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Eminem/Canibus Question


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Okay, so why did Eminem make a diss song to Canibus? I didn't know they were feuding or whatever.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, it's called Can-I-Bitch off of Eminem's Straight From The Lab EP.

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First off that is an unofficial Ep, some bootleggers put that shit together, and that Can-I-Bitch song wasn't supposed to ever come out. And Bis and Em have been beefin for years, since like around 1999. I read that it all started when Em was supposed to be on the Canibus song "Phuck You" but Em thought Bis had a bad verse, so he didn't wanna be on the song. This pissed Bis off and then dissed Em on that same song. It then went on from there. IMO Canibus would beat Eminem if they ever battled for real, but Bis said he's done beefin with Em. Oh yeah, if anybody ever saids Em beat Bis at the rap olymipics, Bis never entered the rap olympics and MC Juice then beat Eminem in the finals.

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OK, here we go. This is the beef as I understand it.

Canibus and Wyclef approach Eminem in 1998 and accuse him of ghostwriting LL Cool J's "The Ripper Strikes Back" (a diss to Canibus). Eminem denied it. Canibus saw him on the Warped Tour the following year and apologised, asking if he was up for doing the track 'Phuck U'. Eminem turned it down because he thought it sounded as if it was aimed at him and LL. It's a shitty song anyway, so I don't blame him.

Eminem mentioned Canibus on on a couple of songs, though the lines could have been taken either as a diss or a compliment. Then after MMLP dropped, Canibus decided to continue the story of Stan. On 'C True Hollywood Stories' Canibus had a skit called 'Stan Lives' where Canibus witnesses Stan driving off the bridge and he pulls over and helps him. On the first song of the album ('U Didn't Care') Canibus takes the role of Stan and writes to Eminem. This is the track where we find the first bonafide diss, albeit coming from 'Stan'

You see there's a little bit of Stan in all of us

Tell me where you think all of these record sales spawned from

Talking 'bout Britney and Christina Aguilera

N*Sync too, have you ever looked in a mirror?

Your hair ain't really blonde, and ya eyes ain't blue

So never diss me, cuz when you diss me you're dissin you..

Up on hearing this, Eminem replied on various tracks. 'Square Dance' from 'The Eminem Show', some mentions/subliminal disses on other tracks and the beginning of 'Without Me', which takes the 'Round the outside' line from Canibus' song 'Boxcutta, Bladerunna'. He also dissed Canibus on the Xzibit album, on the track 'Say My Name'.

Then Canibus dropped 'MicClub' with, disses on two of the songs. 'Dr C PhD' was pretty much an outright diss to Eminem.

To tell you the truth, I thought your rebuttal was weak

"Round the outside", blah, blah, etceteras, etceteras

The body of my literature is bigger than South America

Nigga look, this is all I gots to say

Suck my P-H-D-I-C-K

And then on 'Curriculum 101';

Anybody better than Bis must be a hoax

Black man? NO

What about the Great White Hope?

What? Man you must be sniffin' Great White Coke

Don't you that's like Gary Coleman fighting' The Hulk?

Still not even quite that close

A great white bitin' ya rubber dingy boat, 50 miles out from the coast

What the fuck is the MATHERS with you?

I beat you black and blue, then I get a tatt of you too

Better yet I put a tattoo of me on you

A 10 by 10 "C" logo, neon blue

On 'Nail in the Coffin', a diss to Benzino, Eminem says

Life's a bitch ain't it Raymond?

Here, let me break it this shit down in laymen's

Terms for you just to make sure that you can understand this

And Canibus ain't using too many complicated fucking words for you

Here, let me slow it down for you

So that you can understand if I say it slower

Let it go dog it's over

Which again is open to interpretation.

On 'The Brainstream', a Canibus mixtape, 'Bis says:

But I heard him call my name a couple times, in a couple of his rhymes

And I thought about it a couple of times

Is he lookin for a response or is he being a jerk?

Or am I just to involved in my work?

I thought to myself, "Why'd he put my name in his verse"?

When he said I wasnt ill he just made things worse

'Can-I-Bitch' cropped up on the internet in December 2003. Some say Benzino leaked it to provoke Canibus, some say Eminem leaked it to take the heat off the racist tracks Benzino had put out. Because the beat is very similar to 'Without Me', it's natural to assume that it was recorded circa Eminem Show. Eminem clearly calls for a reply, which 'Bis has yet to provide. Em also mocked Canibus on a skit for the Obie Trice-hosted mixtape 'The Bar is Open', mimicking his voice and content.

In my opinion, I think it's just a case of two emcees going back and forth, provoking each other just to hear what they have to say. I don't think there's any serious 'beef' there. They've both given each other props in interviews and the such. I think it's just friendly competition, really.

I'd murder a small village to hear a collaboration.

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