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Sex Scandal in WWE!

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Sex Scandal in WWE! Vince McMahon has affair with employee. Candice Michelle and Vince McMahon were caught in the midst of their intercoarse by wife Linda McMahon. Board members of WWE are suspending all McMahons from any form of authoritive action due to their distressful state. In the meantime, a new booker will be hired to oversee everything, starting April 4th.

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This seems to have some promise. At first I had my doubts about the Sex Scandal thing but if it's done right i'm sure it will be fine. Now, the style of writing was okay but I'm hoping that was just for a recap and not for shows to come aswell.

Good luck.

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Main Event:

Chris Benoit - Face

Shawn Michaels - Face

Eddie Guerrero - Heel

JBL - Heel

Kurt Angle - Heel

Randy Orton - Heel

Triple H - Heel

Upper Midcard:

Batista - Face

Big Show - Face

Booker T - Face

John Cena - Face

Rey Mysterio - Face

Rob Van Dam - Face (Injured until August)

Chris Jericho - Face

Christian - Heel

Edge - Heel

Kane - Tweener


Bubba Ray Dudley - Heel

Carlito Caribbean Cool - Heel

Charlie Haas - Heel

Chavo Guerrero - Heel

D-Von Dudley - Heel

Eugene Dinsmore - Face (Injured till June)

Gene Snitsky - Heel

John Heidenreich - Heel

Lita - Face (Injured till June)

Luther Reigns - Heel

Marty Jannetty - Face

Matt Hardy - Face

Maven - Heel

Molly Holly - Heel

Rene Dupree - Heel

Rhyno - Face

Shelton Benjamin - Face

Tajiri - Face

The Hurricane - Face

Trish Stratus - Heel

William Regal - Face

Lower Midcard:

Billy Kidman - Heel

Danny Basham - Heel

Doug Basham - Heel

Hardcore Holly - Tweener

Kenzo Suzuki - Heel

Mark Jindrak - Heel

Muhammed Hassan - Heel

Nunzio - Face

Orlando Jordan - Heel

Paul London - Face

Robert Conway - Heel

Rosey - Face

Scotty 2 Hotty - Face

Shannon Moore - Face

Simon Dean - Heel

Spike Dudley - Heel

Steven Richards - Tweener

Sylvain Grenier - Heel

Tyson Tomko - Heel

Val Venis - Face

Victoria - Face



Chris Masters



Al Snow - Heel

Eric Bischoff - Tweener

Ivory - Face

Jerry Lawler - Face

Mick Foley - Face

Shane McMahon - Face

Stephanie McMahon - Face

Steve Austin - Face

The Undertaker - Face

Theodore Long - Face

Vince McMahon - Heel


Christy Hemme - Face

Dawn Marie - Heel

Hiroko - Heel

Jonathan Coachman - Heel

Joy Giovanni - Face

Khosrow Daivari - Heel

Michelle McCool - Face

Miss Jackie - Face

Paul Heyman - Heel

Ric Flair - Heel

Stacy Keibler - Face

Torrie Wilson - Face

Current Title Holders:

World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Champions: William Regal and Tajiri

Women’s Champion: Christy Hemme

Heavyweight Champion: John Cena

US Champion: Orlando Jordan

Tag Team Champions: Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

Cruiserweight Champion: Paul London

News and Raw Preview:


Viscera, Mark Henry, Lauren Jones, Maria Kanellis, and Candice Michelle have all been released from their contracts. The firing of Mark Henry angered Theodore Long and asked for his resignation. He is said to be written off TV very shortly. Christian is said to receive a minor push in the upcoming weeks, which started with his co-winning of the “Money In The Bank” match at WrestleMania. Also Matt Hardy is said to be preparing to make a return any week now with a revamped gimmick.


A Triple Threat will take place between Batista, Edge and Christian at Backlash, but what will take place tonight? Look to see the Intercontinental and World Tag Team Titles on the line and possibly the first title defense of the new World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Triple H is also said to be highly infuriated and on the peak of insanity! See what goes down on Monday Night RAW!

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News and Raw Preview:


Viscera, Mark Henry, Lauren Jones, and Candice Michelle have all been released from their contracts.

The firing of Mark Henry angered Theodore Long and asked for his resignation. He is said to be written off TV very shortly.

Christian is said to receive a minor push in the upcoming weeks, which started with his co-winning of the “Money In The Bank” match at WrestleMania.

Also Matt Hardy is said to be preparing to make a return any week now with a revamped gimmick.

WWE.com has posted a poll on what the fans want to see Carlito do. The options are: Carlito in a dress doing a strip tease, Carlito in a one-man boxing match, or Carlito being dunked head first into a toilet.


A Triple Threat will take place between Batista, Edge and Christian at Backlash, but what will take place tonight? Look to see the Intercontinental and World Tag Team Titles on the line and possibly the first title defense of the new World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Triple H is also said to be highly infuriated and on the peak of insanity! See what goes down on Monday Night RAW!

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RAW April 4, 2005

Co-Number One Contenders?

Raw opens up to Christian’s theme song. Christian walks down to the ring without Tomko tonight, extremely proud of his co-win for the number one contendership. Christian grabs a microphone.

Christian: We did it peeps! At Backlash, there is no man, nor beast that can stop me from winning the World Heavyweight Title! Christian pauses to chuckle. Who more deserving than Christian to win $500,000 and soon-to-be World Heavyweight Championship? NO ONE! THAT’S WHO! There was only one injustice at WrestleMania, and that was my idiot brother Edge not knowing to let go! The briefcase was clearly in my hands! Its ridiculous that the referee even declared Edge co-winner!

