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The Season of Sin


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I'm going to try and do this one again, as I did thankfully save a little of it.. but I'm going to have to rewrite a few things I suppose since I can't find the first card from 1926.. no biggie though. I'm also going to try a few things different since this is basically like starting over..

EDIT * Just so this post will have something of worth, just a FYI for those that have always noticed the Random images, here is the 1926 gallery:

user posted image

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Wrestling Sucks...



<td Width="600" Height="100%" BGCOLOR="Orange">

If you shall give a Painter a canvas.. he'll draw upon it..

A carpenter a knife and he'll cut..

An idea to a writer, and he shall write.

user posted image

- RDB 3:27-04

My name is RDB, and you'll have to excuse my opening statement, if there was anyway to take it back seeing as how I am on a wrestling based forum and what a way to harm your opening post, I would, but frankly enough the time for hiding the truth is over..

Don't get me wrong, Wrestling in general, is the same as it's always been.  Wrestling is the link that some of us here can say close the generational gap between ourselves and our fathers, and possibly grandfathers.  Nothing beats the feeling or memory of sitting on the floor in front of your television set with the men in the family watching "Beautiful Bobby", Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan.. and the list goes on and on. Just as you could name superstars of today and how interesting they could make matches become, how real they could make a World Title defense on TV feel,  So could your grandfather...

And then just one day all of that changed.

Many people said it was a passing fad, a childish waste of time.  You didn't buy into that.  You stayed faithful every Monday night, and watched Mick Foley win his first ever WWF World Title on RAW, you watched the Undertaker rise with the Urn every night.  Maybe you even looked forward to the WCW/WWF rage wars.

However, as hard as it is for me to say it, Wrestling is a dying breed.

user posted image

Tap of Doom video

I can't put my finger exactly on it, nor could thousands of other fans.  A lot of people blame the internet, and the use of Spoilers causing the sport to look fake.  Others blame the events that happened 1 hour prior to Mick Foley winning the WWF World title. The now infamous "Tap of Death", which many believe led to the demise of WCW and competitive markets.

However until just 3 weeks ago, I was like many of you, lost in the shuffle. I had since laid down my game of EWR.  I woke up, kissed my wife and went to my dead end job.  I hated my life, and after awhile I grew to hate wrestling.  I despised it.  But in the grand scheme of things, life is based on  fate.. and it all came full circle in a sudden way.

Now I must warn you, if you are tired of reading already, or if you do not wish to know what Vince McMahon decided to keep hush - hush in board meetings.  Then maybe this diary isn't for you. 

But if the "Season of Sin"even burnt the tinest bud on your tongue, then continue on, and keep an open ear, and eye for all that is about to come.


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The Season of Sin actually began 2 years and uh, 6 or 7 months ago. And jsut like you, I was initiated with a choice of understanding the truth or not.

It was a casual day, just as all the others were. I woke up, I pissed.. I went to work.. I groaned, I went home from work. Got myself wasted.. waited around till night. Laid in the bed, with my eyes wide open dreading the next day, and repeated that process till the day I could just lie down and die.

A month earlier than that, I had written what should have been my last post in a diary here at this very same board. The time for lesiure time in college had grown short, and eventually ended. The Real World wanted me, and I had to drop everything and take it.

Damnit, I had a wife and 2 kids to support. I screwed up...

Dropping out of college, and losing my chance to be a free lance writer, I picked up work in Northern Wisconsin. The only place that would take me there, was an old beat up used car lot. And well to make ends meet, I learned the trade and begin trying to support my young family in this.. a job I truly hated.

However one thing stayed constant, which was my love for Wrestling, but hell even that faded away, without updating the diary, or even trying to participate in other group diaries to help me stay "with it", I became distant, wrestling became state and unappealing. I thought it was just me... but I stopped watching. And now I can't stand it.. let alone write about it, heh, but I'm getting ahead of myself and rambling as always.

Anyway, one Wednesday Morning, I can remember in particular we were having a very tough time selling cars. And it had so happened that we had one gentleman.. probably in his late 80s walk into our dealership.

Now I have a heart, but when money is low, you have to do what will put food on the table. Regardless of his age, this man would leave thinking he had gotten the deal of a lifetime, when all he was really getting, was a Ford P.O.S.

