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Everyone Needs To Listen to Manowar

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I was up last night and remembered something along the lines of IWC saying that Manowar was music to rape, pillage and plunder by.

He was right.

Manowar should be required listening to everyone. Go listen to them for an hour and tell me that you don't want to become a warrior of sorts.

Possibly one of these two:



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Yeah, I stole them from Reily, who in turn stole them from his room mate.

Reily, does your room mate know he's started a Manowar revolution?

I have four Manowar albums at the moment.

Battle Hymns

Kings Of Metal

Warriors Of The World


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I've never been much of a Manoward fan. There's something about guys singing about slaying dragons, or whatever, that just doesn't appeal to me.

And besides, Helloween > Manowar.

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