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WWE- New Year's Resolution

Guest Jackson

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Guest Jackson


Well, this is my first diary attempt over here, and I know that people are a lot more critical about diaries- especially involving the backstory, which us why mine doesn’t have one :D. NYR will just be another WWE diary to add to the boards already growing collection. I am just starting with how the WWE was back at the beginning of January of this year, and hope that I can do things a little bit better than they did. So, without further ado I give to you WWE: New Year’s Resolution by Jackson.

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Guest Jackson

WWE Roster

Superstars that are yet to debut will more than likely debut at the Royal Rumble, or just after.

Raw Superstars

Main Event

Chris Benoit

***Yet To Debut***

Ric Flair

Shawn Michaels

***Yet To Debut***

Triple H

Upper Midcard


Chris Jericho



Eugene (World Tag Team Champion)


Randy Orton

Shelton Benjamin (Intercontinental Champion)


Gene Snitsky



Molly Holly

Muhammad Hassan


Robert Conway

Stacy Keibler

Sylvain Grenier


The Hurricane

Trish Stratus (WWE Women's Champion)



William Regal (World Tag Team Champion)

Lower Midcard

Muhammad Hassan


Steven Richards

Tyson Tomko

Val Venis



Khosrow Daivari (Manages Muhammad Hassan)

Miss Jackie (Manages The Worlds Greatest Tag Team)

Authority Figures

Eric Bischoff (Raw General Manager)


Chris Kay

Earl Hebner

Jack Doan

Jim Korderas

Mike Chioda


Chris Nowinski (Heat)

Howard Finkel (Raw Ring Announcer)

Jerry Lawler (Raw)

Jim Ross (Raw)

Jonathon Coachman (Heat)

Lillian Garcia (Raw Ring Announcer)


Gene Okerlund


Todd Grisham


Mick Foley

Shane McMahon

The Rock

Tommy Dreamer


Mark Henry (Shoulder Injury, 3-6 weeks)

Matt Hardy (Major Knee Injury, 6 months)

Smackdown Roster

Main Event

Eddie Guerrero

***Yet To Debut***

John Bradshaw Layfield (WWE Champion)

Kurt Angle

The Undertaker

***Yet To Debut***

Upper Midcard

Big Show

Booker T

John Cena (United States Champion)

Rey Mysterio (WWE Tag Team Champion)

Rob Van Dam (WWE Tag Team Champion)


Al Snow

Billy Kidman

Bubba Ray Dudley

Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero

D-Von Dudley

Hardcore Holly

Kenzo Suzuki

Luther Reigns

Mark Jindrak

Rene Dupree

Spike Dudley

***Yet To Debut***

Lower Midcard


Danny Basham

Doug Basham

Funaki (Cruiserweight Champion)




Orlando Jordan

Paul London

Perry Saturn

Scotty 2 Hotty

Shannon Moore


Amy Weber ("Image Consultant" of John Bradshaw Layfield)

Dawn Marie

Jim Cornette

Joy Giovanni (Big Show)

Lance Storm

Miss Jackie (Manages Charlie Haas)

Paul Heyman (Manages The Dudley Boyz & Heidenreich)

Torrie Wilson

Authority Figure

Theodore Long (Smackdown General Manager)


Stephanie McMahon


Brian Hebner

Chad Patton

Charles Robinson

Nick Patrick


Bill DeMott (Velocity)

Jason Roberts (Smackdown Ring Announcer)

Michael Cole (Smackdown)

Steve Romero (Velocity)

Tazz (Smackdown)

Tony Chimel (Smackdown Ring Announcer)


Josh Matthews


Carlito Caribbean Cool (Separated Shoulder, 2 months)

Ohio Valley Wrestling Roster

(WWE Development Deals)

Alexis Laree

Angel Williams

Antonio Thomas

Blaster Lashley

Brent Albright

Brian Carlucci


Chad Toland

Chilly Willy

Chris Cage

Chris Kay

Chris Masters

Daniel Puder

Daniel Rodimer

David Finlay

Deuce Shade

Hiroko Suzuki


Jillian Hall

Johnny Jeter

Johnny Nitro

Ken Doan

Kevin Fertig

Lance Cade (Major Knee Injury, 3 months)

Lance Storm (Head Trainer)


Lis Moretti (Trainer)

Marty Wright

Matt Cappotelli

Matt Morgan


Nick Mitchell

Paul Burchill

Ryan Reeves

Tank Toland

Backstage Staff

Arn Anderson

Brian Gerwitz

Bruce Pritchard

Dave Hebner

David Lagana

Dean Malenko

Ed Koskey

Gerald Brisco

Harvey Wippleman

Jack Lanza

Jim Morris

John Laurinaitis

Linda McMahon

Marissa McMahon

Mark Yeaton

Michael Hayes

Rick Michaels

Ricky Steamboat

Sgt. Slaughter

Steve Keirn

Steve Lombardi

Tim White

Tony Chimel

Tony Garea

Vince McMahon

Booking Team

Brian Gerwitz

Bruce Pritchard

John Laurinaitis

Lucas Jackson (Head Booker)

Michael Hayes

Stephanie McMahon

Raw Road Agents

Arn Anderson

David Finlay

Gerald Brisco

Jack Lanza

Sgt. Slaughter

Smackdown Road Agents

Dean Malenko

Harvey Wippleman

John Bradshaw Layfield

Steve Keirn

Steve Lombardi

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Guest Jackson

News & Notes

Following a dispute with Spike TV, Raw and Sunday Night Heat shall find new homes- on FOX. Velocity's contract with Spike TV will end in June, and it is likely that Velocity will either go to UPN with Smackdown, or join the rising FOX family. But we shall keep you posted. Also, Raw has moved to a new time of 9:30 PM, but it shall still as always be LIVE.

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Guest Jackson

Velocity Results

January 1st 2005

Dallas, Texas

We opened Velocity with a video hyping our WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield. It showed his three consecutive wins over Eddie Guerrero, as well as his many victories over the Undertaker, Big Show and Booker T. It ends with the shot from Armageddon a few weeks ago with JBL still on top.

Overall Rating: 93.9%

Jesus def. Paul London

Even though Paul London managed to get an early Dropsault in, and nail an early moonsault off the top rope, Jesus still managed to win after a lethal clothesline. Afterwards as London was getting beaten down US champion, John Cena ran down the ramp and saved London from an assault from the animal.

Match Reaction: 48.3%

Match Quality: 74.8%

Overall Rating: 57.3%


When we return Josh Matthews is asking John Cena why he just attacked Jesus for no apparent reason. Cena said that it was because the two of them still have "unfinished business" before walking off.

Overall Rating: 79.7%


Funaki def. Akio

Akio managed to nail some impressive moves in this match, but Funaki managed to win after a stiff kick right to the face of Akio. Afterwards Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, Paul London and Spike Dudley ran down and we witnessed a massive Cruiserweight free-for-all with nobody getting the advantage before referee's split the action up.

Match Reaction: 63.6%

Match Quality: 89.0%

Overall Rating: 78.4%

A video was then aired to hype that monster of mass destruction, Heidenreich showing how he continued to beat down on WWE superstars.

Overall Rating: 68.7%

Hardcore Holly def. Heidenreich

A very quick match here, but a decent brawl from both men- with Holly carrying Heidenreich through the entire match pretty much. Heidenreich got a chair from the outside and got himself disqualified, giving Holly the win. Afterwards Heidenreich nailed Holly with that chair once again before being "ordered" to the back "or else".

Match Reaction: 68.4%

Match Quality: 67.0%

Overall Rating: 68.5%


Backstage Josh Matthews was seen with Doug and Danny, the Basham Brothers who said that after they defeat Charlie Haas and Chavo Guerrero they are gonna demand a tag team title shot on Smackdown. Decent stuff.

Overall Rating: 75.5%

The Basham Brothers def. Charlie Haas & Chavo Guerrero

A decent Main Event here with the technical experts Haas and Chavo managing to get the best of the Basham's. But in the end it would be a cheap switch by Danny (?) and a roll up with the tights to secure a victory for the Basham Brothers.

Match Reaction: 68.6%

Match Quality: 79.5%

Overall Rating: 79.0%

Quick Match Results:

Jesus def. Paul London (57.3%)

Funaki def. Akio (78.4%)

Hardcore Holly def. Heidenreich (DQ) (68.5%)

The Basham Brothers def. Chavo Guerrero & Charlie Haas (79.0%)

Overall Show Rating: 75.1%

Viewers: 674,194

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Guest Jackson

Heat Results

January 2nd 2005

Boston, Massachusetts

We opened the show with Fat Fighter, Simon Dean. He came into the audience and started cussing people with multiple chins. Dean almost got punched in the face by the guy. After that he started promoting his new set of scales which can apparently tell how much you're gonna lose- or in the case of the Boston crowd- gain.

