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Should I get a Cube?  

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  1. 1. Should I get a Cube?

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I just noticed someone posted some of the screenshots from the upcoming Zelda games and they look hella sweet. My friend has a gamecube, and I played a few games on it, but I never got to finish Cel-da.

Anyways, I noticed on ebay that I can get one for decently cheap. Is it worth it to get one so I can play the Zelda games and whatever else? Also, are there any other gamecube exclusive games that are worth buying?

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Guest Grapehead

Gamecube's are sweet as hell, especially when you play a game on GC that you previously played on PS2... you'll shit yourself, it's actually a lot lot better, prime example being Soul Caliber 2. Resident Evil 4 is exclusive to the GC until the fall I believe, when it gets ported to PS2(god Capcom are a bunch of dicks for taking Viewtiful Joe and RE4 from the GC). Especially for that cheap, you'll have a blast, just try to be determined when you go to buy games or rent them, cause you will find a lot of games that may not apeal to you, but there are a bunch I'll bet that you'll love.

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For 2005, the new legend of Zelda is coming out, and will be the game to beat for Game of the Year(IMO).

Other Great Games:

Time Splitters 2 and 3

Super Mario Sunshine (E)

Pikmin I and II (E)

Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

Tales of Symphonia (E)

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (E)

The Resident Evil Series( 0-4), 4 being one of the best survival horror games I've ever played(All E except 4)

Metroid Prime I and II (E)

Super Smash Bro.s: Melee E)

Beyond Good and Evil

The Madden Series

Prince of Persia I and II

Eternal Darkness (E)

The NHL series

The new James Bond Games(AVOID Goldeneye 2 though)

Need for Speed Underground I and II

WWE Day of Reckoning( II will be coming next year) (E)

Soul Calibur 2

Super Mario Kart: Double Dash (E)

F-Zero GX (E)

Advance Wars(Coming soon) (E)

Mortal Kombat V and VI(just released)




There's more, but you get the point :P

Edit: E=Exclusive

Edited by Laice_
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well a new game is like 60 i think, you can get a mario card bundel for 99 euro in germany, so you are at 40 euro for the new console, so if it is used you are defenetly being riped off.

almost every game in Laice_s list is not getting me intereset in annything (i remember how cool perfect dark soundet untill i played it at a cube club, cube club is what caused me to not buy a cube btw. so you can call that a brilliant nintendo promotion tacktick :D)

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Guest Grapehead

Perfect Dark is an N64 FPS... so... I don't know what 'cube club' you played that at.

Anyways, Laice was wrong about the RE being exclusive, since... well they were ALL ported to the GC after being released ont he Playstation. The only RE game that is exclusive to GC is RE:Zero and that's not for sure, I could be wrong.

All those games he listed are(for the most part) sweet, some aren't even close to sweet(Super Mario Sunshine), definatly check out Day of Reckoning, making your entrance is one of the funnest things, I've never seen a wrestling game give you that much control over your entrance, so it's cool.

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Whoops, I got ahead of myself. The only true Resident Evil game that is exclusive is RE: Zero, I counted the first resident evil game as exclusive because of the massive facelift it recieved.

As for Super Mario Sunshine...many people were dissapointed, many people were not. It really depends on you, at least rent it.

Edited by Laice_
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