Christian is cut off by Edge’s music as Edge comes down the ramp into the ring. Edge grabs the microphone out of Christian’s hand irate.

Edge: WHAT!? DID I HEAR YOU CORRECTLY!? I swear if I heard you say that I don’t deserve that title shot, I’m going to tear you limb from limb you egomaniacal son of a [~BEEP!~]

Christian grabs onto the top part of the microphone, directing it towards him and leans over into it saying simply…

Christian: you… DON’T DESERVE IT!

JR: Christian is barking up the wrong tree. Brother or not, Edge is unstable!

Lawler: I completely agree with you there JR, Christian better watch his step here!

Christian rips the microphone out of his hands.

Christian: How many chances have you gotten? How many have I gotten? Captain Charisma hasn’t been given a title shot in far too long! It’s preposterous how you can even declare yourself co-number one! The only true number one around here is me and my peeps!

Edge begins to chuckle and goes to speak, but drops the microphone and a wild brawl erupts between the two. The brawl ceases at the music of Batista, who runs down the aisle and slides into the ring. Both Edge and Christian bail out of the ring and start heading up the ramp.

JR: Look at Edge and Christian, running like a pair of Scalded Dogs!

Overall: 84

Bischoff makes a match!

Before Christian and Edge make it all the way up the ramp, Eric Bischoff’s music hits and steps out on stage with a microphone.

Bischoff: whoa, whoa, whoa! Don’t go too far you two! You both seem to be in some sort of dispute about the co-number one contendership. You both seem a little… frightened of this monster Batista. Well too bad! The triple threat goes as planned! However… to make things interesting, lets see who walks into the match as World Heavyweight champion. Tonight, in the main event we’ll see Christian… vs… BATISTA! The crowd goes crazy as Christian flips out, leaving Edge and Batista smirking.

JR: What a slobber knocker that’ll be!

Lawler: That’s nuts! Christian just had a hellatious ladder match last night! How unfair!

Overall: 79

***Commercial Break***

Racism in WWE

Khosrow Daivari comes down to the ring with Muhammed Hassan and grab a microphone.

Muhammed: Tonight, I face Shelton Benjamin. An exemplary example of what’s wrong with this business, and this nation. Your common, street-thugs are awarded gold. What is wrong with this picture? In the meantime, hardworking superstars on the uprising like myself are held down because of my race. Even the title seems racist, Intercontinental Championship; they never had Iraq, Iran, or any other middle eastern locations in mind when they created this championship I guarantee you.

Muhammed Hassan hands the microphone to Khosrow who translates it.

Lawler: Someone needs to teach this idiot some manners!

JR: I hope Shelton Benjamin whips Hassan like a government mule tonight.

Overall: 72

Muhammed Hassan vs. Shelton Benjamin - IC Title

Ending: Muhammed comes into the ring with the IC Title Belt and goes to swing at Shelton, but runs into a T-Bone Suplex! Cover! One! Two! Three!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Overall: 76

Match: 70

Crowd: 82

Mattitude = Extreme

A video is played on the Titan-Tron. It starts with a car-wreck, then a building collapsing, followed by a series of explosions. A message in white then appears on a black background saying “You think this is Extreme? You haven’t seen anything yet…” Matt Hardy’s music and video is then played.

Overall: 83

Christy Hemme vs Molly Holly - Women’s Title - Guest Ref. Chris Masters

Ending: Chris Masters being a fairly biased referee and not counting any pinfalls, instead only flexing for the crowd, makes the two women become frustrated with him. Molly Holly hits Christy Hemme with a Northern Lights Suplex with bridge but once again, instead of Masters counting, he flexes for the uninterested crowd. Holly gets up and shoves masters around. As she’s doing so, Christy Hemme comes up from behind her and rolls her up with a Schoolboy Pin. Masters finally counts the three and Christy’s declared the winner.

Winner: Christy Hemme

Overall: 67

Match: 76

Crowd: 48

***Commercial Break***

Benoit and Jericho vs Regal and Tajiri - World Tag Team Titles

Ending: In the midst of battle, where all four men are in the ring fighting, Triple H runs down the aisle and slides into the ring, chair in hand. He puts a dent in the chair via Chris Jericho’s head, knocking him out. Triple H drives the edge of the chair into Tajiri’s ribs. Triple H drops the chair and delivers a Pedigree to both Benoit, then Regal.

Winner: Draw - No contest via interference

Overall: 89

Crowd: 82

Match: 97

***Commercial Break***

Student confronts Mentor

Triple H is walking around Backstage when he’s confronted by Randy Orton.

Orton: I know what your thinking… and It eats you alive inside doesn’t it? Randy Orton, your protégé, beat the one man that you’ve never been able to defeat. And in the same night, you lost your World Heavyweight Title, proving you less superior than I in so many ways. I must say though… I watched your match with Undertaker at least a hundred times… and I learned every move I needed to win, picking up on all your mistakes that lead to your ass kicking. So you can feel somewhat responsible for my win over the Phenom.

Triple H livid but calming down simply replies: Orton, we’ve been through a lot together, good and bad, but incase you didn’t see what I just did, I JUST BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF FOUR GUYS WITHOUT BREAKING A SWEAT! And if you don’t get out of my way… you’ll be the fifth! Triple H pushes past Orton and walks off.