Overall Rating: 70.2%

Gene Snitsky drew Eugene

Eugene was very careful going into this match as Snitsky was very pissed off. Snitsky went almost straight to the outside and got a steel chain- but Eugene ducked and then nailed the Big Boot on Snitsky- but the animal got right back up. Eugene ran and got a weapon and they both hit each other at the same time- and the referee rang the bell disqualifying them both. The two brawled for a little while after as Snitsky looked pissed. Snitsky was getting the better of Eugene until the flames went off on the stage. Thinking it was Kane, Snitsky ran away- but nobody showed up.

Match Reaction: 69.2%

Match Quality: 73.6%

Overall Rating: 60.0%

In the back Molly Holly is being interviewed by the Coach who says that he wants to see Molly as Women's Champion again. Molly said that tonight she'd be one step closer.

Overall Rating: 72.2%

Molly Holly def. Victoria

A good match from the two ladies here, despite Trish's constant interference. However it was for the best as Molly had the referee distracted on the outside Trish connected with the Stratusfaction in the ring and Molly stole the pinfall. Lita saved Victoria afterwards as Trish and Molly looked pissed.

Match Reaction: 68.3%

Match Quality: 75.4%

Overall Rating: 59.6%

A video was then played to hype the forthcoming debut of Muhammed Hassan- who says that he will debut tomorrow night on Raw!

Overall Rating: 54.3%

Viscera def. Val Venis

An interesting little match here as Viscera didn't die during it, and was looking a little faster in the ring- and was selling a lot better too. He won after a splash on Val.

Match Reaction: 62.3%

Match Quality: 73.4%

Overall Rating: 55.6%

Backstage "Mean" Gene Okerlund was standing by with The Hurricane and Rosey AKA The Superheroes. They talked about beating the hell out of Christian & Tomko, who they had a match with, next.

Overall Rating: 74.6%

Christian & Tyson Tomko def. The Superheroes

A decent Main Event here, but the interference from Dean really was the end of it as The Hurricane was victim of a premature Unprettier and Rosey was unable to get in the ring as he was distracted by Simon Dean. Afterwards Christian and The Hurricane beat the **** out of The Hurricane which ended Heat.

Match Reaction: 68.2%

Match Quality: 72.0%

Overall Rating: 57.8%

Quick Match Results:

Gene Snitsky drew with Eugene (60.0%)

Molly Holly def. Victoria (59.6%)

Viscera def. Val Venis (55.6%)

Christian & Tomko def. Super Heroes (57.8%)

Overall Rating: 63.0%

Viewers: 938,691

N.B.: I forgot to assign announcer to this show, hence the Overall Ratings being so low. I will rectify this situation before the next edition, I promise.
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Guest Jackson

The following has been taken from raw.wwe.com:

Raw Preview


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

No Main Event matches have been signed this week as General Manager Eric Bischoff says that the six participants in this Sunday's Elimination Chamber Match, and has been keeping it under guard. However, all shall be revealed tonight on Raw from JR's hometown.

In ring action tonight Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin and challenger for New Year's Revolution, Maven will both be in singles action as the champion takes on Rhyno and the challenger takes on William Regal. Will either man be able to get the advantage just days before they fight over Shelton Benjamin's Intercontinental title?

Also following the cheap victory that Christian (along with that animal Tyson Tomko) gained last night on Heat, The Hurricane has challenged Christian to a one on one match tonight in Oklahoma. These two superstars have had great contests before, and let's just hope that it can happen once again. But with Tomko- and most probably Trish Stratus in Christian's corner, it looks like The Hurricane is in a dangerous environment.

And finally the 400 pound behemoth, Viscera will take on Val Venis in a rematch from their match last night on Heat.

So catch the first Raw on FOX, live tonight from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- the hometown of Raw's good ol' Jim Ross.

Confirmed Matches:

Val Venis vs. Viscera

Maven vs. William Regal 

Rhyno vs. Shelton Benjamin 

Christian vs. The Hurricane

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Guest Jackson

Raw Results

January 3rd 2005

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


JR: Welcome everybody to Monday Night Raw, coming live from my hometown, Oklahoma!

KING: And we have some great matches already signed for tonight's show. But Eric Bischoff is about to tell us some more!


Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff is in the ring talking as we open Raw.

BISCHOFF: Tonight we are gonna see the six people who are entered in this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber Match take on each other in singles action. However, there will be a special twist to tonight’s action. Because the three superstars who win their matches will get to choose when they enter the match on Sunday- numbers one through to six- and the losers will just have to take whatever is left. The matches are: Batista vs. Chris Jericho, Edge vs. Randy Orton and Chris Benoit vs. Triple H in the Main Event!

The crowd gave Bischoff a mixed reaction as he went to the back.

Overall Rating: 83.2%

Val Venis vs. Viscera

An interesting match here and far better than there match last night on Heat. A lot of nice moves from Venis, but Viscera was just too darn powerful for Val, and became victim of a Spinebuster which pretty much put him out the entire match. Venis fought back, but it was too no avail, as Viscera moved out of the way as Venis flew off the top rope with the Money Shot, and then nailed that sick Splash, slamming 400 pounds of animal onto the mat. That was enough to get three.

Winner: Viscera

Match Reaction: 61.2%

Match Quality: 72.6%

Overall Rating: 68.9%

A video was then shown to hype the Big Red Monster that is Kane as he is set to return at New Year’s Revolution this Sunday.

Overall Rating: 79.3%


Maven vs. William Regal

Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin joined the commentary team to watch his opponent for Sunday. Some nice suplexes from Regal at the beginning, but Maven soon took control and flew off with a nice Cross Body as the crowd booed the changed Raw superstar. Maven went to get a chair, but Benjamin ran down and stop him. While Maven was busy taunting Benjamin, he was quickly rolled through into the Regal stretch where he had no choice but to tap out.

Maven was very angry after the match, but Benjamin had already made his way to the back.

Winner: William Regal

Match Reaction: 74.4%

Match Quality: 81.6%

Overall Rating: 76.1%


We cut to Triple H’s locker room where he is with Ric Flair, getting ready for tonight’s match against Chris Benoit.

TRIPLE H: Flair, you know who I am sick of the most- Chris Benoit. He makes me absoloutley sick. People keep going on and on about how I have never beaten him- but that all changes tonight.

RIC FLAIR: Well, let’s just hope it does H, because remember to be the Man, you gotta beat the man. And you are the man, but you just need to beat Chris Benoit!

TRIPLE H: And that’s what is gonna happen tonight.

Flair gets up and begins to walk away.

RIC FLAIR: See you out there Game!

TRIPLE H: Yeah, see ya out there.

Overall Rating: 100.0%


Eugene is walking backstage when out of nowhere he is attacked by a man dressed in all black. The attacker then walks off laughing.

Overall Rating: 68.2%


Rhyno vs. Shelton Benjamin

Champion Benjamin was on the look out for Maven, but still managed to have a great match with Rhyno. It was a friendly match as the two are friends, but they still took it to one another. Rhyno nailed an early Gore and nearly put Benjamin away, but Benjamin came back with a top rope dropkick. Maven tried to get involved but was bumped off the apron landing *** first. Shelton then nailed the T-Bone in the ring and got the three as the crowd went wild.

Afterwards Maven floored Benjamin from behind with his own Intercontinental title belt- before nailing Benjamin with his very own finisher- the T-Bone Suplex. However Rhyno would get some revenge on Maven and nail him with a Gore as the crowd went wild.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Match Reaction: 70.3%

Match Quality: 84.8%

Overall Rating: 77.6%



We cut backstage where we see Women’s Champion Trish Stratus standing innocently. A pie is then shoved in her face, and the camera turns round to reveal the culprit as Lita. Trish picks up a pie of her own and slams it in Lita’s face as the crowd go wild. Soon Molly Holly and Victoria join in, and all four divas are rolling around on the floor with cream all over there selves. Referee’s soon came and broke the “fight” up as the crowd go wild.

Overall Rating: 76.4%


Edge vs. Randy Orton

A decent match from these two, better than their previous attempts as they are both finally a definite disposition (heel or face). Lot’s of high impact moves were used in the earlier part of the match, with Edge sending Orton to the outside after a nasty suplex. Edge capitalised on this, but was sent shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle pad as he went for an early spear. Orton then nailed the RKO for a two count as the crowd went wild. Edge went to the outside and fooled Orton to the outside. There Edge tried to get a steel chair, but Orton took it off him. Edge slid the chair into the ring and then went to hit Orton with it, but the referee took it off him. Edge pushed the referee out the way and Orton grabbed the chair and took a swing at Edge. The referee rang the bell as he saw Orton illegally use the chair.

