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British comedy show question


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Okay, this is quite out there but it was brought about by a thread in the Forum Games section. There used to be a comedy show on TV that featured cartoon sketches of two people staring at each other in a 'sporting competiton' style setting.

That's the only thing I remember about the show, anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

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I didn't really like Big Train. It was one good sketch an episode, and the rest just missed the mark by a good million miles, and just were not funny.

There were some good ones though (the one good one per episode) like the antiques dealer that always valued things at 'somewhere in the region of...... ONE HUNDERED MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!' (and then typically touched up an old lady, which was sick)

And a sketch I only have a vague recollection, which was a guy trying to buy some illegal glue........ Thats all I can remember about it, but I remember it being funny.

OH - and when he was told they only had standard glue available, the guy always said (in a Russian accent) 'No, no...... I need something stronger.......

EDIT - I remember a sketch, but I dunno if it was Big Train or Velvet Soup (which I actually enjoyed quite a lot). Basically, it was a taxi-driver, who interrupted important events.

Like, they'd be a really cheesy love scene, and just before the couple kissed, he'd appear and say 'Taxi cab????'. And there was a murder mystery, and as the murderer was digging a shallow grave, he appeared and asked if the guy needed a taxi.

It doesnt sound funny typed out, but it was at the time. Does anyone remember if that was Big Train or Velvet Soup (they were on about the same time)?

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I like Big Train only for the fact that it really started the comic genius that is Simon Pegg.

On another note anyone see his and Nick Frost's performance hosting the NME awards? A little hit and miss but overall I found it hilarious, especially when no-one at the awards got a coupleof the cleverer jokes...

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