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WWE SmackDown! 2005 Re-Draft!


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Date: Thursday December 23rd 2004

Location: Iraq

Event: WWE SmackDown!

1-2-3! Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio WIN!

Winner: Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio

.:The Aftermath:.

Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio head to the back and Vince McMahon’s music hits (wtf)! Vince struts down to the ring, Mic in hand, with a huge smirk on his face. The crowd goes nuts, and Vince stands in the middle of the ring, patiently.


What the hell? It's Vince McMahon! What’s he doing out here?

.:Michael Cole:.

I don’t know Tazz, but I don't like the look on his face...


Why, cause he's not whistling Dixie?

.:Michael Cole:.

...He looks like he has some news...some bad news...


Oh shut up Cole! Mr. McMahon never has bad news...unless you have to kiss his ass...

When the crowd dies down, Vince starts his announcement.

.:Vince McMahon:.

Thank you...Ladies and Gentlemen, I have some great news. Earlier today, The Rock signed a new deal, and will be in the ring in January of 2005!

The crowd reacts to this news with the biggest pop of the night!


Oh my god! The Rock! The Rock is back! What news for WWE fans! The Rock is back!

.:Vince McMahon:.

Also...also, Brock Lesnar has decided to come back!

The crowd reacts with huge cheers, and bigger boos.

.:Michael Cole:.

Brock too! WOW!

.:Vince McMahon:.

Also, the websites, including WWE.COM were misinformed, I'm sorry to tell you, but one major piece of news was misconstrued...Rikishi, Chuck Palumbo, Jazz, Gail Kim, A-Train, Rico, Rodney Mack, Viscera, Gangrel, and Johnny Stamboli were not fired! They were sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling, and were able to work for smaller promotions for the reminder of 2004, but they all too will be back for 2005!

The crowd cheers!

.:Michael Cole:.

12 wrestlers will be back in 2005! WOW! Billy Gunn, Rico, Brock Lesnar, The Rock! This is great news!


I told you Cole, Mr. McMahon came with great news!

.:Vince McMahon:.

But! But that’s not what I came out here to announce. I have decided to give all of you, the fans, my kids, and hell, even me, one large Christmas Present!

Crowd cheers

.:Vince McMahon:.

Haha...I knew you'd like that. Here it is...on Saturday, January 1st, Live on Spike TV, there will be a Re-Draft of all rosters!

The crowd boos.


What!?!?! A Re-Draft???

.:Vince McMahon:.

No, no, no...you got it wrong...This is a good thing...because......SmackDown and Raw will be fully separating from each other as of January 1st 2005!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction.

.:Michael Cole:.


.:Vince McMahon:.

That’s right! On January 1st 2005, Raw and SmackDown will be separate brands, competing against each other for the #1 spot in Wrestling!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction.

.:Vince McMahon:.

Allow me to introduce the new Owners of SmackDown...Shane and Stephanie McMahon!

'Here Comes the Money' Blasts through the PA, and Shane and Stephanie walk down to the ring to a huge pop! The crowd goes wild as Steph and Shane climb into the ring, and hug their Dad.

.:Vince McMahon:.

Shane and Steph will take full ownership of SmackDown!, and Linda and Myself will take over Raw! Merry Christmas!

The crowd goes wild as SmackDown! From Iraq goes off the air.

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Date: Thursday December 23rd 2004

Location: My Apartment

Event: I just finished scratching myself

I throw a beer at the Television...

'Yea, that will F*****G work you B****RD!'

At this point I was a little more than drunk...

'"Sorry Mat, that’s not a good business idea"...F*****g P**ck...Steal my F*****g ideas. Tell me their not f*****g good enough then steal them. YOU B****RD!'

I throw yet another can of beer at the TV

My neighbor upstairs starts pounding on his floor telling me to quiet down. I throw my shoe at the ceiling and say 'You shut up you old coot!' before losing my balance and passing out...

I'm sorry, where are my manners. My name is Mat Bar. I grew up in Connecticut, and that’s where I met my childhood friend, Shane McMahon.

Shane and I have always been close, even after I moved out to Denver, Colorado. He flies out almost every Sunday. We go see the Broncos, Crush, Nuggets, Avalanche, Mammoth, Rockies...whoever’s in town that day, and drink a few beers. We talk about Sports, life, and most importantly, Pro Wrestling.

I loved the WWF when I was a kid. Hulk Hogan was my favorite...too bad he’s all washed up now. He was like a god to me growing up. I used to dress up in Yellow and Red 'Hulkamania' gear, and god how Shane laughed at me.

