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So I've got a bunch of tracks from 'The Rocky Story' CD and plan to make a work out compilation, Survivor seem to be incredibly good at the type of songs I'm going for, I don't want any of that gay ass dance music kind with people saying shit like 'PUMP IT UP' in the background, because thats about as motivating as a piece of lettuce, I'm going for hero type music, basically the kinda 80's-90's feel good 'rock' type music that feature in the rocky films.

Any suggestions? I'll look up some more survivor songs in the mean time, cheers.


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I didn't use much, but I found that Eye Of The Tiger always worked, and pretty much any other song that I could sing along to in my head, to take my mind off things.

Oh, and by the way I said that in past tense as right now I have tendonitis, which you get from too much working out. And too much is better than none at all I guess, even if the pain it causes is incredibly irritating.

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Eugene's Theme Music....

"Fight to Survive" by Stan Bush.

Owen Hart, Bret Hart, and The Ultimate Warrior's theme music.

Gone Shootin' by AC/DC

Turn Up The Radio by Autograph

Mighty Wings by Cheap Trick

Born to Be Alive by Patrick Hernandez

You're the Best from the Karate Kid

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