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Phwoar! Just won an X-Box

Guest Small Blue

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Guest Small Blue

'You could win a BRAND NEW special edition "X-Box Crystal" games console with DVD playback kit, extra controller and 2 games (Outrun 2 & Great Escape)!!! '

An internet radio station played a clip from Elf, and I guessed the answer not really thinking I won, but phwoar! Recommend me some X-Box games then.

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Hate to agree with Future Shock, but yeah. Sell the Special Edition one, buy a regular one with the profits. There's some sucker that'll buy the Special Edition one just for the sake of having it, and you'll make a pretty good hunk of money from that.

As far as Xbox games go, Halo and Halo 2 are the obvious suggestions, but feel free to go get a Mortal Kombat game, either Deadly Alliance or Deception; both are good from what I've heard.

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You sexy fiend, you. I'm breaking my back three ways from Sunday trying to pry an X-Box from some redneck cracker spawn's cold, beer-soaked, pistol-clinching hands and you get a crystal one for just stalking Will Ferrell. =P

Alas, moved to Entertainment, and here are some suggestions:


Ninja Gaiden

Dead or Alive: Ultimate

Halo 2

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Need for Speed Underground 2

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I've  played Halo and Halo 2 and I don't reccomend  them

on the other hand I  do reccommend you get Knights Of The old Republic

and Knights of The Old Rebuplic 2

How dare I forget such an awesome game. Do yourself a favor, Bluey, and pick you up a copy of KotoR 2 before Fable.

And Halo 2 w/XBL >~! Halo 2 w/o XBL.

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You MUST pick up Midway Arcade Treasures 2.

It has MK II and III, Narc, Spy Hunter 2, Rampage, Primal Rage, Gauntlet II plus more for the low price of $20. (Not sure how much that is in pounds)

The others, besides the musts I listed above, range from really good (APB, Arch Rivals, Total Carnage) to horrible (Pit Fighter, Xenophobe, Wizard of Wor)

But still for $20 it's a really good deal. As it has 20 games total, so you pretty much are getting MK III for $1.

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Parents got me Halo 2 for Christmas, I've been hooked on the Campaign mode. Fuckin' awesome, I'm loving it.

Wish I could get this damned internet adapter thing though for X-Box Live set up, I don't know what the fuck to do.

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