Shane always bragged about his dad owning the WWF when we were kids. I considered myself a smart kid, and thought...no, knew Shane was lying, so I used to play around with him about it.

'So get us free tickets to an event' I used to say, and of course he couldn't because his dad was always "out of town"...I know how that is, my dad was always "Out of town" too...at least that’s what my mom said...but I knew it was a divorce...

Whoa! Sorry, a little reminiscing off topic...Well, one day, when I was 12, I went down to Shane's and saw Vince McMahon...I was speechless...I was in even more awe when I saw him...my hero...Hulk Hogan sitting on Shane's couch watching TV drinking a Beer...Budweiser...I'll never forget that.

Shane saw my face, and he was such a good sport...He gave me 'I told you so's until High School graduation. But that day was the best day of my life! Shane, Vince, Hogan and I sat watching Football for the rest of the day. God, I wish I could be a kid again...

Well, Shane and I have remained friends since we were 7 (except for one short period when I was 25 when I dated his 18 year old sister, Stephanie) so that gave me some 'Backstage privileges'. I attended meetings, and worked with Shane and Vince trying to work on my business skills. Both Shane and Vince were impressed with what they called my 'Booking Skills'. All I told them were matches that I wanted to see...haha...I guess what the fans want, they shall receive.

Vince hired me in late 2000 to be on the booking team, and that lasted until about June 2002.

Vince was planning something revolutionary in Wrestling. Two separate rosters in one Federation. That way, the younger guys can get some experience without shoving the Veterans off their TV time. I worked with Vince for 3 months on that project, then I tried to talk him into taking it a step further. I asked him why not make them into their own federations...Let them compete against each other to see what would be the stronger brand. I mean at that point the WWE had no competition at all.

Vince told me that that wasn't good for business. I showed him the information I had gathered. Multiple promotions means more money...its simple. But again Vince shot it down.

In early may I gave my two weeks to Vince, and after some questioning, he took it. There was a new promotion opening in the next few weeks called the NWA:TNA and they were looking for a head booker with experience, so I thought I'd give it a try. It would be a huge promotion for me, and a HUGE bump up in pay. Vince wished me luck, and in two weeks I had my interview with TNA.

I'd like to tell you that I got the job, but I didn't. They gave it to former promoter, Dusty Rhodes. I was bummed. I moved to Denver, Colorado for a job with Qwest. Maybe you've heard of it...maybe not...its a phone company...but that job didn’t excite me. I decided, about 2 weeks ago (and quite suddenly), to quit my job, sell my house, and my car. I needed a fresh start...ha...34 and already at my midlife crisis. that’s...sad...Now I just write wrestling results on a crappy website. And look at me now! Here I am, passed out on the floor with the 9 O’clock news on, and beer cans and pizza boxes littered across my floor. I hope I sleep through the night...

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Date: Friday December 24th 2004

Location: My Apartment

Event: I’m still passed out…




*Ring Ring*

The phone wakes me up.

‘What the f**k…’

*Ring Ring*

‘F**K OFF!’ I yell at the phone.

*Ring Ring*

‘D**n answering machine…pick up already!’



“Hey B**ches! I’m not home right now, or I’m drunk on the floor. Leave your name, age, address, phone number, date of birth, credit card number and expiration date, your bank account number, and your mother’s maiden name, and I might get back to ya. Peace!”

I laugh to myself…I’ve always loved that message.

*click* Hey Mat, it’s Shane. I got some great news for ya. Give me a ring punk! *click*

I pick up the phone and dial a number. It rings twice and the receiver picks up.


‘You F**k…you woke me up…’

‘haha…Sorry Mat. Hey, did you watch SmackDown last night?’

‘Yea. Your Dad’s a prick, you know that.’

‘haha…I knew that would piss you off.’

‘Damn straight! That was my idea Shane…’

‘I know, I know…That’s why I’m calling you, you pig f**ker.’

‘Hey, that was only once, and we both were pretty drunk.’

We share a laugh

‘What I want to talk to you about is this…Its not a stunt.’

‘What’s not a stunt Shane? Screwing a pig?’

‘Well, that too, but what you saw on TV last night isn’t a stunt.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Dad’s actually splitting the WWE in half.’

‘Ok…And what does this have to do with me?’

‘Damn boy. Whose a cranky drunk…’

‘I am, now answer the question.’

‘Ok, ok…Steph and I are taking over “SmackDown” and we have are staff in place. Steph has the finances down, I’m the head writer…’

‘The point Captain.’

‘We need a head booker Mat. And I talked to Paul and Steph, and we want you.’


‘No…Levesque…Triple H.’

