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Question about The Aviator.

MalaCloudy Black

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I haven't seen it yet, so a simple "yes" or "no" will certainly suffice, but if you wish to go into more detail go ahead.

I was reading a book this morning that got me to thinking, does The Aviator mention anything of the connection between Howard Hughes and Anton LaVey? It's just a minor thing, but since I don't go to theatres and the movie probably won't be out on DVD for some time, I'd like to know now. :)

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I just figured that he may be mentioned, perhaps, as Howard Hughes was prime in funding LaVey's Church of Satan. It's mentioned briefly in Moynihan/Soderlind's Lords of Chaos, within the first 10 pages or so (if I can find the book I'll post an excerpt.)


Here's the excerpt. Seems I was a little off, ah well :

I don't think it was originally released as propaganda, but rather to set the record straight as to what a Satanic Mass is opposed to a Black Mass, the latter of course just an inversion of a Christian rite. It was also an opportunity to reach a certain element at that time. There was no such forum for performance at the time. The recording was done live with different tracks -- it was recorded as performed. But I guess you could say it turned out to be propaganda...it was subsequently distributed by Lyle Stuart [the publisher] and Howard Hughes funded some of that. He was quite sympathetic to what we were doing.

pgs. 8 & 9, Lords of Chaos (above is a quote of a LaVey quote, if that makes any sense.)

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