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I'll admit, reality TV is out of hand. There are a few shows that I like, but for the most part I'm not a fan of the genre. Last season, I started watching the reality show "Dog: The Bounty Hunter" which I slowly went from liking to loving. Now, A&E introduced two shows to follow it on Wednesday, "Inked" and "Criss Angel: Mindfreak". Inked is a show based on pro dirt biker Carey Hart's tattoo shop, the first ever inside a casino in Vegas, and the people that work there. At first, I thought I'd hate this show for some reason, but after 4 episodes, I love it. Along with "Dog" it's my favorite show on TV right now. It's only been two weeks (two episodes each week) and already starting to get emotionally connected to some of the people on the show. Mindfreak is pretty badass too. It's based on the magic and illusion tricks/stunts of Criss Angel. He's like a hardcore David Blaine. Some of the shit he pulls off is pretty nuts. He did this stunt called the human candle were he lit himself on fire for 40 seconds, walking around while a huge crowd of people watched. Then he dove into the ground, guys come out with extinguishers and put him out and in a split second within hitting the ground one of the guys who put him out pulls off his hood.... and it's Criss... It was nuts.

The also have some other cool reality shows, like Intervention, which is truly a gripping show about people who have a sickening addiction to something, drugs, alcohol, even video games, and their family and friends get together for a surprise intervention to help them. It's a really good show, IMO. I even enjoy Growing Up Gotti, which is based on the everyday life of John Gotti's daughter Victoria, her three sons, and a host of others. At first I thought it was kinda stupid, but I often watch this while Raw plays silently in double screen... and it's actually more entertaining then Raw is 80% of the time. It has some hilarious moments.

IMO, reality shows they way they should be. Short, simple, no overdone competition elements, nothing shoved down the throat forcefully. Good stuff. I'm addicted to these shows.

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Airline really sucks because it's the same story every week. Drunk guy gets upset because he won't be boarded. Idiot person misses flight. Bitchy women lies about something she did. At least Airport (BBC) was interesting.

That being said, my favourite reality-doco shows are 30 Days, Airport, Ramsay's Boiling Point, Boys Alone and Back To The Floor.

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I like Dog too, but on other stations I have also started some odd shows that I never thought I could, like Princes Of Malibu and Minding The Store. All of them are shows that look just horrible in theory, but when you watch them, there's just something about them.

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Dog is my absolute favorite show ever, besides Conan. The whole of Da Kine is just awesome.

EDIT- The episode of Dog that was on this week, with Elli was really good, one of my favorites. And I hope they keep the 2 hour marathons on Tuesdays.

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I think most of the things mentioned here are Documentarys. The phrase Reality Show is now used in a completely ironic twist of fate to definethings like Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity, The Farm, and all that stuff.

But yeah, I'm a big fan of a few Reality-Documentary-Whatevers as well.

Bad Lads Army starts again tonight, that is gonna be fantastic, and I like to catch as many episodes of Faking It as I possibly can.

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