Overall: 79

Christian vs Batista - World Heavyweight Title

Ending: With the combined efforts of Christian and Tomko, Batista was degraded to a weakened state. Tomko however was evicted after being caught for nailing Batista. Christian sets Batista up for the Unprettier, but Batista shoves him off, into the referee. Christian turns back around into a massive Spinebuster! Batista picks Christian up and sets him up for the Batista Bomb. Christian gets hoisted up onto Batista’s shoulders, but Christian gives Batista a rake to the eyes. Christian drops to his feet and nails Batista with a few right hands. Edge runs down the aisle and slides into the ring. Christian goes to whip Batista off the ropes as Edge charges at him. Batista reverses the whip sending Christian into Edge’s Spear! Christian is down and hurt! Batista grabs Edge by the hair and throws him over the top rope to the ground below. Batista picks Christian back up and nails him with a Batista Bomb! The ref gets back up as Batista covers him for the three.

Winner: Batista

Overall: 80

Crowd: 82

Match: 76

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News and Smackdown Preview:

The first Smackdown after WrestleMania is sure to be an explosive one as we prepare to see Nunzio vs Orlando Jordan for the US Title. Billy Kidman will take on Shannon Moore in cruiserweight action. Big Show will take on Charlie Haas one on one. And in the main event Eddie Guerrero will take on Booker T. Also look to see John Cena, JBL, and Kurt Angle on the card.

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Smackdown: April 7, 2005

Who’s Facing The Champ?

Kurt Angle comes down to the ring, opening Smackdown. He grabs a microphone much to the crowd’s displeasure.

Angle: Wow what a grotesque crowd this is. Just being here I feel like I’m getting uglier.

Michael Cole: While i have the utmost respect for Kurt Angle in the ring, outside the ring he's a total jerk!

Tazz: You ain't just whistling dixie there Cole.

Sorry, I got side-tracked, on to business. Our company is having a serious crises right under it’s nose. This crises is being completely over-looked by everyone! I think I might be the only one who actually sees it! We have common street trash as our champion! How did the company slip so far, as to late such a prestige title as the WWE Championship, fall from the waist of and Olympic gold medallist… to someone who freaking raps!? I’ll make this short and sweet because I can see I’m confusing too many of you here. Cena, I want my title back! Now you can come down here and give it to me, or I can beat the holy hell out of you and take it back! Last night I defeated Shawn freaking Michaels! A legend, and icon, the former Show Stopper. Now I’M the show stopper. And that’s exactly how it should be. Kurt Angle: The Icon, The Show Stopper, The Olympic Gold Medallist, and soon to be WWE Champion again.

Angle is cut off by the Big Show’s music. Big Show comes out on stage with a microphone in his hand.


Tazz: I think the Big Show hit the buffet on his way here because he looks larger than life!

Big Show: Kurt Angle, so you beat Shawn Michaels. Who cares? Shawn Michaels is from RAW. Beating someone from RAW is like beating a handicapped kid. It just doesn’t show much. Last night I defeated Akebono. Akebono could eat you up and spit you out Kurt! And I defeated him. Which means I’m higher in the food chain. So if anyone gets a title shot around here, it should be me!

Angle: Are you out of your mind? So you beat some fat*** who cares? Did you make him tap out? No… YOU PUSHED HIM! Woopdy-freaking-do! And on a further note Show… don’t you know who I am? Do you know who you’re interrupting? The Big Show is interrupting the New Show Stopper!

Theodore Long comes out onto the stage

Long: Whoa now hold on there players! There won’t be any brawling on my show! You both want a title shot you’re gonna do it like men not animals! So here’s what’s going to happen. At Backlash, we’ll have Kurt Angle… vs Big Show for the number one contendership! Now believe that!

Overall: 86

***Commercial Break***

Billy Kidman vs Shannon Moore

Ending: Kidman staggers around aimlessly while Shannon Moore climbs up to the top rope. Shannon dives off at Kidman for the Mooregasm, but catches a dropkick to the chest out of nowhere! Kidman and Moore get up, and Kidman delivers a BK Bomb!


Cole: This looks like the end!

Kidman ascends to the top rope and dives off crushing Moore with a Shooting Star Press! Cover! One! Two! Three!

Winner: Billy Kidman

Overall: 76

Crowd: 55

Match: 98

London Wants Vengeance

Before Kidman can leave his music is cut off by Paul London’s music. London steps out on the stage with his newly won Cruiserweight Championship and a microphone.

London: Kidman! Last year, you hit me with that same Shooting Star Press. It broke a few of my ribs but I came back and did what you couldn’t. I came back and won the Cruiserweight Championship!

Tazz: Big words from such a little guy.

Cole: Well Tazz, that little guy is our cruiserweight champion.

So here I am the champion, but I’m not satisfied with myself. No, not just yet. I never got any retribution for that Shooting Star Press. I want a re-match Billy! At Backlash! I’ll even put the cruiserweight title up for grabs. You and me, man-o aye man-o, cruiserweight title. This time, it’s gonna be you that gets wheeled out on a stretcher!

Tazz: What a rocket buster that'll be!

Cole: You'll only see that kind of cruiserweight action on Smackdown!

Overall: 60

*** Commercial Break***

Carlito’s Payback

Theodore Long comes out into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Long: Listen up playa’s. I got to be honest, I’m starting to run out of ideas for what to do with this fool Carlito. But thanks to WWE.Com I asked you all what you wanted to see Carlito do. Lets see what the results are.