After the scam, the man left happy.. and I a little. But, the money felt hollow. Tainted almost, but.. it was green and that was all that mattered. I forgot the incident and went about my life.

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Then about a few years later in 2004, the old man had a wreck because of the crummy car I sold him. I think it was Sunday... yeah it was, because I visited him the next night I remember. I went into his room and offered my apologies.

The old bat was lying face down on his mat.. So I laid down my package of flowers, and eaten candy, and just as I was turning to leave the room, I noticed on the TV.. Why it was good ol' Wrestling. I laughed and sat down on the adjacent bed watching the action. I hadn't watched wrestling in 2 years and albeit not seeing The Rock, it looked like the Same ol' WWF. I scoffed:

Heh, that's the reason why Wrestling is hurting... none of you guys will do anything about it

RDB: Did you say Something?

Old Man: (turns over).. Why.. Yes, I did. I couldn't help but hear you complaining about the show. And I just kind of laughed myself thinking...

Heh, if only someone would quit sitting at home complaining and actually do something about it, Wrestling could get back to the way it was.

RDB: Heh.. uh, sure...

Old Man: Don't mock me like I'm crazy, I've been an avid wrestling fan for many years, one of the few requests i had when they put me in this gof forbidden place, was that at the least I could listen to the fight every Monday Night. It is the only thing that really can lighten my hopes in such an ugly place.

There was a time son, as I was saying when Wrestling was better than this... it was fresh.. the men working had motivation, and had confidence..

RDB: What are you talking about?

Old Man: Heh.. wouldn't you like to know.. *cough*

If I was to tell you, I don't think you'd be ready...

You wouldn't believe...

and you'd tell...

RDB: Well first of all, I still think you're a senile crazy fool, and I just came here because I felt sorry.. now I'd love to sit and chat about a hair brained.. legendary tale or whatever, but I ain't got time to really play a game of you telling me how I'll react..

Old Man: If you don't want to know.. you can simply walk out that door and leave....

RDB: (interupting).. Thank You!

I left

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(At this point in the original SoS a card was placed here, but due to a few readers feedback I'm going to leave the current day WWE out for awhile till it becomes beneficial. )

Part 3

It nagged me for quite some time.. walking out that day was a huge, huge mistake.. Weeks flew by, and the words of the man kept crawling back.

And then just like that.. I did the same.

I walked into his hospital, and went down the long lemon scented hallway. Room 51 H was there and the door was already open. I took a huge breath and walked in. And almost instantly the man spoke:

Old Man: I knew you'd be back eventually.. I just, just... had a feeling.

You want to know about Sin don't you?

I nodded my head modestly about it..

Old Man: Aw... don't be shamed. I knew from the moment you stepped in the room that you were eventually going to be the person that ended this cycle. Call me crazy, but you reminded me of... heh.

Haha... oh well.

RDB: C'mon now.. get on with it pops..

Old Man: Sit down!

I sit

Old Man: Now what I'm going to tell you is pretty long, but if you want to understand. You will listen...

Let's see, I think the Season of Sin began in 1923. Yeah it did. Back then, the Great Depression wasn't thought of. The world was a better place it seemed like. Wrestling wasn't no where near as popular as it is now, but it was different back then.

When wrestling first started up, people like Joe Jack, the Amazing Spainard, and all kinds of men moonlighted from their everyday jobs as railroad workers, tree cutters, and even laying around being bums and fought in a ring similar to a boxing ring. Back then wrestling was real. You picked up 6 or 7 men and fought for items like food on your table, a box of "rations".. hell I saw people wrestle for 2 potatoes to put in their Stone Stew. Wrestling was pure then.. and you knew stepping into the ring that the man on the otherside while he was your friend, you had a true dislike for him because he was taking a potatoe out of your hand.

Around 1926, a man named.. Jesse L. McMahon started a true promotion for wrestling...

RDB: Hey is that...

Old Man: (interupting) yes, yes.. don't interupt though..

anyway, he started the World Wide Wrestling Federation or WWWF for short, and paid everyone money to fight. Now since it was all real back then, it got kind of intense.. and well sho' nuff, 3 or 4 men began getting hurt on monthly basis because his workers had a "must win" mentality..

