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The Punisher: SEGA Genesis


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I never knew this game existed until a little while ago, but recently I started playing it and I have to rate it as my favorite beat 'em up of all time, don't ask me why there's just something about being the Punisher. All those Final Fight clones sucked anyways. Here's a few notes on the game:

- You play as either the Punisher or Nick Fury.

- The main villian of the game is Kingpin....he seems to be popular as a SEGA superhero game villian.

- You can only play the game so far on Easy mode until Kingpin comes out and laughs at your pathetic attempt to take down his empire.

It's a really good game, play it if you can,

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damnit with all you guys talking about the genesis , I pulled mine down from the attic . Back int he day the Punish game was good I bought it and beat it and now that I go back play it I wonder what I was thinking of in the first place to play the game

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I also enjoyed this game quite a bit, back in the 16 bit days. I liked the fact that it was part beat em' up, part shoot em' up. They also had a pretty good selection of weapons you could pick up throughout the levels such as nasty looking battle axes, knives, baseball bats, lead pipes, uzi's, m-16s, and other objects. I also was partial to picking up the villians and throwing them into each other. Another great feature was the ability to hold a villian, then leap into the air and slam him down viciously.

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