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Movies with twist endings

Your Mom

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I am really interested in watching some good movies with twist endings and/or movies where the bad guys win. I know you guys telling me the ones to watch kind of ruins half the fun of it, but I have no idea how to find movies like that without people telling me which ones to watch. So yeah help me out and tell me some. Don't say what happens though so I can at least be mildly surprised. :thumbsup:

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Guest Ringmaster

Angel Heart

The Usual Suspects

The Sixth Sense


Jacob's Ladder (not that good a movie though)

Mulholland Drive (kinda)

Fight Club

The Crying Game



Planet of The Apes

No Way Out

Primal Fear


Old Boy

My personal favourite is the Usual Suspects, very closely followed by Angel Heart.

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Guest Ringmaster

May as well toss these in there:

- The Game

- Rashomon

- The Others

- Memento

- The 13th Floor

- The Third Man

- Kiss The Girls

- The Spanish Prisoner (fantastic twists in there)

- Arlington Road

- Wild Things

- Happy Accidents

- Vertigo

- In The Mouth Of Madness

- Shattered

- 12 Monkeys

- Dead Again

- Body Double

- Identity

- Chinatown

- Diabolique (the original >>>> the remake)

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I highly recommend the movie NARC for a good twist ending, and also for the sheer awesomness that is Ray Liotta in that movie.

EDIT: If you managed to get Old Boy, I also recommend trying to find the movie "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance." It's by the same director, and even though it doesn't have as amazing an ending as Old Boy, it still has a bunch of fantastic twists throughout.

Also, Brotherhood of the Wolf is a solid one with a bit of a twist ending, or at least one that you may not be expecting. Also, the main character looks like a French 1998 Triple H, which is great in and of itself.

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is very good in its own way...not exactly a "twist" ending, but certainly has all kinds of awesomeness right at the end as everything starts getting tied up nicely.

And, yes, I shouldn't have hit "Submit Post" as soon as I did, since I managed to write a novel after posting my once line...

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