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I never saw a topic for it when it first came out, so here it is.

I am thinking about picking it up, and I have read some pretty good reviews, even those that were mediocure in their rating gave some pretty good props. What are the opinions of the people on here?

1: How freeroaming is it? Am I limited at all?

2: How many vehicles are there?

3: How difficult is it?

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You can freeroam pretty much like GTA.

There aren't many Vehicles, but it's nice to be disguised.

It's not too difficult, because you can take a LOT of bullets, and your health somewhat revives itself.

overall I'd give it an 8.5/9 out of 10

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Alright, picked it up today fo' sho' an played it for about an hour, and I am just getting back to it now, here's my first impressions:

* AI is fairly well done, but there are some fairly significant holes. Most of them don't bother me since they're funny, mainly that the AI can't drive for crap sometimes makes for some good situations. The only one that bothers me is the fact that I had a North Korean troop fire an RPG at me from a foot in front of me.

* The explosions are AMAZING. It's seriously one of the nicest effects that I have ever seen in a video game.

* Combat is as realistic as possible. I was tired of games where you got at a turrent and had infinite ammo. In this game if you use one up, go find more supplies or go find another gun enplacement.

* I am iffy on the factions thing, but it's pretty cool since it has cost me no real big problems. I thought it was, but it turns out I turned off flag identification above their heads by mistake.

* The randomness of it is so amazing. It can be frustrating sometimes, as you don't know what is firing at you from where, but other time's it's really cool. Walking down town, a Noth Korean helicopter shows up from no where and all the allied units start chasing it. I eventually get it with my RPG, but it crash lands into a building and I miss another RPG shot. Building goes down.

* EVERYTHING is destroyable, and its very realistic in the process.

Big props to this game and its makers.

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it is an ok game rented it for a week but took it back early. I hated the factions idea , because somehow I end up pissing off the group that I have to do a mission for or against and its jsut ugh. I love getting far enough in the game so i can call for resources (specifically the c4) I love going around planting c4 on bridges and stuff and wait for cars to pass over and then explode them.

its at least worth a rental

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The factions do tend to be a bother, but as long as you learn what pisses them off and how to properly disguise yourself, you should be fine. At this point in my game, the Chinese are the only group pissed off at me as I feel they are of the least use to me for now, however after I complete the Russian Mafia missions, there's room for me to do some junk there to get the Chinese trust back. It's all about balance at the right times in the game.


* Excellent voice work, especially from the badass and multitalented Phil LaMarr and Peter Stormare.

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