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New Garbage Single


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So we just got the new Garbage single at the radio station yesterday morning. I took the day off since I haven't had one in three weeks so I just got to hear it this afternoon and holy shit.

If you've never listened to Garbage before, now's the fucking time to start. This new single is faster and heavier than most of their work but still keeps that unique Garbage sound. Shirley's voice is as good as ever and this song makes a great first single for what I hope to be a great album.

Keep an ear out for it on the radio, and it'll probably be available on Garbage.com in the coming weeks.

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Yes, they are the band with the Scottish singer.

I LOVED the third album despite the critics. It was different, but it lived up to its name, beautifulgarbage. It was slower, more melodic, but still some really killer tracks on there. Is it my least favorite album of theirs? Yeah, but that's like saying the worst blowjob I ever got... even when it's bad, it's still pretty fucking good.

And JarJar, I wouldn't really call it groundbreaking for the music industry, but it's very different for them and definitely a more raw sound from the previous record.

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