Afterwards Edge got on the microphone and said that he would like to feel comfortable in the Elimination Chamber and take the number 5 spot. And as for Orton- he could enter at number one! Orton didn’t like that one bit, but Edge was already driving home by the time Orton got out the ring.

Winner: Edge.

Match Reaction: 80.0%

Match Quality: 78.6%

Overall Rating: 79.7%


Raw superstar Rosey is walking backstage when the same man dressed all in black comes out of nowhere and attacks him with a series of punches and kicks before running off laughing as loud as he can.

Overall Rating: 60.9%


Christian vs. The Hurricane

A short match, and with all the distractions that went down it was surprising that it even got started. Tomko and Trish were relentless and tried to stop The Hurricane from getting in the ring- and then Simon Dean ran down and tried to get The Hurricane to purchase his new scale set. However the action got back in the ring where the referee tried to control it- but Tomko’s constant interference earned The Hurricane an easy win by disqualification.

Afterwards Christian challenged The Hurricane to a rematch- and this time there would be no disqualifications. The Hurricane accepted to a match between the two at New Year’s Revolution. He offered his hand but was victim of a vicious clothesline from Tyson Tomko.

Winner: The Hurricane by DQ

Match Reaction: 72.0%

Match Quality: 83.6%

Overall Rating: 73.5%


Gene Snitsky is in the ring and the crowd went wild as Kane’s music hit and he appeared ON STAGE. Snitsky looked scared ****less as his opponent for New Year’s Revolution appeared on stage. The two brawled like crazy everywhere with Kane getting the advantage. Kane was about to Chokeslam Snitsky all the way to hell- off the stage but Raw General Manager; Eric Bischoff had to stop the brawl by coming on stage in person, looking scared himself.

BISCHOFF: Kane, if you dare attempt to murder Gene Snitsky then you will be FIRED! Do you hear me! I have already given you what you want- and that is a one on one match with Snitsky at New Year’ Revolution. But since you two can’t keep things in the ring- then it looks like we’re gonna have to. So your match at New Year’s Revolution shall now take place on the street, just like you animals want it to. That's right at New Year's Revolution you will fight one another in a Tulsa Street Fight!

Kane released the hold on Snitsky and then the two went their separate ways after Bischoff’s shock announcement.

Overall Rating: 79.4%


Batista vs. Chris Jericho

Another great match from these two, but not surrounded in as much controversy as there other matches. Jericho really tried his hardest to work on those gigantic legs of Evolution’s animal- in a hope to try for that Walls of Jericho. But Batista was just too darn strong. Despite Jericho nailing a Lionsault and then almost killing himself with a Swanton Bomb like manoeuvre, Batista still managed to get the win with a nice Batista Powerbomb.

Afterwards Batista said that Edge wasn’t too smart and Batista made himself the FINAL entrant in the Chamber Match, and said that because he liked Jericho he’ll allow him to be the third entrant in the Chamber Match this Sunday.

Winner: Batista

Match Reaction: 79.2%

Match Quality: 77.6%

Overall Rating: 82.0%


Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff is in his office talking to the Raw Diva’s (Lita, Molly Holly, Trish Stratus and Victoria) who are all shouting at him.

BISCHOFF: Ladies please, I understand that you all want a shot at the Women’s title this Sunday, and that is going to happen with four of you. Since you like to destroy the party food for my friends birthday- you are gonna have a match at New Year’s Revolution- dressed like school lunch ladies. Now scram!

The divas thank Bischoff, and then look at him before leaving his office.

Overall Rating: 70.7%


Backstage The Coach was interviewing former World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit.

THE COACH: Chris, Triple H has never beaten you- but he has been feeling really good about himself….

CHRIS BENOIT: Do you think I really give a damn whether The Game is feeling good these past few weeks- he still ain’t beating me. Never has, and he never will.

THE COACH: But have you seen the Game recently?

CHRIS BENOIT: But have you seen me recently Coach? I am feeling good about myself. And I don’t give a damn whether Triple H is or not. Tonight I am going to do what I have done twice before and that is make The Game tap!


CHRIS BENOIT: But nothing Coach. That’s what I do, I am Chris Benoit, and don’t you ever forget that.

THE COACH: OK, don’t worry, I won’t.

CHRIS BENOIT: So if you’d excuse me I have a match to get too if you don’t mind.

Benoit walks away, and then we return to the ring for our Main Event.

Overall Rating: 69.3%


Chris Benoit vs. Triple H

Both men were on top form tonight, and it certainly showed in this match up. Chris Benoit managed to reverse an early pedigree attempt and pretty much take control of the rest of the match as the crowd went wild. Similar to his match a few years ago against Austin. Benoit managed to nail The Game with nine German suplexes in a row. But out of nowhere came Flair with the sledgehammer that the referee never saw. Benoit turned round right into a Pedigree and The Game got the three count.

Afterwards Triple H obviously put himself as the number four entrant in the Elimination Chamber this Sunday, and (by default) made Chris Benoit the number two entrant. Triple H was overjoyed with his win.

Winner: Triple H

Match Reaction: 88.4%

Match Quality: 90.8%

Overall Rating: 90.0%

As Triple H was leaving the win down came that same man who we had been seeing all night wearing all black. He attacked Benoit sending him down with a HUGE clothesline, and then nailing a Pumphandle Slam. He took his mask off and revealed himself as Muhammad Hussan as Raw came to an end!

Overall Rating: 69.3%

Quick Match Results:

Viscera def. Val Venis (68.9%)

William Regal def. Maven (76.1%)

Shelton Benjamin def. Rhyno (77.6%)

Edge def. Randy Orton (DQ) (79.7%)

The Hurricane def. Christian (DQ) (73.5%)

Batista def. Chris Jericho (82.0%)

Triple H def. Chris Benoit (90.0%)

Biggest Pops:

1. Chris Benoit

2. Chris Jericho

3. Randy Orton

4. Shelton Benjamin

5. Eric Bischoff

Most Heat:

1. Triple H

2. Batista

3. Christian

4. Maven

5. Edge

Overall Show Rating: 76.8%.

Viewers: 1,524,985

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Guest Jackson

The following is taken from smackdown.wwe.com:

Smackdown Preview


Greenwich, Connecticut

Over on the Smackdown side of things, the situation is similar to that of Raw, as Theodore Long searches for a new number one cotender for the WWE title- held by John Bradshaw Layfield- the longest reiging champion in nine years.

However things are certainly heating up in the Cruiserweight division with Funaki being a HUGE target as former champions Spike Dudley, Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman as well as Cruiserweight newbies, Paul London and Akio hunt for his belt. And tonight our General Manager has decided to put them all in the ring together at the same time. That's right ladies and gentlemen we shall see Six Man Cruiserweight action as Akio, Billy Kidman and Spike Dudley take on Chavo Guerrero, Cruiserweight champion Funaki and Paul London in what looks set to be an amazing match.

The only other match that has been made for tonight's show will see Hardcore Holly taking on running buddy of Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak. And one has got to wonder after the assault on Velocity just days ago- will Heidenreich have anything to do with this match? Watch Smackdown on UPN this week to find out.

And will The Basham Brother's get the tag title shot that they demanded on Velocity- and what about other top Smackdown superstars such as The Undertaker, Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle- what will they have to say.

And what will the champion have to do or say about tonight's contests.

All these questions can and will be answered on Smackdown this week- only on UPN.

Confirmed Matches:

Akio, Billy Kidman & Spike Dudley vs. Chavo Guerrero, Funaki & Paul London

Hardcore Holly vs. Mark Jindrak

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Guest Jackson

Smackdown Results


Greenwich, Connecticut


MICHAEL COLE: Welcome everybody to Smackdown, I’m your host, Michael Cole joined by Tazz at commentary!

TAZZ: Yeah, welcome.

MICHAEL COLE: And what a show we have for you all tonight, as we are coming from just outside the WWE’s head quarters! I wonder what General Manager Theodore Long has to say.

TAZZ: Well he has a smile on his face, so let’s just hope that it’s good news.


Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long is in the ring with a microphone and a HUGE smile on his face.

THEODORE LONG: Welcome everyone to Smackdown brought to you by Theodore R. Long!

The crowd cheer.

THEODORE LONG: All week long a certain tag team have been coming to me and asking for a tag team title shot. At first I said no, but then I thought about what a tag team title match could do for Smackdown. And so tonight I am proud to announce that we shall see a Tag Team title match between the champions, Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam, and the new Number One Contenders…… The Basham Brothers!

