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...On your radio station right now. Name the radio station ahd the number one song.

On Edge 102, its Linkin Park- Lying From You, with Jet- Cold Hard Bitcha (Yes, I know, I spelt it correctly) behind.

On CHUMFM, it's Avril Lavigne- Don't Tell Me.

On FoxFM, it's Hoobastank- The Reason, followed by Nickelback- Feelin' Way Too Damn Good.

Other stations around here have Yellowcard- Ocean Avenue.

So, what is the number one song on your radio station(s)

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95.1 Nerve Rock plays Linkin Park-Lying From You, Jet-Cold Hard Bitch and Hoobastank-The Reason most when I listen.

The station doesn't come in that well and that's what I've heard the most.

EDIT: Now that I think of it. Thornley-So Far So Good is pretty popular too.

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102.9 The Buzz:

1st - Slipknot's Duality

2nd - Muse's Time Is Running Out

102.5 The Party:

1st - Avril Lavigne's Don't Tell Me

2nd - Black Eyed Peas' Hey Mama

107.5 The River:

1st - Maroon 5's This Love

2nd - Evanescence's My Immortal

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99.7 The Blitz

"Silhouettes" by Smile Empty Soul (Great song) with "Duality" by Slipknot at #2

97.9 WNCI

"My Band" by D12 (:rolleyes:) with "Burn" by Usher at #2 (Meh)

107.1 The Big WAZU

"Cold" by Crossfade and "Savior" by Skillet at #2

Basically, The Blitz and WAZU are the only stations around here I listen to. They play some great stuff.

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K-Rock 105.7

Top 7 at 7:

1 Tragically Hip Vaccination Scar

2 Jet Cold Hard Bitch

Top 20 Weekly Countdown:

1 Hoobastank The Reason

2 The Tragically Hip Vaccination Scar

3 Jet Cold Hard Bitch

4 Thornely So Far So Good

5 Powderfinger (Baby I have go you) on my Mind

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Guest bruins72

104.1 WBCN has Jet - Cold Hard Bitch at #1 right now. I don't know why it's rated so high. The song has been around for a long time now and is over-played.

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Since I only listen to one station that has a countdown thing, here's the full list of the most recent results of 107.7 The End's last top ten countdown dealie...

1:Beastie Boys - Ch-Check It Out

2:The Killers - Somebody Told Me

3: Velvet Revolver - Slither

4: Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

5: Jet - Rollover DJ

6: Morrissey - Irish Blood, English Heart

7: Offspring - (Can't Get My) Head Around You

8: Snow Patrol - Spitting Games

9: The Cure - The End of the World

10: Bad Religion - LA is Burning

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