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National Wrestling Alliance: Strong Style

January 1st 2002

Step into a entirely different world, an alternate reality if you will where the entire 1980's turned out a whole lot different. Vince McMahon's ideas and attempts to dominate the US wrestling scene, and go global with his idea of Sports Entertainment were foiled when the powerful NWA stood up to him and even forced Vince the cunning businessman to enf up losing the WWF name through bankruptcy. The NWA went on to be the dominant force in wrestling, the 1990s weren't quite as you remembered them to be. Although the most powerful entity in Professional Wrestling, their very strength; many different members making up a larger whole meant that no one promotion managed to go global and if they ended up breaking away they didn't last long.

As we came into the new Millennium, things were poised interestingly. Of the major NWA affiliates, three stand at a national level, ready to try to go global. A few cult promotions are becoming more popular, and are attempting to move to a national stage and some smaller regional promotions are springing up.

THE INDUSTRY AS WE KNOW IT.... (Organizations in order of estimated popularity)

NWA Calgary Stampede (est. 1995)- Owned by Stu Hart, NWA:CS are the only federation promoting out of Canada. Built around the best three graduates of the Hart Family Dungeon - Bret Hart, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho - this federation relies more on straight heavily-athletic matches, and avoids gimmicks and shock angles.

NWA Canada Champion: Bret “The Hitman” Hart

CS Tag Champions: Jim & Jason Neidhart

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NWA East Coast (est. 1992)- Vince McMahon returned to wrestling by sucking up his pride, joining the NWA and promoting out of New York City. The promotion is built around big draws like Hogan, Rock and the Clique, and also includes Shane and Stephanie McMahon. The rest of the roster is made up of McMahon loyalists and assorted big men.

EC Heavyweight Champion: Shawn Michaels

EC Tag Team Champions: HHH & Test

EC Intercontinental Champion: Rikishi

EC Hardcore Champion: Sean Waltman

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NWA Texas (est. 1990)- Built on the legacy of the Von Erich's, Dusty Rhodes has taken control of NWA:TX. The promotion is a throwback to the 1980's, with much of the roster taken up by either veterans of that era, or local Texans. The major stars are Ric Flair, Steve Austin, Mark Callaway and Randy Savage.

Texas Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair

Texas Massacre Champion: Mark Callaway

Texas Tag Team Champions: John Bradshaw & Ron Simmons

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NWA Los Angeles (est. 1998)- A brainchild of Roddy Piper, NWA:LA is a two-tiered promotion. Once tier has a gritty urban feel, using people like the Gangstas to deliver chaotic violence. The other tier is a result of a deal struck with some Japanese federations, where some of their top talent like Mike Barton and Michael Modest are allowed to compete.

World Heavyweight Champion: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas

LA Tag Team Champions: New Jack & Mustafa

LA Nationwide Champion: Johnny Grunge

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NWA Hardcore City (est. 2000)- Based out of Philly, Paul Heyman's promotion is the bad boy of the NWA, always looking to use shock tactics. The roster consists entirely of Heyman loyalists like Tommy Dreamer, Taz, and Stevie Richards.

HC World Champion: Taz

HC Television Champion: Mike Awesome

HC Tag Team Champions: The Pitbulls

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NWA Strong Style (est. 2001)- Al Snow decided to try something different, and started up a US promotion based more on the Japanese style of stiff blows and submission holds. With close friend Dan Severn on board, a great talent roster was assembled, with names like Ken Shamrock and AJ Styles being the cream of the crop, plus a mass of Japanese talent due to links with other federations in the Orient.

Strong Style Champion: Ken Shamrock

Total Wrestling Champion: Charlie Haas

Tag Team Champions:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NWA Detroit Michigan (est. 2001)- This promotion is a no-frills federation run by Bill Watts. The action is brutal and realistic. The roster mainly consists of hard-hitting powerhouses like the Steiners and Road Warriors, but their main selling point is the presence of Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle, who are the top two stars.

DM Champion: Kurt Angle

US Champion: Erik Watts

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NWA Mexico City (est. 1994)- The most popular grappler in Mexico, Konnan hung up his wrestling boots and became the promoter of the biggest promotion south of the border. Focussing almost entirely on lucha libre performers like Rey Misterio and Juvi Guerrera, NWA:MC features mostly high-flying bouts.

El Campeón de México: Eddie Guerrero

Lucha Libré Champion: Rey Mysterio

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Al Snow, fresh off of failed stays in both NWA: East Coast, and the promotion he labeled as the "Land of Misfit Toys," NWA: Hardcore City was a disgruntled man with a failed wrestling career on his hands, but plenty of ideas in his head. In need of a vehicle to portray his creative prowess the Lima Ohio native scraped up just enough money, and formed allies with just enough people (Including close friend Dan Devern) to form his own upstart promotion, a high impact- Japanese style based NWA affiliate known as NWA: Strong Style at the end of 2000.

Using their strong ties with Japanese promoters, the two were able to secure deals with standout Japanese stars such as Tentushi Shinjoh, Masahiro Indohara, Ikaitia Loa, Ikuto Hidaka, Masato Tanaka, Taiyo Kea, and Takao Omari. American grappling sensations AJ Styles, American Dragon, Christopher Daniels, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin joined the promotion as well. By January 2001 Strong Style's roster was looking quite strong and January 26 2001 was the set date for Strong Style's debut event, Deliverence.

Deliverence Event

Friday January 26, 2001

Hailed as "One Night One Title" the Event saw an eight man tournament to crown the first ever NWA:SS Heavyweight Champion. In the first round It was Dan Severn, Ikuto Idaka, Taiyo Kea, and Masata Tanaka advancing with wins over Steve Blackman, Takao Omori, Jerry Lynn and Tentsushi Shinjoh respectively. The very first Total Wrestling Champion was crowned when AJ Styles, the first entrant of a twelve man gauntlet match featuring Yoshihiro Tajiri, Low Ki, Jonny Storm, Jamie Knoble, Guido Maritato, American Dragon, Christopher Daniels and CM Punk, pinning Daniels in the conclusion to secure the belt. Dan Severn forced Ikuto Hidaka to submit in his semi finals match, and Masato Tanaka advanced via knockout to secure the first World Title Match in Strong Style history. In a rather controversial fashion, it was Severn who left Deliverence with the Strong Style gold even though Tanaka's foot was under the ropes when the pinfall was secured.

Sadistic Intent Event

Saturday March 31, 2001

Citing improper officiating as his reason for a rematch, the card was headlined by the Strong Style Heavyweight Title Match between Dan Severn and Masato Tanaka, but a potential challenger to the Champion's crown emerged at a pre-event press conference, Ken Shamrock a former UFC rival of 'the Beast' interrupted the Champion and sent out his challenge, Severn replied that Shamrock would have to prove himself first. AJ Styles survived the first test of his Total Wrestling Championship reign emerging victorious over Low Ki, Christopher Daniels and American Dragon in a Fatal Four way match. Shamrock made his Strong Style debut in a bloody affair with Ikuto Hidaka, one which saw him win the match by submission with his ankle lock hold. Samoa Joe had been scheduled to face Rico Constantino but fell through on his word to Strong Style management forcing a change in plans. Constantino would suffer a loss to Jerry Lynn. The Main Event witnessed a brutal brawl that went all over the arena, in the end it was Tanaka that accepted defeat tapping out to the Beast choker.

Battle Lines Event

Sunday May 27, 2001

The team of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass put on a wrestling clinic against Tentsushi Shinjoh and Masahiro Indohara, and AJ Styles' dance with lady luck came to an end when Christopher Daniels defeated him in an epic thirty minute encounter for the Total Wrestling Championship. "The Path to Victory" was the label given to the Main Event of the Battle Lines Event, a six man elimination match for the number one contendership of the Strong Style Heavyweight Title between Ikuto Hidaka, Masato Tanaka, Ken Shamrock, Jerry Lynn, Takao Omori and Taiyo Kea. In almost a marathon encounter Tanaka would submit for the second time in two events to Ken Shamrock's Ankle Lock, securing the World's Most Dangerous Man a claim to the Heavyweight Championship.

Lashing in Lakewood Event

Sunday July 22, 2001

Fans were lined up for this one as for the World's Most Dangerous Man collided with the Beast for the Heavyweight Championship of Strong Style Wrestling. But there were many more bouts that took place before hand including an awesome rematch between Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles, if it hadn't been for Daniels injuring his leg during the match many felt that Styles probably wouldn't have won the title back. Low Ki and Jerry Lynn fought each other to a time limit draw, but their battle didn't seem like it was over. Jamie Knoble prevailed as the top contender for the Total Wrestling Championship with a win over Jonny Storm, Guido Maritato, and CM Punk. The Main event was perhaps the most anticipated in Strong Style's short history, and worth the wait. For near 38 minutes Shamrock and Severn battled it out, Shamrock won by Disqualification when Severn used a foreign object to save his Championship, Al Snow had enough and ordered for the match to be restarted on the grounds of Severn's "unchampionly behavior." After being caught in a belly to belly Suplex off of the top rope the hated Champion tapped out to Shamrock's ankle lock, and the fans in attendance rejoiced as their hero slayed the dragon that was Dan Severn as Heavyweight Champion.

