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Ring Of Xtreme Combat: The Return

For all those who havent read this diaries other versions then let me paint a pciture. Well let me paint the picture of the the last two. A promotion built on integrity, athleticism and great action, along with hate filled feuds, blood baths, and some sick twisted shit. A promotion where Paul London walked away from a star studded tournament as the champion, where he would go on to defend the belt with honour againsnt names like Colt Cabana...and those other guys. A company that was taken by Storm by an irrate Rob Conway who felt he was screwed after his WWE release and caused all sorts of hell on his way to his title match, or so he thought until a new partner-less Johnny Kashmere ambused him and stole what Conway thought was rightfully his...The RXC title in a huge swerve. All along while these few things were going on, we were being treated to two of the most hate filled feuds this industry may have seen in quite some time. A) Joey Idol, AKA XPW's KAOS, and Justice Pain were near killing each other, both bringing in friends and enemies to try to up the other. Pain's 'XTREME H8 Club' almost ending Idol's career when they threw him off the eagles nest in the building down 25 feet through tables. Pain, well basically played mind games with Kaos right up to one of the bloodiest cage matches in the history of the company, well actually the only one almost a year after the feud began.... and B) Danny Maff and the Messiah...another brutal feud where the Messiah wouldnt stay down, and kept coming back, which ended in a brutal Scaffold Match the same night Pain and Idol had the cage match. I honestly cant remember much...just little bits and pieces, but believe you me, it fucking rocked hard at the time...but if you want to read about...go right ahead at the link below...

/ewbIII/index.php?showtopic=27446">RXC on the old EWB board (you need a user name and password I do believe)

Take a step forward, a year later when the then company had folded, and then reopened under Diamond Dallas Page's money. Same name, different game was the name this time...DDP brought inthe best, and the wannabe best's did what they could to be the best. Trent Acid invaded, angry that he wasnt invited to the show and a hate filled feud involving Acid and DDP (and DDP's entourage, the 'Diamond Ring') began. Independant wrestling starHomicide won another star studded tournament to be crowned champion, after many stars dropped out due to other agreements. Any, Homicide, Roderick Strong and Chris Hero put on a great series of fights in which ended in a classis ladder match. Al SNow, along with WWE Bandits (The Bashams, Rob COnway and Garrison Cade) invaded and began a war on the RXC....and all that other jazz...

You can read all about it here...

/forum/index.php?showtopic=5261">RXC...Version Something...this was the newest until now..

So once you're done reading, let me just say...FORGET ALL OF THAT. Everything that Ive said, is history, Omitted, deleted. All you need to know, and you can do this through various sites is the whats happening in the wrestling world. Know these facts:

***WWE is THE show,

***TNA is number two, but a long way back...

***RHYNO and Matt Hardy are gone from WWE

***Tommy Dreamer, Lance Storm and many other guys are now just WWE employees (apparently able to take certain bookings)

and know this

***I will book this show to kick some ass, I will not write out long ass matches anymore, cause i dont have the time to write it, and many dont have the time to read it. However, you will see detailed storylines, just not detailed (punch kick, taunt, dance, pin, kickout dance, irish whip, finisher, fake finish, ref bump, interferance, spanish announce table, chair shot, another ref bump type matches...) and that is all....

It all begins right here, right now....or soon....

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I'm going to defentally check this out as well. I loved the first couple that you did, so this one most likely will rock as well.

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Pro Wrestling Torch

Sunday, May 1st, 2005

While rumours have been flying around for months about the WWE's upcoming 'One Night Stand', ECW Reunion show, word has been going around that officially starting either tomorrow night on RAW, or Thursday night on Smackdown that the hyping of the even will begin. Word spread earlier in the week that Tommy Dreamer had been given the full book on setting up the show to the way he saw best fit, and with names like Paul Heyman, and TAZ(z) helping with booking plans, this show could be a huge success for the company, and a great way to give the fans that final fairwell.

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Pro Wrestling Torch

Monday, June 27th, 2005

***We just recieved confirmation that a final line up for Ring of Xtreme Combat's debut show 'Kick Start' has a finalized card. The card should be pretty decent, with an should should what direction the company is set to embark on. If you'd like to check out the card, do so by clicking HERE.

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Glad to see this diary return as I was a fan of the last few incarnations. I'll be reading for sure. Card looks pretty good. Nice to see Tyson Dux being used. And of course the Sansei of Mattitude Matt Hardy. Let's just hope you don't run into any unfortunate problems like the last run.

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Looks pretty cool so far, even though I don't usually get into indy diaries. I like the inclusion of Tyson Dux, and I can definitely see Taz getting involved with Rhino somehow in the main event. Anyway, looks good so far.

