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Yeah you can get Pro Evo 4 for around 15-20 pound in nearly every Game store or Gamestation is better if you have one.

As for Pro Evo 5, it's set to come out in October. Not too much news just yet really but apprently it's certainly set for October. Cant wait either, although nothing is confirmed there's quite a few rumours going around about some new stuff involved. It's also going to be the last one for PS2 and Xbox or something like that, I think that's because PS3 and Xbox 2 will be out by the next one.

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I'd go with Pro Evo 4 for sure. Lego Star Wars has actually got some good reviews from what I've seen, but I haven't played it myself, not my sort of thing. Seems like a game that wont last too long though, while Pro Evo always does.

Although both games you're getting rid off will probably get you a good price, so you might even be able to get both. Maybe not though as the Lego game is new so it'll still be at a pretty dear price. I'd say Pro has more stuff to do, plus is always huge fun if you and your mates feel like playing a game.

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I"m pretty new to trading in, so how much should I expect to get knocked off the price of Pro Evo 4 if I trade in Fifa 2004 or Fifa 2005 or both? Both in proper boxes, great condition, with manuals.

I have a max drive for updates, so far it's only been used for getting pics from GTA:SA which I haven't played in a while now.

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