On the Titan-Tron it shows WWE.Com and poll Results.

Titan-Tron: Carlito in a dress doing a strip tease: 85% Carlito in a one-man boxing match: 12% Carlito being given a swirly 3%

Long: Well you’ve all spoken, and we’ve heard you loud and clear. Carlito bring your ass out here!

Carlito comes out in a dress looking disgruntled and climbs into the ring.

Michael Cole laughing LOOK AT CARLITO! HAHA!

Tazz Oh man, there is going to be some hell to pay for this haha.

Long: Well you’ve heard them all, get stripping playa.

Carlito takes the microphone from Long.

Carlito: I’ve got a better idea. You see, Carlito strip teasing… that’s not cool. You know what is cool though?

Carlito drops the mic and takes off the dress quickly to reveal his street clothes. Carlito nails Long with a clothesline and delivers a few stomps onto his chest.

Cole: Come on now! This is completly uncalled for!

Tazz: Like I was trying to tell ya Cole, you can only push a man so far before he pushes back!

Long rolls to the outside to try and get away but Carlito follows him. Carlito throws Long head first into the steel steps rendering him down and hurt. Carlito drags him over to the announcers table and gives him a Powerbomb through.

Overall: 83

*** Commercial Break***

Big Show vs Charlie Haas

Ending: Big Show grabs Haas by the neck and lifts him high into the air. Kurt Angle’s music hits as he runs down the aisle with a lead pipe in hand.


Cole: What the hell's he doing here!?

Angle slides the pipe into the ring and jumps up on the apron. Big Show drops Haas and gets in Angle’s face where trash talking takes place back and forth. Show turns back around only to get cracked upside the head with the lead pipe by Haas. Haas tosses the pipe out of the ring as he covers Big Show. Angle gets down off the apron and heads for the backstage as the ref counts to three.

Cole: That was sick! Angle screwed Big Show over!

Tazz: That there was intelligence Cole haha!

Winner: Charlie Haas

Overall: 77

Crowd: 77

Match: 78

Dead Man Dead!

We see Randy Orton on the Titan-Tron outside somewhere. He’s walking around telling the camera to follow him. He finally stops and begins to laugh. He turns back towards the camera.

Orton: I finally found him. At WrestleMania I noticed that after I defeated the Undertaker, he disappeared. I was curious as to where he went, because clearly the Dead Man fears the Legend Killer. But I think I killed this Legend more than I knew. I found the Phenom, and here he is… the camera looks around the environment showing it’s a graveyard. The camera looks at one gravestone in particular, in which it says “The Undertaker 12-1”

Orton: look at him… cowering like a yellow-belly. I hope you can hear me Taker! You’re nothing! I’m the new Phenom! My WrestleMania winning streak is now 2-0! The camera fades out as we see Randy Orton laughing.

Overall: 78

Orlando Jordan vs Nunzio - US Title

Ending: Nunzio goes to whip Orlando off the ropes. Before Nunzio lets go, he pulls Orlando back, going for a clothesline. Orlando ducks the clothesline slipping behind Nunzio. Nunzio turns around right into the Blackout! Cover for the three, and Orlando Jordan retains his title.

Winner: Orlando Jordan

Overall: 71

Crowd: 61

Match: 81

Guerrero Trouble

We cut backstage where Eddie Guerrero is preparing for his match. Chavo Guerrero comes in patting him on the back.

Chavo: WrestleMania was great Eddie! You put Rey out of action for at least a week or two with that Powerbomb on the chair! Talk about Viva La Raza Holmes! You lied, cheated and stole the victory right out from underneath your supposed friend’s nose! He never saw it coming! Chavo laughs and Eddie chuckles along with him.

Eddie: yeah it was something essa, its just too bad you got your ass kicked at WrestleMania. I mean if you had won I would have invited you to my celebration party.

Chavo: What? Essa-Vato, you had a celebration party without your familia?

Eddie: It was just a small get-together, I kept it under 200 people. Well I got to go do my match, I’ll catch you later Holmes. Eddie walks off leaving Chavo angry.

Overall: 76

Booker T vs Eddie Guerrero

Ending: Booker T staggers around aimlessly as Eddie Guerrero climbs up to the top rope. Eddie dives off at Booker for an Axe Handle Smash, but gets caught with a side kick to the face! As both participents get back up, Booker T kicks Eddie in the gut and bounces off the ropes. Booker goes for the Scissors Kick but Eddie dodges it. Eddie rolls Booker up with a Schoolboy Pin! Eddie grabs the ropes! The ref doesn’t see Eddie! One! Two! Three!

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Overall: 86

Crowd: 89

Match: 81

***Commercial Break***

Screw Manners

John Cena’s music blares as he comes down to the ring carrying his newly won WWE Championship. He climbs into the ring throwing up the double horns as the crowd goes wild and confetti falls from the ceiling. Cena grabs onto a microphone.

Cena: yo, yo, yo! The new franchise is in the house! I got this title from a guy who looked down on me. But now I’m the one representing the WWE! At WrestleMania I kicked his glass jaw like I was tang. But I couldn’t have done it without the support of chain gang. I burst through the glass ceiling, and there’s no going down. Cena as champ… it’s got a nice sound. From here on out, we’re doing things the Chain Gang’s way! Anyone who steps in our path, is sure as all hell gonna pay!

JBL jumps over the barrier and slides into the ring behind Cena. Cena gets ambushed from behind by JBL and stomped on a few times. JBL grabs his WWE Title and raises it in the air, screaming it’s still his. Cena gets up and JBL blasts him over the head with it. JBL picks Cena up and gives him a Powerbomb straight from hell.

