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TNA From No Surrender Onwards by TGC


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WARNING: This diary contains spoilers for TNA No Surrender that originally aired on July 17, 2005 as well as potential WWE Raw and Smackdown spoilers from the months of June and July 2005. If you would wish to NOT know the results of any of these shows please refrain from reading this diary until such time as it will no longer spoil anything for you. The IMPACT! results that follow are NOT spoilers and were created BEFORE the IMPACT! taping results had been released.



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It began in the summer of 2002, a new wrestling promotion born out of a desire by Jerry and Jeff Jarrett that there be a national alternative to the WWE in the North American Wrestling community. It was the NWA-TNA, the first time since the mid 1990's that The National Wrestling Alliance could potentially be seen on a nationwide level. It began with hype, semi negative reviews, a weekly Pay Per View schedule, and the predictions from nearly anyone and everyone "in the know" that it would not last a year.

Welcome to 2005, three years after the naysayers predicted the demise of this company, three years after TNA brought wrestlers such as AJ Styles, Low-Ki, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, Sonny Siaki, Cowboy James Storm, The Wildcat Chris Harris, Ron “The Truth” Killings, and the entire X Division to the forefront of a major promotion, and three years after TNA was plagued by one mistake after another. With problems including, but not limited to poor booking by the likes of Jerry Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo, and The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, poorly thought out or rehashed storylines such as S.E.X, The Dupp Cup, Miss TNA, Mr. Wrestling III, and The Kings Of Wrestling, over priced former stars such as Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, and DDP that brought nothing to the table, and the misuse of potential future TNA stars such as Raven, Sandman, D-Lo Brown, Jeff Hardy, Curt Hennig, Kid Kash, and Steve Corino, TNA struggled to remain consistent and capture a fan base. The ill conceived idea to move from the moderately successful, if not profitable, weekly two hour PPV format to a weekly one hour program on Fox Sports Net and to run monthly PPV's proved to be yet another in a long line of mistakes. With the company near bankruptcy and looking as if it would close down at any given moment, the Jarretts’ sought out a financial backer to help the ailing company. In the end, Dixie Carter proved to be more of a problem than a solution, and TNA was once again in trouble. More trouble came when TNA's contract with FSN expired, and TNA was left without a weekly show to build up its Monthly PPV offerings.

TNA IMPACT! moved from FSN to TNA's website, offering fans a chance to still catch the shows between PPV's, but everyone within TNA, and on the outside, knew that if this nearly three year old company was to survive, it needed a weekly television show to do so. Rumors began to circulate that TNA was in negotiations with HBO, SpikeTV, WGN, TBS, TNT, and FX to carry their weekly show. When the announcement was made that TNT, TBS, and FX refused negotiations with the WWE while SpikeTV cancelled WWE programming before WWE was able to sign a deal with USA at a considerable revenue loss, it became clear to almost everyone if the big boy on the block couldn't wheel and deal with the networks, what hope did the upstart baby TNA have?

On July 17 2005 TNA offered up the PPV No Surrender to it's fan base. The event, ably booked by the new creative team of Mike Tenay, Terry Taylor, Jeremy Borash, and Scott D'Amore, among a few others, was universally praised for better and far more consistent booking than the company had had in years, with putting the right people over, and with almost single handedly re-inventing TNA. The future looked brighter with the addition of a big time former WWE star, The Man Beast Rhino, and internet reports that guaranteed that TNA had in fact struck a deal with SpikeTV to begin airing IMPACT! on Saturday Night's starting in October. Could the company that had struggled for three years finally have caught a break?

Sadly no, it could not, as the SpikeTV rumors were untrue, the HBO rumors were just that, TNA walked away from any and all negotiations with WGN, and just as they had all done to the WWE, TNT, TBS, and FX refused to even meet with TNA officials. TNA and IMPACT! were stuck with their web cast, which was drawing an amazingly large number of hits, if no revenue, and a few airings of the show on scattered local cable and satellite TV stations around the country. TNA was close, once again, to becoming no more.

Despite these amazing hurtles to overcome, the consistent rumors of bankruptcy, and talent issues such as Matt Hardy's work of the fans and Jeff Hardy's high profile no shows and subsequent release from TNA, the company continued to produce distinctly improved shows and PPV's leading into the month of October 2005. At No Surrender on July 17, Mike Tenay and Don West hyped the coming of TNA Bound For Glory on PPV on October 23, 2005. They called it the World Series, Super Bowl, March Madness, and Final Four of wrestling all rolled into one. It was, they said, the biggest event TNA had put on to date, and would become an annual tradition. Without saying as such, TNA offered up their version of WCW's old Starrcade PPV's and WWE's WrestleMania PPV events. Now all TNA had to do was survive up to this point and then deliver the biggest and best show they could.

On July 17, TNA No Surrender delivered the following:

-On the Free Pre Show, Jeff Jarrett cut a promo on Matt Hardy and his "work" of the fans, the WWE's recent mass release of 16 wrestlers and talent dubbed "Black Wednesday, and the potential debut that very night of Rhino to TNA. This was followed up by Shocker defeating Jerelle Clark.

-America's Most Wanted defeated Shane and Shelley, with Traci, in the opening match of the PPV.

-Sonjay Dutt pinned Mikey Batts to also defeat "Prime Time" Elix Skipper and Sharkboy and to receive a spot in the second annual Super X Cup Tournament.

-Apolo and Sonny Siaki defeated Simon Diamond and his newest Diamond In The Rough David Young, a man who had not won a match in TNA in almost two years and continued that perfect record here tonight.

-Samoa Joe defeated Chris Sabin via referee's decision to remain undefeated in TNA after he choked Sabin out with the Kankida Clutch Submission hold.

-Team Canada (A1, Eric Young, and Bobby Roode) defeated The NWA Tag Team Champions The Naturals and their partner Lance Hoyt despite not having Coach Scott D'Amore with them and The Mouth Of The South Jimmy Hart in their opponents corner.

-“The Alpha Male” Monty Brown and Kip James, formerly The Outlaw, defeated 3 Live Kru members “The Truth” Ron Killings and Konnan in Tag Team action. After the match BG James returned to TNA, but didn't stop the assault on his partners and friends but also didn't help James and Brown beat them down further, while the fans chanted DX and New Age Outlaws.

-Jerry Lynn returned to a TNA ring for the first time in roughly a year as the Special Guest Referee when AJ Styles defeated Sean Waltman.

-"The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels successfully defended his X Division Title against Team Canada member “The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams who had A1 in his corner.

-And in the Main Event, Raven retained his NWA World Heavyweight Title against Abyss, with Father James Mitchell, in a brutal Double Dog Collar Match. After the match was over, Jeff Jarrett came to ringside and threatened the champion. Jarrett then told Raven to turn around and he was Gored by Rhino. The PPV went off the air as the seeming alliance of Rhino and Double J had laid out the NWA World Champion.

TNA followed this up on July 22, 2005 with IMPACT!:

-Lance Hoyt, once again seconded by The Mouth Of The South Jimmy Hart, wrestled and defeated A1, with Petey Williams, via DQ when Bobby Roode and Eric Young ran to ringside and attacked Hoyt and Hart. The Naturals ran down to make the save, but former Team Canada member Johnny Devine made his return as well and the NWA Tag Team Champions were quickly outnumbered. Lance Hoyt was destroyed, and was left laying in the center of the ring covered in the Canadian Flag.

-Mike Tenay and Don West then announced the eight competitors that would compete in The Super X Cup Tournament, which led to the first match in which Shane, now referring to himself as Super Sexy Matt Bentley due to copyright and legal issues with the WWE star Mike Shane, defeated Shocker to advance to the next round.

-Cassidy Riley was in the back with Terry Taylor, and he was asked about his connections to Raven, and how he felt after being destroyed by Abyss at No Surrender. His response was that he is JUST Cassidy now, and that he is the first member of Raven's New Flock, then he said after Dustin Rhodes abandoned him he found peace within The New Flock. He then proceeds to challenge Abyss to a match on next week's IMPACT!. Raven walks up, tells Cassidy he is mistaken, there is no New Flock, pushes him aside, then becomes a little irate and asks where Jeff Jarrett and Rhino are. Terry Taylor says as far as he knows they have yet to arrive. Raven walks off, his title over his shoulder.

-In the second Super X Cup Tournament Match of the night Alex Shelley, with Traci in tow, defeats Sonjay Dutt. Traci then mugs for the camera and says that her men are going to be meeting at Sacrifice on PPV in August to determine who will win the Super X Cup and who will meet The Fallen Angel for the X Division Title.

-Father Mitchell is in the back with Abyss, and he tells Shane Douglas that whether Cassidy is in The New Flock or not he will be destroyed by Abyss next week. He further states that Raven should watch his back not just for Jarrett and Rhino, but for the return of Abyss very soon.

-"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels comes out to the ring, orders Mike Tenay to come inside with him, then says despite the fact that there is this Super X Cup Tournament and the winner will face him for his title in September on PPV, he wants to wrestle here tonight. He says he will defend the title tonight against ANYONE aside from those in the tournament and all former X-Division Champions. Tenay asks who it's going to be, and Zach Gowen "walks" from the back. Daniels laughs, then says Gowen isn't worthy of an X Division title shot, but he'll beat the "crippled freak show" just because he can. Zach Gowen then proceeds to defeat Daniels in this non title Main Event IMPACT! match, much to the delight of Tenay, West, and the fans, and the shock and horror of Daniels. After the match Daniels DESTROYS Gowen with The Angel's Wings and then the Last Rites, before storming off.

-As Tenay and West are closing out the show and hyping next week, the camera cuts to the parking lot where Raven and Double J are fighting next to a limo. Raven hits the Evenflow DDT on the concrete on Double J, then opens the limo door, but nobody is inside. He turns around and is Gored into the open door, slamming his head on the top of the limo in the process, by Rhino. The show ends with Rhino helping Jarrett up and walking off while Raven lies motionless in the limo, the World Title still around his waist.

On July 29, 2005 IMPACT! returned with:

-The opening match is the third match in The Super X Cup Tournament, this week featuring Samoa Joe wrestling and once again defeating Chris Sabin via choke out and referee's decision. Tenay and West hype Joe's undefeated streak here in TNA.

-In the back, Terry Taylor is with Cassidy, and he asks him if he's ready for his match with Abyss tonight. Before Cassidy can answer he is attacked by Abyss, who then pummels him all the way out to the ring, where the Referee Rudy Charles calls for the bell in what was supposed to be the Main Event of the night. Abyss hits The Black Hole Slam after several minutes of brutality on Cassidy, but in the process he knocks Referee Charles out of the ring. Raven comes from the crowd, DDT's Father Mitchell on the floor as Abyss is trying to rouse the ref, then attacks Abyss, beats him down, and DDT's him as well, before laying Cassidy on top of Abyss. Referee Charles comes to and counts the 1-2-3, which is followed immediately by Raven throwing everyone out of the ring and pulling out a mic. Raven demands that Rhino and Jarrett come out. There is no response, so he says he's coming back there for them since he knows they are in the building. Raven leaves, and Cassidy crawls over to Tenay and West and says he told everyone that he was in Raven's New Flock.

-In the back, with Shane Douglas standing by, Larry Zbyszko tells "The Fallen Angel" that whether it was a fluke win or not, at Sacrifice on PPV on August 14, 2005, Zach Gowen will get an X Division Title shot. Daniels is livid and embarrassed, and storms off.

-In the fourth Super X Cup Tournament Match, AJ Styles defeats Petey Williams. The other four members of Team Canada come to ringside to try and cost Styles the match, but they are taken to the back, physically, by The Naturals and America's Most Wanted.

-Sean Waltman defeats Lex Lovett, then grabs a mic and calls Jerry Lynn out. He tells Lynn that he cheated him at No Surrender. and that he wants his ass in a match as a result. Lynn says he couldn't do it, as he was officially retired from in ring competition. He tells him he didn't want to make the announcement this way, but after a year he's simply not recovering the way he had hoped. He thanks the fans for all their support, then leaves, with Waltman looking very angry.

-Jarrett and Rhyno comes to the ring and Jarrett tells Raven to quit looking they are right here. Then he tells the fans that it was HIM, not TNA officials or Larry Zbyszko, that brought Rhino to TNA. He says Rhino wanted to come here, he tried to get in, but the boys in the back were all afraid of him and wanted nothing to do with Rhino. He says Larry Z and Harley Race are afraid of Rhino and want nothing to do with him, and says most of all Raven is afraid of Rhino and wants nothing to do with him. Raven walks from the back, and Jarrett tells him to hold on a second before he gets in the ring. He says that all Raven has to do is give Jarrett what he is owed, and that's a World Title shot. Raven enters the ring and goes right after Rhino. The two fight, but Jarrett nails Raven with a guitar shot, then tells Rhino to remember his place, once he wins the World Title from Raven, Rhino will get the FIRST title shot. This brings Monty Brown out from the back, and an argument ensues between the three. The lights go out, and when they come back on Raven is on his feet with Cassidy at his side, and the two of them are able to rid Jarrett, Rhino, and Brown from the ring. The show ends with Cassidy kneeling in front of Raven, who looks unsure at Cassidy, but looks with hatred at the retreating Rhino, Jarrett, and Brown, then says Jarrett gets his shot at Sacrifice.

On TNA's website it is announced that Jeff Hardy and TNA have amicably parted ways, ending weeks of rumors. TNA wished Hardy the best of luck.

On August 5, 2005 IMPACT! returned with:

-Simon Diamond, Trytan, and David Young are at the announce table with Tenay and West, and Diamond says this is Simon's Diamonds In The Rough, and that he wants to look at the next two competitors to see if they have the look to join. Buck Quartermaine defeats Lex Lovett while Diamond looks on, then he leads Young and Trytan to the back after nodding.

-Terry Taylor interviews AJ Styles about his Super X Cup Tournament Semi Final Match tonight.

-AJ Styles defeats "Super Sexy" Matt Bentley with The Styles Clash. Traci and Shelley are nowhere to be seen, but Samoa Joe watches from the entranceway, then he and Styles have a stare down before Joe walks off.