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Monday, July 11th, 2005

user posted image

***Ring of Xtreme Combat (RXC) has made one late huge announcement for the show. They have just announced that WWE Announcer, TAZZ will be making an appearance at the show. Apparently TOMMY DREAMER was able to convince close friend TAZZ to appear to help out with the first show. No words on if any angles are planned, but make one thing clear, TAZZ WILL be at the show, and they are hoping that with the promotional efforts going around, that TAZZ's name alone will help bring in a bigger crowd then already planned.

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Live from The Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY


***RING of XTREME COMBAT’s first event ‘KICK OFF’ was kicked off with SCOTT D’AMORE coming down to the ring with two of his guys from Border City Wrestling, in TYSON DUX and NATE Mattson. D’AMORE stated that these two guys are just a taste of what he has to offer this promotion, and with that, the match is on.***

1. TYSON DUX over NATE MATTSON via Submission with a Texas Cloverleaf

(OR-50%, CR-24, MQ-77%)

***After the match, D’Amore got in the ring and raised both mens arms stating that his men could defeat any two guys, no matter where they were from. This must have caused some trouble, as two other BCW guys, NWA-TNA’s PETEY WILLIAMS and former IWA-MS Champion DANNY DANIELS hit the ring. WILLIAMS and DANIELS wondered why D’Amore picked to showcase two ‘curtain jerkers’ as they said, while he could have showcased two ‘MAIN EVENTERS’. D’Amore may have stuck his foot in his mouth when he told them they weren’t needed yet, as WILLIAMS shoved D’AMORE down, and along with DANIELS, proceeded to destroy DUX and MATTSON, and left them laying along with D”AMORE before the pair headed to the back looking quiet satisfied. ***


***Out next was ‘Anarchist’ ARIK CANNON who stole the mic from the ring announcer. CANNON proceeded to state that he is the future of this business, and tonight he would ‘Steal the show…. like usual’ during his match. CANNON didn’t get too much more time as his opponent ACE STEEL hit the ring to begin this match.***

2. ACE STEEL over ‘Anarchist’ ARIK CANNON via School Boy Roll Up

***STEEL picked up the victory after dodging a close ‘Glimmering Warlock’ and rolling up CANNON for the three count.***

(OR-55, CR-35, MQ-75)

***After the bought, CANNON in disbelief went outside the ring and chased off the referee with a steel chair due to frusteration. ***

3. EL GENERICO over ‘Mr. Wrestling’ KEVIN STEEN

***Canada’s IWS stars showed once again why they are making a name for themselves. GENERICO pulled off the victory after a move that left the crowd speechless with the Top Rope Brain Buster.  STEEN, who had to be helped back to his feet by GENERICO after the match, ended up low blowing GENERICO, and then leaving to the back while GENERICO was on the mat in a bit of pain.***

(OR-59, CR-40, MQ-79)

*** WWE’s TAZZ then made his way down to the ring in his business attire. TAZZ got on the mic and stated he had many great days in the business, and said it’s matches like what he’s seen so far tonight that made him want to do what he had done as a career. TAZZ then stated that he did have other reasons for being there, and that was to watch a certain match tonight for the ‘higher ups’. Things obviously didn’t settle to well there as RHINO hit the ring. RHINO basically told TAZZ  ‘FUCK OFF, AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY RING’. TAZZ being the man that he is didn’t back down, one thing leading to another and a shoving match taking place, with wrestlers clearing from the back to break this up before it could get started.***


4. JAMES GIBSON over RODERICK STRONG via Triple German Suplex Combo

***In a great technical battle, filled with great chain wrestling, and back breakers galore, GIBSON was able to get the three on STRONG after taking one out of Chris Benoit’s book of wrestling, that being the German Suplex combo’s.  After the match, Strong wouldn’t let GIBSON leave before shaking hands with him, stating it was an honour to fight him. ***

(OR-56, CR-31, MQ-81)


***B-Boy was the first man eliminated in the match, after ACID laid him out with a YAKUZA kick. Down to three men at this point and MESSIAH was the next to go after dumping ACID over the top rope, MESSIAH was caught with a COP KILLA and was then eliminated. With only ACID and HOMICIDE left, the two battled in a stiff contest, with HOMICIDE looking to have finished ACID off with another COP KILLA. However, KRYSTI MYST made her way back down to the ring where she got on the apron and teased HOMICIDE, allowing the MESSIAH to sneak back down to the ring and throw powder in HOMICIDE’s eyes. With HOMICIDE blinded, ACID was able to get back up and nail another YAKUZA KICK to score the pin.***

(OR-69, CR-57, MQ-81)

***After the match, MESSIAH and TRENT ACID laid a beating to the downed HOMICIDE. The beating didn’t last too long though, as B-BOY ran back down with a chair to chase them off. ***

***Almost as soon as they left, the curtain to the back came ripping down and rolling to the ring as JC BAILEY, and IWS’s ARESENAL were fighting their way down to the ring. BAIELY ended up getting the upperhand, and nailed a viscious Michinoku Driver on ARSENAL, before going outside the ring, stealing the mic, and reaching under the ring to show light tubes galore. BAILEY threw them into the ring, while yelling ‘WHO”S HARDCORE??!! WHO’S EXTREME??’, and each time smashing a tube over ARSENAL who was a bloody mess at the time. However, he was interrupted when “ENTER SANDMAN’ blared across the speakers, and SANDMAN hit the ring with Cane in hand, and laid out BAILEY with several cane shots. ARSENAL seemed to be thankful, but soon attacked SANDMAN as well, only to receive the same fate BAILEY did, as SANDMAN chased him off as well. SANDMAN celebrated with beers, as BAILEY and ARSENAL looked on with anger, as the crowd was going crazy.



