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I don't know about the replay but this is what happened:

- Locke and Boone pretend to go hunting, but go to the trap door they found a few eps back, and try to find a way to open it. When Boone wants to tell his sister about the door because he can't stand lying to her, Locke hits him over the head and knocks him out, tying him in the jungle and leaving him there, after having applied some sort of thing to heal his head wound. Boone then woke up and heard Shannon screaming, then untied himself with a knife Locke had left him and rescued her then ran as they were being chased by the monster. Eventually, the monster grabbed a hold of Shannon, and when Boone found her, she was dead on a rock. He got back to camp, and saw Locke and jumped him, but then Locke told him the thing he had healed his head wound with made him have hallucinations, and he saw that Shannon was perfectly alive.

- Sayid and Shannon got closer, to Boone's dismay. Eventually, after his halucination, he realized he was glad that he was free of her, and left with Locke to do something.

- Kate was planting passion fruit seeds with Sun and realized that Sun speaks English and promised to keep her secret.

- Hurley starts getting stomach aches because he isn't eating proteins, as Boone and Locke aren't bringing back any boars. He starts fishing with the Korean guy, who he believes dislikes him because he refused to eat his ursin a few eps back. Eventually, Hurley steps on an ursin and hurts his foot, but is healed by the Korean guy, who then offers him a fish.

- Locke gives Sayid his compass, and he realizes that the compass either isn't working, or that the island has some weird geographical thing, because it isn't pointing in the right directions.

- In the flashback, Boone goes to Australia to help Shannon, who he thinks is being abused by her boyfriend. He goes to the police office, where we get a brief glimpse of Sawyer as well, but they won't help him. He offers the guy 50K to leave Shannon, and he does. When he goes to get her and leave, he realizes that she and the guy conned him, and Shannon tells him that it was because his mom never gave her any money (they're step-siblings), and that she had done it in the past. He eventually leaves and goes to his hotel, where she comes and tells him that her boyfriend conned her and left. She then tells him that she knows he does this money stuff because he loves her, and then they have sex.

That pretty much covers everything. :)

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Tonight was set around Boone and Shannon.

Locke and Boone were out trying to figure out how to open what they had found. During this Boone said he thought he houdl tell Shannon about it because she was getting suspicious. This comes into play in a bit...

Boone sees Sayid give Shannon a present<some shoes> and he tells Sayid to stay away from his her, some tension between the two. Locke confronts Boone about it saying they need Sayid on there side not as an enemy.

Boone/Shannon flashbacks reveal that they're not blood related, they're step-siblings. Shannon calls Boone screaming for help, when Boone asks where she is she tells him Sydney, Australia. Boone hops a plane to help her. When he gets there she's acting like everything is fine but flips her hair to show a large bruise. She tells Boone to come back later, he leaves.

Back at the Island Hurley talks to Jack about some..digestive problems due to lack of protein. Jack tells him to eat the fish Jin has been catching but Hurley says that Jin has it in for him.

Jack sees Kate with some seeds in hand and we find out she was giving them to Sun for a garden she has been making. During the course of this Kate kees talking to Sun and realizes she understands her, Sun reveals that she can speak english but tells her to keep it secret.

Back in flashback mode we see Boone in a police station trying to get the cops to do something but they say they can't do anything....during this scene a familiar face is seen as none other than Sawyer is being dragged in by the cops.

We get some Hurley comedy gold as he tries to talk to Jin to show him where to fish. During this Hurley steps on a...crap I forget what it was called, but anyway the greatness comes when Hurley starts yelling at Jin to Pee on his foot because he saw something on the discovery channel.

Back to Locke and Boone. Locke asking Boone if he's sure about telling Shannon, he says he is. Locke says ok then knocks him out with the butt of his knife. Boone wakes up near the object they found, tied up...tied up in a way where he has one hand in front and one in back so if he tries to lean forward the rope tightens around his other hand. Locke leaves but not before tossing a knife in the ground in front of Boone saying he'll be able to free himself when he gets the proper motivation.

Back in the flashback Boone confronts Shannon's boyfried trying to pay him off to walk away from Shannon....eventually he gets him to. Later Boone goes to pick Shannon up and he's still there because Boone came to early and then he realizes he's been scammed...and Shannon has done it before because she's apparetly not happy with the money situation following there fathers death.

Back on the beach Jack and Locke have an interesting conversation...as someone on aother board put it, it was like two opposing generals meeting on the battlefield, not talking about the war... but really... talking about the war.

Boone still tied up hears Shannon screaming....this gives him the motivation to lean forward enough to grab the knife and free himself. He runs out and finds Shannon tied to a tree and the Beast~! of the island coming at them, ripping a tree out of the ground in the process. They run and find a place to hide.

Flashback for the final time as Shannon comes to Boone's hotel room revealing that her partner in crime took the money and split. Shannon is quite hammered as she tells Boone she knows he's in love with her. They kiss and...we'll, you can figure the rest out. Afterwards Shannon says she'll go back to LA and that things will just go back to the way they were before...

And we come back to the Island. as the coast looks clear Boone and Shannon take off but it comes back and chases them..and catches Shannon. It carries her off and Boone follows. He eventually finds her rather shredded corpse by the water.

Boone returns to the camp and attacks Locke. The two go at it, Boone saying he killed Shannon but Locke tells him to look behind him as we see Shannon unharmed. Locke asks him how he felt when she died and Boone says he was relieved. Locke asks him if he wants to learn more, boone says yes and Locke tells him to follow him. The two go off into the now dark wilderness. Just a great scene, no words can do it justice.

That about covers it, I'm sure it's not ordered perfectly and I'm sure I missed a thing or two but that about covers it..to bad ya missed it, was easily one of the best of the season....and ignore the many typos I'm sure I made, I was typing fast and not looking much, heh.

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I wish I could figure out whats going on now. I have missed every episode after the third or fourth one due to working, and now I dont work on Wednesdays and want to get back into watching it. Can anyone just tell me some of the main things that are happening?

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For all things LOST.

There is no replay this week, but ABC tends to eventually replay the show in blocks of 2 or 4 episodes at a time on random Saturday Nights. Chances are good that maybe NEXT WEEK, nor the Saturday coming in 3 days, that this episode and last week's will be available.


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I think the Lost people decided to through in the step-siblings part to avoid all the people screaming incest at them.

And it was funny because when I read the episode description I was saying "please no incest to myself".

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