-Terry Taylor interviews Raven about his non title match tonight against Mikey Batts, whom Raven says he picked out of a hat. He says Cassidy is not in Raven's New Flock because it doesn't exist, then tells Jarrett, Rhino, and even Monty Brown to watch tonight.

-Samoa Joe chokes Shelley out to continue his undefeated streak, and advance to face AJ Styles in the finals of The Super X Cup Tournament at Sacrifice in two weeks. AJ Styles returns the favor by watching from the entranceway, then walking off. Once again Traci is nowhere to be seen, nor is Matt Bentley.

-Cassidy is being attacked by Abyss in the back, and Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam on the kid on the concrete. Father Mitchell then tells the downed kid that he WILL face Abyss at Sacrifice.

-Jarrett, Rhino, and Monty Brown are all arguing again, with Shane Douglas standing by, about the whole situation with Raven and who gets to face Jarrett should he win. Larry Z walks up, and says next week he will rectify this situation once and for all. -3 Live Kru members "The Truth" Ron Killings and Konnan are defeated by Simon's Diamonds, David Young and Trytan, when Kip James comes to the ring and brawls with Konnan. Killing's gets pinned by David Young, ending his losing streak, then Kip James gets a mic and says that at Sacrifice he and his mystery partner will face 3 Live Kru, and that it isn't Monty Brown, but none other than BG James. He says The Outlaws ride again.

-Raven defeats Mikey Batts, crushing Batts' left wrist in a steel chair after the match just because he can. Raven cuts a promo on Jarrett and the PPV, then leaves. Cassidy, looking hurt, comes from the crowd and helps Mikey to the back as the show ends with Jarrett, Rhino, and Brown watching from the back.

IMPACT! returned with the final show before Sacrifice on August 12, 2005 that featured:

-AMW and Team Canada members A1 and Bobby Roode goes to a Double DQ Draw when Petey Williams, Eric Young, and Johnny Devine come to ringside, only to be attacked by The Naturals. The brawling goes into the ring, where the ref calls for the bell. Lance Hoyt makes a dramatic return, and lays out every Team Canada member, then celebrates with AMW and The Naturals.

-Larry Z ran down the Sacrifice PPV card with Shane Douglas, adding AMW, The Naturals, and Lance Hoyt vs. Team Canada to the show as well as Sean Waltman vs. Shocker. Christopher Daniels comes over to complain some more, and Larry Z tells him maybe he should watch his opponent in action tonight.

-Zach Gowen defeats Lex Lovett, in a match Tenay said was a bit of an upset. Daniels hits the ring, lays Gowen out again, then says if he was smart he'd stay home on Sunday.

-AJ Styles and Samoa Joe meet in the ring with Larry Z, Harley Race, Mike Tenay, and The Super X Cup Tournament Cup, where the Finals match is signed. Mike asks AJ his thoughts, and he shares them, and then he asks Joe his, who just stares at Styles. Larry asks the men to shake hands, but Joe turns to leave. AJ stops him, and Joe lays into AJ, putting him in the Triangle Choke Submission. AJ is out, and finally Joe releases the hold and walks off.

-Cassidy is seen in the back talking with Mikey Batts, who looks confused and is wearing a cast on his arm. Batts shakes his head in the affirmative, then they both walk off.

-Sean Waltman calls Jerry Lynn a coward and a quitter before he defeats Jerelle Clark in a match.

-Larry Z calls Rhino, Monty, and Jarrett to the ring, and tells them that he has solved the situation regarding who would get the next title shot should Jarrett defeat Raven on Sunday. He then says that at Sacrifice they would team up to face a team of his choosing, and the winning team would meet next week on IMPACT! to determine the Number One Contender, assuming Jarrett had won that is. Jarrett wants to know who the team is, but Larry Z won't say for sure, but does say that he had a real "Hardcore Surprise”. Then from nowhere Raven hits the ring with a steel chair. He lays out Brown and Jarrett, but Rhino Gores him through the ropes to the floor, then proceeds to put him through a table. Cassidy and Batts, now dressed like Cassidy, come to try to make the save, but Monty hits The Pounce on Batts sending him into the wall, and Abyss comes from the back and lays out Cassidy. The show ends with Raven locked in The Figure Four Leg Lock in the center of the ring.

From there TNA delivered TNA Sacrifice on PPV on Sunday August 14, 2005:

-On the free Pre-Show Sharkboy defeated Jerelle Clark.

-Also on the Pre-Show, Jarrett, Rhino, and Brown made Tenay get in the ring, where Jarrett shot on Jeff Hardy showing up on RAW last week, as well as asking who the "Hardcore Surprise" was that Larry Z was forcing Rhino and Brown to face. Tenay claimed no knowledge of it, saying Larry Z was keeping it to himself. Jarrett again made reference to "Black Wednesday", saying that he knew that people like Charlie Haas, Mark Jindrak, and Spike Dudley couldn't work for TNA YET, and that they weren't even hardcore, but he knew another team that could work here, and were most assuredly hardcore. Then he asked Tenay if it was The Dudley Boyz? The fans went nuts, but Tenay said he simply didn't know. Jarrett grabbed Tenay and it looked as if the three of them were gonna hurt him, as West screamed at the table, but what the fans also went nuts for was the team that came from the crowd and entered the ring behind them all. Mike Awesome and The Sandman were in the ring, and they laid out Rhino, Brown, and Jarrett as Tenay ran for his life. Raven hit the ring, hugged his friends, and the Pre-Show ended.

-The PPV proper began with Sean Waltmandefeating Shocker decisively with The X-Factor. He then grabbed a mic and again called Jerry Lynn a coward, a quitter, and not the man he teamed with all those years ago, and now he knew why the WWE fired Lynn and why TNA never really got behind him. Lynn came out from the back, entered the ring, and then proceeded to help Shocker to the back after he stared at Waltman and the fans begged for him to hit him. Lynn was booed on his way to the back, while Waltman said that Lynn was a disgrace.

-In the back AMW, The Naturals, Lance Hoyt, and The Mouth Of The South Jimmy Hart were interviewed by Terry Taylor. They all agreed that after tonight Team Canada was going to be deported.

-Father James Mitchell led Abyss to the ring, and soon Cassidy was followed out by Batts, and the two rushed the ring. Referee Andrew Thomas called for the bell, as Tenay wondered if this had become a Handicap Match, while West said Referee Thomas was probably just feeling sorry for poor Cassidy, who clearly wasn't in his right mind for accepting this match and showing up. In the shock of the night, with Batts helping him and after much brutalization from Abyss on both men, Cassidy nailed two Super Kicks, Batts nailed two Super Kicks, Batts hit a Top Rope Clothesline that staggered Abyss, and Cassidy hit a DDT and got the pinfall win over Abyss. Abyss was quick to recover and went insane, while Cassidy and Batts ran to the back, even hitting The Black Hole Slam on his own manager, Father Mitchell.

-Sonny Siaki and Apolo, now calling themselves Island Boys, defeated Simon's Diamonds Trytan and David Young when Apolo pinned Trytan. After the match Buck Quartermaine and Lex Lovett ran down and attacked Siaki and Apolo. Then Diamond grabbed a mic and said that he didn't think he had a problem tonight, because he had two more Simon's Diamonds In The Rough to introduce.

-After a brief promo in the ring where he said Gowen wasn't here, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels told Referee Rudy Charles to ring the bell and start the 10-Count. Rudy did so, and at five Gowen's music hit and he started to hobble towards the ring. What followed wasn't pretty, as Daniels met him in the aisle and then proceeded to just beat him senseless for the next eight minutes before hitting The Angel's Wings and getting the pin.

-With Christopher Daniels doing commentary, as he never left ringside following his match, Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles after twenty minutes of back and forth action with the Island Driver and The Triangle Choke Submission after he kicked out of pinfall attempts following two Styles Clashes. AJ was helped to the floor, as Larry Z and Harley Race came to the ring and awarded Joe with The Super X Cup Tournament Cup. Joe looked at it, then left the ring and destroyed it when he attacked Styles with it. Joe stared Daniels down, then walked off alone.

-Shane Douglas caught up with Father Mitchell in the back who was obviously hurt, and he said that Abyss made the biggest mistake of his life. He said his life long vendetta against Raven could wait, he'd get back to him soon enough, but that he was leaving TNA for a short while and that when he returned The Monster Abyss would forever regret the day he laid his hands on Father James Mitchell.

-3 Live Kru members Konnan and "The Truth" Ron Killings came to the ring for their match with Kip James, however he didn't show. Then the camera cut to the parking lot, where BG James and Kip James were talking next to a car. Konnan told Killings that he knew it, and the two ran off to the back. Meanwhile outside it was obvious that Kip was trying to convince BG to tag with him. Before BG could answer Killings and Konnan arrived and started shouting and cursing. Konnan got in BG's face, while Killings tried to talk it out, and Kip James attacked Konnan . The Truth and Kip traded blows, while BG backed off. He then grabbed a pipe from the ground and looked ready to attack someone, when another car sped up, and Brad, Scott, and Steve Armstrong got out and attacked Killings and Konnan with Kip. They all hugged Kip, as BG looked on stunned, then they got in the car, leaving 3 Live Kru down and hurt, while BG looked confused, and Kip said he'd see BG at Sunday Dinner next week.

-AMW, Lance Hoyt, and The Naturals defeated Team Canada when Scott D’Amore, who made a surprise return to the PPV after being gone for two months, tried to nail Lance Hoyt with the Canadian Flag, but missed and nailed A1. Hoyt then pinned Al after a Big Boot to the face, while AMW and The Naturals kept the rest of Team Canada busy on the floor.

-Rhino and Monty Brown defeated Sandman and Mike Awesome, when Sandman hit Awesome with the Singapore Cane repeatedly from behind, then again from the front, while Rhino and Brown looked on confused. Sandman walked off to massive heel heat from the crowd, as Monty hit The Pounce followed by a Gore from Rhino for the pinfall.

-Shane Douglas tried to get a word from Sandman as he left the building, but Sandman only chugged some beer, then spat it in The Franchise' face. Douglas was livid and was actually held back by Terry Taylor and some security as Sandman walked off alone, still drinking.

-Raven successfully defended his NWA World Heavyweight Title against Jeff Jarrett. Raven was seconded by Cassidy and Batts, even though he didn't seem to want them there, while Jarrett was seconded by Monty and Rhino, fresh off their victory. Monty and Rhino started to argue on the floor, oddly enough, then fought, and destroyed, Batts and Cassidy, while in the ring the ref got bumped. Jarrett called for his guitar, but Rhino and Monty were fighting up the ramp. In the end Rhino came back down, alone, and went to Gore Raven, who had Jarrett's guitar, but Raven moved and Rhino Gored Jarrett instead. Raven then laid Rhino out with the guitar, roused the ref, hit the Evenflow, and pinned Double J. The show ended with Raven standing alone and tall over the downed bodies of Rhino and Jarrett holding the title high in the air, while a bloodied Monty stood on the ramp looking on.

What was next, in August and September, for TNA and what were their chances to actually make it to TNA Bound For Glory on PPV in October?

Back Story To Be Continued...

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Well I know that you will soon be changing to full-length results soon, but I personally loved that format. Enough detail to put across angles that were going on and keep me interested. Plus with these you could never possibly get burned out so we could see all of your ideas come into fruition and TGC take TNA to the very top. I know that ain't gonna happen cause you love doing your long-ass quality results, but I personally like these just as much, and they have countless advantages for you.

Just my two cents.

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Even without television I think this will be great. I know in my heart this will last about four shows but damn it, I can hold out hope that it will last much longer. I'm looking forward to the first show TGC, and I hope you land on a network soon.

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user posted image

The week following TNA Sacrifice on PPV, TNA once again did tapings for the next four weeks of IMPACT shows. Still with no deals in sight for television and with many cable networks announcing their fall schedules, such as SpikeTV with nary a mention of wrestling at all come October 1, the future was looking bleaker and bleaker. While the general consensus for No Surrender had been positive and that TNA was looking forward to a rebirth creatively, the same could not be said for the reactions to Sacrifice.

Most felt Sacrifice fell far below the expectations set by No Surrender. While some matches seemed to take the company forward, such as Styles and Joe, others were obvious placeholders, such as the continued Kip James, BG James, 3 Live Kru story and Daniels wrestling Zach Gowen, while nobody it seemed was all that happy to see Jeff Jarrett back in the Main Event so soon, not to mention him only losing through another massively overbooked Main Event. Furthermore, while some suggested that the Main Event and World Title picture had become far more interesting now and that the X Division was just as exciting as ever, the slams at the Tag Team Division began small but soon became enormous. An online reviewer mentioned how the Tag team Champions, The Naturals, had not defended their belts in well over a month now, and this one comment took on a life of its own, once again accusing the booking team, who had received accolades just weeks prior after replacing Dusty Rhodes, of not being ready and not being capable of carrying a company to the top or to truly global status.

So with no television deal on the horizon, with the critics and the internet once again picking the company apart, and with a World Champion, in Raven, who if rumors were to be believed, was becoming more and more unhappy with his stay in TNA, the future again did not look bright. However TNA pushed forward once again, taping four weeks of IMPACT! Shows on the road to their next PPV, uTNA Unbreakable and looking forward to the biggest event TNA had ever held, TNA Bound For Glory on PPV in October.

On August 19, 2005 TNA presented the newest edition of IMPACT! And it went as follows:

-The show opens with Jeff Jarrett in the ring. He demands that Rhino and Monty Brown come out and answer for what happened last Sunday. First Brown then Rhino come to the ring. West and Tenay discuss the explosion of Planet Jarrett, then Jeff gets in Rhino’s face and demands to know why and how he screwed up at Sacrifice. Rhino looks unhappy, as Jarrett just verbally assails him, saying how Rhino has turned out to be a complete waste, how he’s nothing, and how Jarrett regrets bringing him into TNA in the first place. Brown just looks on, looking slightly amused, as the verbal tirade continues. Finally Jarrett tells Rhino to get out of his ring. Rhino, head dropped turns to walk away as Jarrett turns his attentions to Brown. Rhino stops and gets in position, and as Jarrett is talking to Monty about their future course of actions against Raven, he turns back to the direction Rhino is in and gets Gored hard. Rhino pops up, looks at Brown uneasily, who simply smiles and leaves the ring, then grabs Jarrett’s mic and announces that Rhino is nobody’s bitch and challenges an unconscious Jarrett to a match anytime anywhere.