Overall: 78

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RAW Preview:

Tonight in the Main Event, "Problem Solver" Tyson Tomko will attempt to take out the Animal Batista before his Triple Threat Match at Backlash in a Falls Count Anywhere Match! A guaranteed slobber knocker! Chris Benoit is said to be irate with Triple H after attacking him. How will the "Canadian Crippler" exact his revenge on "The Game"? Marty Jannetty will be making an appearence on RAW from his overseas tour in Iraq. Also look to see on the card - Shelton Benjamin defending his IC Title against Sylvain Grenier, Chris Jericho vs. Gene Snitsky, and Chris Masters vs. Tajiri.


WWE has been in contact with former ECW, WCW, WWE, and now TNA performer, Raven about signing a new contract. WWE has assured Raven that they are under new management and will give him a certain amount of creative freedom with his work. Raven has yet to respond to the deal.

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RAW April 11, 2005

Rocker Re-Reunion

La Resistance come down to the ring together, and grab a microphone.

Sylvain: Robert, look at these lazy, fat, American pigs! Hold on, I don’t think they understood me, allow me to try and speak their language. Oink, oink, oink, oink, oink!

King: That’s just uncalled for!

JR: What a disgrace. I hope someone shuts them up soon!

Sylvain: They don’t seem to understand that either Robert. They must be too stupid to understand their own language. If only you swine could see the perfection in the Canadian nation.

Sylvain and Conway make a trade: the microphone for the flag.

Conway: You Americans, you’re exactly why I moved to Canada. You think you’re the best at everything! Your egos will be your downfall! I moved to country full of true winners. Americans are nothing but ignorant, selfish, lazy, cowards! And the whole lot of you should…

The music of Marty Jannetty hits, cutting off Conway. He enters the ring wearing an American Flag design on his outfit, and without a microphone just starts shoving La Resistance around, yelling at them.

JR: It’s Marty Jannetty King! He’s back from a tour in Iraq! La Resistance must have pushed his buttons talking about how Americans are cowards!

King: While I’m cheering for Jannetty, he better not do anything too rash, these are former World Tag Team Champions.

As Jannetty gets in Sylvain‘s face, yelling at him furiously, Rob Conway takes Jannetty down with a forearm upside the head. The two lay him out with a series of stomps. They pick him up and deliver a double whip into the corner, followed by a double clothesline. They set him up for the Au Revoir when Shawn Michael’s music hits.



HBK runs down the aisle and slides into the ring. Conway goes to clothesline him, but HBK ducks it. HBK hit’s the Sweet Chin Music on Conway, knocking him out of the ring, while Jannetty throws Grenier out of the ring by his hair. The two celebrate and hug then head backstage.

Overall: 71

***Commercial Break***

Shelton Benjamin vs. Sylvain Grenier - IC Title

Ending: Shelton Benjamin hit’s the Dragon Whip on Sylvain but Rob Conway jumps on the apron as Benjamin covers him.

JR: Hey! Get him off of there ref! Come on!

Benjamin gets up and knocks Conway off with a right hand. Grenier attacks Benjamin from behind and sets him up for a Powerslam.

King: looks like La Resistance is gonna steal the win here!

Shelton slips out the backdoor. Grenier turns around into a huge T-Bone Suplex!

JR: Goodnight!

King: That’ll leave a mark.

Shelton covers Grenier for the three count!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Overall: 73

Crowd: 74

Match: 73

Mattitude = Extreme

A video is played on the Titan-Tron. It starts with a car-wreck, then a building collapsing, followed by a series of explosions. A message in white then appears on a black background saying “You think this is Extreme? You haven’t seen anything yet… Next Week… Mr. Extreme returns.” Matt Hardy’s music and video is then played.

Overall: 79

JR: It’ll be good to have Matt Hardy back in the ring, but what’s with this whole Mr. Extreme thing?

King: Well come on JR, who’s more Extreme than Matt Hardy?

Chris Jericho vs Gene Snitsky

Ending: Jericho delivers a few right forearms driving Snitsky into the ropes. Jericho bounces off the ropes as Snitsky staggers into the middle of the ring. Snitsky goes for the Big Boot but Jericho ducks it. Snitsky turns around into the Walls Of Jericho!

JR: Walls of Jericho! Walls Of Jericho! Snitsky taps out!

After-Match: As Jericho celebrates Triple H slides into the ring and nails Jericho upside the back of the head. Triple H stomps on the fallen Y2J a few times then nails him with the Pedigree before leaving, taking out his frustrations again on Y2J.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Overall: 79

Crowd: 78

Match: 80

Edge’s Bribe

Edge is walking around backstage looking for something. He see’s Christian talking to Tyson Tomko so he runs over and gets his attention.

Edge: Christian! I got it buddy! I got the greatest idea ever! What are you gonna do with the World Heavyweight Title? It’s nothing, it’s worthless to you. But it means everything and I mean everything to me. We co-won the Money In The Bank match, which means we split the prize 50-50. Let me remind you, the prize was the title shot and 100 grand. The title means everything to me and nothing to you so what I’m proposing is I will be pay you my 50 grand for your half of the title shot. What do you say? Come on it’s a great idea!