The crowd have a mixed reaction to this announcement.

THEODORE LONG: But that isn’t all. Because I have been thinking long and hard all week as to who the number one contender for the WWE title should be for the Royal Rumble at the end of the month. And I was thinking that the best thing to do would be to see some of the challengers in action- tonight on Smackdown.

The crowd seem interested as Long continues.

THEODORE LONG: So tonight on Smackdown I shall give you three matches between six people who I have been impressed with in recent weeks. So tonight Eddie Guerrero (HUGE pop) will take on Kurt Angle (boos). Also the Big Show (pop) will go one on one with Bill DeMott (boos). And last but not least the Undertaker (HUGE pop) will take on Rene Dupree (boos)!

The crowd cheer.

THEODORE LONG: And if there is any funny business. And I mean any- because you know what these superstars are like. If there is any funny business then I shall personally see to it that the invigilating superstar or superstars will be suspended from Smackdown! And so, whoever impresses me the most will earn themselves a title shot at the Royal Rumble on January 30th! Ya feel me?

The crowd go wild.

THEODORE LONG: And the first match will take place RIGHT NOW! So come on down Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle. You’re match is about to start.

Overall Rating: 74.5%

Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle

The fans were obviously really into this one due to the history that these two have had. However Kurt Angle wasn’t really into this match as Eddie took the early control. Some good chaining at the beginning really pissed Kurt Angle off as Eddie got the better of him- and it wasn’t for the first time that’s for sure. Kurt was so pissed off that after cheap shotting Eddie with a low blow he walked off to the back and wouldn’t come back- earning Eddie the (unwanted) victory via deliberate countout.

Eddie wasn't happy with this sort of victory, but allowed the referee to raise his hand and ran to the back.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero by countout

Match Reaction: 93.8%

Match Quality: 93.0%

Overall Rating: 72.1%


As Kurt was walking off backstage exhausted be bumped into Theodore Long who did not look happy at all.

THEODORE LONG: You think I just book tournaments like this for fun. How is you giving Eddie Guerrero the victory via countout gonna impress me? Not on Theodore R. Long’s Smackdown that’s for sure. And so, you know what we’re gonna do Kurt, we’re gonna restart that match.

KURT ANGLE: But I’m tired and hurt. I can’t wrestle now!

THEODORE LONG: Not now Kurt. Because like you and Eddie I want the best match possible. So have a break- but at the end of the show- in the Main Event you and Eddie are gonna have a rematch- and this time it better be good.


THEODORE: No buts. I don’t care. Just go and get ready.

Kurt walks off.

Overall Rating: 84.6%


Akio, Billy Kidman & Spike Dudley vs. Chavo Guerrero, Funaki & Paul London

A great Cruiserweight match up here, with all six men flying all over the place. Akio and Funaki were great in the ring as Akio was still feeling a little sorrow since his loss to the Champion the other night on Velocity. A few botched moves from Spike only affected this a little bit, and although Chavo hit Spike with the Gory Bomb, Akio quickly tagged himself in and rolled Chavo up for the three count.

Afterwards, similar to the brawl on Velocity all six Cruiserweights brawled around the ring as the crowd went wild. Several referee's had to split the lightweights up and sent half of them to the back.

Winners: Akio, Billy Kidman & Spike Dudley

Match Reaction: 67.0%

Match Quality: 82.1%

Overall Rating: 74.7%


We cut to the back where we see our WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield sitting in a comfortable chair, and the Basham Brothers and Orlando Jordan standing at the side. The camera pans around so that we can only see the champ, as JBL begins to speak.

JBL: Tonight I laugh at our General Manager Theodore Long. He expects to see three great matches between six losers, all of whom I have beaten- or can defeat. There is just no competition on this show- and all I have to say to the person who Long picks is this: get ready for an *** kickin’ of your life! Because that’s what JBL does best.

DANNY BASHAM: Yeah, that’s what the champ does best!

JBL: But one match that I will be watching tonight will be my protégées the Basham Brothers here defeating Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam for the WWE Tag Team titles. And Danny, Doug as a multiple time tag team champion myself, I know that you have what it takes to be tag team champions once again.

DOUG BASHAM: Yeah, we know that champ.

JBL: And so you need to go out there and do it!


The Basham Brothers exit the room.

JBL: Orlando, could you go and get me a nice cup of coffee.

ORLANDO JORDAN: Anything for the champ.

JBL: Thanks. You’re a good man Orlando, a very good man.

JBL smiles to the camera as Orlando walks off to get JBL’s coffee.

Overall Rating: 91.5%

Hardcore Holly vs. Mark Jindrak

Holly was on top form tonight as he went up against Kurt Angle's protégée and running buddy, Mark Jindrak. Jindrak and Holly really went at it for a while, with both men trying for that picture perfect dropkick of theirs. It was all going good, and Holly was just about to nail the Alabama Slam on Jindrak, but then Heidenreich made himself known in the match. Heidenreich would waste no time getting in the ring and making short work of Hardcore Holly, earning Holly a win by

DQ- again.

Afterwards Heidenreich was forced to the back by officials- but not before telling Hardcore Holly exactly what he though of him.

Winner: Hardcore Holly by DQ

Match Reaction: 73.1%

Match Quality: 64.9%

Overall Rating: 70.4%


We cut to the back where Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long is not looking too impressed at all.

THEODORE LONG: People tell me that Heidenreich seems to have a problem with one of my other Smackdown superstars. And quite frankly I don’t like that. I don’t like problems on Theodore Long’s Smackdown. So here is what we are gonna do. At the Royal Rumble we are gonna put Heidenreich in a match against Hardcore Holly. But there will be something on the line- not a title however. A place in the Royal Rumble Match itself. So the winner- whether it be Hardcore Holly or Heidenreich will enter the Royal Rumble match, and the loser will not!

The crowd cheer.

THEODORE LONG: Now, you best belie dat, playa! And if I catch any funny business between either of the two, then they will BOTH be banned from entering the Royal Rumble. Ya feel me?

Overall Rating: 72.3%

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The Basham Brothers vs. Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam ©

A decent tag team affair here- JBL was shown on a separate screen watching the match and looking impressed at his new protégées attitude and aggression in the match. The Basham’s took the early advantage, and used several cheap manoeuvres to really wear down that severely injured knee of Rey Mysterio. Obviously Rey fought back with his usual style, and managed to send Doug Basham to the outside with a nice dropkick to the back. Rey and RVD then flew off the top with cross bodies on both of the Bashams as the crowd went wild. However, the Dudley Boyz who we haven’t seen for a while climbed through the crowd and sent RVD and Doug Basham into the ring and nailed both men with a suck 3D as the crowd watched on in anger. The referee called for the bell- but the Dudleyz continued their assault and eventually knocked out the referee.

A massive brawl broke out after the match with nobody really getting the advantage- but all nailing their signature manoeuvres. It took several referees to finally separate the carnage.

Winners: No contest.

Match Reaction: 76.0%

Match Quality: 79.2%

Overall Rating: 83.6%

A video was then shown highlighting the lengthy career of Smackdown veteran, and multiple time WWE Champion, The Undertaker.

Overall Rating: 86.5%

Rene Dupree vs. The Undertaker

A very short match between these two, but it was still decent. Rene Dupree tried everything, but he simply could not overpower the Undertaker, as he was just too strong. The Deadman took the early control of the match, and Rene tried for that Dupree driver, but he just couldn’t lift the Deadman. Dupree flew off the top rope and tried to pin the Deadman, but was victim of a Chokeslam. Dupree rolled out the ring and taunted the Undertaker. The Undertaker then flew to the outside with a Senton as the crowd went wild. Taker sent Dupree back into the ring and mocked Dupree by doing his own version of The French Tickler. Taker Chokeslammed Dupree again, but let him out after two. Taker brought the French Phenom to his feet and Tombstoned him for the win as the crowd went wild.

Winner: The Undertaker

Match Reaction: 85.0%

Match Quality: 74.7%

Overall Rating: 86.6%


Big Show vs. Bill DeMott

Another very short match- and a good return match for former Velocity Announcer, Bill DeMott. He looked good out there and played a great heel- has gained some charisma whilst being Velocity Announcer too- which is good. A few botched moves only let this down a little bit, but the two did a nice technical sequence which went down well with the crowd. DeMott hasn’t lost his flexibility in the ring either as he knocked the Big Show down after a dropkick- well three actually. However the Big Show soon took back the control after DeMott missed that excellent moonsault of his. However JBL’s Chief Of Staff, Orlando Jordan ran down the ramp and tried to get in the ring. DeMott knocked him off the apron with a clothesline that was aimed for Big Show, but accidentally-on-purpose hit OJ. Big Show spun DeMott round, right into the Cyclone (F5) and got the easy pin.

