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Favourite performances from a Child


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Most child actors, stink. Not its there fault, but they just don't have enough experience in the business. But there are exceptions.

In no order:

-Keisha Castle Hughes (Whale Rider)

-Haley Joel Osment(6th Sense, Secondhand Lions)

-Kenny Highmore(Finding Neverland)

-Edward Furlong (Terminator 2: Judgement Day)

-Dakota Fanning (I am Sam)

-The kids from Terms of Endearment(forgot their names)

-Drew Barrymore(E.T)

-Henry Thomas(E.T)

-Linda Blair (Exorcist)

-Macauly Culkin and Elijah Wood (The good Son)

-Leonardo Dicaprio (This Boy's Life, Whats Eating Gilbert Grape)

-River Phoenix(Stand by Me)

-Carrie Henn in Aliens

-Natalie Portman(The Proffesional)

EDIT: How I forgot about Portman and Hughes is insane, they're on here now.

So who are your favourites?

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You're missing the two boys from fraility.
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