‘Ah…I thought he hated me for the whole “I dated Stephanie” thing…’

‘He’s over it…What do you say?’

‘Who would I have to answer to? Whose my boss?’

‘Just me, Steph, and Paul…Triple H.’

‘Hmmm, my best friend, my ex, and my ex’s husband…eh, I think I’ll pass.’

‘What! What do you mean you’ll pass?’

‘Come on man. How f**ked up can that be? I know Paul hasn’t gotten over anything…’

‘Alright! I knew you’d say something to try to f**k this up, so I drew something up…It’s signed by Paul and Steph…’

‘Ok…what is it?’

‘It makes you a managing partner. Four way. I drew it up because I don’t want Paul to screw this up for me. This is our big shot.’

‘Ha ha…Shane, what do you mean “our”?’

‘I mean me you and Steph. You know Steph has her lips wrapped around Paul’s…’

‘I’ll make you a deal. I’m in if you don’t finish that thought. I don’t want that mental image.’

‘So your in! Hot d**n man. You’re a life saver! I love you man.’

‘Lets not get gay on me bro.’

‘I’ll fly you out here tomorrow…’

‘Dude, tomorrow’s Christmas…’

‘You have nothing there, no Girl…’

‘You’ll be sorry if you finish that one man…but how true that is…asshole. Where are we meeting?’

‘I’ll pick you up from JFK tomorrow myself. The Knicks are in town.’

‘Sounds good. I’ll start packing, and see you tomorrow.’

‘You better show up man.’

‘Don’t worry. Peace.’


Well, I better start packing. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow…

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Date: Saturday December 25th 2004

Location: John F. Kennedy International Airport

Event: Meeting with Shane O’Mac

I step off the plane, and enter the tunnel, and there waiting for me is Shane. I greet him, and we walk toward the exit. I stop at the end of my arriving gate…

‘Shane, I’m not taking another step without signing that piece of paper.’

‘Ha ha…you’re a God amongst men Mat. Always looking out for both of us.’

‘I just want to make sure that my job is safe for more than a few months…And I’m always looking out for you bro. I need to be sure this is a good investment for you.’

Shane pulls out the paper, and I read it over…

‘Shane…what the hell is this?’



I point to a line in the paper that says “This project can be ended by Vince McMahon at any time within the first year, as long as his ‘Raw’ promotion is on top. The same applies for Stephanie McMahon and the “SmackDown“ brand.”

‘Oh, that. It’s an insurance policy. We don’t want to lose half of our roster to a promotion like NWA:TNA or some new promotion. It isn’t good for business.’

‘Noted, and agreed.’

I take a black ‘Bic’ pen out of my pocket and sign the paper, then hand it back to Shane. Shane reads it over, then puts it in a manila folder, then into his briefcase.

‘Now that I own your soul…lunch?’

‘I’m starved…whens the meeting?’

‘In about two hours.’

‘What is it about?’

‘Well, Steph and I want to go over the WWE Roster and make up a draft board.’

‘There’s still…a week until the draft…’

‘Ha ha…haven’t changed a bit. Still a procrastinater.’

‘Damn straight. Lets go. I heard that this city has the best Pizza…’

We head out of JFK off to eat…

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Date: Saturday December 25th 2004

Location: The new SmackDown Headquarters, New York City, New York

Event: The Big Meeting


Triple H


Shane and I walk into the new WWE office, and there’s a classic look of anger mixed with shock on Triple H’s face…

Shane! What the hell is he doing here?

Merry Christmas to you too Paul.

Was I talking to you b***h boy?

Paul, that’s enough. I invited Mat here.

You what!?

Paul, Steph and I decided that adding a fourth partner in the mix was a good idea. And Mat is one of the best bookers around.

You can’t be serious…

Paul, it doesn’t matter right now. We are here for a reason, to talk about the Draft…

Mat’s right…We need to decide, Talent or backstage drama.

It’s obvious that we should take a look at both…I mean look at Raw. They have the best mix of both. They have the talent of Randy Orton, and the charisma of Christian. We need a mix like that.

I agree. We need people like Chris Jericho who can both perform and entertain the crowd…

So it’s agreed. I’m the #1 pick.

Ok, Paul, listen to me…You can entertain the crowd with a mike, but you suck in the ring. If you don’t get things your way, you bitch.

F**k off Mat. I don’t see you in the ring…working your ass off night after night…

Paul, I haven’t seen you work your ass off since my stay in the WWF.

He has a point there Paul.

F**k you both.