Winner: Big Show.

Match Reaction: 76.2%

Match Quality: 71.9%

Overall Rating: 77.8%


We cut to the announce table where we see our hosts for the evening, Michael Cole and Tazz ready for the Main Event.

MICHAEL COLE: Well coming up next- we saw some of it earlier on in the evening. But Theodore Long has ordered a rematch. A word just in that the General Manager has something to say!

TAZZ: And this is set to be the Smackdown Match of the Month. As shown in Tazz’s Tale of the Tape1

MICHAEL COLE: Both men have beaten each other before. Eddie Guerrero won at WrestleMania last year- with the title on the line. But since then Kurt Angle has won twice. So it is pretty much Kurt Angle’s ballgame tonight.

TAZZ: But we have seen Eddie do it before he just pulls out victories over pretty much anyone.

MICHAEL COLE: We know that Eddie likes to lie, cheat and steal, but so does Angle.

TAZZ: This is definitely gonna be a match that you don’t wanna miss.

MICHAEL COLE: And it’s coming up next!

Overall Rating: 73.7%


In the ring Theodore Long is in the ring with a microphone.

THEODORE LONG: I have decided that we need a Main Event to outdo Raw, and the last time Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle Main Evented Smackdown, the ratings went through the roof. So tonight we are not just going to see Eddie Guerrero take on Kurt Angle in a normal match. Just like the last time that they Main Evented Smackdown together it is going to be a two out of three Falls Match! Holla if ya hear me!

Overall Rating: 85.8%

2 Out Of 3 Falls Match

Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle

Wow! A great Main Event to finish off Smackdown tonight, and it ran just over twenty minutes long and wasn’t split by a commercial break which was great. A lot of chaining once again at the beginning, but Angle was back on top form and managed to get the early control of the match. Angle literally beat the hell out of Eddie, but just couldn’t pin him. Eddie soon fought back, and was faster than ever before, sending Angle to the outside before flying over the top rope himself. He slid Kurt back in the ring and after the Three Amigos and the Frog Splash Angle was down one fall to none.

At the start of the second fall Eddie missed a second Frog Splash attempts, and then was victim of the Angle Slam, but Angle locked onto the Ankle. Eddie got out of the Anklelock, but accidentally kicked the referee in the head. Angle loved this as he got his weapon of choice- a steel chair from the outside and busted Eddie wide open with it. Angle then nailed the Angle Slam and went up top as the crowd were shocked. He flew off with a Frog Splash, mocking Eddie Guerrero. The referee revived and Angle got the second fall.

Angle then really worked on the leg and ankle of Eddie as we went into the third and final fall. He locked in an early Ankle Lock, but Eddie refused to tap, even though the pain must have been unbearable. Angle gave up, but that was exactly what Eddie wanted him to do. Eddie got back up and gave Kurt Two Amigos- as Kurt tried to reverse the Third One, and then a German Suplex as the crowd went wild. Luther ran down and tried to get in the ring, but Eddie knocked him off the apron, and then locked the Lasso From El Passo and Kurt – shockingly- tapped out.

Afterwards Luther and Kurt tried to beat the **** out of Eddie Guerrero, but down came HULK HOGAN. Hogan soon got rid of Luther and Angle, and nailed the Immortal Leg Drop on Luther as the crowd went wild. Smackdown ended with Hulk Hogan and Eddie Guerrero celebrating in the ring as the crowd cheered wildly.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero (2-1)

Match Reaction: 92.0%

Match Quality: 83.8%

Overall Rating: 94.2%

Quick Match Results:

Eddie Guerrero def. Kurt Angle (Countout) (72.1%)

Akio, Billy Kidman & Spike Dudley def. Chavo Guerrero, Funaki & Paul London (74.7%)

Hardcore Holly def. Mark Jindrak (DQ) (70.4%)

The Basham Brothers drew Fireflies (83.6%)

The Undertaker def. Rene Dupree (86.6%)

Big Show def. Bill DeMott (77.8%)

Eddie Guerrero def. Kurt Angle (94.2%)

Biggest Pops:

1. Eddie Guerrero

2. The Undertaker

3. Hardcore Holly

4. Big Show

5. Theodore Long

Most Heat:

1. John Bradshaw Layfield

2. Kurt Angle

3. Orlando Jordan

4. Rene Dupree

5. Heidenreich

Overall Show Rating: 80.6%

Viewers: 954,920

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Guest Jackson

As far as NYR goes, it's just a Street Fight, sorry, lol. And I am just having my shows wherever TEW recommends me to have them as I can't be bothered/don't know where the WWE plan to have their daily PPV's each day. But don't worry people, WrestleMania will still be going Hollywood.

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Guest Jackson

The following has been taken from WWE.com:

user posted image

WWE New Year's Revolution

Sunday 9th January 2005

Final Card



(Written In Order Of Entry)

Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels

Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho vs. Triple H vs. Edge vs. Batista

For the first time in a long while the World Heavyweight Championship has been vacated, and it was all due to a Triple Threat Match which saw Chris Benoit and Edge split the referee's (and Raw superstars) right down the middle. Since then Bischoff has sidelined six men who have what it takes to be World Heavyweight Champion. With four former champions, and two men who very well could be the next champions in the match it is set to be a great contest. And with the winner of the first Elimination Chamber, and multiple time World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels as the referee it is set to be on fire.


Maven vs. Shelton Benjamin ©

Maven has been a changed man ever since Survivor Series, and this Sunday he wants to prove himself as being more than a one-trick pony. However Shelton has been on one hell of a run ever since he debuted on Raw almost a year ago. Both men will be looking to prove themselves ahead of the Royal Rumble on January 30th.


Lunch Lady Match

Lita vs. Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus © vs. Victoria

Trish has been champion for over six months now, and all three of these women (all former Women's champions themselves) want to try and prise that belt away from her. Will they do it tonight in this match made on Raw where they have to dress as school lunch ladies?

Rosey vs. Simon Dean

Simon Dean has been taunting the bigger members of Raw's roster, as well as the crowd for over a month now. He has used Raw to advertise for some of his products and refers to his time spent in ECW: Extreme Championship Weightloss a lot. Tonight he meets the superstar who he has perhaps taken to the next level on many times. Will Rosey be able to get a win over Dean in his debut match, or will Dean, the lean, mean, fat-fighting machine be able to win his debut.


Gene Snitsky vs. Kane

At Taboo Tuesday back in October Gene Snitsky thought that he took the Big Red Machine, Kane out for good. But this past week on Raw Kane returned and would have chokeslammed him off the stage if General Manager, Eric Bischoff didn't stop him. Now, with no escape can the Big Red Machine finally get a victory over Gene Snitsky- or can Snitsky put Kane back on the bench for a few more months.



Eugene & William Regal © vs. La Resistance

Christian vs. The Hurricane

Muhammad Haasan vs. Rhyno

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Guest Jackson

Velocity Results

January 8th 2005

New York City, NY

Tonight we went straight to the ring for a change for our opening match as the crowd were still finding their seats.

Scotty 2 Hotty def. Akio

Scotty won this short opener with the Worm- which the crowd really enjoyed as they hadn’t seen the move- or Scotty for a few months. Some decent moves from Akio as well-including that nice moonsault dropkick. Jesus attacked Scotty 2 Hotty as he was walking to the back after, saying that Carlito Caribbean Cool told him to do it.

Match Reaction: 69.0%

Match Quality: 77.9%

Overall Rating: 74.5%

A video was then shown hyping Hulk Hogan’s return to Smackdown two days ago, which the crowd really liked.

Overall Rating: 100.0%

Chavo Guerrero def. Spike Dudley

Our second Cruiserweight bout of the evening, but this was much better stuff- especially because it featured Chavo. Chavo won with a nice Gory Bomb- after Kidman accidentally hit Spike. All three Cruiserweights brawled afterwards.

Match Reaction: 73.8%

Match Quality: 81.2%

Overall Rating: 82.0%


Backstage we see our WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield and his Chief Of Staff, Orlando Jordan being interviewed. The champ brought it up, and prevented it from becoming shambles. They were basically hyping Orlando’s match against Hardcore Holly, next.

Overall Rating: 81.6%

Hardcore Holly def. Orlando Jordan

Some decent stuff here, though OJ really had the odds stacked against him. Holly managed to get the better of Heidenreich, and send him to the outside, and then climbed back in the ring and made OJ tap out to the Full Nelson. Heidenreich cheapshotted Holly after the match with a HUGE clothesline that was heard everywhere.