Christian strokes his goatee and responds: you know what Edge? That’s the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard. How stupid can you be? Do I look like an idiot to you? A title shot opportunity for cash? Please! Besides what do you care if I’m in the match too? It’s not like you would win if I wasn’t there! You can’t grab onto the gold Edge. It’ll always be out of your reach, but Captain Charisma is about three seconds away from grabbing it. I’ve been rubbing it, I’ve been shining it, I’ve been touching it all my life but at Backlash I’M GRABBING IT! I’m taking it home Edge. I’m taking it home for all my peeps!

Christian backs out as Edge begins to pull on his hair like a crazy person. Edge goes to strike Christian but Tomko gets in his path. Edge stomps off angrily.

Overall: 78

Chris Masters vs Tajiri

Ending: Tajiri goes for the Buzzsaw Kick but Chris Masters grabs his foot! Masters plows Tajiri down with a clothesline.

King: WOW JR! I don’t think we’ve ever seen anyone stop a kick from Tajiri!

Tajiri rolls over onto his stomach to pull himself up but Chris Masters locks him in the Full Nelson. Tajiri taps out not being able to take the pain.

JR: Another win for the Masterpiece.

Winner: Chris Masters

Overall: 68

Crowd: 56

Match: 80

Rabid Wolverine Attacks

We cut backstage where Triple H and Orton are talking. Chris Benoit comes out of nowhere and attacks Orton from behind with a running forearm smash. Benoit delivers some right hands to Triple H sending him staggering back. Orton charges at Benoit but runs into a back elbow. Benoit slams Orton face-first into a near-by crate. Triple H attacks Benoit now from behind and pounds away on him. Benoit trips Triple H onto the concrete and locks him in the Sharpshooter! Triple H screams in pain until Orton picks throws a heavy box at Benoit, bouncing it off his head. Orton kicks Benoit in the ribs a few times, then picks him up and throws him face first into a concrete wall. Orton and Triple H stomp on the fallen Benoit until a sea of officials and referees break it up. Benoit pulls himself to his feet but is restrained also by the officials. Eric Bischoff runs onto the scene.

Bischoff: KNOCK IT OFF! KNOCK IT OFF ALL OF YOU! HAVE SOME CLASS! THIS IS RAW! If you guys want to battle you do it in the ring! Benoit I can see you’re pissed off for Triple H attacking you for no reason last week.

Benoit struggles to get free from the Officials as he yells: You’re damn right I’m pissed off! I’m the best technical wrestler in history and this jackass attacks me for no reason!

Bischoff: And Triple H I can see you’re pissed off about losing your heavyweight title but random acts of violence won’t get you you’re title back I guarantee it!

HHH: Bischoff I’m sick of being disrespected! I want my damn title back and I’ll get it by any means necessary! Especially if it means going through him!

Bischoff: ENOUGH! I don’t want to hear it! Benoit if you want revenge you can have it! Next week we’ll see Triple H vs. Chris Benoit if…you can defeat Randy Orton tonight. If you defeat Orton tonight then you face Triple H next week! Now get in the ring both of you! You’re up next!

Overall: 80

***Commercial Break***

Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton

Ending: Chris Benoit drops Orton to the mat with the Crossface and Orton screams in pain trying to reach for the ropes. Orton pulls his feet off the ground and rolls over out of the Crossface. Benoit and Orton both get up, and Benoit walks into the RKO from Orton! Cover for the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

Overall: 90

Crowd: 86

Match: 94

***Commercial Break***

Tyson Tomko vs Batista - Falls Count Anywhere (Non-Title Match)

Ending: Tyson Tomko and Batista battle it out on the steel girder of the stage. Tomko walks into a massive Spinebuster by Batista!

JR: God! Tomko must be broken in half!

Cover for the three count.

After-Match: Batista picks Tomko up and throws him off the stage through a table! King: Tomko is down and out!

JR: Batista sending a huge message to Edge and Christian!

Winner: Batista

Overall: 73

Crowd: 72

Match: 74

Edited by Inner D Monz
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Smackdown Preview:

Will The Undertaker make comment on Randy Orton's recent Interview on the last Smackdown about him? What will be Carlito's punishment for attacking Theodore Long? Will The Big Show and Kurt Angle clash again tonight? Find out all of this and more on Smackdown! Tonight's card will be as followed:

Paul London vs. Akio - CW Title

Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Basham Brothers

Nunzio vs. Spike Dudley

Hardcore Holly vs. Orlando Jordan - US Title

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

Booker T vs. JBL - Hardcore Rules

Backlash Preview:

Batista vs. Edge vs. Christian - World Heavyweight Title

Big Show vs. Kurt Angle - Number One Contendership for WWE Title

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero II - Loser loses his tag belt

Paul London vs. Billy Kidman - Cruiserweight Title

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Guest Grapehead

Did I miss something with Masters? Why was he the ref in the women's match? Since Backlash isn't traditionally a joint PPV, you could've mentioned something sooner from whatever perspective. I agree with what Ap Sham said too lol, it's kind of funny. Looks like it could be good, few little things here and there. Remember with a diary to just make sure you explain things, like the Masters thing or the Backlash situation, since we get only what you give us for information, and you don't want to confuse readers.

EDIT: Another thing, about the opening to the diary, interesting, but I'd like to see you do more with it. Hopefully it wasn't just a quick fix to getting the McMahon's out of the way only to do nothing with the storyling.