MATT HARDY over RHINO via Twist of Fate

***In the main event, these two superstars tore the house down. Tables were broken, chairs were used, and body could have been dismantled. RHINO gored HARDY through a table but wasn’t able to capitalize due to HARDY falling to the floor. RHINO was put through a table when HARDY nailed a chair assisted leg drop , but HARDY was unable to cover due to injury at the time. The finish came however, when RHINO was set up in the corner for another GORE change, when TAZZ came out and dove into the ring as RHINO charged to gore HARDY and RHINO GORED TAZZ. HARDY was then able to jump on the opportunity and nailed RHINO with the twist of fate to score the three. ***

(OR-77, CR-78, MQ-75)

***After the match, HARDY helped TAZZ up, and the two shook hands, as RHINO left to the back quite pissed off as the show came to an end.***


(Show Overall- 65% )

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Some key points from Gaby:

-Williams and Daniels Vs Dux and Mattson would be an amazing match, no pun intended, to showcase the talents of Dux and Mattson, but still put over Williams and Daniels as bad asses. I'll be looking forward to that.

-You can't go wrong with Generico/Steen.

-The story between Tazz and Rhino looks to be far from over, and I'm definately looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

-HI-V reunion possibly? I hope so.

- :thumbsup:

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INSIDE RXCwrestling.com

Monday, August 1st, 2005

***RXC Officials would like to thank all the great fans for making the first RXC event "KICK OFF" such a great event. With that, the second event entitled "RXC- ROUND F'N 2" has been announced and is set to take place on Saturday, August 27th, 2005 at the Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY. ***

***After the events from RXC's first night, many are wondering what will go down. After the event, RXC 'Head Officials' were verbally attacked with threats from angry workers wanting revenge. The first man to lead the way was former WWE star/former ECW Heavyweight Champion RHINO. One report stated that RHINO threatened lives of others if he wasn't given WWE's TAZZ in a one on one fight, after he feels TAZZ stepped foot on his stomping grounds, and screwed him out of a win against another former WWE star in MATT HARDY. What came of the whole scenario were 'officials' awarding RHINO with a rematch vs MATT HARDY. RHINO made it known that since he couldnt have TAZZ, that every opponent would be TAZZ in his mind, and MATT HARDY will be TAZZ on the 27th.\

***The fun didnt stop there however, as HOMICIDE and B-BOY hit the office wanting tag matches against TRENT ACID and THE MESSIAH. As of this time, the match will go down on the 27th, and all hell is set to break loose between these two teams.

***RXC's 'ROUND F'N 2' seems to be a night of tag team matches, as 2 other matches have been signed. First off, as the first event opened, SCOTT D'AMORE's two top prospects in TYSON DUX, and the 'Amazing' N8 MATTSON were attacked by two angry workers of SCOTT D'AMORE's other company BCW, those two being PETEY WILLIAMS and DANNY DANIELS. D'AMORE has stated that his prospects will show that they deserve the promotional work that they are getting as he stated a victory is on it's way when his Prospects beat the self proclaimed stars.

***The other big tag match signed for RXC's "ROUND F"N 2' is currently a handicap match, as the two, once again, Self Proclaimed 'Hardcore Extremists', JC BAILEY and THE ARSENAL have challenged the 'Hardcore Icon' THE SANDMAN to a street fight. SANDMAN has accepted the match, and said he is bringing in a partner who will show these two punks just what HARDCORE is all about.

***Last but not least, there was a little incident in the back, as 'MR. Wrestling' KEVIN STEEN, in an angered state has put his foot in his mouth, by saying he could beat anyone, anytime, anywhere.  Officials have since made it known, that for now on, unless stated otherwise, 'MR. Wrestling's' opponents would be kept secret. As one official was heard saying, 'We can call it, The 'Mr. Wrestling Surprise Entrant Invitational'. STEEN was seen leaving even more angered, but quickly commented stating he didnt need to know who his opponent was, cause he's MR. WRESTLING.


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Pro Wrestling Torch

Monday, August 8th, 2005

***Ring of Xtreme Combat has just updated it's site with a huge new signing for the company, as well as an updated card for "ROUND F'N 2!!" to be held on Saturday, August 27th, 2005. Click here to check it out.