Jesse L, as we called him figured he had to do something to prevent his men from taking it too seriously. He knew he couldn't take the "realism" out of the sport, as he had dreams and aspirations for WWWF to compete with boxing on the radio.. so he started Sin..

Now, the next part comes as a shock son, but keep listening..

Sin in wrestling is actually the use of, a mole. Now-a-days, you'd see a mole all the time, especially back when WCW was around. But that is the common form of the mole.

What I'm talking about is the McMahon "Mole" dubbed Sin, who actually even from the year 1926 is still being used today and only 3 groups know of this.

You and me

Sin himself .....

and Vince McMahon and select wrestlers.

Sin, is the one worker who spoils it for everyone. Ever heard of a bad apple spoiling the crop? Well that's the best way to explain Sin. Vince McMahon's Sin, is the guys who make backstages unpopular and hurt the product. Guys like HHH could be concieved as "Sin" but you wouldn't know unless you "founded him out".

Anyway, back then.. Jesse McMahon's Sin, actually captivated the whole roster and worked according to plan in a positive way. Workers became motivated to wrestle again because they were scared this 7th worker would "take" their job. As long as they preformed up to standards they were safe.

But then Sin, struck and well... the rest is history.

*cough* Here.. I'm worn out today.. that's all I can really say right now. Take this.

(He hands me a book)

It'll help you on your way.

RDB: Wait a minute I'm supposed to bring down an entire system of operations that has been in effect for over 80 years? How in the world can I even get to the WWF? I mean I live in Wisconsin. I got work.. I got a family...

Old Man: Sigh.. I got, I got, I got... Shut up, and read the book. All the questions you ever had will be answered.

I took another deep breath and walked out of the room.

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Man, so much thought has been put into this and it's incredibly well written - you haven't even had a show and already I'm hooked.

Keep it up!

Thanks for reading, however I must warn you the shows aren't going to be anything that will make or break this diary. I remember saying last time that you'll either love it or hate the style.. but I like trying new things out so hopefully it'll be acceptable.

Part 4

I sat out on the front porch of the hospital for some time, it was a marvelous evening, and the cool of the day was beginning to come across finally. I sat still for quite some time just looking at the stillness of the world, the red of the sunset, and the rustle of the pages of the book that the old man had given me.

Heh... no way.. No F'n way...

Around 15 minutes later my wife picked me up

I stumbled a bit, catching my balance, looked back one time at the hospital and entered the car, and well... I sighed. My wife put a comforting hand on my thigh and kissed me quickly.

Rachel What's up? How did it go...?

RDB: Horrible.. putting in the fact that after all the doubting I had in my mind, the old man... that old kook, was just senile. You know he handed me this book saying it held the key to , and get this, to the demise and salvation of Wrestling?


Rachel: C'mon honey.. hey, did you atleast read what the book was about?

RDB: ... Hell no I didn't, what for.. it's all a load of...

Rachel: (interupting) ..well, shhh.. read from it. Atleast prove to yourself that you didn't go out there for nothing. See what the book has to say.

So I read..

May 13, 1926

The Train rumbles.. as I look outside the window:

When did work ever become so important? How could I have ever allowed my job to become so vital that even my dear family and I would have to part ways. Damnit, you don't know how much I wanted off the train.. to be back in the arms of my dear wife Ruth, and my kids Charlie & Abe. But it would not be...

A man's life laid in the balance, and well in line of work, "we" don't have the damned pleasure of picking and choosing when we'd adore to be at home, and when we have to leave everything behind. Everything "we" worked so hard for.. everything "we" once... loved...


heh, who am I fooling.. Haha! There is no we..

I was left, the only one willing to actually go and record the details of this henious act. Who would have thought it.. Little Charlie & Abe would have been proud as sports of their old man. We had always dreamed of traveling to a WWWF Match and watching Cyd the Italian Butcher fight Joe Jack. Good times.. but geez what a way to be introduced..

Sigh anyway, I'm on my way right now to the New York. I recieved a parcel a few weeks ago from Joe Jack. Stating I had to come to the next match immediately. Attached to the bottom was the warning that a man's life hanged in the balance..

