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International Wrestling Syndicate's owner, former wrestler, founder and head booker, "PCP Crazy F'N" Manny Eleftriou, has decided to step down from booking the IWS. "I have been  f****** stressed out." Eleftriou said, "We are having big trouble right now keeping the IWS die-hard fans happy. We had Derek's (The Arsenal) situation, the Bar Unison situation and many of our wrestlers missing shows due to other events, although I do give them my full support, but I just can't have the added responsibility of booking the shows as well"

Manny will still be with the company, and he will still be doing everything he has been doing. "I want to make it clear that I am not completely gone. I will still be one of the owners of the IWS along with the Cox's and you will see me at the events, but just as we are getting bigger, I want somebody who has their full attention on booking, as that is one of the, if not the, biggest aspects of a wrestling promotion."

Danny Cox of Wild Rose Productions, part owner of the IWS and friend of Eleftriou commented, "I know Manny very well and if he thinks it's good for the company, I support his decision."

Interviews for the booker position will begin on Saturday, January 29th and go on to Sunday the 30th. Those who want more information or who want to schedule an interview can call 245-3256.

Credit: NorEast Uncensored

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Beef Wellington

El Generico

Green Phantom

Kenny The Bastard

Kid Kamakaze

Kurt Lauderdale

Pierre Carl Oulette

Player Uno

Sexxxy Eddy


The Arsenal


Crazy Crusher

DJ Sick

Fred La Merveille


Hell Storm


Dan Paysan

Evil Ninja #2

Franky The Mobster


Kevin Steen

Nightmare Manson




Elsa Bangz (Viking and Fred)

Joseph Fitzmorris (Evil Ninja #2, ALSO AN AUTHORITY FIGURE)

Authority Figures

Joseph Fitzmorris

PCP Crazy F'N Manny

President Seska


2.0 (Jagged and Shane Matthews)

Beef and Generico

Flying Hurricanes (Kenny The Bastard and Takao)

Generico and Uno

The Kid Kamakaze Expirence (Featuring Kurt Lauderdale)

Paysan and Tommassino

SLI (Viking and Fred)

Steen and Franky The Mobster


SLI (Fred, Viking, Bangz)


IWS Heavyweight - Franky The Mobster

IWS Tag Team - The Flying Hurricanes

OOC: For more information on any of the wrestlers I mentioned, I suggest you go to syndicatewrestling.com and check out some of the Bloodstreams, the IWS online hype show before events, and check out some of the promos around the site under the events page. Some of these (especially some of the Beef stuff) are awesome and Peter LaSalle>*

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Official Violent Valentine's preview

A Love for Rematches

At Freedom to Fight last year Viking and Damian lost the IWS Tag Team belts in an amazing TLC match to The Flying Hurricanes. Fast foward to today, Damian has left SLI and Fred came very close to winning the IWS Heavyweight title. Fred and Viking think that the two of them can win back the IWS Tag Team Titles for SLI. Fred has demanded that this match be fair, as the TLC match was clearly in the Flying Hurricanes favor. So this will be an "Old School" match, meaning, No going to the Top Rope and No going over the top rope.

Crazy Crusher returns and has decided to take on his former partner Nightmare Manson and Hell Storm. Crazy Crusher's partner will be Hell Storm's former partner DJ Sick. It is rumored backstage that Manson and Hell Storm have somthing up their sleeve in store for this match. Details will be revealed on the next Bloodstream.

President Seska has gotten international star Black Dragon to be at the next show. Black Dragon, a 16 year vetran, has worked all over the world, In Canada, Japan, Mexico and USA. He has worked with people such as Chris Jericho, Ultimo Dragon, Lance Storm and Christopher Daniels. Now he will work in IWS with Kevin Steen fans should be in for a real treat as these two wrestlers will probably put on one hell of a match.

Plus former ECCW wrestler Ja Jacobe will make his IWS debut as he will take on Twiggy in the dark match.

Expect more matches to be announced on Bloodstream.

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Takao is 'from New Zealand' lukie :P

To be realistic, I will be writing the Bloodstreams for this as well. They are these 30 minute shows that usually come out the week of the big event, and they hype matches and set matches and stuff. There are no matches on this show, so this will NOT be booked in EWR. But the actual wrestling shows will of course.

*The show starts off seeing Nightmare Manson and Hell Storm*

Manson: At Violent Valentine, I take on my former partner and friend Crazy Crusher with Hell Storm and Crazy Crusher's partner will be Hell Storm's former partner DJ Sick. I know you just came back from a leg injury and since you were my best friend and all, you probably think that I will go easy on you and to that I have to say...