Dark Carnival '01 Event

Friday September 28, 2001

Before the Dark Carnival Event Al Snow announced a Main Event "Scramble Match" for the title. The rules being that it was a double elimination match, in order to win the match one would have to make an opponent submit twice or pin them twice. Ken Shamrock was set to defend his title against both Steve Blackman and Ikuto Hidaka. Jamie Knoble got his shot at the Total Championship, but came up short in his efforts and it became increasingly apparent by the reaction of the crowd that AJ Styles was a star on the rise. American Dragon and Low Ki teamed up to take on Jerry Lynn and Jonny Storm in a terrfic technical contest, in the end it was the Dragon's cloverleaf submission that forced Storm to call it quites. Dan Severn made a memorable speech appologizing to the fans and stating that he will now focus on his executive duties. Ken Shamrock won the Main Event in decisive fashion first gaining pinfall victories over both Hidaka and Blackman then forcing Hidaka to submit to the Ankle Lock.

Living in Sin Event

Friday October 19, 2001

Masato Tanaka had returned to the scene and challenged Shamrock, a challenge the Heavyweight Champion openly accepted under one term, he fought in his match; the Lion's Den. The show started off in weird fashion as Charlie Haas made an unscheduled appearance and challenged AJ Styles to a title match. The Champion accepted and the match quickly got under way, Low Ki interfered and cost Styles the victory allowing Haas to pick up his first singles title in a major upset. Styles would challenge Low Ki immeadiatly after setting up a match later in the night. American Dragon recorded a big victory over Jerry Lynn, and Chris Candido made his strong style debut with a win over Rico Constantino. Styles and Low Ki nearly stole the show, and AJ gained a measure of revenge securing the victory with a Styles Clash. Shamrock delivered yet another solid performance in an encounter even more brutal than his Championship Match with Dan Severn, Tanaka would not submit and instead was forced into unconsciousness.

Sub Zero Event

Saturday December 15, 2001

The Heavyweight Champion started the show off with a promo in the ring but was interrupted by AJ Styles. Styles told him that all he wanted was a chance to prove himself, and that he wasn't challenging him for his title, he was challenging him as a man. Shamrock accepted. Charlie Haas held off an amazing challenge from the American Dragon to hang onto his title in a good match. Chris Candido and Jerry Lynn put on a slobber knocker all throughout the crowd, the Cradle Piledriver was too much for Candido to overcome in the end. Sean O'Haire made his debut answering the challenge of Ikuto Hidaka and finishing off the Japanese sensation's Strong Style stay with the Seanton Bomb. A star was born on December 15, 2001 when AJ Styles wrestled Ken Shamrock to a time limit draw. Tough man Shamrock extended his hand to Styles in a show of respect to end the show.

So there we have it, we enter Strong Style on the first of January 2002, how will the brain child of Al Snow fare in the new year where the major NWA affiliates are beginning to conspire in talks of breaking away from the organization? Will Strong Style too be tempted to drop the NWA banner, or will the strength and security that comes with being part of the NWA be enough to persuade them to stay?

AJ Styles

American Dragon

Charlie Haas

Chris Candido

Chris Hamrick

Christopher Daniels

CM Punk

Colt Cabana

Dan Severn

Doug Williams

Greg Pawluk

Guido Maritato

Ikaitia Loa

Ikuto Hidaka

Jamie Knoble

Jerry Lynn

Johnny Smith

Jonny Storm

Ken Shamrock

Low Ki

Masahiro Indohara

Masato Tanaka

Rico Constantino

Sean O'Haire

Shelton Benjamin

Taiyo Kea


Takao Omori

Tentsushi Shinjoh

user posted image

NWA:SS Heavyweight Championship

2.) Ken Shamrock (July 22, 2001- ?/??/??, Lakewood Ohio)

1.) Dan Severn (January 26, 2001- July 22, 2001, Lakewood Ohio)

user posted image

NWA:SS Total Wrestling Championship

4.) Charlie Haas (October 19, 2001- ?/??/??, Lakewood Ohio)

3.) AJ Styles (July 22, 2001- October 19, 2001, Lakewood Ohio)

2.) Christopher Daniels (May 27, 2001- July 22, 2001, Lakewood Ohio)

1.) AJ Styles (January 26, 2001- Sunday May 27, 2001, Lakewood Ohio)

user posted image

NWA:SS Tag Team

*Title not yet active

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Nice start, I like the Domination senerio, its something new, and I'd like to see what you got planned. I'll be checking this out.

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Strong Style Wrestling>Inside NWA:SS>Memorable Quotes

“You claimed you were the world's best, you claimed no man could wrestle that title off of you but when the dust finally settled, the entire wrestling world knew who the greater fighter was, and it wasn't you Dan Severn!” – 'the World's Most Dangerous Man' Ken Shamrock, in a post match confrontation with Dan Severn after defeating 'the Beast' at the Lashing in Lakewood Event, Sunday July 22, 2001

"Eight man stood between myself and this title, I started the whole thing off and ended up coming out on top. Lord knows if there's a man in this company good enough to beat me after that performance!"- A confident AJ Styles shortly after becoming the first Total Wrestling Champion at the Deliverence Event, Friday January 26, 2001.

"Look at what we just witnessed, all of the blood, the sweat, the vicious chair shots, and nasty falls. After all of this only one thing is apparent Strong Style is the only true winner tonight!"- NWA:SS commentator Don Westafter witnessing the brutal encounter between Masato Tanaka and Dan Severn at the Sadistic Intent Event, Saturday March 31, 2001.

"Low Ki seems like he has a hell of a future ahead of him in this business, but I'll tell you what ; the next time he steps into the ring with me he may not have much of a career left at all."- an irate Jerry Lynnafter going through a brutal time limit draw with Low Ki at the Lashing in Lakewood Event, Sunday July 22, 2001.

"What can I say? My own pride got in the way of rational thinking, and for that I appologize to each and everyone of you. From this day forward Dan Severn is a new man, and I set out to fulfill every executive duty that I hold with this company with honor and dignity!"- Dan Severn appologizing to fans for previous actions in the company at the Dark Carnival '01 Event, Friday September 28, 2001

"You just cost me the one thing I held dear, my Championship. Now I'm going to put you through hell, and before tonight is over Low Ki, you'll wish you'd never crossed paths with AJ Styles!"- An irate AJ Styles after losing the Total Wrestling Championship to Charlie Haas at the Living in Sin Event, Friday October 19, 2001.

"All Im asking is that you give me my chance, I'm not challenging you for your title Ken; I'm challenging you as a man. I'm asking for an opprotunity to go one on one with the guy everyone claims is the best in this place."-AJ Styles to Ken Shamrock at the Sub Zero Event, Saturday December 15, 2001

"Ikuto Hidaka, you claimed to be one of the brightest contenders in all of the National Wrestling Alliance, well I just tore you limb from limb, and pinned you in the center of the ring; but hey I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know!"- Sean O'Haire after a successful NWA Strong Style debut at the Sub Zero Event, Saturday December 15, 2001.

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Strong Style Wrestling>News>News Line

Newsline Account 1/1-1/7

A huge, huge update coming at you this week from the folks here at NWAStrongStyle.com as we enter the new year. Plenty of talent news as well as information on strong Style's next event as well.

1/1/02- Fist bit of talent news coming at us today is that Tentsushi Shinjoh, and Masaha Indohara (Indoshin) asked for their tentative releases today. Strong Style granted the team their departure, and they are expected to return to the Orient by the end of the month. There is said to be no hard feelings between the two parties.

1/1/02- Ikatia Loa will no longer be working for Strong Style. Loa signed an open agreement two months ago but Japanese commitments have kept him from keeping scheduled dates, therefore Strong Style management has opted to no longer recognize Loa as a part of the roster.

1/1/02- Strong Style has announced that PerseVerance will be the name for the next Strong Style event on January 25th from Lakewood Ohio. With the fallout from Sub Zero still fresh in many people's minds, Strong Style Heavyweight Champion Ken Shamrock is expected to speak in a press conference regarding his next challenger.

1/2/02- Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang have signed on to be a part of the PerseVerance Event on 1/25. The team known as the Jung Dragonz is fresh off of a successful tour of Japan, and look to find success in the National Wrestling alliance as well.

1/2/02- Ikuto Hidaka is expected to return to Strong Style in two months, the former Heavyweight Title contender is finishing up commitments with New Japan Wrestling and is said to be excited about returning to North America.

1/3/02- The first huge match for PerseVerance has been signed as we will see a rematch from the Lashing in Lakewood Event on Sunday July 22, 2001 Jerry Lynn and Low Ki will finally meet once again one on one in the ring. Lynn was cited as saying that he'd shorten Low Ki's career if he ever got him in the ring one on one once again, now Lynn will have a chance to live up to his words.