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From the Author

Tonight 8 men from all over the North Eastern part of the United States hooked up in a Super Card of sorts in the WWWF. Now allow me to explain a few things as this is a different type of diary.

* As I stated earlier you either love or hate the style, but you must remember this is Wrestling back in the 1926, plus it is a recap of a recap in a sense. Most shows will be done as the following, although as the months go on the individual matches will be of greater magnitude.

* Secondly, in 1926, rather than making card after card of 6 segments, most promotions (or the WWWF in this case) usually billed one huge match with an undercard of some sort. (Think Professional boxing). There will be some months where there is only one big match with full results. There will be some months where there are 5 or 6 matches but regular results.

* Finally, this is pure "fighting" or Wrasslin' . There will be no angles. Somone asked me last time, how in the world would this work with no angles. And all I can say is you will have to wait and see.

May 17th 1926

WWWF in May

Broadcast: KABC Radio Productions


I reach my seat around 8:21 pm.. here's the run down of what went on.

Cyd vs. G.W.

Cyd, short for Cyd the Italian Butcher.. fought a tough match vs. G.W.  Although it's tough to imagine*, Cyd fighting for all the little Boston based Italian Mafia boys back home fought valiently vs. G.W..  keep in mind, Cyd fights to keep his shop alive and well G.W. fights basically to injure people and to get rich quick.  G.W. came out flat early on and paid for it in the end as Cyd won this match @ 6:17

Winner: Cyd the Italian Butcher

(As it turns out G.W. is one of the better wrestlers in the WWWF, so this should have been an easy win for him due to his wrestling background, but not today it seems)

Big Smitty vs. Henry Williams

In one corner you have a 6 feet, 7 inch tall retard, named Big Smitty, in the other you have a stinky, filthy "penny-pushing" Hobo named Henry Williams.  My, my, my... the bathrooms could not hold the flushing and commotion during this match.  It stunk fair and simple.  Henry Williams ran the whole match, and it only took one.. yes, one good solid punch to the gut from Big Smitty to make a 3 count.  Get out of the ring Williams.. do us all a favor.  Time?  I'd say 3:00 but I forgot to look at my time piece.  Big Smitty btw is undefeated in 9 WWWF matches.  No one can seem to knock the big behemoth off of his feet.

Winner by KO: Big Smitty

Napoleon Hoover vs. Little Walter

Napoleon Hoover and Little Walter got together in the third undercard and actually put on a great fight.  The crowd seemed to love it, and I love the fluidity that the two men seem to display.  Hoover being 5-0' himself and Walter being a 17 year old from Inner Chicago, the two worked toughly but very quickly a swift blow to the neck put Walter in his place at  9:19.

Winner: Napoleon Hoover

Joe Jack vs. Manton Tracy WWWF Title Match

As I later found out, Manton Tracy (G.W.'s brother) had asked for this match, and the Black Bomb of Destruction, Joe Jack felt no need to not accept this match.  So 3 months later the two finally hooked up in the ring.. this time with everything on the line.

Tracy gave Joe Jack a wild ride, as there were count em' 8 near finishes from Tracy's standpoint.  He just could not get the advantage needed to topple over Jack.  Joe Jack didn't have too easy of a time either, as Tracy kicked out 4 times himself.  Only until around the 7:17 mark when Tracy had resorted to using the ropes and was pushed off by Henry Williams Who had been sitting on the sidelines near the lawn most of the evening.  Did Jack, shake it off.. pull off a Powerbomb and make the 1....2.........3

Winner: Joe Jack (21 - 0)

Atermath: Jack get's Henry Williams in the ring and handshakes him for the help.

Card: 37%

Edited by *RDB*
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May 18th 1926 1:30am

... So what did I conclude from tonight's match? Nothing...

No one's life seemed to be in danger, I mean face it, 8 men stepped in the ring, and 8 men stepped out unharmed. Heh, I even chuckled a bit, yawning and even punching myself for even for one second believing what Joe Jack had wrote me. Thinking that a man was going to wind up dead tonight because of something named Sin... There was just no way now, because I'm too good at what I do. I'm the best, one of them would have given me just a slight nod or hint that something was going down.

So why am I still feeling anxiety?!