Edited by Spongebob_V2
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Smackdown: April 14, 2005

Dead Man Returns

The Undertaker’s music plays as Smackdown starts, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The dark mist fills the arena as The Undertaker steps out in his black trench coat and black hat. He walks down the aisle and climbs up the stairs. He raises his hands and tilts his head back, turning the lights back on but as he takes off the hat he reveals himself to be none other than Randy Orton in The Undertaker’s attire. Orton climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Michael Cole: What!? What!? Tazz! That’s Randy Orton!

Tazz: What the hell is he doing here!?

Orton: [Laughing] I really had you guys didn’t I? I got a message for you all Smackdown morons here! The Undertaker is gone! He is cowering in a cemetery thanks to the legend killer Randy Orton! I drove the Dead Man back to his grave in humiliation when I beat his [~beep!~] with the RKO! I ended his WrestleMania winning streak and further solidified my own. I, Randy Orton, The Legend Killer, The future of this business… came out here dressed… [takes off trench coat and throws it on the ground along with hat.] in this ridiculous crap to prove a point!

Michael Cole: What disrespect by Orton!

Tazz: Orton is on the wrong show to be talking trash!

Orton: The Undertaker is nothing but a joke! Anyone can come out here and claim to be a soul stealer and be a demon/deity or whatever but it doesn’t mean jack if you can’t back it up, especially on the biggest stage of them all! Undertaker, from the future, to the past, I have a message to you old man… now that I’ve ripped you limb from limb at WrestleMania, I wanted to tell you… rest… in… pieces! Orton spits on the Undertaker’s attire before leaving.

Overall: 93

Paul London vs Akio - WWE Cruiserweight title

Ending: Akio goes up to the top rope while London stumbles around aimlessly. London sees Akio on the ropes and charges over to him, nailing Akio in the face with a few forearm shots. London goes up to the top rope with Akio and throws him across the ring with a Frankensteiner.

Cole: High impact move by Akio didn't pay off!

London jumps back up to his feet and pulls Akio over into the corner. London climbs up to the top rope and dives off, crushing Akio with the 450 Splash. London covers Akio for the three count, retaining his CW Title.

After-match: Billy Kidman charges down the aisle with chair in hand as London celebrates. Kidman goes to swing at London, but London ducks it. Kidman turns around to get the chair cracked into his face with the Drop-Sault. Kidman rolls over to the side of the ring as London picks up the chair. Kidman rolls out of the ring just before London hits him with the chair. Akio however, still being in the ring takes a big chair shot upside the head from London leveling him.

Tazz: Whoa, bad luck Akio! Should have ran like Kidman!

Michael Cole: Wrong place wrong time for Akio!

Winner: Paul London

Overall: 76

Crowd: 53

Match: 100

Michael Cole: Wow Tazz, did you see Paul London just snap like that? What could possess him to go berserk like he did?

Tazz: Well ya know Cole, when your friend stabs you in the back, then puts you out of action for a few months, as we wrestlers so commonly do, returning, there’s always at least a little animosity between you and your assailant.

Michael Cole: Well I’m sorry that Akio had to be an innocent victim in all of this but Backlash is gonna be phenomenal! London vs Kidman for the cruiserweight title. London promises to cripple Kidman like he did London.

Tazz: That’s right Cole, it’s gonna be a rocket buster, but right now we’ve got Tag Team Title action!

Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty vs The Basham Brothers - Tag Team Titles

Ending: Danny Basham beats down Funaki on the outside while Scotty and Doug duke it out in the ring. Danny throws Funaki into the ring-post, and slides into the ring. Scotty goes for the Super Kick on Doug but Doug ducks it. Doug hits Scotty with a club to the back of the head. Doug sets Scotty up for the Russian Leg Sweep as Danny bounces off the ropes. The Bashams destroy Scotty with the Ball and Gag. Doug covers Scotty for the three count, retaining their tag team titles.

Winners: Basham Brothers

Overall: 74

Crowd: 63

Match: 86

***Commercial Break***

Nunzio vs Spike Dudley

Ending: Spike Dudley kicks Nunzio in the gut and runs over to the corner with Spike going for the Dudley Dog. Spike Dudley is thrown off at the last second by Nunzio. Nunzio kicks Spike in the gut and grabs him by the arm. Nunzio runs up the ropes and jumps off drilling Spike into the mat with the Arriverderci.

Tazz: I love these Cruiserweights man!

Cole: They can only be found here on Smackdown!

Winner: Nunzio

Overall: 76

Crowd: 60

Match: 92

Uncool Suspension

A recap video is played of last week where Carlito Caribbean Cool destroyed Teddy Long.

Overall Reaction: 72

Michael Cole: Carlito makes me sick, attacking our general manager like that!

Tazz: Come on Cole, Long was humiliating him week after week. What would you do in his situation? He had to put his foot down at some point.

Michael Cole: yeah; never the less, Carlito Caribbean Cool has been suspended indefinitely for his actions.

Orlando Jordan vs Hardcore Holly - US Title

Ending: Hardcore Holly sets Orlando up for the Alabama Slam. Hardcore, holding Orlando in position, shows his strength by spinning. Hardcore drives Orlando into the mat with the Alabama Slam.

Tazz: BOOM!

Cole: Alabama Slam!

Before Holly drops down for the pin, The Basham Brothers run down the aisle. Doug Basham climbs up on the apron and distracts the referee as Hardcore makes the cover. Danny Basham slides into the ring and clocks Hardcore on the back of the head with his Tag Team Title belt.

Cole: Get the Bashams' out of there ref!

Danny Basham rolls Hardcore over and throws Orlando over him. Danny Basham rolls out of the ring as Doug gets off the apron. The ref sees the cover and gives Orlando the one-two-three.