-Sean Waltman defeats Shocker a second time in a rematch from the PPV. Afterwards he kicks Shocker to the floor, and does another of his verbal assaults on Jerry Lynn in an attempt to goad him out to the ring. It fails.

-3 Live Kru members Konnan and “The Truth” Ron Killings defeat Simon’s Diamonds David Young and Trytan. After the match Kip James leads Brad, Steve, and Scott Armstrong to the ramp, where Kip introduces The James Gang. There, he says since BG James isn’t down with The James Gang yet he is officially challenging all of 3 Live Kru to take on The James Gang in a Handicap Match at Unbreakable. Konnan says they can’t trust BG, but Killings says he’s talked to BG and he knows where his heart lies. The Truth accepts on behalf of 3 Live Kru, making the first match for the PPV.

-Simon Diamond is interviewed by Terry Taylor in the back, and he says that where Young and Trytan failed tonight his newest Diamonds, Lovett and Quartermaine will not when they face Island Boys next week.

-Raven comes out with Cassidy and Batts in tow, and he tells them to go away. When they don’t he calls out Sandman to answer for his actions Sunday. Sandman comes forth, with no music and no elongated entrance, and gets in the ring where he proceeds to spit beer into Raven’s face. The New Flock attack Sandman, who beats them down as Raven watches with mild curiosity. When Sandman has beaten them both down enough, Raven Evenflow DDT’s Sandman to the mat, then stands over him posing as IMPACT! comes to an end.

Rumors began to circulate that the backstage scene of TNA is once again filled with strife and uncertainty, especially where Mike Tenay is concerned. Bob Ryder attempts to quash the rumors, unsuccessfully. Meanwhile it is made public that in an attempt to placate NWA World Champion Raven he has become a member of the booking committee, possibly replacing Mike Tenay.

On August 26 2005 the next episode of IMPACT! aired with:

-The show opened with Jerelle Clark taking on Shocker and getting a surprise and impressive win over the talented X Division star. Jerry Lynn was on commentary with Tenay and West, and he put Jerelle over as one of the many young stars who are the future of the X Division, as well as one of the kids he is personally training for TNA now.

-Traci is with Shelley and “Super Sexy” Matt Bentley, with Terry Taylor standing by with a mic, and she apologizes for not being with them when they wrestled in the semi finals of the X Cup Tournament. She says she has made it up to them, as tonight they are in the Main Event in a Tag Team Match once again against AMW. Shelley looks pleased, while Bentley looks upset and walks off.

-The Naturals successfully defend their NWA Tag Team Titles against Team Canada members Bobby Roode and Eric Young when Scott D’Amore once again botches an attempted save and nails Roode with the flag. He and Jimmy Hart get into a short scuffle as Andy Douglas pins Roode. After the match Roode is livid, and has to be held back by Young.

-AJ Styles defeats Chris Sabin, being far more vicious than normal. After the match Mike Tenay enters the ring to get a word with him, and Styles talks a little about Joe and Daniels, then says no matter which one walks out of Unbreakable as champion he will be waiting and is next in line.

-Sandman comes to the ring, where he begins to talk about how he was forced to team with Mike Awesome, a man that he can’t trust, and how Raven thought that he would forget what Raven had done to him. He says he forgets nothing, and tells Awesome to stay at home and for Raven to face him like a man one on one. This brings out Cassidy and Batts, who attack but are beaten down. Raven appears behind Sandman, and once again Evenflows him. Raven tells Sandman that he will face him one on one at Unbreakable for the title.

-Siaki and Apolo, the Island Boys defeat Lovett and Quartermaine even with the attempted help of Simon Diamond. After the match Simon is mad and pushes Lovett around before storming off.

-“The Fallen Angel” and the self proclaimed Mr. TNA Christopher Daniels is interviewed by Terry Taylor and answers Styles’ challenge as well as says that Samoa Joe isn’t in his league. He is attacked by Joe, who puts the Triangle Choke on Daniels. Joe leaves Daniels out cold after he stares long and hard at the X Division Title.

-AMW defeat Bentley and Shelley when Storm nails a Superkick to Shelley and Bentley walks off to end the show.

The rumors of the backstage strife in TNA multiplied this week, with everyone saying that Mike Tenay was on the outs with Jeff Jarrett, Scott D’Amore, and even owner Dixie Carter. Tenay, in his weekly “Ask The Professor” commentary, answered the rumors by stating that his contract with TNA was almost up, and that he didn’t know where his future laid.

On September 2, 2005 IMPACT! once again aired:

-Jerelle Clark, with Lynn again on commentary, wrestled and defeated Sharkboy in an X Division opening match. The two competitors shook hands afterwards, and Lynn entered the ring to hold his student’s arm high. This lead to Sean Waltman walking out to the commentary booth, where he said if Lynn still wouldn’t face him he would destroy Lynn’s student at Unbreakable Lynn tried to tell Jerelle that he wasn’t ready, but Jerelle accepted.

-In the back Shane Douglas attempted to mediate a showdown between Team Canada members. In the end Scott D’Amore lost complete control and A1 and Eric Young were set to face Bobby Roode and Johnny Devine at Unbreakable, with Petey Williams as Special Guest Referee.

-The Naturals once again successfully defended their Tag Team Titles, this time against A1 and Eric Young when Stevens pinned A1. Roode and Devine looked on.

-AMW were in the back with Terry Taylor, and they said they felt that they had worked their way back to the top and were the next team in line for NWA Tag Team Title contention.

-AMW defeated Simon’s Diamonds Lovett and Quartermaine. After the match Simon again yelled and pushed Lovett, who pushed back, with Quartermaine backing him up. Young and Trytan entered the ring and attacked the two, and Simon said his problem would be solved at Unbreakable.

-Mike Awesome returned to TNA, where he called out Sandman. Instead he got Raven. The two talked back and forth a bit, until Sandman came out. What started as two on one became an all out war as all three beat the holy hell out of each other. In the end only Awesome was left standing.

-Larry Z announced two matches for Unbreakable that would result in the winners joining the X Division champion at TNA Bound For Glory PPV in October in the Ultimate X Match.

-“The Fallen Angel” and Mr. TNA Christopher Daniels defeated Shocker in a non title match. Joe came out to watch during the match, and after the two brawled. This time is was Daniels who walked away leaving Joe down and out to end the show.

On Thursday September 8, 2005 it was made official by TNA that Mike Tenay had left his position within TNA. He would do the commentary on the IMPACT! tomorrow, but would not be at Unbreakable nor any future TNA events. He was wished the best of luck, as the rumors flew about his replacement and whether this was simply another sign of the impending doom of TNA.

On September 9 the final IMPACT! prior to the PPV on Sunday aired:

-AJ Styles, Elix Skipper, Shocker, and Chris Sabin defeated Bentley, Shelley, Sonjay Dutt, and Petey Williams in an eight man tag that featured all eight competitors that would appear in the two X Division Qualifiers this Sunday.

-Daniels joins Tenay and West on commentary to watch Samoa Joe take on and defeat Delirious. After the match Daniels says he will end Joe’s undefeated streak on Sunday with ease.

-Simon’s Diamonds Young and Trytan defeat Island Boys Siaki and Apolo following much help from Simon Diamond. Lovett and Quartermaine attack after, but Simon’s Diamonds In The Rough escape unscathed.

-Jimmy Hart on behalf of The Naturals accept AMW’s Tag Team challenge for Sunday.

-Bobby Roode and Eric Young wrestle to a time limit draw as the remainder of the fractured Team Canada look on. Scott D’Amore is on commentary, as is Petey Williams, and they argue a bit over who should lead the group as well as which side is going to walk out triumphant this Sunday.

-Rhino defeats three masked men, pinning all three, in his first singles match in TNA.

-Monty Brown defeats Konnan in a one on one Main Event match. Afterwards Konnan brawls with Kip James. Then Larry Z comes out and announces that it’s Brown vs. Rhino vs. Jarrett Sunday in a Number One Contender’s Match for Bound For Glory

-Raven, Cassidy, and Batts hit the ring and Raven hypes the NWA World Title Three Way Dance Sunday between he and Sandman and Awesome. Another war erupts when first Awesome then Sandman come down. This time it is Sandman who stands tall alone, and he tells Raven he will never forget nor forgive him for running him out of TNA the last time and turning his back on him.

As the final days tick towards the PPV on Sunday September 11, 2005, Bob Ryder announces that TNA Bound For Glory will have a number of surprise guest stars, such as a former WWE IC Champion, former WWE and former ECW Tag Team Champions, and three men who are former WCW World Heavyweight Champions, as well as being a three and a half hour long event plus the Free Pre-Show. It is further announced that the event will be the first in some time to NOT take place at Universal Studios Orlando. Meanwhile the rumor mongers predict that unless TNA can get a show between now and October’s major PPV Bound For Glory will be TNA’s swan song.

On Sunday September 11, 2005 TNA presents their next PPV, TNA Unbreakable:

-Don West and Jeremy Borash introduce themselves, and say that along with them there is a third man who is joining the TNA Announce Team tonight, then introduce Terry Taylor.

-The free pre show features a match between Delirious defeating El Generico. Then BG James comes out to the ring and says he is here, and he is firmly on the side of 3 Live Kru. Killings and Konnan come down and even though Konnan seems to be unsure, the three shake hands and hug and predict that they will completely destroy The James Gang here tonight.

-The opening match of the PPV proper features the first of the two matches with the X Division stars. AJ Styles pins Elix Skipper to also defeat Petey Williams and Shocker.

-The second match is up next, and in it Chris Sabin pins Sonjay Dutt to also defeat Shelley and “Super Sexy” Matt Bentley. Bentley and Shelley have words afterwards.

-In the back Shane Douglas is with Sandman, and he tries to keep his cool as Sandman ignores every one of his questions. Finally Sandman tells Douglas that he is a failed wrestler and he’s a failed interviewer, and beats The Franchise down before walking off.

-Simon’s Diamonds Young and Trytan dominate and defeat Lovett and Quartermaine. Taylor, West, and Borash announced prior to the match that the losing team was leaving TNA.

-Sean Waltman loses to Jerelle Clark by DQ following one cheating move after another. Lynn, who was on commentary finally has enough after Waltman brings a chair into the ring following his DQ loss, and enters the ring to much fan approval. He yanks the chair away, as Waltman begs him to use it. Lynn drops the chair then helps Clark from the ring. Waltman picks it up and exits the ring and levels both men with vicious chair shots to the back of the head.

-Eric Young and A1 defeat Bobby Roode and Johnny Devine when Special Guest Petey Williams hits The Canadian Destroyer on Roode. D’Amore is upset, and he takes a Canadian Destroyer for his troubles as well. Young and A1 proclaim that Petey Williams is the true leader of Team Canada afterwards.

-Cassidy interviews Raven about tonight’s Main Event NWA World Title Match.

-For the NWA Tag Team Titles, The Naturals defeat AMW right before the thirty minute time limit expires when Douglas pins Harris. The two teams shake hands afterwards.

-The James Gang defeats 3 Live Kru in this Handicap Match when BG James finally turns on his friends in the Kru, beating Konnan on the floor with a chair, leaving Killings alone against the foursome. Kip James pins Killings following a Top Rope Fame Maker.

-The James Gang exit the arena and get in their car and leave. Hugging and laughing the whole time.

-For the NWA X Division Title Samoa Joe defeats Daniels by Referee’s Decision when Daniels is choked out with the Triangle Clutch Submission.

-The three man Number One Contender’s Match comes to a Time limit Draw when neither Jarrett, Rhino, nor Brown can gain a victory over any of the others before the thirty minutes expires.

-Raven retains the NWA World Heavyweight Title when his match with Mike Awesome and Sandman is thrown out following run ins by Cassidy, Batts, Jarrett, Rhino, and Brown. The show ends on a low note, with the fans in attendance less than thrilled as Jarrett stands tall at the end.

TNA provided a PPV that, this time, was met with mixed reviews. With the exception of the Main Event and the Number One Contender’s Match, both of which featured non finishes, the critics and fans seemed to like TNA Unbreakable. However TNA still had six weeks of IMPACT! tapings before they made it to TNA Bound For Glory, and nobody was sure if they would make it much beyond.

Back Story To Be Concluded…

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From Jerry Jarrett to Vince Russo to Dusty Rhodes, TNA survived mediocre to bad booking. From Ken Shamrock to Jeff Jarrett to Raven, TNA survived NWA World Heavyweight Champions who were simply not draws. From weekly PPV’s to syndication to downloads on their website, TNA survived the inability to reach the largest audience possible with their weekly shows. However could TNA, a company created by The Jarretts and now owned by Dixie Carter, survive for much longer? Could TNA make it to the biggest show in their three year and four month life? Could TNA finally turn it all around and create a quality product that could not only survive but someday compete with the juggernaut that was the McMahon owned WWE? Most said no, they could not. Some thought of TNA as the little company that could, perhaps even surpassing ECW in that regards. There was even a small minority that thought that TNA was going to not only survive but dominate eventually.

TNA had two things going for it that the WWE could not claim. First of all, TNA was home to the exciting X Division. No weight limits, no style limits, no limits whatsoever was the mantra of the X Division, a part of TNA that had made legitimate stars out of AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, Christopher Daniels, and Elix Skipper. AJ, easily the biggest star to compete in the X Division, had become the only Triple Crown Winner in TNA history, having held not only the X Division Title, but also the NWA Tag Team Titles and the NWA World Title. Plus TNA was always on the look out for more stars to make. The WWE had an often overlooked Cruiserweight Division, but nothing that could legitimately compete with TNA’s X Division, a place to showcase young, exciting, stars of the future. The second thing TNA had going for it was a Tag Team Division that was leaps and bounds ahead of almost any other in North America. Whether TNA had groomed and made stars out of America’s Most Wanted, XXX, The Naturals, or Team Canada, it had a knack for creating a Tag Team Division that excited and captivated the fans in a way that WWE could not.