Listen good you three! We have to work as a team to make this work! We can’t let small bickering ruin everything we have here. Mat, I brought you in because I thought you had time to mature. Obviously I was wrong. Shane, I don’t want you sucking up to your friend. We are here to put Dad out of business, not to split this company in half. And Paul, just shut up. You know that you’ll be on SmackDown, but not with the #1 pick. Do I make myself clear?


Good. Lets get to work…

End of Backstory...Next Stop; The Draft!

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I had a long ass draft written up, but I couldn't think of a way to make it work, so I'll post the quick results.

The draft is 16 rounds of 1 man picks, 5 rounds of 2 man picks, and 4 rounds of 3. Then is a 7 round womans draft, 2 rounds of management, 5 Free Agent picks, 3 Free Agent Divas, and last, announcers.

Draft Quick Results

Raw SmackDown

1. Undertaker - Chris Jericho

2. Big Show - Kane

3. Kurt Angle - Rob Van Dam

4. Rey Mysterio - Booker T

5. John Cena - Triple H

6. Matt Hardy - Chris Benoit

7. The Rock - Mick Foley

8. John Bradshaw Layfield - Edge

9. Shawn Michaels - Christian

10. Brock Lesnar - Ric Flair

11. Randy Orton - Eddie Guerrero

12. Bubba Ray Dudley - Rhyno

13. D-Von Dudley - Shelton Benjamin

14. The Hurricane - Billy Gunn

15. Chavo Guerrero - Test

16. Batista - Tajiri

17. William Regal & - Charlie Haas &

Eugene - Rico

18. Kenzo Suzuki & - Ultimo Dragon &

Rene Dupree - Maven

19. Gangrel & - Scotty 2 Hotty &

Viscera - Sylvian Grenier

20. Luther Reigns & - Carlito Caribbean Cool &

Mark Jindrak - Chuck Palumbo

21. Spike Dudley & - A-Train &

Mark Henry - Garrison Cade

22. Rob Conway & - Doug Basham &

Gene Snitsky & - Danny Basham &

Rosey - Nunzio

23. Heidenreich & - Al Snow

Muhammed Hussan & - Billy Kidman

Khosrow Daivari - Paul London

24. Val Venis & - Akio &

Hardcore Holly & - Shannon Moore &

Funaki - Johnny Stamboli

25. Rikishi & - Steven Richards &

Orlando Jordan & - Simon Dean &

Tyson Tomko -Jesus Aguilera

26. Molly Holly - Gail Kim

27. Miss Jackie - Lita

28. Torrie Wilson - Jazz

29. Trish Stratus - Victoria

30. Hiroko - Nidia

31. Stacy Keibler - Ivory

32. Pass - Dawn Marie

33. Eric Bishoff - Paul Heyman

34. Teddy Long - Pass

35. Randy Savage - Steve Austin

36. Sting - Scott Hall

- Kevin Nash

- Hollywood Hogan

37. Ultimate Warrior - X-Pac

38. Vader - Grand Master Sexay

39. Perry Saturn - Road Dogg

40. Vanessa - Alicia Webb

41. Jamie Koeppe - Aja Kong

42. Amy Webber - Little Jeanne

43. Michael Cole & - Jim Ross &

Tazz - Jerry Lawler

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OVW Roster

Owner: Jim Cornette

Managing Partner: Jonathan Coachman


Aaron Stevens

Alexis Laree

Angel Williams

Antonio Thomas

Beth Phoenix

Blaster Lashley

Brent Albright

Chad Toland

Chilly Willy

Chris Cage

Chris Masters

Chris Nowinski

Da Beast

Deuce Shade

Jillian Hall

Johnny Jeter

Johnny Nitro


Ken Doane

Linda Miles

Matt Cappotelli

Matt Morgan

Melina Perez

Paul Birchall

Ryan Sakota

Rodney Mack


Tank Toland

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Owners - Stephanie McMahon, Paul Levesque, Shane McMahon and Mat Bar