Let me tell you a little story, you may remember on October 9th 2004, at CZW Breaking Point, You faced Excess and El Generico in a tag match but it wasn't me who was your partner, no, It was Kevin Steen. I remember the day when you told me John Zandig said that he had a tag match in Philidelphia with your name on it and since we were tagging at the time, I figured that John Zandig wanted me to tag. So I called him up and asked when I should arrive at Viking Hall and he said to me "I'm sorry Manson but I think we will go with another IWS wrestler to tag with Crusher." I was absolutly heart broken, as basically he said to me "No Manson, you are a bad wrestler."

Over time I began doing things out of depression, things I didn't usually do, which made me a mess. Until it hit me, religion that is. I didn't do the Shawn Michaels thing and find religion however, I decided to make my own religion, with me as the deity, The Hardcore Jesus. This is the The Chuch of Manson, I converted Hell Storm here to see the darkness. And of course the preacher, the pope, whatever you want to call him is,

*The camera zooms out

The Motivator Of Madness!

So at Violent Valentine, you will see the Church of Manson in action. Those who oppose us can be plagued!

*IWS Intro Plays and after that we go into the studio where we see Brian The Guppie and Peter LaSalle*

Brian The Guppie: Welcome to another episode of IWS Television.

Peter LaSalle: It's called Bloodstream!

Guppie: I'm Brian The Guppie and alongside me as always is the 'Renaissance Man' Peter LaSalle, and those were some strange words from the now self-proclaimed 'Hardcore Jesus.'

LaSalle: Yeah he's like a fucking Stephen Deangelis or somthing.

Guppie: I think you mean Evangelist. Stephen Deangelis was a ring announcer for ECW and Ring of Honor.

LaSalle: Whatever fucker!

Guppie: *sigh* Anyway, we have an IWS event coming up, Violent Valentine on December 25th, that's a friday by the way, at le Club Dome. But some bad news, Pierre Carl Oulette, PCO, will not be at Violent Valentine because last weekend, PCO debuted for IWA: Puerto Rico at Armed and Dangerous, in fact he went over Chet Jablonski in what I heard was a good match. He will stay in Puerto Rico for TV tapings for IWA: Puerto Rico and thus will not be at Violent Valentine.

LaSalle: Fuck that, those are lies, he's doing what everyone does in the land of the rising sun. Fucking Rico Constantian hobags.

Guppie: The land of the rising sun is Japan, PCO is in Puerto Rico! Did you even go to school? My god... Anyway another wrestler will not be joining us for Violent Valentine, and that is 'The Triple X Sex Express' Sexxxy Eddy. He has some 'personal' things to take care of. However if you wish to buy PCO's or Sexxxy Eddy's T-Shirt, they are availible to buy at Highspots.com.

LaSalle: That was one smooth shill Guppie, high five!

*Guppie goes to high five LaSalle but as Guppie is coming LaSalle just slaps him in the face*

LaSalle: Ha, YOU SOLD IT!

Guppie: Just watch this next clip. Ow it stings...


Damian's no joke

Damian: I don't understand somthing, how can somebody like Beef Wellington, an absolute joke to wrestling, get multiple chances to wrestle in promotions of the US, such as with JAPW and CZW, while I have got none? Well, Beef, I am going to give you the greatest Valentine's gift at Violent Valentine. I am going to break your fucking neck. So you won't be able to go to the US ever again.

Happy Valentine's day fucker.


LaSalle:That fucker needs to quit his bitchin,' I should be in the US I could commentate on Pro Wrestling Monkey or whatever the fuck it's called with guys like Super Mario Drag Queen, and his buddies Disco Inferno and that fucker with the mask.

Guppie: *sigh* We went over this already! It's called Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and they have Super Dragon, Excalibur and Disco Inferno is Glenn Gilberti! You are thinking of Disco Machine. *sigh* Anyway, we'll speak to Beef later but first, Un F'N Sanctioned is coming up next up, and at Un F'N Sanctioned, we have our annual 'Fans Bring The Weapons' tag team match. This year it will be against The Flying Hurricanes, Kenny the Bastard and Takao or Syndicate de lutte Internet, Fred La Merveille and Viking for the IWS Tag Team Titles, depending on who wins that "Old School Rules" match at Violent Valentine.

There was some discussion about who will get that shot in Commissioner Joey Fitzmorris' office. Take a look at this.