... It was pretty late as it was. Around midnight I believe and most of the other fighters had packed their things up for the night and had said their goodbyes for the month. Joe Jack had did a marvelous job retaining the World Title and had boosted his career record to an outstanding 21 - 0.

Big Smitty the retard kept food on his table for one more night defeating yet another opponent almost effortlessly. It made me ponder at the uncertainity of what could happen if he was on the wrong side, and I was glad as hell to know he was a gentle being and kind inside.

Sigh.. more rambling from me, because really although it was a great show... and an outstanding debut for me. I still felt uncertain. Something wasn't sitting too well. Joe Jack sounded far too serious in his parcel to have been only joking. I figured it was time to get to the bottom of the matter so I paid him a visit.

I walked down a long hallway, beyond the gala and open park where the show had taken place four hours earlier. I passed one door and heard a few men talking. I opened it and saw Little Walter and Henry Williams chatting. I asked the two where Joe Jack was, and Walter explained that He was in his own dressing room.

How silly of me, I continued down and in a deep corner I finally found his door. And God! For the World Champion, the best thing the WWWF had going for them... and an undisputed 21-0 fighter, to house him in the worst room on the lot sickened me.. but that was the way of the world, and I had to let that pass.

*Joe Jack!*

Joe: Hey Sport! I see you made it to the show..!

* Yah, around 8:30, it was pretty good. Congratulations on yet another victory. But I do say lad, I've been here since then and I haven't seen one act of shady deeds. The WWWF seems as peaceful as it normally should be. Most if not all of the workers here seemed very pleased during their bouts in the ring, and no one tipped off anger at another guy.*

Joe: Sigh... I da hope, you'se wouldn't have fell for that Owen. I've always believed ever since the day Mr. Jesse L. had called me in and bruntly told me he was through with me and that the minute I lost a match I was "dun" for.. I justa knew that whatever was to go down wasn't going to be between nones of us, but mo' from the outside instead.

Hobo Williams life is still in question Owen, and you means to tell mah, that you ain't seen a thing. Ands that in fact, the best you can tell me is that you're certain we all is peaceful wit' each other? Damnit Sir....

*Wow, I'm sorry Joe Jack.. but for pete sakes, why couldn't you have said this earlier..*

Joe:... Owen!? I thought it was me! Everyone has their eye on's everyone else. A dandy that would have been accusing someone. And then if'en it be the wrong guy suspected, you're clear on the wrong path and someone's getting done away with on the otherside of the park. You said you were the best, I would have thought you would have been up investigating rather than sitting back eatin' Cracker Jacks and watching the show.

Luckily, once I found out who it was, I told Little Walter to be a look out for hims. To stay by his side like white on rice. And I be damned.. the little boy did a good n'nuff job. Hobo made it through the night. Which is why he came out to shake my hand.

So Owen, let's scratch everything that's jsut happened and you best to be heading back where you came from.. you just as much wasted your time...

(Little Walter comes running in...)

Walter: Damnit!!!! Joe! Joe! Joe!

Henry is gone!

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Part 5

I didn't read anything else from the book that day.. or the next.

In fact, for the next 3 weeks I decided that the book the Old Man had gave me was better served closed than open. It was just too far-fetched, too "fairy-tale" to me. I mean, I guess I can say I just do not see how anything from that book could tie in today.

But time and time again.. I always try to stay away, I really do. I had fallen asleep late one Monday evening after work. I believe the NBA playoffs had been on and my wife Rachel thought she'd be funny and change the channel to some Lifetime bullshit.. I yell at her in my sleep to get it back on "My Show".. and I think I heard her grumble before I heard her place it on TNN.

RDB: That's Dirty Ball Baby!

Rachel: Whoops! Oh... my bad, I swear I had a brain fart or something. I'm just so used to you and wrestling honey, I just got it on the channel.

RDB: ... Bump it.. I ain't tired no more. (Damn, a man can't even close his eyes for 2 seconds before the missus is changing the channel to Lifetime Portraits of a Female Actress).

I got out of the room, and walked across my somewhat sticky wooden floor. It was a rainy night and fuck it, that all ways screws up my hallway. I ended up retreating back in the main room. My Little Chic, had at this point taken over the whole bed, as she was sprawled across it long ways, and had changed the channel back to 36. Lifetime. She did look damn sexy, but I didn't mess with her because she was tired too.

