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So This Week I'm Watching the following movies....


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Guest Ringmaster

Troy is dreadful. There are episodes of Xena with better fight scenes and sets.

The Manchurian Candidate is okay, but filmed really weirdly at times. Weird camera. The original is a million times better though, but if you're able to forget about it and simply see this as an original movie, then it's fine.

Anacondas is just bad. Not even in the entertaining way.

King Arthur is entertainingly bad. It's really cheesy and not the best of movies, but you won't feel bored.

I, Robot is decent, although full of plot holes.

I'd say the Manchurian Candidate is the best.

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From best to worst

The Manchurian Candidate 7.5/10

I, Robot 6.5/10

Troy 5/10

King Arthur 4/10

Anacondas 3.5/10

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I really wanted to see the Manchurian candidate, but the cinema's rou dhere stopped showing it round here really quickly :(

I honestly didn't think Troy was a bad film. Granted, it wasn't a good one either, it was a bit meh if you know what I mean, but I found it watchable. OK, the ending was poor, and I had the urge to smack Orlando Bloom about 3 seconds in, but it wasn't awful. Eric Bana was very good I thought.

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Can I get a more specific opinion on King Arthur? I rented it once and never got around to it. From what I hear, it's a meh movie that I shouldn't be so bothered with, but i'm in love with Kiera Knightley. She makes a damn good lemon pie. :(

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Guest John Cena

I, Robot (6/10)

Decent movie for a one-time viewing. I wouldn't watch it again but for a futuristic action/adventure movie, it was OK.

Anacondas (2/10)

Wow, just so terribly bad. This was just one big trainwreck that couldn't end soon enough...

King Arthur

Haven't seen it so I couldn't tell you. All I've heard is that it isn't very good.

The Manchurian Candidate (7/10)

Good, solid movie. Washington and Schreiber put on very good performances and I liked the way the story was presented.

Troy (7/10)

I liked this movie, aside from the casting of Orlando Bloom, who felt like just a totally random person to cast, and the ending. I thought most of the fight scenes (especially the one between Bana and Pitt) were solid and Diane Kruger (Helen) was just...:pervert:

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I, Robot

Hmmm, being one of the only people I know who liked the MIB duo, it's only natural that I loved this Will Smith movie as well. I love the futuristic movies where you can pretty much make up whatever you want about the world and get away with it. The plot does leave you thinking a bit but I didn't find it too hard. I thought it was a solid movie except that it had no well-known cast except Smith. The fight scenes were cool, especially since you had to do them with the CGI robots, so that's a plus.


To whoever suggested a new set of movies -- these are the only ones that are on my Bell ExpressVu dish and why would I want to pay for a movie? ;) Although there is Shaun of the Dead and Little Black Book except SotD looks retarded and I HATE chick flicks with a passion.

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Yup, so The Manchurian Candidate was good but for some reason, I wasn't too interested in the storyline. Not my type of movie - 6/10

Yesterday I bought the DVD of "Saw" and let me say, holy fuck!! I loved every second of the movie. The ending blew me away and tied everything together PERFECTLY. Some people had problems with the dialogue, I thought it was different, but in a good way. - 8.5/10

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