However what dampened TNA, what made them look so incredibly inferior to the WWE was the top of the mountain, the Main Eventers of TNA. While WWE had always been about creating their own stars, people like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, HHH, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, HBK, Bret Hart, JBL, and Batista, TNA went the old WCW route. With the notable exceptions of Abyss and AJ Styles, nobody at the top of TNA was homegrown; they were or had always been stars somewhere else. Most notable in this regard was Jeff Jarrett, mocked on the internet as Triple J, but not limited to him as Ken Shamrock, Raven, Sandman, Sabu, DDP, Kevin Nash, Randy Savage, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, and Rhino had all become names elsewhere. What TNA truly needed was a Main Event scene filled with not only stars of yesterday, but true, homegrown talent of today. What TNA needed was to allow people like Monty Brown to rise to the top and become tomorrow’s stars today.

Upon the finale of TNA Unbreakable the response was mixed. While the undercard had been phenomenal, most said, the final two matches had either gone to long, ended poorly, been overbooked, or all three. Once again, and much like WCW of old, TNA provided an exciting undercard yet failed to truly deliver at the end of the shows. IF TNA was going to survive they needed to present quality shows from top to bottom. TNA needed still, after three plus years, to learn to book properly. Most called Jeff Jarrett on this, saying he was making sure he booked himself strong and everyone else weak, a criticism also leveled at Triple H. Whatever the reason, on the road to TNA Bound For Glory and still with no TV Show on the horizon, TNA needed to finally and for once get it together on all cylinders and produce the shows that the talent and the fans alike could enjoy.

On Sunday September 16, 2005 TNA once again returned with IMPACT!:

-Larry Z opens the show to thank the fans that bought Unbreakable, as well as apologize to them for the final two matches of the evening. He says that what happened in the Number One Contender’s Match as well as the NWA World Title Match was obviously not what he nor anyone else in TNA wanted to have happen, and as a result the situation has been rectified. Tonight, in the main Event the fans will get what they want and Raven will get what he wants, as Raven defends his title against The Sandman. The match MUST have a winner by either Pin Fall or Submission, and that everyone is barred from ringside or from interfering. Anyone who does so will be fired on the spot, and he assures everyone that no “iron clad contracts” will save them. Plus, next week the remaining four men, Monty Brown, JJ, Rhino, and Mike Awesome will face off in a randomly drawn Tag Team Match, with the winners facing either Raven or Sandman at TNA Bound For Glory

-Elix Skipper defeated Shocker.

-A prerecorded interview with the Sandman is shown where he says tonight he will take Raven’s belt and his career. He explains how he and Raven had been friends, but during his last run here in TNA Raven, feeling threatened by Sandman’s presence, did all he could to get Sandman kicked out of TNA, and it worked. Sandman says that tonight he will remove Raven from TNA.

-Simon Diamond brings his Diamonds In The Rough down and brags about how Lovett and Quartermaine couldn’t cut it and as such wrestled their last match in TNA this past weekend. This is but a prelude to Sonny Siaki and Apolo, the Island Boys, defeating David Young and Trytan.

-In the back with Shane Douglas, AMW congratulate The Naturals, then ask for a rematch at a later date due to the fact that Harris was pinned with under ten seconds left in the time limit.

-A prerecorded interview with Raven is shown where he promises victory tonight. He also once again denounces the validity that he has a New Flock.

-Sean Waltman defeats Delirious. After the match Jerelle Clark makes his way to the ring, but Waltman walks off, laughing.

-In the Main Event, Raven successfully defends his NWA World Title against Sandman. Both men are bloodied and beaten, but Raven is victorious.

On September 23 TNA aired the second of the three IMPACT! episodes taped for the remainder of September:

-AMW opened the show by defeating Simon’s Diamonds In The Rough.

-Sean Waltman, in the back with Shane Douglas, said that Jerry Lynn wasn’t the only mentor in TNA, and that very soon Jerelle Clark and Jerry Lynn would meet HIS protégé.

-The James Gang, Kip James and BG James tagged up for the first time in years to defeat Siaki and Apolo. Afterwards BG tried to explain to an absent 2 Live Kru that blood is thicker, and that Kip and he were practically blood.

-Jeff Jarrett came out to the ring to hype the Tag Team Main Event as well as talk about how this is unfair, when he was interrupted by a video playing. The video was about Black Wednesday, and how it was coming to TNA. Afterwards Jarrett was livid and simply left the ring screaming out Larry Z’s name.

-In his first match since becoming the new X Division Champion, Samoa Joe defeated Shocker. After the match Mr. TNA Christopher Daniels came out and attacked. Soon after AJ Styles and Chris Sabin came out as well, and a four way brawl went into the back.

-Jarrett found Larry, who said that he had no idea why the video played when it did, as it was obviously a technical error, and apologized, then reminded Jarrett about his match tonight. Jarrett stalked off, and a bloodied and tired looking Daniels came over and demanded to be put into the Ultimate X Match at TNA Bound For Glory since he rightfully deserved a rematch. Larry Z agreed.

-Raven joined West, Taylor, and Borash on commentary for the Main Event. The two teams were Mike Awesome and Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett and Rhino who were victorious following a Gore by Rhino on Awesome who was pinned. Raven hit the ring and laid out Rhino and Jarrett, then stood tall as the show came to a close with him holding the NWA World Title above his head.

The internet was buzzing with the news that after this week’s IMPACT! the Sandman would no longer be a part of TNA yet again. An altercation in the back as well as him being violently drunk during the three week taping had apparently made Sandman persona non grata with TNA.

On Friday September 30, 2005 the final of the three September IMPACT! tapings appeared with:

-Jerelle Clark, with Jerry Lynn on commentary avoiding all Waltman comments and questions, defeats Delirious. Waltman appears and shows a clip of a house somewhere, then asks Clark if he recognizes it. Jerelle looks stunned, as Lynn tried to get some answers from him, and Waltman says his protégé is ready to team up with Waltman if Clark could either find a partner or get the has been Lynn to team up with him.

-AMW defeat Simon’s Diamonds.

-In the back with Shane Douglas, The Naturals respond to AMW’s challenge, saying they would love to do it right here next week.

-Mr. TNA Christopher Daniels defeats Chris Sabin. Afterwards it’s all four men, Daniels, Sabin, Styles, and Joe, in a battle that security has a hard time breaking up.

-Petey Williams, Eric Young, and A1 defeat Sharkboy, Sonjay Dutt, and he Amazing Red when Williams pins Red. Scott D’Amore leads Bobby Roode and Johnny Devine down for some retribution, but Devine turns on his friends and rejoins Team Canada.

-In the Main Event, Mike Awesome defeats Sandman but is Pounced right after by Monty Brown, who is disgusted.

-Raven, Rhino, and Jarrett sign the papers for the Main Event of TNA Bound For Glory. The three just stare each other down to end the show.

But what of the remainder of the wrestling world?

-RoH Champion CM Punk loses the RoH Title to Christopher Daniels on Saturday July 23, 2005. Matt Hardy appears and reminds Daniels that he beat him the previous week.

-MNM defend and lose their Tag Team Titles to Animal and Heidenreich, Chris Benoit wins the WWE US Title from Orlando Jordan, and Batista successfully defends his World Title against JBL.

-Muhammad Hassan re-debuts on Raw, saying that he was jobbed out of Smackdown and enters a program immediately with Kane.

-SpikeTV announces that they do not want the Hassan character either, and he is defeated by Kane and sent back to OVW.

-CM Punk debuts on RAW on July 25, 2005, as does Jeff Hardy the week after. The Edge/Lita/Matt story expands.

-The following Thursday on Smackdown Brock Lesnar returns, accosting Batista and practically drooling over his title.

-The next week RVD returns to Raw

-On August 18, 2005 Daniels successfully defends his RoH Title against Matt Hardy when CM Punk and Edge make a surprise appearance costing Hardy the title.

-At SummerSlam, John Cena retains his title against Chris Jericho, Hurricane and Rosey retain their Tag Team Titles against Tajiri and Eugene, MNM regain their titles after defeating The New Road Warriors, RVD defeats Carlito for the IC Title, Jeff Hardy defeats CM Punk, Batista loses his World Title to Brock Lesnar, Benoit defends his US Title against Eddie Guerrero, Paul London drops his Cruiserweight Title to The Juice, and Randy Orton finally defeats The Undertaker.

With the WWE still riding high, and about to return to the USA Network and with RoH enjoying their usual amount of success, where does this leave TNA? Still minus a real television show, and plagued by one problem after another, can they make it? Can they survive? Can they become the competition the WWE so sorely needs?

NWA Champions:

Huntsville, AL on 06-19-02 | The first NWA World Heavyweight Champion in the TNA era was decided in a "Gauntlet For The Gold" match. Entrants into the Battle Royal were Jeff Jarrett, Buff Bagwell, Lash LeRoux, Norman Smiley, Apollo, K-Krush, Slash, Del Rios, Justice, Konnan, Bruce, Rick Steiner, Malice, Scott Hall, Toby Keith, Chris Harris, Vampire Warrior, Devon Storm, Steve Corino, Ken Shamrock, and Brian Christopher. The Championship was then decided via a traditional wrestling match when it was down to the final two competitors, Ken Shamrock and Malice.

Nashville, TN on 08-7-02 | In a match announced by Ricky Steamboat the week before, Ron "The Truth" Killings defeated Ken Shamrock.

Nashville, TN on 11-20-02 | Jeff Jarrett defeated Ron "The Truth" Killings after Vince Russo, disguised as Mr. Wrestling III hits Killings with a guitar.

Nashville, TN on 6-11-03 | AJ Styles defeated Jeff Jarrett with the help of Russo.

Nashville, TN on 10-22-03 | Jeff Jarrett regained the NWA World Title from AJ Styles

Nashville, TN on 04-21-04 | AJ Styles beat Jeff Jarrett inside a steel cage

Nashville, TN on 05-19-04 | Ron "The Truth" Killings wins his second title reign, beating AJ Styles, Chris Harris and Raven in the "Deadly Draw" match.

Nashville, TN on 06-02-04 | Jeff Jarrett won the gold in the "King of the Mountain" match against The Truth, AJ Styles, Chris Harris and Raven

Orlando, FL on 05-15-05 | The Phenomenal AJ Styles ended Jeff Jarrett's near year-long reign by beating him for the championship at the "Hard Justice" Pay-Per-View

Orlando, FL on 06-19-05 | Raven defeated The Phenomenal AJ Styles, The Alpha Male, Abyss and Sean Waltman in a King Of The Mountain match at TNA's third year anniversary Pay-Per-View "Slammiversary

user posted image

Raven, current NWA World Heavyweight Champion

Won on June 19, 2005

Huntsville, AL on 06-19-02 | This was a "double elimination" match to crown the first X Champion featuring Psicosis (eliminated first), Low Ki (eliminated second), and Jerry Lynn (eliminated last). AJ Styles becomes the first X Champion by winning.

Nashville, TN on 08-7-02 | Low Ki won the X Division Title in a three way match with AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn. Styles had hit the Spiral Tap on Ki, but he was on top of Lynn at the time and scored the pinfall to win the title.

Nashville, TN on 10-9-02 | After the title was held up by Bob Armstrong, Syxx Pac won a ladder match to win the belt.

Nashville, TN on 10-23-02 | AJ Styles defeats Syxx Pac with the help of Mortimer Plumbtree during a No DQ Match.

Nashville, TN on 11-06-02 | Jerry Lynn Wins

Nashville, TN on 12-11-02 | Sonny Siaki

Nashville, TN on 02-12-03 | Kid Kash

Nashville, on TN 04-30-03 | Amazing Red

Nashville, on TN 05-14-03 | Chris Sabin

Nashville, TN on 08-20-03 | Michael Shane defeated Chris Sabin and Frankie Kazarian in the first ever Ultimate X Match.

Nashville, TN on 01-07-04 | Chris Sabin regains the X Title by beating Michael Shane, Low Ki and Fallen Angel in Ultimate X2. Sabin is stripped of the title in March due to injury.

Nashville, TN on 03-31-04 | Frankie "The Future" Kazarian becomes the new X Champion by beating The Amazing Red in a contender's match.

Nashville, TN on 06-09-04 | The Phenomenal AJ Styles returns to his wrestling roots and defeats Kazarian to become the X Division Champion

Nashville, TN on 07-28-04 | Michael Shane and Kazarian become co-champions when they defeat AJ Styles in the Ultimate X Match

Nashville, TN on 08-11-04 | "The Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams wins the X Title in a 20-superstar Gauntlet Match, finally eliminating The Amazing Red

Orlando, FL on 1-16-05 | The Phenomenal AJ Styles defeats Petey Williams and Chris Sabin at Final Resolution in the Ultimate Match to regain the gold

Orlando, FL on 03-13-05 | The Fallen Angel defeats AJ Styles, Primetime Elix Skipper and Ron "The Truth" Killings in an Ultimate X Challenge at Destination X

Orlando, FL on 09-11-05 l Samoa Joe defeats The Fallen Angel

user posted image

Current NWA X Division Champion

Won on September 11, 2005

Nashville, TN on 07-03-02 | The first NWA World Tag Team Champions in the TNA era was decided in a one night four team tournament. The results are as follows:

Chris Harris & James Storm def. The Johnsons

The Rainbow Express def. Buff Bagwell & Apolo

Chris Harris & James Storm were injured backstage and were replaced by AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn. A.J. Styles & Jerry Lynn def. The Rainbow Express.

Nashville, TN on 08-14-02 | Bob Armstrong declared the titles held up after a controversial finish to the AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn vs. Ron Killings and Jeff Jarrett match ended with one man from each team being pinned.

Nashville, TN on 09-18-02 | Chris Harris and James Storm beat Brian Lee and Ron Harris to win the vacant NWA Tag Team Titles.

Nashville, TN on 11-13-02 | Slash and Brian Lee (Disciples of the New Church) defeat Chris Harris and James Storm. Ending Harris and Storms unbeaten streak.

Nashville, TN on 11-13-02 | Chris Harris and James Storm defeat Slash and Brian Lee (Disciples of the New Church).

Nashville, TN on 01-22-03 | Low-Ki and Skipper defeated America's Most Wanted with the assistance of fellow XXX member Christopher Daniels.

Nashville, TN on 03-19-03 | Titles were upheld after a double pin occurred during a match between XXX and The New Church on 2/5/03.

