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Before I start with the first show in this diary, id just like to point out that im not doing this to be popular on the boards or to get into the HOF, im doing this as a fun thing to do, so with that being said, the results will not be as long or even close to it on some of the writers on these forums that seem to write novels. I do however appreciate any positive or negative feedback anyone feels they would like to post.

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Lockdown starts as “Scars” By Papa Roach plays, with a small video package showcasing many superstars involved in tonight’s epic three hour event. Some of those stars being Jeff Jarrett,AJ Styles,DDP,Raven,Jeff Hardy and AMW.

Once the package ends, the cameras pan over the entire crowd revealing many signs supporting their favorite star, most noticeably is the amount of signs for AJ Styles.

We then are cut to the announcers who tonight much like every night are Don West and Mike Tenay.

Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone tonight is Sunday, April 29th fans, and this is TNA Lockdown. It’s a first in the sport of professional wrestling as we are not just bringing you one six sides of steel, not only two, but Don, the whole show tonight will be based around the structure that is the six sides of steel.

Don West: That’s right mike! It’s a first in this great sport, and wow what a night it should be. I mean there’s Raven going one on with the charismatic enigma Jeff hardy, where the winner is the first to send their opponent through a table. Threes also 2 X division matches. One being where sabin, shane, dutt and shocker all go in the 6 sides of steel, and the one to escape first will take the match.

Mike Tenay: Also don you cant forget the other one, where the fallen angel puts the x division championship on the line against his long time partner and friend Elix Skipper. Also there’s the number one contender match with AJ and Abyss where the winner gets a shot at Jeff Jarrett’s world title next month when TNA brings to you Hard Justice.

Don West: Mike tonight’s loaded, because we also have team Canada and AMW returning to the 6 sides of steel, no telling what will happen there.

Mike Tenay: And don, then there’s the main event. It’s been understood that Kevin Nash will not be able to participate tonight in this war games style match, but who will replace him. Also what will happen when a total of 6 men step into the 6 sides of steel match, when weapons will be legal…

Don West: Mike..Mike, I don’t mean to cut you off but it seems were going to go backstage now, as Team Canada is standing by with Shane Douglas!

Shane Douglas: Thanks Don and Mike, well fans im here with Team Canada. So Scott Da More your team has 2 matches tonight, one being Eric Young taking on Dustin Rhodes in a blindfold match, and the other being a tag title match up where two members of this team will be in a match up with a team that quite honestly made the six sides of steel famous. What do you feel about...

Scott Da More: Shane can you for once let me speak. You know all you Americans are the same; you want answers to every question in life. God for bid a surprise hit you out of nowhere. Well tonight this team will give you something nobody wants. Cause if you recall for months now team Canada has been declaring that what we need is the TNA World Championship. Tonight the picture will be a lot clearer. Tonight everyone will know the man that will finally bring home the most prized gold back to Canada. As for tonight though, that hillbilly Dustin Rhodes won’t be any challenge for my boy Bobby Roode. As far as the tag team goes that will beat Americas favorite tag team in their own specialty goes, well that’s easy. Tonight Petey Williams will team with Eric Young and bring the gold back. Then and only then Jeff Jarrett will find out the man that will give our current champion such a hard test in the coming of weeks to keeping that belt. Let’s go men, we got bigger and better things to deal with than this piece of crap. (67%)

We then go back to ringside where a southern country theme is played, as Dustin Rhodes walks out from the back, looking determined as he rolls into the ring, and yells out to the fans, awaiting his team Canada opponent.

“Oh Canada” Then plays out with a chorus off boo’s from the fans as Scott Da More and Bobby Roode insult the fans, on their way down to the six sided ring, of steel. Da More and Roode both conversed for a minute, then roode steps into the cage, while the bell rings for the first time of the night.

Blindfold Match

Bobby Roode vs. Dustin Rhodes

The Beginning-The match started off, with both men taking baby steps around the ring swinging at air, eventually though the assistance from Scott Da More helped out Roode, and Roode found Rhodes, and tackled him to the mat, and started hitting him with everything he had until the ref made him get off after a three count. This occurred two times in the beginning of the match.

Mid-Match Notes- Halfway through the match Rhodes finally got a hold of Roode, and even hit a running bulldog on the Canadian. Rhodes then went for a pinfall but only got a two count. Da More then took things into his own hands and called out to the ref, where the ref went over to the team Canada manager, and while doing so, Roode took off his blind fold, and hit a big boot, followed by a quick power bomb but again only got a two count.

The End- The end of the match came when Da More again distracted the ref, and pushed through the cage a small medal object, which roode saw, and slid out of the ring, grabbed it, slid back in and hit Rhodes in blindside fashion with. Roode then hit the Roode Awakening on Dustin and put his blindfold back on, then Da More told the ref to count, and the ref went back to the action and called the pin fall as Roode got the 1…2…..3.

Winner: Bobby Roode


Don West: Ah, that’s just academic there, that’s uncalled for. This match was supposed to be a blindfold match. Read the rules Team Canada

Mike Tenay: Well don I really don’t think they care. Someone help Dustin get up, he’s gonna be in a different world for quite some time.Well folks up next is a match that pits four of the greatest wrestlers in the company against each other, where the one who escapes will win a shot at the X Division Champion this Friday on iMPACT.

The first to enter the ring was Shocker who got a decent sized crowd reaction from the crowd in Orlando. Next to come out was Michael Shane, who taunted the fans the whole time until he reached the ring. Next out, “Hail Saban” was heard throughout the arena, as the former Champion walked out with a huge pop. As Sabin got into the ring, the returning Sonjay Dutt came out from the back, eyeing the competition inside the ring, and quickly got into the ring, to start the first of two X matches of the evening.

X Scape Match

Chris Sabin Vs Michael Shane Vs Shocker Vs Sonjay Dutt

The Beginning- The start of this math was very quick, like expected, with Sabin and Shocker battling while Dutt was doing battle with Shane. Early in the match both Dutt and Sabin hit hurricaranna’s that collided shocker and Shane into each other. This was followed by sabin hitting a tornado DDT, on dutt drop kicking a dazed shocker, and hitting a leg scissors takedown on Michael Shane

Mid Match Notes- Halfway through this match, Shocker was just about done, and really couldn’t get any offense going. The other three though kept trading moves, with Michael Shane at one point hitting sweet Shane music on both Dutt and Sabin. He however couldn’t get to the outside of the cage. Sabin had also hit the Cradle shock on Shane but also couldn’t get out of the cage.

The End- The end came when Dutt and Sabin fought each other trading lefts and rights, and sabin went for a hurricaranna but dutt flipped him back over and went for his finishing hurricaranna but sabin caught him, and slammed his neck hard into the turnbuckle, and followed it up with a cradle shock, knocking Dutt motionless. Sabin then proceeded to climb to the top, and halfway up, both Shane and shocker started to climb to the top, but it was too late and Sabin got to the outside of the cage and picked up the win and number one contender ship for this Friday on Impact.

Winner: Chris Sabin


Sabin’s music played while Don West and Mike Tenay both hyped the action these four men just put on in a caged match.

Don West: The action you all just witnessed in that ring gang is incredible. What those four men just did will go down as maybe the match that steals the show for us tonight, whew.

Mike Tenay: You said it Don. And now that man Chris Sabin will get a shot for the title he lost a few months back with either Christopher Daniels or Elix Skipper.

Don West: Mike I can’t believe that was only the second match, were just getting started here. Up next though it will be Kid Kash’s overgrown partner Lance Hoyt taking on Apolo, and these two will have no problem tearing right into each other tonight…

With that being said Apolo was the first to come from the back with a solid fan reaction, as he awaits his opponent inside the ring. Seconds later the man formerly known as Dallas came out from the back, with his hands in the air, and the crowd not giving him any help with cheers.

Lance Hoyt Vs Apolo

The Beginning- Once inside the ring, this match became nothing but a brawl. Both men early on hit double clotheslines, knocking both men to the mat. Once getting to their feet, Hoyt took the initiative and drew first blood on his opponent as he graded Apolo’s face across the steel structure.

Mid Match Notes- As the match came around to the half way point, Apolo evened up the count on drawing blood, as he catapulted Hoyt into the steel, followed by a leg drop. Apolo then went for quick three count but could only get a two. Apolo then tried a powerbomb on the big man, but couldn’t execute it, and Hoyt ended up hitting another big boot. This was followed by a super side salto, and an attempted pin fall but couldn’t pick up the victory.

The End- By the ending of the match both men had given it their all and many failed three count attempts. Apolo then tried to hit a modified rock bottom, but Hoyt elbowed his way out of it, and went for a choke slam, but again apolo reversed this, and hit a full nelson slam! Apolo covered and got the 1…2….NO! Hoyt got up. Apolo then went for another attempted rock bottom but Hoyt slid out of the maneuver and for a third time hit a bog boot! He then declared that this is the end. He had Apolo positioned for The Blackout, and executed it perfectly. Hoyt then covered Apolo’s body and got the easy three count.

Winner: Lance Hoyt


Mike Tenay: Wow, what another outstanding contest we just witnessed Don. Going into the match I knew it was going to be a battle but that was a war scene. Early on both men drew blood for the first time tonight, and Lance Hoyt just proved he wanted it a little more than Apolo on this night.

Don West: You’re telling me Mike. Both men just went in with such emotion, and hatred for the other, and after Hoyt hit his Blackout move, that’s it, it was all over, and Apolo might have infact blacked out.

Mike Tenay: Well folks we thank you all for purchasing tonight’s Lockdown three hour event, and don’t forget next month we will bring to you TNA Hard Justice, where the main event will be Champion, Jeff Jarrett taking on either Abyss or AJ Styles for the World Championship.

“Oh Canada” then plays on, as Da More leads his troops, Petey Williams and Eric Young out to the ring, in hopes of capturing the tag titles back.

America’s Most Wanted then follows, after team Canada gets inside the steel structure. The champions each hold up their belts, and look at each other, getting pumped up, both run to the ring, and get inside the cage. Both teams then taunt at the other.

NWA TNA Tag Team Championship Match

Team Canada vs AMW

The Beginning- This match starts quickly much like the last. Chris Harris and Eric Young start this contest off. Harris working on the head of Young. Early on he set him up for the noose, but Petey made sure it didn’t get executed which brought James Storm into the ring, who ended up hitting a two handed sit down chokeslam on the x wrestler. While this is going on Harris hit a devastating DDT on Young. This is followed up by a double team flap jack at the hands of AMW.