Match Reaction: 73.1%

Match Quality: 70.0%

Overall Rating: 81.0%

In the back we see Rob Van Dam getting ready for his match against Danny Basham, which is our Main Event, and is next. He also said a few words about how the Basham’s are useless and that the last time they were champions they bored everyone to death. Rey showed up and assured RVD that he had his back, RVD then ran down the corridor and seconds later he was in the ring.

Overall Rating: 86.1%


Rob Van Dam def. Danny Basham

Despite the Basham’s trying a classic switch, RVD still managed to pull it off- with some help from Rey. However RVD didn’t see the help as he was knocked out as Rey delivered a thunderous 619 to Danny in the ring. Nevertheless RVD soon went up to the top rope and nailed a Five Star on Danny and celebrated with his tag team partner after the match as Velocity came to an end.

Match Reaction: 76.0%

Match Quality: 79.6%

Overall Rating: 81.5%

Quick Match Results:

Scotty 2 Hotty def. Akio (74.5%)

Chavo Guerrero def. Spike Dudley (82.0%)

Hardcore Holly def. Orlando Jordan (81.0%)

Rob Van Dam def. Danny Basham (81.5%)

Overall Show Rating: 83.8%

Viewers: 606,117 viewers (down by 68,077)

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Guest Jackson

OVW Firings

Following a report from new Head Trainer, Lance Storm we have decided to release some of the OVW talent as they just aren't progressing as fast as a WWE superstar needs to be. We wish them all well in their future endeavours, whatever they choose to pursue.

Matt Morgan

Matt Cappotelli


Marty Wright

Melina Perez

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Guest Jackson

Heat Results

January 9th 2005

Detroit, MI

We go straight to the back to join former World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H, who is standing by with the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. The two talked about the Game’s title shot tonight, along with five other guys inside the Elimination Chamber.

Overall Rating: 100.0%

We cut to the announce desk to join The Coach and new announcer on the block, Christopher Nowinski.

NOWINSKI: Out of all tonight’s matches there is one match that I am definitely looking forward too.

THE COACH: Which one is that?

NOWINSKI: The street fight between Gene Snitsky and Kane- which is going to be absoloutley brutal if it’s anything like the last time that these two met.

THE COACH: And you’re telling me. At Taboo Tuesday we witnessed Kane being assaulted, and beaten by Snitsky in a Steel Chain Match. And we’ll be talking to the Big Red Machine himself later on, after our first match.

Overall Rating: 76.5%

La Resistance def. Steven Richards & Val Venis

A warm up match for La Resistance really, as they challenge for the World Tag Team titles later on in the night. A very short match which the French-Canadians won with the Au Revoir on Richards. Decent tag team stuff if you ask me.

Match Reaction: 62.4%

Match Quality: 72.0%

Overall Rating: 65.2%

A video was then played to hype former World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit, who tonight is part of the Elimination Chamber Match in the Main Event.

Overall Rating: 88.6%

We cut to the back where we see the Big Red Machine looking very angry. He barely talks as he is so frustrated over Snitsky. He was there to hype the match, but didn’t say much at all. He ended up punching the wall, leaving a HUGE Kane-sized hand print in the wall. He looked genuinely ticked off tonight.

Overall Rating: 86.8%

A video was then shown about the life of Evolution, how it started, how Orton left and how feelings have been bitter in the recent weeks.

Overall Rating: 89.5%


When we return we cut to the back where we see Simon Dean, he talked again about his new products, and about how he will slim Rosey down in tonight’s match.

Overall Rating: 79.3%

A video was then shown to hype who many are calling the “RAW superstar of 2004”, Shelton Benjamin. Showing how he has defeated Triple H, pinning the granddaddy of Raw in the middle of the ring, as well as winning the Intercontinental title in a classic match at Taboo Tuesday against Chris Jericho. It then showed clips of his mini-feud with Maven.

Overall Rating: 78.6%

We then cut to the back where we see the challenger for the Intercontinental title, Maven standing by. He spoke about how he had never been understood and that he was the RAW superstar of this year- and that he would win the Intercontinental title tonight- at all costs.

Overall Rating: 85.0%



Viscera def. Tajiri

Decent stuff from the big man here, and him and Tajiri had a decent brawl around the ring before the match started. Viscera showed that he hadn’t forgotten his Hardcore days in the WWE, and flew off the apron with a splash on Tajiri early on. Back in the ring and Tajiri was victim to a splash, and Viscera earnt himself another win on Heat.

Match Reaction: 67.6%

Match Quality: 78.5%

Overall Rating: 76.3%

Quick Match Results:

La Resistance def. Steven Richards & Val Venis (65.2%)

Viscera def. Tajiri (76.3%)

Overall Rating: 63.2%

Viewers: 950,117 (up by 11,426)

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Guest Jackson


January 9th 2005

The opening pyro’s go off and then we cut to the announce desk where we join our hosts for the night, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.


JR: Welcome everybody to New Year’s Revolution! I’m your host; Jim Ross joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler for tonight’s broadcast!

KING: And we have some fantastic matches lined up for you tonight. Tonight we bring you the third Elimination Chamber Match.

JR: Six men will battle it out inside the steel structure, with the winner becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. And it could be anyone’s ball game.

KING: Last time Triple H went in as champion, and came out- barely- as the champion. But this time it’s a lot different as the championship is vacated.

JR: More on that later, as we have some diva’s in the ring!



Lita vs. Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus © vs. Victoria

A decent match here from the ladies, and although they were dressed as Lunch ladies, they weren’t your regular ones. Panties could be seen from pretty much every angle, but the ladies still kicked ***. A lot of fighting between Lita and champion, Trish Stratus at the beginning of the match, as Lita sent Trish to the outside. Lita then jumped over the ropes with a cross body and continued the assault on the outside. In the ring Molly was working on Victoria, when out of nowhere Victoria nailed the Widow’s Peak. Molly managed to get a foot on the rope, but smiled as she saw who had just stepped into the ring. That big 400 pounder, Viscera was standing in the ring and spun Victoria round right into a powerslam. Molly went up top and with Lita and champion Trish none-the-wiser, nailed the Molly Go Round and got the pin to win not only the match, but her third Women’s Championship.

Afterwards Molly Holly and her new friend/protégée, Viscera celebrated in the ring as the other three women looked completely shocked/flabbergasted at what just went down.

Winner: Molly Holly (NEW Women’s Champion)

Match Reaction: 74.2%

Match Quality: 69.1%

Overall Rating: 73.2%


We cut to the back where we see challenger number one, Randy Orton standing by with The Coach for an interview.

THE COACH: So, how do you rate your chances in tonight’s Elimination Chamber match?

RANDY ORTON: I’d say very well Jonathon. You see I have been on a roll ever since Survivor Series when my team- led by me- defeated Triple H’s team, and tonight would be the best time in my career to win the World Heavyweight Championship leading into WrestleMania.

THE COACH: So, is there anything that you’d like to say to Triple H in particular?

RANDY ORTON: Well Eric Bischoff put everything on your side when he said that I could never challenge for the World Heavyweight title as long as you are holding it Hunter. And so, I am going to personally ensure that if I do not win the title tonight then somebody- anybody else in that match WILL win the belt. Because I don’t care whether it’s you, Benoit, Edge or HBK who I face at WrestleMania, all I care about is the belt which has been around your waist so many times-the World Heavyweight championship.

THE COACH: What about your other opponents, who are you most intimidated by?

RANDY ORTON: Jonathon, you have a lot to learn my friend. You see I am an Orton, and we don’t get intimidated, not by Triple H, not by Edge, not by nobody. And as far as I am concerned the only person you need to be scared of or intimidated by is yourself. And you know what Jonathon?


RANDY ORTON: I ain’t scared or intimidated about a God darn thing!

Orton walks off as we cut back to the ring.

Overall Rating: 82.2%


Eugene & Regal © vs. La Resistance

A decent tag team match between these two teams here, with Eugene trying all his comedy routines to get the best of the Tag Team veterans- La Resistance. Regal and Grenier had a few good minutes of action before Regal tagged in Eugene who was on fire. Eugene ran about the ring, knocking everyone in sight to the ground. However the veterans soon pulled back the control and put the match in their favour. A few decent spots followed, including Eugene mimicking Rob Conway by doing everything that he did- which was hilarious. Eugene tried for a Rock Bottom, but was sent over the top rope instead, landing badly on his knee. Grenier floored Regal with the Canadian flag inside the ring as the crowd booed. Conway rolled Eugene into the ring, applied a leg lock and got the (cheap) submission victory as the crowd cheered.