Nashville, TN on 04-16-03 | Jerry Lynn and The Amazing Red win the titles after earning the title shot in a 4-Way X-Division Tag Match the previous week.

Nashville, TN on 05-07-03 | Christopher Daniels defeated Jerry Lynn and The Amazing Red by DQ to win the titles in a handicap match.

Nashville, TN on 06-25-03 | Chris Harris & James Storm defeated Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper in TNA's first ever cage match.

Nashville, TN 08-27-03 | Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger defeated Americas Most Wanted.

Nashville, TN 11-26-03 | 3Live Kru (The Truth, Konnan and BG James) beat Simon and Swinger for the gold

Nashville, TN 01-28-04 | The Redshirt Security (Northcutt and Legend) beat 3Live Kru to win the title

Nashville, TN 02-04-04 | AJ Styles and Abyss win the tag team titles from The Redshirt Security. NWA Director of Authority Vince Russo later strips to two of the title, leading to a tournament to crown new champions.

Nashville, TN 04-07-04 | Kid Kash and Dallas become new NWA World Tag Team Champions by beating Low Ki and The Fallen Angel in the tournament finals.

Nashville, TN 04-14-04 | D'Lo Brown and Apollo win the NWA World Tag Team Title after beating Kid Kash and Dallas by disqualification. TNA rules state that titles change hands on a DQ.

Nashville, TN 04-21-04 | The very next week, Kid Kash and Dallas take advantage of the DQ rule in their rematch, winning back the tag team title

Orlando, FL 06-04-04 | America's Most Wanted reunites to beat Kash and Dallas for the tag team gold on the debut of Impact on Fox Sports Net

Nashville, TN 07-07-04 | The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) beat America's Most Wanted for their first title reign

Nashville, TN 09-08-04 | After their respective tag team partners are injured, AMW's Chris Harris and Triple X's Primetime team to beat The Naturals for the gold

Orlando, FL 09-24-04 | Triple X's Christopher Daniels and AMW's James Storm beat their tag team partners Chris Harris and Primetime to win the title

Orlando, FL 10-15-04 | Team Canada's Bobby Roode and Eric Young defeat Storm and Daniels on Impact to become the new champions.

Orlando, FL 11-07-04 | 3Live Kru (BG James and Konnan) beat Bobby Roode and Eric Young at "Victory Road" to regain the NWA Tag Team Championship

Orlando, FL 12-05-04 | Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Eric Young) regain the tag team title from 3Live Kru at the Turning Point Pay-Per-View

Orlando, FL 1-16-05 | America's Most Wanted defeat Team Canada for the NWA World Tag Team Title at the Final Resolution Pay-Per-View

Orlando, FL 4-29-05 | The Naturals become two-time NWA World Tag Team Champions by beating America's Most Wanted on Impact

user posted image

The Naturals, current NWA Tag Team Champions

Won on April 29, 2005

TNA…Bound For Glory or Bound For Failure?

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Friday October 7, 2005

Airing On The Sunshine Network and on TNA's Website

Announcers: Terry Taylor, Don West, and Jeremy Borash

Jerelle Clark vs. Sonjay Dutt

After the opening video and the welcome to Studio 21 at Universal Studios Orlando, the scene cuts to the ring where Jerelle Clark is standing with Jerry Lynn at his side. Sonjay Dutt’s music hits and “The Original Playa From The Himalayas” comes from the back. Jerry Lynn exits the ring after wishing both men good luck and sits at the announce booth with Taylor, West, and Borash while Clark and Dutt shake hands.

The opening bell sounds at Referee Andrew Thomas’ urging, and the match is underway. The opening few minutes is a feeling out process filled with some quick action as each men tries to see what the other is capable of. Nothing comes of this, no pinfall attempts and no submission maneuvers. Lynn is questioned by Taylor about the recent attack by Waltman, as well as the challenge he laid out for Jerelle. Lynn says that he is retired and he has explained this to Waltman, Jerelle, and the fans. He says he wishes to give back to the industry, and that is why he has taken young wrestlers like Jerelle and others under his wing and is training them. He says that if Jerelle wants to wrestle Waltman and his supposed protégé he would be more than happy to help him find a partner, but that it won’t be him.

The fans, settled in and watching the match, make little noise as Jerelle Clark attempts to apply an STF. Dutt is quick to the ropes, breaking the hold. Clark attempts to pull Dutt back, but Dutt holds onto the ropes and kicks Jerelle off, kips up, and delivers an Enzuguiri to Clark. The pinfall only gets a two. Clark is quickly, perhaps too quickly, to his feet as Dutt climbs to the top and flies off, catching Clark in another pinfall attempt that garners another two count. Dutt again goes to the top and flies off with a Leg Drop, but Clark rolls aside. Clark gets to his feet, grabs Dutt, and hits a picture perfect Cradle Piledriver ala his mentor. Referee Thomas counts the 1-2-3 to signal the end of the match and a big, and surprising, win for Jerelle Clark.

Jerry Lynn enters the ring as Clark is helping Dutt to his feet. Clarke raises Dutt’s arm, then shakes his hand. Lynn applauds both men as Dutt rolls to the floor and is helped to the back by Referee Thomas. Lynn then embraces Jerelle Clarke and the two also head to the back.

Match Reaction = 36.2%

Match Quality = 64.2%

Overall Rating = 41.9%

Time = 8 minutes


The All New All Different Team Canada

The music of Team Canada plays, and amid some booing Petey Williams leads Johnny Devine and Eric Young to the ring, Young holding the Canadian Flag on the hockey stick over his shoulder, One in the ring Petey revealed his mic.

Petey Williams: This is Team Canada. Along with A1, we are finally the cohesive unit we were always meant to be. We’ve changed over the years, but this the final stage in our evolution. Gone are Bobby Roode and the waste Scott D’Amore. Speaking of D’Amore, he won’t be back this time, I guarantee you all that. It’s not fun being on the receiving end of The Canadian Destroyer, and D’Amore found that out the hard way when I broke his neck. As for Bobby, if you know what’s good for you you’ll stay at home and not return for more of the same. We gave you a chance, we offered you your place in Team Canada below myself, but as always you thought you were better than you are. Now you know for sure, and I assure you that there’s no longer a place for you in Team Canada anymore.

The fans boo a bit, although they did cheer for the mention of D'Amore’s neck being broken, as Williams smiles.

Williams: And tonight we’re going to show America’s Most Wanted that this Team Canada is a force to be reckoned with when we defeat the team that thinks they deserve another shot at the NWA Tag Team Titles. When we beat AMW tonight, Naturals, it’ll be us who come knocking for your Tag Team gold.

Williams hands the mic to Referee Thomas and confers with his men.

Overall Rating = 47.8%

Time = 3 minutes

AMW vs. Team Canada(Eric Young and Johnny Devine with Petey Williams)

AMW’s music hits and the fans erupt for the greatest Tag Team in TNA history. Chris Harris has the handcuffs, and he displays them to Petey Williams as he and James Storm enter the ring and disrobe. Terry Taylor mentions how the once glorious feud between ANW and The Naturals has resurfaced, but this time it is full of respect and admiration for each other. West points out that if Young and Devine can defeat AMW here tonight they would be able to easily make the claim that they deserve a NWA Tag Team Title shot.

Referee Thomas calls for the bell, and Young and Storm start the match off. Williams is at ringside, and can be heard shouting out advice and encouragement to his teammates. Storm dominates at the opening, and tags in Harris, who leaps over the ropes and lays into Young. He whips Young into the ropes, and Devine reaches out and tags himself in unbeknownst to Harris. Young attacks Harris from behind, changing the tide of the match. For the next several minutes Young and Devine tag in and out frequently abusing Harris who is kept separated from Storm and in Team Canada’s corner of the ring. Both Young and Devine attempt various pinfall attempts, double team to draw Storm into the ring, and cheat at every turn, but can’t put The Wildcat away.

Young climbs to the top, despite urgings from Williams not to do so, and flies off with a Splash attempt that sees him eat mat as Harris rolls out of the way. Young makes the tag to Devine, who rushes into the ring. However he is too slow to stop Harris, who finally makes the hot tag to Storm. Storm is a house on fire, as he lays into Devine, Young, and Williams who gets on the apron with the flag. Harris soon joins his partner in the ring as the match gets out of control. Johnny Devine is Superkicked over the top rope to the floor by Storm, and Chris Harris hits The Catatonic on Young and scores the 1-2-3 despite the fact that neither man was actually legal.

AMW celebrate, but their celebration is cut short as Williams enters the ring behind them and lays both men out with flag shots to the back of the head. Williams and Devine then beat down on Harris and Storm as Young gets to his feet awkwardly and slowly. Then the fans erupt again as The Naturals, Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens hit the ring and drive Team Canada outside. Williams leads his men to the back, still holding and now waving the Canadian Flag, as The Naturals check on Harris and Storm.

Match Reaction = 43.6%

Match Quality = 69.0%

Overall Rating = 52.2%

Time = 8 minutes


Apolo vs. David Young (With Simon Diamond and Trytan)

Young is already in the ring with Simon Diamond and Trytan, as Apolo’s music hits and he comes out from the back, alone. He enters the ring as Trytan and Simon exit, and West wonders where Sonny Siaki, Apolo’s partner, is at tonight. Referee Mark Johnson is the official for this match and he calls for the bell.

The match is stiff and slow, but brutal. Apolo hits a Short Arm Clothesline right off the bat that only gets him a two count when Simon puts Young’s foot on the rope and calls the ref’s attention to it. And this is how the remainder of the match is to go. With Young’s Simon’s Diamonds In The Rough at ringside and Apolo alone, Apolo soon finds himself double teamed, as one member or another of Simon’s Diamonds distracts the ref long enough. Apolo is whipped into the ropes by Young, and is caught afterwards with a Spine Buster. The ending is academic as Young scores the 1-2-3, gaining another victory.

Simon leads his charges up the ramp, and can be heard saying that Simon has no problems with that at all. Meanwhile inside the ring Apolo slowly gets to his feet and looks livid.

Match Reaction = 42.2%

Match Quality = 66.6%

Overall Rating = 45.6%

Time = 5 minutes

All Hail Sabin And Apolo On The Prowl

Shane Douglas is backstage with Chris Sabin.

Shane Douglas: The Franchise here backstage with one of the most exciting young stars of the X Division, Chris Sabin. Chris, tonight you go one on one with AJ Styles, one of four men that you will face on October 23 in the Ultimate X Match at NWA Bound For Glory live on PPV. Your thoughts?

Sabin smiles, then looks deadly serious.

Chris Sabin: Indeed I am, and indeed I will, Franchise. Now, tonight I do have AJ Styles, and I’d be wrong to look past him here tonight, but I can’t help but keep my eye on the big prize, and that’s the X Division Title in the Ultimate X Match. I’ve been X Division Champion, I’ve been in the Ultimate X Match, and I’ve wrestled all three of my opponents a few times. I know what’s in store for me on PPV, and, well, let’s just say that as much as I want to, I’m not going to allow myself to get hurt tonight or have anything happen that could affect my chances at being X Division Champion again.

The Franchise looks confused.

Douglas: Wait a second, you’re gonna dog it out there tonight?

Sabin: I’d hardly say dog it, I’m just going to be a lot more careful than normal. I want more than anything to go into NWA Bound For Glory at 100% and walk out as the champ…

Sabin is cut off as Apolo shoves him aside. He glares at The Franchise, who doesn’t back down a step.

Apolo: Siaki?

The Franchise looks upset as Sabin throws his hands up and walks off.

Douglas: Chris wait we’re…what the hell? No, I haven’t seen Siaki is he even here?

With that Apolo shoves The Franchise aside and walks off, a look of intense anger and determination on his face. The Franchise looks less than pleased as he drops the mic and walks off in the opposite direction.

Overall Rating (Sabin Interview) = 56.5%

Time = 3 minutes

Overall Rating (Apolo Looking For Siaki) = 49.9%

Time = 1 minute


The James Gang And 2 Live Kru?

Right out of commercial a video airs showing the early days in TNA of Konnan, BG James, and “The Truth” Ron Killings. It shows their formation as 3 Live Kru, along with clips from several; of the videos that were shown when they first formed, then moves on to them winning the NWA Tag Team Titles and being very close. Then the music shifts, the tone shifts, and we see the emergence of The Outlaw to TNA. We see the dissention growing in the ranks of 3 live Kru, as Outlaw tries to break them up and bring BG James back with him. The night at No Surrender when The Outlaw became Kip James is shown, as well as the fight in the parking lot that ended with BG James brothers aiding Kip to take down Konnan and Killings. Finally, the reformation of BG James and Kip James is shown, briefly, as well as BG’s explanation that blood is thicker and Kip is like a brother to him. Finally a graphic showing both sides is shown with the words:

”3 Live Kru vs. The James Gang...October 23, 2005 at TNA Bound For Glory... Street Fight!”

The video ends and the announce team is shown on camera, but it quickly cuts to the back at Don West’s urging, where BG James is going toe to toe exchanging lefts and rights with Killings, and Konnan beating Kip down with a steel pipe. Killings sends BG into a metal door, then turns and sees the damage being done by Konnan on the downed and bloody Kip. He pulls Konnan off, who is livid screaming in Spanish and spitting all over, and tells him they’ve done enough. Konnan has the last word before they walk off.

Konnan: Bound for Glory bitches.

Overall Rating (Hype Video) = 68.9%

Time 3 minutes

Overall Rating (James Gang vs. 3 Live Kru Backstage Brawl) = 68.9%

Time = 4 minutes


TNA IMPACT! Main Event: AJ Styles vs. Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin is out first to a good reaction and some “Hail Sabin” chants, followed by “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, who gets a deafening reaction from the fans. Once both men are in the ring they shake hands, and Referee Rudy Charles calls for the bell to start the match.

With these two, who know each other so well, there is no feeling out process, but rather an immediate start to the action. However Sabin, perhaps showing what he meant in his backstage interview with The Franchise, is quick to roll from the ring and break up the action at several key points. He points to his head as he does this and shows a sign of the X Division Title around his waist. He starts to get some small boos on the third time he does this, and turns to look at the fans, a look of disappointment on his face, as Styles has had enough and leaps over the top rope once Sabin turns back around with a Cross Body Block. Styles then rolls Sabin back into the ring and follows it up with an Elbow Drop off the top rope.