1/3/02- The American Dragon recently spoke out in an effort to garner a shot at the coveted Total Wrestling Championship held by Charlie Haas in an interview with WrestleCircle.com. Danielson (Dragon's real name) claimed that Strong Style hadn't been giving him the right opportunities in the company lately and that he'd like nothing more than to face Haas for the title.

1/3/02- In response to American Dragon's claims in the interview with WresleCircle.com, Total Wrestling Champion Charlie Haas proclaimed; "This title isn't around my waist without a reason, and if Dragon thinks he's the man that can take it off of me then let him be my guest and step into the ring with the Champion at the next show."

1/5/02- Yet another match has been signed for PerseVerance on 1/25, Sean O'Haire has been scheduled to take on Taiyo Kea. Kea is currently ranked just below criteria to be a contender for a shot at the Heavyweight Championship held by Ken Shamrock, so a win over the Japanese sensation would propel O'Haire on his path to a Championship shot. Kea however will be looking to prove he is no stepping stone.

1/7/02- No word yet from Strong Style management on whether or not American Dragon will receive a Total Wrestling title shot against Charlie Haas at PerseVerance.

1/7/02- Finally some word from NWA Strong Style Heavyweight Champion Ken Shamrock as he spoke out in a press conference earlier today in Cincinnati. Excerpts from the conference will be up on the site shortly.

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Strong Style Wrestling>Inside NWA:SS>Stars Make Top 100

Strong Style wrestling would like to congratulate the following Strong Style stars on making Grapplefanatics.com's annual list of the top hundred workers in North America today. Here are the workers that made the list, and the number they were ranked at.

-credit www.grappleanatics.com

6.) AJ Styles

7.) Yoshihiro Tajiri

9.) Jerry Lynn

12.) Christopher Daniels

14.) Jamie Knoble

23.) Low Ki

32.) Guido Maritato

33.) Chris Candido

35.) Charlie Haas

40.) Ken Shamrock

43.) Shelton Benjamin

45.) Ikuto Hidaka

47.) Sean O'Haire

50.) Masato Tanaka

54.) American Dragon

55.) Taiyo Kea

65.) Rico Constantino

73.) Johnny Smith

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Strong Style Wrestling>News>Shamrock at Press Conference

It's official, with the backing of NWA Strong Style management as well as the World Heavyweight Champion Ken shamrock, the promotion's next major event entitled PerseVerance (A play on the fact that no one thought Al Snow's promotion would last a year) will be headlined by a much anticipated World Heavyweight Title match between the Champion Shamrock, and a man who gave him quite a challenge at Sub Zero in AJ Styles.

"I have to admit that I was taken off of my game last month," stated the Champion during the conference. "I never saw it (the effort that Styles put into it) coming.

Shamrock is of course referring to the time limit draw ending to their phenomenal encounter. "I've lasted through Severn, Tanaka, Blackman and Hidaka. So far that match was my hardest one, what kind of a champion would I be if I didn't put my title on the line this time around?"

NWA Strong Style owner and head booker Al Snow had the following to say; "I'm very impressed with the match that these two put on last month. Strong Style is all about action, and that's what we're going to deliver with this Strong Style Heavyweight Championship Match between Styles and Shamrock.

Though may feel that Styles accension into the top tier of the company comes a bit premature, no one can argue that he is one of the most successful performers in the promotion's history being the first man to hold the Total Wrestling Championship, and holding nearly all the records for that division. Styles has the opportunity of a lifetime, PerseVerance will tell if he has the ability to cash in on it.

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Strong Style Wrestling>News>News Line

Newsline Account 1/8-1/15

1/8/02- The World Heavyweight Title Match between Ken Shamrock and AJ Styles has officially been signed, be sure to check out the news we have from Shamrock's press conference that is posted in the Inside NWA:SS section of the site.

1/8/02- After American Dragon sent out a challenge to Charlie Haas for the Total Wrestling Title, and Haas accepted, finally there is some word from Strong Style management on the matter. Dragon will recieve his shot at Haas's Total Wrestling Title, but he won't be the only one as Jamie Knoble and Guido Maritato will also recieve their shot in a Fatal Four Way encounter.

1/8/02- Charlie Haas, upon hearing the signing of the Fatal Four Way match for the Total Wrestling Championship has already ensured fans that he will have no problem walking out of PerseVerance with his title.

1/9/02- Former New Japan Pro Wrestling champion Scott Norton has signed with Strong Style Wrestling, and immeadiatly laid out the challenge to Strong Style tough man Steve Blackman. Norton claim's he is the toughest man on the face of the planet, and to prove so he wants to make an example out of Blackman at the PerseVerance event!

1/11/02- Another match has been signed for the 1/25 show in Lakewood as the Jung Dragonz (Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang) will go head to head with the team of Yoshihiro Tajiri and Jonny Storm. This is sure to be a high flying and action packed contest that Strong Style fans won't want to miss.

1/11/02- Al Snow and other Strong Style officials including former Heavyweight Champion Dan Severn have been keeping in touch with local Ohio television stations in connections with landing a weekly television show, nothing to report on this topic as of yet, but we'll keep you informed.

1/13/02- Christopher Daniels is said to be on the fast track back to a return after spending five months out of action with a torn hamstring suffered in a Total Wrestling championship Match with AJ Styles. Daniels, if all goes well could return to action next month.

1/14/02- Johnny Smith and Chris Candido have both left Strong Style and signed written contracts with NWA: Canadian Stampede.

1/15/02- Steve Blackman has accepted Scott Norton's challenge to a match on 1/25. Blackman had the following to say; "Norton likes to think he's the toughest guy ever to lace up a pair of boots, but at PerseVerance I guess it's my job to show him he's wrong."

1/16/02- Both CM Punk and Colt Cabana will miss the PerseVerance Event because of previous commitments.

1/17/02- the official card for Strong Style's 1/25 event, PerseVerance event is now up. Be sure to check it out in the news section of the site.

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Strong Style Wrestling>News>Perseverance Card

The National Wrestling Alliance and Strong Style Present:


January 25, 2002

MAIN EVENT: NWA Strong Style Heavyweight Championship

Ken Shamrock© Vs AJ Styles

All AJ Styles wanted was his opprotunity to prove himself to the wrestling world, that opportunity came at the Sub Zero event when out of no where he took Strong Style Champion Ken Shamrock to the extreme and then some. The match ended in a time limit draw, but with the title on the line will we see the same outcome? Shamrock is the most dominant Champion in Strong Style's short history, but is it AJ Styles' time? Will Ken Shamrock prove that after all the hype AJ Styles is nothing more than a one hit wonder?


Jerry Lynn Vs Low Ki

Low Ki and Jerry Lynn went to hell and back at the Lashing in Lakewood event leaving us with a match no one would soon forget. Now for the first time since that clash, these two meet one on one in the ring once again and the outcome could be catastrophic.


Sean O'Haire Vs Tayo Kea

Sean O'Haire made his Strong Style debut soundly defeating Ikuto Hidaka, now in O'Haire's quest to reach the top of the Strong Style mountain Taiyo Kea stands in his way. It's a clash of styles that's sure to have Strong Style fans salivating.


Steve Blackman Vs Scott Norton

Former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Scott Norton burst onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere challenging one of Strong Style's toughest in Steve Blackman. This isn't going to be no fancy technical encounter, blood will be spilled in this one!


Shelton Benjamin Vs Rico Constantino

Just signed by Strong Style management at the request of Rico Constantino, the winner of this one will be that much closer to gaining a shot at either singles title Strong Style has to offer. Benjamin has shown that he can be a great contender in the ring, Rico looks to prove the same thing.

FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH for the Total Wrestling Championship

Charlie Haas© Vs American Dragon Vs Jamie Knoble Vs Guido Maritato

Four of the brighest stars in Strong Style Wrestling will meet head to head at PerseVerance with the Total Wrestling Championship on the line. Charlie Haas claims this will be cake walk, but feelings are Jamie Knoble, American Dragon and Guido Maritato disagree.


Kaz Hayashi & Jimmy Yang Vs Yoshihiro Tajiri & Jonny Storm

Hayashi and Yang came to Strong Style looking for competition after a successful tour of the Orient, now they meet up with two of Strong Style's most talented in Tajiri and Storm. While Yang and Hayashi are a well greased cohesive unit this is the first time Storm and Tajiri have teamed up. Could this prove to be their undoing?


You can post your predictions now if you'd like, winner of the contest could get a banner from me or something if they'd like that sort of thing. :thumbsup:

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Strong Style Wrestling>News>News Line

Newsline Account 1/17-1/24

1/17/02- It seems that Ikuto Hidaka had intentions to return to the United States sooner than we all thought, as he signed an exclusive deal with NWA: East Coast and isn't likely to return to Strong Style anytime soon. Al Snow feels that Hidaka "missed out on a great opportunity" in Strong Style.

1/18/02- Expectations are high for PerseVerance, many say that the shows card is one of the strongest the promotion has built in its year of existence.