Mid Match Notes- By the middle of the match AMW had this match under control, looking to get a pin at any time. However Young made a hot tag to Petey Williams, and Petey used his speed and X Style to turn the tables. Hitting a head scissors take down on James Storm, followed up by a spring board elbow shot, and a quick leg drop on one half of the tag team champions.

The End- Later on Petey even attempted his Canadian destroyer, but met a big boot from Chris Harris. This then brought all four men into the ring again. Harris ended up hitting The Noose on Petey, while young got hit with a full nelson powerbomb from james storm! Storm then went to the top to end the match with the death sentence! As this was happening out from the crowd was a tall man dressed in blue jeans and a red Canada sweatshirt. This man busted through the door, and walked in. Harris then put down petey, and looked around and met a big boot from this man. Storm then jumped off the top, and ran towards the man, but missed a clothesline. The unknown man then grappled Storm in a full nelson position, and hit a devastating Full Nelson Slam. Petey then went over to storm and reeled him in; as he had him positioned for the Canadian Destroyer….And executed it! Petey then covered as the ref counted…..1…….2……..3!!!!!!!!

Winner: Team Canada


Mike Tenay: New champions! Team Canada wins it!

Don West: Who the hell is that man though…..

Inside the ring the man pulls off his hood from his sweatshirt to reveal that hes the man that has been most recently known as Test in the WWE!

Mike Tenay: Don…Do you know who that is!

Don West: I sure do mike, that’s Andrew Martin! Known better as the name Test from the WWE. Mike is that the man Scott Da More was talking about earlier!

Mike Tenay: I think it is Don, and wow what a surprise, Team Canada just got bigger, and better Don.

Don West: Well mike it doesn’t get better than our next match, cause up next its partner vs. partner, as The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels puts his title on the line vs. Elix Skipper

“What time is it” then plays, as Elix Skipper walks out from the back, with a stone face on, as he looks determined to prove to his partner that he was the one that carried Triple X.

Once walking into the cage, “Disposable Teens” is played out, as the champion Christopher Daniels walks out with his head down, walking down to the ring. Daniels then walks into the ring, and tears his hoodie off, and yelling out to the crowd. Daniels then takes off his coat, showing off his x title. The Fallen Angel then pulls the title off his body, hands it to the ref, as he yells out to elix “that aint goin nowhere”

TNA X Title Match

Christopher Daniels vs Elix Skipper

The Beginning-This match started off with a lot of emotion. A lot of talk between the two occurred before all hell broke loose. Elix was surprisingly the first to make the first move with a strong left. Daniels responded with a right and both started trading blows, until Daniels gave elix a hard knee shot, followed by a rockbottom/back breaker combo. Daniels then followed it up with a face smash into the cage. With a busted face elix got some of the emotion he had in the beginning back, and out of no where hit sudden death! Elix made a quick cover but only got a 2 count.

Mid Match Notes- By the middle of the match, both men had near falls. Daniels was now in full control where he and elix both were on the top of the cage trading blows. Daniels then placed elix on the top turnbuckle, and clipped his arms like he was trying to hit angel’s wings and had elix up about to crash down on the mat when elix flipped him with a hurricaranna off the middle of the cage! Both men then just laid there in the middle of the ring, with the crowd chanting…TNA!...TNA!...TNA!

The End- With both men on one knee, each man hit their opponent with all they had. Both having blood dripping from their faces, looked to be passing out. Elix took the control this time around, picking the champions body up, and placed his feet on the ropes and quickly spun him around falling to the ring with Daniels’s back to the mat. Elix now screaming like a monster, and yelling at Daniels that its prime time. Elix positioned Daniels for the Play of the Day…And executed it!!!! Skipper covered as the ref counted the One…..Two…..Thr…NO! Daniels foot landed on the rope! Elix then looked like he was going to break down, but instead picked Daniels up and had him up for the sudden death…Daniels out of nowhere reversed the move, and hit angels wings! Daniels then decided to crawl to the turnbuckle instead of pinning elix. Daniels quickly jumped to the second then top turnbuckle, and landed right on the chest of elix. With one hand covering his former partner’s body, Daniels got the 1…..2…….3!

Winner: Christopher Daniels


Mike Tenay: Daniels wins! The fallen angel retains his championship, In what will go down as one of the greatest x division championships ever.

Don West: And you gotta feel for Elix. He had it won, Mike he had it won if it weren’t for the rope!

Mike Tenay: Don your right, but the fact of the matter is Daniels is still the champion. Well folks up next is the tables match, as its Raven taking on Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardys theme then plays out for half a minute until Jeff ran out pointing to the fans. Jeff then ran to the ring, and decided to climb over the cage instead of through it. While he was climbing down, five tables were positioned inside the cage, as Hardy awaited his opponent.

Ravens old WCW theme then hit, as Raven came out extending his arms with the word PAIN written on his chest in black. Raven got one of the biggest choruses of boos thus far in the night, and seemed to love it. Raven then walked inside the ring, and again extended his arms, then sat down in the ring corner.

Tables Match

Jeff Hardy vs. Raven

The Beginning-The match started off with raven acting like Hardy didn’t even exist and remained seated. However Hardy set up a table, and once this happened Raven got up, and started to attack Hardy. Raven then whipped Hardy against the ropes and hit Jeff with a drop toe hold on the table! Raven also in the early makings went for a quick Evenflow DDT, but hardy reversed it, and hit a tornado DDT.

The Middle- After halfway through the match a second even flow was reversed into an attempted twist of fate, but that too was reversed into a Russian leg sweep against the cage! At this time Raven figured the match was ending, and set up another table next to the first that was set up. Raven then placed hardy on the set of tables, and attempts a pile driver, but Jeff flips raven over, off of the tables, and hits a leg drop off the tables onto raven, nailing his head right into the ring mat.

The End- The end of the match came when both men had one leg inside the ring at the top of the cage while the other laid on the outside of the cage. At this time raven is the only one with a busted forehead. Jeff hardy then kicks the back of raven’s head a few times, and raven looks to be teetering off the cage. Hardy then sets raven up for a twist of fate, as he gets himself as well as raven to stand on top of the cage. Raven however hits Hardy in his manhood, and as both are looking to fall off the cage, raven grabs a hold of Hardys head, and proceeds to fall back inside the ring landing an EVENFLOW DDT OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE! Hardy goes head first through the set of tables, as both men just lay on the ground motionless as Ravens theme plays out and is announced as the winner!

Winner: Raven

Don West: Did you see that, I can’t believe the sick mind of Raven actually performed that move off the top of the cage!

Mike Tenay: Someone…Please someone get out to the ring. Raven won the match, its over, someone please help these two.

Just then the lights go black, with camera lights flickering through the crowd.

Don West: What the hell is going on, what’s going on, where’s the lights…

As the lights go back on…

Mike Tenay: Don, look! Raven is handcuffed to the ring, who the hell…is that….Don do you know who that is….Its CM Punk!

The camera shows that cm punk has handcuffed a lifeless Raven to the cage, and CM Punk shows the camera a smear of blood on a chair he is holding in his left hand. Punk then again hammers raven in the head with a chairshot that makes many people in the crowd cringe and close their eyes from seeing.


Mike Tenay: What’s going on here, get the hell out of the ring. That man has just won a brutal match and lost a lot of blood.

Don West: This is a sickening sight Mike, and now it seems finally security is coming down to the ring, lets clean this up gang!

Mike Tenay: Don, what’s even the point. This whole night has been like this, unpredictable and gory. The next match won’t even be any different. These two tore each other apart without anything on the line, but next Abyss and AJ Styles fight for a purpose, for a shot at Jeff Jarrett’s World Title!

Giving the crew time to clean up the mess in the ring and get raven to the back, Shane Douglas promoted the Lockdown T Shirt.

Moments later Abyss’s them played out with the monster walking down to the ring, and got into the ring, awaiting his opponent for this number one contenders match against AJ Styles.

“I AM” Then played with the biggest cheers of the night hands down, as AJ Styles walked out from the back wearing a black hoodie. AJ then waited a few seconds and lifted the hood off, looking out to the crowd. A few seconds later, AJ Looked at the ring and Abyss and walked down, and into the 6 sides of steel.

Number One Contenders Match

Abyss Vs AJ Styles

The Beginning- The match started with a lot of reversals, as Abyss tried to power over Styles and Styles tried to out smart the monster with speed and creativity. Early on AJ hits his flying right hand shot from the top of the turnbuckles on the big man. AJ Soon after tried to hit a reverse ddt, but it got countered with a body slam, and then getting vaulted right into the cage door. Abyss then moments later took advantage of the momentum and hit a sit down powerbomb!

Mid Match Notes- In the middle of the match, Abyss still had control of the match, but that all turned around as he whipped styles into the ropes and tried to hit the black hole slam, but was countered with a spin around hurricaranna! Styles then with the momentum shift hit an asai moonsault on abyss but only could get a two count. This was followed up with a few hard shots to the head of abyss until abyss threw him off. Once Styles ran back to abyss, abyss pulled AJ’s tights and rammed him into the cage. Abyss then repeatedly forced AJ’s head 10 times into the unforgiving steel, giving AJ a full face of blood, and looking to go unconscious!

The End- with AJ and Abyss going back and forth with momentum the ending came as abyss was in control hitting power move after power move. Almost getting a two count after a powerslam from the second rope. Abyss feeling the match is over put AJ on his back, and slammed AJ down with his massive torture rack back breaker combo! Abyss then covered the body of AJ and got the 1….2……No, AJ got up! Abyss now angered and frustrated by what its taking to finish off AJ whipped Styles to the ropes and again attempted the black hole slam…and again it was countered, this time aj looked to pile drive Abyss…He however couldn’t get the big man up, and started to go crazy hitting abyss in the face with many lefts and rights, that was followed by a kick. AJ Then went for the Styles Clash…And executed it perfectly! Aj couldn’t however cover Abyss and both men just laid there in pain and blood covering each others body, mostly from AJ. Aj was the first to get up, and covered Abyss’s body and got the 1….2…….No! Abyss got up this time from a devastating move. Aj then went against the ropes but only to be met with a big boot from abyss! Abyss then carried AJ’s body to the top rope, and abyss sat on the top, and putting AJ in position to hit a powerbomb, but on the way down, AJ hit a hurricaranna! Aj then ran to the ropes, and hit a moonsault off of the ropes, and with a stumbling Abyss, AJ had him positioned for a Reverse DDT….AND LANDED WITH IT! AJ covered Abyss and with the crowd chanting with the refs count he got the One…Two….THREE!!!