At this point Mr. TNA “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels makes his way out with a steel chair. West, Taylor, and Borash all comment on this, as it seems obvious that he intends to interrupt the match, but instead he unfolds the chair and sits at the top of the ramp and watches. As the action continues he is seen nodding both his approval and his disapproval at the match, and it is Taylor who mentions that he is obviously scouting two of his opponents for the upcoming Ultimate X Match.

In the ring Sabin again rolls to the floor, but this time Styles hits a Baseball Slide to the chest of Sabin that sends him back first into the guard railing. Styles again puts Sabin back into the ring, and one Styles Clash later he garners the 1-2-3 and is victorious over his opponent. Styles is on his feet, his arm raised by Referee Rudy Charles, and he stares at Daniels, who gets to his feet clapping and smiling. He turns to leave, and Styles turns to face the still downed Sabin. Daniels grabs the chair and races into the ring, where he lays the chair across the back of Styles repeatedly. He lays the chair down and delivers a Piledriver on Styles on the chair, then scoops Sabin up and hits The Angel’s Wings. The fans boo, as Daniels rolls to the floor, a smirk on his face, saying that now neither of them will be 100% for Bound for Glory.

Match Reaction = 53.1%

Match Quality = 83.8%

Overall Rating = 67.2%

Time = 10 minutes


Double J Does It For The Boys...Raven Does It For The Fans

Immediately following the commercials, the same video that aired previously begins to air again.

A wrestling ring is shown in a desert, high winds blowing tumbleweed and sand around and across the surface of the ring.

Narrator: The day is called Black Wednesday, perhaps the darkest day known to wrestlers ever.

The sky turns black and thunder can be heard.

Narrator: On this day sixteen wrestlers were left unemployed by a heartless corporation that only saw a bottom line, not men and women attempting to feed their families.

Lightning strikes the ring, six times, and six shadowy figures are left standing in the center of the ring.

Narrator: Now six of them are coming to Total Nonstop Action.

The sky brightens, the thunder stops, and the wind dies down, but the six figures are still covered in shadows.

Narrator: Black Wednesday is coming to TNA.

The video ends and within seconds Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and he comes from the back, dressed in a nice suit and carrying his guitar with sunglasses on. He looks absolutely livid, as he stops at the announce table to ask what the hell that was, then stomps to the ring. Once inside he is given a mic.

Jeff Jarrett: Cut my damn music. What the hell was that? Again TNA plays that damned Black Wednesday video in what’s supposed to be Double J’s time? Zbyszko, I’m getting tired of this, I’ll tell you that. While you might think you have made a coup here signing these boys that the WWE cast aside, myself and a whole lot of the boys in the back think differently. Ya see, just like I told Mike Tenay a few months back, just like I told Team Canada and so many others, just like I told YOU Zbyszko, this isn’t about me, it’s about all the boys here in TNA. Every time TNA decides to bring in the big names that the WWE let go, the boys here in TNA suffer. How many have been let go over the years so people like Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, DDP, Jeff Hardy, and Dustin Rhodes could come into TNA? How many families suffered for the big names and the bigger salaries because TNA had to cut costs somewhere? And how many of those big names, bigger salaries, and the biggest yet, the giant egos, stuck around? DDP walks out with no word, as does Jeff Hardy and Dustin Rhodes. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, hell, who knows why they left or where they went to, but at the same time nobody cares or misses them. And what about Savage and Hogan? They barely even stopped by for a cup of coffee, before they ran off again, but so many of the boys in the back lost their jobs for guys like that. Well, I don’t want to see it happen again, and neither do they. People like Sonjay Dutt, Sharkboy, Chris Sabin, and even myself need to watch out, because to bring apparently six of the Black Wednesday wrestlers into TNA is going to spell the end of some of us here in TNA. But it isn’t about just me, it’s about the boys, all the boys, who have given it all to help make TNA something special. And do you think the first six is the end, or do you think TNA will bring in the rest of those WWE rejects? Look at it this way Larry and all you Jurassic Slap Nuts in TNA, if they weren’t good enough for the WWE, why are they good enough for us? Why does TNA need to eat the table scraps from WWE’s dinner? Think about it.

The fans semi boo and semi cheer, depending on the part of the promo, as Jarrett walks in circles.

Jarrett : So what I’m doing is asking every boy in the back, every star and star in the making here in TNA to stand beside me and against TNA and the Black Wednesday wrestlers when they start popping up and coming in. Let’s show ex WWE Superstars that TNA belongs to us and send then right back out of here. That’s what Double J is asking.

The fans boo Jarrett at first, but quickly start to cheer as Raven enters the ring behind Jarrett and sits in the corner, his NWA World Heavyweight Title laid out beside him.

Jarrett: See, even the fans are behind me, even the IMPACT Zone regulars want to see TNA stand united. I think we all know some who won’t stand with us though. They would be the selfish, the big egos, the guys who came in here themselves after the WWE brushes them off and fires their sad and pitiful asses. They would be people like Rhino and Raven. Rhino, the guy I brought into TNA because TNA was scared of the so called Man Beast. Well we all saw what the man Beast turned out to be, and that’s just another WWE cast off who couldn’t cut it there and can’t cut it here. I have to ask for everyone’s forgiveness for bringing that pile of crap into TNA, but don’t you worry, cuz at Bound for Glory Double J is going to send him packing. And then there’s Raven, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, the man who thinks he can run around TNA making the rules for himself and ignoring the rules the rest of us have to play by.

At this point Raven pulls himself up to his feet and walks behind Jarrett, while West says it’s almost sad to hear Jarrett say that about Raven when he does the exact same thing. The fans cheer, as Raven is only two feet behind Jarrett, who seemingly has no idea.

Jarrett: Well at Bound for Glory on Sunday October 23 I’m going to not only send Rhino packing, I’m going to take the NWA World Heavyweight Title from Raven and bring it back to where it belongs, then Raven will have his ass kicked out TNA as we…

Jarrett is cut off as Raven reaches out and spins him around, then Evenflows him face first to the mat. The fans cheer, as Raven picks up the mic.

Raven: Black Wednesday, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, Monty Brown, Mike Awesome, 2 Live Kru, The James Gang, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Mr. TNA Christopher Daniels, or anyone else, it doesn’t matter. I’ll do to them what I did to Abyss and Sandman, and I’ll walk out as always the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Quote The Raven, nevermore.

Raven drops the mic and stands with his arms outstretched in the famous Raven pose with Jarrett on the mat at his feet as the fans cheer and TNA IMPACT! ends for another week.

Overall Rating = 80.8%

Time = 9 minutes

OR = 49.3

TNA Impact drew 19,744 viewers

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News And Rumors

-Bob Ryder has officially reported that Mike Tenay leaving TNA was due to personal issues and that he will be welcome back to the company as "the voice and heart of TNA" at any time. No word on what these personal issues are, however within hours of this UPW released an internet press sheet announcing Mike Tenay as the new head of creative/booker. There was no further word on this situation from TNA as of the time of this report

-As if the loss of Mike Tenay right before TNA Bound For Glory wasn't bad enough, the backstage scene takes another hit, as both Jeremy Borash and Bert Prentice have left TNA as well. Rumors suggest that Prentice left simply to pursue another career move, but that Borash was pushed out. Borash and Scott D'Amore have been butting heads over the direction of many things in TNA, and it is believed that the company, and Dixie Carter, backed D'Amore.

-Scott D'Amore's recent removal again from an onscreen role in TNA is said to have been his decision, and backed by Terry Taylor, as with the recent developments in the Team Canada story he believed that he was no longer needed in an onscreen role.

-It is official that TNA and HBO were in talks as recent as last week. Apparently TNA were looking for a 90 minute show. It is said that HBO was only willing to even discuss a sixty minute show, and that the available times that HBO was willing to consider were times that TNA felt would not help them at all. Personally, anytime on any network would help TNA at this point, but that's a personal opinion. Furthermore, HBO were only willing to "order" thirteen episodes upfront, and TNA felt that the entire deal was not something either side could work out.

-The rumors of TNA Bound For Glory taking place somewhere other than Universal in Orlando were entirely false. The show will be in The Impact Zone at Studio 21 as has been the norm for awhile now.

-However the rumors of big names coming in for Bound For Glory remain strong. In fact Bob Woodward has reported that he has it confirmed that Marc Mero and Dustin Rhodes will be in attendance that night, as well as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Bob Ryder has not commented on this as of yet, nor has TNA.

credit: iwc

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I like the show as a whole, overall it felt like it was going somewhere and with the Sabin/Styles match with Sabin trying to save himself for Bound for Glory, only to have Daniels stop that and attack both after the match. However, my gripes about the show have to be this...

- As much as I felt that the Jarrett promo was strong It didn't seem to me like something he would say, Jarrett is usually about himself and had the promo been about HIM losing his job then it would have probably come off better. I also disliked Raven standing right behind Jeff, only for Jarrett to now even know he's there and be clueless the entire time.

- The Raven promo, Raven likes to refer to himself as a human cancer and he also talks a lot about Destruction, death and the fact that people will have to kill the host if they want to stop Raven. Again, the promo didn't come off right in my eyes and had Raven not said anything, nothing would have been lost.

I do like the New Team Canada, but it was unfortunate that they lost, I'm looking for them to be able to get back in the Tag Team Title hunt. I'm glad you didn't, well hope you dont, feud both team Canada's because it would need to be Heel vs. Heel and that just wouldnt work now would it? :P I'm looking forward to where you go with the Bg James/Kip James vs. The Kru feud and the matches, as per usual, are great to read. Good stuff (Y)!

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Excellent backstory. So much detail, so much news and so much fun! The show was good, although I found a few of the matches to be yawn fests. However, everything served a purpose and advanced some storyline so it was all good. It sucks that Bound For Glory is in the Impact! Zone. Every time a PPV emanates from there I see the promotion as third rate. The original PPV TNA had in Alabama was an excellent venue for the show and a venue I think could work for Bound For Glory. Hell, even the TNA Asylum back in Tennessee would be better. I just wish TNA could get out of that closet in Universal and start to make money from ticket revenue!

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Took a while to get through, but I read everything. Really good, heavily detailed..now I see how ya get burnt sometimes.

Overall the storylines progressed well...I just cringed abit during the promos (last show). As someone else mentioned it's hard to picture Jarrett using that type of vocabulary. And as most do not know, Raven is probably my favourite 'new age' (post attidute) characters. Didn't think his promo did him accurate justice at all.

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When I browsed through the Dome this diary caught my eye instantly. So far I am only through the first couple of backstory parts, but you have definately got my interest. The 'stable formation and turn' angle seems to have been a bit over played, but I don't know if that's you booking like you or you booking like TNA. However, the Raven thing is fantastic. It's very Raven-esque and something I'd definately see him doing. I thought the little touch with Sandman and Douglas was great too. The X-Division stuff, the James Gang and the awesome Lynn-Waltman angle, it's all setting this thing up to be a badass story.

I'll be reading.

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I haven't been able to keep up with TNA by downloading their stuff through lack of time, which means I'm not sure exactly what part of this is your own booking, and what part is TNA, so I'm going under the impression that a lot of it is your own doing.

Jerrelle Clark/Waltman/Lynn- Seems to me that you're going for a Clark turn here, but I could be wrong. Just seems like Jerrelle is going to get upset with Lynn constantly backing down from Waltman's challenges. I like this fued though.

Also, finally trying to bring some prestige back to the tag titles, which seems to be lost lately with the constant back and forth between AMW and The Naturals. AMW seemed to have outlasted their usefulness, to me anyway, while the Naturals are just getting their start. It would be good to see some other tag teams in the next little while.

The ECW like main event scene is pretty cool. Never was a fan of Sandman, liked Awesome for awhile and am a big fan of Raven, but then again there aren't many who don't like Raven. His interview did seem slightly off but he didn't say much anyway so it wasn't a big deal.

Also, while most aren't, I'm a fan of Jeff Jarrett as well and I like the route you're trying to take on this one with him standing up to the members of "Black Wednesday" Of course knowing Jarrett, he's mainly looking out for himself and could care less about the rest of the boys.

Enjoyed your old NWA diaries, and am enjoying this one so far. Good job.

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Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Impact Recap for October 14, 2005

Okay here we are for the last TNA Impact taped show on the road to the (self proclaimed) biggest PPV event ever for TNA. Before I get to the recap itself, I want to deal with the reasoning behind TNA only taping up to October 14, not all the way to the 21st right before Bound For Glory.

After Unbreakable TNA announced that the Tuesday tapings were going to feature all the shows up until Bound For Glory, however they ONLY taped five of the six necessary weeks. The net was immediately abuzz with rumors and questions regarding this and the possibility that between then and October 23 TNA would reveal a new television deal. However as we've found out since TNA did not have a new show lined up anywhere. Furthermore we all learned how the SpikeTV deal fell through, as it's been revealed that the deal was all but done until certain names behind the scenes got a little too pushy in their demands, and how TNA didn't think the show being discussed with HBO was worth it. I think damn near everyone on the net about burst a blood vessel when we learned that TNA screwed up not one but TWO potential TV deals. It makes you wonder how this company has survived for three and a half years at all doesn't it?

Well wonder no more. I'm going to save the BIG announcement for the recap itself, but suffice it to say here and now that while the show that aired on The Sunshine Network, Urban America, and TNA's website last night was the last taped show before Bound For Glory, TNA has TWO HOURS of new programming coming our way next week. Yep, one hour airs on Wednesday (Think BLACK Wednesday might finally come to TNA?) and another hour on Friday at the aforementioned regular places. Oh, and next Wednesday's show will be LIVE, and is entitled TNA Showtime.

Didn't I say I was going to wait to reveal this inside the actual recap? Oh well, you know HALF the story, what you don't know is WHERE it's going to air, although that’s a hell of a hint up there. Okay, now onto the big show.

user posted image


Friday October 14, 2005

Airing On The Sunshine Network, Urban America, and on TNA's Website

Announcers: Terry Taylor, Don West, and Jeremy Borash

-The show opens with the graphics, the music, the announcer, and the pyro, before we hear the voices of Terry Taylor, Don West, and the recently released Jeremy Borash. I guess TNA decided to keep him in and not redub the show, which I feel stupid for mentioning now that they cut to the announce table and we SEE Borash. A little hype for the show, then we head to the ring.