1/19/02- AJ Styles is said to have upped the ante on his training in an effort to be at his peak best in the Heavyweight Title showdown with Ken Shamrock. Styles says that this is the match he has been waiting his entire career for.

1/20/02- Yoshihiro Tajiri is said to be working with an injured right hand, but refuses to take time off. He will still be in action at the PerseVerance event.

1/22/02- There is said to be a Tag Team Title tournament in the works next month, exactly how it will go down right now is unknown, but Al Snow is said to be very eager to get the titles active in strong Style.

1/24/02- Tickets are still available for PerseVerance at the Lakewood Municiple Center for the price of $40 front row, and $30 anywhere else.

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MAIN EVENT: NWA Strong Style Heavyweight Championship

Ken Shamrock© Vs AJ Styles


Jerry Lynn Vs Low Ki


Sean O'Haire Vs Tayo Kea


Steve Blackman Vs Scott Norton


Shelton Benjamin Vs Rico Constantino

FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH for the Total Wrestling Championship

Charlie Haas© Vs American Dragon Vs Jamie Knoble Vs Guido Maritato


Kaz Hayashi & Jimmy Yang Vs Yoshihiro Tajiri & Jonny Storm

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Excellent stuff so far and I'm hooked. But show me a show that's enjoyable and I'll be a fan. :D

Here's to give Mr. Standard some competition.

MAIN EVENT: NWA Strong Style Heavyweight Championship

Ken Shamrock©


Jerry Lynn


Tayo Kea


Steve Blackman


Rico Constantino

FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH for the Total Wrestling Championship

Charlie Haas©


Kaz Hayashi & Jimmy Yang

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Strong Style Wrestling>Results>PerseVerance

NWA: Strong Style: PerseVerance

Live from the Lakewood Municiple Center, 1/25/02

At 7:30 the gates officially opened in the Lakewood Municiple Center, many fans got their early in order to raid the merchandise stands for the latest releases in that department including new t-shirts from the Heavyweight Champion Ken Shamrock, and official Strong Style trading cards. The arena reached near full capacity at 8:00, the official starting time for all the Strong Style action.

Looking around the arena, the crowd is jam packed, ready and waiting for the action that only Strong Style Wrestling can provide. The entrance position bears the Strong Style logo just above the heavy steel entrance structure, something new to Strong Style sits above the logo, a small (40x70) Flat video screen is now a part of the entrance set. Good sign that Al snow's "last chance" promotion is turning profit. At the commentary position 'the Professor' Mike Tenay is with the 'explosive' Don West. Tenay and West welcome the fans to the first Strong Style Event of the new year, then without a moment's hesitation they send it to the ring where ring announcer John House takes it away.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and will be fought under standard Tag Team Contest Rules."

Some oriental style music plays over the public address, and the new Vido screen is displaying some nifty "TAJIRI" and "JONNY STORM" logos. Sure enough the two make their way out to the ring together, this being the first time that they have ever paired, and they will have their hands full tonight.

"First at a combined weight of 385 lbs, they are the team of Yoshihiro Tajiri and Jonny Storm!"

After posing on the turnbuckles for a few moments the screaching sound of what is guessed to be a dragon overcomes the public address, and it is now that the Jung Dragonz, Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang make their entrance to the ring. the evil foreigners intice a negative reaction from the crowd, they can dislike their demeanor but without a doubt there's no way anyone can disrespect what these teo get done in the ring.

"And from Tokyo Japan, at a combined weight of 387 lbs, they are Jimmy Yang and Kaz Hayashi, the Jung Dragonz!"

the Dragonz deviously slide under the bottom rope and into the squared circle, looking around at the crowd and anxiously awaiting the contest to begin.

Tag Team Warfare

Referee: Alan Woody

Tajiri & Jonny Storm Vs Kaz Hayashi & Jimmy Yang

Tenay and West put over how the Dragonz are coming off of an impressive tour of Japan, and that this is the first time Tajiri and Storm have teamed up. Hayashi and Storm start things off in the center of the ring, Storm holding out his opened hand wich is locked up along with his other by Hayashi and the two go for a test of strength, Hayashi hits a knee to the midsection and applies an arm wringer. The move is quickly countered with a flip by Storm followed by a leg sweep and cover, but only a one count. They are back to their feet, and begin circling each other in an attempt to measure each other up.

Back into the tie, Hayashi shrugs Jonny Storm and snaps on a side headlock. Jonny powers out sending Hayashi into the ropes, leap frog over the japanese import and Storm hits a spin kick upon his return from the other ropes. Storm grabs Hayashi's arm and drags him over into the corner, tag to Tajiri.

The "Japanese Buzzsaw" comes in with stiff kicks to the ribs of Kaz before grabbing his arm and whipping him hard into enemy territory, Jimmy Yang takes it as his opportunity and slaps the back of Kaz making himself the legal man. Tajiri nails a standing sidekick that knocks Kaz off of his feet, and most likely knocked the taste out of his mouth. Yang has climbed to the top rope, and Tajiri sensing this turns to face, only to get nailed with a high flying cross body. Jimmy yang keeps the leg hooked but only gets a two count, and the crowd is finally showing life in this one.

Yang rolls over and gets to his feet before Tajiri, when Yoshihiro finally gets up he is dropkicked for his effort. Back to the corner, Tajiri is in trouble as Jimmy Yang charges full speed into the corner, but Tajiri with a beautiful counter straddles the shoulders and hooks the arms of Yang. The "Buzzsaw" reaches over the top ropes and grabs Yang's feet locking him into the deadly Tarantula!

Tajiri has until a four count to break it up, but Kaz doesn't like the fact that his partner is being tourtured and charges into the ring, but Storm cuts him off with a gruesome clothesline. Hayashi rolls to the outside grabbing his neck. Tajiri has since broken his Tarantula hold and directs Storm to go to the top rope. He does, and Tajiri holds Yang's arms back. Jonny Storm leaps off of the top rope with a missile dropkick, but in just the knick of time, Yang breaks away forcing Storm to totally nail his own partner!

The damage is done, and Storm can't believe what just went down, Yang grabs him from behind and tosses him through the ropes and to the arena floor. Yang signals to the crowd that he's going to the top rope, and does so. Yang Time connects, and the count is academic.

Winner(s): @ 8:43 Kaz Hayashi & Jimmy Yang (Yang p. Storm)

(70 52 89)

Hayashi and Yang embrace each other outside of the ring, Tajiri lies in the squared circle holding his midsection and Jonny Storm looks disappointed as the Dragonz finally go back through the curtain.

Tenay and West are at the commentary position, Tenay puts over how great it is that Strong Style now boasts a video tron, that being that they are now able to air video packages, and interviews from earlier in the day. Tenay says that speaking of video packages here's one from the man who will challenge for the NWA: Strong Style Heavyweight Championship tonight, AJ Styles.

Styles has Championship Dreams

The screen comes to life, displaying a black and white, 1920's style picture. AJ Styles stands in the center with a cut off hoody and black bandana, behind him is the Strong Style logo prominently displayed.

AJ Styles: "They say it only takes three seconds, and a little help from lady luck on the right night to become a champion. Ken Shamrock, last month at Sub Zero you made AJ Styles a superstar."

Styles stares into the picture, his face displaying a look of seriousness.

AJ Styles: "You admitted it yourself Ken, AJ Styles took you to the limit and beyond, something that you never expected. Ken Shamrock last month you made AJ Styles a superstar, tonight you make AJ Styles a champion! I'm so close to getting that title, I'm so close that I can..... taste it! Shamrock I am ready, one Styles Clash and Three seconds are all that I need, and I will walk out the NEW NWA: Strong Style Heavyweight Champion. Heh, after all it about time AJ Styles brings some STYLE to the Strong Style Championship."

//EWR Rating: 82%

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the following Fatal Four Way Contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the NWA: Strong Style Total Wrestling Championship! Making his way to the ring first, The "Italian Shooter" Guido Maritato!"

Some Sicilian style music plays and sure enough the "Shooter" himself, Guido Maritato comes out from the back. "Guido Sucks" chants begin to be heard and for this Guido just gives the ol' italian salute (that weird F*** You hand under the chin gesture.) When he gets in the ring he climbs the corner and and points to various fans in the audience, badmouthing each.

"And from Hanover West Virginia, coming in at 218 lbs this is Jamie Knoble!"

"Fuel" (Instrumental) by Metallica plays now and Jamie Knoble, clad in cut of jeans, and a ripped up flannel shirt storms his way toward the ring. Knoble points at a fan with a sign reading "Knoble is a god to trailor trash everywhere," and acts as if it's the greatest compliment in the world. Knoble takes the corner opposite of Guido.

"And the final challenger in this contest, the American Dragon!"

Dragon's music, reminiscent of a 1980's hard rock anthem plays and he comes out to a good applause from the Lakewood crowd, Dragon wastes no time sprinting to the ring, and sliding into the squared circle. The three men in the ring spout words that aren't encouraging to each other. Now a classical sports theme plays over the speakers marking the entrance of the champion.

"Finally, weighing in at 234 lbs he is the National Wrestling Alliance Strong Style Total Wrestling Champion, Charlie Haas!"