Winner: AJ Styles


Mike Tenay: That was simply phenomenal! AJ Styles is the new number one contender to Jeff Jarrett’s world title and that will now be the Main Event at TNA Hard Justice. But Ladies and Gentlemen its here! Its time for the main event as the team of 6 Pac, DDP and one other surprise member will face champion Jeff Jarrett, Outlaw and Monty Brown!

Don West: Mike, your right! Here it is, but who will be the other member!

“Smells like teen spirit” then plays out as Diamond Dallas Page ran out from the back, and showed the sign of the diamond cutter to all the page fans in the crowd. Page then went to the right of himself, through the crowd and fans crowded him as he put the sign up once again. Page finally got by the cage as Pac’s theme played and 6 showed the sign of the Wolfpac. Nash followed to show his support to both his friends in this brutal match.

Seconds later the outlaw walked out from the back as his “ass man” theme hit, and he walked down to the ring just laughing at his opponents, as Monty Brown’s theme hits and he walks out from the back and down to the ring by The Outlaw. Lastly The TNA Champion walked out holding up his guitar with pyros going off in the back of him, and as JJ Got to ringside, Outlaw got into the ring to start the match off, and following him was Pac to start the match.

Lethal Lockdown Match

???/Page/Pac vs. Jarrett/Outlaw/Brown

The Beginning- The match started with Pac and his former dx member Outlaw. Outlaw got the match started with a few hard clotheslines and a powerful piledriver. Outlaw then followed it up with a splash in the corner. The next person entering the cage was……Monty Brown. This turned into a handicap match and Pac was taken to the limit. Monty hit a hard powerbomb on Pac, then held him up as outlaw grabbed a chair inside the cage and slammed it over pacs head, as blood dripped from his forehead. The next to enter the ring was…….DDP. Page came in, and managed to get Monty away from Pac, and hit him with rights, lefts and eventually a discuss clothesline. He turned around however to meet steel, as Outlaw hit him with a chair, and it was again time for someone else to come into the ring…….Jeff Jarrett got the call, and ran into the ring to quickly give his team the advantage in a 3 on 2 handicap match now. Jeff brought in a guitar but laid it under a turnbuckle and went right to page. At this time outlaw kept punishing 6 Pac while Monty and Jarrett double teamed on page. All of a sudden the lights flickered on and off, with the following words being told over the speakers through a little kid’s voice…

“"when a mans heart is full of disseat it burns up, dies and a dark shadow falls over his soul. The ashes of a once great man has risen. A curse, a wrong that must be righted we look to the sky through our vindicator. Someone to strike fear in the black hearts of the same man that created him. The battle between good and evil has begun, against an army of shadows is a dark warrior. The provayer of good with the voice of silence, and a mission of justice.....this...is....Sting"

The fans absolutely go nuts as a thunder sound is heard throughout the arena, as fans point to the sky, and all five men inside the ring see that it truly is Sting coming down from the rafters, as Pac and page see this as a opportunity to get the advantage, Pac turns the tables on outlaw as page takes on Monty, with Jarrett looking up to the rafters awaiting a man he’s had a history with for years. As Sting drops on top of the cage, he clips off his harnesses and climbs down the cage. He then starts yelling back and forth with Jarrett with a bat in his left hand, when all of a sudden…..POUNCE! Sting got blind sided, with a pounce by Monty Brown, and sting went flying into the cage….

Mid Match Notes- The first pin fall came when Pac was Pounced right through a table that was set up in the corner, and outlaw pinned him, while sting was battling with Jarrett and Monty went over to page. The Second pin fall came when Outlaw picked up a chair , and Pac got up and before leaving turned outlaw around, hitting a spinning heel kick making the chair hit outlaws face, and Page clotheslined Monty then hit a Diamond Cutter on outlaw, making the pin, to make it a 2 on 2 contest. The third pin fall came later on when sting was battling with Monty and Jarrett with page. Jarrett had a face full of blood, and page was looking to take out the world champion, when he undid the turnbuckle padding. He then whipped the champion into the iron, and then set Jarrett on top of the turnbuckle. He then grabbed a hold of Jarrett’s head to hit a diamond cutter but Jarrett pushed page away, then got off the turnbuckles, and ducked a clothesline from page, and slammed his head into the unprotected steel, and out of no where hit The Stroke! Jeff then covered and made the 1….2…..3

The End- In the end it become like most of the match a handicap match, where Monty and Jarrett were taking apart the mystery opponent Sting. Jarrett ended up taking a breather as he sat on the top of one of the turnbuckle corners and Monty was hitting away on sting. Sting then started to get alive, and gave Jarrett concern. Jarrett then ran over to help Monty out, and sting started hitting both Monty and Jarrett. Sting then slammed both their heads into each other, and started to focus on Brown. Sting whipped him into the corner and attempted a stinger splash, but Monty got out of the way and set him up for a pounce but on the way back around, sting ducked, and hit a scorpion death drop! Sting then grabbed Jarrett’s head and threw it into the cage, as he pinned Monty and got the 1….2……3! Making the match now even again at one on one. Jarrett then took the initiative and started to kick at the stinger. He then decided to try and go for a figure four, but sting grabbed his tights and tossed him into the ropes, making his face hit the cage. Sting then got up quickly and went for a scorpion death drop, but Jarrett reversed it and ended up slamming stings face right into the cage. Jarrett then walked over to the corner where his guitar was, and picked it up, while sting picked up his bat and both faced each other with their chosen weapon threatening to use it. Instead Jarrett kicked sting, and dropped the guitar. He then whipped sting right at the turnbuckle that is un protected, and got on the second rope starting a ten count of punches. He didn’t get past three though as sting grabbed his legs and dropped them, making Jarrett’s head fall hard on the iron once again! Sting then whipped Jarrett across the ring and hit a Stinger Splash! Jarrett then turned around and Sting hit another Splash! Jarrett then fell to his knees, and sting looked like he was going to end it now. He went for a Death Drop but what sting didn’t know is Jarrett had picked up his guitar, and quickly slammed the head of the stinger with it making both men fall to the floor not moving. Seconds later Jarrett was first to get to his feet and he picked sting up looking to hit the stroke, but sting elbowed him in the mid section and whipped him to the ropes, hitting him with an atomic drop. Sting then positioned Jarrett for a ddt, but Jarrett fell to his knees and hit a low blow on sting! Jarrett then crawled over and found a chair, sizing up Sting when Sting turned around Jarrett swung the chair but missed sting. He then dropped the chair and sting went for a clothesline, which Jarrett caught, grabbing with his left hand, and then hit The Stroke ON THE CHAIR! Jeff then covered stings body as the ref counted….1…….2……….3!!!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett/Monty Brown/the Outlaw


Mike Tenay: NO! He did it again, the king of the mountain did it again. He had to use a weapon to get the win, and now has gotten another pin fall over a man he’s had a feud with for the past few years here in tna

Don West: Mike he did it again, you’re right, but he paid, he’s wearing a crimson mask of blood, boy what a match up that was.

Mike Tenay: Don your right he did pay, and it was a great match. Folks thank you for joining us tonight on a history making epic three hour event. Don’t forget to tune in next month when Jeff Jarrett faces…

Don West: Mike look, I don’t mean to cut you off, but look, AJ is at the entrance ramp, and Jarrett is non to pleased.

Mike Tenay: Folks what’s going to happen next month when Jeff Jarrett for the first time since the debut of Impact puts his belt on the line against the phenomenal AJ Styles! Folks don’t forget to tune in this Friday on impact, we gotta go, good night everyone.

Jarrett is seen walking up the ramp where AJ is looking at him, where both are exchanging words, and blood drips off Jarrett’s face like its water, and Lockdown fades out.

This has been a presentation of TNA Wrestling

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Thanks for the replies. I used that many gimmicks cause thats what tna is actually using this weekend. This will be the only show i actually do the same matches for.

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TNA iMPACT! Preview

user posted image

We are just 5 days past what was again another amazing three hour epic event brought to you by TNA Wrestling. Tune in this Friday evening as many questions will be answered.

In one of the biggest suprises at Lockdown, we saw the Debut of Andrew Martin. What will he and the rest of the members of Team Canada say about their goals going after the World Title as well as what the new Tag Team Champions have planned after beating AMW inside the six sided cage.

Last Sunday we saw one of the morrifying sights when Raven put Jeff Hardy through a table, from the top of the cage. Jeff is still in the hospital but Raven will be in the Impact Zone. Word is Raven is irate from the actions a returning CM Punk had done to him at lockdown and both will be in tag team action against eachother this Friday.

Sonjay Dutt made his in ring return to TNA at Lockdown, and this frday he will make his iMPACT return when he takes on Michael Shane and Jerrelle Clark in a three way elimination X Challenge match.

AJ Styles is finally the number one contender to Jeff Jarretts World Title. What will happen when both men happy off wins at Lockdown say or do about their up coming contest at TNA Hard Justice?

Lockdown was a night with many amazing moments. One was seeing Chris Sabin win his X Scape match against three other men to give him a guaranteed shot at the X Champion this week on iMPACT. Will Christopher Daniels pile on another win against one of the best X Wrestlers TNA has, or can Sabin bring back the gold?

Tune in this Friday on FSN for Impact!

Signed Matches:

3 Way X Challenge

Sonjay Dutt vs Michael Shane vs Jerrelle Clark

Raven/Abyss vs AJ Styles/CM Punk

TNA X Division Championship

Christopher Daniels vs Chris Sabin

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Guest wcw

user posted image

iMPACT begins with still frame shots from last weekends epic three hour event. Some pictures being, A top of the cage Evenflow from Raven to Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles holding his bloody body up after a hard fought number one contenders match against abyss. The last being a few shots of Sting returning to the impact zone and eventually being defeated by the world champion, Jeff Jarrett.

Mike Tenay: Well don, we did it again, TNA last Sunday put on a historical event as we brought you LOCKDOWN!

Don West: Oh mike your right, it was amazing. From the opening contest to the site of Sting!

Mike Tenay: Don he did return, but nor he, syxx pac, or ddp could take down the team of monty brown, the outlaw and jeff Jarrett. Tonight though the champion is here, as well as his opponent for hard justice. Who knows what will happen when those two see eachother here tonight.

Don West: Also mike tonight we will hear from team canadas newest leader, Andrew Martin.