-Jerrelle Clark, with Jerry Lynn once again joining the commentary team hyping Jerrelle as the second coming of, well, Jerry Lynn, defeats Shocker in a match that was anything but. After a few months of a seeming push, Shocker has jobbed to damn near everyone since the Impact after No Surrender, while Jerrelle drew the "I Get A Push Out Of Nowhere" straw about five weeks ago and has been on a winning streak. I guess this is the No Surrender rematch, where Jerrelle gets his job back then, huh? Okay match, although to say the crowd was dead for it would be an understatement, even when the black man runs out FROM THE HEEL RAMP and attacks Jerrelle from behind. He’s not real big, but bigger than Jerrelle for sure. He lays the beat down on Jerrelle, and when Shocker tries to help the man that just beat him, we get the arrival of Sean Waltman to stop it. Heel beat down ensues, as on commentary Jerry Lynn decried the attack but doesn’t do a damn thing about it. Don West mentions this, and finally Lynn says he’s seen enough. He rushes into the ring, and the crowd practically orgasms in unison here, and Waltman and his young friend exit the ring and back up the ramp towards the HEEL entranceway. Any takers on Waltman and friend vs. Clark and Shocker for next week?

Match Reaction = 33.6%

Match Quality = 74.0%

Overall Rating = 46.6%

Time = 5 minutes

-After the commercials, or on the website the hype for Bound For Glory, we come back to see Konnan getting the holy hell beaten out of him in the back by the James Gang. Not just BG and Kip, oh no, on the road to the biggest TNA event EVER they bring back the BIG GUNS. Brad, Scott, and Steve Armstrong are laying the beating down too. Konnan is literally just getting killed here, as Taylor and West ask the obvious question, where’s The Truth? Apparently it’s now the 1 Live Kru. Some security show up with Larry Z, and The James Gang eventually walk away and leave the building. Kip is quick to remind Konnan on his way out that they have a Street Fight at BFG and how he hopes he’s 100%.

Overall Rating = 53.1%

Time = 3 minutes

-Another “commercial” break, and we are shown that “During The Break” The James Gang all piled into a car and drove off.

Overall Rating = 50.5%

Time = 1 minutes

-Now we cut to Shane Douglas, and he catches up with Sean Waltman and his African American friend. Shane asks the obvious question of who this guy is, and Waltman informs him, and us, that while we don’t know who he is, Jerrelle Clark sure as hell knows. He then says that Vordell is Sean’s student and his partner for Bound For Glory. Now all we need is for Jerry Lynn to actually agree to wrestle.

Overall Rating = 53.8%

Time = 1 minute

-We get a small recap of last week’s Sabin vs. Styles match where Styles won and Mr. TNA laid them both out afterwards. This is all we need to know for Chris Sabin’s somewhat upset win over Mr. TNA Christopher Daniels. This is a far superior match than what we saw to open the show, and might be the best match of the entire night. Sabin wins with The Future Shock and the clean 1-2-3. Afterwards the groggy Daniels gets to his knees as Sabin’s arm is raised, and Samoa Joe makes his way into the ring. Attack, but that is stopped by AJ Styles rushing in. Before you know it we have a four man free for all in the six sided ring. The four men brawl up the ramp and into the back, as Taylor sends us off to commercials.

Match Reaction = 58.7%

Match Quality = 82.6%

Overall Rating = 74.7%

Time = 10 minutes

-Shane Douglas is in the back with Raven, and before a word can be uttered GORE by Rhino from out of nowhere sending Raven into the wall behind them. The sound of Raven smacking into the wall is sickening. Rhino gets to his feet as Douglas calls for help and Rhino just walks off without a word. Douglas is still calling for medics, as the camera gets the shot of Raven slumped on the floor, and the bloody stain going down the wall from what I would guess was his head. It’s kind of unclear, but that’s my best guess.

Overall Rating = 75.6%

Time = 2 minutes

-We go to the ring, and Chad Collyer makes his TNA return as he stands waiting. Rhino’s music starts and he races down the ramp and slides into the ring. Collyer, who the ever helpful Terry Taylor reminds us was a member of Planet Jarrett as was Rhino once upon a time, tries to get the upper hand. He fails. Rhino with the Gore after an unsuccessful attempt by Collyer to not job out. Rhino then waits, as Referee Andrew Thomas helps Collyer to his feet, then he Gore’s them both after the match. Rhino then walks off towards the back.

Match Reaction = 56.4%

Match Quality = 80.6%

Overall Rating = 64.4%

Time = 6 minutes

-Commercials ensue and afterwards we return to an odd scene. Larry Z is in an empty arena with the lights dimmed sitting next to The Franchise in the first row of bleacher seats. By empty I mean EMPTY. No ring, no fans, no nothing. It’s EMPTY. Obviously this was taped sometime more recent than the Impact taping over a month ago methinks. Why do I think this? Because for the remainder of the show The Franchise was clean shaven, whereas here he’s sporting a pretty good beard. Anyways, Larry Z runs down the card thus far for us at Bound For Glory. For the record it looks like this:

-NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Raven© vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Rhino

-NWA Ultimate X Match: Samoa Joe © vs. AJ Styles vs. Chris Sabin vs. Christopher Daniels

-NWA Tag Team Title Match: The Naturals© vs. America’s Most Wanted

-Street Fight: The James Gang vs. 3 Live Kru

-X Division 10 Man Battle Royal

-Sean Waltman and Vordell vs. Jerrelle Clark and ??

Afterwards Douglas asks the DOA if he’s ready to make the big announcement. Larry Z smiles and says that Bound For Glory is going to be huge, and he promises the return and debut of a number of big names, but before that TNA is going to finally make the announcement official. Starting next Wednesday, and every Wednesday from now on, TNA will be on Showtime. That’s right, to hell with SpikeTV, TBS, TNT, FX, FSN, and HBO, TNA struck a deal with Showtime. The show, TNA Showtime as I said earlier, will air LIVE on Showtime at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, and will be the biggest thing TNA has ever done. Until Bound For Glory that is. Larry Z even gives us one half of the big Main Event for next week, as he announces that Sting and DDP will team up against…but that would be telling he says. He tells the fans to check the website out starting Monday to learn who they will be facing. My guess is that TNA hasn’t decided yet or hasn’t finalized a deal yet, one or the other. Anyways, The Franchise goes ape shit for this, then begs Larry Z to give away the surprise now. Larry is mum, but he DOES say that next Wednesday won’t be a “Black Wednesday” for TNA, but the brightest day in their history. Oh, and as if this veiled and mysterious Main Event wasn’t enough, he says, we’ll also get to see Jeff Jarrett one on one with Rhino as a prelude to the Triple Threat Main Event for Bound For Glory. So there ya go, TNA Showtime on Showtime returns TNA to weekly television, albeit a subscription channel. Larry and The Franchise make sure to remind the fans of that fact, as they tell everyone to call their local cable or satellite providers to order the station now. By the by, rumor says that TNA is going to be offering the shows free on their website three weeks after they air live on Showtime. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it’s JUST a rumor so far.

Overall Rating = 76.9%

Time = 5 minutes

-Commercials again followed by the suddenly clean shaven Franchise with The Truth. Killings says he got a late flight, but he’s here now and he’s going to get him some revenge for what happened to K-Dawg earlier tonight. How, you ask? Why, by making his match later tonight against the James Gang lackey and “boy”, his word not mine, Monty Brown a Street Fight to prepare for Bound For Glory.

Overall Rating = 84.1%

Time = 2 minutes

-As The Truth walks off, the camera catches Cassidy and Batts, you know The New Flock, leading Abyss(?!?!?) through a door. The door closes, but Taylor, West, and Borash are sure to make much of this, even reminding us that the last time anyone saw Abyss was back in August when he lost to Cassidy and Batts then Black Hole Slammed his manager James Mitchell. They cared, I care, but man oh man the fans didn’t.

Overall Rating = 33.9%

Time = 1 minutes

-We cut to the ring and Monty Brown makes his way out of the HEEL entrance. He gets about ten steps and he’s blindsided by Killings. Thus the Street Fight begins. It’s pretty tame for a street fight, as we get no weapons just these two fighting in the fans and around the ring. For the record, they never once step foot inside the ring. Monty Brown gets the Pounce and the 1-2-3 after Killings takes one too many shots to the head with, well, the arena. Brown then yells out how Truth isn’t going to make it to Bound For Glory either, as he continues the assault. Thankfully for Killings, Konnan makes the end of show save, rushing from the back bloody with a shotgun and fucking blows Monty away.

Nahhhhh. He runs down and hits his three moves after he nails Monty with a chair a few times. The show ends with Konnan’s bloody face looking awfully pissed.

Match Reaction = 65.4%

Match Quality = 64.6%

Overall Rating = 65.9%

Time = 10 minutes

So that’s that for this week’s Impact.

Final Grade: 62.5%

Now, let the speculation begin as to who’s going to be at TNA Showtime next week.



Okay, this is my attempt to try something a little different here and try to get results up quicker as well as not burn myself out. The PPV's will be my classic format, but this is what I'm leaning towards for the TV shows. Any thoughts?

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TGC, I like your new format, however, can you please title the matches?? Instead of just going "we cut to the ring where Chad Collyer is waitng......." Me thinks it would be more pleasnat on the eyes if you went "Chad Collyer vs. Rhino.....We cut to the ring where Chad Collyer is waiting......"

I've mentioned this before, I am a HUGE fan of the Florida independent scene, and like where you are going with Jerrelle Clark. When you said a black man helped Waltman, I was really hoping for "The Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews, but Vordell Walker will do.

YES!!!!!! Brad Armstrong is back!!!!!!! I always felt he was the most talented, yet underrated Armstrong(James). Just don't turn him into Badstreet. Push Brad to the moon!!!!!!!

I see the new flock(Cassidy and Batts) helping Raven when at BFG.

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Your new format stops TGC getting burned out? It's damn fine as me. I want to see this and future diaries of yours last so whatever works. Your booking is what I want to see on a long term basis, not how long you can make an Impact.

Edited by Michael
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I like the new format. Not only does it save you from burning out but it also saves ME from burning out. It's just as hard to grind through a huge show of yours as it is to write it. Well, maybe not as hard but it isn't a walk in the park. I like the main-event scene and the Jerrell Clark push. Now if only I could get Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles for the X Title in either six sides of steel or a ladder match. Great work so far, i'm enjoying this more then any of your other diary efforts to date.

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user posted image

Total NonStop Action Wrestling News And Rumors

-TNA made it official as to who DDP and Sting will be wrestling in the Main Event of the inaugaural edition of TNA Showtime! on their website when they listed the names that the fans can vote for. Pick any two wrestlers and the two top vote getters will team together to face the former WCW World Champions. The names listed are:



Jeff Jarrett


BG James

Kip Winchester


AJ Styles

Christopher Daniels

Alex Shelley

Matt Bentley

Samoa Joe

Chris Sabin


Jerrelle Clarke

Sean Waltman


Roderick Strong


"The Truth" Ron Killings

Monty Brown

Lance Hoyt

Chris Harris

James Storm

Andy Douglas

Chase Stevens

Eric Young

Bobby Roode

The Amazing Red



Johnny Divine




Petey Williams

Mike Awesome

It's not their entire roster, but it's damn close. Eagle eyed readers will note a few names that haven't been on TV for a few months, as well as another name that we all thought was gone from TNA for good. I wanted to vote Red and Sharky just because that has the potential to be the oddest match of all time, but didn't.

-Abyss returned to TNA for the first time in months at the last Impact!. Apparently the segement was filmed in August before Abyss left TNA to tour Japan. He's on the list above and is expected back for Showtime!

-Lance Hoyt, who was injured during a tour of Japan himself, is also back on the healthy list and will be at Showtime! this Wednesday. It'll be interesting to see if Hoytamania is still running wild two plus months after his last appearance.

-You all read about Mike Awesome being at Raw and Smackdown this past week for dark matches, and it's been revealed that his match at the Smackdown taping against Batista will be aired this Thursday. Apparently he is still in good graces with TNA, and is still scheduled to appear at Bound For Glory. Weeks ago TNA was promoting Awesome vs. Monty Brown for the PPV, but pulled that awhile back. Sources say that it's back on, but slightly modified, and will be announced this week at either Showtime! or Impact!

-Finally, the rumors about the names being scheduled to appear at both Bound For Glory and Showtime! are huge. TNA has pulled out all the stops for this giant week, which includes a fan festival on Saturday, as well as the live Showtime! taping and the Impact! taping to immediately follow. TNA is stating that this is the biggest week they have ever delivered to fans, and they are pulling out all the stops to make it look like it.

That's it for now.

In response to Steve Corino's comments below, please feel free to vote in whatever method you choose if you indeed wish to vote.


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user posted image

TNA Showtime! for October 19, 2005

Okay, so once again I need to deal with internet rumors before we get to the meat of the recap. Last week’s Impact! Show was edited prior to airing, and word leaked to the net about it. What was edited out? Well in case you didn’t hear, and I don’t know HOW you didn’t hear, the actual Main Event of the night was Jeff Jarrett vs. Apolo, where Jarrett won the match, but afterwards Rhino, who had laid out Raven backstage and beaten Chad Collyer earlier in the night, Gored Jarrett. No reason for any of that to find it’s way on the cutting room floor right? Well, another segment was also edited, and it featured Apolo and Sonny Siaki. Siaki apologized to his partner for not being there for him the week prior when Simon’s Diamond’s In the Rough cheated Apolo, but said that he was in meetings in Hollywood. Siaki was quite cocky, dressed like The Rock, and was referring to himself in the third person. Apolo was peeved, but Siaki promised he’d not only have his back later in the night, but that he also had a couple of surprises for Apolo. This led to the not shown Main Event. One surprise was that Desire was back in TNA, and was the new manager of Island Boys. The second surprise was that she and Siaki turned on Apolo, cost him the match, and joined Planet Jarrett. They walked off, as Jarrett celebrated right before his attack by Rhino. Siaki ran back down to the ring, and bam was Gored too. The fans apparently loved it, and it was a set up for Siaki vs. Apolo for Bound For Glory.

