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Slipknot acoustics?


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Going to be insanely difficult to find it, but Corey did an awesome version of Bother a few years ago at Birmingham Academy. It was great because about halfway through he went into Metallica's "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)." Like I said though, you'd be hard-pressed to find it online.

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Getting stuff at Subculture is hard, let alone at gigs at the academy. Some kid stole a shirt right out my hand at Subs once. It was free, and I got it first. :( Elviss ALWAYS suck dick. Murderdolls were good when I saw them. Never managed to catch Stone Sour, though.

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This isn't really related, but since the topic is about Slipknot I figure I'd post it here.

My school has this yearly Literary Art magazine where people submit pictures and poetry to have them published. Well this one kid submitted 3 different poems, I forget the names of the first two poems I saw in it, but the third stuck out at me a little. It was titled "Vermillion". I assumed just a coincidence, but then upon further examination I saw this:

She is everything to me

The unrequieted dream

the song that no one sings

The unattainable.

Now, I haven't really listened to Slipknot in years, and since this was off their newest album if I recall I hadn't really heard it. However, I knew I heard those words somewhere in a song, then I remembered Slipknot's "Vermillion" was one of their more famous songs and so I got on the internet and looked up lyrics. Other people noticed too and noticed his other 2 poems were also songs. They had to recall the books a few days later after realizing that he had, in fact, plagiarized.

And to help with your question, my friend Kevin is the world's biggest Stone Sour fan and "Bother" is practically his favorite song. I know it's been mentioned, but check that song out live as there are some great performances of it.

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