Mike Tenay: Don don’t forget we also have a huge double main event tonight. First AJ Styles teasm with CM Punk, to take on Raven and Abyss.

Don West: And don’t forget a classic X Title Match. The Fallen Angel goes one on one with Chris Sabin!

Sonjay Dutt’s them then began to play..

Don West: Oh mike, were gonna start the show off with the playa from Himalaya, Sonjay Dutt!

Sonjay then walks down to the ring, with a huge crowd ovation for the returning x star. He is then followed by former x division champion, Michael Shane. By the time both men are in the ring, words are said, and eventually they get the match started early, as Jerrelle Clarks them plays, and he quickly runs down to the ring, and the match officially starts.

X Division Challenge

Sonjay Dutt vs. Michael Shane vs. Jerrelle Clark

The Beginning: The match started off with all three showing why they are at the top of the X class. Michael Shane went for a quick super kick but sonjay reversed it by tripping Shane, and hitting a standing shooting star press. Jerrelle then went for a 630 flip, but Shane rolled out of the way and went for a quick pin, but couldn’t get the three count. Seconds later Sonjay picked Shane up, and hit a hurricaranna to the outside of the ring. Clark then took this as an advantage for himself and put Dutt in position for a reverse ddt.He performed the ddt by picking up Dutt, dropping him on the ring ropes, then spring boarding him down on the mat, back first. Clark went for a pin but he too only got a two count.

The Middle: Mid way through the match, Michael Shane had the advantage. Hitting a head scissor take down into the turnbuckle, followed up by a dropkick. As he turned around, Clark hit a spinning ddt on Shane. Clark then picked Shane up and hit a brainbuster ddt. Clark then went to the top rope to perform a 630 splash…And nailed it! Clark went for the cover and got the 1…2…..No! Dutt borke the count up. He picked Clark up and gave him a kick followed by a Bombay buster. Sonjay then quickly got to the top rope and hit a 450 corkscrew flip! Sonjay then covered and got a 1….2……3!

The End: Minutes after Clark was eliminated both Dutt and Shane were both reaching the end, with both men trading blows. Shane missed an opportunity at a super kick, but Dutt got out of the ring, and tripped the former champion. Dutt then got back into the ring, picked Shane up and placed him on the top turnbuckle. Dutt went for a swinging ddt off the top, but Shane pushed him off. Dutt then hit a drop kick to a sitting Shane, to send him to the mat. Dutt then hit another Bombay buster, and went for a Bombay Rana, but Shane flipped his legs over, took a step back, and nailed Dutt with a super kick! Michael Shane then went for a cover and got the 1….2……3!

Winner: Michael Shane

Don West: Its over, Michael Shane got the pinfall. What an amazing match. Credit goes out to all three of those men right there Mike…

Jeff Jarretts music then played, as he cut off the loud announcer.

Jeff walked from the back with his NWA Championship, and a microphone….

Jeff Jarrett: Well, I did it again. I got the pinfall on one of your so called hero’s. See Sunday night was a clear cut example of who the king of the mountain is, and who is the dirt and rocks that settle on the bottom. See sting was no challenge for me. Me, and my boys Monty and outlaw, we went into the lethal lottery match, and we dominated. We beat Waltman…We beat Diamond Dallas Page, and yeah, from the rafters came the stinger, and all it took was one stroke, and sting got the hell out of nwa as quickly as he came. So dusty you’ve done everything you could. You have put everyone in my way, and they all end on their back and looking at the light as they hear a slapass in stripes yell out one…two…three. So aj styles, listen up phenomenal one. Your may be mr x division, but kid this aint some match to see how many flips you can do in the air. No this is the real deal, this is my world, and this is planet Jarrett kid. You wanna come into my world and think your gonna take my life away. Well you can just forget that right now, cause come hard justice its me and you AJ going one on one, so get rid ready kid, cause your gonna be at the end of a large list of names that fall to the king, welcome to planet Jarrett…this is your last global warning.

Jeff then looks out to the crowd who yell out profanity’s to him and iMPACT goes to its first commercial break.

Once back from break Shane Douglas is standing besides Andrew Martin, Scott DaMore, and the Tag Champions….

Shane Douglas: Well fans were back, and right now im with the hottest fraction in pro wrestling today. To my left is none other than Team Canada, and I have to ask, Andrew Martin, what made you come into TNA and Team Canada…

Andrew Martin: Why did I join, that’s simple. The world title. That’s what its all about. See when you look at team Canada you see hands down the greatest manager of all time. You see many choices for one of the greatest tag teams ever. Then you also have one of the best x wrestlers in the world. All they needed was a man to take out Jeff Jarrett. Now as you can see I have a brace on my knee, meaning im not 100 percent yet, lucky for you champ. I promise you this though, when I am healthy and read to come back, im commin for you, and I will beat you. There’s no doubt in my mind your good, but king…I own you, and once we get into the ring at the same time, it will be the biggest test….ever!

Team Canada then walks off with Mike Tenay and Don West ready to call the next match.

Mike Tenay: Thanks Shane, well Don at lockdown team Canada and that man Andrew Martin made a huge impact, as amw lost their belts because of interference from Martin.

Don West: Mike your right, it was a move he calls the Test Drive and man he drove AMW right into the mat, but next Mike its one of two main event matches for the night, as it will be a returning CM Punk teaming with AJ Styles to take on Abyss and Raven…

Abyss’s theme then played as Abyss walked out with his usual heavy chain draped over his shoulders, walking down to the ring. Next out was Raven, with a bandage on his forehead from his battle with Jeff Hardy at Lockdown. Both men now await their opponents as “The Beginning” By AFI played, and a returning CM Punk walked out throwing up an X with his hands. Punk waited, as “I AM” Played and the number one contender walked out from the back. He and Punk then ran down to the ring, where both Abyss and Raven rolled out of the ring to meet them half way, and all four men started the battle off early…

Tag Match

CM Punk & AJ Styles vs Raven & Abyss

The Beginning: The match started with a lot of emotion as both punk and raven started the bout, and it just turned into a brawl. Punk had the early advantage on the wounded Raven, but hitting a early double underhook back breaker. He then followed this up with a shinning wizard but it was countered into a ankle lock from raven. As punk screamed in pain, raven seemed to enjoy this, and pulled Punk to the middle of the ring. Where eventually brought in their team mates to get another brawl going…

The Middle: By the middle of the match, Raven and Abyss worked well on CM Punk, and Abyss and Punk were now the legal men. Abyss powering over the much smaller Punk, hit a powerbomb, followed by a big leg drop, but only getting a two count. Abyss then whipped Punk to the ropes, trying to hit the black hole slam. Punk however countered it, into a ddt! Punk then waited for a minute, until Abyss got to one knee and hit a Shining Wizard! Punk then made the hot tag, as AJ cleared out abyss with a quick drop kick, which he followed up with a head scissor takedown to raven….

The End: The end of the match saw both AJ and Raven now in, with both men trading the momentum. AJ is looking to end the match right now, by whipping Raven into the ropes, and meeting him with a heel kick to the face. He then followed this up with a brain buster ddt. At this time Jeff Jarrett came out from the back with a guitar. AJ then attempted a styles clash…and Connected! Styles then saw Jarrett by ring side, and started jawing with the champ. Jarrett went to hit AJ with His guitar, but aj kicked him, raven then rolled up AJ but only got a two count. Jarrett then walked into the ring, turned AJ around and slammed him with a guitar, to make the ref call for the bell. This then turned into a three on two battle with CM Punk and AJ Styles getting beat down, as iMPACT went to their next commercial Break…

Winner: AJ Styles & CM Punk (DQ)

Back from break, Diamond Dallas Page was in the middle of the ring with a microphone….

DDP: I came out of retirement a few months back for two reasons. One being, I needed to prove to myself and Raven that he never was nor ever will be as good as me…I did that. The second being I wanted to be on top of the world again. I wanted the gold one more time…I wanted to have the gold one last time in life. I failed at that. Not because I was out wrestled by Jeff Jarrett but because I was out smarted by the champ. I accept that, and last Sunday around three in the morning I accepted one other thing in life…..I’m done. I can’t do what I wanna do at 100 percent anymore, so therefore I will be retiring again. Now I before I go though, I want to remembered to be going out on top, and going toe to toe with the best. So I know your watching this Steve. I also know when you go back years ago in Atlanta; in WCW we ran the show. We sold the tickets. We went all out with the nwo. So when I could think about one more match, one final match, I know who I want….Sting I want you, at Hard Justice. No gimmick needed. Just two of the best going one on one, going out on top. So sting ill await your answer next week on iMPACT,and this goes out to you sting, and all these fans that went through my days as a manager with a guy named vinnie vegas, to my multiple champions in wcw…..( DDP holds uo the sign of the Diamond Cutter)…Bang!

DDP, is given a huge standing ovation with most of the crowd also showing the sign of the cutter, as a video package is shown of Daniels and Sabin….

After the package “Hail Sabin” Plays and Chris Sabin walks out from the back, and walks down to the ring getting pumped up by the reaction from the crowd…

Seconds Later “Disposable Teens” Plays and the X Division Champion walks out with a black and white coat on, walking slowly to the ring. Once inside he tears off his hood, revealing the Championship covering his waist.

X division Championship

Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin

The Beginning: The beginning of this match started with Sabin in control. Hitting two back to back hurricarannas, followed by a DDT with the help of the top turnbuckle. After only getting a two count, sabin carried Daniels to the top, and went for a top rope hurricaranna, but Daniels countered it, into a top rope power bomb. Seconds later Daniels tried to apply his fall from grace move, but Sabin powered out of it and somehow had Daniels up for the cradle shock, but this too was countered into a hurricaranna…

The Middle: By mid match neither man had gotten the momentum, neither did they hit their finishers. Daniels surprisingly pulled out a move he doesn’t do often, as he hit Sabin with the spicy drop! Daniels then covered but only got a two count. The champion then went to the turnbuckle and attempted the best moonsault ever but Sabin got out of the way, and Daniels landed on his feet. Christopher then pointed to his head saying hes smarter than that, as as he looked to Sabin, The challenger hit a impact full super kick! Sabin covered for the 1…2…..NO!.....