Haas slowly makes his way out from the back with arrogance, and the Strong Style Total Wrestling Title over his shoulder. Haas points in the ring at his opponents and rolls his eyes, West and Tenay put over how it isn't smart to underestimate your opponents.

Total Wrestling Championship: Four Way Dance

Referee: Kevin Ratcliffe

Charlie Haas© Vs American Dragon Vs Guido Maritato Vs Jamie Knoble

All four men here know just how important the Total Wrestling championship is, and each man would like nothing more than to walk away with the title. Haas slides into the ring, and his opponents seemingly have had enough of his cocky demeanor, all three stomping away on him before the bell tolls. It does finally, and the three men whip Haas into the ropes, then triple team Charlie lifting him into the air, and tossing him to the outside of the ring!

With the Champion seemingly out of it now the three men begin to battle it out. Guido gets an upper hand on Knoble with a go behind and subsequent belly to back suplex. But Dragon gets his hits in, and stuns the "Shooter" with a reverse vertical suplex. Charlie Haas hides outside of the ring throughout the contest, saving his energy and keeping himself out of harms way.

After Knoble gets nailed with the Sicilian slice from Guido he is out of the picture, and Dragon and Maritato battle it out in what has turned into a singles match. Beautiful exchanges ensue, Dragon hits a Northern lights Suplex that would surely have put the fiery italian away, but Haas chooses that now is the time to enter the ring and break things up. Guido still hurting rolls out of the ring. Haas locks on the Haas of Pain, but Dragon makes it to the ropes. An enziguri from American Dragon gets things going on his side, and he goes to the top rope. Dragon leaps off with a flying Cross body but Haas rolls through and has a hand full of tights, 1, 2, 3!

Winner(s): @ 11:23 and Still Total Wrestling Champion, Charlie Haas (by pinfall)

(75 62 88)

Haas quickly rolls out of the ring and snatches the Total Wrestling title from referee Kevin Ratcliffe. He doesn't spend another second at ringside, and hightails it back to his lockerroom while in the ring American Dragon can't believe he's been duped.

The production team airs another one of their creations, this time a commercial like video clip advertising the new line of Strong Style Wrestling t-shirts. Order your Ken Shamrock t-shirt online, or at the next Strong Style Event!

"Ladies and gentlemen the following singles contest is scheduled for one fall, and there will be a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, from Orangeberg South Carolina, weighing in at 238 lbs, Shelton Benjamin!"

"It's all about the Benjamin's.... BAYBAY!" Shelton Benjamins theme song rips over the speakers, and the former NCAA All American comes hopping out from behind the curtain swinging his hands attempting to get the fans fired up once again, after the fantastic total Wrestling Title Match. Benjamin slaps hands at ringside with all of the fans before jumping into the ring and waiting for the arrival of his opponent.

"And his opponent, weighing in at 243 lbs, Rico Constantino!"

Rico comes out and looks focused for his contest, all business and no fun tonight as this match is being dubbed a match to prove who is worthy of a Total Wrestling Championship Title shot.

Singles Contest

Referee: Andrew Thomas

Shelton Benjamin Vs Rico Constantino

Rico and Shelton start things off with a collar and elbow tie up, Rico goes for the headlock which is quickly shrugged off with a push into the ropes, Constantino hurtles his opponent and bounces back off of the ropes connecting with a shoulder block on Benjamin. Rico again hurtles his opponent and bounces back off of the ropes, but Benjamin kips up to his feet and hits a hip toss that makes rico cringe in pain.

Some quick changes over the next few moments get the crowd a bit more into the match. Rico connects with a superplex from the top rope that would put any oridinary man away, but Benjamin kicks out at two. Some more exchanges, and Rico whips Shelton into the ropes as Benjamin returns from the ropes, Rico fires off his deadly spin kick, but Benjamin ducks and puts on the breaks, Rico turns to face and Benjamin nails the T-Bone Suplex! Hook of the leg and Andrew Thomas gets into position, 1....2.....3!

Winner(s): @ 5:01 Shelton Benjamin (by Pinfall)

(65 49 81)

Benjamin gets his hand raised in victory after a good battle, and the crowd applauds his efforts. Could Charlie Haas and the Total Wrestling Championship be in this man's near future?

Another video clip is played, this one hyping the much anticipated rematch between Jerry Lynn and Low Ki later on in the night. Tenay and West talk about how this one could be the match of the year.

"Lethal Weapon" begins to play, and Steve Blackman makes his way out from the backstage area. He is without his numb chucks, but his expression is just as deadly.

"Ladies and gentlemen the following No Disqualification contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first weighing in at 255 lbs, the Lethal weapon, Steve Blackman!"

Once Blackman is in the ring "Smoke on the Water" (Instrumental) by Deep Purple begins to play, and Scott "Flash" Norton steps out from behind the curtain. Norton raises both arms in the air exposing his broad chizzled chest. The crowd doesn't like him, and he doesn't care for them too much either. Norton climbs up the steel steps and into the ring, staring across the ring at the man he called out for this one, Steve Blackman.

Toughmen Grudge Match (No DQ)

Referee: Alan Woody

Scott Norton Vs Steve Blackman

Norton claims that he is the toughest SOB in North America today, that whole mindset being the reason that this match came about. Blackman is as tough as they come, and is a Strong Style regular; Norton on the other hand has come from NWA Los Angelas and has a holier than thou attitude about him.

The sound of the bell is heard only seconds before Blackman's body is shown flying across the ring. The angered "Lethal Weapon" runs right into Norton with a shoulder block, knocking him back into the corner of the ring. Norton, realizing that he may have bitten off more than he could chew with Blackman widens his eyes. Blackman proves why he is called the Lethal Weapon knocking hard kicks in the midsection repeatedly.

Norton tries to push him away, but Blackman continues slugging away with kicks to the stomach. Finally the referee is able to pull the two apart, and Norton is allowed to once again breath in some air. Blackman screams a war cry, it's obvious that this man is not playing around at all.

Using the ropes for extra support Scott Norton is back to his feet. Steve Blackman wastes no time what so ever, and immediately runs right at Norton with his arms out wide. Right when he makes it to him, Norton ducks down, and rips his body back up, making Blackman fly right up into the air. Blackman's body is shown flying out of the ring, and the fans all shout in awe! Blackman smacks the outside of the ring hard with a crack, while Norton taunts the fans.

Norton goes under the top rope and stands on the apron when Blackman returns to his feet Scott delivers a devistating axe handel smash. Blackman stumbles backwards, Norton immediately grabs Steve by the hair of his head and throws him toward the stairs.

Blackman goes flying, smacking right into the side of the steel steps with his bare back. He slowly lifts the "Lethal Weapon" back onto his feet, grabbing his bare back with three huge red welt marks on them. Suddenly. Blackman whacks Norton's arms away, and goes for a right hand.... Norton blocks, grabs Blackman's head and smashes his head of the ring apon.

Blackman staggers back a bit, but only seconds later "Flash" picks him up into the air, and drops him right down onto the steel steps. Steve Blackman screams as he is slowly slid back into the ring. Now Norton has the ring skirt lifted and is digging deep for something good. Seconds later he pulls out a steel chair from underneath the ring. He slowly grabs it and slides back into the ring, while Blackman is getting to his feet Norton slides into the ring and brings the chair up over his head. He runs at him and swings at full force but Steve Blackman quickly brings his foot up, kicking the chair right into Norton's face! Norton falls backwards dropping the chair in the center of the mat.

Blackman flashes the cut-throat sign saying that this one is finished and as Norton gets back to his feet, Blackman bounces off of the ropes and goes for the pump kick, but Scott Norton catches the leg and lifts Blackman up into Powerbomb position. Showing his brute strength Norton tosses Blackman up in the air and catches his body, then brings him down with his trademark shoulder breaker powerbomb! Norton gets back up, red faced and pissed off. He pulls his singlet straps down and lifts Blackman back to his feet. He tucks Steve's head in between his legs and delivers yet another Shoulder Breaker Powerbomb! Norton places one foot on the chest of Steve Blackman and the referee makes the count. 1.....2....3!

Winner(s): @ 11:12 Scott Norton (by pinfall)

(69 70 67)

Scott Norton's arm is raised in the air, and the big bull looks very impressive with his Strong Style debut. Norton shoves the referee away, and Spits in the face of Steve Blackman! Nothing like adding insult to injury.

Tenay and West put over how dominant Norton was in that showing, and that it sickened them the complete lack of respect he displayed for his opponent. Then another video package from the Strong Style production team is played, this one with Jerry Lynn.

Low Ki is ready to fight!

The screen comes to life once gain, displaying the same black and white, 1920's style picture only this time it is Low Ki that stands in the center of the screen, behind him is the Strong Style logo prominently displayed.

Low Ki: "Jerry Lynn, it has been months and months since last we met, but finally Strong Style and the NWA have sanctioned the match. Finally I once again get you, a man that is supposed to represent pride, and honor in the center of the ring. Jerry Lynn, you said that when next we meet it would be my career that is shortened, but Jerry Lynn make no mistake about it after I am through it will be you that has no career left!"