Afterwards Regal prevented either member of our new World Tag Team Champions, La Resistance from damaging Eugene’s knee any further. Eugene was helped out the arena by referee, Mike Chioda and partner, William Regal after the match and the crowd cheered after him.

Winners: La Resistance (NEW World Tag Team Champions)

Match Reaction: 72.2%

Match Quality: 74.7%

Overall Rating: 83.7%


The Coach is now standing by with Triple H.

THE COACH: Well Triple H, one has got to believe that you are the favourite going into this match. After all you are a nine time World Heavyweight Champion, a Royal Rum-

TRIPLE H: Blah, blah, blah! I know it all; I have done it all before. I am simply the best, and even Randy Orton had to admit that in his mock of an interview earlier on. Everybody knows that I got screwed not just by Orton but by everybody else. And tonight I am gonna prove that when I win my second Elimination Chamber Match.

THE COACH: But this time you aren’t the champion….

Triple H begins to laugh to himself, but Coach doesn’t fully understand.

TRIPLE H: OK Coach, I see what you’re saying. I’m not the champion am I? I am the champion. Although I was never involved in the fall in my match a few weeks ago the belt should still be around my waist. And McMahon knows it. Infact everybody knows it. And so I shall go through things the hard way. But I’ll make sure that tonight I am leaving as World Heavyweight Champion- again.

Triple H walks off looking rather proud and satisfied with himself.

Overall Rating: 100.0%


Maven vs. Shelton Benjamin

Our third straight title match of the evening, and a rather impressive one to say the least. Maven was still looking a little green but Benjamin managed to get everything out of him in that ring tonight. A few decent spots at the beginning made us think that Benjamin was in control, but Maven soon turned things in his favour. A few nice spots followed, but Benjamin kept getting out of the pin somehow. Maven was the same as both men wanted to leave with the Intercontinental title around their waist. Benjamin nailed that sick kick to the face, but Maven kicked out after two. Maven then reversed the T-Bone Suplex and nailed the Halo DDT, but Benjamin kicked out as well. Both men ended up on the outside and were counted out as a price for their desire to win and beat the living **** out of one another.

After the match Maven whipped Benjamin into the steel steps before mocking Benjamin and nailing him with his own finishing manoeuvre, the T-Bone suplex- on the outside of the ring.

Winner: Draw. (No title change)

Match Reaction: 82.8%

Match Quality: 80.0%

Overall Rating: 82.8%


THE COACH: Well standing with me at the moment is Raw superstar, Chris Jericho. Just before entering the Elimination Chamber.

CHRIS JERICHO: Yep- before I win the Chamber for all my Jerichoholics out there and prove to the world that Chris Jericho is not a one trick pony.

THE COACH: Well over the last few weeks on Raw you have shown us that!

CHRIS JERICHO: Thanks a lot Coach, thanks for telling everybody just how great I am. And I know how great I am. And it is going to be hard with Triple H in there- knowing the history that we have together. But I am gonna do what only I can and fight against the odds.

THE COACH: But there’s one problem Chris- you have never beaten The Game.

CHRIS JERICHO: I realize that- but perhaps I won’t have too?

Jericho walks off, leaving Coach bewildered and looking awfully confused.

Overall Rating: 90.4%

Muhammed Hassan w/ Khosrow Daivari vs. Rhyno

While Jericho was having his interview we saw some highlights of WWE in 2004 Khosrow Daivari had an interview in the ring hyping Muhammed Hassan. Hassan looked great out there and didn’t allow Rhyno to get a move in sideways. Some decent brawling in the match though with Khosrow dodging The Gore. Hassan put Rhyno out of his misery and ended the match with an awesome STO-like manoeuvre which the crowd seemed to love.

He and Khosrow celebrated and they started talking to one another in Arabic as they made there up the ramp.

Winner: Muhammed Hassan.

Match Reaction: 68.0%

Match Quality: 75.4%

Overall Rating: 71.0%

A video was then shown hyping the success of ECW; it was basically to hype the release of the popular selling DVD- “The Rise And Fall of ECW” in Europe as well as the PPV which is set for March apparently.

Rosey vs. Simon Dean

Rosey did a lot of chasing at the beginning of the match as Dean refused to get in the ring and made the big man chase him round the arena. The referee got sick of this and took off the countout rule and Dean was pissed as Rosey brought him back into the ring. They brawled for a little while, and Rosey almost finished him off with a splash but Dean got out of the way. Dean then floored Rosey with a HUGE dropkick and then sent Rosey to the outside. Dean strapped Rosey to a stretcher and then pushed him off the stage as the crowd went wild. The referee didn’t quite know what to make of this as Dean dragged Rosey into the ring (using the stretcher) and got the easy and cheap victory. Some decent stuff here- kept short, which is always good.

Winner: Simon Dean.

Match Reaction: 68.6%

Match Quality: 74.3%

Overall Rating: 76.0%


Backstage we see Batista standing with Evolution friend, Ric Flair.

RIC FLAIR: Now Batista, I know that you have Triple H in the ring with you too- but if it comes down to the two of you tonight then you know what you have to do right?

BATISTA: Yeah, the two of us have to fight it out…

RIC FLAIR: No, no, no. you do the right thing and you lie down for the rightful World Heavyweight Champion, H!

BATISTA: Flair, I know you’re a legend and everything. But you’re being stupid. I am Dave Batista- and I ain’t laying down for nobody! See you later.

Batista walks off, leaving Flair a little upset.

Overall Rating: 100.0%

A video was then shown to hype the upcoming match between Gene Snitsky and the Big Red Machine, Kane. Showing how angry they have gotten in the past and that brutal attack from Taboo Tuesday. There rematch is next!

Overall Rating: 79.5%


Gene Snitsky vs. Kane

A very interesting match between these two big men here, with neither really getting the advantage- despite having an arena full of torture. Kane almost got the advantage after sending Snitsky into the steel steps but Snitsky just got straight back up and continued fighting Kane evenly. The crowd saw a bit of the action as Kane sent Snitsky over the barrier with a clothesline, and the two began brawling in and around the crowd as the fans went wild. Only a few more spots followed with both men trying to send each other through the announce table- but Snitsky would be the man to do it with a sick pumphandle suplex from one table through the other. Snitsky got Kane in the ring but surprisingly only got a two count. After this Snitsky tried for that famous Pumphandle Slam of his, but Kane scored with a HUGE Big Boot which sent Snitsky down. Moments later and the two were brawling on the stage and Snitsky tried again for that Pumphandle, but Kane reversed the move and grabbed Snitsky by the throat. He tossed Snitsky off the stage through loads of tables as the crowd just gawped. Kane carried Snitsky back into the ring, nailed a Tombstone and got the win as the crowd went wild.

Kane celebrated in the middle of the ring after the match as the crowd cheered.

Winner: Kane.

Match Reaction: 76.3%

Match Quality: 72.0%

Overall Rating: 78.8%


Backstage we see Chris Benoit standing by with The Coach.

THE COACH: Benoit, tonight you are in your first Elimination Chamber Match- do you have any idea how terrible it is in there?

CHRIS BENOIT: Well it certainly isn’t something that I have wanted to do- but I shall do it nonetheless, I am Chris Benoit after all.

THE COACH: So aren’t you scared about the barbaric nature of the match?

CHRIS BENOIT: Well yeah. But I am not gonna let that affect my performance tonight. Because tonight I hope to become a two time World Heavyweight Champion- because that is my New Year’s Resolution.

Benoit walks off as we cut back to the ring for our next match.

Overall Rating: 69.9%

Christian vs. The Hurricane

A short little match here, not too sure why they put it here and not earlier on, but oh well. Some really good wrestling from both men as they both have similar styles and it’s nice when they both get together for a series of matches. A few nice moves at the beginning including a series of suplexes by Christian and then a Senton to the outside from The Hurricane. The Hurricane almost won after he nailed the Eye of the Hurricane, but Christian got his feet on the ropes and slid out the ring. The finish came as Christian distracted the referee and Tyson Tomko- Christian’s usual associate- as well as the debuting PAUL BURCHILL! Burchill just kicked The Hurricane’s *** and then whipped him into the steel steps. He rolled him back into the ring, right into the Unprettier by Christian and allowed Christian to cheat his way to another victory.

Afterwards Burchill, Tomko and Christian beat the **** out of The Hurricane- and with no Rosey to save him The Hurricane was tortured until several referees ran down to stop the assault.

Winner: Christian.

Match Reaction: 75.4%

Match Quality: 87.2%

Overall Rating: 88.0%


Backstage The Coach is standing backstage with Edge, who has never been World Heavyweight Champion, just moments before the Elimination Chamber Match.