The End: By the end there were many teases for an end, as Sabin hit the cradle shock, and Daniels hit the BME, but neither could get the three count. A this time, Sabin had Daniels in a straight jacket submission, and Daniels was looking to be done with, but out of nowhere got energy back, and ended up bringing himself and Sabin on their feet. Daniels then tossed Sabin to the ropes and hit a drop kick. Daniels then went for angel’s wings, but it was countered into a body drop into a pinning position. Again though Sabin couldn’t get the three count. Sabin now aggravated, brought Daniels to the top rope, and had him hooked for a superplex, but on the way down, Daniels jumped off, and then went to the nearest turnbuckle. Jumped on the second then third turnbuckles hitting another BME! Daniels then waited as Sabin got up, turned around, and was hit the Angels Wings! The champion covered, and got the 1…2…..3!

Winner: Christopher Daniels

As the match ended, Daniels went to the outside and grabbed a chair. He then brought it inside the ring, and hit Sabin repeatedly. Sabin now not being able to even move, needed anyone to come out. Out from the back to his aid was Sonny Siaki!

After seeing this, Daniels went out the other way, with Siaki making sure Sabin is alright, as the show ends, and shows a promo for the next TNA PPV, Hard Justice…

user posted image

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Guest wcw


As a result of last weeks iMPACT, a new match has been signed for TNA Hard Justice. That match will be CM Punk taking on Raven in a Raven Rules match. Anyone whos followed Raven in his career knows this simply means there will be no rules for thier match on PPV.

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Guest wcw

user posted image

iMPACT Preview

Last week on iMPACT Champion, Jeff Jarrett gave AJ Styles a "Global Warning" Will, Styles have something to say? Or will he let his fist do the talking as both men have been put into teams of 4 to face eachother in this weeks main event.

Also Diamond Dallas Page made a shocking announcment when he declared another retirment. In his farewell speech he called out a long time friend, when he asked The Stinger for one last match, Will Sting accept?

Christopher Daniels is said to be in a foul mood at the result of Sonny Siaki ruining his fun, of putting away Chris Sabin after thier classic X Title contest in last weeks Main Event. This week a tag match will take place putting Daniels teaming with Michael Shane, when they take on both Siaki and Sabin.

Also Dusty Rhodes says he has a huge announcement that affects the whole roster of tna, and others. What could this announcment be?

Confirmed Matches:

Tag Team Match

Sonny Siaki & Chris Sabin vs Christopher Daniels & Michael Shane

Main Event

8 Man Survivor Tag Match

AJ Styles/CM Punk/3LK vs Jeff Jarrett/Raven/Monty Brown/The Outlaw

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Looks very good, excellent promo with Jarrett very well done there. DDP and Sting should be an excellent going out on top match. Raven and CM Punk in a Ravens Rules match should be very exciting as well keep up the good work

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One thing I noticed in the Lockdown ppv, and I'm guilty of it when writing a diary on another site is that you hadd three people debut in the same night. Too me that is a bit of overkill. However, the rest of the diary was very well written and there is no reason for long matches if everthing can be portrayed in the shortened versions.

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Guest wcw

user posted image


This week’s edition of TNA Impact begins showing short clips of last weeks hard hitting action. From the X Challenge, to the all star tag team contest with Punk getting a beating of a lifetime. Then showing highlights from a classic x title match with the end seeing Daniels get the win over Sabin, but Siaki making a save for Sabin before Daniels could injure the man. The final clip was of AJ being hit with a guitar shot from Jarrett.

iMPACT then starts with small video’s showing the two confirmed matches for tonight. Those being Chris Sabin & Sonny Siaki vs. Christopher Daniels & Michael Shane, and an 8 man tag survivor tag match with the leaders of each team being Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles.

In the background the two TNA announcers are covering the matches…

Mike Tenay: Welcome folks, to TNA Impact. Tonight is going to be a big night, as Dusty Rhodes has signed two blockbuster match ups. The first being a tag team match putting the unlikely duo of Chris Sabin and Sonny Siaki teaming up tonight, and taking on X Division Champion Christopher Daniels and Michael Shane.

Don West: Mike that match will be amazing to say the least, but will be nothing compared to what we have in store for our main event...

Mike Tenay: That’s right don, because in a ppv main event type of contest Dusty has declared a survivor rules Leader tag contest. Which means on one side will be Team Jarrett. On the other, is Team Styles. If either Styles or Jarrett are pinned, submit, get a DQ, or a count out, then the other team will take the victory right there and then…

“I AM” then plays as AJ Styles walking out from the back in street clothes, with a microphone in hand. He walks down to the ring with the crowd on their feet…

Don West: Mike here he is, here is the number one contender for Jeff Jarrett’s world title, and I guess we don’t have to wait any longer on his reaction to his “Global Warning”

AJ Styles: June 19, 2002, TNA debuts as a promotion in professional wrestling; it also is a night I won’t ever forget. See that was the night I won the x division championship for the first time. Hell it was the first time the championship ever graced any wrestler’s waist in history. Am I proud of that night, you better believe it. Am I only a man that will go down as being a highlight reel, no way. You see Jarrett you remember that night as well. If I recall you weren’t the first ever champion here. No Ken Shamrock was….Ken Shamrock. In fact Jeff when I look back you have cheated your way into winning that championship from the very beginning. You couldn’t even defeat Ron Killings in a fair way to win the belt you call a life. Well Jarrett look into these eyes. I want you to see the way I look at things. Another date comes to mind, a date that is the very date that I can go back into life and realize just how phenomenal I am. That date is also a date you try to burn away from your mind. That date is almost a year later, because on June 16th in 2003, I did it. I defeated you Jeff in a steel cage. So you know what that tells me. It tells me the impossible is possible. The King can be dethroned. Jeff get ready, because as this may be your life, I promise you, it is my destiny. I have been destined to glory, I’ve been a winner all my life, and ill be damned if I lose to your mind games at hard justice. It seems you think the name phenomenal is a gimmick. Its not, it’s what I am, and it’s what im about. So mark your calendar Jarrett, May 15th. It’s the Stroke versus The Styles Clash, The Chosen one vs. The Phenomenal One, and Jeff make no mistake about it history will repeat, and I will be the NWA Heavyweight Champion…


AJ then drops the microphone, slaps his chest and extends his arms, as Impact goes to its first Commercial Break.

As Impact comes back from its first break, Both Sonny Siaki and Chris Sabin are walking out from the back to the sound of Sabin’s theme.

Once both men step inside the ring and converse on to who will start the match, Michael Shanes music plays, and he seconds later walk out and wait for his tag partner. “Disposable Teen” then plays with the X Champion walking from the back, completely ignoring his partner. Daniels then gets to ringside, tearing off his hood, coat, and belt, quickly sliding into the ring. Shane then follows and this gets the match started off…

Tag Team Match

Christopher Daniels & Michael Shane vs. Chris Sabin & Sonny Siaki

The Beginning: The match starts out with Siaki and Daniels. Daniels gets the match started off with countering a brain buster ddt into a reverse hurricaranna. This was then followed up by a spring board guinteen leg drop on to the neck of the Samoan. Daniels then tagged in Michael Shane and both Shane and Daniels hit a double team suplex face buster combo. Sabin attempted to help his partner but the ref stopped him and the team of Daniels and Shane took advantage of this by slapping Siaki in the chest repeatedly.

The Middle: In the middle of the match Shane was still in the match, but after a hot tag Sabin took both Daniels and Shane to the outside. Once back into the ring, Sabin took advantage of the momentum switch, and placed Shane to the top rope. Sabin then proceeded to hit a top rope brain buster ddt! Sabin followed this up with going into the ropes and hitting a drop kick slide to the side of Shanes head. Sabin made the cover but Daniels came in and broke up the count. This then turned into a brawl between all four men.

The End: By the end of the match both teams were looking to put the other away, with Daniels and Sabin in the match at this time. Daniels had control as he put Sabin in a STO submission that lasted for a good two minutes. Sabin however wouldn’t give up. Daniels then whipped Sabin into the ropes and met him with a drop kick, followed up by a spring board leg drop off the ropes. Daniels then yelled out that its all over, and picked Sabin up for angels wings, but was countered with an attempt to a dvd, but again countered into angels wings and executed! Daniels then looked to the ropes, and with his head looking to the fans Michael Shane pulled on the ropes, while yelling out to the fans. By doing this Daniels slipped and hit his head hard on the mat. Sabin then drop kicked Shane to the outside, and picked up Daniels for the Cradle Shock, and nailed it right in the middle of the ring. Sabin then covered for the 1…2…..3!

Winners: Chris Sabin & Sonny Siaki


After the match both Sabin and Siaki’s hands were raised. Michael Shane however brought a chair into the ring and cracked it right over the back of the head top Siaki, and as he fell to the outside of the ring, Sabin turned around and he felt the crack of the chair to the face. Christopher Daniels then turned Shane around and both got into a shoving match. This brought Elix Skipper down to the ring, and it turned into one big four man brawl with Sabin getting back into the mix with blood dripping from his head. Eventually a whole locker room full of authority figures came into the ring and all four men had to be held. It didn’t last long though as all four men brawled all the way to the back.

Mike Tenay: Don what a contest, and what tempers. To tell you the truth I didn’t see the team of Daniels and Shane to even finish one match tonight little own a shot at the tag titles.

Don West: Mike it had no chance, and as you saw Mike, this feud between Daniels and Elix isn’t over either…

With that being said Dusty Rhodes then walks out from the back with his music playing and the fans in attendance at the Impact Zone, cheering for the former NWA Legend.

Dusty Rhodes: I wanted to start tonight off with a bang, and fans do I got a shock for tonight. In fact this surprise affects not only the locker room, but wrestlers around the world. TNA is always looking to improve, to get more competitive, if you will. So starting tonight will be a tournament. A tournament for a new championship here in Total Nonstop Action. See we got your heavyweight championship for guys like Jarrett, Styles, Nash, and so on. Then we have a Championship for the foundation of TNA, with the X Wrestlers like Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, Michael Shane, the list is endless. So what this belt will be called is the TNA International Championship. This belt will be for people that are developing to be World Champions, but aren’t exactly X Wrestlers either. So tonight to start this whole thing off will be one of many debuting stars that io have personally contracted to participate in this tournament. So on one side we will see former X Champion, Petey Williams, and on the other is non other than Shannon Moore!

Don West: WHAT! Mike did you hear that, not only are we going to see a new belt, but tonight Shannon Moore makes his Impact Debut!

Dusty Rhodes: Now onto other news, it seems right before I came out to make a Impact if you will, four men couldn’t keep their grubby hands off each other. So Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, Elix Skipper and Michael Shane. You want to fight, you’ll get a fight. Hard Justice, the X Title will be on the line in a four man elimination match!


