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Rat Race


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Just come to Warehouse 15 in Bayside, California for more information.

10 Invites like this went out to 10 different wrestlers across the nation. Cade Sydal was no doubt surprised when he saw this in his mailbox. I mean besides the EWB community, no one else really knew him. Cade was definitely NOT going to pass this up so he made the trek to Bayside, California.

When Cade got to Warehouse 15 in Bayside, California He saw no ring, but he did see 9 other wrestlers, Eric Angle, Excalibur, Hulk Hogan, Lamont (AKA: APA's Butler, The Detective and a magnitude of other small roles on WWE TV) Paul London, Spike Dudley, Steve Austin, Tito Ortiz and Dr. Cube (of Kaiju Big Battel fame). Like Cade, they all had puzzled looks on their faces. Then, a man came out one of the doors.

The Man: Ahhh... It seems everyone is here... get the stuff Bruno

A large man came out holding 10 little boxes.

Hogan: What's the meaning of this, brother? I mean You tell us that this will be the... what was it...

Dudley: The Wrestling Event of the Century.

Don't Interrupt me little man! You tell us that this will be the The Wrestling Event of the Century, but there is no ring! There better be a large paycheck for this brother! Because if there isn't, Hulkamania is gonna run-

Please relax Mr. Hogan, Allow me to explain, I am Ed Pittsingworth, I inherited a large sum of money after my grandparents, parents, step-parents, brothers and sisters, all died in a plane crash going to Fiji. I on the other hand, was stuck working at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, after I got this money, I wanted to give 10 Million U.S Dollars away to someone less fortunate. I have been a wrestling fan all my life and I decided I wanted to give it to a wrestler who may need the money

Paul London: How does Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin need the money? They're international icons.

Ahh... Well you see Mr. London, I called you all here for different reasons, Some I called you here because you got fired by the WWE and want to get back into A spotlight.

*Ed looks at Hogan and Austin*

Some of you are stuck in the WWE's lower midcards.

*looks at London and Spike*

Some of you are stuck in OVW and are only called up to be in the WWE to have a role of a butler, or a detective, or someone with an Afro.

*looks at Lamont*

Some of you want to get out of a family member's shadow.

*Looks at Eric Angle*

Some of you are Shoot Fighters but want something more than just that.

*Looks at Tito Ortiz*

Some of you made a name for yourselves in Southern California, but want to get more.

*looks at Excalibur*

Some of you are complete unknowns outside a Wrestling Message board called EWB.

*looks at Cade*

And some of you... Well, lets face it, who the hell knows.

*looks at Dr. Cube*

Excalibur: Let me get this straight, you are just going to give money to us? If that was it why didn't you just mail it to us instead of having us come to here?

Good question Excalibur, I'm not going to just give you the money, it's going to be a competition for it. You see, on the other side of the nation, in a locker at a high school in Mars Hill, Maine. The first one of you to get to it, wins and gets the money. But there is a catch, since you are all wrestlers, if you pin someone, they must stay in that city for 12 hours.

*Bruno hands the boxes out to all the wrestlers*

Now... In those boxes are three things, 1) A special PDA that allows me to see how you are doing and makes the three count when you pin someone, 2) a wallet that contains $1,300 starter money, and 3) most importantly, the Key that opens the locker.

Now, if there aren't anymore questions, I will take all of you, one at a time, to randomly pick your starting vehicles They range from Sports Cars to Junkers. Now if you'll all wait here, I'll take Mr. Sydal first to pick his vehicle. After you all have you're vehicles, I'll fire a gun and that will start this Rat Race.



OOC: This was an Idea that I have had for a long time, I finally decided to make it into a reality. Hopefully, this WILL have an end. A couple of things, First, Don't expect the matches to be anything great, because they are pretty much facing each other on the street so the matches can't be too long. Second, You might notice that the wrestlers move across the country mighty fast. That is because I don't know too much info about some places, therefore I don't want to spend a lot of time in that state. Sit back and enjoy.

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Dr. Cube + Lamont + Terrible Movie Concept = Potential Diary Gold.