So I left the room, and went and got the book.

I know, I know.. but you can't blame me.. there was nothing to do but look at a wall or pick my beard. I didn't feel like reading too much so I just flipped through, and a picture of a young black man fell out. It was a trading card, and it ended up being one of Joe Jack. I quickly picked it up.. and then felt ironically silly seeing as how there was no one around to badger me whether the picture made it back in the book or if I had threw it in the sink.

Anyway, the next excerpt from the book, actually got me reading again.. it was quite sad:

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user posted image

October 10, 1931

Joe Jack...

You were a great friend, and you have humbly garnered my respects throughout the 5 years that I have known you.  We have had very fond times together, and yet I can't seem to picture you without the anguish that was in your eyes ever since that day in May.

I always, always pictured you as the strong type.  I mean you were an awesome wrestler, and you overcame so much discrimination and hardships while you were in the WWWF.  You truly persevered, and damnit Joe... it's a damn shame that people like Jesse L. McMahon took that from you. 

He took your legacy away from you Jack..  to him, you were nothing but a carnival act.  The Negro from Baltimore who was unbeatable.  And to him, that was good.  But then you proved to be too good "for his" standards and he felt it was best to get rid of you before it became too late.

So you know looking back on things, I see how and why now you were so scared that day in May.  You had a big red target on your back didn't you ol sport?  Not in a million years did we think that Jesse would have went after "Hobo" and even till this day I don't think he even knows why he did.

Hobo Williams rests in peace Jack.. and I sincerely hope that you will as well.  You, my friend were one of the good ones.  And not till that ride to Baltimore we took in 26' did I truly realize how much Hobo meant to you.  Damn sport, this is hard to write butwithout you, I... no "we" would have never figured anything out.

My regards..

- Owen MaVillion

Edited by *RDB*
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June 1926

A few weeks went by and Henry Williams still was MIA. Jesse L. went on and did the proper thing, and put the word out that Williams was missing, but to Jesse, he always mentioned to everyone who asked, that Hobo went back to the slum that he came from.

A young man, Henry "Hobo" Williams 35, of New York. May be missing, or even dead according to WWWF owner Jesse McMahon.  The newest sport to hit the New York market, Wrestling, is a hobby where men fight for money and food.  Henry Williams was a well respectable man in the company regardless of his upbringing and background being stricken in poverty.

Mr. McMahon has issued a reward for the help in finding Mr. Williams.

- New York Times

After the Times got involved, McMahon pretty much made some what of an effort to look for Hobo. They looked for a few weeks, and then almost like a runaway dog, Jesse L. decided to drop the case. However, my job.. was to figure out what exactly happened. Not just give up and leave it for dead.

Joe Jack however, had another view point.

Courtesy of KABC Radio - June 18, 1926

KABC:  Champ, great match vs. Manton Tracy last month.  How ya feeling?

Joe Jack: Heh...  Manton is a good foe.  He went in confident vs. the Black Bomber and eventually lost.  It's nothing new though, and he oughta have felt "rat" at home, being that he ain't the first to lose.. and definately not the last.  On the other hand tho', the same can be said for me.

I feel rather plum right now.  I'm exicted to continue being the WWWF World Champion although, I can not help but feel that none of this is even important.  A dear friend of mine has been taken from the WWWF family.. and I don't think anyone is doing a darn thing about it.

KABC: Joe,  people are doing things.  They are trying everything they can to bring Henry back home.  The New York Times has ran ads for the past week.  The NYPD has been searching for the past month.  What more can they do? 

Joe Jack: Nah, "Sarr.."  I must tell you.  They only do enough to put money in their own pockets.  The Times saw a chance to blackball us so they jumped on an opportunity to run a report on the WWWF mishap.

NYPD?  Hah... they could care less.  Never have I seen such piddle in a search.  The fact that his name is Henry Williams, rather than Henry Ford makes a bit o' difference.  They just don't care.

So to answer your question, what more can they do? ... well actually try to find Hobo!  That's what..

KABC:  Champ,  one more thing..

Joe Jack: What?

KABC: We've heard that you are dedicating each match from here on out till Hobo is one day found for him.  What I want to know is.. why so much love for Henry?