So why edit both segments out? Because Siaki and Desire left TNA the week prior to the final Impact! taping taking place. Word has it that Siaki, whose contract was up, was offered a lucrative deal with another fed, although what fed that is has yet to revealed. Okay, so why not just edit Siaki out as many internet folks have been asking? Or better yet, why not just go with the segments and bury Siaki on this week’s shows? According to Bill Banks in his column on TNAwrestling.com, the decision was one made by the booking committee. Why hype a major turn and a match that will not happen, are their collective thoughts. In a way I tend to agree. Either way, the rumors/opinions of net people that Jarrett pulled the match because it made him look weak are apparently false.

Oh, and Trytan has been released from TNA for undisclosed reasons. My guess, someone FINALLY realized how badly he sucks, and that he was the one person bringing down Simon’s Diamonds In The Rough. Now they REALLY need to add another member or two to that group, as Simon Diamond and David Young does not a stable make.

Okay, on to the debut of TNA Showtime!

user posted image

TNA Showtime!

Wednesday October 19, 2005

Airing On Showtime

Announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West


The show starts inside a darkened room. One candle is lit and we see a figure standing there. I have the transcript of what he says, as it’s pretty short and easy to copy for you.

Man: It’s a new beginning for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and what would new beginning’s be without a nice little blast from the past to stop by and say hi. Tonight, TNA debuts on Showtime, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start the show than to say…

As he spoke a few more candles were lit, then he takes one of the candles and puts it right below his face, revealing who he is.


He blows the candles out, the TNA logo hurtles to the screen, followed by an explosion and the new TNA Showtime logo takes it’s place. We cut to the ring where Don West is standing. Even though this is Studio 21 at Universal Studios, we get a set that, while reminiscent of the Impact! set is slightly different. West welcomes us all to the debut show, then says that with a new show comes a few changes. He says this is a rebirth for TNA, and while everyone might have heard that there have been all kinds of things happening leading up to the show, the one thing he knows NOBODY heard was the announcement of his new partner on commentary. He says he couldn’t be happier to be the one to welcome the heart and soul of TNA back to TNA. With that the fans cheer and Mike Tenay walks down the ramp from the back. A HUGE welcome back chant erupts, as Mike gets in the ring, hugs Don, takes the mic, and says after three and a half years of struggling and trying to make it big with TNA there is no way he could miss this. He says he’s back, for good, and that this show isn’t about him, but about all of the fans and all of the wrestlers in the back, so with that he says he’s handing the mic to the new TNA Ring Announcer for the first Total Nonstop Action match in Showtime history.

Overall Rating = 78.5%

Time = 2 minutes

Alex Shelley and Matt Bentley (with Traci) vs. L.A. Park and Sharkboy

So it’s a bizarre match, in my opinion, to start off this new era/rebirth with, but it was quite enjoyable. Traci led her charges down to the ring, kissing on Bentley and pretty much ignoring Shelley, while Sharky and Parka, no matter what TNA calls him he’s La Parka to me, stand and watch. The match itself is very fast paced, very back and forth, and very funny. Sharky has Bentley, when Alex Shelley runs into the ring. Shelley gets his ass bitten for the run in, which brings Traci on the apron. Parka drops off the apron, looks at Sharky, who nods, and proceeds to bite Traci’s ass. Good pop for that, bigger pop for the fact that he lifted her skirt to do so revealing her thong and ass. Hey, I guess we ARE on Pay Cable now. Bentley slid to the floor and grabbed the chair that the Chairman brought down with him, and whacks Parka in the back of the head with it while the ref isn’t looking. Shelley looks pissed on the apron, as we end the match with Bentley hitting his Superkick on Sharky, putting his feet on the ropes, and Traci holding his feet for even extra leverage. The fans boo, Sharky is thrown to the floor by Parka, and Shelley is pissed. He argues with Bentley and Traci, saying that they didn’t NEED to win like that. Eventually he walks off to the back alone. Traci and Bentley share a passionate kiss before walking off also. So, even though we don’t see Shelley and Bentley much, when we do see them they are fighting. I hope this isn’t the prelude to a Tag Team break-up, as we’ve already lost Island Boys. Oh wait, that was no real loss at all was it. Never mind.

Shelley and Bentley by Pinfall

Match Reaction = 52.5%

Match Quality = 74.9%

Overall Rating = 67.5%

Time = 8 minutes

Quote The Raven

We cut to the back where Raven is all alone seated at the top of some staircase. The NWA World Heavyweight Title is at his feet. It’s short and sweet, but Raven talks about the infection that Jarrett is in TNA, and how now the infection is infected with a worse infection in Rhino. Uhhh, okay then. Finish it all off with Raven being the cancer that will destroy the infections at Bound For Glory. That was bizarre, but the fans ate it up as their cheers could be heard.

Overall Rating = 81.7%

Time = 3 minutes


Mike Awesome walks from the back to some mild cheers and gets in the ring where he is handed a mic. Oh dear god no. He says that anyone who knows anything knows that he wrestled for the WWE recently, and did a damn good job of it. He says that TNA seems to have a bit of a problem with it, forcing him here tonight and enforcing his “contract” that he has with TNA. He says he’s bigger than TNA, and he’s bigger than Monty Brown, but since TNA wants to force him to wrestle Monty at Bound For Glory he will show us and them what he plans to do there. He drops the mic and Lance Hoyt comes from the back with Jimmy Hart in tow. Hoytamania returns to TNA…and the fans don’t seem to care. I guess his two month injury and removal from TV has hurt him a bit. Awesome lays down in the ring, as Hart is asking what’s up and Hoyt looks pissed. Awesome is telling Hoyt to pin him, to get it over with, while Hart is telling Hoyt not like this. Then the lights go out. Remember those returns Larry Z promised us for the debut of TNA Showtime!? Well this segment gives us Awesome, Hoyt, and now when the lights come back on The Sandman. He canes the shit out of Hoyt, and then tries to cane Awesome, who rolls to the floor looking shocked. He’s mouthing that he got rid of Sandman last month and he can’t be here as he basically rushes to the back. I wonder if this affects the rumored but never confirmed until tonight Awesome vs. Monty match at the PPV?

Overall Rating = 66.2%

Time = 5 minutes

The New Flock Cometh

Shane Douglas is standing by a doorway as it opens up. Cassidy and Mikey lead Abyss from the dungeons of the studio, and The Franchise is quick to ask the question as to why Abyss is with Cassidy and Mikey, since last time we saw him he was defeated by them. Cassidy says that Abyss was all alone in the dungeons of this place, hurting and afraid. Cassidy says that Abyss is a monster, but a misunderstood monster. Mikey says that Cassidy convinced him that Abyss, another victim of Raven, was the perfect candidate to join The New Flock. Cassidy then says that Abyss is their friend, and that they all understand each other. He ends it by saying that Raven will accept Abyss too, and walks off, as Douglas mentions that Raven hasn’t accepted THEM yet.

Overall Rating = 51.9%

Time = 3 minutes

Abyss (with Cassidy and Mikey) vs. David Young (with Simon Diamond)

Simon is in the ring, saying that his problem is that Simon’s Diamonds In The Rough is small since Trytan failed him. He says he’s going to fix that problem very soon. Cassidy and Mikey lead Abyss out, and before you know it Abyss has Black Hole Slammed Young and won this very short squash. Cassidy and Mikey get in the ring where Cassidy places the chain around Abyss’ neck, as the lighting turns red, eerie music begins, and some sinister laughing can be heard. As The New Flock check the ramp, Slash, and The Disciples Of Destruction, Ron and Don, hit the ring from behind them and lay them all out. It’s kind of impressive to see an H Bomb on Abyss. The threesome exit the ring, leaving The New Flock down, as James Mitchell walks out of the back with a mic and stands by, what he calls, the return of The New Church. He says he promised Abyss that he would come back with someone who would destroy Abyss, and this, he says, is just the first part of a much larger game. Intriguing.

Abyss by Pinfall

Match Reaction = 35.8%

Match Quality = 66.8%

Overall Rating = 47.6%

Time = 5 minutes

An Awesome Match Signed

Shane Douglas is outside an office door, and Mike Awesome comes out, slamming the door. The Franchise asks what was going on in there, and Awesome says that he just got told that he’s facing Monty Brown, Lance Hoyt, and The Sandman in a match at Bound For Glory The Franchise says that match sounds great, but Awesome says that it’s complete bullshit. No bleeping either. Then Awesome walks off. I wonder if they will remember that The Sandman disrespected the hell out of Douglas before he was “fired” from the company last month?

Overall Rating = 55.7%

Time = 2 minutes

Jeff Jarrett vs. Rhino

Tenay tells us that this is one of two huge Main Events for the debut here tonight as both men come down and the match starts right off. We get about four minutes of action, before Rhino accidentally Gores the ref, Andrew Thomas. The action spills to the floor, and soon enough we have Raven out there laying into both men. Rhino winds up Goring Jarrett into the side of the ring, and eats an Evenflow right after on the floor. Raven rolls Jarrett into the ring and backs up the ramp as the fans cheer. Thomas wakes up, sees Rhino on the floor out cold, does the ten count, and Jarrett gets the count out victory over Rhino. Perhaps not the most satisfying ending to the match, but it was kind of fun.

Jeff Jarrett by count out

Match Reaction = 76.0%

Match Quality = 76.3%

Overall Rating = 71.9%

Time = 7 minutes

And The Fans Picked...?

Terry Taylor is in the ring and he says he has the results of the fan voting online to see who would face Sting and Diamond Dallas Page here tonight in the Main Event. He says that the two are AJ Styles and Mr. TNA Christopher Daniels. AJ’s music hits and he walks to the ring first. Next, from the heel ramp, comes Daniels. They stand nose to nose in the ring, as Taylor asks for comments. Daniels says that the TNA fans are a bunch of morons, thinking that the two of them, set to meet at Bound For Glory in the Ultimate X Match for Samoa Joe’s X Title, can tag tonight. Style’s says that they can and they will, to give the fans the best match they can. Daniels laughs, and says that he doesn’t need Styles to beat to old washed up people like DDP and Sting. He tells Styles to go sit by Tenay and watch to see how he’s the absolute best and is Mr. TNA. Styles shakes his head, and Daniels kicks Style’s low. Styles is then nailed with The Angel’s Wings, as Taylor scrambles from the ring, then Daniels hits The BME. He tosses Styles to the floor as Sting’s music hits and he and DDP comes rushing to the ring. Ref Rudy Charles gets things situated, as Taylor helps Styles to the back, and the match is underway, and it’s a Handicap Match. Mr. TNA and DDP start out, and it’s not exactly a great match. Oh, the fans are into it, but it’s ugly. Sting is tagged in, and it gets a little better, but not by much. About seven minutes in AJ comes back out, to a huge pop, and gets on the apron. Sting tags DDP in again, and the two exchange blows. Daniels rushes Sting and knocks him off the apron, then AJ tags himself in blindly. Styles tosses Daniels over the rope to the floor and he and DDP go at it, ending with AJ hitting a Hurricanrana on DDP. Daniels nails Styles with a chair, that Ref Charles misses, and then hits The Angels Wings AGAIN. He puts DDP’s arm over Styles and walks off, laying some boots to Sting on the floor on the out as DDP gets the 1-2-3 to win. Daniels stands at the top of the ramp smiling as he and Sting lock eyes.

DDP and Sting by pinfall

Overall Rating = 69.4%

Time = 5 minutes

Match Reaction = 75.1%

Match Quality = 75.3%

Overall Rating = 78.5%

Time = 8 minutes

Black Wednesday Has Come To TNA

After a short hype video for Bound For Glory, Larry Z is in the ring. He says that we’ve all seen the videos about Black Wednesday, and that whether Jeff Jarrett likes it or not, Black Wednesday HAS hit TNA. The fans cheer as Larry Z smiles, and welcomes Black Wednesday out. Some music hits and the first out is Maven. He gets some cheers, and some boos. Next out is Mark Jindrak, who gets a smallish reaction. He is followed by Matt Morgan, who gets a reaction a little bigger than Jindrak, but not by much. Next comes Charlie Haas, and he gets a great reception from the fans. Finally some music hits that sounds vaguely familiar, and Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley come out to a HUGE reaction. All six are in the ring with Larry Z, and as Larry welcomes them Jarrett’s music hits. He has his guitar in hand, takes off his sunglasses, and looks absolutely pissed as he storms to the ring. He is handed a mic and says that this is bullshit and that he KNEW it was happening. He tells “the boys in the back” that they had their chance to stop this from happening, but that now it’s too late, and that these six, and god only knows how many more, are here. Charlie Haas steps forward and says that they all lost their jobs in the WWE on the same day, and that that’s all they have in common, and that they are not here to take anyone else’s jobs. Jarrett smirks and says that he doesn’t think they all have that in common. At this point Bubba Ray grabs Jindrak by the arm and Short Arm Clotheslines him to the mat, D-Von kicks Morgan below the belt, Jarrett smashes the guitar over Haas’ head, and then The Dudley’s 3-D Morgan to a huge amount of heat from the fans. Maven, who quickly rolled to the floor to avoid being killed, stands by Larry Z, who asks him if he’s going to do something. Maven, looking worried, half runs to the back. Bubba Ray grabs the mic and says that he and D-Von have NOTHING in common with these jobbers. He says they weren’t fired from the WWE, they chose not to renegotiate their contracts, and that they don’t belong lumped in with a bunch of guys who couldn’t get over in WWE no matter what. D-Von takes the mic and says that they may be here in TNA, but it’s not to join Black Wednesday, it’s to do the one thing they’ve never done yet in their career, and that’s win the NWA World Tag Team Titles. Finally Jarrett raises their arms high, and welcomes them to Planet Jarrett, saying it’s THEIR time to shine. This ends the show as Tenay and West are screaming and Larry Z looks absolutely livid.

Overall Rating = 67.2%

Time = 3 minutes

Overall Rating = 75.4%

Time = 3 minutes

For a debut show it had a lot of weak moments sadly. Still, the debut of Black Wednesday, and the heel turns of The Dudley’s was pretty decent. The final grade is 57.5%. Hopefully Impact! is better and continues the build to Bound For Glory


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