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Labyrinth & Little Monsters


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I recently bought both of these DVD's off EBAY in Australia cause neither is available over here... Labyrinth comes out soon though i think... Anyway i bought the two of them for $13 which i thought was very good...

Anyway to the point... What are everyone's opinion on these two old movies?

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Labyrinth is a good kids movie IMO. I just love Jim Henson though. I did have nightmares as a kid about those pink things that chucked each other's heads around though :( Looking back, David Bowie in those skin tight trousers was probably more scary :shifty:

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

I bought the Labrynth DVD for about £3 new, thinking about it, at the time it was a really dark kids movie, I was scared of it for ages, so I bought it to watch it again and get over it.

I only watched half of it before my player started screwing up, but yeah its quite freaky.

Dark Crystal rocked, I had that on video tape, that was also pretty dark for a kids movie, those puppets were pretty cool though, I'll try and buy that one too.

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