Joe Jack: Why not?  Hobo, was... was, a lot like me.  In many ways.  I may not know much in this world, but I do know that you prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  I could only hope that Henry ran a way.  That Henry is hiding somewhere listening to me right now.

But geez, ......  I know it's worse.  I had a chance to stop all of this from happening, and I let Henry take the fall.

KABC: So besides you, is anyone else taking this hard?

Joe Jack: I really don't know..  we all know the show must go on.. Sunday on the 29th, I'm prepared to step in the ring and face off vs. G.W..  Time doesn't stop for no one, but I sure as heck wish I could stop for one day and straighten things out.

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WWWF in June

June 29th, 1926 - NY Pavillion

Main Event

Joe Jack vs. G.W.

Joe Jack continues his 21 - 0 record vs. G.W.  Manton Tracy's little brother.  Will family pride win over tonight or will Joe Jack find a way to put his feelings and sorrow aside and win one for the skipper and Hobo Williams?

Joe Jack a master of endurance will have his hands full for the second consecutive month as the Tracy Family come from a long line of wrestlers.  G.W. states his only motivation in this match is to end Joe Jack's 21 - 0 streak.

The World Title is on the line once again, will G.W have the means of leaving New York Pavillion with the Belt around his waist?

Other Matches Featured Tonight

Napoleon Hoover & Big Smitty vs. Little Walter & Manton Tracy

Cyd the Italian Butcher vs. anyone? (Open run) 25 cents to participate!

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... What the hell do you mean you don't know. You were the only one in the room?!

Little Walter, heh the 17 year old fought one hell of a match earlier tonight, and yet when it came time to settle business. He wasn't playing by the rules nor helping his cause at all.

You see, ino sense was made at all for Little Walter to have been in the room with Henry Williams before he vanished and have no clue what happened to him. Joe Jack himself said that Little Walter had been placed in the room specifically to watch Hobo. The story just didn't add up on either side.

Little Walter, a 17 year old from Chicago and had only been wrestling with the WWWF for a few months seemed innocent. It seemed that he only wanted to do the right thing. He always spoke politely, and heh, even called me Sir although I was only a few years older than him. And that's why it was going to hurt to have to turn him in to Jesse McMahon. The kid's future was going to literally go down the drain because he had no story.

Look Kid, I got a job to do.. and unless you can give me some hard facts you're going to be the one to go down. Walter.. look me in the eye. Walter? Look...

Did.. you take any part in the dissapearance of Henry Williams?

Walter: No... no, sir.

Yeah, I thought so.. you're a good kid. But Walter, please.. what happened the night of May 18th, when I walked away from that door?! Damnit.. what happened to Henry?!

Walter: I tell you the same thing I told you earlier.. you came and left. We talked, and then Hobo insisted I go fetch him some water. Heh, sir.. I told him I couldn't leave for nothing. That I had to stick to his side like white on rice, and Hobo chuckled at me saying, he was a grown man, and that if anything was going to happen it would have happened.

So.. you left

Walter: ..*sniff* yeah, and when I came back he was gone.. and that's when I ran to you guys.


The kid was crying his eyes out at this point. He seemed to assure himself that he would be going to jail. My fears, had become his. I figured I'd cut the hard nose questions since.. heh, he is just 17.

Walter, you must promise me something..

Walter: What?

That story you told me?

Walter: Yeah...

Forget it..

Walter: ?

Trust me.. what I want you to do Walter is leave the WWWF right now. Because heh.. this is unorthodox but I'm going to cover for you. You are a young man and although you didn't do anything wrong, damnit.. the fact that you left that room. Even for that moment in time, you are responsible for Henry's dissapearance and God help us all if the worst happens. You'll never see the light of day for leaving that room.

So go home Walter.. run..

The kid looks a little confused but takes my advice..

Walter: What about my fighting here?

I got it handled.. but

I want you to continue to help Walter. I need to get an idea on the personalities of the gentlemen here. Because I know already that not everyone will be as honest as you. Will you be able to mail me every now and then with a little info on each of your co-workers?

Walter: Sure.. the least I can do.. Thank you sir!

Heh.. shut up.. now go! God Speed!

Go PISTONS!!! :thumbs-up:

Geez, I can't stand the Lakers.. might as well bad mouth them in this thread if no one minds..