Dusty’s music then plays, and he steps back through the curtains with the cameras following him, into his new Office. Once he gets to his office, he notices the door is cracked open, and Dusty cautiously walks in the door, to see a man having his back turned to Dusty sitting in his leather chair. The man then spins around to reveal that it’s non other than Vince Russo!

Dusty Rhodes: What the hell is goin on here, what are you doing in my office.

Vince Russo: What am I doing? C’mon Dusty. You knew id be here soon. You much like everyone else in this damn company looks at the ratings. You know the loss of money this company is going through. You also know this is non other than your fault.

Dusty Rhodes: Vince don’t even try to

Vince Russo: Oh don’t even say it, Dusty don’t even try it on me. I know you, im smarter than you think I am. You screwed up; you’re in deeper than you think. In fact that tournament you just mentioned is probably your best idea since getting this job. It’s just a shame you won’t be around to see it played out.

Dusty Rhodes: What the hell are you talking about, I aint going no where.

Vince Russo: See that’s where you’re wrong. The fact is I went to the TNA Committee earlier today and proposed an idea.

Dusty Rhodes: And what plan is that…

Vince Russo: Well dusty see that’s really why im here, cause on your desk is a contract, and what the contract reads is this. You have thirty days to sign this contract, and by signing it you agree that at TNA’s biggest PPV of the year Slammaversary, me and you have a match..

Dusty Rhodes: A match, this is about a match, well look Vince I may be old, but this old dog can kick your ass any day of the week..

Vince Russo: Yah, right, well Dusty see this isn’t a match between me and you. This is how it will go. I will pick any wrestler in this company, and as will you. Then at Slammaversary both will wrestle, they will wrestle for our authority.

Dusty Rhodes: And if I don’t sign…

Vince Russo: If you don’t sign within the next 30 days, your authority here will mean as much as a prize on the bottom of a Cracker Jack box.

Dusty Rhodes: That’s not even fair…

Vince Russo: Yah it is, its just as fair as morons across the nation voting to see who would be better as the Director of Authority here in TNA.

Dusty Rhodes: Fine, so if I end up agreeing to this crap who did you choose..

Vince Russo: You’ll find out….In 30 days. Ill be back the day your signature is needed. Until then, don’t screw up any worse than you already have, ok Dusty.

Vince then walks out the door, with Impact going to their second break.

Once back from the break Petey Williams is in the middle of the ring awaiting a debuting Shannon Moore.

Mike Tenay: Welcome back folks, and Don I still can’t get over from what we just saw. Vince Russo has come back to TNA, and he may be back into charge and im not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

Don West: Oh Mike, that’s a bad thing, really bad thing. Do we have to remember the days of Sports Entertainment Xtreme? But can Dusty afford to not sign?

A off beat version of Moores WWE theme then plays with the whole crowd standing in anticipation for the new comer.

Don West: Mike here he comes, yet another top free agent TNA has brought in, and I guess he won’t be the last. Dusty said he brought in a few!

Shannon then walks out from the back with crowd giving him the biggest reaction of the night! Shannon then runs down to the ring, and slides inside, going face to face with the former X Title Champion, Petey Williams.

TNA International Championship Tournament

Round 1 Match

Petey Williams vs Shannon Moore

The Beginning: With Scott Da More at ringside this match hardly started fair. Both men performed some great chain wrestling, with Moore going for an early two count after performing a ddt off the second turnbuckle followed by a spinning leg drop. After this, Da More got into the match, by tripping Moore, and Petey took advantage of this, by hitting a drop kick to the back, then went over the ropes, then back in hitting a head scissor take down, making moores head hit hard into a bottom turnbuckle!

The Middle: By mid match bother men were growing tired. Petey looked to end the match by motioning that he was reeling Shannon in. Once Moore turned around, moore was kicked into the mid section, but then hit a cradle piledriver ala Jerry Lynn. Moore then tried to perform his bottoms up maneuver, but Williams countered it into a power bomb into the corner. Petey then argued with the ref as Da More began to strangle the debuting superstar.

The End: The end of the match saw both men on the top rope. Moore getting the better of the former X Champion. Moore gave a hard kick to the head of Williams, then tried to go for a top rope bottoms up, but Da More held onto his Team Canada member, and Moore fell hard to the mat. Petey motioned again for reeling Shannon in, and this time he did, as he jumped off the top rope, and hit the Canadian destroyer. Pinning Shannon Moore for the 1……2……..3!

Winner: Petey Williams


Mike Tenay: Well don, to start this tournament off, Dusty wanted a bang, and he got one. Shannon Moore will live to fight more matches here in TNA, but he learned the hard way that here in TNA we have some of the greatest athletes, but also the sneakiest. As Scott Da More helped the future of Canada out, and Petey is the first to advance in the International Tournament. I also am being told that there are three more wrestlers that will make their debut in this tournament in the next couple of weeks.

Don West: Mike, I can’t believe all the action we have witnessed tonight here in the impact zone, and its not over because up next is the…

Just then thunder is heard throughout the arena, and on the Impact Tron a man in a trench coat is shown. Once he turns around it is revealed to be Sting!

Sting: Page, I was watching last week. Much like millions, I was shocked to hear that your leaving the business again. What I was not shocked to hear though is that you wanted the Stinger one last time. You wanted the thrill one last time…Oh you just wanted the excitement one more time right! So the question is, stinger will you do it. Will you give Diamond Dallas Page this match? Will you come back to TNA again for another one night only match…Maybe….Maybe not. You’re just never for sure with the stinger are ya. Page you brought up some good points, we did run wcw, and we did go toe to toe with the nwo. Page what your forgetting though is how many championships I have to yours. See if you want the stinger one last time you need to ask yourself. Do you feel lucky? IF the answers no, then don’t even bother, but Dallas if the answers yes…if you really want a shot to prove you can get the better of me, if you really want it to be arguably the two biggest wcw pioneers the industry has ever seen, then don’t sing it, just bring it, cause come the 15th of May, im coming page….and im gonna sting ya! Get ready….cause its Showtime folks!


Impact then goes to its last commercial break with a close up of Stings face…

Mike Tenay: Well folks were back, and we have taken our last commercial break so we can bring you this ppv main event in its entirety, but Don before the match starts lets just talk about what has happened tonight. We saw Dusty sign a match for hard justice, we saw the return of Vince Russo in a way no one could expect as he may be after Dusty Rhodes Job...

Don West: No doubt about that Mike, he is. We also just saw though Sting accept Diamond Dallas Page’s retirement match. And Mike we haven’t even seen the main event yet, cause up next will be an 8 man survival tag match. Where if even Jarrett or AJ Styles are eliminated, then the match ends right then and there….This one will be good…

With that being said 3LK’s theme plays, as Ron Killings and BG James walk out. Next out is CM Punk while AFI’s “The Beginning” plays out. As Punk throws up the X, “I AM” plays for the second time tonight and the leader of this team walks out, as all four men walk down to the ring, awaiting their opponents.

The first to come out is Raven, as his wcw theme plays, and walks out extending his arms. Him and Punk look at each other from a far as they are only days before both will be competing in a Raven’s Rules Match. Next to come out is The Alpha Male Monty Brown. Who looks at raven, as The Outlaws theme plays and all three men now await their leader Jeff Jarrett. Jeff’s theme then starts to play, as he comes out with the NWA Title, around his waist, and holding a guitar in his right hand. All four men then walk to the ring, with words being exchanged from all eight men.

Main Event

8 Man Survival Tag Match

AJ Styles/CM Punk/3LK vs. Jeff Jarrett/Raven/Monty Brown/The Outlaw

The Beginning: The start of the match happens to be The Outlaw and BG James. Both delay for a good 30 seconds, and start to talk with each other. They then grapple up, and Outlaw shows he is the stronger of the two by pushing James into the corner. James then Tags in Killings. Killings and Outlaw go at it, starting with Killings ducking a clothesline, and turns it into a neck breaker. Killings then whips outlaw into the corner and goes for a clothesline but misses, and Outlaw ends up hitting a splash into the corner! With killings bent over Outlaw goes for a fameasser, but Killings was playing possum and back away, then hits a over powering DDT!

The Middle: At this time BG James is in the ring, and on the other side is Monty Brown. Brown showing he is one of the toughest athletes in tna over powers the former tag champion , hitting a sit down powerbomb! Monty covers for the 1…2…..NO! Monty then gets ready for a pounce, but once he runs to James, BG falls to the mat, with Killings hitting monty with a hard right hand, and BG follows it up with hitting a pump handle slam! He covers monty for the 1…2….3! BG then being excited went to the runbuckles and celebrated, however with Monty being embaressed ran right to bg, once he got off the ropes and pounced him over the ropes! Monty then followed, as Monty and James fought up the ring, with the ref counting to ten, eliminating James! Killings then followed saving his 3LK member. The Outlaw also decided to make it a two on two fight as now both teams fight to the back, where the ref finally announces all of their eliminations making it a two on two contest.

The End: In the match at this time is CM Punk and Raven. Both men just brawling with eachother, not even trying to end the match. Raven turns the tide at first and whips Punk to the ropes. On the way back, Raven goes for an Evenflow DDT, but CM reverses the finisher, and hits a super kick to the face of Raven. Punk then goes for a Shining Wizard, connecting then putting his legs on the ropes with the ref not seeing, and gets the three count. Jeff Jarrett then comes in, and locks it up with CM Punk. Punk then pushes the champion to the ropes, and hits a double under hook back breaker! Raven now on the outside, trips CM Punk, and grabs him to the outside. Raven then tosses Punk to the cage barriers on the outside, and throws a chair in the face of Punks, causing his face to gush blood. Raven follows this up by a pile driver on the cold concrete floor, and throws him back into the ring. Jarrett then takes this to his advantage, and hit The Stroke on a bloody CM Punk…Jeff then covered for the 1…2…..3!

It then came down to the leaders of the teams squaring off. Where after ten minutes of both men trading moves, Jarrett tried to hit The Stroke but AJ countered the move, whipped Jarrett into the ropes, and then went the other way, jumping off the second rope, and hitting a reverse ddt! AJ Covered for the 1….2…..NO! AJ being upset now set Jarrett up for The Styles Clash, but Jarrett picked his head up and back body dropped the number one contender. Jeff then pointed to his head saying how smart he is, then when he turned around AJ went for his back kick, but Jarrett fell to the mat, then low blowed the Phenomenal one, then proceeded to hit The Stroke….Pinning his Hard Justice opponent…1……2…….3!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett/Raven/Monty Brown/the Outlaw


Mike Tenay: He did it, he pinned Styles! Don we are less than two weeks away from Hard Justice! If Jarrett does that at Hard Justice it will be all over!