He stares into the camera with glaring eyes.

Low Ki: "Jerry Lynn, there's no preparation, there's no time left all that you can do is..... be ready!"

//EWR Rating: 66%

"It's for your own good!" With that phrase Sean O'Haire's music begins to play and the "Widow Maker" steps out from the back with his wild hair covering his face and a long black trench coat on his body.

"Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 285 lbs, the Widow Maker, Sean O'Haire!"

O'Haire continues to march on in his menacing way, once in the ring he takes off the jacket. Another Oriental style theme plays marking the entrance of his opponent.

"And his opponent weighing in at 245 lbs, this is Taiyo Kea!"

Kea doesn't have a long entrance, he runs down the isle and slides into the ring, but before he can mount anysort of offensive Sean O'Haire is all over him.

Singles Contest

Referee: Kevin Ratcliffe

Sean O'Haire Vs Taiyo Kea

O'Haire kicks some STIFF kicks to Kea, then whips him into the ropes and nearly decapitates him with a clothesline. O'Haire works on Kea on the mat for a few moments, then lifts him up and slams him down with a spine buster for a two count. Kea kicks out, and O'Haire doesn't like it. Kea gets a few shots in and sends O'Haire into the ropes only to recieve a spin kick to the face.

O'Haire lifts Kea up and plants him with the Widow Maker, a version of a Fireman's Carry Slam, then goes to the top rope and delivers the Seanton Bomb. 1, 2, 3!

Winner(s): @ 4:23, Sean O'Haire (by pinfall)

(69 70 67)

O'Haire laughs as the referee raises his hand in victory, O'Haire has just put away a Heavyweight title contender in less than five minutes! Tenay and west are going crazy about O'Haire's dominant performance.

Another Video Package plays, this one hyping the night's main event and Ken Shamrock's path of destruction. Then it's back to live as Jerry Lynn's music plays.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring first from Minneapolis Minnesota Jerry Lynn!"

Lynn slaps hands with the fans, then slides into the ring waiting for Low Ki's arrival.

Low Ki's music plays and he has a no frills demeanor. The fierce competitiveness in him is shown as he methodically stares at Jerry Lynn and walks to the ring.

"And his opponent, from Brooklynn New York, Low Ki!"

Low Ki slides into the ring and stands in a fighting stance. The two men tare at each other until the referee finally calls for the bell.

Lashing In Lakewood Rematch

Referee: Andrew Thomas

Jerry Lynn Vs Low Ki

The bell rings, and both Lynn and Low Ki begin circling each other in the ring, a lockup ensues, Low quickly ties him up with an arm bar, and kicks Lynn's legs out. Low Ki wrenches on the arm until Lynn kips up, and flips out, forcing the Brooklynn native to break the hold. Lynn pushes Low-Ki into the corner, but the referee forces a break. Low Ki pushes Lynn backwards, and Jerry snaps whacking a stiff chop across the chest of Low Ki, but Low Ki brushes it off and delivers a stiff kick to his midsection.

DDT from Low Ki, and he wraps his legs around the midesction of the veteran, Lynn reaches out grabs the rope and forces the break. Lynn rolls to the outside grabbing his ribs. Lynn slides back in and punches Low Ki right in the face, the two men begin exchanging blows, but a legsweep trips Lynn down, Low ki goes to work the leg but once again Lynn gets to the ropes.

Back in standing bases, Low Ki charges forcing Jerry Lynn to slump down in the corner. Low Ki backpedals then tries to dropkick him in the face, Lynn rolls out of the way and Low Ki smashes into the turnbuckle. Jerry ynn picks Low Ki up and plants him with a back body drop, then locks in a texas cloverleaf submission. After a few moments it's clear that he won't make it to the ropes, but out of nowhere he rocks the hold and rolls Lynn up with the small Package, 1....2.... kickout!

Lynn is back up, as is Low Ki, relying on Martial Arts once again, Low Ki drives Lynn to a knee with stiff kicks, Low Ki goes to kick Lynns head off but Lynn ducks and rolls him up, only getting a short two. Pulling Low Ki up from the ground, Lynn gets chops to the chest for his effort. Low Ki has Lynn in the corner, but a well placed boot to the midsection lets Lynn get some chopping action of his own.

Lynn then nails a knee to the midesection and goes for the cradle piledriver only to have Low Ki reverse it with a bridge! 1, 2..... kickout! Lynn hops back to his feet, Ki whips him into the ropes, and Jerry Lynn jumps over Low Ki then takes him down with a Sunset Flip! 1, 2..... Low Ki kicks out and dropkicks Lynn in the face!

Low Ki lifts Jerry Lynn up into Alabama slam position, and threatens to sit down forcing Lynn's head into the mat, but Lynn counters with hard strikes, then locks hands between the legs, when Low ki bends back over Lynn lifts him up and nails the Cradle Piledriver! the cover is made, 1, 2, 3!

Winner(s): @ 14:34 Jerry Lynn (by pinfall)

79 68 91

Lynn has made good on his word with a win over Low Ki, and his hand is raised. Low Ki looks pissed off and gets into the face of Jerry Lynn, then sucking up his own pride Low Ki extends his hand and the two shake in the center of the ring.

Mike Tenay and Don West put over the show of sportsmanship, then hype the Main Event, and it is time for that match now!

"I am" plays over the Public address marking the entrance of the challenger for tonight's bout, sure enough AJ Styles comes out to a large applause from those in attendance. He slides into the ring, and poses in the corner.

"World's Most Dangerous" plays over the PA and Ken Shamrock the Strong Style Heavyweight Champion comes out with a black boxer style robe, and the championship around his waist.

NWA:Strong Style Heavyweight Championship Match

Referee: Speedy Nelson

AJ Styles Vs Ken Shamrock©

He turns to face Styles, World Championship around his waist. The fans are cheering and chants of, "AJ" start to circulate throughout the arena. Shamrock eventually hands referee Speedy Nelson the NWA: Strong Style Heavyweight Championship belt but not before he raises high in the air forcing AJ Styles to look up at it. Shamrock is focused, and just locks in on his opponent Styles hasn't diverted his attention from the champion. For Styles this is his second chance, and first for gold. The two men now stand in the center of the ring eyeing each other in the middle of a intense stare down.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Strong Style in cooperation with the National Wrestling Alliance have sanctioned the following contest, it is scheduled for one fall and it is for the NWA: Strong Style Heavyweight Championship!"

Tenay and West put over the fact that these two put on an incredible match last month at the Sub Zero Event, and that Styles has been training hard to be in peak shape for this fight. West says he's going with Shamrock while Tenay sides with the challenger.

"Introducing first, the challenger, from Gainesville Georgia weighing in at 215 lbs, he is a former two time Strong Style Total Wrestling Champion, dressed in the blue tights with red and white trim, he is the master of the Styles Clash, and Pheonix Splash, the challenger, the amazing AJ Styles!"

Styles raises his hands and the crowd nearly blows the roof off of the place, there's no doubt that in the biggest match of his career he has a lot of fan support.

"And, weighing in at 245 lbs, dressed in the black tights, and padded black boots, he is the master of the Belly to Belly Suplex, and ankle Lock, he is the current reigning and defending National Wrestling Alliance Strong Style Heavyweight champion, he is the 'World's Most Dangerous Man,' this is Ken Shamrock!"

The Champion raises his hands in the air now, and the crowd show their respect for the man that has blazed through the likes of such names as Hidaka, Blackman and Tanaka. Styles seems to have the edge in the fan department but it seems as though the Champion really could care less.

Not wanting to make the first move they stand there. The bell is rung after Nelson hails the title around each side of the ring reminding fans that this is indeed what it is all about... Finally Styles breaks the stare down and shoves the champion backward. Connecting with an even greater force than the first one, Style shoves the Champion again, with that Shamrock lunges at Styles, striking him with a fist right to the face, a sickening shot reminiscent of the hard hits Strong Style was first based upon.

This punch takes Styles by suprise but he regroups in enough time to counter the fuming champion with a series of rights and lefts to the midsection. This sends Ken Shamrock against the ropes and Styles winds up and swings, but misses as the champion ducks the attempted haymaker. Styles then turns drop-kicking AJ into the ropes followed by a hard clothesline taking him to the outside of the ring. Shamrock quickly follows suit, rolling under the ropes and going to the outside of the ring. He grabs AJ by the hair and lifts him to his feet. Shamrock takes him by the head, and goes to ram his head off the turnbuckle post, Atyles gets his leg up and blocks the attempt then takes the Champion's head and bonces it off the cold steel. Styles follows it up with an irish whip sending the champion into the announce table. Bouncing off on impact Shamrock falls down to the floor at ringside.1....... 2....... 3....... 4........ 5........ 6......... 7........ 8....... 9........ Styles rolls into the ring and then back out knowing full well a count out victory doesn't grant him a Championship victory.