THE COACH: Now Edge, you and Batista are the only two men in the match who have never been World Heavyweight Champion before- but you have had more chances- take Taboo Tuesday for instance, where the fans decided that they didn’t want to see you face for the title.

EDGE: Well Coach, that is all in the past now because I am a new reformed Edge, and this Edge is a winner, and will be the man who leaves this dump as the new World Heavyweight Champion. And I have one of the best positions in the match- number 5, second to last. And I will use it to my advantage, and tonight realise my lifelong dream of leading into WrestleMania as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Edge walks off as we cut back to the ring for our Main Event.

Overall Rating: 83.3%



Special Referee: Shawn Michaels

Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho vs. Triple H vs. Edge vs. Batista

Randy Orton and Chris Benoit started things off in the middle of the ring as the fans went wild for both men. Benoit locked on an early Crossface, but Orton quickly got out of it and the two ventured to the outside where they both tried to send each other flying into the steel structure, but neither man could do it as they were too fresh. Orton and Benoit had a nice technical sequence going in the ring and Orton locked Benoit in an arm bar, but Benoit flipped out and nailed Orton with his own RKO, which got a two count. A German Suplex followed and then Benoit went up tot eh top for the headbutt, but Orton had it scouted and quickly moved out of the way before Benoit could hit the move and sent Benoit face first into the mat. The buzzer went off and our third entrant- Chris Jericho entered the match. He ducked a clothesline attempt from Orton and sent him over the ropes back first onto the steel floor. Jericho began working on the lower back of Benoit. Benoit reversed a German Suplex attempt right into a German of his own. Orton went up to the top rope and flew off with a cross body on Benoit, but Benoit rolled through right into the Crossface- and Orton tapped out, eliminating him from the match!

Chris Jericho got straight back up and the 10 second countdown appeared on the screen as we prepared for our next entrant. Chris Jericho came off the ropes with a shoulder tackle on Benoit, Benoit ducked Jericho’s next attack and sent him into the turnbuckle and gave him another German suplex. Our fourth entrant- Triple H then entered the ring to some tremendous heat from the crowd. He began choking Benoit out, and referee HBK tried to stop him, but Triple H wouldn’t let go. HBK prised HHH off him and Triple H was not happy at all. Triple H pushed Shawn into the ropes. Shawn didn’t like this and shoved Triple H back. Triple H threw a punch at HBK, but HBK blocked and threw one back, the two began throwing right hands with neither getting the advantage as the crowd went wild. Jericho broke the fight up and sent Triple H to the outside and dropkicked him into the mini-chamber! The glass didn’t break so Jericho set Triple H up for a German Suplex, but Triple H reversed and did one of his own right through the mini-chamber as the countdown appeared on the screen once again. Benoit and Triple H started brawling as Edge entered the ring. He flew over the rope right onto both Benoit and HHH as the crowd went wild. Edge sent Jericho back into the ring as the crowd booed loudly. Edge tried for the Edgeocution, but Jericho reversed and sent Edge down with a nice dropkick. Jericho made the cover and got a two. Outside the ring Benoit was first up and DDT-ed Triple H right onto the steel outside, which busted him wide open. Benoit covered and got a two count and then sent The Game back into the ring where he locked on the Crossface. The game would get up to his feet and nail a side slam as the crowd went wild. Jericho wouldn’t let him have too much free time as he sent him down with a dropkick. Triple H landed on Benoit however and got a two count. Triple H tried for a pedigree on Jericho, but he sent him over the back and then tried for the Walls of Jericho, but Triple H quickly climbed to the ropes and then pushed him away right into a German Suplex by Benoit. However Benoit was on fire and nailed three on Jericho and signalled for the Diving Headbutt. However he took too long and Edge got back up and nailed the Edgeocution right onto Jericho. Edge then went up to the top rope as the crowd cheered. He looked up and then went right to the top and flew off with an elbow drop on both Jericho and Benoit as the crowd went wild with the usual “Holy ****” chants. The clock came on once again, ready for our final entrant in the match. Triple H took advantage of this and lifted Benoit right into the pedigree and then got the three count to eliminate Benoit from the match as the crowd booed.

Batista entered the match and all in the ring looked scared- but Triple H just smiled as the Evolution animal sent Edge to the outside and single-handedly whipped him into the steel structure. Triple H tried to pedigree Jericho, but Jericho reversed it into the Walls of Jericho as the crowd cheered. Batista broke the hold and delivered a thunderous spinebuster on Jericho. He helped The Game up but then sent him down a clothesline which nearly be-headed The Game. Ric Flair ran down to ringside to support Triple H as the crowd booed. Flair slid something into the ring and Triple H grabbed it discreetly. Edge flew off the top rope, but Batista caught him and slammed him down to the mat as the crowd gave a mixed reaction. Batista then signalled for that vicious powerbomb as The Game staged back to his feet. Batista lifted The Game onto his shoulders but The Game had a sledgehammer in hand and hit the monster twice, busting him wide open. Triple H then nailed a pedigree on Batista and eliminated him from the match as the crowd gave another mixed reaction and were shocked that Batista was eliminated so soon.

Jericho tried to get The Game in the Walls of Jericho, but Edge delivered a Super Kick and then quickly rolled him up with the tights in hand and pinned the King of the World as the crowd went wild. Triple H got back to his feet and smiled as he realised that it had come down to him and Edge with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

The two brawled in the ring for a little while, but neither man could secure the pin as the crowd cheered them both on. Triple H tried to send Edge into the steel, but got sent into it himself. Back in the ring Edge tried to steal Triple H’s deadly finishing manoeuvre but was unsuccessful as The Game sent him over the top and right onto the steel floor. Triple H then delivered a vicious suplex on Edge on the outside and covered, but Edge kicked out and The Game couldn’t believe it. He began to argue with Shawn Michaels, but was quickly rolled up by Edge for a two count. Back in the ring both men were knocked down after a Double Clothesline attempt. Backstage we saw Batista and Flair arguing, Batista stormed out and said he was going to the ring as the crowd went wild. Batista showed up at ringside and knocked all the referee’s on the outside down and kicked the door open and then entered the ring, with only the referee, Shawn Michaels aware. Batista signalled for Edge as the crowd booed, but then he walked over to Triple H. The Game begged Batista to let him go, and Batista nearly did. But Batista lifted The Game up high and sent him down with a massive Batista Bomb as the crowd went wild. Edge crawled to the cover and Shawn Michaels counted as Batista looked on, happily. Edge got the pin and won the match as well as the World Heavyweight Championship!

Afterwards, Edge celebrated in the ring as Triple H couldn’t believe it. Batista had an evil grin on his face as he walked up the ramp and New Year’s Revolution came to an end.

Winner: Edge (NEW World Heavyweight Champion)

Match Reaction: 99.0%

Match Quality: 83.9%

Overall Rating: 100.0%

Quick Match Results:

Molly Holly def. Lita, Trish Stratus & Victoria for the Women's title (73.2%)

La Resistance def. Regal & Eugene for the World Tag Team titles (83.7%)

Maven drew. Shelton Benjamin (82.8%)

Muhammad Hassan def. Rhyno (71.0%)

Simon Dean def. Rosey (76.0%)

Kane def. Gene Snitsky (78.8%)

Christian def. The Hurricane (88.0%)

Edge def. Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Batista, Chris Jericho & Triple H for the World Heavyweight title (100.0%)

Biggest Pops:

1. Chris Benoit

2. Randy Orton

3. Shelton Benjamin

4. Kane

5. Chris Jericho

Most Heat:

1. Triple H

2. Gene Snitsky

3. Christian

4. Simon Dean

5. Edge

Overall Rating: 83.9%

Buyrate: 0.97

Attendance: 34,750

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Guest Jackson

The following has been taken from WWE.com:

ECW Pay Per View Announced!

The ECW Pay Per View has been confirmed on WWE.com. However, there is a special treat for the fans as there won't just be one ECW Pay Per View- there will be two! That's right everybody, two ECW Pay Per Views! The first Pay Per View- ECW Reloaded will be on Pay Per View on February 28th, and the second ECW Revolution will be on Pay Per View on March 31st. Both Pay Per Views shall be live from Philadelphia. Names already in the hat include WWE's ECW Team consisting of Rhyno, Tajiri and The Dudley Boyz. Other names rumoured for the event are Sabu (in a non-wrestling role), Tommy Dreamer, Raven and The Sandman. WWE stars are also set to appear in one of the PPV Main Events in a special ECW vs. WWE Match. More news on both of these Pay Per Views soon!

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