*We go to a shot in Joey Fitzmorris' office both Evil Ninja #2 and Vid Vain are near by.*

Joey: You will make an excellent bodyguard for me, Vid because often people are angry at me...

*The tag team 2.0 (Shane Matthews and Jagged) barge in the office*

Matthews: Joey, we need to talk, I am going to be blunt, we are going to be in the Fans Bring The Weapons match at Un F'N Sanctioned.

Joey: But I thought you guys hated the IWS.

Jagged: Oh we do, but we are on the 2.0.K5 Tour, which means that it is 'The Most Proffesional Tag Team's' quest to win the tag titles in every promotion we step foot in.

*At this moment El Generico and Player Uno walk in

Generico: OLE~!

Matthews: What do these guys want?

Generico: Ci...Ci....El Generico... uhhhh.... Player Uno....uhhh... El Weapono....

Joey: What the hell are you trying to say?

*El Generico picks up a stapler on Joey's desk and starts hitting it against a wall.

Generico: OLE!

*The rest of the people in the room just stare at Generico with odd looks until Dan (or Don, depending on what day of the week it is and what promotion it is) Paysan and Tommassino. Tommassino stares down Vid Vain.*

Paysan: Joey my man, how's it going?

Joey: He's not going to eat him is he?

Paysan: No. You see Joey, you remember what my uncle and father do for this company correct?

*Joey nods*

Paysan: Well, despite all they do for the company, I don't get any respect around here, I don't get title shots ever, and considering who my uncle and father are and if they don't like that, bad stuff will happen to the IWS. Compeche? But I'm willing to forget all that, if you put me in the Fans Bring The Weapons Match at Un F'N...

Matthews: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Slow Down there Itallian Stallion, 2.0 Is getting that title shot. NOW DO YOU COMPECHE THAT SUCKAAAAAAAAA~!

Generico: No! El Generico... Player Uno!

*an argument broke out in Spanish, Itallian and English*

Joey: EVERYBODY SHUT UP! At Violent Valentine, we will have 2.0 versus El Generico and Player Uno versus Dan Paysan and Tommasino versus The Ring Crew Express, Marcos and Dunn from the International Wrestling Cartel for #1 Contendership for the Fans Bring the Weapons match for the IWS Tag Team Titles at Un F'N Sanctioned. Sound good? Good? Now get out of my office.

*Everyone leaves immediatly after Kid Kamakaze barges in*

Kid K: Joey, we need to talk. At Season's Beatings Manny fired Kurt! So I need you to rehire him you just need to sign this contract right here...

Joey: No, get outta here, I don't want to, go complain to Seska.

*Kid K leaves and we see him walking down the hall and barges in *

Kid K: SESKA! You need to re-hire Kurt!

Seska: I'm sorry but I can't.

Kid K: Please? I'll let you ride the stache.

Seska: Er no... I can't it would violate a rule in the handbook, but I'll tell you what, Franky The Mobster is not booked in a match, so I'll give you a title shot at Violent Valentine. Sound good?

Kid K: Yeah, Sounds good... so uh... do you want to ride the stache anyway?

Seska: No thank you...

Kid K: Alright then.... bye...


LaSalle: The Rock & Roll Express? Arn't those old fuckers like, 90?

Guppie: There is no Rock & Roll Express, it's the Ring Crew Express, Marcos and Dunn, they were in Ring of Honor and IWC. But two big matches announced for Violent Valentine, first the #1 Contenders 4-way tag match, 2.0 versus El Generico and Player Uno, who is making his full time debut, versus, Dan Paysan and Tommassino versus The Ring Crew Express, Marcos and Dunn making their IWS debut.

The second match, Kid Kamakaze versus Franky The Mobster for the IWS Heavyweight title.

LaSalle: Why the fuck are you telling them the matches, if they were paying attention they should know anyway.

Guppie: I'm not even going to respond to that. We have another worker making his IWS debut.

LaSalle: Is it Ox Baker?

Guppie: No, it's Black Dragon, he's wrestled all over the world and now, he's coming here to IWS to take on Kevin Steen. Here are Kevin Steen's words on the matter.


Steen: Black Dragon. Bret Como. You have wrestled in the U.S, Canada, Mexico and Japan. You have helped train Lance Storm and Chris Jericho and gave Chris Jericho his first TV match. You were the first person to do a Shooting Star Press to the floor in Sumo Hall. You have feuded with Ultimo Dragon. But you won't be facing Ultimo Dragon or Chris Jericho or Lance Storm. You'll be facing Mr. Wrestling himself and there's nothing more than I'd love then being known as the man who beat the man who trained Chris Jericho. Because you see Dragon, I am the next big star in wrestling. Your time is done. Good luck... Bret...