Shamrock is getting up to his feet, but before he can AJ Styles grabs him by his tights and tosses him right into the security railing at ringside back first. 1.... 2.... 3.... 4.... 5.... 6.... 7.... 8.... 9.... Styles rolls Shamrock into the ring, and stands on the apron, AJ springboard off of the top rope and lands a leg drop, hooking the leg 1, 2, ....... the Champion kicks out!

they get back to their feet, Shamrock favors his shoulder. In a match that started off with respect they seem to have lost all self control, as it's turned into an all out brawl. They exchange hard rights and lefts, Styles drops down to a knee and gets back to his feet only to be met with a right hand followed by an attempted uppercut that he blocks. But the Champion is still one step ahead as he rocks him with a right hand. Styles hits the mat but jumps back to his feet only to be caught in a splendid Northern lights Suplex by the champion! This takes the breath out of Styles, and at the last second he is able to kickout.

Shamrock lifts styles to his feet once again and pelts the challenger with forearm shivers to the face, whip into the ropes Shamrock goes for the wheel kick, but Styles catches Shamrock in the air and lands a sit down powerbomb. 1, 2.... Kickout! Styles pulls his hair having thought to have the match won, he gets into the face of Speedy Nelson certain that it was a three count. Shamrock has made it to his feet after Styles turns around, and delivers a kick to the gut. Shamrock hooks the arms and seems to be going for the Tiger Bomb, but Styles counters with a back bridge, 1...2.....2.9999! The fans are very vocal at the referee believing that Styles had the three, and frustration is building for the challenger.

Shamrock rolls over still favoring his shoulder but he grabs Styles and hits a knee to the midsection, go behind and Ken rolls Styles up with a small package, but only gets a two count. Now Shamrock shows frustration, He slams his fist into the canvas irate. Styles gets to his feet, but shamrock steam rolls him with a hard clothesline. Shamrock snaps, and grabs the leg of AJ Styles locking on the most feared submission hold in the US Today, the Ankle Lock! Styles screams in pain as Shamrock wrenches on the hold, but AJ shows his strength and gets to one foot, then Enziguris the Champion! Both men are down and Styles holds his ankle in pain. After an eight count they are back up and the action continues. After a Shamrock is against the ropes Styles charges only to be backdropped out of the ring and to the arena floor.

They battle it out on the outside once again for the next few moments, the count is broken by both men in order for the violence to continue, then the referee, not wanting the action to stay on the outside rolls out and tries to seperate the two performers, Styles ducks a Shamrock right hand, and Shamrock instead of cold cocking Styles with the punch it is the referee who is met with a knock out blow. The ref crumples up in a heap and he falls down at the feet of AJ Styles at ringside. Now with no referee it is Marshall Law here and these two get things brutal. Shamrock continues his assault on the challenger punching him followed by a clothesline sending him over the top of the railing. The Champion follows him as Styles can hardly stand up on his own strength as he tries to escape. Shamrock chases after him and then goes for another clothesline line but AJ Styles tosses a cold beverage into the face of the madman blinding in. As Shamrock wipes his eyes Styles hits the dragon Whip Kick taking him down.

As the fans cheer and chant AJ AJ AJ while he stands over his fallen opponent. Now he takes Shamrock back toward the ring and it is the champ who is tossed over the railing. Rolling Shamrock back into the ring, Styles is seemingly on a high, but he allows the champion to get to his feet, a seemingly bad move as Shamrock hooks up the patented Belly to Belly Suplex, Shamrock goes for it, over the head and the match is seemingly over only Styles lands on his feet! Shamrock turns around and is taken by surprise as Styles meets him with a kick to the gut of his own, and follows it up with the Styles Clash! The crowd is going wild as Styles makes the cover, but there's one problem.... the referee is still out cold. The crowd counts the three, but Styles can't believe his luck he had the Champion beat!

Styles gets to his feet, and turns around looking for the referee on the outside, but before he can even approach him A huge man charges into the ring! It's Scott Norton! Styles never saw him coming, and the gigantic beast lifts him up to the air and literally explodes his spine with a sickening spine buster! The crowd is livid now, as Norton decides that it wasn't enough and picks Styles back up delivering his bone shattering Shoulder Breaker Powerbomb. Big Scott, grabs Shamrock and places him on Styles before going to the outside and chucking the referee back into the ring. It's a miracle as the referee is alive once again. 1, 2, 3! This one is over!

Winner(s): @ 20:21 and Still NWA Strong Style Heavyweight Champion, Ken Shamrock (by pinfall)

(87 77 97)

The crowd is almost in riot mode as Shamrock is handed the Strong Style Heavyweight Championship. Now Scott Norton climbs back into the ring and the Champion, seemingly unaware of the whole mess that just transpired slings the title over his shoulder and gets into a fighting stance, not sure of what Norton's intentions are.

The big brute gets into Shamrock's face, and the two ignite in a stare down, then just as they are about to come to blows Shamrock cracks a smile and the two embrace in the center of the ring. What a conspiracy, these two were in it from the get go. Shamrock looks down at AJ Styles and stands over him with the Championship belt pointing at the gold and yelling in his face. Tenay and West put over how shocked that are that the man who has carried Strong Style on his back for the past few months would resort to such measures to keep his title. With that the first show of the new year is over.

//Overall Show Rating: 73%

//Event Attendance: 2274

//Ticket Sales: $68,220

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Loverly show Idolized, really enjoyed reading it. Little disappointed about the finish to the Heavyweight Championship match, some how the idea of a run in, in the main event, in a match for the crown jewel prize in the company, in an organisation like Strong Style doesn't seam quite right, but thats just my opinion, take it for what you will

Will keep reading though, plus i'm actually looking forward to seeing what you do with the Shamrock/Norton combo, gotta be a reason for eveything right.

Keep up the great work man

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Strong Style Wrestling>News>News Line

Newsline Account 1/25-1/31

Huge, Huge and I mean HUGE update coming at you with this week's Newsline report, lots of information on PerseVerance, NWA: Strong Style Events, talent and more.

1/25/02- The feeling coming off of PerseVerance is that the show was a great success for the promotion, the event was attended by 2,224 people and ticket sales were over $68,000 dollars. NWA: Canadian Stampede held "Times of Trouble" Pay Per View that brought in $303,640 in ticket sales and 7,591 people. other events of the month included;

- NWA:TX's 'NWA:TX Full Force' show was attended by 3502 people,

They made $140080 from ticket sales.

- NWA:LA's 'NWA:LA For Whom The Bell Tolls' show was attended by 716 people, They made $21480 from ticket sales.

- NWA:MC's 'NWA:MC Time Crisis' show was attended by 2894 people, They made $86820 from ticket sales.

- NWA:EC's 'NWA:EC Damage, Inc.' show was attended by 3675 people, They made $147000 from ticket sales.

Things are certainly looking up for Strong Style as we continue to grow in popularity, and search to broaden our markets.

1/26/02- Twin brothers Dave and Dean Powers, better known as the Power Company have signed on to compete in NWA: Strong Style. The Twenty Eight year old brothers have worked on trial terms for both NWA:EC and NWA:LA, if Strong Style Executives are happy with their performance it is likely that they will be asked to stick around the promotion on a regular basis, this comes as big news especially since there is alot of talk that the Tag Division will shoot up soon.

1/27/02- HUGE NEWS COMING AT YOU!! This comes straight from the desk of Al Snow, Strong Style chairman. It seems that he has struck a deal with a local cable provider on a special program series for Strong Style. The Cable Promotion has offered to air a weekly Pay Per View for the company that will be taped on Tuesdays and aired on Fridays, and will be available for purchase all over most of Ohio. "This is a big step forward for the promotion," proclaimed Snow. "This is a special opportunity for us to get what we have to offer available to the entire state of Ohio, where our territorial boundaries lie, and with time I feel that Strong Style will be able to move up from the Municipal Center in Lakewood, and travel over most of Ohio with our shows."

It is believed that the Pay Per Views will lead up to a more promoted Show (Still one of the weekly PPVs, just more heavily booked) at the end of each month. That's four Strong Style offerings available to the public, instead of the one monthly event that Strong Style has previously offered. Keep checking the newsline on the site as more on this subject is posted.

1/27/02- More on the new weekly Pay Per View, the show is entitled NWA: 'Strong Style Wrestling', and once things are running smoothly, the last show of each month will have a subtitle (ex. NWA: Strong Style Wrestling; PerseVerance) and that show will be a supercard type show offered at a slightly higher price than the other weeks Pay Per Views. A Subtitled Pay Per View isn't expected to be offered until March. What may sound confusing in print won't be so confusing when those with the PPV availabilty call the provider. The first show is signed for Friday February 8, 2002.

1/28/02- Four Strong Style wrestlers have signed an "Oath of Loyalty" with the company, this document is a written oath that the wrestler who signs it will not compete in other organizations for extended periods of time. This differs from a written contract (which the NWA has frowned upon in recent years for fear that a promotion with many written contracted workers would be able to successfully defect from the alliance.) in that the performers will still be paid on an appearance basis, and not a monthly salary. The four wrestlers to have signed the Oath are AJ Styles, Charlie Haas, Ken Shamrock and Jamie Knoble.