***As the wrestling world hangs in this coma state, many workers are finding it hard to find work, as the WWE, as well as many other indies arent bringing in new workers. WWE has even gone as far as releasing a bunch of workers in the last few weeks. This could only mean better things for the indies however which may turn around now that more 'bigger' names are on the scene. We've already heard that top indies like Ring of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerilla to name a few.

***We've received word recently from the depths of RXC, that theyve been in talks with some stars of the past and present to make appearences within the company. You can be sure that these names will pop up sooner that later if a anything is worked out to help promote the company name further.

*****more news as it comes*****

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user posted image

Live from The Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY


***The show kicked off with new RXC 'Commissioner' STEVEN RICHARDS hitting the ring with a mic in hand. RICHARDS announced some unfortunate news that two competitors didn't make it to the show tonight. ACE STEEL was offered a spot in Japan for the next 2 months and jumped on the opportunity so he wouldnt be able to fulfill his booking. Therefore, the scheduled '3 WAY DANCE ELIMINATION MATCH' would now be JAMES GIBSON vs RODERICK STRONG in a 'BEST of 3 FALLS' match. RICHARDS then informed the crowd that due to flight problems, 'Mr. Wrestling' KEVIN STEEN wouldn't be in attendance either for his match. RICHARDS then announced the replacement match of the 'New F'N Show' JERRY LYNN vs CM PUNK. RICHARDS then left the ring to officially start the show.

1. EL GENERICO over 'Anarchist' ARIK CANNON via a powerbomb @ 8:18

***In the show opener, GENERICO pinned CANNON after dodging a 'Glimmering Warlock' and hitting a powerbomb for the three.

(OR-53%, CR-29%, MQ-78%)

***After the match CANNON grabbed a chair and slid into the ring and knocked out GENERICO with a hard shot. CANNON then turned his attention to the referee and chased him out of the building.

2. JAMES GIBSON over RODERICK STRONG in the Best of Three Series winning 2 - 1 @ 33:45

***The first fall saw GIBSON nailing a Tiger Driver to pick up the three. This fall also saw both men chop the hell out of each others chest, with the finish happening with STRONG attempting a back body drop, but GIBSON blocking it.

***Fall Number 2 saw STRONG take it to GIBSON with crazy back breakers. The fall ended when GIBSON was on the top rope, and STRONG caught him in a mid air leap with a backbreaker. GIBSON rolled out of the ring from the impact in severe pain, and STRONG went down holding his knee. The ref ended up counting GIBSON out evening up the falls at 1.

***The final fall came to a conclusion when STRONG went for a powerbomb, however GIBSON rolled down his back into a school boy for a shocking three.

(OR-56, CR-38, MQ-74)

***After the match GIBSON offered a handshake to STRONG who completely shocked at the ending of the match, that he blew the handshake right off almost as if he never saw it offered.

***'Anarchist' ARIK CANNON then made his way back out for the second time on the show. He told the crowd, and the referees that he was sorry for his actions as of the last two shows, stating he let his competitive spirit get the best of him. He then stated that he needed to act how he was taught from his trainer, in an 'honorable' fashion. However, before CANNON could get anything else out, RHINO appeared from the crowd and GORED CANNON, and then dumped him out of the ring.


***RHINO then took the mic and stated that he wasn't here to play games, and that he wanted TAZ to sept foot in 'my fucking ring'. RHINO stated he wasn't leaving until TAZ came out here, but to no reply. RHINO started to destroy the ringside area until 'Commissioner' STEVEN RICHARDS came out and told RHINO that TAZ wasn't here due to WWE bookings, and that he didnt know the next time he would be in an RXC ring. RHINO then stated, 'SINCE TAZ aint here...YOUR FUCKING TAZ' and GORED RICHARDS. At this point staff members hit the ring to make sure no more damage could be done as the grabbed RICHARDS from the ring, and RHINO headed to the back.


3. DANNY DANIELS &PETEY WILLIAMS retain the BCW Tag Team Titles over TYSON DUX & N8 MATTSON (with SCOTT D'AMORE) via Canadian Destroyer @ 17:56

***In a solid match, the 'Self Proclaimed Stars' got the victory over the up and comers when WILLIAMS made MATTSON tap to the sharpshooter. The finish came when DANIELS sucker punched D'AMORE on the outside, which cause DUX and MATTSON to pay attention to their mentor, only for MATTSON to turn around right into WILLIAMS and the Canadian Destroyer.

(OR-55, CR-32, MQ-79)

***After the match, WILLIAMS and DANIELS high tailed it up the aisle after DUX and D'AMORE charged the ring to scare them off. D'AMORE let it be known that this isnt over yet.

