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This is fucked up

Your Mom

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The following are current dates and locations for UNTITLED ROCK STAR PROJECT (working title) open casting calls. Both women and men are encouraged to audition. You must be at least 21 years of age. Open Calls are on a first-come first-serve basis. Please arrive early! Due to scheduling restrictions, producers cannot guarantee everyone an audition. Producers will do their best to see everyone.

Charlotte, NC

Tuesday, January 25 (8AM - 4PM)

Milestone Club

Nashville, TN

Thursday, January 27 (8AM - 4PM)


New York, NY

Sunday, January 30 (8AM - 4PM)


Minneapolis, MN

Tuesday, February 1 (8AM - 4PM)

First Avenue

Toronto, Canada

Friday, February 4 (8AM - 4PM)

The Mod Club

Chicago, IL

Sunday, February 6 (8AM - 4PM)

Schubas Tavern

Boston, MA

Wednesday, February 9 (8AM - 4PM)

Middle East

Omaha, NE

Friday, February 11 (8AM - 4PM)

Mick's Music & Bar

New Orleans, LA

Monday, February 14 (8AM - 4PM)


Austin, TX

Wednesday, February 16 (8AM - 4PM)

Whats that you say? Sara this doesn't seem too fucked up to me. Well heres the fucked up part. The winner of the contest becomes the new lead singer for INXS! A band that used to mean something is now reduced to this... fucking sad.

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Guest Bluesman

That this is allowed anywhere near First Ave. in Minneapolis makes me sick, as does what is a contest to determine the new singer of a band whose dominant force was the lead singer. Hopefully they do Nirvana next...

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