Edited by *RDB*
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Part 6







The weight felt good and cold in my hands, as the barbell went up and down in rhythm to my bench partner's voice. We were at the YMCA working out as usual. I felt excellent with a rare day off, and unlike other days I was having fun pumping up. I got quickly up hi-fived my partner and got behind him to spot his repetitions..

But you know.. my body felt good.. but my mind. My mind, continued to wander though.. more and more on what I recently read. I paused and thought about it for a second..

Yeah, I thought so.. you're a good kid. But Walter, please.. what happened the night of May 18th, when I walked away from that door?! Damnit.. what happened to Henry?!

The kid was crying his eyes out at this point. He seemed to assure himself that he would be going to jail. My fears, had become his. I figured I'd cut the hard nose questions since.. heh, he is just 17.

Walter, you must promise me something..

Walter: What?

That story you told me?

Walter: Yeah...

Forget it..

Walter: ?

*RDB... the weight..*

RDB: Oh my bad fool', damn..

Clumsy me.. I had been spotting and forgot to pick the weight up. It was funny sight watching him wiggle underneath the bar almost out of breath. But you know this type of thing had been happening all the time. Roy didn't think it was though.

Roy: What the hell was that all about RDB? You trying to kill me?

RDB: Hey, nobody told you to be Hulk Hogan with the weights. (Laugh) putting 245 on the bench really was smart..

Roy: Still...

RDB: I'm just a bit distracted..

Roy: What.. with Work?

RDB: nah...

Roy: Oh ho ho.. oh I know.. let me guess, ahem* The Season of Sin by any chance?

RDB: ... what?! Uh, yeah.. but how do you know?

Roy: Rachel..

RDB: Ah, that woman tells everything..

Roy: Well now, she really didn't tell me nothing. Just that you are reading a book. She says she can't get anything out of you from it. So how about rather than you think about it, you tell me how it is bothering you know.. you know? While we're working.. so I can keep an eye on you and your day dreams.

RDB: Yah.. yah..

I didn't tell him much, just the last tidbit.. I couldn't trust him with the story seeing as how even now it was a 80 year old story passed down only once. I left him with the part about Little Walter being forced to pack his shit and move away. And I asked him, in today's day in age.. would you have let a man leave that easily over murder. When it was 90% evidence laying around saying the guy you let walk was the culprit?

Roy: Sounds like .. a gut feeling to me.

I shrugged my shoulders and we completed the workout at the Y.. , heh irnoic he say that. Gut Feeling.. Owen Mavillion had a gut feeling about Walter. A feeling, or instinct so strong that he let the 17 year old walk away scotch free. Not even 100% sure that the boy did not do it. He had his reasons I guess.. and concerning the Season of Sin.. I had my reasons to continue on, even if it didn't seem to make sense, or tie anything into today's WWF.

I had to trust the Old Man.

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Alright, I've been writing this since March and I'm feeling like it's time I ask you guys how you feel about the direction of this diary. I think the easiest way to figure it, is to give this 4 question survey.

The results probably will not sway the diary as I might possibly end up working on this in school as another project if I can get it all together, so don't be afraid to answer how you really feel. The first two questions are related to how it works within the EWB.. the last two are questions that may improve this diary.

1. Does the fact that this is a story based "first", wrestling second diary turn you off as a reader?

2. When the WWF (current day) is finally brought to the forefront of this diary, and the story is second, would there be any intrest or is it ok the way it is. (Story first/wrestling 2nd)

3. If there was one thing you'd like to see changed about this diary what would it be.

4. There are 8 workers in the WWWF, and all will have their time in the spotlight. Some are already branching off into main characters in this story (Joe Jack, Little Walter) . So out of the 8 original Workers, is there one that you would like to read about that's currently not being used properly in your point of view?

Thank you to all who take the time to fill this open survey out.. you'll be a big help with this down the road.

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1. No, it certainly does not bother me. In fact, I enjoy it. Some of the best diaries have been story-first, wrestling-second (i.e. Dukes)

2. You could stick with the same format once you get to present day, but that's a looooooong way off, isn't it?

3. Nothing that I can think of.

4. Maybe Cyd the Italian Butcher?

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