4. TRENT ACID & THE MESSIAH (with KRISTI MYST) over HOMICIDE & B-BOY via Yakuza Kick @ 20:02

***In this grudge match, ACID and MESSIAH picked up the win thanks to the action on the outside of Ms Myst. Nearing the end of the match when HOMICIDE and ACID were fighting on the inside, MYST snuck up behind B-BOY and distracted him by laying a big kiss on him. This was long enough, as when HOMICIDE went over for the tag, his partner wasnt there, which allowed ACID to catch the off guard HOMICIDE with a YAKUZA KICK for the three count.

(OR-68, CR-51, MQ-86)

***After the match, HOMICIDE and B-BOY got into a confrontation, but they seemed to settle there differences, as they challenged ACID and MESSIAH to a rematch. No answer was given to the challenge.

5. 'New F'N Show' JERRY LYNN over C.M. PUNK via a Top Rope Cradle Pliedriver @ 41:26

***In what many may call an early MOTY candidate, PUNK and LYNN put on a clinic. Solid mat work at the start, as well as a great climax ending, which saw PUNK going for the Pepsi Plunge (top rope pedigree) only for LYNN to deny him, and then nail a Cradle Piledrver from the top rope to get the three.

(OR-79, CR-54, MQ-99%)

***After the match, both men recieved standing ovations from the crowd, and shook hands as a result of sportsmanship. After the match, LYNN got on the mic,  he let the crowd know that at 42 years of age, he can still go, as well as putting over that PUNK is a future champion in his eyes.

6. SANDMAN & his mystery partner TOMMY DREAMER over J.C. BAILEY & the ARSENAL via Death Valley Driver off a ladder @ 23:11

***SANDMAN's partner never showed face until a few minutes into the brawl. SANDMAN laid out his opponenets with singapore cane shots, but the 2 on 1 soon proved too much. TOMMY DREAMER shocked the crowd as SANDMAN's partner to even the odds.  This match saw everything from singapore canes, chairs, tables, a shovel, a cheese grator and even a ladder used to injure the opponent. The ending came when DREAMER and BAILEY were ontop of a ladder brawling, as SANDMAN blocked ARSENAL from entering the ring, and ended with DREAMER DVDing BAILEY off the ladder to the mat for the three.

(OR-71, CR-54, MQ-89)

***As the pinfall was happening, ARSENAL surprisingly didnt even enter the ring, as he just turned his back and walked away. BAILEY was helped to the back as SANDMAN and DREAMER celebrates with some beers.

The Main Event

7. MATT HARDY over RHINO via Twist of Fate @ 31:46

***MATT HARDY made his record 2-0 in RXC and against RHINO when he pinned him after a Twist of FATE. The finish saw HARDY and RHINO trading punches, when 'WAR MACHINE' his the sound system and RHINO turned to see if TAZ was coming down. However, STEVEN RICHARDS with taped up ribs walked out and pointed at RHINO who then turned around and felt his twist of fate.

(OR-77, CR-73, MQ-81)

***After the match, RHINO was livid with the outcome and demanded not only TAZ, but he also wanted HARDY next month at RXC's next event 'DOUBLE HEADER'. RICHARDS agreed to one and made the Main Event for next month, RHINO vs 'Mr. TLC' JEFF HARDY in a TABLES, LADDERS and CHAIRS match. MATT HARDY however got on the mic and stated that RHINO shouldnt get the main event next month since he's 0-2, too which RICHARDS announced it was a double main event, as MATT HARDY would go one on one against the 'Homicidal, Genicidal, Suicial Maniac' SABU!!!!!! RICHARDS then left to the back as HARDY and RHINO started each other down before both exiting.

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Another good show dude.

Main event was good, so not much to say there.

It was cool to see Dreamer come in as Sandman's partner for that match, and win it, no less. I hope you keep him around.

It looks like you're going the Taz/Sabu route with your Rhino/Taz feud, and I hope you continue it that way, because when Taz does show up to confront him, it will be epic.

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Pro Wrestling Torch

Monday, September 5th, 2005

***In an interesting newsbit, we have recieved word that WWE Owner VINCE MCMAHON has talked about 'passing the torch' so to speak over to daughter Stephanie McMahon as to all happenings at tv tapings. Vince has decided that being more at headquaters is alot easier on him, as he feels Steph, Paul (aka Triple H) and the writing staff have everything under control.

***HULK HOGAN has apparently turned down the chance to step foot in a WWE ring one more time, after realizing how bad his hip was really hurt. Will we ever see Hogan in a wrestling ring for that 'one final match'??

***In another retirement story, SCOTT 'Big Poppa Pump' STEINER recently shot down negotiations with Ring of Xtreme Combat stating that he is now officially done with wrestling after a long stint of time off. He feels that he's done all that he could do in the business, being a former world champion. In related SPIKE DUDLEY has told officials at WWE that he is retiring when his contract comes up at the end of September. No word on why he has decided to hang up the boots.

