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Stiff Little Fingers are a great band.


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I am superior to anyone who doesn't like SLF.

They're a punk band from Northern Ireland and they rock.

I bought Inflammable Material about six months back, and I love it. Since then I've found SLF Live, and SLF Live at St Patrix

Everyone needs to own Inflammable Material. It is awesome.

Best songs on album = No More Of That and Barbed Wire Love.

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I love SLF so much, my hotmail account contains two Stiff Little Finger's song.

My uncle brought SLF into my life 5 years ago when he heard me listening to blink-182-. Without SLF, I'd still be a mindless MTV drone.

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Alternative Ulster

Wasted Life

Nobodys Hero

Suspect Device

Roots Radical and Reggae

Law and Order

Those are my favorite tunes.

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I have a live album from them titled "Hanx!". I really haven't listened to it all the way through, but I like the brief tidbits that I've heard from them. They're actually one group I've been meaning to check out for a long time but just haven't gotten around to.

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Stiff Little Fingers are really good. Inflammable Material is one of my favourite albums, and they have a couple of good live albums as well. It's a shame they never really matched Inflammable, although Nobody's Heroes is a pretty good album as well.

They reformed and toured Britain last year, I think it was, with Foxton from the Jam on guitar. I would've gone but it was pretty expensive for a bunch of fourty year olds.

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