on Eddie Guerrero, the man he screwed over at Survivor Series! Will Eddie Guerrero be able to get his revenge or will Jeff Hardy come out on top again?

Team Angle defeated Team Guerrero, thus giving each member the chance to win the WWE Championship from our new champion, Booker T! Each man will be on the hunt for Booker T, who takes on Orlando Jordan tonight on Smackdown!

Confirmed Matches

Rey Mysterio© vs Spike Dudley - Cruiserweight Championship

Eddie Guerrero vs Jeff Hardy

Booker T vs Orlando Jordan

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