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Psychobilly/Rockabilly Revival


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I'm getting majorly into psychobilly and 1980s rockabilly revival bands, so if there's anyone else out there who's into this kind of thing, could you give me any suggestions?

For psychobilly, I'm already heavily into The Cramps, and The Meteors, Nekromantix, Reverend Horton Heat and Tiger Army are up there, but with rockabilly revival I'm only really aware of the Stray Cats.

Any help with either genre?


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Try Mojo Nixon, Gun Club, Angry Johnny and The Killbillies

Southern Culture on The Skids, Robert Gordon, Ray Kondo or Brian Setzer from the Stray Cats solo work.

These bands don't have the "punk" feel the others had. The bands above are psychobilly acts, the bands below are rockabilly acts who appeared in the revivalist period of the late seventies and early 80's.

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Zombina and the Skeletones and The Horrorpops are the best I can do for you. I dig Zombina and the Skeletones quite a bit, and have only heard little bits of the Horrorpops. The other stuff I could suggest has already been mentioned by Malenko, or is already in your collection.

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I forgot about the horrorpops and only remembered now that Verbal Puke mentioned them. Their lead singer is married (i think) to the lead singer of the Nekromantix. Its sound is a little like the psychobilly Hellcat punk bands only with a female voice on it. I think you may like them.

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Ah, I've already heard the Horrorpops, my girlfriend loves them, and I've got a bit of Brian Setzer's solo work, but I think it's a little overblown for my tastes...I'm not overly keen on Mojo Nixon either, but I'll look out for Zombina and The Skeletones, Gun Club and The Killbillies for now, cheers.

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