Global Promotion at war with WWE: Raw

WWE SmackDown! Roster

Main Event

Chris Benoit - F

Chris Jericho - F

Eddie Guerrero - F

Hollywood Hogan - H

Steve Austin - F

Triple H - H

Upper Midcard

Booker T - F

Christian - H

Edge - H

Kane - F

Kevin Nash - H

Rob Van Dam - F


Albert - H

Billy Gunn - F

Billy Kidman - H

Carlito Caribbean Cool - H

Charlie Haas - F

Erika Shishado (Aja Kong) - F

Gail Kim - H

Jazz - H

Lita - F

Maven - F

Rhyno - F

Rico Constantino - F

Road Dogg - F

Scott Hall - H

Shelton Benjamin - F

Tajiri - F

Test - H

Ultimo Dragon - F

Lower Midcard

Al Snow - F

Chuck Palumbo - H

Danny Basham - H

Doug Basham - H

Grand Master Sexy - F

Ivory - F

James Maritato - F

Johnny The Bull - F

Lance Cade - H

Nova -H

Paul London - F

Scotty 2 Hotty - F

Shannon Moore - F

Sylvian Grenier - H

Victoria - F

X-Pac - H


Jimmy Yang - H

Steven Richards - H

Managers and Non-Wrestlers

Alicia Webb - F

Dawn Marie - H

Nidia - F

Paul Heyman - H

Ric Flair - Stephanie McMahon and Triple H - H

Jerry Lawler (WWE SmackDown! Announcer) - F

Mat Bar (1/3 SmackDown Owner) - F

Mick Foley - F

Shane McMahon (1/3 SmackDown Owner) - H

Stephanie McMahon (1/3 SmackDown Owner) - F

Development (Atlanta Traxx)

Aaron Stevens

Alexis Laree

Angel Williams

Beth Phoenix

Blaster Lashley

Chris Cage

Chris Masters

Chris Nowinski

Daniel Puder

Daniel Rodimer

Johnny Nitro

Little Jeanne

Michelle McCool

Paul Birchall

Rodney Mack

Ryan Sakoda


Tank Toland

The Hardcore Kidd

WWE Top 10 Workers of 2004

1. Kurt Angle (RAW)

2. Chris Benoit (SD!)

3. Eddie Guerrero (SD!)

4. Chris Jericho (SD!)

5. Chavo Guerrero (RAW)

6. Rob Van Dam (SD!)

7. Shawn Michaels (RAW)

8. Tajiri (SD!)

9. Christian (SD!)

10. Randy Orton (RAW)

Independent Top 10 Workers of 2004

1. AJ Styles (NWA/ IWC/ 3PW)

2. Chris Daniels (NWA/ 3PW/ ECWA)

3. Jerry Lynn (NWA/ 3PW)

4. Juventud Guerrera (AAA)

5. CM Punk (ROH/ IWA-MS/ IWC)

6. Low-Ki (ROH/ 3PW/ JAPW)

7. TAKA Michinoku (Japan)

8. James Gibson (ROH/ NJ-USA)

9. Ron Killings (NWA/ CSWF)

10. Nicho El Millonario (Japan)

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Date: Saturday January 1st 2005

Location: SmackDown! New York Headquarters

Event: Post Draft Meeting

Great draft guys.

There’s no way we can lose with this roster!

Yea there is…If the talent isn’t booked right. That should be our number one priority. Making sure the fans get what they want. Good matches with good storylines. Not some bull s**t that makes no sense what-so-ever.

Knowing Dad, he’s going to go after a few more free agents. I’d say people like The Sandman, DDP, Goldberg…people with established names to try to put himself over…

Your right…We should sign them before dad gets a chance!

Hell no! Goldberg is the sh****est wrestler I have ever seen. He will bring the whole promotion down!

I have to agree with Paul…

Then what do you think we should do?

We should counter dad’s names with some talent. People like Frankie Kazarian, AJ Styles, and Chris Daniels.

I like that idea, but not AJ or Chris. Both of them are under long term contracts with TNA, and we would waste a lot of money in a bidding war. I think we should go after people like Frankie, Super Crazy, and Nicho El Millonario. People not under contracts, who are looking for American Promotions to join.

What about Justin Credible?

or Pete Gas, Rodney, or Steve Blackman?

Lets get on Justin and Steve, but Pete and Rodney can’t wrestle worth s**t. Remember what they did in the WWF?

I even think ICP was better then them, and you all know how much I hate them…

OK, lets make some calls, and we’ll have a meeting tomorrow night. Bring whoever you want to sign, and we’ll discuss tryouts.

Edited by matbar
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If I may...

I like your style of writing and what you are doing with the backstage talk, but don't sensor the talk. I hate seeing those little stars. It's annoying as s**t <--see?





These words don't hurt anybody. Keep them in.

Otherwis, keep up the good work, and never forget: Spellcheck is our friend..

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Thanks for the feedback...I'm lovin it.

I use spellcheck, but I'm dyslexic (sp) so I suck at it...lol, and thanks to my brother who helped me with the draft. I know I screwed up on Angle, but at least I have Jericho!

I didnt know if I could say fuck, shit, cocksucker etc. so I played it safe. I'll think about changeing it...lol

I should post more tonight if I dont fall asleep, so keep up the reading...haha.

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