Winner: Orlando Jordan

Overall: 70

Crowd: 65

Match: 76

***Commercial Break***

Michael Cole: Tazz, I’m just, I’m just shocked at what we just witnessed during the commercial break.

Tazz: Kurt Angle sunk to a new low… wow… I can’t even describe it… let’s just go to the footage.

Angle Sinks Low

[During The Commercial Break Video] Joy Giovanni is in the ring shooting t-shirts out into the crowd with a t-shirt cannon. Joy is tripped and dragged out of the ring by Kurt Angle who jumped over the barricade. Angle locks Joy in the Angle Lock causing her to scream and rive with pain. Big Show comes bolting down the aisle sending Kurt Angle back into the audience running away but laughing at his mental victory.

Overall Reaction: 81

Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero

Ending: Chavo whips Rey off the ropes. Rey comes back with a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors Takeover. Chavo crawls over to the ropes to pull himself back up.

Tazz: Everybody take out your cell phones and dial 619!

Cole: Wine me! Dine me! Six-one-nine me!Rey bounces off the ropes and nails Chavo with the 619. Eddie Guerrero comes running down the aisle but Rey hits him with an Asai Moonsault. Rey slides back into the ring into a clothesline by Chavo. Eddie gets back up on the apron, trying to get into the ring to attack Rey in a blind fury but the ref restrains him. Chavo begins to try and reason with Eddie to leave, but Rey dropkicks Chavo in the back, sending him colliding with Eddie. Rey rolls Chavo up with a schoolboy for the three count.

After-Match: As Rey is celebrating, Eddie blasts him upside the back of the head with a stiff punch. Eddie gives Rey a few shots to the ribs with his boots. Chavo gets up and attacks Rey also. They give Rey a double Fisherman Brainbuster before leaving.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Overall: 85

Crowd: 77

Match: 94

JBL Pissed

Josh Matthews is backstage with JBL who’s in his wrestling gear.

Josh Matthews: JBL, tonight you go one on one with Booker T, I was wondering if…

JBL: Booker T?! Who cares about Booker T!? Why are you not down on your knees Josh? You and Booker T should be bowing before me, because I’ve beaten everyone that’s stood before me with the exception of John Cena, proving I am a wrestling God! And as for John Cena…

Josh Matthews: Yes, JBL before WrestleMania you were completely didn’t want any remote hostile actions between John Cena, but as soon as you lost your title you snapped and ambushed him.

JBL: Now wait right there Josh! So what if I ambushed John Cena? That trash stole my title away from me like the slime that gets stuck to the bottom of my boot as I walk down the street, that he is! He is a nothing! He is undeserving to hold the title held by a Wrestling God like myself! It sickens me! Deep in my stomach it makes me sick! And as for my change in actions, I was saving myself for my match with him, but now that I’ve lost it all I’ve got nothing left to lose. John Cena, I’m going to beat your face in, like I beat up the stock market. You will fear me Cena. Mark my words, you will fear me, and you will bow down before me! I will go to any lengths to destroy you Cena! Including this: I challenge you to a match at Backlash. You Vs me! In a Texas Bull-Rope match! Get out of my way Josh, I’ve got a match to win.

Overall: 72

***Commercial Break***

Booker T vs JBL - Hardcore Rules

Ending: Orlando Jordan and the Bashams surround the ring. Orlando Jordan reaches under the ring and goes to hand JBL a chair when out of the crowd comes John Cena with a chain wrapped around his hand.


He nails JBL right upside the head sending him to his knees into the middle of the ring. Cena kicks Orlando in the gut and hit’s a F-U on concrete. Doug Basham runs over into a shot with the chain to the face. John Cena drops down and beats away at Doug Basham with the chain-wrapped-fist until Danny Basham attacks him from behind. On the inside, Booker T nails the groggy, doubled-over JBL with the Scissors Kick. Booker T covers JBL for the three count as John Cena throws Danny Basham into the steel steps.

After-Match: As Booker T leaves the ring, John Cena gets back in and kicks the groggy JBL in the gut. John Cena nails JBL with the F-U right in the middle of the ring. John Cena, stands over the fallen JBL doing a “You Can’t See Me!” taunt, followed by a throwing of the “double horns” sign in the air.



Winner: Booker T

Overall: 82

Crowd: 85

Match: 78

Edited by Inner D Monz
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Guest Prototype

Good show. I liked the Orton segment. I think the Eddie turn was a little rushed. Not really feeling the Show/Angle feud. Hopefully Angle wins at Backlash and feuds with Cena.

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RAW Preview and News:


In the Main Event, we'll see The Animal Batista putting his World Heavyweight Title up for grabs against Edge, one week before he defends it in a triple threat at Backlash. Y2J - Chris Jericho will go one on one against his assailent for the past two weeks - The Game: Triple H. Matt Hardy will be making his return to the ring also! and The Rockers go after Tag Team Gold when they face off against Regal and Tajiri. All this and more on RAW!


Raven has gotten back to WWE's proposal of a new contract, and has denied it, saying he still no longer wishes to have no part with the company. This has not soured WWE's interest in Raven, so look to see another attempt in the future.

WWE is looking to make some face turns on Smackdown. An interesting option they've been looking at was the turn of Mark Jindrak who isn't doing anything at the moment.

Judgment Day is set to be May 29th and will be a Smackdown Brand PPV. With Shane McMahon running the show, anything could happen!

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