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4-Way Steel Cage IC Title Match Can Go To Hell


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There is no fucking way to win this match.............

No matter what I do, I always get screwed, like I'm climbing up the cage, and so is someone else. We start at the same time....and the assholes knock me off, allowing the other guy to win.....


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How did you get interesting matches like that??? Anyway, in Cage matches, if you can stick it out long enough, the best way to to win is to lay them all out, spread-eagled. By the time the first guy's up, you should be high enough up the cage to get over for the win.

Career mode spoilers ahoy...

Career mode pissed me off. I lost the World title at Summerslam in the Elimination Chamber, on a complete fluke (Kane pinned me, no finisher, and I had only yellow damage to my head and chest), and now the storyline has reverted to the exact same thing as the first time I did it, with Edge interviewing me and Cade attacking me. Not even different Superstars? Just shows how lazy THQ/Yukes/whoever were with it.

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I need to win this fucking match.......

I got screwed at the Royal Rumble (Entering 30th). Me, Eddie, and JBL are the only ones left in the match. Me and Eddie double team JBL, nearly getting him out, only to have him slip back in and have Eddie push me out.


So now, in order to avoid that damn (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Trish storyline, I have to win. It's me (...The Mick) vs Christian vs Triple H (go figure....IC title match) and Kane (IC Champ).

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If the opponent has a long finisher, climb out while he's doing that.

Also, sometimes I find it more useful to irish whip them into a turnbuckle, instead of laying them out. It's easier that way as well.

Yeah, I won mine after hitting a Goldberg Spear (not the finisher, the running one) on one guy, and lettign the Undertaker use the Last Ride on someone else. The Cage match was a nice break of pace for me first time through, since all I ever did was fight Triple Threat Matches all year round practically.

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I hate the Triple Threat and Quad Cage matches. So hard! Really, even using the tactics above, it takes a long time usually and its so easy for the computer to win (like one guy going up, they other two still going for me!).

However....playing as JBL I managed to beat one it roughly ten minutes. I had my special, and after watching Undy Last Ride Big Show, I just used the Clothesline from Hell on Taker and then same to Kurt. Went up and I was done.

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Don't complain, I'm still trying to figure out how to get out of the dungeon without using the Wizard's Key.

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