1/29/02- Three former NWA Strong Style Wrestlers have left the promotion to find work elsewhere, these men are former NWA Heavyweight Champion Gary Steele, Greg Pawluk and Chris Hamrick. Strong Style wishes these men the best of luck in the future.

1/29/02- 30 year old Scotty Riggs, 31 year old Travis "Bane" Tomko, and 24 year old Kevin "Seven" Fertig signed to compete with Strong Style Wrestling today, while none of them are expected to be long term, the same deal that was offered to the Power Company was offered to them. Basically if you impress, you will be asked back. There is expected to be an "Open Door" policy implemented now that Strong Style has a weekly event, but that isn't a fact as of yet.

1/31/02- Although the PerseVerance Event brought in alot of money for Strong Style the company was still losing money, but owner Al snow has hope that with the upcoming programming and event schedule things will turn around for the company. Merchandising, and advertising costs are said to be the expenses that are costing the company money right now.


Sorry for the lack of updates lately, had alot of crap to do. Should be back on soon with another Newsline Account as well as a preview for February's first Pay Per View Event. The winner of the predictions contest was both Standard and Maddog, both of you can PM with your banner requests.

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Strong Style Wrestling>News>News Line

Newsline Account 2/1-2/4

2/1/02- Al Snow is expected to be making an appearance on the first NWA: Strong Style Pay Per View, being taped on Tuesday February 5, 2002. Strong Style Heavyweight Champion Ken Shamrock, AJ Styles and Total Wrestling Champion Charlie Haas are all expected to be on hand at the event as well.

2/2/02- both CM Punk and Colt Cabana should make thier return to strong style soon as their other contractual obligations are coming to an end.

2/4/02- With the first Pay Per View taping just one day away Strong Style management is really hopeful that they will have a hit on their hands. Make sure to contact you PPV provider for info on how to order the event.


(taken from thebattleground.com)


Tuesday February 5, 2004

From the Municipal Center in Lakewood Ohio

Results by the EbonyDeala

(Highlight to reveal)

I must say, Strong Style management did a very good job hyping this  event, I was one of the earliest people to get into the Municipal Center  and it filled up quickly. Vendors were all over selling the company's  t-shirts and other merchandising, there were even clowns in the  parkinglot that were selling boot legged copies of the companies  events, they stayed out there all but 15 minutes until the authorities  got their hands on them. At around 7:30 things were finally set, and  because I was lucky I got to see the dark match prior to the actual  Pay Per View tapings.


Power Company Vs Travis Tomko & Kevin Fertig

In case you didn't know, the Power Company are identical twin brothers  by the names of Dave and Dean Powers, two big guys with long brown  hair, and despite being brothers they act a little well...... funny with  each other. Take for instance when they got into the ring after posing  on the turnbuckles they hugged in the center of the ring, okay they're  a little close. Then throughout the match whenever they'd make a tag  to each other, they'd hug. Fans began to chant unfriendly remarks  towards the two, and together they shouted back "We're not faggots;  we're brothers!" Tomko and Fertig are actually bigger than Dean and  Dave, and have a "Darkside" sort of appearance about them, could be  good selling if Strong Style keeps them around. Both teams looked  pretty cohesive in the match, the Power Company pulled the switch a  few times without the referee knowing, Dave and Dean hooked up  Fertig in a slingshot double vertical suplex type move that a guy in the  audience said was called the "Power Outage." The brother's weird ways  got a responce out of the crowd, there's talks that Strong Style is  adding a Tag Team title to the forefront, the Power Company could be  the team to capture them.

After the two teams left the ring, the ring crew cleared things up and  went over everything to make sure all was go. Don West and Mike  Tenay came out, and there were a lot of "Pro-fess-or" chants.

"Taking Care of Business" played at the official start of the show, and  Strong Style owner Al Snow came out to the ring. He got on a  microphone and thanked all the fans in attendance and those tuning in  all over Ohio, he was about to say something about how great Strong  Style has become when another Entrance theme began to play.

With Snow's interruption, out walked Strong Style Heavyweight  Champion Ken shamrock, and next to him was the man mountain that  aided him in his victory at PerseVerance, Scott Norton.

Shamrock got into the ring, and told Al Snow the only thing he had to  be thankful for was that he ever came to the promotion, and the fact  that the "World's Most Dangerous Man" has chose to call Strong Style  his home. the fans really booed the hell out of Shamrock.

That made him mad, and he asked the fans why they boo him now but  cheered for him like crazy last month, he said something about to be a  great Champion you have to be willing to do anything to keep your  title, even if it means making controversial decisions, I think he was  eluding to Norton. Then Shamrock asked about the night's card saying  that Snow had better not of made plans for the Champion because he  didn't feel like wrestling.

Then "I am" played over the speakers and EVERYONE went crazy when  AJ Styles came out with a microphone. Styles talked about honor, and  said Shamrock was a dishonorable man and Champion, then he said he  wanted to take both he and Norton on at once.

Shamrock and Norton loved the idea, but Snow had a better one he  told AJ that tonight it would be Shamrock and Norton against Styles  and any man he wanted as a partner. with that everyone went  backstage while they played some commercials telling us to go to the  concession and merchendising stands.

"The Final Countdown" played next prompting NWA: Strong Style Total  Wrestling Champion Charlie Haas to make his way out, only he didn't  come out alone he had a woman with him. She had long brown hair, her  face wasn't really pretty but she had a killer body, the guy behind me is  either a wrestling guru, or blowing smoke out of his ass, he said she  was "Trinity" but I had never seen her before.


Charlie Haas w/ Trinity Vs Taiyo Kea

Kea was once fighting for contendership to the Strong Style  Heavyweight Title, since then his stock has fallen a little bit, but he  wanted nothing more than to win the total wrestling title. Kea used  more of a brawling attack that clashed with Haas' technical approach.  Kea dominated early on but Haas battled back, and the woman he  brought with him kept distracting the referee allowing the Total  Wrestling champion to keep cheating. A really good spot in this match  came when Haas and Kea were outside the ring, the woman climbed  onto the top rope and did a flipping hurricanranna to the outside taking  Kea down! Haas won the match with a school Boy rollup and a hand full  of tights, really good match!

It's weird now that Strong Style has a production team and large  screen, because in the Backstage Sean O'Haire was shown talking with  Al Snow. O'Haire boasted about taking out Kea and Idaka, and told  Snow that he should be getting his shot at the title. Snow told him  something about having to make an impact in order to gain a title shot,  OHaire mumbled something about making his own impact tonight.


Jung Dragonz Vs Tajiri & Storm

It looked like that at least for the moment Tajiri and Storm had patched  things up since PerseVerance and looked to get back at the men that  beat them at the show. The match started off with quick exchanges,  but the attention soon turned to Sean O'Haire who came running down  the ramp and sliding into the ring. O'Haire looked HUGE compared to the  smaller guys in the ring, and began delivering blows to all of them. He  landed Widow Makers to both Storm and Hayashi, and chucked the  other two out as if they were garbage. The fans really gave Strong  Style hell for allowing this match to end a no contest. The guy behind  me wouldn't stop bitching about how if Strong style is to represent  tradition they need to stop doing things like this.

Another scene from the back this time AJ styles and Steve Blackman  were shown, Blackman told Styles that he would like nothing more than  to have another shot at Norton, and said he'd be AJ's partner if he  wanted him to. AJ said he'd think it over.


Shelton Benjamin def. Scotty Riggs

Riggs was wearing a ponytail, and came out to the ring with a mirror,  fans were giving him hell for it. Shelton recieved a decent pop. This  match really didn't gel together fully as they only went about six  minutes, Benjamin won with a T-Bone Suplex.

West and Tenay continued to pump up the Main event and speculated  as to who Styles partner would be. Shamrock's music hit again, and it  looked like I was about to find out. Once he and Norton were in the ring  Styles was next. HUGE pop for AJ again, then he took the microphone  and announced that his partner would be......... JERRY LYNN!

Lynn's music played and the two rushed to the ring full speed.


AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn Vs Ken Shamrock & Scott Norton

This match was freaking awesome, oh my god it was so good that I  can't even do it justic writing it down. Inside and outside the ring, ref  bumps, finishing moves and kickouts. If I didn't know any better I'd say  that it was the match of the year so far, while shamrock was on the  top rope for god knows why Lynn sent Norton into the ropes a move  that crotched Shamrock right on the top turnbuckle. Lynn clotheslined  the behmouth to the outside of the ring, and then he and Styles landed  a painful double superplex on the Champion. Aj then leaped onto the  top rope and landed a magnificent Pheonix Splash on the Champion,  Lynn made sure that Norton couldn't get back into the ring and the  referee made the count as Styles covered the champion!

Lynn and Styles celebrated their win making their way to the back,  that's where I think the Pay Per View ended, the fans were ecstatic  about the finish of the match and this was one heck of a first weekly  PPV if you ask me.

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