***We recieved word from RXC that SANDMAN's partner was not scheduled to be TOMMY DREAMER, but infact it was supposed to be NWA Heavyweight Champion RAVEN. RAVEN had to cancel the booking after breaking a bone in his face at the latest TNA tv taping, and they asked RAVEN to cancel the booking to regroup. TOMMY DREAMER gladly dropped the book in the back to make a cameo appearence and was said to be very excited about stepping int he ring again.

***JERRY LYNN's success at not only the 'Hardcore Homecoming' event, but his recent match against CM PUNK at RXC's 'ROUND F"N 2' has finally made heads at TNA realize that he still has it. LYNN just signed a 2 year exclusive deal with TNA that could see him putting on some great matches to a worldwide product.

***For those who havent been keeping up with SCOTT D'AMORE's Border City Wrestling, JUSTIN CREDIBLE just became the Heavyweight Champion after defeating ALEX SHELLEY and D'LO BROWN in a 3 way ladder match. We have also heard news that CREDIBLE is in talks with RXC, where D'AMORE may allow his champion to defend the belt in RXC as he has with the tag team titles.

***RXC has updated it's website with match news for the upcoming 'DOUBLE HEADER'. You can click here to check it out.

***In shocking news concerning RXC's 'DOUBLE HEADER', TRENT ACID and the MESSIAH with KRISTI MYST by their side have been signed for a BCW Tag Title shot against © DANNY DANIELS and PETEY WILLIAMS. This comes as a surprise as they were challenged to a rematch against HOMICIDE and B-BOY last month. It'll be interesting to see where this one is going forsure.

***On another interesting note, only 5 matches have been confirmed. That leaves a pretty open night for anything to take place. What will go down this month at RXC's "DOUBLE HEADER'?? We'll soon find out


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user posted image

Live from the Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY


***'Anarchist' ARIK CANNON started the show coming to the ring with bandaged ribs from last months GORE that he received at the hands of RHINO. CANNON said that even though he is injured he will do the 'honorable' thing and fight since he was booked on the card. CANNON then said that he is dropping the 'Anarchist' name, and adopting the name 'HONORABLE' ARIK CANNON. He then called out his opponent for the night, the debuting CAPRICE COLEMAN.

1. CAPRICE COLEMAN over "Honorable'' ARIK CANNON via Thermal Shock @ 8:23

***In an impressive debut, COLEMAN was able to take the win via a THERMAL SHOCK followed by a pinfall. In an interesting note, CANNON had a few opportunities to hit the Glimering Warlock, but opted against it which could've been his downfall.

(OR-47, CR-25, MQ- 70)

***After the match, CANNON looked like he was about to explode, but after a moment, he stuck out his hand and shook COLEMAN's hand.

***J.C. BAILEY and the ARSENAL then made their way down to the ring. BAILEY ripped on SANDMAN and DREAMER for trying to steal his effort of being a 'Hardcore Icon'. Things however changed drastically, as BAILEY got physical when confronting ARSENAL about leaving him to be destroyed last month. A shoving match continued where ARSENAL finally stated that he couldnt give a shit about BAILEY wanting to be 'hardcore', and said after the beating he's taken the last couple months, he wants nothing to do with it. To a shocked look on BAILEY's face, ARSENAL left. BAILEY told him to take his ball and go home, and then stated that next time you see him, he will be making a name for himself by taking out the likes of SANDMAN and DREAMER from 'Hardcore Wrestling' for good.


***As BAILEY was leaving, HOMICIDE and B-BOY hit the ring, with HOMICIDE knocking BAILEY out with a solid lariat on the way down. HOMICIDE stated that they were furious over ACID and MESSIAH 'ducking' them and taking a tag title match tonight, and demanded they come out and finish this. At that point, TRENT ACID and the MESSIAH along with the lovely KRISTI MYST came out to the entrance way where they stated that they were going for gold since they showed last month that they were the top tag team in RXC. HOMICIDE made a death threat to ACID that he'll kill him if he entered the ring, in which ACID responded that 'Hate isnt the way....anyways, you have worse problems on your back'. ACID and MESSIAH left, and as HOMICIDE and B-BOY were standing in the ring the got jumped by THE CZW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, JUSTICE PAIN and NICK GAGE.

2. Impromtu Tag Team  Match, HOMICIDE & B-BOY vs H8 Club of JUSTICE PAIN & NICK GAGE @ 16:46 via Double Team shining wizard

***In an impromtu match after the attack, HOMICIDE and B-BOY came out on top after nailing a double shining wizard to PAIN. The match was stiff and went into the crowd. The finish however saw GAGE take a Copkilla and fall to the outside which left PAIN on his own to take the defeat.

(OR-62, CR-44, MQ-81)

***After the match, HOMICIDE and B-BOY left with the CZW Tag Team titles as PAIN and GAGE eventually got up with a 'what just happened' look on their face.

