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I'm sure it is a charge every month, but from what I saw of it it's worth it. Matzat invited me a while back to play the European Beta and it was pretty cool. I didn't get to play much since it seemed to be down a lot but the customisation was very cool. I created an almost perfect Kane-Clone >_>

The only EWBers I know that play are Midget and maybe GhostMachine. I assume Matzat would play as well, but I can't remember anyone else. There was a topic about it a while back, but I think it was mostly about charges. Hope you enjoy it ACS, you finally get a second computer or something? :P

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i realy liked the basic idea, the problem just was that the story main arcs take sooooooooooo fucking long to be compleeded (almost non is posible under 6 houres, the first one took me 13 houres, i never played any game that long without stopping) and i am just not willing to comit that hardcore to a game.

i´ll shurly give it another shot wen CoV commes around but for now i am sticking with Wow (and i am not playing that nearly enough for the monthley fee)

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