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Ipod (Mini) Questions..


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Yeah, so I'm finally going to grab myself an Ipod Mini, but have some questions:

1) I have Windows 98. Will this prevent me from doing anything or give me problems except not being able to use Itunes?

2) What comes with the Ipod mini? The ipod, charger, USB cable? Anything else?

3) Whats the best accessory you recommend.

4) I'm from Canada. $249 is the lowest price I've seen for the 4GB one.

5) Anyone from Canada buy an Ipod from Walmart? They usually have the cheaper prices.

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Well, if you have Winamp there is an plug-in called ml_iPod which you can use to transfer music back and forth on the iPod. Personally, I don't recommend it as it fucked up my iPod. After I used ml_iPod, I used iTunes and it started to re-load all of my songs to my iPod. It probably was either my iPod or my PC. You could try it, but I really would'nt recommend it. Either way, I recommend you stick with iTunes. It's pretty much your safest best bet for the iPod.

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To answer your other Q's, when Apple started cutting the price of the iPod range around a year or so ago they took bundled items out to compensate so now i'd be suprised if you got anything more than the player, headphones, USB cable and charger.

What kind of accesory are you after? Whatever it is www.ilounge.com review a large selection of accesories so i'm sure you can find a good one.

Just to talk generally here you might want to wait a while before purchasing. I don't know how urgent you are for one but there is talk of the Mini gaining a colour screen like the rest of the iPod range just has. That's expected around October time. Along with that I read that the HD on the mini might be upgraded, I presume it would be to 8gb as the 1G and 2G Mini's are 4 and 6gb respectively, with the 4GB model being removed from the range. I think the one you are intending to buy is the 2G which would then become the lowest capacity Mini. That leads me to wonder if it will take on the 1G's price tag. If it does and you wait till then it will lead to you getting the same thing but with a colour screen, possible other improvements such as battery life yet at a cheaper price. If you still wanted to spend the same money as now you might be able to get an 8GB version. Now this is just guesswork really but if you can wait you might find it beneficial.

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