Don West: Mike I cant believe everything that happened tonight, from Russo, to Sting, to the Hard Justice matches, I cant wait, for Hard Justice to come, but Mike what’s going to happen when those two right there go toe to toe for the championship on line…

Mike Tenay: Don only time will tell, we gotta go folks we will see you next Friday right here in the Impact Zone!

The show then fades out…

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Guest wcw


As a result of this weeks iMPACT, the DOA Dusty Rhodes has announced and updated the card of May 15th's 3 Hour Epic Event.

TNA Hard Justice

May 15 2005

NWA TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles

Raven's Rules Match

Raven vs CM Punk

3LK vs Monty Brown & The Outlaw

X Division Championship

4 Corners Elimination Match

Christopher Daniels vs Chris Sabin vs Elix Skipper vs Michael Shane

Retirment Match

Diamond Dallas Page vs Sting

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Very good show, I expected maybe AJ to beat out Jarrett. The Russo/Dusty thing is interesting too I wonder who they will choose if Dusty even signs the contract. The 4 corners X-Division match should be sweet too

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Guest wcw


TNA Insider

* It is being rumored that TNA Superstar Erik Watts has battled a long battle with depression and drugs, and may have been sent to rehab in the last week. So i wouldnt expect to see him back in tna any time soon, or maybe ever.

* Currentlly at this time Dusty Rhodes and the TNA Committee have said to be at a stand still on the results of this months ppv when Jarrett faces off against AJ Styles. Many in the back believe AJ could carry the belt, much like he did before TNA got a tv deal, but the others also think he may not have matured enough to carry a main company into competition at this stage in his career.

* Expect this new International Tournmanet to end around the time of what people are calling TNA's Wrestlemania event Slammaversary.

* There will be one more match added to the card for Hard Justice, expect it to either be a tournmanet match, or a tag title match. If its a tournament match expect a returning star to show up at the ppv.

* With TNA using Sting for two staright ppv's many are getting the feeling he will be apart of the every day roster. I have heard from sources that this couldnt be further from the truth.

* Speaking of Sting, this will infact be Diamond Dallas Page's last match.

* With Dusty Rhodes bringing in new talent over the last few months, expect there to be roster cuts gradually in the next couple of weeks. Dusty feels some guys that arnt being used, may have to go.

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Guest wcw

user posted image

TNA Wrestling iMPACT Preview

We are just days away from TNA Hard Justice, and the action makes its last stop in the iMPACT Zone this week...

Last week iMPACT left a huge impact on the wrestling industry. We saw so many things, one being the announcement the International Championship Tournament. This week there will be two more matches. We don’t know the exact matches but word is CM Punk and Sonny Siaki both will be in matches this week for a shot to advance in this tournament for a new TNA Title.

Aside from the tournament Dusty Rhodes met with a old aquaitance you could say. Will Dusty comment on the future of his job? Will he announce the last match of Hard Justice?

We also have learned that there will be a number one contender for Team Canada’s Tag Team Championships. This week The Naturals will face off against long time rivals Americas Most Wanted.

And in the main event this week Diamond Dallas Page has announced retirement, and Sting has accepted, but he has asked Dusty Rhodes for one last shot at Jeff Jarrett. So this week in a non title match up DDP goes one on one with NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett

Confirmed Matches:

Number One Contender's Match

America's Most Wanted vs The Naturals

Main Event

Non Title Match

Diamond Dallas Page vs Jeff Jarrett

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user posted image

TNA Impact opens up showing bits of last weeks show. From the announcement of a tournament for a new championship, to a confrontation with dusty Rhodes and Vince Russo, and ending with Jeff Jarrett getting a pinfall in a mega main event, pinning his opponent for hard justice, AJ Styles.

The cameras then go right to the announcers table with Mike Tenay and Don West.

Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone, the date is May 13th 2005, and folks that means we are two days away from what many are calling the greatest world title match in the history of this great company…

Don West: Mike your right but before we can get to Hard Justice we must get through tonight. And boy what a show it will be.

Mike Tenay: Don, you couldn’t have said it any better. We have a number one contender match for the tag titles, we have not one but two international championship tournament matches, and..

Don West: Mike in the main event the NWA world champion, the king of the mountain Jeff Jarrett takes on diamond Dallas Page…

Mike Tenay: Don he asked for it, and tonight Dusty Rhodes has given him what he wants. Speaking of dusty Rhodes though don, what about last week when Vince Russo pretty much told Dusty his days here in TNA could be numbered…

Don West: Mike it was a very uncomfortable situation, all week. You know that from sitting in the meetings this week, and hopefully tonight we can get a word with dusty and see if he can enlighten us more on this situation…

Jeremy Borash then takes the air announcing the first match of the night..

Jeremy Borash: Ladies and gentlemen, the first match for tonight’s TNA Impact, will be for one fall, and is a round one match up in the International Championship Tournament. Coming to the ring at this time…..Michael Shane!

Michael Shane then runs out from the back, acting cocky with the fans, and walking down to the ring, awaiting his opponent.

Jeremy Borash: And his opponent…..Sonny Siaki!

Siaki walks out from the back, getting a good sized pop from the crowd. Siaki points to Shane, as both are jawing with each other; Siaki then stops for a second, looks out to the fans, and runs inside the ring to get the opening contest started.

Round One International Championship Tournament Match

Sonny Siaki vs. Michael Shane

The Beginning: The match started off with Siaki pulling out many back to back clotheslines. Siaki then hit a hard suplex to the former x champion followed by a leg drop. Siaki then climbed the ropes and screamed out to the fans, getting both him and the fans pumped up. Siaki then brought Shane to the top turnbuckle, turned around, and once turning back to Michael Shane got a kick right in the face. Shane followed this up, with a jump off the turnbuckle clipping Siaki’s neck, and sending him hard to the mat back first!

The Middle: By the middle of the match Christopher Daniels had walked out from the back with his usual white collard shirt and kakis, with his belt hung from his shoulder. At this time in the match however, Michael Shane had evened up the momentum, hitting multiple hurricarannas and then had applied a bow and arrow hold, trying to make Siaki tap out….Siaki didn’t however, and Shane realized Daniels was out. Daniels and Shane then kept yelling back at each other, and Siaki took this for his advantage and tried to roll Shane up for a three count but he also couldn’t get the pinfall.

The End: The end came with both Siaki and Shane on the top turnbuckle. Siaki looking dazed, Shane pointed to Daniels, and then hit a top rope hurricaranna! Shane then jumped down, and stomped his foot, signaling for a super kick, but while Shane waited Daniels came into the ring, turned Shane around and hit Angels Wings! Siaki not seeing this, then went to Shane picked him up and hit Siakaclypse Now! Siaki then pinned Shane and got the 1..2…3!

Winner: Sonny Siaki


After the match, Siaki celebrated by going to the top rope, but was soon thrown out of the ring by Daniels. This much like other weeks made Chris Sabin and Elix Skipper out from the back as all four men stared at each other in the ring. Daniels and Elix fought as Sabin and Shane fought, where Sabin countered a super kick into a cradle shock, and skipper countered an attempted of angels wings into a play of the day. Both Elix and Sabin stared each other down but nothing else came of it…

Immediately following the match a shot of a dark alley is shown, where Raven is sitting in the alley, wearing a black leather jacket and a bandage on his forehead still from his match with Jeff Hardy at Lockdown.

Raven: CM Punk, when I look at you, I see a kid, a kid that doesn’t know what he really has gotten himself into. See we have fought before, we have bled together, we have screamed together, but what we have never done is died together. That’s something you will finally feel. See this whole thing started back in ROH years ago; it then came to TNA, back to ROH, and so on. One thing I love about this little thing you have going though as the feel I have, the emotion that goes through my body when I feel my flesh hitting yours. Seeing me give you pain, seeing me make you bleed! See Punk this isn’t a game, a no, this is war, and this is a war that you just can’t win, a war that there is no other place for you but death. I’ve shown remorse, for all the matches we’ve had. For all the cage matches. For all the dog collar matches, for everything we’ve gone through I was easy on you. Your screams gave me sorrow, but no more. A man once said a dark alley brings a man life when he’s on the brink of death. Well punk death awaits, and the alley is still here. This alley here gives me hope…and dreams. My dreams are simple, to end you. Tonight will be the first phase, as back inside the impact zone is a monster waiting to be unleashed, and tonight I will unleash him much like I will unleash my pain into your soul. So it is written and so it shall pass…Quote the Raven Nevermore…Quote the Raven Nevermore…..QUOTE THE RAVEN NEEEEVER MOOORE!


Impact then goes to its first commercial break as the camera pans away from Raven…

Once back from the first break the theme for the 3 live kru plays and BG James walks out from the back wearing a 3lk jersey, and showing the sign of the 3LK.

Jeremy Borash: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match will be for one fall, and is a round one match up in the International Championship Tournament. Coming to the ring at this time….. BG James!

Once inside the ring Borash continues…

Jeremy Borash: And his Opponent…..

“The Beginning” By AFI plays, as CM Punk walks out with his usual shorts and a Red long sleeve CM Punk t shirt.

Jeremy Borash: CM PUNK!

Punk quickly gets down to the ringside, yelling inside the ring at James, then slides in and both start trading lefts and rights…

Round One International Championship Tournament Match

BG James vs. CM Punk

The Beginning: This match started off with both men trying to prove themselves worthy of the new championship. James started the match off with chops to the chest of punks in the corner. This was followed up with a ten count of punches as James went to the tout unbuckle. James the whipped Punk into the ropes and a back body drop was countered into a forceful ddt where punk clipped James back foot and sent him hard into the mat.