This entire diary is resting on your portrayal of Dr. Cube. I hope you realise that :P

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Interesting. I actually liked Rat Race, so this is right up my alley when it comes to things I would enjoy. You need to have London enlist Spanky-sama and Cube bring his posse into the mix, though. Dr. Cube should win, for he is of the awesome.

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Wow, there are sure lots of movie rip diaries going on here...but...this diary seems like quite a good one, and I'll see who gets to the locker, along wiht the rest of the diary, of course.

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OOC: It's not dead!!!!!

I have had all day Tae Kwon Do these last 4 weeks. But after this week I am free to work on it!

I have already started on the picking of the vehicles. In fact I already have Cade Sydal's pick all done. And I'm almost done Spike Dudley's.

I have decided to post each Vehicle selection seprately, That way I can post during this week. So without further Adu here is Cade Sydal's random choosing of a vehicle!



Bruno and Ed led Cade Sydal down a hall to a lotto ball machine, Cade took a ping pong ball out of the machine, the ball had a 6 on it, Bruno then took Cade down another hall.

As Cade was walking, he thought to himself: What would he do with 10 million?

Cade: Well if I had 10 mil. I would first go marry J'Lo to prove SeanDMan wrong, then, J'Lo would have to bring me to all the award shows she goes to, that will get my face on TV, I get nationwide, possibly even GLOBAL fame, so then a big wrestling promotion would HAVE to hire me!

Bruno stopped at a door that had a big 6 on it, Cade opened it to find...

user posted image


Cade: Sweeeeeeeet!

Cade didn't care if he won the contest or not... he is going to be crusing across country in a Dodge Viper! Cade got into the car and heard the door close and lock behind him.


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Spike had no idea what he was going to do with the money. He had a thought of starting up a new ECW type promotion. Just so he can stop being a Cruiserweight Jobber on Velocity. Spike took his number and followed Bruno to the door. Inside was:

user posted image


OK so the last person you expect driving a Pink Caddy would be Spike Dudley. But Spike wasn't complaining. Until he got inside and found out that the only Cassettes inside was old 60s music and the Radio didn't work. And there was somthing sticky on the passenger seat...


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Steve Austin was called and Bruno led Austin down the hallway to pick his number and door. He was wearing an Austin 3:16 T-Shirt and Jeans.

Steve thought, that if he got the money, he open up a bar. In Texas of course.

Steve opened his door and behind it was...

Steve: You have got to be fucking kidding me. Is this some sort of sick joke? *Points to Bruno* Are you behind this? I bet you are. Well you can go to hell...

With that he went to kick Bruno in the gut for a Stunner, but Bruno caught it and over a loud speaker he heard Ed Pittsingworth's voice.

Steve you can eaither take the car or you can leave this compitition and all 10 million dollars.

Steve was no dummy. After Bruno let go of his foot. He mumbled somthing and put his bags (Which 87% of was taken up by a cooler which had many 6 packs in it) into his new:

user posted image

VW Beetle!


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Next called was Hulk Hogan. He was wearing a sleeveless Hulkamania shirt with yellow jeans. That's right yellow.

As Bruno led Hogan down the hall, Hogan already knew what he would do with the money. Be a movie star Perhaps even be a director at one point. I'm sure many people around the world are cringing at that very thought.

Any way Bruno opened the door and hogan saw...

user posted image


Hogan: Are you on drugs brother? Hogan is a Real American brother. You see this Chinese on this side? This would be more suited for that Funaki dude. Or that Taka guy. Or that Dragon dude.

Hogan suddenly had a thought. With his Worldwide fame he would certainly be able to scam someone on the streets to give him a better car.

Fine i'll take it brother. As Hogan began putting his bag in the back.

Bruno thought to himself: Green Phantom>Hulk Hogan.... Brother



OOC: That's all the updates for tonight, because, quite frankly, I still have to think about what to give the rest.

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oh! Why does Hogan get the cool lookin vehicle while Austin has to drive a hippie mobile? I hope Hogan knows how good that thing drives. This diary has a very interesting concept. Though I wonder if this diary will include Don West on an ambulance with a heart inside a lunchbox. And who will be the guy who falls asleep even though he is standing up, hey just wondering if you will add scenes from the movie in thsi one thats all :D

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