"The 'Mr. Wrestling' Surprise Entrant Invitational"

***'Mr. Wrestling' KEVIN STEEN made his way down and hyped the fact that he is the best 'wrestler' around. He made note that he would've defeated JERRY LYNN or CM PUNK for the matter last month had his flight plans not been screwed up. He welcomed any opponent out for the match tonight...and after a few minutes LANCE STORM hit the ring and the match was on.

3. LANCE STORM over 'Mr. Wrestling' KEVIN STEEN via Calgary Crab @ 18:23

***A solid effort by both men, that saw STORM show his experience by having counters to STEEN's counters. The end of the match saw STEEN miss a moonsault and apparently jamming his knee off the mat, which allowed STORM to lock on the Calgary Crab for the submission.

(OR-63, CR-46, MQ-81)

***After the match, STORM left to a 'welcome back' to the Hammerstein Ballroom chant. STEEN left to a solid ovation as well, but looked upset over the lose.

4. C.M.PUNK over JAMES GIBSON via 'Welcome to Chicago Mother F**ker' (double underhook backbreaker) @ 32:15

***In what was may have been the match of the night, PUNK got the pinfall on GIBSON after nailing a double underhook backbreaker after a nice exchange of powermoves that saw GIBSON kick out of a brainbuster and a PEPSI PLUNGE, and PUNK kick out of a tiger driver, and superplex.

(OR-75, CR-57, MQ-93)

***After the match, PUNK and GIBSON stared each other down, and then grasped with handshake in the middle of the ring as they GIBSON raised PUNK's hand to an ovation.

***The celebration didn't last too long however as RODERICK STRONG hit the ring with a mic in hand. He made it clear that he wasn't done yet with JAMES GIBSON, yet this message wasn't concerning him and asked him to leave, which he did. Stong then said that he wanted PUNK because PUNK did the one thing he hasn't done yet, and that is beat GIBSON by pinfall. After a brief staredown, PUNK agreed to a match for the next event. PUNK then left after an intense staredown that ended with a handshake to make the match.

As PUNK went through the curtain, a shocker in the ring occured as RHINO came through the crowd, then GORED STRONG right out of his boots.  RHINO grabbed a mic and stated that since he heard the rumours that TAZ has once again no showed his challenge, that he will make TAZ see that he isn't kidding. RHINO stated that he would injure atleast one person per show until TAZ was man enough to show him, and tonight, that man was RODERICK STRONG. RHINO then proceeded to stomp on STRONG's hand in a viscious attack with STRONG rolling out of the ring, and getting the to back quickly for medical attention.

RHINO then said TAZ had one month to answer his challenge someone else would be 'JUST ANOTHER VICTIM', mocking TAZ with his own saying.


5. B.C.W. Tag Team Championship: © DANNY DANIELS & PETEY WILLIAMS retain over TRENT ACID & MESSIAH (with KRISTI MYST) due to interference by TYSON DUX & N8 MATTSON @ 13:12

***A match of the night candidate before it got disrupted saw both teams give it their all. ACID and MESSIAH looked to have the belts won nearing the end, however that came to a halt when MATTSON and DUX, who were being led out by SCOTT D'AMORE hit the ring with chairs and laid out ACID. This attack left MESSIAH to fend for himself, but the numbers were too much as he felt the 'canadian destroyer' as well as a 'tombstone' from DANIELS that led to the pin.

(OR-63, CR-47, MQ-80)

***After the match, D'AMORE made the challenge for a rematch at the next show with DANIELS/WILLIAMS vs DUX/MATTSON. The champs agreed, only if the stipulation was put in that if DUX/MATTSON lose, they dont get a rematch. D'AMORE agreed, but before he could do anything, ACID laid him out with a YAKUZA kick, recovered from the attack, as he and MYST dragged MESSIAH over. ACID stated that they were screwed, and that match next month isn't happening unless it's a 'THREE WAY DANCE'. WILLIAMS and DANIELS stated they'll take on all comers, and even invited any other team to join the dance if they had balls big enough to take them on. All three team eventually left, as the B.C.W. tag title match is on for next month.

6. MAIN EVENT #1 of the Double Header:

MATT HARDY over SABU (with FONZIE) via top rope leg drop through a broken table @ 23:59

***In an outstanding brawl, HARDY took SABU to the limit as they fought all over the arena. HARDY ended the match a bloody mess as SABU cut him up with barbed wire showing him what XTREME was all about. The end of the match saw SABU set HARDY's face on a table, then set the chair on his head, and head to the top for the Arabian Facebuster, only for HARDY to play dead, and move out of the way at the last second for SABU to crash through the table. HARDY then headed up top and connected with a leg drop to score the victory.

(OR-75, CR-67, MQ-83)

***After the match, HARDY mocked SABU in a way, as he did SABU's salute to the ceiling, only HARDY held up three fingers, making it known that he was 3-0 in RXC, all victories in a main event. SABU was given a standing ovation for his efforts as he left to the back.