The Middle: The middle of the match came as Punk turned the table, hitting a cradle piledriver, and sized James up for a picture perfect Shining Wizard! Punk went for a cover but only got a two count. Punk then brought James into the corner looking to hit a Pepsi Plunge, but James fought back, and tossed punk to the outside, making his neck bounce off the rope and to the outside, and when James jumped back into the ring, he went head to head with the ref, knocking him out

The End: …Seconds later out from the crowd came Abyss! Abyss had a chain in his hand, and tugged it around the neck of CM Punk. He then tossed him to the outside cage barriers. Which he followed up with by bringing Punk to the inside of the ring, and hit a black hole slam making punk moition less in the ring. Abyss then left with punk about to lose the match and a shot at the belt. BG James then saw an opening to finish of Punk and had him positioned for a pump handle slam, but punk got out of it and gave James a kick to the mid section then extended his arms mocking raven, and hit a even flow ddt. With his feet on the ropes now, punk covered James and the ref counted away…1…..2……3!

Winner: CM Punk


Mike Tenay: CM Punk got the win, and Don Raven and I guess Abyss can’t be happy!

Don West: Mike, Abyss had to be the monster Raven mentioned and somehow CM Punk got the win and will advance!

Mike Tenay: Folks that match much like the earlier match tonight was amazing. The next match will be nothing short of that, as it will be Americas Most Wanted will take on The Naturals, where the winner faces off against Team Canada on a later iMPACT event!

The Naturals them plays as the former tag champions walk out from the back, slapping each others chest, and yelling out to the crowd, as they finally get into the ring.

Americas Most Wanted then walks out with cowboy hats and their long leather coats, walking down to ringside. They then take off their coats and hats, as Chris Harris starts the match off with Andy Douglas.

Number One Contenders Match

Americas Most Wanted vs. The Naturals

The Beginning: Andy Douglas started the match with Chris Harris. The beginning was a lot of The Naturals using a lot of double team tactics in the corner with the ref being distracted by James storms pleading to call a fair match. Douglas then had Harris in a suplex position and tossed him on the ropes, with Harris’s body hanging over the ropes. Douglas then hit a running drop kick! James Storm again got mad, which again got Chase Stevens to come inside the ring, and The Naturals hit a face buster type maneuver out of a suplex position.

The Middle: By the start of the middle, Chase Stevens was inside the ring but as was Chris Harris. Chase whipped Harris to the ropes, and met Harris with a knee to the gut, flipping the big man over. Stevens this hit a running leg drop to the throat. Stevens then went for a pin, but could only get a 2 count after Storm gave Stevens a hard kick to the head. This then brought in Andy Douglas and both teams then brawled in the ring. Where James Storm hit a big boot on Douglas, who went rolling through the ropes to the outside. Stevens then had Harris to one knee, and went against the ropes, and once going back to Harris, out of no where hit a fall away slam rock bottom combo! With both teams illegal members demanding a tag, both crawl to the opposite sides, and Harris made the hot tag to James Storm, with him pounding both Stevens and Douglas to the outside…

The End: In the end both Storm and Douglas were in the match at this time. Douglas ducked an attempt at a big boot from Storm, but walked right into a big boot from Harris. Storm then waited for Douglas to turn around and once he did, he kicked him into the mid section and had him set for the death sentence but Stevens got into the ring, and bounced against the ropes making Harris fall to the floor, but storm tossed Stevens out, and told Harris to get back to the top rope, as the set up Douglas again for the death sentence and this time connected! Storm then covered for the 1…2…..3!

Winner: Americas Most Wanted


AMW celebrated after their win to be the new number one contenders to Team Canada’s Tag Titles, as Impact went to its second commercial break.

Once back from break Shane Douglas was standing next to the DOA Dusty Rhodes…

Shane Douglas: Welcome back fans, tonight has been an amazing show, and it just got better, because to my left is non other than Dusty Rhodes!...Now Dusty a lot has been going on this past month. The question everyone wants me to ask though is what’s going on with Vince Russo…

Dusty Rhodes: Vince Russo, you want me to talk about the pile of crap that wants to take my job, well Shane you can tell everyone that I wont be answering anything that has to do with that situation if you will until I say so. What I will comment on though franchise is Hard Justice. See it seems there will be one more match added to the card, so I figured I would place a tournament match on the card of a returning TNA star…

Shane Douglas: Woah big man, who is it? Who will be returning, give the franchise one clue..

Dusty Rhodes: One word huh….well I guess you could say the guys is….Amazing

Shane Douglas: You mean?!....Wow, Hard Justice is only days away, and it looks like the card just got red hot you could say…hahaha


Mike Tenay: Shane I couldn’t have said it any better myself. With only two days away until what people are saying the greatest show TNA has ever brought to you we will see a retirement match between two hall of famers, we will see a retuning TNA star in a tournament match, we will see a 4 corners x title match, a tag match pitting former partners, a match that shouldn’t even be sectioned by TNA, and then folks in the main event Jeff Jarrett puts his belt on the line in his biggest challenge versus AJ Styles…

“I AM” then plays as AJ Styles walks out from the back in street clothes. AJ then walks up to the announcers tables and sits down joining Tenay, and West for commenting on the up coming match up…

“Smells like Teen Spirit” plays with Diamond Dallas Page walking out from the back holding up the sign of the diamond, with the fans backing him also putting the same sign up. DDP then walked through the crowd and down to the ring, awaiting the NWA Champion, Jeff Jarrett

“MY World” then plays with the Champion, Jeff Jarrett walking from the back with a guitar in one hand, and a blue jacket draped over his shoulders with the TNA Title around his waist. Jarrett stops everything once he gets to the announcers table, as him and Styles stand nose to nose pushing each other, until DDP gets out of the ring, and bashes the champs head onto the table, and drags him into the ring to start our main event of the evening…

Main Event

Non Title Match

Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page

The Beginning: The match started off with Page getting the upper hand, hitting an early discuss clothesline, and getting a quick one count. Page then brought Jarrett over to the corner, and hit him with a few rights, lefts, but Jarrett ducked a clothesline, and hit a drop kick sending Page into the corner. Jarrett followed this up with a ship into the opposite corner and went to the top rope, but page grabbed his legs and slammed his head into the top turnbuckle, giving him the upper hand yet again…

The Middle: By mid match, neither man was in control and kept trading move for move. Jarrett whipped Page into the ropes, and applied a sleeper hold to the former 3 time wcw champion. Draining much of Page’s energy out, Jarrett kept a hold of the move while lying on the ground. After many minutes of the fans getting behind Page, DDP got to his feet and whipped Jarrett to the ropes, and once returning Jarrett re applied the hold to Page, making him go to one knee yet again. This time Page kneed out of, went against the ropes, and went for a jumping clothesline but Jarrett ducked, and Page was sent right into the ref knocking him out, and out of the ring.

The End: Both men were now fighting without a ref. Jarrett quickly went to the outside and grabbed a guitar under the ring, but once getting into the ring, page kneed the champ in the gut, and hit a quick ddt making both men motionless in the middle of the ring. Once both men got to a knee, traded blows with rights and lefts, until each men got to both feet. Page took the initiative and kicked Jarrett in the gut again, and hit a piledriver on the champion. Page then carried Jarrett over to the turnbuckle and showed the sign of the diamond cutter, and hit the cutter on the champion! Seconds later both Monty Brown and The Outlaw ran down to the ring. Monty ran at Page like he was going to pounce him but page stepped back, hit a big boot on Outlaw then hit the cutter on Monty! While this went on Jarrett grabbed the guitar and waited for Page to face him, but before he could hit him, AJ went into the ring, turned Jarrett around and hit a flip over bicycle kick, making the guitar pieces go everywhere. Page then turned Jarrett around and hit another Diamond Cutter! AJ threw the ref inside the ring as the ref made the count…1…..2……3!

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page


With the match ending both Styles and Page celebrated over a much deserved victory for Page going into his match against Sting at Hard Justice. Both Outlaw and Brown got back into the ring and beat down both AJ and Page. This then brought out 3LK, as BG James and Ron Killings both ran down and cleared their opponents for this weekend’s mega event. Page then helped out 3LK to the back, where in the ring now laying was AJ and Jarrett. Jarrett then waited for AJ to stand, and hit The Stroke! Jarrett then pointed to the crowd that he was going to hit it one more time. Jarrett slowly picked AJ up, set him up for The Stroke again, but this time AJ ran to the ropes, and hit a moonsault flipping over the champion, and hitting a reverse ddt! AJ then pounded his chest and extended his arms, as he picked Jarrett up, and set him up for The Styles Clash…and hit it! AJ then called the ref over and AJ covered his opponent for Hard Justice, the ref not knowing what’s going on hit his hand to the mat three times, showing that Styles could in fact get a pinfall on “The King of the Mountain”

The show then fades out with AJ holding the title up, and pounding his chest…

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user posted image

Sunday May 15, 2005

TNA Hard Justice Preview

user posted image

NWA TNA Championship Match

Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles

In what is being billed the greatest world title match in TNA history Champion Jeff Jarrett faces off against the number one contender AJ Styles. Can The King of the Mountain stay on top, or will the Phenominal one pull out one Styles Clash too many?

user posted image

Raven's Rules Match

Raven vs CM Punk

Theese two have had an ongoing fued for years, and now both have agreed to participate in a ravens rules match at hard justice. Raven has vowed to end the life of CM Punk. Can he make good on his promise or can CM Punk take out the man that believes in everytnhing he is against..

user posted image

3LK vs Monty Brown & The Outlaw

Both theese teams have been at eachothers throats for the past month. What will happen when former tag team members in BG James and The Outlaw meet eachother and are forced to take on eachother?

user posted image

X Division Championship

Christopher Daniels vs Chris Sabin vs Elix Skipper vs Michael Shane

Christopher Daniels puts his belt on the line in a match that could steal the show. The match will continue untill three men have been eliminated. Can Daniels regain his championship against three of the top X wrestlers in the nation, can Elix Skipper finally get X Division gold, or can Sabin and Shane reclaim glory as the X Division Champion?

user posted image

Retirement Match

Diamond Dallas Page vs Sting

In DDP's final match in his life, he will face off against long time rival and friend in The Stinger. The only question is can he hit The Cutter before getting dropped with The Scorpion Death Drop?

user posted image

International Championship Tournament Match

Konnan vs ???

Dusty Rhodes announced there will be a returning TNA star @ Hard Justice, and he will perform in a Tournament match. The only thing we know for sure is his opponent. 3LK Member Konnan

So tune into TNA Hard Justice this Sunday and order this months three hour epic event only on Pay Per View...

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Very good show the PPV looks damn good... Awesome Raven promo you did him very well heres my predictions.

AJ will beat Jarrett

Raven will beat CM Punk

3LK will beat Monty/Outlaw

Chris Daniels will win the 4 way X Match

Sting will beat DDP

Mystrey Opponet will beat Konnan

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