Guppie: Kevin Steen insulting Black Dragon, saying his time is done, but nonetheless, this should be an excellent match.

LaSalle: What the fuck are they talking about, legend? I havn't heard of him.

Guppie: LaSalle, you thought that Puerto Rico was the land of the rising sun... Anyway, speaking of Dragons. At the last NCW show, Beef Wellington gave us a hint on who his opponent will be at Un F'N Sanctioned, because if you remember, in October, Beef gave out an open challenge to any animal, At the NCW show, Beef played a video of PWG's Super Dragon. They faced once at JAPW with Super Dragon being victorious. So it would make sense to have Beef challenge Super Dragon to a rematch. I had the chance to sit down with Beef and ask him about any rumors about that and the challenge Damian gave out to him.


Guppie: This is Brian The Guppie on Bloodstream, and joining me in this exclusive interview is Beef Wellington.

Beef: I like cake.

Guppie: Of course, now Beef, Damian challenged you to a match at Violent Valentine, he called you a joke wrestler and said that you should not be wrestling in the US, what do you say to that?

Beef: He's just jelous that I have wrestled a bear and he's also jelous that my merchandise is the #1 selling while his is... oh wait... he doesn't have any merchandise... so of course, I will kick his ass at Violent Valentine.

Guppie: Now at the last NCW show, you gave out a hint that your opponent at Un F'N Sanctioned will be Super Dragon from PWG. Is this confirmed?

Beef: No, It's not confirmed, it's circumsised. But I can definately tell you that my opponent is definately Super and Powerful and may or may not be a dragon. Now if you excuse me, I have to go watch Titanic.

Guppie This was Brian The Guppie, and I have not figured anything out from this interview...


Guppie: So that interview was pretty much a failure, but lets run down the card for Violent Valentine.

First off we have a Dark Match between, Twiggy and making his IWS debut, from ECCW, Ja Jacobe.

LaSalle: I don't give a shit.

Guppie: Next we have 'The Church of Manson,' HellStorm and Nightmare Manson with a returning Motivator of Madness versus Crazy Crusher and DJ Sick.

LaSalle: I'm going with the Crusher and DJ Sickbitch because those other guys are just so fucking creepy.

Guppie: I concur, next we have Beef Wellington versus Damian.

LaSalle: I'll have to go with Lil' Black Shorts (Damian) on this one, that guy is more stiffer than President Seska's tits when she's suckin' dick.

Guppie: Next we have Mr. Wrestling, Kevin Steen versus International Super Star Black Dragon.

LaSalle: Kevin Steen will definatly kick that Dragon guy who I don't know's ass.

Guppie: I don't know about that, Black Dragon has more expirence.

LaSalle: Will you just run down the fucking card, this isn't Between the Ropes, for christ sake.

Guppie: We have the 4 Way #1 Contenders match, who will be in the Fans Bring The Weapons match at Un F'N Sanctioned between, 2.0, El Generico and Player Uno, Dan Paysan and Tommassino and the Ring Crew Express, Marcos and Dunn.

LaSalle: I'm going with Pat Patterson's Ring Boys because Pat Patterson is the shit, I mean he stood up against Triple H and all that shit.

Guppie: *sigh* Facing the team who wins that match will be either The Flying Hurricanes or SLI, for the IWS Tag Team titles in an 'Old School Match' which means No going to the top rope and no throwing people over the top rope.

LaSalle: What a bunch of stupid rules, that's going to be one boring as fuck match.

Guppie: You do realize you're supposed to get people to come to the show... Anyway, Finally we have Kid Kamakaze versus Franky The Mobster for the IWS Heavyweight Title.

LaSalle: Franky will retain, because Kid Kamakaze grew up in a big house in Westmount and Franky grew up on the streets, Kid Kamakaze is going to be fucking slaughtered.

Guppie: And of course PCO is in Puerto Rico so will not be at the event, either will Sexxxy Eddy. Violent Valentine is this friday at Le Club Dome. Bell Time is at 10 o'clock and tickets are $20, remember, you have to be 18 plus to enter. This has been Brian the Guppie along side Peter LaSalle, You're watching IWS Television.

It's called Bloodstream!