7. MAIN EVENT #2 of the Doube Header: Tables, Ladders & Chairs

RHINO over JEFF HARDY via piledriver off a ladder through a table @ 25:34

***In a table busting, ladder smashing and chair swinging finale, RHINO and HARDY put on a fight as they laid each other out with hard hitting action. HARDY nailed a swanton on RHINO through a table on the outside, that looked like the WRESTLEMANIA spot from years back. RHINO GORED HARDY into a ladder that bent it right in half. A superplex was nailed from the top rope to the outside onto a stack of chairs that left both men laying for minutes. Finally, the finishing spot saw HARDY attempting to make a leaping attack on RHINO, only to be stopped in his tracks as RHINO met him ontop of the ladder. A brawl happened at the top of the ladder as both teased falling, until RHINO grabbed HARDY and nailed a sickening piledriver off the middle of the ladder through a table beneath that ended the match.

(OR-74, CR-70, MQ-79)

***The aftermath saw both men laying motionless for minutes as the crowd gave them a standing ovation. RHINO was the first to move, and once he was up, he started laying into HARDY. However, things took a turn as the lights went out, and 'WAR MACHINE' hit, and when they came back on, no TAZ, but SABU was in the ring behind RHINO, with FONZIE blowing whistle at ringside. RHINO and SAUB went face to face, and just when things looked like they were going to go to blows, RHINO AND SABU turned and started attacking HARDY again. The two stacked up more tables on the outside and just when it looked like HARDY was going to feel their wrath, MATT HARDY and RXC 'Commissiner' STEVEN RICHARDS came running down to the ring with chairs as they chased RHINO and SABU through the crowd and out the exit. Minutes later they returned to the ring to check on JEFF HARDY. RICHARDS announced that RHINO/SABU/FONZIE had hoped into a car and sped off before they could get to them, but that Redemption would happen, as next month, RHINO and SABU would face the HARDY BOYZ in the main event, in a F**K te RULES match as they show came to an end.\

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-Lance Storm was a nice surprise. If you do it right, he could be like your Rock or Hulk Hogan, in that he keeps showing up when you need a big name, but doesn't stick around for too long.

-Punk Vs Strong should be really good for your next show, if it still happens after what Rhino did to Roderick.

-Got kinda confused with the main event, becuase you refered to the Hardy against Rhino as Matt as well, so it kinda threw me off for a second. Good job setting up Rhino/Sabu Vs The Hardy Boyz though. That should be a barnburner.

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Pro Wrestling Torch:

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

***Last nights RAW may have been the end of an era, as VINCE MCMAHON announced that he was retiring, hanging them up, etc, as he needed a well deserved vacation. It was a very emotional night, as many surprise returns, like SEVE AUSTIN, The ROCK, MICK FOLEY, and even the likes of HULK HOGAN (who also has recently 'retired' as his words say) came out for the event. We here at the PWT would like to send a thank you out to VINCE for verything.

***After last months RXC event, word going around is that the next event which is taking place on Saturday, October 22nd, 2005 will be called 'REDEMPTION'. a few matches have been announced for the card, which you can get from clicking here.

***A big announcement is in store for the next RXC event. "Commissioner'' STEVEN RICHARDS stated that it involved everybody in RXC, so they better be prepared, and excited.

***J.C. BAILEY and the ARSENAL may have had their last appearance in an RXC ring for a while, or for good we've heard. Recently BAILEY and ARSENAL were doing a interview where they bashed bookings ideas, specifically their angle with the SANDMAN. It wasnt the angle that angered the two ultraviolent workers, but it was the fact that the angle has been apparently dropped, with ARSENAL and BAILEY coming to words. Word has it that SANDMAN and DREAMER felt after their match that the two werent quite ready for such a big angle as they thought they may have been.

***We've been informed that one member of a debuting tag team for RXC has decided to leave after their debut has been held up for 2 months now. BRAD BRADLEY has stated that he would consider debuting at a later time, but right now he can't commit to RXC when they wont commit to him. No word on who his partner was set to be at this point, or what they were set to do.

***We learned that right after RXC's 'DOUBLE HEADER' that COMBAT ZONE WRESTLING Owner, JOHN ZANDIG contacted the company and stated that the tag team match between HOMICIDE/B-BOY vs the H8 CLUB wasnt sanctioned, and therefore the H8 CLUB are still the champions. He stated that if they want a match, that at 'REDEMPTION' HOMICIDE and B-BOY can have their match.

***We've learned, and as RXC has posted on the promotional banner, that ARIK CANNON has requested that he wants the one man he needs to beat to get out of his slump, and that is his mentor CHRIS HERO in a one on one match. CANNON has stated that if he can overcome HERO, he can overcome anyone. HERO has stated that he will do battle with CANNON, and he will still help him along his path to glory after the battle.

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