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well.. firstly it should be Crusher with HellStorm, as they have been teaming a lot lately, not Crusher and Sick. and how about we get Strom and Crushers manager, Nick DuCap! (IRL he's always stoned... or seems like it lol) I'd give him the same stats as Motivator only 70-80 charisma, other then that, it sounds interesting, I'll be reading

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Nice bloodstream... a bit too less Beef and Generico but nice ;)

Would book bloodstream as "dark match" or first regular segment as they show it at the beginning of the show...

I hope you push Beef to the moon ;)

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Generico: Ci...Ci....El Generico... uhhhh.... Player Uno....uhhh... El Weapono....

Joey: What the hell are you trying to say?

*El Generico picks up a stapler on Joey's desk and starts hitting it against a wall.

Generico: OLE!

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Yeah, I'll be reading by default. :)

Promos were short but effective I guess...you can handle LaSalle & Guppie well, as well as several of the IWS' characters, but that card doesn't look that hot...and a FBTW match with one of those four teams? Sounds seriously like a travesty.

Ah well, I'll be waiting for a show. :)

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Awesome. As a big IWS fan, I am sure you will book it good and hopefully take it to new levels. Hopefully you can keep your talent and add some more Quebec indy workers with the odd American worker. Good luck my man!

Oh, and push Dan Paysan. He has nice hair.

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  • 3 weeks later...

well.. firstly it should be Crusher with HellStorm, as they have been teaming a lot lately, not Crusher and Sick. and how about we get Strom and Crushers manager, Nick DuCap! (IRL he's always stoned... or seems like it lol) I'd give him the same stats as Motivator only 70-80 charisma, other then that, it sounds interesting, I'll be reading
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Talk About a Scramble Match

At the last IWS event, Violent Valentine we saw 2.0 beat 3 other teams to face the IWS Tag Team Champions, The Flying Hurricanes. Earlier this month at an NCW show, 2.0 took on the NCW Tag Team, Fresh Factor. During this match 2.0 member, Jagged, broke his leg on a Dropkick attempt. So Jagged will not be appearing at Un F'N Sanctioned. Also earlier this month at an MWF show, The Flying Hurricanes faced the tag team, Ace Trip. During this match, Takao hurt his arm on a plancha. So he won't be at Un F'N Sanctioned as well. The IWS officials told the two remaning wrestlers (Shane Matthews of 2.0 and Kenny The Bastard of the Flying Hurricanes) that if they did not find another tag team partner, but the other one did, they would have to face them in a Fans Bring The Weapons Handicap Match. If neither found a partner, they would both be fired. We'll see who they choose to tag team with, this week on Bloodstream.

Also at Un F'N Sanctioned we finally see Sexxxy Eddy versus Excess. This was one match that all the IWS fans wanted to see and it is finally becoming a reality at the biggest IWS show of the year. Fans should see a big treat when these two finally face eachother.

Coming Straight Outta SoCal, Excalibur of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla will be taking on El Generico. These two have faced each other in a CZW Tag Match but never one on one And speaking of SoCal we will see what animal Beef Wellington will face.

At Violent Valentine, we saw the return of Hardcore Ninja #1. He will face Evil Ninja #2 at Un F'N Sanctioned.

Also at Violent Valentine, we saw the Hardcore Hero, The Green Phantom return and he wants the IWS Heavyweight Title, so expect to see a match with him and Franky The Mobster.

DJ Sick has formed a team with CZW wrestler DJ Hyde to form the DJs, expect to see them in action.

Finally we have a dark match, Cade Sydal and Ja Jacobe vs. Brett Prime and Tristin Hayze.

Expect to see more matches announced on BloodStream

Un F'N Sanctioned will take place at La Spag. Tickets are $20.

Edited by Komodo
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I only hope you'll have as much fun writing the FBTW-match as I had back then... :P

That show seemed kinda flat and not such a good card for IWS...I dunno, I'm just not feeling the rise in new wrestlers, in this diary and in real life. The write-ups are good and descriptive, some more info on the looks of the wrestlers wouldn't hurt though (maybe pics even?).

Good to see The Flying Hurricanes (kinda) in the FBTW-match, I mark out for them and Kenny The Bastard especially excels in deathmatches as a crazy bump machine. Sorry to hear about the injuries though, but maybe we'll see one part of the Extreme Revolution in that match at least? Please? :crying:

Oh yeah, Phantom & Ninja returning! Great! And Eddy & Excess! Awesome! And you're bringing in Excalibur, that'll be nice.

One thing still, I think you should definitely push Damian, he doesn't even have a match for UFS now....:(

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